Big Brother 18: Da’Vonne Warns Frank Of Fake Tiffany Threat

Tiffany Rousso has been taking a lot of heat in the Big Brother 18 House and a move by Da’Vonne today isn’t going to help make life any easier for Vanessa’s sister.

Da'Vonne, Frank, & Nicole whisper game talk on BB18

We watched last night as Da’Vonne and Zakiyah discussed how Tiffany was on the outs of their group and Day’s plan involved pitting Tiffany against Frank. She didn’t waste any time putting that together and got it in Frank’s ear today to watch out for the little Rousso sister.

Flashback to 11:27 AM BBT 7/4 Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds (Free Trial).

Da’Vonne, Frank, and Nicole are together on the hammock. We’re coming in mid conversation after the cameras lingered on Victor getting in the shower. Hope that was worth what we missed.

Frank is explaining to Nicole that Tiffany said she wants to get him out pre-Jury. Where might Frank have gotten an idea like that? Oh Da’Vonne told him. Frank is none too happy and mentions that Tiffany had told Paulie that Frank won the Roadkill comp last week. Frank had already told Paulie, but he didn’t like hearing that Tiffany was spreading details like that.

Okay, sure, Tiffany does want Frank out, but the whole Fatal Five alliance did too and that’s where Da’Vonne is twisting things.

Nicole questions if this is changing the evict-Victor plan (Or eVictor if you will. No? Yeah, that was bad. Nevermind.), but Frank assures Nicole he still wants Victor out this week despite what Da’Vonne has just told him.

Paul shows up and crushes that game talk, but a few minutes later (11:35 AM BBT) Nicole follows Day back inside and questions her about what was said. Day admits that yes, she told Frank that Tiffany was coming after him even though the entire group of Fatal Five had been discussing this idea. Day says that if Frank confronts Tiffany and she denies it then it’ll be four against one since the rest of the Fatal Four (they dropped Tiffany) will stay together on this.

Yikes. Da’Vonne is playing a very dangerous game here. Frank isn’t one to shy from confrontation and he could easily go to Tiffany if he gets upset enough. Day is relying on everyone in their Four (Zakiyah, Michelle, and Nicole) to hold the line, but we also know Nicole has a F2 deal with Frank. She may feel inclined to reveal the truth considering she’s a terrible liar.

Quick analysis of the risk vs reward here. If Da’Vonne is busted on this lie then not only does Frank find out she was lying but also likely discovers that Da’Vonne was actually also conspiring to get him evicted. Meanwhile Tiffany finds out she can’t trust Da’Vonne. The reward? Day will slightly accelerate something that was already happening on its own: Frank targeting Tiffany.

Maybe Da’Vonne’s Big Brother game only has a two-week shelf life because she’s demonstrating that she doesn’t know how to slow boil a plan. She’s already said she’s got a good thing going with this Eight Pack right now, so why is she through gas on the fire?

Tiffany is technically in danger of eviction this week since she’s on the Block. If Frank confronts Tiffany, she discovers the FF has flipped on her, and she reveals the all-girls alliance plans in some sort of self-defense move then Frank could end up moving to keep Victor to aid the guys’ numbers and hurting the girls’ instead. Da’Vonne would be solidly on his bad side from then on.

Now that’s a lot of big what-if scenarios, but the danger is there and Da’Vonne needs to watch just how hard and fast she needs to be playing right now. Especially when her stories could quickly unravel with a quick fact finding mission.

What do you think of Da’Vonne’s strategy here? Is it a good move to get the heat going between Tiffany and Frank or is it too much too soon?


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  1. This feels where I just know Derrick is yelling at Da’Vonne to slow your roll. There are still too many people on the outs who aren’t as depressed yet and could take advantage or for Tiffany herself to get the Spy Girls to really rise up. Don’t cannibalize until you have to.

  2. I can definitely see Day taking this opportunity to get Tiff evicted instead of Vic. We shall soon see!

    • I hope they don’t listen to Day. She has no game. She fixates on Tiffany being Vanessa’s sister, and blind to everything else

    • I guess we’ll soon find out if Tiffy is as slippery as Van. This is going to be interesting to watch lol.

