‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 12.5 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

Big Brother spoilers are in for the Power of Veto competition after this week’s Fast Forward events raced on during the Feeds blackout to get ready for Wednesday night’s live eviction show. This was the most powerful Veto chance of the season with the winner being either the sole voter or getting to pick who would be up for that eviction decision.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

With Tuesday’s show ending and revealing Paul did indeed win the HoH this next comp would decide who else would be joining him in the F3. When the Feeds returned we quickly discovered who had pulled off this major win and what it could mean for the week.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 12.5 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

Corey and Nicole were pretty bummed as they definitely should be. Corey asked James which of them were going to go, but James says it’s not up to him. He’s planning to do whatever Paul asks of him if he doesn’t use the Veto since James would be the one going if Paul did and he wants to thank Paul for keeping him.

I’m thinking Paul will want Corey out and I’d wager James does too since he’s had a long running deal with Nicole. I don’t see Corey surviving this vote, but I also think that could be a mistake for Paul’s game. Nicole can win R1 of the Final HoH, though Corey might win R2. Either way, I do think Paul has to win his way to the F2 as everyone left will take someone other than Paul to the end.

What do you think of Veto results? Are you happy with how things turned out?

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  1. I think Paul is smart enough to see that Nicole should go home. Paul can beat Corey in a mental comp. Plus Nicole had a hand in sending his boy Vic home so yeah…Nicole has to go. This is part of the game I don’t understand. Nicorey should have stayed true to their F4, game wise it made sense to get a strong competitor like Vic out but was it worth doing if you’re going home 2 days after he did?

    • James will make the decision. Even if Paul says Nicole, he will always go with his “gut” and it may be Corey.

    • Paul has already said he wants Corey gone. He wants to be in the F2 with Nicole. He doesn’t think James deserves to be there but think him and Nicole can beat James in F3. They’re talking about it in the HOH now. And Corey is acting like a baby. WTH doesn’t he make like 150,000 a year? That’s what he told Nicole.

      • Yep, that’s what I heard him tell Nicole the other night and my mind was blown. I guess that he does like 3-4 different things though-coaching baseball, bartender,
        something with real estate and then his App. Bye Corey.

    • DOMREP if NICOREY would have kept both Paul and Vic that would have been dumbest move the season for them! at this point loyalty means little and in this case would have been extremely dumb! If you recall Nicole had chance to get one of them out before a few weeks ago and instead got out MEECH who definitely wanted her out so I could understand that move keeping everyone thinking she was on her side! Now no matter what Vic and Paul were going to go after NICOREY so it would be dumb for many reasons knowing even being loyal they were still going to come after them. It is final 4 now they would have to go after each other anyway. You cannot play the what if game dude! Also if NICOREY voted out James then it would be PAUL and VIC against NICOLE as Corey won hoh and would not be able to play! Those are bad odds with 2 strong competitors. I would have lost all respect for them if they did not vote them out! I mentioned a week or 2 ago that when it was final 6-7 I would definitely take out Vic or Paul 1st chance I got as HOH! Also my favorite James sucks at comps except WALL comps and lost my respect when he gave it to NICOLE! Obviously you are not thinking ahead. It was final 5 anyway so that is close enough if you want to be loyal? Paul saved himself by winning HOH and did he win VETO in the same night? I hope you get my points! Not trying to be mean if it sounds that way but any BB fan that knows how to play the game would do what NICOREY did by putting both Paul and Vic on the block and getting 1 out as either one of them deserves to win the game! Paul is now the front runner and should get out Nicole who is stronger mentally than both James and Corey and has never been on the block and has helped eliminate many players! So we agree about Nicole. At this point I am rooting for her or James for final 2! I look forward to your response!

    • I thought he was but he was talking to Nicole and told her he was taking her to Final 2. Which is a huge mistake because she will beat him! Send Nicole Home please!

      • I was thinking Paul should maybe Yes! take Nicole to F2. If we are looking at jury votes, there more fans of Paul than Nicole. But on other hand Her game integrity sucks and doesn’t deserve F2 more than Corey I gonna trust Paul can beat anyone who sits beside Him, just get to D2

    • Okay, say they evicted James instead of Victor. Paul still wins HoH. Paul still nominates Cored and Nicole. Paul still wins Veto. Nicole or Corey are still going home.

      Victor would have done the same thing.

