‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

Big Brother spoilers are in for the Power of Veto competition after this week’s nominations were revealed Friday through the Feeds. This time around all of the Houseguests had the chance to compete with only six people left in the Big Brother 18 season.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

We had heard talks for awhile now that left us questioning what might happen depending on who won today’s comp and now the wait is over. Time to find out which way things went today and whether or not we’ll have a renom coming our way.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results:

  • Corey won the Power of Veto!

HGs competed in a MacGyver themed challenge since that’s another CBS show and they’re all about that crossover marketing.

Heading in to today’s comp James had been telling Natalie he would use the Vet on her no matter what she said no matter how much she protested. This came after days of Natalie telling James she would use the Veto on him. Were both telling the truth or was this just a mindgame?

Well it doesn’t really matter, does it? Corey won and you know he will keep the noms the same so now the F4 alliance will have to pick from either James or Natalie to evict on Thursday.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What should happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.

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Kudos to @JW1014005 on figuring out that comp design pic from @HeathLuman article by CBS was tonight's Veto. #BB18 pic.twitter.com/3BaQWno5H5

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    • Because there’s like nobody left… ;)

      Beating Paul and Vic is pretty impressive tho.

  1. Have to type fast – the entire comments section keeps disappearing on me.

    But, yikes, they’re all so dirty! Least this one won’t clog any drains, though.

    Congrats on Corey’s 3nd POV win.

    • They’ve already been talking about it with all four of them. Paul, Corey and Nicole want Natalie gone. They’re just going to have to convince Victor.

    • It’s a strategic move for Nic/Corey to keep James, since they think they can lure him back on their side, She’s trying to cover all her bases. Keeping Nat is bad for her game, but it’s good for Vic.I think they’ll push for this before Thursday….They all have hidden agenda.

      • They do all have hidden agendas. And the last thing Victor needs is Nicole getting her wish of VTE Natalie.

      • He’s a nice guy. It’s easier to pressure him after they’ve corrupted him with the 5K bribe…He should keep his eye on the ball for the bigger prize/500k

      • Exactly 100%! Most stuff is obvious and boring at this point but Nat would be good for Vic and James would be good for Nicorey! Depending on who goes a backstab should happen next week instead of finishing whoever remains from Jatalie! Atleast that is what I would do! It is mostly about winning comps at this point and some strategy still. Vic and paul have learned plenty as the season has gone on considering they were newbies. Anyone know how many seasons they each watched before this season?

      • Honestly I like this phase of the game, where all the players strategically are positioning themselves to get the end…Do or die comps are exciting to watch. Not sure how many BB season those two have watched..I heard just a few, but they’re kicking a*s…Paul would be interesting to watch during crunch time. lol

      • Yuuuup! :-) From here on out, it will depend on who the majority wants out instead of who the HoH is! :-)

      • I think Nicole and Corey have already talked about that, so I wonder what James would do if he did stay. He and Nat have already talked about working with Paul and Victor.

      • James working with Vic/Paul is a possibility also, and I can see Paul working on James. I’ll leave this job to Paul, since he’s the biggest bull sh*ter/schemer here.

      • Nic did not have James back towards the end so I hope that if he stays he goes with Vic and Paul.

      • Nicole will push to keep James for her back pocket F2 deal b4 entering house AND she wants to be only girl in the house (her words). Corey will do what Nic wants.

    • Yep, because Vic can’t vote and since Vic put Natalie and James up, he’ll have to be okay with Nat going home. Otherwise he’d have put Paul and James up!

      • Players have been so gutless in past seasons of doing what the HOH wants, that sometimes I doubt they would go against Vic.

  2. I hope they are that stupid, because we could see James flip the script and blindside Nicole, finally.

    • That he did so now he and Nicole have each won a trip.
      Three Veto wins for the guy now, he’s on a roll now. Ha.

