‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 12 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

Big Brother spoilers are in for the Power of Veto competition after this week’s nominations were revealed Friday on the Feeds. Again this week all the Houseguests competed with just five of them left in the season so everyone had a shot at survival.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

The Sitting Ducks are set to be picked off one way or the other but today’s comp gave them the chance to possibly make that choice for the house on their own. Neither was going to pull any punches against the other though even if it was a game-ending move for their ally. So who pulled off the Veto win today? Read on for the results.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 12 Veto Competition Results:

  • Nicole won the Power of Veto!

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It was the BB Comic comp and Nicole pulled off the win. That means these noms are not going to change so get ready to say goodbye to Victor.

After the comp Victor gave Nicole a big hug and told her he couldn’t be mad at her forever. Whether he’s playing an angle or just signaling he’s done, I don’t know, but he’s done. Nicole will decline to use the Veto then Victor will be voted out on Monday and we’ll see it on Tuesday’s show.

Remember we’ve got an accelerated schedule with the Veto Ceremony arriving tomorrow (Sunday) so be sure to check back for all the latest spoilers over the next few days. We’ll be down to the F3 on Wednesday night so get ready for the near end of Big Brother 18!

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  1. Great job Victor! If there were a 2nd place you’d deserve it. Awesome job battling with integrity

  2. It’s now gotten to the point where it is hard to even watch. Nicorey winning everything suddenly? I hope Victor pulls out a miracle because I am sure James would not team up with Paul and the only weak drama would be if Nicole and Corey take each other or not.

    • I think if Nicole got to final 2 she would deserve the game. Sh e took the strategy she had last time and tweaked it so she was actually under the radar and truly playing the game the whole time, even if she was sleeping a lot. I don’t want her to win personally but she is one of, if not the most deserving player in the house. I personally want Paul to win, and I wouldn’t be extremely upset with a James win as I like him, but I don’t support his strategy.

      • I disagree with it as well. Just let new people play the game!!! It gives more people for a future all star season and nobody has the unfair advantage of already playing the game. Though I don’t agree with putting returners in (save another all stars) I do have to say that Nicole is the best player this season, as weird and awful as that sounds she is. It’s like back in S13, Rachel deserved to win and she played the best game in BB13 but I think that it would have been so much better if no returners had been put in. Though I don’t support returners playing, I 100% support the best player in a season winning and if Nicole can evict Paul at f4 she will deserve the win in BB18

      • I know but it doesn’t mean she’ll win the game. I don’t know if Victor is your favorite but I really feel bad for him. I actually like him. But I don’t think Nicole or anyone could beat him. And I’m pulling for Nicole to win.

      • Yeah, if I have to pick a favorite it would be Vic. I use to be a Nicole fan but I lost so much respect for her during this season. It would be nice to see a female win, though. But I don’t respect the game she’s played.

      • I love Victor, but he’s had plenty of chances. Besides, he’ll make more money than all of them put together including the winner after the show. I see modeling and acting jobs for him. The Bold and the Beautiful will be his first gig.

      • I think he’s going to get a lot of offers too. He’s got a good heart. Which I didn’t see until after he was voted out and came back.

      • I guess if a girl is in the Final 2, she should win. We’ve not had a girl win in a long while. I just don’t like that it’s a returning vet that does it, though.

      • Well Dan won first and came back and won 2nd. Mike Boogie came back and won and so did Rachel. And Victor had 3 chances. I wish it would either be all new players or an all-star with all returning players.

      • So, if Nicole was in Final 2…the only reason she should win is because she’s female? Let’s say it was Paul and Nicole in Final 2 or James and Nicole…you think it should be Nicole? I don’t mind if the jury votes for a m or f to win the game, but don’t vote for them because of their gender

      • I don’t think Nicole deserves it more than Victor, but he’s not going to be in F2 now. At this point, I really don’t care anymore who wins.

      • That is not what you said though, and plus I didn’t even include Victor because I knew he wouldn’t be there…you said if a girl (Nicole) is in the final 2, then she SHOULD win

  3. According to Jokers, Corey’s comic had Nicole’s butt in it and Corey as missile with a caption saying ‘Kiss your ass goodbye’. LOL. He is p*ssed.

