‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 11: Saturday Highlights

It was Veto Day in the Big Brother 18 house as this week’s noms knew their only chance to control this week’s eviction would come from winning the medallion and making their own choice over which one of them would remain a target. A night comp arrived with a new challenge and soon the planning continued for who should be sent out the door.

James Huling on Big Brother 18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 3, 2016:

8:40 AM BBT – Despite no Have-Nots this week, due to the outcome of the HoH comp, there is a HN reveal. Victor announces there are no HNs… How strange.

9:40 AM BBT – James and Natalie discussing last week and how the game has flipped on them. She wonders if Michelle had campaigned if she would have been able to survive the vote.

10:01 AM BBT – Natalie meets with Victor and Paul in the HoH room. She wants to apologize for betraying them when they were being loyal. They thank her for coming to them and talking about it. More details on the conversation here.

10:25 AM BBT – Victor and Paul discuss how it seems like Natalie was selling out James in her conversation. Paul wonders if Natalie could be an asset for them next week.

10:35 AM BBT – Paul talks with Nicole and Corey about Natalie potentially trying to align with them next week after James goes this round.

10:58 AM BBT – James is apologizing to Natalie and says it’s his fault she’s in this situation and he’s going to make it right. James is offering to end his game for Natalie. More details on their conversation here.

11:05 AM BBT – James speculates Big Brother had the Vets split up in to teams to help prevent them from being targeted as a whole. No kidding.

12:55 PM BBT – James again telling Natalie he’ll save her with the Veto if he wins it.

1:30 PM BBT – Corey, Victor, Nicole, and Paul hanging out chatting while James and Natalie nap.

2:10 PM BBT – Natalie is upset because she thinks Paul was mocking her earlier conversation. It appears she misunderstood when he said “medieval conversation” about something else and thinks it was about her “meaningful conversation.” She doesn’t know she’s mistaken but is very upset.

2:49 PM BBT – Natalie camtalks about her OCD issues.

2:55 PM BBT – Victor is bored and gives the camera an MTV Cribs like tour of his HoH room.

3:00 PM BBT – Natalie is still upset and says she’s going to get furious with the other HGs over Paul’s comment about their conversation. She still doesn’t know she’s mistaken and misheard Paul’s comment.

3:48 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto comp.

9:09 PM BBT – Feed return. Corey won the Veto. It was a MacGyver theme.

9:15 PM BBT – James and Natalie leave the room. F4 quietly dancing around and celebrate.

9:20 PM BBT – F4 starts to debate whether to send James or Natalie to Jury next. They decide to revisit the talk later with plenty of time to decide.

9:50 PM BBT – Nicole worries Natalie will take her out if she stays. Nicole says she wants to be evicted by a guy, not a girl.

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    • Good Morning! Beautiful day here in Indiana. I think it would have been a more interesting week if James could have won the veto..I really think he would have saved Natalie.

  1. If Natalie leaves, Nicole’s dream will come true. However, Paulie’s nightmare of staying the only male in jury house begins.

    • You are right about that! Nicole wants to be the last girl standing…she loves all of the attention she gets from the guys. I am not so sure James will want to have anything to do with her if he stays..but she still has the other three so she will be fine with that. She will still have her sex toy. Paulie will lose it when that “Jersey Girl” gets to the jury house! And I love it! After the way he treated her in the BB house..he deserves it!

      • I so hope you are right that James might have seen the light and not work with Nicole … and IMO, you are certainly right about Nicole and her guys .. guess girls just don’t give her the attention she so desperately needs.

      • I figure the BB psychiatrist has him in an area all by himself where he doesn’t have to deal with all of those mean women. lol

      • In truth I am surprised Paulie is still in the Jury House ‘”If” he is really there as he may have been moved to a hotel for his safety (lol) and after the complaint was made by his parents that he was being “bullied”..Paulie signed up for BB not Romper Room..