  3. Even though Da’Vonne did better than last season (which isn’t too hard)… she really has barely learnt a thing about where her game went wrong… did it ever occur to her to keep her mouth shut???… she didnt need to go running her mouth, she was in a good spot…now if people start comparing notes, she’s done..side note: these big alliances of 9-10 which happens every year always fall apart…this year it seems it fell apart sooner…

    • Which im glad. BB16 proved big alliances that stick together make the season really, really boring

    • I think Day is doing slightly better this season than last. She has built social relationships with a few HGs, and she is in a good position. But Day playing too hard, her paranoia, and her suffering from Vanessa PTSD and acting it out on Tiffany will be her downfall.

      • She saw how Vanessa played last year so maybe she is worried that Tiffany will play the same. They are good, according to the feeds, for now. But you never know with Day.

      • It’s usually not a good idea to trust a blabber mouth with your secrets.

  4. I know Day really wants to get Tiff out but come on Day it’s just week 2 you’ll have plenty of time to get Tiff or Frank out or better yet sit back and just watch them go at it since they already both want each other out. Don’t go and try to put your two sense into it because it would bite you in the butt so fast if word gets out. Slow your role Day take one day at a time since you literally have a good amount of time left if you play your cards right

    • Da is trying to win a hand and she’s going to lose the game because she is playing her cards all wrong. Maybe she’s better at dealing.

      • Hahaha that’s probably her case! She’s a better card dealer than she is a player

      • Day can certainly talk to the talk – don’t know about walking the walk though.
        Her gameplay isn’t looking like it will last for the long haul.
        I wonder if anybody will snitch about her to Frank? Nicole might feel she has no other choice if she doesn’t want to follow Day’s lead in this plan.

    • She just can’t do it. She has to fast forward several weeks. She fixates on people and it just grows. I was so happy DR made her tell the truth that they didn’t tell her anything. That was a dumb move

  5. Few more days until eviction, plenty could happen… I think Victor’s chill reaction to his renom could potentially go a long way toward getting certain people to possibly change their mind on him.

    Day is making a big mistake relying on other people to corroborate her stories, very dangerous on her part. She better hope that Frank doesn’t have another little confrontation with Tiff because if so, Day’s in big trouble.

    • Day should’ve checked with the others before assuming they’d harm their own game to help her with her lies.

  6. The blatant racism and radicalism on the this forsaken show makes me boiling mad. Always discriminating against the minorities and the old people. Da is a prude woman but her dark skin makes her a big target in the house. You can not a loud Negro woman there in BB. Glenn is the only senior citizen on there. Of course he is morbidly obese and production knows he wasn’t going last. Those ungrateful bastards. I love Jozea but I’m torn between him and for my Uncle Glenn. For shame, Julie Chen, Allison G. & Rich Meehan needs to be punished for their actions and putting me in this ridiculous predicament.

  7. Does anyone know exactly what Tiffany did to make the group hate her so much? If she is leaving, then I hope she exposes the F5 & 8 pack to the rest of the house.
    Its too early to target each other; at some point the new HG will start to target the vets. They may need him to win comps

    • I don’t think they hate her, she just seems a bit like a loose cannon because of her delicate emotions and overactive sensitivity. She loses the point … it’s a game … and that makes her a dangerous ally. I think, too, because of her personal instability, she is very concerned with how she comes across to the cameras, thus gets very flustered in challenges, especially where her performance is alone … hence her poor showing in the RK where a math teacher should have aced it in no time, but she got caught up in her self-esteem issues.

      • Agree, she actually seems way more insecure than Van and not at all comfortable with the premise of the game, cameras and all. I wonder if someone really had to hard sell it to get her on this season.

      • Well, she did say she was approached by the producers only 7 days before the cast reveal. So she obviously didn’t have enough time to prepare for what she was getting into.

        I hope she can come out of this rut that she’s found herself in, not of her own volition. She’s being treated unfairly by Frank and Da’ and to a lesser extent, the other people in the 8 pack.
        So, yeah, she cries and gets too emotional at times. Who cares? But she hasn’t done ANYTHING to make the house-guests distrust her. She’s Vanessa’s sister and they are crucifying her for it.
        I loved Vanessa last season, btw!

