‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH

We have your results from who was voted off Big Brother 18 last night and what happened with latest HoH competition to decide which of the final four Houseguests would secure a spot in the final three and have a chance to control the next eviction.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

Before we got to the eviction results we still had to get through the Power of Veto competition and ceremony thanks to this week’s Fast Forward eviction events with one Houseguest going to Jury during tonight’s prerecorded show and another out the door tomorrow during the live show.

Ready to find out who was voted out and who takes control next? Here is our live recap for Tuesday with the latest BB18 results. You can download our Big Brother App, find us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you never miss anymore Big Brother spoilers all summer.

Alert: New season of Big Brother starts Sept 28th! Seriously! Details on Big Brother Over The Top.

When the show last left off we had Victor and Paul on the Block after Corey went back on their F4 alliance deal. Now Nicole and James will join Corey to fight for the Veto for a chance to keep the noms the same. This will also deliver our chance to check out the new BB Comics comp designs including the Big Meech “VomitCrybaby” villain. Ouch!

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Big Brother 18 Week 12 Veto comp – BB Comics:

  • Nicole wins the Power of Veto

The winner of this Veto will have the chance to change up the noms from Victor and Paul though Corey and Nicole would still control the eviction outcome with James as the only renom option Corey would consider.

Big Brother 18 Week 12 Veto ceremony:

  • Nicole does not use the Veto
  • Victor & Paul stay on the Block

Now it’s time to vote with only two votes deciding who will go off to Jury tonight.

Big Brother 18 Week 12 Votes:

  • Nicole votes to evict: Victor
  • James votes to evict: Victor

By a vote of 2-0, Victor Arroyo has been evicted for the third time.

With the latest eviction out of the way we’ve got our F4 HGs for the season and everyone but Corey will be competing for the next HoH to immediately decide one of the spots in the F3. After that the real choice comes down to the Veto comp to decide who heads to the F3 with the new HoH. We’ll get HoH results tonight and Veto results later when the Feeds return.

Big Brother 18 Week 12.5 HoH comp – “What The Bleep”:

  • Round 1: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 2: Nicole & Paul get a point
  • Round 3: Nicole gets a point
  • Round 4: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 5: Nicole & Paul get a point
  • Round 6: Paul gets a point
  • Round 7: Everyone gets a point
  • Tie-breaker: Paul wins HoH!

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be going back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the HoH comp fallout and discover who won the Veto while the Feeds were out! Feeds return tonight by 10PM PT after the west coast broadcast. Join us on there with the Live Feeds’ Free Trial & watch all the fun!

Update: Feeds are back. We have the Veto winner results & the target.


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      • Yea, when thread gets very high numbers of post, there can be some problem. Like the leak thread was up to 678 posts. That usually the range where you start having problem. If you don’t want problem, you can reload the thread, then you only have the last 50 posts and you need to load the next 50 at the bottom and only load like 200 posts. You have less problem like that.

  1. I’m sooo excited to see if Paul did indeed become the HOH!
    It’s Biiiiiiig Brother…….let’s get it going! LOL

  2. Congrats to Paul!!

    Let’s all rally behind Paul for the win and Vic for America’s Favorite!

  3. Come on, come on, come on!! Woo-hoo!
    Dang it—I just got sent to that stupid Batman page again! I just got done telling Captain I wasn’t having trouble posting. Anyone else having trouble?! Taking 3 minutes to type 3 sentences?

  4. Paul has played the BEST game this season, without a doubt. Victor was a beast but Paul has pulled off a miracle making it this far. A lot of people say BB is about winning comps. Paul has proved that if you’re a smooth talking, social butterfly, you can make it far in this game. He deserves that $500,000 and I think he will get it

  5. I really hope the Rumor is false and that Nicole won hoh LOL. I just want to see someone get to final 2 with out a single nomination.

    • PAUL! PAUL!! Now that Vic is gone (sadly), Paul is the best player of these remaining backstabbing and lying fools.

      • Paul did and said some horrible backstabbing nasty things about Every houseguest!