      And I’m pretty sure if James won, then Corey would still be going home. The only way any of this could’ve been avoided for Nicole and Corey is if one of them won veto, because not even the HoH would’ve saved both of them.

    • They’d be going home anyway. If they got James Evicted then Paul still would have won these comps and put them up

    • I don’t see James evicting someone he’s had a prearranged deal with. So it’s probably goodbye for Corey.

  2. If James does decide to do what Paul wants, then I hope he chooses to get rid of Nicole.
    There is no way that she will keep Paul over James. Corey might.

  3. I’d really love it if Paul told James to evict Dingus and he did it.

    It would be a bad game move though, so Corey is likely gone.

      • First, Corey is arguably more likely to beat Paul in final 3 and take Nicole. The only argument against that would be that if James won final 3 he might take Nicole but not Corey, but if that is the case, would James really evict Nicole now?

        As for how could Corey beat Paul in F2, it is unlikely but possible. Corey would have two jury votes on lock in Paulie and Nicole, and would very likely have James, too (thanks, bribe!).

        What would Natalie do? Who knows, but Paul and Victor got her out, and in theory she is a part of the bribe. And how early jurors like Day, Zak , and Bridgette will react, who knows?

        There is more hate among the women jurors for Nicole than there is for Corey.

      • LMAO…I had to think about that one for a minute, but then Corey’s wide-eye signature look popped in my head

  4. I have to admit that I’ve been bummed ever since Nicole and Corey turned on Paul and Vic. Luckily football has started and I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about losing Vic and Paul back to back… Mainly because I didn’t intend on watching any more of this season.

    Oh, how the tables have turned!! Paul definitely picked the right time to show that he can be a competition beast as well. I’m not sure which is the better choice to eliminate at this point. Actually, I don’t think it even matters right now. If Paul doesn’t win that last HOH, he’s most likely going to be left out by whichever HG that wins it. Lets face it, nobody wants to take a chance against his social game.

    So, it doesn’t matter who goes home between Nicole and Corey. That being said… It really won’t matter when Paul gets the last HOH of the summer and sends somebody off to jury. Lets go Paul!!!!!

    • Read my post above! Nicorey had to go against Paul and Vic with only 5 left as they the sitting ducks were coming after them next anyway and Nicorey knew this! Also CARVIN why send out James when he sucks at comps! He is only good at wall comps. If Nicorey got rid of James then it would be VIC and PAUL going against Nicole as Corey was HOH and would not be able to play! Understand? Only a complete idiot would not have gone against them. Honestly they should have done it before instead of getting out MEECH but I understand why Nicole did that move! If they left the strongest competitors in the house with only Nicole being able to play they would have little chance of surviving as they both would have gone on the block and so they would have lost the game right there! Paul saved himself big time by winning HOH and then the VETO! Now Corey is going to jury since he is the biggest physical threat left!

  5. LMAO! What has happened to Nicorey? They were jumping for joy what 3/4 hours ago? Well, Corey, whos the Bitch now? Not so cocky now that ur on the block. I wished Victor was there but, its all good. I love seeing them squirm on the hit seat. Doesn’t matter who goes home cause Paul still gotta,another week to go. Fight, Paul, Fight!!!!

    • That is what can happen quickly in the game good one moment the next your in trouble! People go after Vic when he cannot play since he was HOH and then loses Veto comp. Corey was HOH and could not play and Paul wins HOH to save his game since he is alone! Paul is the front runner but I do not like how he has said bad stuff privately to the cameras alone in the after dark feeds about lots of the HG’s. James has no chance to win as he blew it 2 weeks ago when he opened his fat mouth just a few hours before giving Nicole the wall comp for HOH! Those 2 dumb moves cost JATALIE the game! He sucks at mental comps and if Paul does make final 2 he most likely wins! I do not think Corey was cocky just happy to get Vic out as like he said it was strategic move. Nicorey both felt bad but that is part of the game.

  6. Okay its official- if Paul doesn’t win it would be a travesty. Because damn, this dude played hard. He’s a tough kid and never gave up. And knowing James and his stupidity Paul will get his way.

  7. Oh sweet sweet karma!!!! Nicorey thought they were seriously going to F3 lol!!!! Way to go Paul!!!! Love it!! Victor would be so excited!!!

  8. Right now Paul wants Corey out. Not sure I understand this. Nicole also has an argument to win, and it may work with the female jurors. Also, the first part of final HoH is endurance – something Nicole may be good at.