      • Yes, just a whole lot of little things that continued to add up. Without watching Tiff on the feeds or on BBAD it might be difficult to see how she’s coming off to the other HG’s – and it’s not good at all.

    • She really didn’t do anything, except she’s Van’s sister. To be honest I was biased with Tiff, because I wasn’t a fan of Van. I think the vets aren’t either. When she revealed she was Vans sister, they were polite, but they weren’t excited,..well, Paulie was star struck. lol..and boy..does she reminds them of Vanessa, SMART, but very emotional …she becomes unworkable…she should let go of the dark glasses.

      • Being her sister puts a target immediately on her back similar to the vets! Yes she has annoying personality she does not socialize to well and wears scheming hats glasses stares too much cries too much she is a loose cannon which is bad for everyones game in her alliance especially! She has little mental/emotional balance! It would be dumb to not get rid of her! Plus later the comps will be ones that favor her. You need to get rid of bombs like her sooner than later!

    • I think they’re just afraid her paranoia will get the best of her and she’ll talk too much. As far as Frank and Nicole’s F2 Frank has a F2 with a few people so on his end I don’t think he’s serious. Also Day talked to Nicole about a F2 deal. I think once a few more people are gone and the 8 are targeted then we’ll see some serious F2’s being made.

      • Has Tiff been approach of any deal F2 F3 by any of the Vets?..besides the Fatal

      • I used to think so but listening to Day the last 2 days she wants Frank gone. I think they need to keep the 4 tight for right now. There’s plenty of game left and when the numbers start to go down then think about getting rid of him.

      • Oh I know she had said that she wants Frank gone, but I think Da/vets wants Tiff gone first.

      • Day’s loyalty is so questionable at this point I can see her leaving soon.

      • Tiff’s top 2 allies are Michelle and Paulie! But neither will want her going more than the 8 pack/final 8. Paulie does not even know about 8 pack yet but he and T will switch spots in the next few weeks!

      • There’s an effort to weaken Paulie/Tiff relationship by Frank..It’s been working, don’t you think?

      • Yes as Day Zak and F want Tiff gone and the others in alliance will go along with it. Naturally though everyone but Paulie wants her gone. I think he wants to keep her around for now since they have that sibling bond going. But it also will depend if she does something crazy or just too emotional and even he will say ok she needs to go. Vic Bronte and maybe Paul next 3 gone? Bridgette Tiff and Nat the next 3! Unless a fight happens or big argument the 8 pack is safe. F Day and Tiff are on peoples radars to go home which is not good. It will be interesting! This season is way better than last years!

      • I agree! At 1st I did not want any vets back but James and Nicole are 2 of my faves all time! They should make final 2 pact! I hope one of them wins! Paulie Zak or Nat would be cool also! The rest of the house has to go. I would love to be playing this year! Next year I will try out!

      • I hope you won’t be disappointed this year. It’s been ages since one of my faves won – I think Jordan or Rachel was the last time. Some real duds lately starting with Andy.

      • I love Jordan and only watched lots of clips of that season! Mostly clips of the 2 of them! Jeff is blessed as she is a keeper! I would have married her! Jordan James Nicole Corey Paulie and Nat are definitely cool and nice people I can definitely be really good friends with! Sucks I did not atleast try out as I want to be spending time with Nat now and also making some strategic moves but laying low and keeping low profile like Michelle! Michelle is cool too! Day is all over the place! She should have stuck with original plan and needs to chill! She had 8 pack and fatal 5 then to fatal 4 as they got rid of Tiff and now Day has a working relationship with her again. She keeps going back and forth like a crazy person! She will be gone soon if she does not stop being like Audrey/V from last year!

      • I get a really good vibe from Michelle too.
        Jordan is adorable and you’re a smart guy to realize that. Jeff and Jordan best reality romance ever.
        Lol about Day = Audrey this year; but you do have a great point!
        I don’t think this will be a fun week for Day at all. Someone is bound to tell Frank about Day’s plan since he’s safe.
        I wouldn’t mind seeing Day and Tiffany on the block – too much drama from both of them. I want paul to be safe – poor guy.

