Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations

Bridgette Dunning is the new Head of Household for Big Brother 18 and her nomination spoilers are in thanks to updates from the Live Feeds following the latest Nomination Ceremony. Find out who was sent to the Block this week.

Nominations on Big Brother

We listened in overnight as Bridgette and her teammate Frank came up with a plan for who should go up and she stuck to the plan leaving us with a pair of nominations that should make this a tense week.

Big Brother 18 Week 3 Nominations:

  • Bridgette nominated: Paul and Tiffany

Frank wanted Tiffany out right away and he’s damn lucky that Bridgette won. She’s got his target on the Block while he would have been the one up there by the end of the week if Paul had ended up winning instead.

While Tiffany was in on the plans to get Frank out it looks like he got to strike first and that has the other HGs backing off. The latest talk overnight with HGs like James and Nicole had them ready to let Tiffany go rather than fighting to keep her.

Paul is a pawn again this week but if Tiffany comes down you never know who would go up and become the new target. He’ll need to fight again for that Veto and maybe we’ll see him rescued from the Block for the third straight week as well.

What do you think of Bridgette’s noms? She’s not going to endanger Bronte or Natalie, so who else do you think she should have targeted this week?

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  1. Well to be expected, no surprised there. Really looking forward to Roadkill. Hopefully Bronte would be nominated and then evicted.

    • It would depend on who wins the roadkill. There is still other’s that deserve to sit in the hot seat this week other than the target,

    • I don’t know, I rather like Bronte, at least compared with Va-Tiffany, but seriously, I really think one season of Vanessa’s voice is more than enough for me.

      • I’d rather have two seasons of Vanessa’s voice than one season of Bronte’s voice.

      • Vanessa is a poker player. Poker players bluff. What IF this is an “ultimate BB twist, the ultimate bluff” where Tiffany IS Vanessa?

      • Thank you. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only person who isn’t bothered by Bronte.

  2. I love this. Frank is safe, practically the HOH, and still able to play for it next week. Hoping Tiffany leaves and never comes back. If for some ungodly reason she were to win veto I think Bridgette would renom Day as a power play or Corey as a pawn and target Paul.

    • I’m still not ready to see one of the vets leave this early, even though Frank is acting like a jacka$$.

      • He’s playing the best game so far.
        He will be an extremely tough out.
        Expect him to be in it for the long haul.

      • It does seem after that little talk with Paulie that Frank has stopped all the touchy feely nonsense. Frank’s still controlling the game whether the 8 pack like it or not. I agree with you, he’s going to be very difficult to get out and will hopefully survive a while longer.

      • I can’t remember for sure, but didn’t Frank make it pretty far the last season he was on?
        On a side note, I wouldn’t mind seeing Corey win it.

        I think this is going to be one of the best seasons ever!

      • Frank went pretty far both seasons he was on I think. You can go to Wikipedia and read an article about Frank that would have more info on his BB exploits.
        I was kinda upset with James and Paulie yesterday for running their mouths too much and giving away too much info. Paulie is looking very good so far I agree, too bad Frank wants to get rid of him soon.

  3. I am okay with Tiffany being evicted this week. She reminds me too much of Vanessa.

    • Me too. I didn’t care for Vanessa but at least her “game” was fun to watch… Where Tiffany is the exact opposite

      • No. Jniedj said they didn’t care for Vanessa but enjoyed her game play meaning she was fun to watch whereas Tiffany is not fun to watch. Also the point was that they don’t mind seeing Tiffany go like J.D said. So jniedj never said they cared for Tiffany’s game but actually said that they didnt care for her game in that extremely short and easy post to absorb. Apparently when you speed read your comprehension plummets.

      • Totally and Tiffany is one of the oldest there and she acts like such a baby

      • I feel like Vanessa used the tears and manipulation successfully. With Tiffany, it just comes off as pathetic.

      • Its pathetic when Tiff does it because the house guests have already seen it before. Tiff unfortunately came in with a huge disadvantage.

      • Hard to believe that Tiffany is one of the oldest HGs when she’s crying all the time like a baby

    • I keep forgetting she’s not Vanessa, however, whichever one came first it wouldn’t matter because I am annoyed by the same things in each of them – they both forget it’s a game and take things too personally and the “poor me”, “save me” crocodile tears … and I won’t even mention the hats.