    • Ya know, just because some of us don’t want Nicole to win, it doesn’t make us haters. I apologize up front, but I think it’s rude that you keep referring to us that way.

      • Well some of the hateful comments are what make me believe there’s haters. Did I single you out? Guilty conscience.

    • It’s not like Nicole hasn’t played this same game before already, she should have freaking won it, she had a huge advantage over everyone else. And I dont hate her, I just do not care for her at all this season. She was a favorite of mine in her original season and I was happy to see her back for a minute, but I just don’t like how she has played this year. She’s terrible and James too.

      • Well, she’s learned from her mistakes from her first season. She didn’t put a target on her back early on by winning comps. She’s played brilliantly.

    • Comp wins are not indicative of a good game. Caleb won comps, still was bad at the game. Far more impressed with what Paul has been able to do in his first try by comparison of what Nicole has done in her third.

      • To clarify, I honestly don’t hate Nicole. I’ve rarely seen anything from her that makes me think she’s a bad person. That having been said, I’m not impressed with her game in the slightest.

        Seems like a decent person, but from everything I’ve seen from her on the feeds in 2 seasons characterizes her as a pretty cowardly and non-observant player.

      • Irrelevant, she has an advantage over several other players because she was in a prior season.

        Yes, she hasn’t been on the block, but up until last week, neither had James. And by his own admission, his game consisted of him “basically doing nothing”. Just because you haven’t been on the block doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re good at the game.

        I point to Austin in final 5 from last year. Hadn’t been on the block, doesn’t mean he was good.

      • We’re going to have to disagree because I think she’s played practically a flawless game from day one. The very first HOH she even said she wanted it but didn’t want them to know that. Then Jozea was after her and guess who went? Jozea. She had herself in a strong alliance and after continuously being thrown UTB by everyone evicted she still managed to stay off the block. When she won HOH again she went after Michelle who was targeting her for weeks and guess who went? Michelle. She stayed out of the catty mean girl drama and flipped just at the right time. She’s controlled her own HOH’s unlike everyone else that did what Paulie wanted up until his eviction. She won POV during her HOH to control what she wanted and she just won POV again to control what she wants. If say that’s a pretty strong resume for the win.

      • Can you point to an exact moment in which she managed to convince people to vote out Jozea? Or in general, is there a moment where she was able to actually manipulate anyone into doing something that they otherwise wouldn’t have?

        You say she’s an excellent player, but I’m more inclined to believe that she’s essentially been a non-threat through the majority of the game, not unlike a Jordan Lloyd. Ineffective yet managing to just be one of the last ones around at the end.

        You’re right, a lot of things have gone right for her, but is that because of her? Or is it due to her just being in the right place at the right time?

        The way I look at Nicole’s game, it seems like all of the major players have taken eachother out. From Frank & Day to Paulie & Natalie, she’s never been seen as a person that anyone wants to go after because there’s a bigger target. Now she’s one of the few remaining and her boy managed to win a comp in the clutch. I really think it’s that simple.

      • She’s had a target on her back since day one and she’s going to be in the F4. Enough said. Sorry your favorite is going.

  4. This whole thing is fixed. They might as well just go ahead and send Victor, Paul and Cory to the Jury house now and let the jurors go ahead and vote now and get this bogus season done. CBS has no integrity.

    • oh god here come another conspirator. Competition shows (CBS ones especially) are not rigged. The producers have no reason to do so. Its a game and while twists might get annoying they are pre planned.

      Nicole is playing a good game. You can hate her but you can’t deny she is good. So yeah go back to your (boring) scripted drama’s, comedy, or crime shows

      • I agree. But if their favorites were winning it would be a different story. People need to grow up and relax. Enjoy the show. I don’t know how many seasons my favorites didn’t make it to the end but I wasn’t whining about the show being fixed. I watched and actually really enjoyed it because I didn’t care who would leave. It was fun watching them all backstab each other.

    • Production gave Victor three chances to win in a single season, but obviously the game is fixed for Nicole. Makes sense, boss.