    • Nicole has all the guys convinced she couldn’t win the game because of the bitter female jurors.

      • I’m pretty sure she’ll win no matter who she goes up against but the guys in the BB house don’t realize that. I hope the DR tells them they could beat Nicole at the end so they’ll be sure to take her lol.

      • Plus, Derrick thinks Nicole should win so things are looking good for her. I’m ready to see her join the ranks of other great female BB players.

      • Who do you consider great? Vanessa has been one of the better female players in recent years but Jordan who I really like was not a strong strategic player just loyal and friendly and likable! Do you really think Rachel is a great player?

      • Absolutely; a lot better than Vanessa too.
        Rachel was always loyal to her alliances, starting with Brendan and ending with Jeff and Jordan.
        She’s brave and fearless in comps.
        She’s intelligent, athletic and has a good social game when necessary, although she could do a little work on that.
        I’ve enjoyed watching Rachel through the years and even got used to her voice :D

      • She played a game..I can’t say it was good. I don’t dislike nicole, I just don’t respect lying in bed good game play.

      • Nicole has played like a player only the past 3 weeks for the most part! Cuddling with Corey does not count lol! However she has also had a hand in getting out certain players during the season otherwise she would have no chance at winning. Derrick and myself know this part as too many people do not know what they are talking about. Her best move was when she got Jatalie thinking Paul was coming after them otherwise NICOREY would have been gone right after Paulie! They were both done right there and they knew it but Nicole pulled a rabbit out of a hat! Most fans probably do not even know this! That critical move by her saved them and got Jatalie to go after Paul and Vic instead. Paul won the veto and Vic got jury buy back and won his way back again and it came back to get Meech and Nat eliminated. James was dumb to give Nicole HOH but the main reason is James sucks at mental comps and has only 1 comp win plus his gut sucks and his strategy blows most of the time too. Paul vs Nicole will be very interesting for final 2 if we get that? James will automatically lose in final 2!

      • They will prob evict Corey and eliminate any physical comp threat plus James had that pre-arranged F2 With Nicole. Paulie&Corey would vote for Nicole and I can see Day and Bridgette voting for her too.

      • And if Paulie is voting Nicole, Zak will probably do the same.
        I’m not sure if any of the guys will be able to respect James’s game.
        Corey has been a great meat shield for Nicole all season and was able to help her get to F3.

  9. And James floats by again. And Paul saying don’t tell them who’s going sounds a little like a hypocrite. Didn’t he just say to Corey a few days ago just let us know who’s going don’t blindside us.

    • Like your idiot favorites blindsided Vic and Paul? You loved blindsiding then why not now? Face it, your favorites the hoebag and the brain dead one are not winning anything. They get nothing. Good day. I said Good day!

      • No because Nicole will be in F3 and I’ve wanted Corey gone. Just don’t like your aggressive comment.

      • Dude it was not a blindside. Get your words right! You can call it a backstab but Paul and Vic were coming after them next anyway plus it was final 5 close enough in this game! My posts above explain all. Nicorey had to put up VIc and Paul as they were the biggest threats to win the game! Why get out the worst remaining player and then leave yourself completely vulnerable with final four of Vic and Paul vs Nicole 2 vs 1! Corey would not be able to play since he won HOH DUDE! Your odds of beating those 2 are slim so it was a smart move on their part. It was strategic move and the only move to still have chance at winning the game. They felt bad but it is a game. Vic understood this! I do not even consider it a backstab as final 4 deal with final 5 with being loyal getting yourselves put up on the block with 2 of them instead of just one of them plus having James on your side is way better odds so take a chill man. A real blindside was James using his care package with help from Nat Bridget M and Paul to get rid of Z to weaken Paulie weeks ago! Then getting Paulie out. Paul has played a really good game and we shall see if he goes against Nicole for final 2? It will be interesting!

  10. This made my night! I have been out of the loop this last week b/c of family problems, but I came back to find my boy OTB & then evicted! Needless to say I was #Bummed, but then Paul won HOH & POV and now either Nicole or Corey are definitely going to be following Vic to jury!! Yes, Karma it is a Beeyatch!! ;)

    • I was wondering what had happened to you :D
      It’s time for the big guys to go so Corey should be following Victor out the door..

