Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 2 ‘Roadkill’ Comp Results

We have our second round of results from the BB Roadkill twist setting us up with spoilers for who could go up on the Block as the week’s third nominee.

Big Brother Roadkill twist

Once Feeds return from the competition we heard Houseguests discussing the results and soon discovered the winner. Find out who has this secret power and will be naming an extra nom this round.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 2 ‘Roadkill’ Comp Results:

  • Victor won the Roadkill comp
  • No noms yet, but Vic told Paul he wants to nom James

Update: Victor had a change of plans and revealed shortly after his trip to DR that he went with a different nom. Get the spoilers on who Victor says he nominated for that third spot.

Victor told Paulie he was able to win the competition in about 10 seconds. This after the Feeds were down for more than 5 hours. That’s a long time for all the others.

Paul is worried that everyone is teaming up against them. He warns Victor that everyone is against them and one of them or Bronte will go home. Victor doesn’t seem to believe him though.

If Victor puts up James like he mentions then James can throw the comp and help his alliance Backdoor Victor. Paul is trying to warn Victor, but we’ll see if it sinks in. If it does then Victor can nom himself to guarantee a spot in the Veto comp.

Meanwhile, Bronte is working hard to trash Paul and Victor to the rest of the house. She told Natalie she has no problem throwing him and Victor under the bus to protect the Spy Girls. It didn’t take long either as Tiffany walked in and Bronte immediately started telling her that Paul was telling her Paulie was coming after them and she wants Paulie to know what Paul said. Yep, she’s scrambling.

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    • I just read 3 days of Jokers and BBN to half-way catch up. Bronte is annoying. Does she seem so on the feeds?

      • Canning green beans with 3 grandkids and a 9 month old nephew and 4 year old niece in tow. That says it all. I love them, but I was very happy to see them all go a couple of hours ago. It’s been a long week. Hopefully, I’ll be caught up by Sunday.

      • I feel you they are blessings and a joy but a lot of work! Especially if you don’t have kids that age. I always say well it is time to go home and time to have that glass of wine n recoup .. This is a great place to catch up I only watch the shows but thankfully from this post I am always up to date

      • Yes, Bb, they definitely are a huge blessing and I am thankful for them. I always let them know they are important to me and definitely worth taking time from BB. I can always get caught up on BB thanks to Matt and Jokers.

      • Hey KS nice to see you back! Missed you Thursday. The Josea(hypocritical Messiah) leaving was the icing on the cake for that night! Haha

      • Thanks, Coco. I’m so glad you were there. I hope I’ll see you next time. Sometimes there are things more important and I can tell that you are the type person who understands that.:)

      • Wondered where you’d been! It’s been a fascinating week to say the least!

      • Thanks, Joni. I’ve been trying to read the threads and haven’t made it to but very few comments.I’m sure there are some good ones.

      • Lordy girl have there ever! hahaha I have a feeling mean girl, Bronte’s about to be seeing the end of her ways. Saw she’s basically already saying her goodbyes…doesn’t see herself coming off the block or avoiding being evicted. I won’t be too upset about that! :-)

      • From what I read, sounds like she’s been busy digging a hole for herself. Giving people what sounds like the evil eye or worse, and really running her mouth. But there are a couple of gals running their mouths too much.

      • Yep, but not as much as Bronte. If she doesn’t leave soon, she’ll be ruining Natalie and Bridgette’s games.

      • I kind of like Natalie. I haven’t read everything yet and have no idea how she is on feeds. Bidgette irritates me, tho.

      • Natalie is playing the game really well, unlike Bronte! It’s Tiffany that’s beginning to annoy some people now on her alliance! Frank’s wanting to replace her with Natalie! LOL

      • Nat doesn’t annoy me on feeds. The only problem I have with Nat, if I was a player, I wouldn’t want her (and the spy girls) in the Jury. They will always vote for a female to win over a male, no matter who it is. Nat just repeated it again to Tiff today. I’m sure Tiff will remember that….so if it’s up to them, Gina Marie will win BB15.

      • There has not been a female winner since season 13 rachel won 14 was Ian 15 Andy 16 Derrick 17 steve

      • I know. It’s their time, but they have to make it to F2, and they have to be the best BB Player.

      • Women won 3 of the first 6 seasons and The Red-Headed Terror won season 13. The only other female winner was Jordan, who was carried by Jeff almost the entire way.

      • It would be nice for a female to win for a change, but the right female. I would never say any female over all males. That doesn’t make any sense, unless you care absolutely nothing about the gameplay aspect, imo. Gina Marie, HA!!

      • Hey Cyril, Cheryl here, how you been. Gina Marie…BITE YOUR TOUNGE….YUCK!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  1. Which team won 2 weeks of safety during that first comp? I’m blanking.

    • Great question! Did the first evict with Glenn count as one and Josea’s eviction safety number 2?