        He said he doesn’t need the money anyhow…..he still lives with his Mommy and Daddy! He supposedly is gonna by his Mommy a Bentley if he won….Lolz!

    • I wish that too but unfortunately I think the rumors are true. Maybe he’ll nominate Corey and James. I know I’m dreaming.

    • Ummmm…..it is a Game! Do you know how many of these people have lied to one another! You have to do what is Best for Your Game!

  6. Poor Victor. He just doesn’t have those butter kissing skills that Paul has and just stuck his foot way inside his mouth. He had to go.

  7. Just joining in now, lol! Haven’t been feeling well tonight – major headache that is also making me super nauseous :(

    So, yeah, just saw Derrick’s gonna be on. Looking forward to seeing what he has to say.

  8. I’m gonna be in and out again – and not just because of the stupid headache. The site continues to give me grief. It’s been going on about a week.

  9. Anyone else notice that not only was Michelle crying and gigantic on her comic, but she’s also depicted as overweight? LOL

  10. These individual timed comps are suspect. Production can increase and decrease times without anyone knowing.

  11. There you go people out of the mouth of a very deserving winner. He picks Nicole. What I’ve been saying all along she’s playing a great game.

    • But she’s been laying in bed all season, yada, yada, yada. Production has been helping her, yada, yada, yada. She had a pre-season deal with James, yada, yada, yada. She has an illegal $10,000 deal with James, yada, yada, yada.

  12. Just thinking…anyone else feel that Corey’s comment was very homophobic when he said
    momma didn’t raise no b#?! ?

  13. Paul killed it with the eviction speech and now Victor is going in on Nicole too with the snake reference. Hahahahaha

  14. Wow, that was really close. I don’t think I’ve been so anxious for a F4 HOH comp, despite having the leaked result.

    • They probably did and making it look like they didn’t.
      This week, there is nothing Paul could do about eviction.

  15. We need a poll. Who was involved in the “explosive confrontation” in the jury house and what was it about??
    Ugghhh. Tomorrow is going to take forever!!

    • Da’ HAS to be part of it. Probably Meech. I don’t think it will have anything to do with Z or her abuser.

      • Yeah, I can hear her screeching already. I know it’s not funny…but I kind of hope she IS involved. That sounds really mean…but if they’re going to tease us with a huge confrontation—I want to see a crazy confrontation. And she can be crazy.

      • Or maybe Paulie did something to Z that is demeaning as usual and Day & Bridgette went off. Bridgette is still fuming with him.

      • The only ones going in are Nat and Vic.
        Paulie can’t tell victor anything because he evicted him first.
        Nat, Paulie and Z are the only ones with issues.
        Natalie will probably call her out on how pathetic she is going back with Paulie or Z will let Nat know that she is just jealous.
        I don’t see Natalie starting the problem since she doesn’t like confrontation, but Michelle is her friend and may help her out with that.
        or it could be none of them.

  16. So happy the Paul rumor was right and Paul won! Nicole thinks she’s a little princess. Hope she doesn’t make final 2. But if she does against James or Corey, I would vote for her if I had a vote.

  17. If Paul takes out Nicole consider him the winner of this season. He can totally beat Corey and/or James.

    If Nicole stays then she is gonna be in hot water. Either evict her apparent final 2 pre game or evict her boy toy. Either way she’ll be screwed.

    • I don’t think he beats Corey. Corey would have Nicole, Paulie, Z, James, Natalie and Michelle’s vote. Natalie already said she’s not voting for Paul and Michelle hates him and loves Corey. He’d lose.

  18. Even if Paul wins POV and leaves the nominations the same, James will NEVER vote out Nicole…..because his gut will tell him he could beat her in the final two….sigh…..

      • Paul is smart….but you have a point…if she’s on the block and wins POV she comes down….but does he risk taking the chance that he can get her up on a re-nom? He knows if she is in the final 2 against him he will lose….she should be his target.

