‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 12: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day came and went for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests as it was the Sitting Ducks last chance to influence the upcoming eviction. By the end of the night the results were in and the target was again set for the week, but they won’t have to wait too long for that next vote.

Victor and Corey on Big Brother 18

Houseguests still don’t know it but one of them will be evicted from the house on Monday before a new round of events plays out to set us up for Wednesday night’s live eviction show to reveal our F3 for Big Brother.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 10, 2016:

11:05 AM BBT – Lights are now on but no one is stirring.

12:00 PM BBT – Nicole & Corey awake in the HoH room. Everyone else is asleep.

12:05 PM BBT – Nicole complains to Corey that she’s the only girl left and boys are tougher to beat. Nicole is relieved she won’t have to go to the Jury House (even if F4 evictee that HG would stay in a hotel instead).

12:20 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole are getting some food and discussing possible comps. They think it could be the face-morph challenge.

12:45 PM BBT – Nicole lets Corey know he’ll be debriefed by production after being the game so he’ll know whether or not there are any controversies over the things he’s said or done. (Goat stories…)

1:15 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Veto comp.

6:22 PM BBT – Feeds return. Nicole won the Veto. It was the BB Comics comp.

6:25 PM BBT – Victor gives Nicole a big hug and tells her he can’t be mad at her forever.

6:30 PM BBT – HGs discussing that Corey didn’t like that everyone got their own comic, but Corey’s had Nicole in it and he didn’t like having to share his comic cover.

6:40 PM BBT – HGs retelling the various comics. Michelle’s was “Big Meech Vomitcrybaby” and she was huge in it with tears that were hurting people. Paulie’s was pie baking. Frank’s was about whooping butts. Corey’s had missile-toes (Christmas theme). Nicole’s was her safety-tard. Victor was El Fit Vic. Paul was a motor mouth. Bridgette was a Cabbage Patch Kid and had Mr. Jenkins.

6:55 PM BBT – Nicole asks if others took a long time on their zip line where they can briefly view the comics. Nicole says she got stuck on her line the first time. Corey calls her out for cheating.

7:05 PM BBT – James speculates Michelle’s wasn’t flattering because she mocked Julie Chen during her stay.

7:25 PM BBT – Nicole wonders if Corey’s comic about “kiss your ass goodbye” is about him planning to dump her after the show. It wasn’t, but he is.

8:30 PM BBT – Corey mentions he’s sicking of hearing about BB16 from Nicole and wants her to live in the current season instead.

9:40 PM BBT – Nicole asks Corey if he threw the PoV competition. He says he didn’t throw it, but he didn’t try very hard either.

9:55 PM BBT – Nicole, Corey, and James discuss AFP. Nicole says how happy she was to get top 3 in the AFP vote for her season. James suggests Nicole could win it this year but she says he might win it. They suspect it’ll be someone who was voted a Care Package. James says it’ll all depend on the TV edit. (Yes, we know how focused on that these Vets are.)

10:05 PM BBT – Paul asks them to let him know if it’ll be Victor or him going this week unless they’re planning to use the uncertainty as strategy. Nicole suggests to Paul they’d likely keep him over Victor.

10:15 PM BBT – Nicole says Victor more likely to keep her than Paul would. Corey tells Nicole to keep Victor then if that’s what she wants, but she says no she thinks it’s better to keep Paul.

10:20 PM BBT – Nicole says even if Paul wins the next HoH then either her or Corey has to win Veto and they’ll make it to F3.

10:25 PM BBT – Nicole suggests it’d be smart for Paul to take James since he has one win, can’t give a speech, and the Jury won’t like him. Nicole worries Paul will be able to convince James that Nicole and Corey will take each other and need to be split up.

10:30 PM BBT – Nicole is frustrated that James is playing Derrick’s game. (Huh?) Corey doesn’t think James is doing it intentionally.