  4. I’m good seeing Tiffany walk out the front door, but seeing Corey go sure wouldn’t be a disappointment. I like him about as much as I like Paulie…not at all.

    • A. Paulie’s my fav B. I’m not convinced Corey even knows where he is or would realize if he was evicted. Don’t care if Tiffany stays or goes she’s that unimportant.

      • Corey didn’t even know who Vanessa was. Shouldn’t be allowed on the damn show if you are not athe least familiar with it. I find that worse than that dead behind the eyes look of his.

    • Exactly. Corey really is dumber than a box of rocks- and mega boring to boot. I’m convinced he’s got beige paint running through his veins.

    • Are u a jersey hater lol I agree with the other replies James and Pauline are the most stand up respectful guys in the house! Paul has changed his tune to get by but his arrogance in the first 2wks has me turned off but that could change after all it’s bb! I don’t like frank anymore cause of him slapping asses he gta go!!!

  5. Any update on the situation from last night? Did production talk to Frank in the DR at all?

  6. I would be happy to see Paul go because I find him so annoying, but with no “true friends” or power base, he is an easy out.
    Since the majority of the 8-pack has decided to get Frank out, voting out Tiffany would be a mistake on their part. Bronte or Natalie would be a good RK choice.

    • I said that in the previous post…the girls would most likely want to keep Tiffany safe against Paul… especially if they want Frank out…no one would care if Paul goes…so, I’m not convinced Tiffany goes…she could even stay against a Corey if the girls want to keep the Fatal 5 intact… if Bridgette actually wanted Tiffany to go (which I don’t think she actually cares all that much)…she would need to put her up against a Nicole or something…

      • Unless Bridgett is a master manipulator, which I doubt she is, Frank is running her week and Tiff is his biggest threat

      • I agree. This is more Frank’s noms than Bridgette’s. I would like to see what she would have said if Frank wanted to nom one of her friends.

      • I guess that’s something in her favor. Bridgette’s practically giving her HOH to Frank turns me off.

      • I know Nicole said Frank was her favorite HG before this season and I think it was Michelle that said she liked him a lot, too. They have both become disenchanted with him, but I think Bridgette is still adoring him. I said before that I wasn’t fond of Bridgette and that is the biggest reason; she’d go over the cliff behind Frank.

      • I was watched Bridgette on BBAD last night and she seems more tolerable. may be early but it sounded like Natalie may be a good influence on her.

    • I agree completely! Tiffany is useless! Bronte is a major threat. Why can’t they hear me shouting this to them?

  7. Let the fireworks begin! I’m hoping this won’t be a week of sulks and tears for Tiff as she sings her swan song.

  8. By winning the HoH this week and by doing whatever Frank tells her, Bridgette sealed her own fate IMO…there are so many people that want Frank out and if they can’t get him out…they will for sure get rid of her…she could’ve been another Natalie and just slipped through the cracks, but she decided to follow Frank’s orders…now, watch her be evicted right after Tiffany/Paul or whoever goes this week…

  9. Wonder how long Bridgette is going to keep believing this is her HOH? Pathetic.

  10. She probably got advised from her sis Van to use “I’m Vans sister” as a strategy, and she was doing it. I saw it from day one it wasn’t received positively by the HG’s and turned out to be the worst advised she got from her sis.

  11. I think Frank is going to be one of those players everyone talks about getting out but somehow makes it to the end. Great example is why the hell is Bridget listening to him!? Just because they are on the same team? Who cares! (Well I guess the more people you have on your team the more safe you are) but I don’t think that was her strategy! She’s just a puppy dog listening to him. I am NOT A FAN of HOHS like this one where the actual HOH isn’t the one in control.

    At this point I just want Tiffany gone just so I can stop reading people comparing her to Vanessa or insulting Vanessa. Vanessa made it to the end! She did something right! And again like I said last season yes of course I don’t agree with a lot of what she did or said, in “real life” she is a very very very kind person! So I just don’t want a repeat of last summer so just go home already Tiffany. You never had a fair chance to begin with!