  5. The only argument Vic can make to Nicole is that if she keeps him safe then she will win 100% guaranteed $50,000 and possibly $500,000. Corey, James, and Victor would all take Nicole to the finale, no questions asked. If she keeps Paul she doesn’t have that guaranteed $50,000 because he would take James. Please oh please let Victor talk to Nicole about this plan.

    • I would much rather see Paul go, but it ain’t gonna happen. And why would Nicole settle for second place?

      • Isn’t a guaranteed 2nd place better than third or fourth? A guaranteed $50,000 sounds pretty nice to me. Plus it doesn’t matter who she’s sitting by in the finale she’ll lose and she knows it, the jury loathes her. It makes sense to make a F2 with everyone, plus how is Paul there helping her? If she saved Vic he would owe her everything and would protect her.

      • She has a good chance in winning against anyone but Victor. If Corey goes to jury she has Corey, Paulie, Z and Day will vote on game play and has already hinted at voting for Nicole. If she’s next to Paul then Nat already said she would vote for Nicole over Paul. Michelle can’t stand Paul so she would have her vote.

  6. Please please please James please win the next HOH and secure your place in F3 if not your next

  7. They should not have recycled challenges with recycled players, mixed in with new players. Oh well, almost time for Survivor.

  8. I’m totally down with this (Harvey). But if we’re being fair, it is a TV show and CBS has to sell ads. Reality shows will always be heavily manipulated to maximize the audience, and we know that – we just wish BB was different

  9. Way to go Nicole! ! Congrats on winning your second veto this season!
    I can’t wait to watch this comp, it’s one of my favorites! Sounds like James
    may of come in last again(shocker), taking nearly 3X as long as Nicole-ha
    Maybe something will happen and Paul will leave over Victor? Never know

  10. If it was rigged I’m pretty sure there would be an anonymous tell-all book or a thread on Reddit from a disgruntled former production assistant.

  11. Damn it! Vixtor…how can I cope up with this sh*t?…Ok,..I got it.. I’ll root for Paul…just because..lol

  12. Well, that does it for me, I’m done with this season, and maybe any future seasons. Big brother is just too rigged. Knowing they are bringing vets back, why do they run same comps over and over? These guys have a huge advantage having already played these comps before. It’s just not the interesting game that it used to be when it started with strangers coming together, and no BB production interference. with Victor going I just don’t have any interest in seeing any of the remaining players win.

    • lol, let me get this straight. You’re crying “rigged!!” about this particular eviction and not the fact that a houseguest had THREE lives in the game? Got it.

      Don’t get me wrong. Huge Victor fan here, but come on…

      Gotta love the tantrums people give when things suddenly don’t go their way.

      • Yeah, it’s one thing to be disappointed. It’s happened to all of us at one point or another (especially after 18 years of this), but to go off like this? Not cool!

      • Right? I just love how differently people define “production interference” based on whether it benefits their favorites or not.

        The lunacy of arguing production actively conspiring to get Victor out of the house when he’s benefited the most out of anyone the shows entire history… I just can’t.

      • I for one do not believe it’s unfair because it’s a part of the game. The others had the same opportunity to get back in. You’re saying unfair because he’s not your desired player, which is no different. Vic fought hard. He earned it. Vic did not beg to get back in the game. He still has an opportunity to play.

      • Yes, players have had the opportunity to get back into the game. However, Victor has an unprecedented 3 opportunities to reenter the game, as compared to every other player in the past.

      • Oh, I’m sorry. Do you want me to try and reword what I said? Will that make it easier to understand? Or is it simply a language barrier? Because I could get a translation for you.

      • Actually, Victor is 100% my desired player. I think he’s a great guy and he’s made smart moves all season. I’ve been in his corner for a while now.

        I’m not saying him getting into the house twice was unfair. But it was still interference. There’s a difference.

      • I don’t think Big Brother “set it up” for him to win nor do I think it’s unfair. But it’s still interference, as the event wouldn’t have occurred had production not interfered with the game.

