Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 2 ‘Roadkill’ Nomination Results

Friday was busy for the Big Brother Houseguests as they whipped through HoH fallout, got ready for the nominations, battled through a housewide Roadkill twist, then had to sit down and find out who the mystery man put on the Block. Now you get to find out too.

Big Brother Roadkill twist

Just as we saw last week, the Roadkill winner made the nomination choice known anonymously after the House had a short, anxious wait for the announcement following the comp earlier on Friday night. Actually, this time it didn’t take that long because this week’s RK winner casually announced the decision after a visit to DR and before the ceremony. Heh. I can feel a new rule coming for the winner next week.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 2 ‘Roadkill’ Nomination:

  • Victor secretly put Tiffany on the Block

Update: Earlier this spoiler was posted based on Victor’s word. Now the results are official as the ceremony has been held and Tiffany is on the Block as the RK nom.

Tiffany will be fine, but I’d expect her to freak out a little now that she’ll be on the Block even with lots of promises of security. And here’s another trouble point for the Eight Pack alliance.

If Tiffany is freaked out then she could play hard to win the Veto and save herself. If she wins it then this entire plan falls down because you know who picks the renom? Victor. Do you think Victor would renom himself? Okay, maybe he would, but not likely! And this is why I said a BD-Victor plan was a bad idea. Too many ways out despite Victor not even knowing he’s in trouble here!

As soon as the RK comp was over Paul was trying to warn Victor that the other side was all working together, but Victor didn’t believe him. This was Vic’s chance to get himself a spot in the Veto comp by secretly nominating himself, but instead he went with what he thought the House would want. Of course what they really want is for him to be evicted, but let’s not tell him that until Thursday.

Of course if Vic does manage to name the renom himself, which of course wouldn’t be him, then it’s not the end of the world. The house would probably vote out Bronte. I’m okay with that.

That Veto comp will be held on Saturday so get ready to find out who ends up getting drawn for the extra two spots and then the big results will tell us whether or not Victor will be going up as a renom at the ceremony. Normally those are on Mondays but with the holiday we may get a schedule shift. We’ll let you know when we know.

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  1. Yes, Matt. I, too, see a new rule coming into effect next week regarding the BB Roadkill results.

    • This totally went over my head when he said that. It’s late and I’m exhausted. What new rule regarding the BB Roadkill? Can you (or anyone) explain what he meant by that?

      • Just that the RK winner might not be able to openly tell everyone before the RK ceremony. Kinda kills the anticipation of the RK nom reveal if someone blurts it out after it’s been made official in the DR.

  2. When you subscribe to the live feeds, what is the length of the contract? I would appreciate one of you fine people leaving a answer.

    • Like Dana968 said, until you cancel it. With that being said though, there are a lot of perks to subscribing to it other than the live feeds — you can watch any season of big brother you want plus any show that airs on CBS is added to the site the next day (including the big brother episodes from this season) I just keep my subscription year round!

    • Yes, until you cancel, but it’s probably helpful to add that after your one week trial it’s a monthly subscription, so after the week you get charged 5.99 and if you do decide to cancel you should at least take advantage of the full time (month) you’ve paid for.

      • Yeah but you’ll be putting one foot through that door. Could just put yourself in the firing line.

      • Yeah I know, but either way Victor is a sitting duck right now, either way, that’s providing the BD plan is still happening of course.
        I feel like Frank has a secret agenda here to be honest.

  3. I feel Frank has a secret agenda here, I haven’t followed the feeds since the RK ends but yeah it has Frank’s stamp all over it.
    If somehow Victor wins the PoV, take Paul down, put James up with Bronte and Tiffany, Frank could persuade others to evict Tiffany, since he’s planning to replace Tiffany with Natalie (or Bridgette). They will still have the majority against Paul/Victor/Bronte next week.
    Hopefully Fatal5 plus Paulie do make sure this isn’t happening!

    • Day suggested in the storage room tonight to replace Tiffany with Paulie in the 8 pack — and she’s the one that brought getting rid of Tiffany up so Frank isn’t the only 8 pack alliance member complicating booting her. They are all realizing how detrimental she is to their game and could blow it up in a hot minute.

      • Yeah but the seeds were laid to Victor by Frank. How Victor could come up by thinking it’s pointless to nominate James all by himself?
        Both Frank and Day have a beef with Tiffany somehow since Day 2 or so.

      • Hi Cheryl here. Yes Tiff does cry a lot, she is soooo playing her sisters game. If James and Da just keeps them (the rest of their alliance) aware of that and how Vanessa played that same crying game then they can take more notice to see for themselves and be ready to get her out of the house before she rides that crying game all the way to third place “just like her sister did”.

      • And I definitely do NOT want to see a repeat of the last few weeks of last season. Vanessa almost drove me to drink!

      • I knowwwwwww…..ahhhggg…. Why? It’s just a game & personally get rid of the whinner

      • Victor said it would be too odvious to nom James since the whole house knows he has issues with him — he didn’t want it to be known to everyone that he won the roadkill… I really don’t understand that though because the entire house knows!!