10:30 PM BBT – Corey announces that Halloween is his favorite holiday, not Christmas, so he’s not sure why production keeps harping on Christmas for Christmas Corey.

10:50 PM BBT – Paul wants to study with Victor, but Victor says it’s pointless for him since he’s going but encourages Paul to study.

11:00 PM BBT – Nicole details to Corey that James may vote to evict her at F4 if it’s between her and Corey since James has the Texas connection with Corey. Corey says Paul would probably take Nicole instead of James to F2 since James has more votes.

11:10 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey how much she likes his beard scruff. Few minutes later Corey goes and shaves it off. She can’t believe how good looking Corey is. He’s so good looking. If she saw him on the street he’d think he was really good looking. Nicole thinks Corey is really good looking.

12:20 AM BBT – Nicole is studying days and events upstairs by herself while the guys hang out and tell stories downstairs.

12:35 AM BBT – Victor and Paul discuss how boring Nicole and Corey have played this season by secluded themselves away as the couples did. They don’t think fans could enjoy that. They doubt there will be anything between Nicole and Corey after the season is over.

12:50 AM BBT – Paul and Victor still hanging out. Victor explains how disappointed he was in Michelle. Paul says he won’t want to hang out with her outside the house suggesting her personality outside is really like how she was inside.

Despite Nicole suggesting it’d be better to keep Victor over Paul for her chances of getting to the end it sounds like she wants to stick with keeping Paul. Corey says he doesn’t care and will do whatever, but I doubt it’ll come a tiebreaker again as Nicole and James will coordinate their plans.

Get ready for the Veto Ceremony on Sunday which will tip the HGs off to the early eviction and then it’ll be a downhill race to get to next Wednesday’s season finale. It’s almost over!

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    • I feel like Paul has little chance. Even if he wins hoh next week, none of those three will take him to F2 cus they know he’ll win. Sad but true

      • If he doesn’t win hoh this week he’ll need to win veto then how the following week. If he wins hoh this week he’ll need to win veto next week if he wants any shot at winning. I love Paul but realistically this is currently his fate in the game

  1. I wish Nicole would realize that if Paul is gone, Victor would take her to f2. Paul Corey and James probably wouldn’t. She can’t win anything if she’s not in the final two. As my dad would say “a little bit of chicken is better than no chicken at all”

    • 50,000 is better than nothing. She would not win going with Paul. And I think you are right that she would not win against any of them.

      • IMO, Day, Bridgette, Meech and Nat will probably vote for James while Paulie and possibly Z’s votes go to Nicole.

      • I don’t see Bridgette voting for James nor do I see Z voting for who Paulie tells her too either. I do see Z voting the same way as DAY though. I still think DAY will vote for Nicole over any guy that is there with her too since she wants a female to win.

      • Nicole will win against any of them. I think Paul has a slightly better chance than her, but many of the jurors are impressed with her sneaky rise to power after sleeping and lollipopping most of the season. It will be Nicole and Corey at the end since they are the most popular showmance this season. James is still there for a reason though.
        Natalie was not into James anymore and BB thought it was her time to go.

      • If she’s against Paul I think she has a good chance to win. She would have Corey, Paulie, Z, and Day said if Nicole makes it to F2 she’d probably vote for her. Michelle can’t stand Paul so she’d have her vote and Nat told James if Paul and Nicole were F2 she’d vote for Nicole.

  2. I hope that somehow Paul goes and not Victor.. Paul has “talked” his way through the game While Victor has “fought” through out the game..If Victor does not make it to final 2 I will vote for him to receive AFP…He deserves that prize more than the rest (the way I see it.).

  3. With only Nicole and James voting this week, more than likely there will not be a tie. In the event there is, Corey will break the tie so his target (Victor) will be going to Jury.

    So for S$%^’s and Giggles, lets say that Victor stays. He would more than likely win against any of the remaining HG’s but it will be closer between him and Paul than the rest.