      • I’ve been crying rigged for a while, this whole season has been rigged since the start. I also don’t like all the buy backs either, I’ve commented before it’s not fair to vote someone out and have them come back. I don’t blame Vic for that though. Also, I think Nic and James had a pre game alliance too, which is also wrong, plus they tried to talk buying people off earlier on. It’s just not enjoyable to watch it anymore. My daughter and I have been talking about being done with this show for a while and decided if Vic didn’t win this veto we are done, we just don’t care about BB selecting the winner or any of the people left. I’m guess you can say I’m taking my ball and going home if you want to though, lol.

      • Stick around and vote to give Vic AFP.

        Corey going directly to the pipes after opening the door did it for me. I never bought into the fix until then. It’s too close to the show UNreal. CBS lost a lot of people for the on-line show with their interference.

      • Please explain how a pregame alliance would make a difference. I have asked this question many times and have still never received an answer.

      • The difference is they go in already already knowing each other and with a plan to keep each other safe – and no one else knows about it because it happened outside of the BB house. This gives them an edge over others and it is against the rules. Every one else goes in blind, not knowing anyone and has to start from scratch. Also, I read this, so I don’t know if this is 100% true, maybe someone else can verify, but supposedly, Cody and Paulie’s dad manages publicity appearances and signings for Cody, Derrick, Nicole, and James. So, that alone, if true, is enough that these folks have too much of an existing relationship outside the house that they should not be allowed to compete in the house as vets together, it goes against the whole spirit of the show, it’s supposed to be strangers coming together. Not some strangers, and then some really good friends, imo.

      • When they make a plan on day 1 to keep each other safe nobody knows about that either. They do not call a house meeting to let others know they have a final 2.

      • If you can’t get the difference between two people that have a pre-existing friendship already established outside of the house, and their making a deal with each other before the game even starts for the other house guests, and why that is unfair; then sorry but there is just no explaining it to you.

      • I’ve been crying rigged for a while, this whole season has been rigged since the start. I also don’t like all the buy backs either, I’ve commented before it’s not fair to vote someone out and have them come back. I don’t blame Vic for that though. Also, I think Nic and James had a pre game alliance too, which is also wrong, plus they tried to talk buying people off earlier on. It’s just not enjoyable to watch it anymore. My daughter and I have been talking about being done with this show for a while and decided if Vic didn’t win this veto we are done, we just don’t care about BB selecting the winner or any of the people left. I’m guess you can say I’m taking my ball and going home if you want to though, lol.

  13. Victor has one last Hail Mary…tell Nicole about the convo with Corey at the pool. The one where Corey basically said Nicole was just a Summer ‘fling’ (a different F word) and that he doesn’t want to leave the house single. It may or may not make a difference, but what does Vic have to lose? If he were able to get Borey otb and then kick N to the curb next week, that would be sweet. Huge long shot, but I hope Vic is at least consdering it. He doesn’t owe Borey a damn thing.

    • She’d have to be crazy to do that. Even if she’s mad at him (Corey), against Victor she loses HUGE if the jury bases things off of skill and survival. Plus the females don’t like Nicole so she’ll need all the help she can get to win. Going against Vic would be doom.

      • Yeah, it is a long shot, and could backfire. However, he could appeal to N’s considerable ego and let her know she could be very humiliated before this is over. (She will be anyway but who cares.) What does Vic have to lose by expressing the truth?

    • I thought the same thing the moment I heard he was nominated. Also, James was wondering why Vic and Paul were so shocked that he wasn’t nominated. Vic needs to tell him about the Final4 alliance…and that the deal was….get Natalie out the first week and James the next.

  14. It aggravates me when a HG like James has a very good shot of making it to F2. He has done nothing to deserve the money…he had one HOH win and then he did what Paulie told him to do..which was to evict Frank..he throws 99% of the comps..Paul may not have any comp wins..one HOH..but, at least he has been a very good strategic player. He is this season’s Victoria.

  15. Victor without a doubt earned his spot on all-stars. Great guy.

    My UNBIASED opinion out of those left on who is playing the best game to win:


  16. Nice job, Nicole. Keep building that resume!

    It’s a shame Victor has to go, as I do think he’s a nice guy, but let’s face it. He’s been evicted twice and won his way back in twice. He’s unbeatable at the F2. It’s in the best interest of all the remaining HGs to get him out now.