      • Michelle is really sweet and cute and nice just like Nicole Natalie and Z! She looks like Nicole younger sister! This year already is way better than last year! Alliances crumbling new ones forming side deals everywhere etc F and day have overplayed the game way too much to early! Being completely single in the house it is easier to just be obsessed with the game only! But people need to chill and balance out the times to be low key and when to make big moves! Nicole said it best when I swing I want to take someone out! Bronte Paul Tiff are about done and so will be F and Day! Don’t know if Vic went tonight but those would be the next 5 gone and will depend on who is HOH each week to know which of these 5 will be evicted the next 5 weeks! Jordan Brittany from seasons 12 and 14 and Nicole are my all time favorite girls on BB! To me the personality and character determines who I like plus a cute face does not hurt either!

      • I think Michelle is cute and sweet as well but she’s always crying and upset that she’s fat and unattractive smh. I want her to stick around awhile so I’ll have a chance to see more of her.
        I want Frank to make the jury at least.

      • I just found out she is super fan! I knew she was a big fan but I think she has seen every season and will be really good like Steve last year at those later comps! She is also smart. F has got to go after his comments and touchy advances on the girls! He has over played this game the most! 1st he was doing really good and then with upsetting all the girls but B and maybe Nat and Bronte he has cooked himself out of this game! He was smacking Zaks butt and was using hot dog bun packages to smack D! I think he got too comfortable like D Z Nic and M were saying and his comments are really bad worse than Victor and should not be touching girls with food items etc F and T need to go. The girls do not want to be near him as they feel uncomfortable around him now! I mean D T Z Nic and M! He stuck his foot in mouth with eating comments and fat comments etc He also has been caught making alliances with basically everyone in the house and got caught by Nic Corey Paulie James etc They want him gone now and if B was not HOH he would be going home next! T and Paul will go on block as F has B’s ear plus B does not want to upset anyone! No one cares if T goes home!

      • Well, at least he was using a hot dog bun pkg instead of hand to butt touching lol. He gets worse everyday; difficult for me to watch. Someone in production needs to have a talk with him.
        I don’t think Michelle has an enemy in the house except Bridgette; glad to see she’s mended that little problem quickly. M. is really in a good place IF they don’t decide to use her as a pawn once Paul and the spy girls are gone. I hope she can form a strong bond with someone in the house to take her to the end as she’s going to need help.

      • I did not see it only read about it! Yes very good idea about production telling him to stop! I should have thought of that! He did smack Zak on her butt with his hands though as i heard through the girls talking in the bathroom about it! Yes M is playing a Steve like game! Very smart! M could team up with Nic Day or Nat or Zak. They all get along well and thanks to James Nat is not on peoples radars much! Day is fortunate her lies have not caught up with her! Also being with 2 possible showmances is not as bad as people think! You are less of a target plus you need allies to go far in the game! It is a step by step process! Without good allies she will get picked off quick or anyone for that matter! Plus things change constantly day to day hour to hour in the house! Only people in the house know all the nuances etc This year it really seems girls against the guys for the most part! I think a girl like Zak or M may win as Nicole will be targeted after jury but maybe she will win or even Natalie? Paulie is really the only guy that can win as Corey is not smart enough and F has lots of people wanting him out after his comments and sexual advances! Even if I had real relationship with some girl in the house I would not smack her butt on tv! I do like Nicorey Zaulie and Jatalie so any of those 6 can win the whole thing and I would be happy! It seems every girl on the planet wants a girl to win only! Michelle would be cool too so that would be 7 people i like!

      • I couldn’t disagree more. I liked last season way better. There was constant paranoia, shifting alliances, and strategizing. This season is full of floaters and no-hopers. The 8-pack is getting an easy ride. Everyone in that alliance is very cocky because they know that with only a minimal effort they will be able to dominate. That’s why so many of them are just using the Johnny Mac strategy of doing absolutely nothing and being so irrelevant that they won’t be targets. This season is shaping up to be just a two horse race between Tiffany and Frank.