    Paul: Could win against the rest but might have a battle on his hands between Nicole and Corey.

    Corey: Would win against Nicole and James.

    James and Nicole could be a toss up between them two since jury is full of people that are very emotional and full of vengeful people.

  4. The jury will give Corey the win against two vet returnees Nicole and James. Also, Paulie no doubt knows about their close friendship outside and would have blabbed to the others about their pre game arrangement.

    Is everyone else seeing the attraction Victor has for Nicole? She grabbed the wrong guy, he’s into her big time.

    • as much as i hate to say it…i feel like vic is crushin’ on nic also…i feel like that’s why he was so upset the other day and had really no explanation for it..i still like vic the best though and it won’t be the same watching without him in the bb house…#sadness

    • I am sooooo tired of hearing about “pre seasoned agreements”…Where is the dam proof??? and Why would Paulie be privy to any information on such a plan??? Nicole has played smart.. while James has played dumb.. Maybe smart and dumb was their secret pact???

      • I don’t know about Nicole..but Derrick did advise Paulie and James to lay low and not win a lot of comps in the beginning…Derrick said this to Jeff in his interview…Derrick also said that Paulie did not follow the advice …(evidently James did) I have to say that Derrick gave open & honest opinions in his answers concerning BB 18…excellent interview..

      • I’m not sure how much I would rely on a former HG’s advice. Every season brings different people with different personalities so what worked for one person in their season will not necessarily work in another season. As far as laying low and not winning many comps in the beginning I think that’s pretty much common knowledge and has been discussed many times by many contestants. JMO

      • Every years some idiot posts a rumor and everyone believes it. There is no proof, and even if it were true, who cares. If Nic and James had a pre season agreement, do you know what the probability is of that actually coming to fruition? Astronomical. When people’s favorites get voting out, out comes the conspiracy theorists. It gets old.

      • Twitter is blowing up about Nicole winning. It’s fun to read their wild fantasies of game-fixing and production’s apparent fascination towards Nicole (which used to be Paulie, and before that Frank).

  5. I have to say that I feel like I’ve lost a friend. I accept all blame for being so naive as to believe BB was for real, even as my husband has laughed at me for a few years for believing it wasn’t so heavily manipulated and influenced by production. I was a big fan of a show that I felt had integrity and was equally fair to each participant; a game of strategy, competitively and socially that any one could win. Maybe it was more so in earlier years, idk. I would like to think so, because I don’t relish in the thought that I was a fool all of those years. I FINALLY realize that was all an illusion and that takes all of the entertainment value away for me. We each have our own idea of what we perceive as entertainment. Oh well, there’s always the Real Housewives. lol

    • in the early years of BB i do feel like it was less manipulated and had more freedom to unfold on its own simply because the show was as new to them as it was to everyone else, i don’t know why in these latter years they felt need to do anything production wise to manipulate it, it still makes money for the network now and back then…i think the better fix would be more attention to casting and then let them run with it i’m sure they can find 16 entertaining people out there that need no direction…

      • I think you’re right. It probably was a lot more real back in the early days of PB&J, Have Not and Luxury comps. As the years have gone by I don’t know why they have felt the need to manipulate it so much, but it’s a big let down to us long time fans. ?

      • Or better yet, a season where there is no Head of Household, no Veto competitions or any form of immunity challenges, save for tasks that everyone has to go through to earn food and luxuries for the week as well as nominating each other and having their fate rest in the hands of the voting public.

        If we wanna see real people being real, then a true back-to-basics format is what is needed.

      • And most other BB shows around the world currently still on the air: Argentina, Mexico, Israel,, Spain, the UK, India, Sweden, the Philippines, Brazil, South Africa, Angola, and Pan-Africa among others. :)

      • But then the public that doesn’t see everything votes and what we would get is someone like James as a winner that’s done absolutely nothing. Nice guy yes but playing the game no. That’s why I didn’t like season one.

