Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 3 ‘Roadkill’ Nomination Results

We just got our Roadkill spoilers earlier tonight on the Big Brother 18 Feeds now we’re back with more results and this time it’s the nomination from the not-so-secret winner of the RK power.

Big Brother Roadkill twist

Yes, the RK keeps being revealed, but not everyone knows just yet. I expect news to travel fast though once things settle from this week’s third nominee.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 3 ‘Roadkill’ Nomination:

  • Frank secretly put Bronte on the Block

Yes, Frank won the Roadkill comp for the second time this season. Bronte actually expected to go up, but she thought Michelle had won it. She was only half right.

Frank discussed his plan to put up Bronte with Da’Vonne and then James and Nicole. No one gave resistance to the idea to try and get a better alternative up there against Tiffany though Day did suggest Bronte might be a good idea. Frank isn’t biting on that idea though.

Frank’s renom plan, at the moment, is Natalie should Bronte win the Veto and take herself off. We’ll have to see what happens since Monday’s Veto Ceremony is a long way off and we haven’t even had the Veto comp itself yet.

The Veto comp will be held on Saturday so get ready to find out who ends up getting drawn for the extra two spots.

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  1. One dodged bullet. Now only 3 more days for everyone to keep their lips sealed to Frank about hg trying to get him out. Tensions going to be high this weekend.

    • Okay Frank – someone needs to tell you that “you in danger!” Read between the lines

    • I am scratching my head on this one. How you come up with three more days about keeping lips sealed about how they can get Frank out? The earliest in my counting would be Thursday night after the next HOH contest.

      • I meant, since at that point in time, Frank seemed to be controlling all the noms ( he had pretty much had taken over Bridgette’s hoh) that once pov and pov meeting would be over on Monday, he couldn’t change the noms to one of his defectors. However that is a mute point now since Bridgette seems to have taken her hoh back.

      • OK got you now. Yeah that is a moot point now unless he somehow manages to get her starry eyed again.

  2. Can you imagine how insane it’s gonna be when Frank finds out he’s not in control of his alliance like he thought he was? I honestly think he and Day will have a shouting match lol

  3. I doubt they will be able to keep a lid on things for almost 2 more weeks. I so hope Day hands his fat a$$ right back to him when the moment comes. Lol

    • I hope he gets Day out – I was hoping to see he nominated Day. I can’t stand her

      • I don’t like either of them right now. A big fight between them would probably make sure one of them goes home.

      • Judging off this thread, I’m probably in a minority when I say I still like Da’Vonne and I don’t think Frank is all that bad. I think that’s because of how horrifying some of the houseguests were in recent seasons (Austin/Liz relationship, Fakie, most of BB15, etc.) and that still lingers in my mind.

      • Exactly lol I love davonne she is fun to watch! I was at her eviction last year too, I was sitting right next to devin (bb16)! So you got one person who agrees with you. I mean do people really want to see players like joe (bb14), the only exciting thing he did was mistake Dan for Shane lol, or Victoria (bb16)? We want an exciting season this time around. bb has been painful to watch the last three years. Don’t even get me started on season 15.

  4. I can’t wait for Bridgette to get wind (no pun intended) of the fact that Frank has put her bestest pal up for eviction. She seems a little absent upstairs though, so she might not get it. She seems hypnotized sometimes. Blank stare – hehehe.

      • I honestly think if Paulie wasn’t on her team and safe for the week, he’d be her renom choice of needed. Her and Bronte think he’s the kingpin of the house

      • Well, they could be on to something. I would watch him carefully if I was in that house.

    • I think Bridgett is starting to get some backbone. On the feeds she’s just figured out Frank hijacked her hoh and is ticked off.

      • NOW she’s figuring that out?!!! AFTER he chose her noms??!! Gurlfriend is none too swift!
        Gotta hand it to Frank tho – he may be aggressive and abrasive and at times inappropriate, but he gets the job done – he can manipulate and win comps with the best of them.
        He suffers the same risk as Day tho in that he’s obviously overplaying his hand way too early – although that might be better than overplaying later in the game when there’s no head room in which to redeem one’s self.
        He’s in a bigger bind than the non-comp beast Day tho cuz the more he wins comps the bigger target he becomes but winning comps is the only thing that can save him. We could see some extremely entertaining game play from him and I’m all for that.

      • i’m so confused with this new RK and the immunity thing. Is he eligible to be a renom in the POV given that he’s on the current HoH’s team?! Is he eligible to compete for PoV?

      • Frank cannot be put up this week since his team won HOH. He can be picked to play in the veto but he can’t be backdoored since his team won and he owns the RK power this week. That’s why the team aspect sucks.

