‘Big Brother 18’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 12

The Power of Veto Ceremony should arrive a day early today for the Big Brother 18 HGs after Saturday night’s BB Comics comp that set us up for what to expect when the rest of this week plays out for the early eviction coming our way.

Nicole fuels up for the next Big Brother event

With a Tuesday eviction episode (taped a day earlier on Monday) and another live eviction show on Wednesday (read details on new schedule) there would have to be a schedule shuffle to give everyone time to campaign and get ready for the next big event. Here’s what to expect.

Nicole won the Veto this week and she will not be using it. If she did then James would go up and we’d be right back to one of the Sitting Ducks voting out James and Nicole voting out the Sitting Duck and Corey breaking the tie. It wouldn’t change anything and would just confuse and worry her ally James.

Instead we can expect the medallion to go back in its box, Paul and Victor to stay on the Block, and Nicole to vote along with James to send Victor out.

Overnight Nicole discussed with Corey feeling bad about voting out Victor and maybe he’d be more likely to take her to the F2 only to then revert back to saying they should vote out Victor and keep Paul. Her continuous dichotomy suggests to me she’s lying to viewers and again just “giving production some footage.” I’ve written off trying to take seriously anything Nicole says at this point since she’s openly admitted to lying to Feedsters to help production cobble together false tension and uncertainty. Don’t fall for it either. She wants Victor gone.

Once the HGs realize the Veto Ceremony is today, a day early like it has been for the past few seasons to accommodate the accelerated schedule, the HGs should figure out the eviction is coming early and that’ll ramp up any campaigning plans Victor and Paul may have.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Nicole’s Veto plan? Is there any scenario that makes sense for her to use it?

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      • That’s true…he’s too much of a gentleman. However, I think Nic is making a lot of decisions based on her future with her dream guy once they leave the house. Hey, if that gets her to F2, fine…but she is going to feel like sh*t when she finds out she was used all season long. Especially when she sees the footage of Corey telling (Vic?) point blank that he wanted (basically) nothing to do with her once the after party was finished.
        Since Production likes to get good edits, it might be nice to let her know BEFORE the end of the game…so maybe one of the guys who have been playing, could go up against Nic in F2, instead of her Dreamboat-user.

      • Even if Corey makes it to F2 the votes are not going to go his way. Its more like Corey who? Nic is going to be very dissapointed. She was just a way to pass the time.

      • LOL, ‘…Corey who?’ She’s going to be way more than disappointed; and no matter how I felt about Nic’s game play, I’m still human–and a woman–and I don’t want to see her go through that.

      • I want her to know before the season ends so that she plays the game for herself. It won’t be easy to learn the truth but would give her a chance to regain some self respect. Either way, when she does find out, she will be very hurt.

      • He may not need the money as desperately as others do. It is possible he may inherit a lot of his parent’s if they are wealthy. If it wasn’t for Nicole I don’t think Corey will play to win comps. He seems to use this time for a sleep away vacation.

      • Yeah, I’ve met guys in bars who have said they make a lot of $$, I don’t necessarily believe them, haha

      • Isn’t Corey gay? Didn’t he say in the DR that he had the hots for Victor in the first episode?

    • I hope someone tells her just so we get to see her reaction. It will be a laugh riot. I can hardly wait boo hoo hoo

      • I don’t think it’s a laughing matter. If you find humor in another human’s misery, you’re a sad, sad person.

      • Hey it’s Big Brother only Polly will have had a better crying fit. They get what they deserve. It’s a game of screwing over everyone else not exactly anyone to feel sorry for

      • OK. Whatever. I haven’t been a fan of Nic, And I think she’s making decisions based on her showmance–which is unfair to people who haven’t spent the summer in bed. But I don’t want to see THAT reaction…that’s unnecessarily cruel. Paulie deserved every bad edit he got–he deserved MORE. I get what you’re saying…I guess. I just wouldn’t want to see it.
        I DO want to see it exposed, though.

      • Polly got off way too easy he’s a total dick. Paul’s just as bad for calling Meech a “C” not a season of likeable people but it usually never is.

      • Just playing devils advocate Vic’s been locked up close to 3 months he’d F a snake if he could have someone hold onto it. No pun intended

      • I think he may have falling for her sweet girl next door act. It is possible Vic likes good girls and thinks Nicole is one. He doesn’t sleep in their room.

      • Thanks, tr8ppng. :) Much as I haven’t enjoyed watching Nicorey playing the game from bed, I still wouldn’t want to see her destroyed. I DO want that relationship to be exposed though, because it’s coloring her decisions in the game. I hope she goes with her head and not her heart when it comes to who she takes to F2.