  17. There is no way that this show is not completely rigged.
    I knew this morning that Nicole was going to win and that’s exactly what happened.
    I would have loved gfor the HGs to win a fair game, but this the showmance year.
    I am sure that all the HGs signed a contract that offered hem a specific amount to allow Nicole to win it. They all had to know about it.

    • I don’t understand how this is a shocking concept in 2016. Even if there wasn’t an entire TV series about the control producers exert over contestants of reality shows, multiple HGs on THIS show have let it slip that they were told to do something in the DR. It’s not exactly news.

      • we all know there is some manipulation or as i prefer to call it “creative license” due to the network’s bottom line i’m just confused as to why we are upset? i’m sorry vic didn’t get the veto but i am more upset over pablo’s kidnapping…even when vic is in jury i would have still wanted him to walk away with 500k, i no longer have a dog in this fight but i am gonna watch it and see what happens…

      • Exactly. I mean it’s not 2001. Entire books have been written about scripting in reality TV. Where’s the news?

    • Yep they lined all the comics up for her and she did it in record time. 33 seconds. Damn production.

      • Do you actually read the Big Brother Network articles or just the comments? The instructions and assistance given the contestants is well documented. Maybe read up on Corey’s familiarity with the MacGyver pipes?

      • Yeah, it’s like people don’t know about CBS’s secret death squad that kills you if you reveal their closely guarded game-rigging secrets. Why else would all the former houseguests vouch for the relative integrity of the show compared to other reality television?

    • “I am sure that all the HGs signed a contract that offered them a specific amount to allow Nicole to win it.”

      I honestly can’t tell if you’ve actually managed to convince yourself to believe this is true, or if you’re just being melodramatic.

  18. I just read that Nicole wonders if Corey’s comic meant he was leaving her after the show. Then wondered if Corey was talking negatively in the DR. Can someone elaborate??? TIA

  19. Just read on Jokers that Nicole is wondering if Corey’s comic was hinting at Corey leaving Nicole after the show is over and wonders if he says anything bad about her in his DR’s… That coupled with Corey being mad that his comic had Nicole in it and him questioning why she’s even in his comic SHOULD be a wake up call for Nicole!! The BEST thing Vic could do this week since his game is prolly over would be to tell Nicole what Corey has said about her and their relationship.

    • Nichole has wedding bells in her ears where Corey is concerned. Hate to be nasty but he took one look at mama & and backed the hell wwaayy off. They always say, if you want to see what your girl is going to look like in 25 years, just look at mama!! Bye Corey!!!

  20. So bummed that Victor didn’t win!!! But now is the time for him to use his ace in the hole and tell Nicole that Corey has no intention of taking this relationship any further after the show. There is already tension between Corey and Nicole because Nicole believes that’s it exactly what Coreys comic strip was depicting. He should tell her to save him and they’ll get Corey out together. Even if she doesn’t bite it would be worth seeing Victor create major drama before he leaves.

    • But why would take Victor to the final two? She loses. Paul and Victor would get her out at final three or four.

      • she should take james…if i almost forgot he was in the house i’m sure the jury forgot he was a contestant

      • she should take james…if i almost forgot he was in the house i’m sure the jury forgot he was a contestant

      • This is assuming Paul goes anyway. Because I believe she would still vote for Paul, Vic would vote for James and Corey would still break the Tie to send Paul home.

      • I think she’s gonna lose to anybody besides James. Besides Corey and James are pretty tight and I think Corey knows he can’t be Nicole either. I don’t think Corey or James would take her to final two. 50 K is better than nothing and at least if she went to the end with Victor she knows he would be loyal to her and take her.

    • Honestly I don’t think it’s his place, and I doubt that’d he spill the beans on it. Nicole honestly needs the life lesson in my opinion.

    • Honestly I don’t think it’s his place, and I doubt that’d he spill the beans on it. Nicole honestly needs the life lesson in my opinion.

  21. Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t have a favorite to win. Victor’s maturing in the game and fight to come back after being evicted twice changed my mind. (I don’t think it was rigged for him to get back in, he won fair and square. Heck, I thought the one that was “bred” for the game was Production’s favorite. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t hide his nasty ways too long. Yes, I believe Production influence the game/players.) Now that Victor is on his way out, I am back to not really caring who wins. Victor has my vote for AFP.