      • Agreed India…and this is almost what I had said would happen last week…I had a feeling the F3 would be one of each of the duos. Also, do you remember me saying I thought Nicole would be spared b/c it wasn’t actually her who nominated the boys? Well, looks like that is happening. It’s almost what I wanted, except I was hoping it would be Vic sending Corey home.

        #Bummed Anyhoo…Hope Vic wins AFP! Also, wouldn’t mind seeing Paul & Nic as F2 since they definitely deserve it FAR more than James.

      • I hope everything is ok with you and your family TGJ and I certainly did miss your comments.
        Since Corey decided it was time for the big guys to go he had to know once Victor was gone he would be the next biggest target – but I can see why he felt he had to move first.
        I’m glad he was so loyal to Nicole this season and helped her get to the end.
        Paul is peaking at the right time it would seem and who knows? Even James might be tempted to stop throwing comps now that he can smell the money.
        Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

  11. Gag me with a spoon!! Butt kisser floater James who has done nothing all season aside from chasing Gnat around and sleeping gets to just slide right into final 3 and possibly final 2, without even working for it!
    He can’t stand Paul and now he’s his new BFF-gimme a break! Sounds like Corey will be the one to go though(no surprise given J/N final 2 deal-wink)! I told everyone that keeping Paul was a mistake and they should of kept Vic, given the nature of these last comps! Frustrating!
    J or N will never keep Paul over each other in the end though!

    • If they would of voted Paul out Nicole would of won this last HOH. Victor would of done awful in that comp.

      • Yep, exactly why I knew it would be a bad idea to keep Paul.I can’t believe that she lost that after only missing one stupid question and then a darn tie breaker-grrr! Plus, now I would of much rather had a Nic/Vic F2:)

      • I still think Nicole will be F2. Can’t wait until tomorrow though to see if Corey really does go.

      • Probably but Vic is way smarter than people think as he is double threat with mental and physical comps! That is why they voted him out as he was the beast and feared him the most. Either way you had to get 1 out!

  12. Well its official. Paul and Nicole just shook hands on BBAD to go to F2 together. They are discussing now about their agreement to go to the end. Paul wants Corey out, then James. I think thats a mistake for Paul but, maybe his game plan will work. Can’t help but wonder if Nicole playing Paul and taking James if she gets that’s far.

      • Well, kudos to you if she wins it ca use your hAve definately stood by her. Paul should take Corey if he wants to win. Paul trash talking James now. Can’t understand how he doesn’t know James and Nicole have F2 deal. Even Corey knows it. But, if he does this and James and Nicole go to F2 then I can’t feel sorry for Paul and his decision making process! The countdown is on!

      • I just hope Corey continues to pout about it and doesnt get it in his head to tell Paul that James and Nicole have joked about having a f2 deal

      • I really wish he would, but Nicole is a great actress. She knows he’s going and pretends like she doesn’t know anything. Pretty much what she has been doing all
        season and Corey may not want to throw her under the bus.

      • Nicole just told Corey what her and Paul talked about and she said she would take James to F2.

    • Trusting Nicole or James is never smart. Notice she is hesitating on a F2 with Paul. Hope Paul does some serious thinking.

      • If she wins part one she just may let James or Paul win part 3 because I think they both would take her.

      • I think no matter who he’s against he loses. If he’s against Nicole then Nicole would have Corey, James, Paulie, Day, and Natalie already said she’d vote for Nicole over Paul. She’d also have Michelle’s vote since she hates Paul more then Nicole. If he’s against James then James would have Corey, Nicole, Natalie, Michelle and Days vote. JMO

      • We’d have to see the round table. I think it’s a toss up between Paul and Nic. He beats the other two.

      • I disagree. I might change my mind also after the round table. But I don’t think as of now Paul beats anyone. All the girls hate him more then they hate the others.

      • Never LET someone win at a chance at f2. I say Nicole and Paul both would take James. Paul is just covering his behind in case Nicole wins.

      • No he flat out said who would vote for James over him and he was right. He wouldn’t beat James. All the girls plus Corey would vote for James.

      • Paul has a better chance taking Corey. But, he apparently has made his decision to work with Nicole.

    • Nicole will definitely take James and vice versa! Anyone will beat James!!!! Paul will take that risk against Nicole apparently because he cant stand the way James played this season! Paul wanted Corey out because he was the biggest physical threat left.

