‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 12.5 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 12.5’s Fast Forward with Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Feeds after the blackout ended and we were able to confirm our expectations from the HoH competition results.

Nominations on Big Brother

Read on to find out which two Houseguests are up for eviction on Wednesday night unless the Veto changes their situation. We’ve got those spoilers for you too so read on for all the details on what’s coming up next for BB18.

Big Brother 18 Week 12.5 Nominations:

  • Paul nominated: Nicole & Corey

No surprises here as Paul and Victor were just put in peril by the duo and since this was nothing more than symbolic with the Veto taking the real control over who would be voted out this week. Might as well go ahead and shake up Nicole and her streak of never having been on the Block this season. That streak has ended.

Remember it all comes down to the Veto and those results are in as well and we have those spoilers posted right here for you to find out who will be the sole voter in the F4 round.

What do you think of these noms? Turn on your Feeds now to watch the fallout on the in-house cams!

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  1. James thinks is hard because he is very indecisive. That’s why he always waits for everyone else to decide for him. Natalie would have done whatever Paul wanted. Paul played a good game, but made some dumb decisions.

    • In hindsight Vic and Paul should’ve got rid of James and kept Natalie and forgotten the Final 4 Alliance just as quickly as Nicole and Corey did.

  2. Is Nic going to betray Paul again and take James to F2? Will Corey will Paul about Nic and James F2???

    Come on Paul, need you to be smart and focused

    • Corey has been playing smart lately, so I hope he realizes he needs to tell Paul wassup. I didn’t realize he knew about both of her F2 deals with those guys…. wow. She’s totally overplayed the past couple of weeks… imo… and Corey was just along for the ride. smh Didn’t she make the decisions during both of their HoH’s basically? But when it came to making the biggest move – turning against their own alliance – she waited until Corey’s HoH, so he’d get the blood on his hands instead. Shady shady.

      • Nicole is in for a huge surprise when she realizes that Corey will no longer have any romantic affections for her after the game.

      • EXACTLY! So true… like I said…. I hate showmances lol They’re sooooo dumb and normally mess up one or both of the HGs’ games.

  3. Production throwing a bone because the natives were restless and upset about all of their interference and obvious favoritism. You still see Dingus and James, right? Their plans are still intact.

    • Production has to throw more than a bone and get Paul into F2 and then the win. Do what they must because they have done too much damage all season long.

    • I may be forgetting some things, but we’ve had a group of returning HouseGuest’s 3 times now. All 3 times a vet has been in final 2. Rachel won of course and Dan got second place, which would line up with them being able to influence everything except the winner of the final 2. This season will have at least one if not 2 previous HG’s in the finals. It’s just a little food for thought. Especially with how every season a lot of the newbie’s started out with a mission to get them out.

      • And very good food for thought it is, Afbmom. Also, Production sends in their guy to “moderate” discussions at the Jury round table and we all are well aware that he can use leading questions and statements to make the jurors look at things from a certain perspective. They still have ways to influence F2 and there are always “other” things they have at their disposal. Just how far they go year after year is admittedly speculative.

      • That’s definitely true. Besides that, we really have no idea what goes on in the jury house other than the little snippets they choose to share with us. It’s all pretty disappointing.

      • There is no length that production won’t go to to rig the show. Why do they want Nicole and James to win so badly when the public obviously loves Paul and Vic

      • Nic and James brought their fans with them and there must be many of them. They have led the popularity polls on BBN. I have no idea about social media, but the outrage over all of the alleged manipulation and interference has probably more than likely also increased ratings, although it is why I will no longer watch. I feel there is absolutely no integrity in the game although I still refuse to use the word rigged. But in no way do I believe everyone has the same fair opportunity to win from the get go.

      • Agree with you 100%.
        Also feel that there is absolutely no integrity in the game and in no way do I believe everyone has the same opportunity to win from the get go.

  4. Paul shouldn’t trust Nicole because she’s planning to take James with her to F2. Hope Paul
    has another trick up his sleeve.

    • I agree – no one should trust Nicole at this point. lol Not even Corey, imo.

      I haven’t been a fan of Paul’s – only because his DRs drive me nutty – lol…. some people turn me off really bad just by their DR sessions. But I know he’s well liked, and he’s played a good game too, I have to admit…. He can beat anyone in the house easily, imo, I just have to wonder how he’s going to manage to make it to the end when those 3 know they can’t beat him.

      • Paul has been consistently playing the game- something that neither Nicole, James or Corey can’t say.

        Tonight we will see Corey evicted.

        Paul, James and Nicole will be left.

        We will have to see how the three will fare at the next comps. Hopefully Paul will be able to make it to the F2 so that the jury can award him the $500k. He’s the only one that deserves of it from these other two “stooges.” ?

      • I agree – that he’s the only one that’s played the game…. but I’d rather he take Corey to F2….. strange coming from me since I know James, huh? But he’s been boring AH this season and Nicole floated her way by power jumping the whole game IMO.