  3. The sleeping two headed Nicorey monster has awoke and is now making moves. ps; Nicorey is a hideous name btw.

      • Or he’s just really bad at most comps because I can’t imagine him throwing,when him & N are on the block.

      • I have a feeling Nicorey would’ve teamed up with Paul anyway after James confirmed that Natalie would’ve voted Corey out over Victor.

      • In this phase of the game, whoever is in power must remember that they still have to maintain good relations with whoever they get evicted for the sake of getting their vote as jurors in the event they reach the end as finalists.

        Remember, Paulie was able to escape Victor’s wrath when he came back the first time. It was only when the guy tried to get things his way against his alliance that his past came back biting him.

      • I remember watching the early years of big brother there were no buybacks you get evited your evited

      • I think Amy actually got to come back in bb3 and then was immediately voted out again?

      • I wasn’t able to watch that season but she did manage to last a couple of more weeks after coming back.

        She was also witness to Marcellas’ epic non-use of the GPOV he won for himself on live television.

      • In original Dutch-format BB, an evicted housemate can still return to the game depending on the circumstances that would allow him or her to be brought back.

        The one thing the returnee is not allowed to do is reveal any information from the outside world as sequestration was not (and stlll is) a popular concept.

      • Its pretty crazy and unprecedented that someime who was evicted twice actually has a pretty good chance at winning the game. Im rooting for Vic and Paul easily.

    • Can’t wait! LOLOL She gonna blame Jamesie for not winning the Veto, I bet! And he’s going to blame her for not doing just that! :-)

    • Thank goodness for Corey winning because it sounds like Nat may of come in second(or at least did very well again). It didn’t take long for Vic to agree that Nat can over James now either. She needs to join the other mean girls in jury so they can all whine about Nicole!

      • I haven’t had time to check out Jokers today but I heard them complaining about how obnoxious Natalie was being while they waited in the HOH room. How lucky for Nicole :D

  4. Get ready for one boring finish of a season. Could not care less about season 19 or 20… Hopefully Paul will stir what’s left of the turds for some entertainment. Got to give it to him the puppet show he did with the Corey’s eagle was the best part of the feeds…until production ruined that too.

    • I disagree this is one of the most competitive last stages i can remember for a long time. Theyre all playing to win and its two teams battling. No extra baggage.

    • Why?..This is the end stage of the game. F5 is where the competition gets real.. To me, this part is exciting.

      • Well unless one of the two remaining noms for this week (James or nat)wins the next HOH I don’t have a dog in the fight. Kind of like in football if my team (Oakland) doesn’t win I don’t give a sh*t who wins the Superbowl. Does that clear it up for you?

      • It’s makes them a sore loser if they only want to watch it when things are going their way.

      • I don’t know if I agree with that. In general, I think most people have more than one person they like on the show. And in general, more often than not, some of those people are going to be voted out.If the last few people on the show are players that I don’t like, I would have a difficult time watching them. There wouldn’t be any entertainment value for me. That’s just my opinion though. Pleassse, don’t everyone give me grief for thinking this way.

      • I have changed on the way I watched BB. I used to be pissed for months because of the outcome of the game. lol I don’t do that anymore. I watch the show differently now…..i was traumatized by Andy’s win.lol

      • I feel I’m pretty objective. I had/have more than one favorite. My thought process…What if Corey and NIcole are the F2? Then I would have absolutely no interest in seeing the outcome.

      • Vic kind of grew on me after my favorite went home! As did Paul when I saw how much he caught on to playing the game when he had very little knowledge of it at the beginning. Some aren’t used to loud, obnoxious people. Me, I was born into a large family of them. If you didn’t speak up or speak loudly, you weren’t going to ever be heard! hahaha

      • F off you. Live you’re life I’ll live mine. It’s a personal opinion. See you next Tuesday. Get it

      • Oh ok. I thought you hated the last stages of the game, and have no interest on future BB…so you hated it, because your team is ‘toast’..a goner……gotcha.