  13. How would be an absolute idiot to trust James or Nicole. Nicole is the biggest threat right now and she has to go.

      • I fear that may be the case. I’m all for girl power however I think Paul has played harder than any of the remaining four and thus deserve to win. I guess Nicole comes in a close second but neither James nor Corey deserve to be in final two. They have done nothing all season!

      • I’m glad Corey will be going but he has won more comps then Paul. But James is the one that deserves to go.

      • Agreed I would’ve been happy with either Corey or James going. James has done nothing all season but lay low, and yes Corey has one more comps than Paul yet his game play doesn’t even come close to Paul’s nor can it be compared to his. As a matter of fact why the heck did Corey even sign up if he’s so called making 150k a year?

      • Nah…I really don’t think the girls (no matter what they may have SAID) really would give their votes to Nic. You have to remember, those Jury girls were none too fond of Nic…even Nat. They were all mean and catty and I’m sure they’ll all remind Nat how mean and rotten Nic was to them all—whether or not it was true.

  14. Ughh come on Paul! Don’t trust her. Being that she has a final two deal with James she would never take you to final two :( *Sigh* can we get Jozea the “Messiah” to work his magic and put some common sense into Paul!?

  15. I feel really bad saying this, but I’m loving the conundrum Corey, Nicole and James have found themselves in! Okay, no, I don’t feel that bad. Really, I don’t!

    • Yes, you do! It’s OK Joni…you can say it! I’m loving it. You know why? It’s finally bringing some excitement into this “game.”

  16. All James has to do is evict Nicole. Jeez. You already had your chance to evict Corey, and you blew it. James has a shot at winning final HOH, but yu want to go with Corey, over Ratcole and Paul. James would win regardless, but he would get all 9 votes if he bring Cory.

      • Over James definitely. Paul just said tonight James didn’t do anything and doesn’t deserve to win. And Victor never cared for James and was close to Corey and will vote on gameplay not personal. That’s just what I think.

      • Nicole would vote Corey over James, Paulie would vote his BFF Corey over James, Z will vote Corey over James. She hates him. Paul just said James did nothing and doesn’t deserve to win so Corey would have his vote. Then there’s Victors vote who will vote game not personal. There’s the 5 votes. Just what I think. We’ll see after round table and who’s in F2.

  17. Why keep Ratcole. Didn’t they see how long she can hang on for? She could easily win part 1 of the final HOH. I doubt she would win part 2 or 3. But if she wins part 1, she goes right to part 3. I doubt she can win in part 3. She has spent all her time with Corey, and didn’t get to know anyone in the jury. She will lose part 3 for sure.

    • She was in an alliance with every member of that jury other than Bridgett at some point. She knows them better than you think.

  18. So Paul is planning to evict Corey because he doesn’t think James will win a comp. He is horrible, but has won before.
    Nicole is not taking Paul and neither is James. He was playing a good game until now. Getting rid of Nicole is the best choice for all 3 of the guys to have a chance. Paul will beat all three in the finals, but Nicole will win over Corey or James. Paul winning that last HOH will be pure luck.

      • She doesn’t have the knowledge to win it. She spends her day with Corey 24/7. She hasn’t gotten to know anybody else.

      • Does she really pay attention. But neither of these final 3 really played what you would call, a great social game. Two of them were in showmances. So it could be evenly matched. And I can see Paul struggling, because Paul is the most self absorbed person in the house. Paul loves to talk about Paul, and only talks about Paul. But at least he talks to other people, while he’s constantly talking about himself. But I literally see Nicole talking to nobody other than Corey 24/7.

      • No it doesn’t. It’s What a houseguest would say. It’s a crap shoot. They don’t ask them personal information. Look how Derrick lost to Cody last year and he was the most social person in the house.

      • It’s A-or-B , and one answer is obvious over the other. Here’s the question Vanessa lost to last year.

        Johnny Mac – “The best thing about being in the house was…”
        A: “…not having to drill people’s nasty teeth”
        B: “…getting ripped; I mean, look at me!”

        The obvious answer is A. But Vanessa chose B. Johnny Mac never mentioned anything about being ripped. But he mentioned being a dentist pretty every single day. How is that a crap shoot? I know there’s a lot of pressure being on those scales. But just use simple problem solving skills, and you will get it right.

      • With a HG like Johnny Mac, yeah, the answer would be obvious. But they’re not all like that. Most of the times, their answers surprise you.