      • Ok lol…Nicole has also said that evicting Corey might be in her best interest…hmmm We know there is no long term relationship (per Corey) possible but it will be interesting to see how the final 3 plays out if Nicole and Corey are 2 of 3…

    • I’m just reading these posts. When did Corey tell Victor he didn’t want to continue the relationship with Nicole once outside the house?

      • Corey told Victor he wasn’t planning to leave the BB house “in a relationship.” He said there are women he’s interested in back home.

      • First time I heard it was when Corey was upset that Vic said something about giving Nic a kiss. Corey then got mad at Nic the rest of the day. He wouldn’t tell her why though. Then later in hot tub Corey said to Vic he didn’t want to leave house with a relationship with Nic. He totally does this so he can look macho in front of Vic. He really likes Nic but is insecure. Just my intake on it all.

      • there are probably real feelings going on between Corey and Nic as there was between James and Nat, maybe just not up to there personal appearance standards.

      • I think Nicole likes him a lot more than he likes her. His feelings for her are more friendly than romantically. From what I saw this season, I think Corey was a lot more into Paulie than he was Nicole. Bros before holes.

    • Nicole was telling him how she wants to spend time with him on his birthday, which I think is next month, but doesn’t want to intrude.
      She says that maybe he wants to relax and spend time with his friends. He doesn’t care either way what she does.

  1. At this point, keeping either Victor or Paul could be dangerous. Victor is the stronger physical competitor and seems smarter than Paul. Paul is a talker who is full of BS. Victor’s comp wins might sway the jury, but Paul’s sales spiel might work in his favor. If I had the choice I would keep Paul and take a chance at beating him in comps. Keep Victor and he will win it all. Evict him again and he will have a strong chance of winning America’s Favorite.

      • I think it’s because so many people thought that he was going to win the game. Now that Victor is most likely going I think a lot of people will vote for him because they feel he deserved to win

      • I don’t think Victor deserves to win. How many chance has he had already?! He’s a competition beast and is very loyal–but he’s a horrible strategic player.

      • I think those that are rooting for Vic are doing so because of his transformation after he came back the first time. No one hated Victor, they were scared of his competition wins but he was very well-liked. He played with heart, compassion and integrity. I like James a lot too, so I respect your opinion of him.

      • He doesn’t read people at all. I think he believes that they made a promise or a pact and everyone will stick to it as he would. I hope he learns to not be so trusting of people. Not everyone has the best intentions and he thinks they do.

      • Those care packages were probably given by production’s choosing, not America.
        Natalie and Nicole getting it will not be surprising, but Corey and Michelle was.

  2. I think production is messing with James’she head. He is having a very, very long talk with Paul about Natalie and he must know it may air. He asks Paul to explain more about Natalie throwing him UTB. He even asks does Paul think she did it inadvertently. That sounds a lot like what Nat said to Julie, and James wouldn’t know that. Why is he suddenly grilling Paul about that. Wierd.

    • Its very obvious as to why James would question Paul…James doubted that Natalie was sincere to him….his actions and questions to her during her last week in the house were dead giveaways.. After Paul/Victor reveled their OTB talk with Natalie James stopped campaigning for her to stay… When u like a person as much as James liked Natalie u don’t wanna believe that they would backstab u…Natalie tried “guilt tripping ” (all week) James into giving up the game for her and it continued with her speech by calling James her “soulmate”.. Natalie seems to think the word means close “friendship”.. Which is correct ..But James (I think) believes “soulmate” is a person that u love and wanna spend ur life with…Which is also correct…Depends on the feelings of the person using the word.. Natalie wants to keep James on a short leash in case he wins AFP or possibly be in the final 2…Natalie is a player and an “experienced” user….James needs to hitch a ride with Corey (after he dumps Nicole) back to Texas and be glad his time with Natalie is no more…

    • James is sooo OBSESSED with winning the AFP that maybe it was “suggested” to have this conservation to make Natalie look bad and not threaten his chances of winning the AFP. I have said all along IMO that James is PATHETIC!!

      • James did nothing to make Natalie “look bad”.. Natalies actions and words during her last week in the house were telling…Natalie made herself “look bad”

      • I seriously doubt that Natalie is in the running for AFP. .its possible but not likely ..I don’t think that was James objective in having the conversation with Paul in trying make Natalie look bad to America.. She as I said already accomplished that..

      • I think they might have gotten rid of Natalie because she stopped liking James and was not very nice to him. Now they may want to make it seem as if she was at fault for their showmance breakup. They need to air more footage of James acting hurt and depressed to make her look bad. I hope Nat wins AFP. I doubt she will, but it will make James feel even worse.


  4. Has Victor campaigned to stay at all? I know Paul has made a sly comment here and there but haven’t heard anything from Vic.

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