    • I must say though that I will still watch the next two seasons. I am just too much of a fan. I really liked Season 16 and thought Season 17 was decent. This season hasn’t been as bad as Season 15, but still one of the worst seasons for me. I wish I could be more positive. Of course there are always varying opinions as to which are the best seasons. It is personal preference.

      • I hear you. Just really haven’t cared that much since the Jeff and Jordan season. Like you said personal pref.

  5. Bummer, I really wanted Natalie off the block to ensure James went home. Since it’ll be James and Natalie sitting there Thursday hopefully he tells everyone to vote him out.

      • I think whoever stays is going to be intregal to the final 3. That f4 alliance is only going to last until the next hoh. Whoever wins that will take their first strike at the opposing couple. The f4 alliance will pretend to be intact until they know who gets the next hoh. Then game on!

      • Dan gheesling thought so. You’ve got to have some burnt people in the jury so someone will be willing to take you to the final 2 if you don’t win the final hoh

      • Everyone has to burn someone to to get to the f2! You either make your move when you can or end up being the victim this late in the game. I believe Nicole would make that move if she can and wants to do it with James and that’s why she wants to keep him. Like you said why does it matter who goes so why not evict whoever the HOH wants but she doesn’t want to do that for some reason.

      • Yup. No way the remaining pairs gonna want final 4 to be ‘fair’ – especially Nicole and Corey b/c they cannot be sitting in F2 with Paul or Vic if they want to win 500k so they have to target them when they can.

      • James would probably join Nicorey to target Vic and Paul and Nat would probably join Vic and Paul to target Nicorey. Depending on if either of the duos had intentions on turning on the other it could make a big difference.

      • If James stays he won’t go home unless Paul wins HOH. Nicole wants to keep him bc with Natalie out of the way James will will take Nicole to the finale if he can.

  6. Perfect opportunity to get Paul out, but Vic is too loyal. Paul on the other hand… Never cared. He’d slice Vic in a minute.

    • Ridiculous. James should have been gone a long time ago. I love Victor, but he caves too easily.

      • He’s struggling with the pros and cons right now. He’s considering multiple outcomes in remaining combinations. I think he’s actually more thoughtful than I noticed before.

      • And he can influence players to vote this week but has no vote himself. Why create drama when he has no power to directly impact the eviction?

      • With soon to be 5 players left, every move should create drama. Going with the flow means those who are strategizing will crush you. I’m worried that Victor is about to be crushed.

      • He can’t vote, though, so it’s really not caving is it? As I’d said before. If he really wanted James out before Nat, he’d have put up Paul and James instead of Nat and James. Riiiight? But then he’d be putting up his buddy and take the risk of Paul going home too.

      • The deal with Nicole and Corey last week was if they teamed up and voted out Michelle for Nicole, then if Vic or Paul won, they would get to choose who got evicted and would be fully backed by the voting HG’s.

  7. With all of the “Production Fixes Games!” comments that get posted each year, just seeing the words: “Corey”, “Wins” “MacGyver Challenge” in one sentence kind of makes me giggle. (Just a joke, folks.)

  8. This is probably giving James too much credit for strategizing, but what if the whole “fall on the sword for Natalie” was to make him look like the white night and secure that AFP. Yet he threw the comp, not so that nat could win, but to make him look weak so they’d vote to evict Nat and save him instead?

  9. 3 members of the f4 are actively engaged in strategizing and Corey’s contribution is a report on the activity in the HOH fish tank.

  10. Guys, help me out here. One of my friends and I have been going back and forth on this. She says that this will be the second time Victor’s HOH has been co-opted by his alliance, since the first time he was HOH (back in Week 7), he wanted Michelle out before coming around to Z. I explained that she was wrong, that Vic originally targeted Z until Paulie started trying to twist things around to get Michelle out. But she continues to insist that on the Thursday Vic won HOH, during After Dark, she heard Victor say that he wanted Michelle out before James and Paul talked him into targeting Zakiyah (with Paulie in agreement at that moment).