      • What season one lacked was a good cast and compelling tasks that could have pushed up the drama, ramp up the conflict and bruise up some egos.

      • This sounds like Season 2. I like the HOH factor, makes for a little more drama. But that was one of the best seasons and I hope the online season goes back to some of the old school ways.

      • The ratings is the reason. Season 1 averaged 9M viewers. Season 2 and 3 averaged 7M – 8M, and it has slowly fallen since then. Season 17 only averaged 6M. Viewers = advertisers and advertisers = money. When viewers started to dwindle, BB thought they would help it along. One of these days, however, they need to realize that their interference isn’t helping, it is making it worse and worse by the year.

      • Aging ratings isn’t something that should be worrisome for BB at the moment. As per Gunsmoke rules, it’s hard comparing what a long running show has gotten then and what it is getting now because of how far the TV landscape have changed in the 16 years that the show has been on the air.

        TV viewing as a whole has fractured with a lot of options for viewers to watch their shows through different platforms.

        Ratings in the past several seasons have been more or less steady and unfortunately, it would take a rather steep week-to-week nose-dive of a ratings trend for producers to see that the show needs some freshening up for the following season.

        Fortunately, the online spin-off could offer some hope with competitons airing live so we’ll see if they do implement changes that would benefit the US version in the long-term.

      • The show was almost cancelled a few times in the early days. I remember reading about it and hoping it din’t. They had to make changes and make it more scripted, but after this season, they should fire the writers. It was not good writing. The focus on showmances rather than the actual game is not fun. They think that’s what the viewers want because of Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brenden.

      • Not necessarly more scripted, but certainly did away with some fundamental aspects from the Dutch format for which it was based in order to culturally match with American viewers’ taste.

        Among them allowing housemates to talk openly about nominations, and being the only ones to evict their own and choose their winner (with the back-up plan of America holding a deciding popular vote if the jury votes between the eventual finalists ended on a tie). The tasks were done away with and the concept of competition was introduced, slowly gaining form as the seasons followed.

      • I enjoy every season. Wish they would do some new comps but other then that I just enjoy watching. People get so worked up about rumors and assumptions. And I’m sure there ratings are just fine otherwise they wouldn’t be on season after season. What I don’t understand is all these people complaining about the show from production to the houseguests why are they watching?

      • Because we are fans and BB is just a good ole summertime thing to do. The fans have a right to complain if they don’t like it.

      • And that’s my point. If you don’t like it why watch? There’s plenty of shows on TV I don’t like and I don’t watch them. And yes you do have every right to complain.

      • I loved the MacGyver Comp. I wish they’d have more of those. LG, the reason I’m bummed, is because I didn’t realize there was ANY kind of ‘interference’ —for lack of a better word— from Production…whether it was getting people to say things in DR or whatever. I’m not saying the show is rigged. I’m more mad at MYSELF. I’m still going to watch the show; it’s just going to be with different eyes. Does that make sense?

      • Believe me, the show IS rigged. We see the evidence all the time on the feeds. Last night on feeds, Corey told Nic something (I don’t want to spoil, so I won’t say what it is) and the only way he would have this info was if production was feeding it to him.

      • Then Production needs to tell Nicole that Corey has been sleeping his way to F4 and has no intention of taking her anywhere NEAR F2.

      • I was watching and didn’t hear anything that would make me think production was involved. When did this happen?

      • They were up in the bedroom, he was recounting the comp and said a few things that were questionable. He said he knew who won, before he competed. They were supposed to be sequestered during comps so they don’t know what the other has done, but somehow he found out who won, and then he said he threw the comp, because he knew who had won. Now how is that possible, he hadn’t even competed yet, he could of won it at that point. How does he know who had won without someone telling him and he hadn’t competed yet. Things don’t add up.

      • I only heard him say when Nicole asked him if he threw the comp that he didn’t really throw it but didn’t try that hard. And the feeds were down for 5hrs so since its taped things can go wrong and there trying to get footage so I’m sure it gets stopped and maybe he assumed for some reason. Like I said all kinds of rumors and assumptions but no actual facts.