      • Doesn’t matter who he targets he doesn’t have a vote. Whoever wins POV controls everything. The only thing HOH is good for this week is safety. That’s it. They have no say who goes.

      • I WANT to see Nic and Paul in F2. I don’t think Corey or James deserve to go there. Of course what I want and what actually happens aren’t always the same. But it would be really amazing to see who would win between the two. Nic and Paul are such polarizing figures in the jury house.

      • Which is why I am afraid James is gonna have the vote….only way he doesn’t is if he is on the block….but then Nicole or Corey will just take the other down…..James and his gut could be the deciding factor and that sucks.

  19. Victor, Frank, or Paul for AFP this year! *FINGERS CROSSED! I honestly don’t want James winning this year -_-

  20. This is what I see happening. Paul or James win veto then moms stays the same and Corey voted out. If Corey wins veto then James goes. Nicole winning veto is the most interesting to me. She has hinted to Corey that she keep James over him and I think she will.

  21. It’s a good thing Paul won this HOH (which he deserves!) because if Nicole won another competition I was ready to be done with this season altogether. I know everyone says that but it was really painful to see Corey and Nicole
    win everything, especially since production has been helping them. James doesn’t deserve to be in the final four. He sat around all season milking his weekly pay and assuming America loves him enough to give him Americas favorite player.

    Paul for the win!!!!!

  22. I think I’m more excited to see the blowup in jury that Julie teased. Figure it has to be Paulie, Z and Nat at the root of it. That could ignite the house fast. Psyched!

  23. I’m sooooooo happy Paul is HOH!!! Split Nicorey!!!
    Nicole is going to kiss butt!!! Hate to see it.
    Sad to see Victor go… But glad he told Nicorey how he felt.

  24. Interesting… I just read an interview Natalie gave US magazine and she said other than James she’d like to see Vic or Nicole win. Another vote for Nicole maybe, if it’s Paul and Nicole in f2

  25. Here’s my take on why Nicole won’t evict Corey if she has the chance… If Corey is gone, it’s basically her competing against Paul alone. James would be no help because he never wins anything. She’d rather have Corey’s help to make it to f2 and lose, than never make it to f2 at all

  26. So happy for Paul! For someone who came into the house with very little knowledge of how Big Brother is played, he’s a natural. He really needed to win this HoH and he came through.

    Now we anxiously await the veto!

    • Me, too. Does she realize that he’s not serious about her? I’m no Nicole fan, but I hope she gets a chance to send him out.

  27. Sooooo happy Paul won HOH tonight but sooooo sad to see Victor leave. I agree that Victor should be voted favorite and I am hoping Paul wins!!!!

  28. I’m re-watching the episode tonight. I always like listening to Derrick when he’s analyzing the game and the players. A genius of the game. I was never a fan of him when he was playing the game though.

  29. OMG, on Twitter there is a little girl imitating nasal speaking nicole. She even has on the large glasses and ratty looking top bun. Too funny

    • If it was the HG / Event connecting web Veto that they use at F4, it’s not that surprising. Yet another reason he should’ve been the target and not Victor.

  30. they need to stop ridding James…Hes trying to as honest with em as he can right now and they keep insisting he tell them something hes not sure of…Now Nicole & Corey are at odds..

      • Did they not think this day/time might happen??? But maybe they did and who should be the “one ” to have the deciding eviction vote??? I doubt seriously either of them ever considered that James would be the person that will send them out the door..

      • It’s funny because, I know they both want a private talk with James….Now James is talking with Paul complaining about the two pressuring him with questions….James is reporting for duty..as usual. lol

      • James answer is very non committal to Paul. Didn’t want to dictate who he wants out, but gave some hints he wants Corey out (of course)

        Now Nic is talking to Paul privately. She’s working it..She wants to stay..sure!..Sounds like she’s wants to throw James under the bus? lol..and save Corey?

        But my man Paul told Nic you’re safe and Corey will be evicted..She’s very happy. It’s gonna be Paul against Nic/James.