    Now, I don’t remember this conversation taking place at all. Worse yet, I wasn’t on the feeds full time during that week because I was working weekdays during that time period. Anyone who can confirm or deny this happened would really help me out.

    • Ok, from what I remember he wanted Z out. Victor at that time had a working group relationship with Michelle. Then Paulie and the group said no to Z. Cause Paulie needed her for his game. Victor and Paul figure out Paulie…and we’re starting to break away. With the move to have Z gone. Showed Paulie his days of running game the house were done.

    • I don’t remember Vic wanting Michelle out, but I could be wrong.
      Victor and Michelle had been really good friends and spent hours talking nonsense.

  11. I will say this again. The only way that Nicole, Corey or even James (at this point for James) is for Corey to somehow convince Victor that pulling James off the block and using Paul as the pawn to evict Natalie is their best bet. They can always tell Victor this is great for their game because Paul will be safe and he can really get under Natalie’s skin this week poking at her going home. Now as long as Natalie doesn’t go batcrap crazy, Nicole, Corey and James will vote out Paul this week. I know this will upset the Paul and Victor fans on here but this is B and not my favorite person show. Victor can not play in the next HOH and they can put him on the block and as long as he doesn’t get the POV, he can go next. Then and only then can Nicole and Corey have a fair shot at wining BB season 18, otherwise either Vic or Paul will win.

    • I say if Corey takes anyone off the block remom Nicole and you’ll still accomplish what you started. :-)

    • This is Corey we’re talking about. He’s not too bright. And Vic isn’t that stupid. Paul was the only person Vic can trust so putting him on the block gets Vic no where

  12. I’m not sure who said it first, but Nicole definitely wants to be the last girl left in the house and wants Natalie gone. I hope Natalie stays until the end. Victor won’t win against Paul, but definitely with Corey or Natalie and I can’t stand him.

  13. This final 6 is a hell of a lot better than last year’s top 6. With the exception of Steve, last year by this time was a huge bust.

  14. Out of the two it would be wiser to get rid of Natalie considering she’s a social threat. But it looks like James is outta here.

    I gotta say this Season isn’t too bad. It’s good to see some newbies play better than the vets. I get the feeling that this will be the first BB season where newbies outlast the vets.

      • True but at the same time James doesn’t trust Nicole considering she voted out his ally, Michelle. In face neither of James or Natalie trust Nicole or Corey.

        And like I said, James isn’t that bright. Remember he decided to keep in Vanessa because he’s pissed at Shelli for the whole Jason thing? Yeah James isn’t strategic. I mean I don’t disagree with you but keep in mind this is James we’re talking about. He plays with his emotions in which he doesn’t use his head and team up with the right people. Remember last year when he didn’t bother talking game with John or Steve? Yeah that came to bite him in the ass….

      • You are right about James, but if production is interfering, him and Nic have a F2 deal. I hope James plays as dumb as he always has and goes after Nicole instead.

      • But as we are arriving to the final weeks, James can suddenly wake up or just follow
        his gut and go with Nicole.

        This is why it’s so important that Vic and Paul vote James out if they want to remain in F2

      • James needs to kick himself in the ass & PLAY THE GAME for God’s sake. He’s just given up already & all because of a girl who’s probably going to dump him the first chance she gets!!!

      • You’re giving the guy too much hope. He’s kicking himself for giving Nicole the HOH. Trusting Nicole was a huge mistake and it put him and Natalie at the line of fire. You’re right he needs to kick himself in the ass, but I doubt he’s going to.

  15. Looks like Nat will be going to the jury house next. Victor wants James to go but Corey wants Nat to. Nic and Corey will vote to evict Nat and Paul will vote to evict James.

    • I think you’re right. If I was Paul, I would make it unanimous and then enlist James as an ally. This is because I think Victor wins if he’s around for the jury vote and I believe Paul knows this. No Vic, Paul wins. Paul has to pull a Steve on Victor, and James would be more helpful.