      • They feed them comicle lines in the DR and make suggestions but it’s up to them as to what they do. They’re trying to produce a show for purely entertainment and if it’s boring and nothing gets changed up they wouldn’t have viewers. Do they fix comps and make sure certain people get to the end? Absolutely not. I don’t believe that. Are there certain comps that favor certain people? Yes. But the producers have no idea who will actually win the comp. anything can happen. Nicole was telling everyone about the comic comp and how you have to look for the differences in the picture. Well that is a very hard comp and made for a guy and she beat all the guys. I would of thought Victor would of won. So if production thought this is Vic’s comp well look what happened. You can’t predict what is going to happen. But do they maneuver things so it’s good television? Yes. I just enjoy the show and hope my favorite wins. Which hardly ever happens but I still enjoy watching.

      • I understand longer legs and some coordination help with the slip n slide and the wall is better for shorter guests, but I don’t remember the comic comp, so I’m curious what about it makes it favor males.

      • It’s really hard. They’re harnessed and have to match up the comics and go across a zip line. It’s a good comp. it will come back to you when they show it. But you have to be pretty strong and physical. I really thought Victor or Paul would win this one.

      • I don’t know who that is, but anything is better than A. Gronder. She has f*cked this show up!

      • He was Allison’s No. 1 when she was Number 2 and was largely responsible for shaping BB into what it is during his six-season run as showrunner.

    • You can always move on to watch BBUK. The cast there are always intense and are realer than real.

      Downside though is that there’s no feeds.

      • Thanks for the info, James. I’ve heard others say good things about BBUK. You always amaze me with your knowledge of BB.

      • Funny though, people over there thought BBCAN dropped the ball in the couple of years, putting the stateside version as the more superior of the two.

        I guess no show can please everyone.

      • I’m fine with who will among the remaining players though even if I have my faves there, compared with how the winner/s up north came to be, gameplay-wise.

      • It’s nice that you’re satisfied with the level of play that the majority of those remaining have shown.

      • Yeah. I knew it was going to be a battle of three duos coming into the last three weeks of the season so I expect the bloodbath to be quite messy ahead of time, including some betrayal and backtracking and the like.

      • The brothers who believe they should never be targeted at all even though their social game sucks, relied too much on competitions and were merely a number (which would have made them ideal F2 material for the more deserving winner).

        Sad end to yet a good season.

      • It kinda was Tim’s fault for not even caring to win that one comp that he could have won.

        I mean, it was one last piece for goodness grace!

      • Nah. Having known Tim’s personality since his days in BBAU (and even got to talk to him in a BB podcast a year after he won), it’s something that is true to his character. And he is quite transparent.

      • Tim is on the BB CBS chat site sometimes and I’ve chatted with him, his is exactly the same in real life. I thought it was an act, but you are right, very transparent.

      • I love BB Canada. I can’t get it here but a friend downloads them for me and the next day I watch on my laptop. They have great comps and twists. I love the house too. They just have more things for them to do so there’s not so much sleeping. And if I’m not mistaken when they get woken up in the morning they have to stay up. What they need to do here is more activities so they’re not sleeping. Food comps, reward challenges and instead of letting them sleep make them clean the filthy house.

      • There are many good movies that I’d love to watch again, like for example, “The Fugitive”, “U.S. Marshals”, “No Country for Old Men”(and yes, I many of Tommy Lee Jones movies). I also haven’t watched the miniseries “Lonesome Dove” in a couple of years. Very much enjoyed your posts, tr8pping. :)

      • Don’t forget ‘Something’s Gotta Give,” with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson…GREAT RomCom! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you’ll laugh and cry at the same time.
        I wanted to marry Tommy Lee Jones.

      • Yes it has been fun ‘talking’ with you. You’ve given me lots of laughs and some interesting things to think about.