      • It’s multiple choice A-or-B. Multiple choice is the easiest form of test there is, because the answer is always given to you. You just have to use context clues to figure it out. Not a crapshoot like someone else claimed it was.

      • It’s all about using context clues. And you can only get those clues from talking to people. If you’ve spoken with the people in the house, it will give you an idea of how they would answer.

      • Why not? All 3 have a chance to win it.
        She has gotten help from production before, so why not now if they want her to win.

      • She can win part 1. But if she doesn’t, she wont win part 2. And if she does win part 1, there’s no way she can win part 3.

      • Either guy will take her to final two regardless if she wins or not. So it’s either they evict her now or risk the chance of being beat by her

      • Yep just like production had an ear piece in Pauls ear tonight giving him the answers so he’d win HOH.

      • I believe it. They have to make it look real because if Nicole and Corey winning back to back will be too suspicious and Corey wasn’t part of the final 2 plan. Paul is still in danger of getting evicted since Nicole and James will go after him.

  19. Well either way. This is still way better than Tiffany or Paulie being in the final 3. No more siblings. But Cody has a sister, and Vanessa has another sister. And they both be on BB19 im sure of it.

  20. I think James is guaranteed Final 2. Paul would take James. And Nicole/Corey would take James.

    • Paul and victor have planned to take Nicole, so I think he still thinks that’s the better move. I hope he takes Corey instead.

      • Of course she did. Why wouldn’t she? The ONLY way she can win is against that non-playing, non-showmance, comp-throwing (or non-comp-trying) goof.

  21. I think Nicole may have just blown her game up. she told Corey about the F2 with Paul and that she would not take paul she would take James. Now Corey wants to go hang out with Paul. If he tells Paul that Nicole’s going to betray him he might change his mind and have James vote out Nicole. She really needs to get her head in the game and off the romance and keep her mouth shut.

    • I have noticed that she has been talking too much for the last couple of weeks. She talks a lot about her deal with James and pretended to joke around. I think Corey may take it seriously now that he knows she’s staying.

      • Corey knows she will take James over Paul because Paul would beat her. They talked about it. Corey would take James over Paul as well. Paul feels he would have a better chance at beating Nicole over Corey.

    • Let’s hope Corey does mention something to Paul that way we can see what Paul will do with the new found info

    • No Corey won’t say anything. Him and Paul are just playing cards. He was trying to coach Nicole a little bit I really don’t think he’d turn on her. Especially since he was crying after having to say his goodbye message to her if she happened to go. And guess where James is? Bed

  22. Corey was talking to Nicole about his DR session and was told to stop. He told her that they needed three more minutes with him but he couldn’t say it. Nicole asked what? He said the lines that he was supposed to say and was interrupted by production.

    • I think James doesn’t deserve to win he was stuck on natalie all season and was never playing the game and throwing comps . Now he rats out to Paul what he and Nicole and Corey were talking about. I really think the best players were victor , Paul and Nicole who are actually playing the game. They should have voted out Paul instead I would have liked to see victor to have been in final 2.

      • I don’t like Paul at all, but he played better than Nicole. James sat back and took it easy while Nicole did all the work, and Corey helped her by winning some comps. I’d rather see Corey and Paul at the end over James or Nicole even if she was better.

  23. Nobody wants to take Paul to the end, that’s the problem. Counting Jury votes is secondary. For now, It’s who he can beat on the coming comps. He needs a lot luck.

      • I’m hoping sssso. LOL—just kidding….I don’t think Nic was a ssssnake…not the only one, anyway.
        I’m hoping it works out that he and Nic are the F2. I absolutely believe in my heart that Paul has played THE best game—with Victor gone; because I actually think he played the best. But a F2 with Nic would be incredibly exciting! Those two are so polarizing, you don’t know who, in the jury house, would vote for whom. Excitement! Finally…

      • Me too. Obviosly I am a Nicole fan. I do however think that Paul and Victor played very good games. I was split between wanting Nicole and Victor to win. I don’t get all of this Nicole is a snake talk. Everyone lies and schemes in this game. You need to do what you need to do to get to the end. That is playing the game. Nicole is not a saint but neither is anyone else. Paul constantly being vulgar is excepted. Michelle always being a thief and a b**ch to everyone because of her jealousy was excepted. Day being paranoid, blowing games up and making up lies was excepted…. you get my point.

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