  22. I feel like nic had an unfair advantage with this veto because she competed in the same one on 16. If james or corey make it to final 2 and win I will be pissed. Nicole or Paul should win but because nicole is a woman she doesn’t stand a chance against even james or corey (pathetic). It would be nice to see the first woman win against a man but very unlikely.

    • Nicole beat all of those “men” in that competition. She has a good chance of winning. I don’t think sex matters at this point.

      • She is deserving however no woman has ever beat a man at final 2. Vanessa should have been the first last year.

      • I want James to win. Mainly because he was used so badly by that S….. Natalie. What a terrible person to do that to him!! If he wins, she’ll be all over him like a dirty shirt. I HOPE he ditches her FAST!!!

      • I’ve disliked James this season; his head was not in it and I really hope he doesn’t win. I don’t want him to win AFP either. He’s not like he was in BB17

      • He for sure wasn’t in the game this time. Natalie got in his head & he was thinking with a different part of his anatomy lol.

      • I agree. Super nice guy but totally out of it this time. I don’t know why but it was actually hard to watch. Just not his year this time.

    • I don’t know. She made it in one of the hardest comps that mostly guys win at! She’s proving she can pull this off so far. But I agree, she did have an unfair advantage since she’s played this similar comp before.

      • I really don’t see it as an advantage. It’s a hard comp regardless. They talk about all the comps. I actually wish production would quit using the same comps every year and come up with some new ones. Just line the HOH. How many tines we’ve seen that slip and slide one. I remember at least 5 times.

      • A friend sends me the episodes of BB Canada so I can watch them and I love it. They have great comps and twists. I love the house. It’s just nice to see something new.

      • Well, if my favorite, Victor, can’t win, I guess Paul and Nicole are the the ones I want in final 2. Let the chips fall where they may. I sure don’t want dum dum or lazy J in the f2!

  23. If I were Corey, I’d be pretty pissed that production sort of tipped of Nicole that he’s basically been using her as a warm body and taking advantaged of her knowledge of the game all season by the comic they had for him. Not that I’m a Corey fan at all, but it could affect the outcome of his game.

  24. For those watching the feeds right now, this is why I like Victor. He lost the comp and he’s got an obvious one-way ticket to the jury house. But he’s super upbeat, making jokes, generally smiling from ear to ear. I really admire it because I don’t think I’d be able to show this kind of positive class under similar circumstances.

  25. I have to admit Victor leaving the game will be a huge let down. So, I am now campaigning for him to be America’s favorite player. He is a unique player, straight forward. I like him coming back into the game. Each time getting to know him better. A competition beast. Sad things are not working out for him now. But, the man is still smiling. He understands competition and why he would be voted out. Turns out to be a class act.

  26. Victor’s the kind of guy who’d be interesting to see back again in a different Season. I know he’s nice and therefore kind of boring but after having been booted so many times and having to earn his way back in I wonder how that might affect a second chance at the game. Would he be less “kind” and more conservative a second time? It would be cool to see if this experience changes his approach. But I certainly hope that doesn’t happen during Season 19. NO RETURNING HGs IN 19, CBS!

  27. On jokers it says that Corey is sick of hearing Nicole talk about Cody and Derek. There may be some fireworks tonight!

    • If Corey gets sick enough of Nicole, maybe he’ll do much of the world a favor and get her to a nunnery, er – the jury house. After all, she warned him the other night that she’s thinking of dumping him for a Final 2 with Jamesey. He and Califiore used to tell each other “bros before ‘hos.” He’s planned to ditch her at the after party so he can cruise the prettier girls, as he’s already said. What difference would it make if he cuts her loose a little sooner? Maybe he’s the real snake in her grass.

    • No, just Corey talking about all of the traveling to Vegas and ‘meet and greets’ he’s going to after the show. Thinks he’s going to be a big celebrity, apparently.