      • It has only been a few weeks and things are constantly changing! Day and F are way overplaying the game right now! Tiff is on peoples radars as she is so much like V paranoid cries too much shady with them shades inside house to cover up crying and to spy on people. We shall see what happens with 8 pack as there are so many F4 deals and F2 deals with multiple players etc People are not sitting on their butts like you think! You have to watch plenty of live feeds to know what is going on! Things change by the hours!!! Even today catching up on all the switched plans for tonight’s eviction and future ones! Atleast 4 of the girls were going to blindside house and vote out Tiff instead of Vic! Then Day changes her mind again so who knows what will happen tonight? Still thinking 10-0 Vic goes! Believe me there have been many private conversations going on discussing now all the way to the end! Especially the 8 pack which is now Paulie as Tiff they are going to send packing if not tonight then next week or the following with Bronte also! As for last year so many players were scared and did not know how to play and the Austwins side dominated with Clelli and V! The 2nd half of last year turned out to be quite disappointing! I am ok with Steve winning but would have preferred Jmac Becky James or Clelli! How much are you reading and watching about the after dark live feeds as watching the show tells people little except some obvious things! T and F will be on peoples radars as F has made deals with basically the entire house! He has made many mixed deals with the 8 pack and non pack and it has gotten back to the Vets and the others in the 8 pk alliance plus Paulie and they now want him gone! He started out strong and has way overplayed like Audrey last year and now will be put up any week now! Tiff F and Bronte are the next 3 gone after Vic unless the whole 8pk changes their mind!

      • You are spot on with your comments here! I did not see the F2 deal with Nic and Day but who suggested it? Day? Do you know about final 5 deal with F Nic Corey Paulie and Zak? I like that final 5 but would rather have James and Nat in there for final 6 with F getting evicted around double eviction.

      • Day mentioned it to Nicole about a week ago. She never said F2 but was saying we need to go to the end together. Nicole kind of avoided answering and was just saying yeah we should.

    • Nicole wants to work with F for final 2 but she can have Corey or Michelle as her final 2 also! I think she knows she can’t trust F that far! Final 5 maybe?

    • Tiffany exposing the Fatal Five and the 8pack would be amazing to watch. She’d be gone immediately afterwards, but it would be hilarious to see. Not to mention how the 8pack would be split after her reveal.

      • Wait till Frank hears he’s going in the double eviction – can’t wait to see him react lol.

  8. Is Day pushing this with Frank and Tiffany because SHE wants Tiffany out? I’ve heard her say several times on the live feeds that Tiffany is coming after her and Frank but I haven’t actually seen or heard any evidence of Tiffany gunning for Day… Have y’all?

    • Day has been saying that to justify her cause. Didn’t she use production as an excuse in which she got scolded at? Their alliance should have to be aware of her way of twisting the truth.

      • Yes and production made her tell the truth too… While we can see it from
        The outside looking in, the fact that the house guests aren’t running around talking about that gives us an idea of how they view Day in the house right now. Had that been Tiffany that did that, the entire house would have erupted but since it was Day it’s like nothing major even happened. Swept under the Mama Day rug. She’s apparently got some mist this year that she’s using on house guests.

      • What happened when she used production? Could you elaborate please? I didn’t see it.

      • Day told Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah that production gave her a little hint that Tiffany was wanting her gone..totally not true..she was called into the DR..was scolded for it..and had to come out of the DR and tell Nicole, Michelle and Z that it was not true. A blatant lie..and she has been telling lies about Tiffany all day to Frank. I don’t know why Day has this vendetta against Tiffany..I don’t see Tiffany saying a word to anyone about their alliance.

      • I really wish Day would get caught. Hopefully someone, anyone brings all that back up so they can really think about that again. Nicole is the only one I see putting that together but I don’t see how she would be able to expose it without exposing the fact all the girls actually wanted Frank out. Maybe she could when the guys are outnumbered AND not in power? Then they won’t be able to do anything about it and they’ll have Frank and Day as the next 2 to go.

      • I’m not impressed with Day’s lying strategy at all and it will not get her to the end unless she develops more sophisticated tactics. There’s only so many lies she can get away with.