  12. I would like to see Bronte put up during Roadkill…I think if Tiffany or Paul come down we might see Bridgette putting up Corey or maybe even Day or Z…

  13. If Frank gets wind of Momma Da’s campaign against him, she will be a easy replacement if anyone gets off the block.

    • As a member of Bridgette’s team he’s safe this week.

      But yeah. Maybe next week.

      • Maybe week after would be better when he can’t play battle back. Zak could pop him on the a$$ a few times on the way out.

  14. I am SOOOO irritated by this current batch of events. I was excited when Frank popped out of that trunk, but now he just really rubs me the wrong way. Not to mentiom how BORRRING it is when one person/team/alliance runs the house.
    Brigette can’t possibly be that dumb to know that he is running her game and that he will be a b*tch to get rid of later, right?

    Yes, I’m feeling grumpy about all of it.

  15. Why is nobody targeting Nicole lol? I can’t listen to her whine for another season. Please somebody help meeeeeeee

    • Agree, she and Bridgette both seem to be women who would sell their soul for male approval.

  16. I would like to see James win with Paulie coming in second. I think Paul would be a good 3rd place. The rest can go. As far as Tiffany, Day shows more Vanessa attribute than Tiffany. I think Tiffany would be a good player given the chance cause everyone hated Vanessa so, they are hating on her. Paulie is being treated well cause everyone loved his brother. His brother , in my opinon, allowed Derrick to run the house and him. So did he actually play a good game or ride Derrick coat tails? I think Tiffany should have been given a few more weeks instead of breaking her apart right from the start. If anyone needed that treatment it should be mama day!!! My opinion!

  17. Who are y’all rooting for? I’m finding it hard this season to root for or enjoy any of these houseguest. They are all either so dull or annoying. Somebody help me pick someone. Frank is a misogynist jerk, Paulie tries to please everyone, James is well past annoying with the “pranks” and all that, Corey is just there, Paul doesn’t know what’s going on and the whole girl power thing is annoying because what they are essential saying is that if a girl floats to the end (like Victoria BB16) and some how made it to the final two they would vote them for their gender and not their gameplay. That sounds pretty sexist to me. Also girls like Bronte, Michelle, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, and Tiffany are some penurious individuals thus hard to root for.

    • As weird as it sounds, I’m rooting for Paulie. He seems to be in a good position with the whole Frank/Day/Tiffany drama involved, and he knows to stay out of it. Plus now that he has knowledge of the 8-pack he can use it to his advantage.

    • I’m rooting for Frank and Paulie. I agree a thousand percent on the whole Victoria analogy being absolutely ridiculous but the girls this season would totally pull something that dumb.

    • I’m rooting for Nicole and Paulie, I think that they’re playing good games.

    • I’m rooting for Paulie. I wanted a girl to win but Da was the only girl I liked but she’s losing me. Also liked Frank but he definitely lost my support.

  18. I finally get the live feeds, and all it keeps showing is Jeff Shroeder interviewing the Austwins over and over again!

    • They’re having the Roadkill comp right now which isn’t shown on the feeds.

  19. Here’s my input On the issue of Frank’s sexual harassment:

    It needs to stop. PERIOD. Oh, and him saying ” That’s how I was raised” is an excuse. That’s bullsh*t. I can understand playful touching. That’s whatever in my book (as long as it isn’t one sided). But if one person smacks someone else on the butt and that person clearly didn’t want it, UH THAT’S CALLED SEXUAL HARASSMENT! Production needs to step in and tell him to stop. If he continues, EXPEL HIM! NO ONE should be made to feel uncomfortable simply because you cannot keep you hands to yourself.

      • ^^^Serves to add yet another reason why he shouldn’t be doing it. It’s both morally and legally unacceptable!

  20. Corey is cute as f but hella boring. Every time the camera is on him he looks like a statue. Love Paulie he is a great game player. Frank is starting to get annoying he thinks he’s on top of the world and has it all figured out can’t wait to see him crash and burn because that’s karma. Didn’t like Paul at first but now I’m kinda starting to like him. Crazy huh?

  21. How not shocking. The ditz is playing Frank’s game and hopefully she’ll be the third to go after Frank and Tiffany.

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