  28. Well I see not watching BB for three seasons nothing had changed. CBS control the game and winner. Also America is so racists Victor and Paul never had a chance just like Kaysar. The two sluts of the house will never be on Victors level in the game or in life. Nicole’s mother should be ashamed of her. She doesn’t want to play the game she must wants to sleep with men slut. James has no balls and he a huge loser thats why he got no girl.Victor is the best ever.

  29. I’m damned tired of hearing “You are not allowed to talk about Production ” and Dingus just ignores the warnings. They left the lamest people in the house

    • Production are afraid that they’ll let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. This show is such a farce & everyone buys into it, yes, me too. I watch it purely for entertainment purposes. Expecting an outcome other than what’s been planned by production is fruitless.

  30. I honestly have no desire to watch the rest of the season without Vic and Paul there. I’ll check the updates to see who wins but once Paul’s out so am I. It’ll be too boring. Looking forward to 19. Glad its soon

  31. Didn’t Nicole won the first iteration of BB Comics?

    At least she is winning competitions when it mattered.

    • Christine won this one for BB16, actually, and my boy Steve won it last year in BB17.

      But, yes, Nicole is winning when it counts, which is always right at the end.

      • Yeah. I don’t get the hate on Steve. I thought he did well during those crucial few weeks with the pressure to not get evicted and not get blindsided by Vanessa.

        He won me over from Day 1 and I was rooting for him since, quirks and all.

  32. Does anyone else think the reason Vic is taking
    This so hard is because he has a thing for Nicole and was hoping she at least felt a little something for him?… Enough to at least stay faithful to him? And when she didn’t, it hit his ago harder. Idk… That’s my take on it.

    Nicole keeps saying how bad she feels to have broken up the final 4 and Corey was getting frustrated with her… From
    The vibes I picked up on, Corey was maybe a little jealous that Nicole cares so much about Vic’s feelings on the block and him leaving… Corey doesn’t want her but he does NOT want Vic to have her either. He even said if they were together that his friends wouldn’t say or do things to Nicole that Vic does… So we know Corey doesn’t like Vic around Nicole that much and he wasn’t happy Nicole cared so much about Vic this week and his feelings.

    • If that’s the reason, then Victor has a lot of growing up to do. I personally think it was more because they betrayed him after the alliance

      • That too… He’s very loyal but I also think that he felt he had a connection to Nicole and she wouldn’t turn on him.

    • That’s a very compassion point of view and yes, Nicole should feel bad for betraying Vic.

      Vic is a loyal person. He’s an all around good guy whose been a really good competitor. That’s the reason why the whole house wants him out – it’s pure jealousy.

      As for Corey, many comments have been posted here about his lack of game. Let’s be honest, he’s prolly one of the worse players this season.

      There is a certain sadness not only in the house but even here because a person who really deserves to win – Vic is leaving.

  33. I think it’s becoming more and more possible now for a woman to win this season, and it could be Nicole.

    She already seem to have swayed Da’vonne when we last checked in with the jurors so that’s a good sign that perhaps the jury will not be bitter enough to not give her the win if she ends up on Final 2.

    The question now is who do you think Nicole has a better chance of winning against? Paul, if lucky enough to survive Wednesday’s eviction and ends up winning a slot in F2 will have the best odds of winning if he is with either Nicole (jury’s bitterness), Corey (lack of game) or James not Me (complete lack of game) so Nicole, if she wins Part 3 of the final HOH, will absolutely not pick him (and neither would Corey and James).

    If Nicole is with Corey or James, hands down, most of the jury will award the win to her.

    AFH/AFP will go to Victor or Paul which is not a bad consolation prize. But I’m afraid block voting will prevail again as happened in past voting periods so I’m expecting James to win AFP yet again (even if he doesn’t deserve it this time around).

    • James really doesn’t deserve it and neither does Corey. Corey has shown a dark, bitter and jealous side. He hasn’t played the game and doesn’t deserve AFP or a spot in the F2.

      There is still hope for Paul now being that Victor is leaving next. It’s sad that great players like Victor and Paul are in the same group as this season’s worst players – James, Nicole and Corey.