      • Thanks. The recent season there was an emotional rollercoaster but the finale was worth the invesment after two consecutive disappointing seasons. :D

    • I wish I was still naive so I could enjoy the show more.
      Watching the show without spoilers makes it fun and frustrating when your favorite doesn’t win, but not knowing all the behind the scenes stuff makes it more entertaining.
      I don’t care that one of my least favorites will win this game, but I wish it was earned fairly. BB did help Victor get this far as well, so it is all around unfair.
      If the rest of the cast doesn’t know what’s happening, I suggest they watch everything and get together for a nice lawsuit that will expose the show and maybe things can change.

      • Getting Vic this far was just a smoke screen for us to believe that this was a legitimate game. The jokes are on us.

      • If the cast isn’t fully aware at the beginning, I do believe they quickly become enlightened. I can’t help but believe that production has covered their a$$ and written contracts in such a way so that they can’t be held responsible when/if a cast member complains about favoritism shown.

      • I’m just the opposite, I think the show is much more fun with all of the facts and behind the scenes info, helps me see it for what it is….but that is just me. :)

    • K, this is my third attempt to post….

      I felt gullible, betrayed and trust in “REALITY” shows has been eroded. Looks like I’ll have plenty of free time to pursue my dreams and desires instead of wasting it on C R A P.

      • I’ll be getting my Christmas shopping done a little earlier than I thought, which means I’ll get my decorating done sooner this season, which in turn will make my grandchildren very happy. I love making my grandchildren smile. Good luck with the pursuit of your dreams, BANITAP. It has been my pleasure posting with you.

      • I’ve enjoyed trading posts with you as well. We should try and keep in touch, if not, have a wonderful life! :hugs and kisses your way

      • Until next summer’s preview of season 20, and then you will get hooked again. If you choose not to watch 19 that is.

      • Do you watch the feeds? When you have feeds, it is a much different show and you can really see where production interferes with BB. You should watch UnReal, it is a show based on the Bachelor, it will really open your eyes about these “reality” shows and it is fun too.

      • I enjoy BB much more with the feeds, helps explain a lot, because the edits they give us are such a different version from what is really going on.

      • It’s a fundamental aspect of what makes BB as BB. It can’t be Big Brother without the live feeds.

      • The feeds are really cheap and an intregal part of the show. Now they are so filled with fish and CBS is trying to get people to upgrade, to get rid of commercials, they have really jacked it up this summer, something ain’t right!

    • That’s what I was trying to get across yesterday…how disappointed I am in MY naivety. That I thought, ‘certainly BB isn’t like the lesser ‘reality’ shows.’ I feel duped and that more than bums me out.
      Obviously ‘reality shows’ aren’t real. We all know that. I just didn’t think BB was one of ‘THOSE.’ You said it perfectly.
      I’m more disappointed in ME. Well, ya live, ya learn.
      I’ll keep watching, knowing now that editing and Production favors certain HG’s. I just can’t believe that I defended them for so long!

      • Since he likes Halloween, maybe he could dress up as theTin Man from the Wizard of Oz because he really doesn’t have a heart where Nicole is concerned. Poor Nicole…

      • The Tin Man with some straw sticking out, because I’m not sure there’s a brain up there either.

      • But some of her conversations with him I don’t think she’s expecting a relationship outside of the house. So I don’t know because other conversations look like she is. Unless she’s talking about friends. She is the one that broke up with Hayden because she wants a family and she knows Corey doesn’t right now. So why would she want a relationship? I know she has talked about visiting him and James in Texas. But that’s all I’ve really heard her say about outside the house. I hope she’s not expecting something more because I don’t want to see her get hurt. And all of Corey’s bro talk do you think it’s just that? That he’s just talking that way because it’s the guys. Guess we’ll find out after the show.