      • That’s what I thought – thanks for clarifying.
        Yes agree the team immunity aspect sucks but things could really interesting once immunity is lifted given the potential for anyone except HoH to be put up for the RK and the PoV renom. Unless I’m missing something.

  5. So far so good. If noms remain the same, hopefully Tiff can pull what Van did last year during Becky’s HoH and make the HGs evict Bronte instead.
    Frank will vote to evict Tiff.
    Natalie would probably vote to evict Paul or join Frank to evict Tiff (persuaded by Bridgette).
    The Operation Evict Frank alliance (Day, James, Mich, Zaulie and Nicorey) can be persuaded to vote to evict Bronte, if Tiff can convince them she’ll go gun-ho at Frank and Bridgette next week if they save them.

    • Vanessa had pretty much nothing to do with saving herself during Becky’s HOH. Getting Vanessa out was the plan until Shelli stole James’s shirt. That’s what made the three make the colossal mistake of sending Shelli to jury instead and what screwed over Becky’s game. Vanessa just got lucky.

      • But wasn’t it Clay’s shirt to begin with? Well at least that is what Shelli claimed anyways. I think Clay gave it to James but can’t remember for sure.

      • Regardless of whose shirt it was, it was a bad decision making enemies on that side of the house when she was at high risk of going home.

  6. So irritating to watch the three girls/spy girls discuss their game plan. They have no game plan. They’re pathetic, and you have Bridgette that stares at the ceiling while Frank is telling her what to do next. She doesn’t know s**t.

    • That’s right….. They do not have a game plan…. They should be voted out soon enuff, one would hope!
      It’s like dead space & painful to watch.

    • I hope you weren’t trying to watch BBAD. The ‘spy girls’ were up in the HOH giggling and squealing about Bronte being a secret genius mathematician. I couldn’t take anymore and decided to find out what’s happening by reading Jokers.

      • I saw that on feeds. There were tears, laughter, they were all jumping up and down the bed. It was a horrible drama in a nut house. I hope it makes to the cut next episode. Add their stupid music that can make them look crazy. I hope Production sees the humor. lol

      • Lucky you, at least you were able to switch to another screen to watch while I was wondering what all the pertinent HG’s were up to in the house as BB lingered lovingly on the spy girls for 10 minutes before my ears couldn’t take anymore.

  7. A little off topic but WHY, WHY does BBAD always focus the camera on Bronte whenever she talks?? Is this supposed to be a prank?

  8. Somehow I don’t see Nicole passing up the opportunity to get rid of Bronte instead of Tiff.

  9. You guys do realize that if Frank gets evicted next week then he’ll be the last person to have to face off against someone in the Battle Back comp right??? He’d only have to beat 1 person to get back into the game, which for Frank, would be so easy

  10. So hoped she’d have put Michelle and Corey on the block. Getting a bit tired of the same ones going up!

    • She can’t put up Michelle because they are on the same team “Categorey 4” and since Bridgette won HOH that makes Michelle, Frank, and Paulie safe for the week. However I do agree with you that a change of noms would be refreshing but who are we kidding its Bridgette. Enough said lol

  11. Matt…. maybe I am just tired Matt but I’m confused by one of your statements. If you said no one gave Frank resistance putting up Brontë however then you said mama day did suggest Brontë but then you said Frank wasn’t biting. Did I totally misunderstand that? it is 1:30 AM so probably and I did just die my hair a lot more blonder so probably me misunderstanding LOL and I’m OK with being wrong :-)
    but did you mean to say another name that mama day suggestion but Frank was biting??
    or am I completely clueless and totally misunderstood that paragraph? LOL

    • If Tiffany stays on the block she’s the primary target. If she wins veto Corey would be the renom and they’d either take him out or send Bronte packing from what I’ve heard on feeds.

  12. Here’s something I found on a site that has a copy of the BB contract that players sign. So Frank would have HAD TO SIGN THIS: (providing the site was official)

    :not engage in physical violence, “nonconsensual sexual contact,” and “intimidation by threats of physical violence.” You may recall that there have been threats of violence before; one of the show’s winners even threatened another houseguest by saying he looked forward to “the bones in your throat crushing between my fingers”. That was allowed because producers get to decide what constitutes those things; the contract explicitly says that “Producer needs to balance and preserve fairness in the competition while ensuring the ultimate safety of participants.”

    So PRODUCERS, you’ve got a choice to make regarding Frank’s unsolicited behaviour!! Please do the right thing and ban him from the show effective immediately.

    Those are my feelings as these things shouldn’t be happening in this day & age plus your show is watched by impressionable young viewers that may get the wrong message!

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