        So you’re sure Corey will get evicted tonight? Are you watching feeds or nah? If he gets evicted because he’s keeping her F2 deals a secret, then he deserves to lose. SMH

      • Yes the feeds.

        If Corey was even remotely smart he would go to Paul and discuss Nics deal with James.

        That would be a great way to redeem himself to the viewers and finally start playing the game.

  5. Nicole likes to play for the camera to give production footage and material.

    Paul won the HOH and POV now.

    He finally put up Nicole and Corey.

    This means James has the vote.

    As of now, James will be voting Corey out in exchange for Paul keeping him safe and not using the POV

    James/Nicole have a F2 alliance already.

    Paul just made a F2 alliance with James

    Nicole may be plotted to betray Paul and take James to the F2

    What should Paul do? Will Corey spill the beans about Nicole/James F2 before it’s too late?

    • I hope Corey spills the beans before it’s too late… Nicole has gotten too “flip floppy” and loyalty goes a long way in the game. – the jury is big on people staying loyal. She’s been flipping back and forth too much between alliances the past two weeks and back stabbed a little too much – but basically using Corey to do her dirty work. JMO

      Also – she’s said that Paul is too good of a talker, if he got to final 2 he’d for sure win PLUS he’s well liked by the jury… he’d more than likely beat Nicole in a landslide if she took him to F2. I think she’ll keep her F2 deal with James – if she doesn’t get evicted (which I REALLY HOPE SHE DOES…. and part of me thinks James is going to be more loyal to Corey, despite what Paul wants because he also doesn’t feel he can beat Paul in the end)….

      Really the only hope of Nicole winning is by going to F2 with James only because he really didn’t do much the entire game – he threw comps a lot (ugh) and the ones he wanted to win he couldn’t…. he made no big moves that I saw at least… he was too set on his showmance the entire season. BLACH!

      It really showed that his head hasn’t been in the game when he couldn’t even get the answer to that question right last night – and it was something Natalie said directly to HIM in her eviction night speech. smh Nicole has made some strategic moves and will beat him – and only him – IMO.

      I hope Corey and James align and go to F2 – James won’t win, but I think Corey has played a decent game and James was Fan Fav last year – so getting paid $75 this past year for basically doing nothing isn’t too bad of a deal. lol

      • Thanks for that major analysis.

        It has been no secret that production has been favoring Nicole and James all season. And to be frank, James doesn’t even deserve to be in the F4 much less F2. But really am hoping to see Paul get to the end.

        Paul and Vic have played the best games. And you are 100% right about James not doing anything to earn AFP. If anything, Vic should win it.

        At this point in the game, it’s really discouraging to see Nicole and Corey get so far in this game. Whether or not, Corey’s game has been impacted by Nicole, it’s nobody’s fault but his own to be in bed with her for the first 60+ days.

        Tonight is another eviction night and the final 3 will be announced. If Paul doesn’t use his veto (and he’s probably not going to), James will be the only vote.

        Therefore Corey will be going to the jury house.

        Really am hoping that Paul is smarter than to think that Nicole will take him to F2. She has already prefaced her decision by telling Corey that she will tell Paul that she has played strategically since day 1 (many, many viewers would beg to differ).

        America was sad to see Vic finally go. But if Paul falls for Nicole’s continued backstabbing then America will be just as disappointed.

      • IF James were smart, he’d let Paul know about Nicole’s F2 with him – and tell him that he’ll vote out whoever Paul wants him to tonight, if he takes him to F2. Even tho he doesn’t deserve to win 2nd place AT ALL – neither do Corey or Nicole. I am not a fan of showmances…. they gag me out. I was sad to see Vic go too – he was very entertaining… last night’s eviction was hilarious!! I loved their eviction speeches – more like a roast then a speech lol

      • 100% true.

        If James was smart. But James and Nicole have had a pre-show alliance and production has even allowed for the both of them to discuss payouts to each other if the other one wins.

        So it’s been an uphill battle for both Paul (and poor Vic) from day 1.

        The only person Paul can trust is himself because James and Nicole can’t be trusted.

        It may be mean to say, but James was/is a complete embarrassment for this game.

        Nicole isn’t that far off either. ?

      • I completely agree. Last season, James shows potential and was likeable. This season it’s like… does he even realize he’s playing Big Brother? It really has been embarrassing to watch.

        I can’t stand when production messes with things and shows favoritism – they do that TOO MUCH. I have other friends that have been on the show, that have told me things. Alison Grodner needed to be fired a LONG time ago…. what she thinks is entertaining – is far from it, in most people’s opinions. Just let them PLAY the game and stop messing with it… and actually cast people that know what they’re doing.

        *steps off pedestal*

        Do you watch any of the other Big Brother’s, like UK? Canada? Australia (when it was on… that was my favorite one).

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