      • I am sure Mr. Paulie is doing just fine…I would bet money that him and Z are back in their sex bed together. She can’t resist that jerk. When she jumped off of the wall in the HOH comp..he told her to keep the bed warm for him..of course, he could have been inflating that massive ego of his..but..I can see her doing just that!

      • I did not hear it on the feeds…this is the 1st time I heard that he made a comment like that.. would have to rewatch the comp..

      • I would almost bet that Paulie is not being subject to having to interact with the women. They will film him with them when a new juror enters the house, but otherwise, he’s on his own in a beautiful, comfy place close by.

      • Evil Dick and Paulie’s dad had a small Twitter war. Daddy defending along with some supporters and Evil Dick and a lot of detractors calling him out.

  2. This is from another BB site I follow.

    2:55pm HOH room – Paul says they’re (James & Nat)
    are acting weird. They said they heard me when I came out of the DR. We
    were talking about medieval times and stuff. I don’t think I said
    anything bad. Vic says you said you sh*t on them. Paul says oh that’s

  3. Haha so paul didnt even say anything to make nat mad. She just twisted his words to where he said meaningful conversation. Classic victim card from nat. Nicorey is somehow getting their way week by week. I want p/v to win but im scared for them next week if nicorey gets james on their side. Hope paul wins hoh!

    • It seems that the reason Natalie is now the target is because of the conversation she had with Paul & Victor yesterday. .Natalie threw James UTB but did not take responsibility for her part in putting Victor/Paul on the block.. The supposed final 4 are not happy that Natalie treated James that way especially since he is (possibly) going to give up his game for her …If I remember correctly it was Paul (firstly) that suggested to Victor that Natalie needs to go…

      • Yes, Paul did mention it first. But Victor quickly said ‘No’. But once Nicole and Corey got in on it..he started to back down. :(

  4. It was not a smart move for Vic to put James and Gnat otb block together. He should have told Dingus and Doofus that he would be foolish not to do everything in his power to protect his game and insure his target is evicted. Since he didn’t have the luxury of giving a 5K bribe, the only recourse he would have is to put one of them up, Dingus. Of course, Gnat would have voted Dingus. Although the perfect scenario would have been to vote out Dingus, I think Paul and Doofus would have voted out James. Bad move on Vic’s part if he really wanted James out.

    • I don’t know why Vic wasn’t seeing this. James is going to work with Nicorey … well, you never know … wish James would work with V/P!

      • Natalie told him if he stayed to work with Victor. .Natalie blames Nicole & Corey cause they are OTB..

      • Natalie is insanely jealous of Nicole from way back when Gnat flirting with Corey to get Nic out .. didn’t work.

      • Initially, kind of taken with Gnat’s BS .. no more. Her treatment of James is despicable. I know, he’s a big boy, but that doesn’t remove her responsibility for just being selfish, mean, rude and ingenuous.

      • She drove me crazy at first admitting she only wanted to make it to jury. i think she was serious. then she latched onto James and got more confident in her ability and I started liking her for a while, but that didn’t last long. I think when it comes down to it, she and Dingus are a whole lot alike.

      • I really held out hoping that GNat and James were a real couple. After she threw him under the bus and this was coming off of her going at him this past week like a rabid dog (OK, maybe not that strong) now this. I feel even though James played for a girl, he still deserves the chance to play without her even if it is for one week. I also find it hard to see him align himself with one of the two couples left but if I had to guess, I would say he would go with Paul and Victor.

      • Could be, but I think that will happen only if Paul wins HOH. It might get interesting, but I’m skeptical. I think for good reason.

      • On bbad, james and nat discussed her repairing things with vicpaul. She also said to james what she later said to vicpaul. Nat did not claim being led astray, instead she used the first person possesive “I” when she said and repeated “I trusted the wrong person” when referring to strategy. She owned it. She also told james the convo with vicpaul in the hoh room happened. Whatever else is disliked or loved about the kid, she owned her truth. Just an observation on my part.

      • IMO, “I trusted the wrong person” is sort of a backdoor way to compliment herself – she’s perfectly innocent in it to be someone who “trusts” and the other person is the “wrong” one. This girl is an expert in the art of manipulation IMO. She doesn’t miss a beat in turning anything and everything around in her favor.