      • Paul IS NOT a good player. He has ridden the coat tails of Victor this season. He just has a big mouth, which makes him seem like he’s playing the game. He’s a loud mouth, obscene asshole who’s in love with the sound of his own voice.

    • “I think it’s becoming more and more possible now for a woman to win this season, and it could be Nicole.”

      As opposed to who else?

    • The person who wins has already been chosen by production prior to the start of the game. As I’ve stated earlier, I have my sources.

      • And so was the source who claims Amanda was set to win and had the evidence to prove it which it claimed it will reveal it on the date given. Said date came, and no evidence surfaced.

        If it was solid proof, it should have been in the news right now considering the mainstream publicity BB15 was getting at the time.

        Every year is always this and that. If your sources are truly legit, tell them to publish it on Deadline Hollywood now and not later.

      • We have to keep in mind to some extent this IS a reality show. Production can, and does move the players in the direction they want. However, not all players are aware that production is involved with some players as much as they are. If they were, they wouldn’t go on the show. They can manipulate the outcome only so much. If things “get away” from them, the outcome of the game changes. I’m sure they’ve had players get wild on them, as with Amanda. She was a wild card they’d not banked on. The game this year has been scripted so much. I hate to see this because it takes the fun out of watching. We know Corey is in they’re pocket & Nichole also. As for James, that’s a toss up for me. Vic & Paul are blind to what’s going on. The Network must think we’re a bunch of no mind idiots to buy this crap. What an insult.

      • As far as announcing who told who what….jobs are at stake here. Confidentiality has to be maintained.

      • In the end though, the players themselves make their own destiny in this game. Production can only do so much without violating federal laws as it is still a game show where a monetary prize is at stake.

      • Very true. It will still keep us watching regardless of interference from production. We all love a good old TV show. lol

    • That’s a tough question James. In a Nic/James F2 will the female jurors vote for James since he has a child and needs the money?
      With Corey/Nic F2 will the guys vote for their bro Corey? Except for Victor perhaps lol.
      Corey/James would probably give James the win.
      Don’t know if Paul could beat james either…I think Paul made a lot of enemies and certainly Paulie dislikes him.
      A lot depends on whether or not Day and the gals have forgiven James for stabbing them in the back.

  34. I laugh when Nic/Corey say they cant be called a floater bc they have now won comps. Ummmm, the percentages go way up when there are only 5 people left in the house vs 10. production giving hints on comps takes the fun out of watching the show now.

  35. Everyone who watched last week’s pov comp knows that natalie was screwed out of that comp by producers to protect nicole from going on the block . Victor only has 3 choices paul not happening, corey no just gave victor 5,000 for the bribe and that only leaves nicole and it’s obvious that the producers are protecting there Princess nicole.

  36. Hoping for a Paul-Nicole-James F3… And a Paul-Nicole F2. Please evict Corey next. I want to watch again. -_-

  37. This is very interesting to say the least. We all thought ( myself included) that Victor and Paul would be the ones killing it in the final couple of weeks with their respected comp wins. I would have put money down two weeks ago that Victor and Paul would be sitting in F2 together. I had my doubts but was already preparing myself for the F2 with the Bromance. Even though Nicole and Corey are the ones that have been HOH the last two weeks, I will go out on a limb here and say their time in charge is about to come to a crashing end. The next HOH has to go to either James or Paul. with the other one winning the VETO. Leaving us with Paul, and either Nicole, James or Corey in the F3 with the one left out going to Jury.

    • `I was almost dreading reading the comments section to this article after learning Nicole won VETO but I’m glad to see you are your usual pleasant self.
      I felt all along that Corey was throwing comps and could probably successfully compete against Victor since he had been a college athlete.
      Nicole has really surprised me as well lately.
      I also hate to see Victor go.

      • Like I told KSJB, I always look at the big picture and then think outside the box. I also like to run scenarios in my head before I post. I know people think I am as flippty floppty as Nicorey but the fact is, I want to put as much possibilities as I can out there for other’s to see.

  38. I just rewatched last weeks POV. You know, if they’re going to be so blatant about giving clues (Corey), they should at least tell him to be more subtle and look around the room for 10 or 15 seconds before running to the pipes. He didn’t even look down at the manhole cover.

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