    • From time to time I do like when the HOH gets who they want out.Either 1 is fine with me. Its also fun when they don’t though. More so when the HOH is cocky and it goes to their head (as if they vote).

      • Oh, so do I!!! Hope Vic isn’t too upset if things don’t go his way. I’ve not seen the feeds lately to see how he’s reacting to Corey winning the Veto and what they’ll all do when it comes to the voting. I’m positive Corey won’t use the veto. He doesn’t want to risk Nic going up any more than Vic wants to renom Paul.

      • Vic could change noms can’t he to draw a tie with vic casting the final vote but I’m sure Vic will not go against the house ” when will these stupid people play the game?

      • Last night on BBAD it looked like Vic wanted James out, but the rest want Gnat out and Vic is easily caving. It also looked like Gnat’s true nature is peeking out again – in telling James how she was using “pretend care” early in the game on Corey to try to get him to get Nicole out, it looked like James had a moment of recognition and when Gnat caught on to that, she really tried to backtrack and cover up. She also got really mean/rude to James when he said if he did stay he would work with Nicorey and Gnat told him she would never speak to him again if he worked with them. He called her on that and said that he would never do or even say that to her and then I think she backtracked again because she could see how bad she was making herself look .. not that she was really sorry she hurt his feelings. She’s a real brat – I am disliking her more an more.

      • I kind of knew when things didn’t go her way, her true nature would emerge. She’ll probably go on and on trying to redeem herself over and over again if only to convince herself she’s not THAT biatch, sort of like she went on and on justifying why she got those fake boobies she’s so proud of…LOL Never cared for her and you confirmed why I still don’t like her! Thanks Linda. Time to see the back of her real soon! :-)

  16. As has been discussed on several occasions, that Nicole and James apparently agreed to never nominate/vote against one another and Nicole wants to be the last Girl standing in he House …. And, yes, Nicole and Cory can still swing either way next week ? Then again, if I recall, only the POV next week has the real Power to evict whomever they want, so HOH really only would guarantee safety??

  17. I would vote for paul over victor because getting evited 2 times you should not win big brother

    • I don’t like the “battling back” features of the game at all, but since it was made part of the game, I consider it an accomplishment on his part and I don’t hold that against him and I think he earned where he is. JMO.

      • Agreed. It’s part of the game and something to be won, so it shouldn’t be held against him.
        If he had come back by something arbitrary like the round trip ticket that would be different. But he won his way back. At least that’s how I see it.

  18. I would have wanted Paul to get it, he might shook up the house!
    I can’t believe he won again, it was probably a lazy comp. lol

    • Corey said it was not any kind of an endurance comp and apparently Gnat came in second. Seems that some of the time it took was due to some kind of technical things and each person worked alone. It also seemed like Corey’s tunnel vision “focus” actually helped him as he honed in on the first thing he saw and it happened to be right and kept him from trying anything else and losing time. Anyway, that’s what I got from the BBAD talk last night. I could be wrong, because I got no real idea of what the comp was about except you had to get something filled with water so that you could reach something ??

      • Yes, but did you notice when he came through the door, he never looked at the floor to see what he needed. He went right to tge bar on the wall. Another example of production coaching.

    • Probably was a lazy comp for him to win!! Or, he had to identify a face of Miss Piggy…..Umm, he’d have no problem there seeing as Nichole’s nose bears a strong resemblance to the Oinker

  19. Vic is totally on board to vote out Nat this week. She has shown again that she can win comps. Coming in a close 2nd past few times and winning the other HOH. Corey will not use the POV and noms will stay the same. Nat will go home on Thursday.

    • Yep I think it looks that way, too .. at least at this point! I think it would be better for Vic/Paul if James was evicted, though. James is going to work with Nicorey and they know it.

    • It seems that Nicole and James have been saved this whole time by production and hopefully I am wrong and he goes home.

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