      • She doesn’t miss a beat in making everything about her period! Did you see how she is all mad at Paul b/c she thinks he said something about her and “the talk” she had with him and Vic…and in reality, (not Natalie world) Paul did not say anything about her at all. He was talking about a conversation he and Vic had after she left. That girl is so narcissistic, she thinks the entire world revolves around her! So ready for her to go already.

      • I have to respectfully disagree with you. I just went back and watched that chat again on flashback, and while she may have told James some of what she said to Vic & Paul, she did not tell him how she told the boys that she trusted James and James’ opinions… In fact, she does not tell James that his name was mentioned at all. What Natalie did was give James just enough of the truth to make it plausible for her to say “I told you I said that, James”, if she is ever confronted on what she said to Vic & Paul. Moreover, the way she went right downstairs and actually woke James up to tell him this makes me believe she was covering her butt for just such a scenario. She did not own her own choice in putting Victor on the block. Noir did she own her part in convincing Michelle to nominate Paul. What she tried to do was make it seem as if it was James’ bad advice that led her astray, not her own choices. If anything, IMO that talk just might be one of the reasons she goes home this week (if she does go home).

      • Even if James had won veto and taken Gnat off the block, then Doofus would have went up beside Dingus. How would that have hurt Vics game? He would have been much better off with one of them as an unintended casualty than with James staying in the game. I think Vic’s game is dead unless Paul wins HOH.

      • Vic realizes he’s going to be OTB next week regardless of who stays. I hope that he or Paul realize that Nicole and Corey are already pulling James in to hang out, and he can blow up their game. Granted, Nicole and Corey still hold the power to evict whoever they want, but he can let James and Natalie know about the 5k bribe, the F4 deal, and anything else he can think of to get either James or Nat to his side before the next HOH.

      • Does he really know how close Nicole and James are though? We know, but they have been able to keep it under the radar pretty well.

      • I think Gnat is the only one that realizes the extent of James & Dingus’s closeness. James did tell her that he has been working with Dingus since day 1.

      • She pretty much got a free pass to the final 6 by using James to her advantage(and obeying “Mom and Dad”). I guess her pass is expired. Mom and Dad wants her out of the house.

      • Allying with James definitely helped, but production did not do her any favors, just Nicole (and to a lesser extent Corey). I wouldn’t exactly call it a free pass. She, in my opinion, played the game more than Nicole and Corey.

      • I agree, she did. Dingus and Doofus’s free pass had a longer expiration date. I think Dingus is still being protected.

      • I think she is, too. If James stays (which seems more and more likely) production will be back in his ear to work with Nicorey. Although I believe he that is already his plan.

    • We know Nat wants to work with Vic if she’s saved, but come to think of it, there is no guaranty that James will work with Nic/Corey either after the betrayal. Paul could be preparing for this scenario.

    • You know that would have been a smart move to make. No one ever said these people were smart though.

      • As much as I hate to admit it, that bribe ended up helping Doofus & Dingus because I think it clouded Vic’s judgement. He could have really turned it around and used it against them, and rightfully so. But all he was thinking about was loyalty and the bribe ended up being his downfall. JMO

      • I feel the bribe was a waste of time and money. Victor was going to vote out Michelle regardless and they could have used it for something else like having James or Natalie to vote out Michelle would have been a better deal.

      • Natalie thinks James accepted the bribe to throw the comp and he is lying when he says he did not..

      • Well now, once she was wrong she has been this whole season, maybe the light will shine on her then LOL.

      • Good gracious, WW. You’re giving me nothing today. I’ll get you to agree with me about something before the day is over. lol

      • I disagree that it helped out Dingus and Doofus but as long as they think they did the right thing that will be on them later on LOL.