    • It was James’ team that won safety for the first 2 evictions..not weeks. So they’re no longer safe it’s now going into the 3rd eviction.

      • Yeah but didn’t roadkill get announced after Glen was evicted?? I’m trying to keep the new stuff straight lol

      • Yes but Glen’s was the 1st eviction. Thursday was the 2nd eviction so they are no longer safe.

      • It was the other categories that were in place that kept James’ team safe for 2 evictions, nothing to do with the Road Kill twist.

      • Wonder if anyone will actually do that, though. Yes, it guarantees them a chance to play, but it could also be the stupidest move in BB History.

      • If you know you’re going up and they’re trying to bd you then you’d be stupid not to give yourself a shot at the Veto considering you’re going up anyway, either before or after the Veto comp.

      • That only works if the HG in question knows a BD is coming. If he or she is completely unaware that they’re a target…

      • First Victor has to know what a BD is tho hehe. But here’s an idea, Matt.
        What if Victor is somehow picked to play in the PoV, wins it and takes Paul down. Paulie has to make a renom and puts Natalie up, so the final noms are Natalie, Bronte and Tiffany.
        Frank, James, Corey and even Day may come with the crazy idea to evict Tiffany instead of Bronte, since at least Frank & James want to replace Tiffany with Natalie in the 8 Pack. And you know how protective Frank with Bridgette.
        If it happens next week they will still have the majority votes against Victor/Paul/Bridgette.
        Sounds crazy, right? But could happen tho, haha.

      • Only thing keeping him from going up is if Tiff wins POV and uses it on herself. Then Vic names the renom and will be safe.

      • It’s been explained to her why not use it. Whether she listens or not is another matter.

      • Is he eligible to go up on one of the other two spots if he won the RK comp? Does it not ensure safety like winning the veto does?

      • My reasoning was that if the person who wins the RK comp also won safety, that would spoil the whole element of secretly nominating a third person- everyone would know who won the RK comp by who ended up with safety, no? That’s why I speculated that the answer to OP’s question was that the RK winner would not be immune to the block. :)
        I hope that made sense…I could very well be typing babble because I’m delirious from exhaustion ????

  2. See if I got this. Now that we know who won RK comp, the only way Paulie can backdoor Victor is if either Bronte or Paul win veto and Paulie renom’s another to take either’s place if they use it on themselves, right? The one Victor puts up there will risk being evicted and he too can face being renommed by Paulie still?

      • I see he can, but only if Bronte or Paul takes themself off the block, not whomever Victor puts up! LOL

      • What if Paulie wins pov takes off Bronte and puts up victor so it could be james,victor Paul who goes home

      • True…but that’s a crapshoot at best than something Paulie wishes was a sure bet! LOLOL

      • I think it would also make a difference if Natalie and/ Bridgette play and win, because they’ll save Bronte.

      • That would work, but either of those girls or Bronte herself has to win the Veto if they get to play in it. Which could prove to be slim. The only way Paulie can ensure Victor goes on the block is if he wins it, whether Victor is selected to play or not. Or Victor isn’t picked to play and someone who is playing it throws it to him. Or, hopefully, whoever wins the Veto, other than Paulie, and isn’t on the block will use it on one that is, so Paulie can renom Victor to go up in their place. What won’t work is if Vic is selected to play in the Veto and wins.

      • I just don’t see Victor nominating himself to go on the block…he’s not smart enough to do that.

      • I know..Why is that move looks like a desperate move?’s an option though. lol

      • Only way Victor can be safe this week is to win Veto then! I can see him doing this or Paul doing this again! :-)

      • So very true. The Eight Pack run the house and the newbies better wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. Why would they do the roadkill before the nominations. Is Victor safe or could Paulie still put him up?

  4. The problem with this season is that they put on a bunch of people who have absolutely nothing to lose. There is no risk involved. If they lose, they go back to thier amazing lives at home. Bronte even said that she doesn’t care if she’s evicted, because she will go out and have an amazing summer regardless. Eviction doesn’t scare these people.

    • Bronte has said many times that she wants to make jury so she’ll keep getting paid.

  5. So as of now, Victor is the plan to be backdoored with Bronte/Paul as a plan B in case Victor escapes elimination? Sounds good to me! I really, really dislike Paul/Bronte/Victor tbh

  6. I would really like Bronte to go first. She annoys me. But if Victor gets backdoored and goes I won’t cry about it.

  7. Jokers: If Victor plays veto , James has to win but if Victor doesn’t play James is to throw.

  8. He can put James up, but he has Nicole’s, Frank’s, Da-Vonnes, Zakiyahs, Corey’s, Tiffanys, and Michelles vote so I’m not worried about this week. Bye Paul or Bronte.

      • Yes he nominated Tiffany. I think they find out tonight. Feeds should be good. She’s going to flip out. Of course I said feeds would be good after the eviction and they were boring last night.

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