    • Both selfish. I’m glad they are in the same situation they puts others in and laughed about. Paul & Vic are a much classier act.

      • They didn’t tell others when they were leaving all week long. Maybe James will now truly see who his “friends” are.

  31. Derrick said that if it came down to $500,000 or Corey she would go for the money…and Jeff agreed with him.. Is she proving him right???

      • I was supporting Corey for a while because of his link to Nicole, and because of the remaining HGs, he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy (stupid comments that just about every HG who has every played this game aside). But if he has to go this week in order for Nicole to advance, I won’t cry about it.

      • Yes, I’ve been supporting Corey as a necessary evil since he helps Nicole’s game. I didn’t care for the way he was treating Nicole at times but he does seem to be a nice guy in real life.
        At least he isn’t puking and crying like Paulie did during his last week lol.
        Right now Nicole has a final 2 with both James and Paul so she’s looking good right now.

      • Yeah. I mean, he did shed a few tears, but that’s the stress of being in the house for so long. Otherwise, he’s taking it really well.

      • Sure, he’s disappointed – but on the bright side, if he had gone at F3 he would feel even worse.
        I wish Nicole would just leave him alone even if this is his last night in the house (or at least that’s what I thought she said) and let him go to sleep instead of feeling so guilty he’s going home.

  32. Nicole and Paul have a F2 deal, huh…

    And interestingly enough, from the sounds of their conversation, it’s been in the works for a while.

  33. Paul is promising Nic F2..She’s got James too…Nic is talking to Paul right now, giggling, not sad at all. She is gaming..lucky b**ch. Ha!

  34. Ok..Let’s listen to this..It’s Christmas Corey’s turn to talk to my man Paul. I expect him to throw Nic under the bus.

  35. This might actually be a good strategy. Sure, Paul is a racist, sexist pig, but he and Nicole probably have the best chance against each other. They both played strong games this season. I could see the jury going either way.

  36. hmmmm Nicole didn’t go talk to James and fake being upset as Paul suggested she do…hmmmm Is Nicole playing Paul?? lol

  37. Looks like Paul’s definitely sincere about his F2 deal with Nicole. Meanwhile, she’s been practicing her speech for tomorrow.

    • Why does he want to take her? That doesn’t seem right. Nicole wont take him. James wouldn’t either. I dont think Cory is as risky as they think.

      • She sure did! Paul is a fool if he thinks she will dump James AND her boy toy, both whom she will win against for Paul. He’s the very one that she may lose against? He doesn’t think she knows that?? Come on, Paul! Her and james are playing them! Paul is about to make another mistake like he did pushing for Natalie’s eviction. She needed to stay to keep nicory on pins and needles. I love Paul but he’ s not good deflecting attention away from him. He gets comfortable with ppl instantly. Not good. Nicole is a round the clock, 24/7 schemer. She never quits.

      • If she wins final HOH and its her choice I believe she would take James…not because of any so called deals but because she would be the big winner..

      • Oh I know. She will take James.. I actually want her evicted, but since shes staying…I guess I’m wishing that Paul is in the F2.

      • I don’t think she’ll necessarily win against Paul.
        Those two are such plarizing ‘characters in the Jury house, it’s anyone’s guess.
        However, I’m guessing unless she’s up against James (the limp noodle) there’s no way she can win.
        Sorry Nic supporters—but Paul (as disdainful as he could be) he played a GREAT effing game–to quote the master manipulator himself.

      • If she goes with Paul it would be a great finale…..Cause both have reasons as to why they should win…great arguments..

      • You think? I’ve got a feeling she will beat Paul. I think the girls will put their loathe for her aside. Especially since she almost avoided the block. That’s something that is appreciated by many, and a girl accomplishing that unique. They will all lose to her and she knows it. Thats why she keeps driving the point “everybody hates her in jury”. Plenty of ppl have won with those circumstances.

  38. maybe Nicoles plan is to hope Corey tells Paul that she will take James to final 2..then she really can’t afford to chance Paul finding out cause he might tell James to vote her out..thats complicated..

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