  5. Before the topic gets too full ..I suggest yall go to Jeffs After Show and watch his interview with Derrick Its was awesome and his thoughts on the game were honest even when Jeff ask him about Paulie… Derrick was straight up..and his “2nd” choice of a $500,000 winner will make several of u cringe…lmao.. PS..Michelles interview was really good as well

  6. No!
    Get James out!
    Get James out!
    Guess I will have to put up with him longer. I think it is a huge mistake for Victor.

    • I wouldn’t sell it so short just yet. James does like Victor but he don’t like Paul. He also feels that Nicorey flipped on him so who really knows what he will do. I think his laying down for the “Love” of his life in this game proves to the others he is willing to go. Victor thinks she threw James under the bus and James isn’t telling them anything but to vote him out.

  7. Karen, your B/P is really going to go up now…I went back and watched the wall comp…when Z and Day jumped off…Paulie says to Z..”save that bedroom for me..then as they were leaving the BY…he says to Vic..who was standing beside him..”Our bedroom was banging.” Of course, he could have been lying..but with Z..I highly doubt it. OK..start your deep breathing now!

  8. I’m starting to get a little fed up with Nat the way she is going after James. She says something to him about him staying and immediately follows up with how she should stop speaking to him because of the choices he made her make. Even when he tells her she has really hurt his feelings, she keeps going in that direction every now and then in her conversations. She already went to Victor and Paul to talk against him about her decisions. Taking no responsibility. We all know James played a stupid game, but is genuinely a nice guy. That is what makes it so painful to watch her doing this to him. They said they would campaign for the group to keep the other, but I don’t think Nat would secretly do that at all.

    • I am done with Natalie after watching AD last night. Gnat was so awful to James and then she tortures him to the max by changing her clothes in front of him and modeling outfits she might wear for “Julie” – all the while making sure she announces each item that is a size 00. By the way, even Britney Spears doesn’t dress like Britney Spears in real life.

  9. Thoughts:
    – I think James has given up. He knew he screwed up so there’s no hope for the guy.
    – Natalie are you that shallow? You’re not gonna vote for Paul because a poor joke he made? Really?
    – I don’t know who’s more dumb Nicole or James. Nicole wants guys to evict her? Um….. why?
    – Corey is bland as an unseasoned risotto.
    – Paul and Vic are pretty much sitting pretty at this point.

  10. Paul is such a bitch and only playing for himself. I hope James wins the next HOH and puts up Paul and Nicole. The gossip between Nicole and Paul is disgusting. Everything they’re saying about others could be said about them as well. Really hoping Natalie goes home, she’s starting to show her true colors and she’s looking pretty nasty. If James was to really listen to her he would hear her lies, but I don’t think he wants to hear them.

  11. The tropical storm moved through Georgia with minor damage. The storm in the Jury House is a lot worse with high wind. I hope Paul and Victor get James voted out. James has an alliance with Nicole. This is a deadly trio for the Sitting Ducks. Natalie is a smart young lady will provide tough competition for them. Still pulling for Victor to win.

    • Me, too, Vic and just hoping James can realize Nicole does NOT have his back and he goes with Vic.

      • James is still pretty upset at how Nicole & Corey flipped the script on him and Natalie last week, so if he does stay and (by some miracle) becomes HOH, I could see him nominating someone from each duo. Moreover, despite Victor’s beliefs that it will be him, I think James would nominate Paul over Vic. James likes Victor and just the other day called him a straight shooter when he and Natalie were discussing how stupid it was for them to turn on him. I could see James putting up Corey and Paul as a way to break up the duos, therefore, he might be able to jump on board with one of the remaining halves…

        However, to play devil’s advocate with myself… I might be giving James too much credit b/c he sure has not played a strategic game so far! :)

      • No .. I think you are correct and I think James won’t soon forget the Nicorey betrayal .. at least I hope not!

  12. Ughhhh! James is ASKING to go and they still won’t, I’ll be shocked if he leaves now. SO DUMB! James is a coward and will run straight back to Nicole and Corey. Might as well just fast forward a couple weeks and get this crap out of the way bc Nicole and Corey are going to be there for the most pathetic finale of all time.

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