      • I don’t know…I think she IS expecting more, and I think she’s basing decisions based on him. I really do. You know how naive she can be; and she’s going to be humiliated when she finds out she was used all summer. Despite what I think about her game play, I’m still a woman, and I don’t look forward to how badly she going to be hurt.
        I’d rather she find out now that he really and truly has NO PLANS that include her outside the house. I don’t want to see the emotional fall out—like I said, I’m a woman, and I don’t want to see that devastation…but I don’t want her to make decisions based on him. I want her to get to F2 on HER decisions. You know he has no loyalty to her and will cut her loose when the time is right—if he can.
        Ugh…I just don’t want her to be humiliated anymore than she already will be…because I really think she’s hoping for more. :(

      • I wanted him gone a few weeks ago and if she wins in F3 I sure hope she doesn’t take him. I’m hoping she’s not going to be hurt by all this. But I’m sure she will be hurt by all the nasty, hateful comments people have made. Like I said before there’s always going to be showmances and she’s not married. When you’re with someone 24/7 and if there’s an attraction then it’s pretty hard to avoid when you really can’t get away from that person. Some have been successful and some not.

      • That’s true. I sure as heck hope she doesn’t take him. OMG, I hope she doesn’t take him. Let the head rule on this and not the heart!

  6. Does anyone else wonder why Nicole thinks Corey is so “good looking”? Maybe it’s because I can see his “insides” and she is blinded from that part of him? I don’t know. But I just keep wondering why she thinks this?

  7. If Cory is in F2 with Nicole, I think Paulie will be the only one voting for him. If he is next to James, then most of the guys and girls will vote Corey. He will win. Nicole will win most of the votes, but maybe not Michelle and Natalie’s.

    • He is sick of her.
      I wish Nic knew how he really felt about her. I just wrote about this on another thread, but I’m going to repeat it.

      Nic is making a lot of decisions based on her romance with Corey—whom SHE thinks she’s going to have a ‘happily ever after’ with outside the house. WE know that isn’t going to happen; he told Vic (?) in no uncertain terms, that once the after show party was over, he was done with her.

      I wish someone would clue her in—firstly, because I’m a woman and really don’t want her to find out AFTER the show that she was used all summer in front of millions of people. Secondly, I’d like her to make her OWN decisions, so she could get to F2 with someone who deserves it. I don’t want to see her humiliated while she’s in the house, BUT, she needs to start making her OWN decisions! She’s going to be hurt either way…so let her find out NOW. Now, I don’t want to see her reaction (It’d be unnecessarily cruel)—but Production really should cue her in on what’s going on. THAT would be a game changer.
      Corey got to where he is because of Nic. I haven’t been a fan of Nic–as many of you know–but she’s made it this far. So Production, do your thing and let her know what’s going on and make it truly fair.

      • I couldn’t agree more Sharona. I don’t want to see Nicole hurt by Cretin Corey either. Who does he think he is anyway – Mike Boogie?
        I see Victor as having one last shot or staying if he informs Nicole of what Corey’s been saying about her. James can back him up if Nicole would ask him.
        With both guys affirming that Corey does not wish to continue their relationship Nicole should keep Victor and vote out Paul and next week they vote out the undeserving Corey.

      • As someone else pointed out (I wish I could remember her name), Victor probably wouldn’t do that to Nic. I agree. He’s done some shady things (as ALL the guys have—and the girls–lol) but I think he’s too much of a gentleman to hurt her that way. Now James might just be so clueless, he could be persuaded to say something—and Vic could back him up.

      • I don’t think Victor would be doing it as revenge since he is such a gentleman but because he wouldn’t want to see Nicole hurt.
        James would have no qualms using this to help break up Nicorey probably.
        Gosh, I don’t know what the right thing to do is considering this situation.
        I want Nicole to be happy for the rest of her time in the BB house.

  8. HAHAHA!
    Corey is mad that his comic book cover had Nicole on it; so hilarious.
    Will Corey ever grow up?

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