    • If her own pact is secretly targeting her, she has a right to a meltdown. If Nicole or Day are in her position, they both will be as well. If it’s Frank, he would throw a temper tantrum or just fart in everyone’s face, hahahaha.

      • Exactly! If she has a meltdown she has every right to have a melt-down! But no because she’s Vanessa’s sister any emotion she has will label her as a duplicate of Vanessa’s game! They are not the same people! I am certainly nothing like my sister. I love all my sisters but one of my sister’s I am the complete 100% opposite of! If Frank felt threatened he be having a temper tantrum, hell they all would be! Who wouldn’t?!

      • He passes gas more than anyone I know!! He was talking about how much he does it the other day on the feeds!

  4. Urgh, All I can say is … Paulie please wins the PoV and takes Tiffany down.

  5. How great at manipulation is Frank? Now he persuades Tiffany to try to win the Veto if Victor is picked to play then to use it to save either Paul and Bronte, not herself, so Paulie can backdoor Victor.
    And Tiffany agrees.
    But she will be still in the noms with Victor and either Paul/Bronte and still can get evicted. Day and Frank will be so tempted to evict her over Victor.
    I dunno, should I applaud Frank or just hate him hahaha.

    • She agreed?! Seriously!? Or is she just saying what he wants to hear?

      What possible reason would Frank be able to give her to convince her of that?

      I mean kudos to him if she does it btt I just don’t see it! Especially if she’s not feeling 100% with her Alliance.

    • I think the objective is still to get rid of Victor. I don’t see how they will be able to sell getting rid of Tiffany before him to everyone else.

    • If Paul and Bronte is in the hot seats and Tiffany gets veto, she would be utterly stupid not to take herself off! Victor can nominate anyone but, with the votes, Bronte or Paul gets evicted! Victor would still be weakened having lost one more ally!

  6. Tiffani? Seriously! What have I been missing!? Why would Victor put her up.
    Okay I read a few comments now so I understand! AND………… EXACTLY what I said last night, it wouldn’t take long for the 8 pack to break up! Why can’t any Alliance just stay strong?! Why do they even bother? And why do people even feel comfortable and excited about a big Alliance ! They never last ! They should but they never do! I’m not surprised! Stupid!
    & as for Tiffany having or may have a meltdown, why wouldn’t she? Her Alliance is turning on her correct? If Da’Vonne or Paulie, Frank, Nicole….. hell any of them felt like they were having their Alliance turn on them they would all have Hissy Fits and /or meltdowns! So if Tiffany has a meltdown then so be it! Who wouldn’t?!
    I can’t say for sure because I haven’t read a lot of people talking about her but many people are already against her, (as in viewers/ fans) plus plus plus plus plus because she is Vanessa’s sister! Completely unfair! I am the complete opposite of my sister. The way she would play the game and the way I would play the game would be two COMPLETELY different games! She would be loud, very very very very opinionated and not afraid to say a thing! I would be much more quieter and make friends probably with every single person in the house aside from b****** and assholes LOL just sayin! Give the girl a chance at least!

    • Maybe I’ve missed something but has her alliance actually turned on her? They don’t entirely trust her because of how emotional she is but I thought they were just handling her carefully. They aren’t the ones who nominated her and I doubt they’re going to ditch their plans and get rid of one of their own when they still really need the numbers.
      Also Tiff has been acting just like her sister. People aren’t assuming she’s going to be like Van, she’s already showing a lot of ways she is. She’s extremely emotional and cries all the time for no good reason, and despite saying how much she wants to avoid paranoia she isn’t doing a very good job. Some siblings are very different but some aren’t.

      • From my understanding they are treating her in for a Natasha but don’t quote me on that LOL just what I read on here. I just think no matter what Tiffany does is always going to be time 100 not only in the house but by viewers because of how Vanessa was. Every single person in that house is paranoid! Yes some are stronger than others and show less emotion but I just think she’s being unfairly judged. But that’s just my opinion :-) and I don’t know all the facts either. But I did see Victor cry his eyes out in the diary room because his BFF of a whole week or two was voted out LOL just my opinion. And I don’t watch the feeds so I myself, do not see Tiffany crying all the time or being paranoid.
        I just always find it funny when people call out others for being paranoid in the big brother house or on survivor and other shows like that! Everyone’s always paranoid all the time…. but again, some people are better at hiding it I guess.
        I actually read a lot of positive things about her but again I don’t watch the feeds so I don’t know how much she’s crying and being paranoid.

    • Hey Tinalee Totally agree! I can not stand Day. How many times did she cry in the DR the first week. She is throwing Tiff under the bus because of Vanessa. The house better watch her and Zak. They r tight.

      • yup! Totally unfair! Just because Vanessa is her sister doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get a fair shot! Sure a lot of people didn’t like Vanessa but why does Tiffany have to be the bad guy?! She hasn’t done anything wrong from what I know!?

  7. I find then roadkill ceremony pointless. Why can’t they reveal the 3rd nominee during veto picks, like in BB15.

  8. So nominees would be Tiffany, Paul and Bronte? I would guess if one of the Eight pack alliance wins veto, they will save Tiffany and put in Victor?

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