      • Hmmm, I’m beginning to see a pattern with Day’s lies. This wouldn’t have worked against Van but can Tiff out smart Day in this instance? I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Tiff now and disgusted at all the lies Day’s been spouting.

  9. They really just need to stick with the plan of backdooring (now evicting) Victor this week. Why? Because Victor is a comp beast, can’t just relay on James to throw the comps all the time (remember last year’s plan to evict Judas involving James trying to throw the BotH comp with Liz that he failed miserably).
    Besides sooner or later luck will swing to the other side, it could be as soon as next week and if Victor stays I think he would likely to win the HoH. Even tho James and Paulie are definitely the targets, who knows it could be Frank, Nicole and even Day themselves.
    So yeah don’t rock the boat while you are safely seated.

    • I say screw playing it safe. The 8-pack has had everything handed to them on a silver platter so far and that has made for a boring start to the season.

    • Should Victor become HOH he would probably get the big head again and become unbearable so I agree he needs to go next.

  10. D’s cockiness…got her in trouble during her first season and it’s going to bite her again. Perhaps she’ll learn this time.

    • It seems themes become common in this game. Another recurring mistake is players not sticking to their alliances/plans and leaving well enough alone. You have majority!

    • I doubt it Texas, her only tactics are brash confidence and telling lies and while entertaining at first you can see she’s headed for doom if she doesn’t calm down.

  11. She’s moving too fast. They should be looking to get rid of Tiffany or Frank in the next 2 weeks. The conflict between the 2 is already there so she doesn’t need to be showing her hand yet. That’s just stupid.

    • It seems like she is still playing BB17. Doesn’t seem to realize that targeting Van’s sister does not going to win you the game.

      • The thing is Tiffany is already a target of Frank’s so she doesn’t need to be doing anything right now. She just needs to let things happen without her interference. This is going to come back and bite her.

    • Da’Vonne acts like she knows how to play the game better than anyone else in the house and whatever she does will never come back to haunt her. That’s arrogant – and she should have seen from Jozea how far arrogance gets you in the house.

  12. Second verse, similar to the first – it’s too early for this! Slow down, HGs, it’s a long way to September.

  13. It would be so great if Tiffany freaked and got evicted. I’m sorry – I know I shouldn’t be rooting for these particular underdogs but the vets and company are getting too cocky. Especially frank and Paulie. James is too concerned with flirting. Day is poking the bear and Tiffany (I get how stressful it would be on the block but…) is flipping too much. It’s like her sister except her sister had people that stuck with her. Tiffany doesn’t have that with really any one. I want the script flipped. Whether that is Vic staying and then Paul/him/Bronte winning HOH just to see how things go from there, or an all girls alliance splitting the house by sexes. It’s early but no one likes one side to rule everything. right?

  14. Bad move by Da’Vonne. Frank and Tiff already hate each other and if one of them wins HOH its likely theyll go after each other anyways. She didnt have to spread lies like that to make them go after each other. Day is going to screw up her game by sticking her nose in something thats completely not necessary… :/ come on Day, you should know better

  15. I love Da’Vonne but she is doing the absolute most. I think she REALLY feels comfortable in her position in the game, so she is playing extremely hard. She is playing just like Audrey. I remember in her hot seat interview she said she wishes that she would have had fun instead of thinking too much about strategy. She has the opportunity to correct it, but she is doing the exact same thing she did last year. Play too hard. The sad part is Tiffany really trusts her, when Day looks back over this she is going to regret doubting Tiffany. She could have used her to her advantage.

  16. “before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” a message to Day that she should take seriously as she’s putting her game on the line way too early over some tiff with Van? like really?

    • As usual, words of wisdom from my Canadian friend.
      Now…….Where have you been???? and what the heck is that avatar?

  17. Perhaps Day should’ve talked it over with Nicole and Michelle first before committing them to lying for her to Frank? I wouldn’t appreciate that at all, especially this early in the game; but it’s best they find out early what kind of ally Day is shaping up to be and her aggressive approach to gameplay.

  18. I read on Jokers last night that Bridgette was also ratting out Tiff to Frank – before Day did so today; so Frank might start to believe them over wily Tiff.

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