‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: James Tosses His Game Away For Natalie

James Huling has decided Natalie Negrotti is worth more to him than his chance at $500,000 as he’s begun to plot and prepare for ways to throw away his game for her on Big Brother 18.

James Huling talks with Natalie Negrotti on Big Brother 18

Earlier today we saw Natalie visit with Victor and Paul to begin working her angles for making herself appear ready to move on and maybe even be an ally of theirs again if she survives the week. Now James is ready to help her lockdown those plans with moves of his own.

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James is laying with Natalie in their designated hiding spot, the London bedroom. He’s explaining to Natalie that she is on the Block this week because of him and to make sure he goes out the door without a chance for her to save him with the Veto.

Natalie tells James she isn’t scared about getting voted out but he doesn’t want to let that happen. “My mind is already made up. It’s set. I’m going home this week regardless. I’m sealing my own fate. Even if I win the Veto, the Veto is coming your way. I’ve already told everybody that,” says James. Natalie cuts him off and says she doesn’t want him to use the Veto on her but James counters that he’s “making the situation right.”

Over the past few days we’ve heard Natalie reminding James that he influenced her to flip on their deal with Victor and Paul only to ultimately land them in hot water with the pair. James is taking the blame here for Natalie’s final decisions and now he wants to push her ahead on Big Brother 18 at the risk of his own game. So disappointing.

James continues again saying he messed up while Natalie is the one who is paying for it. Now we know Victor and Paul want James gone so if it’s up to them they’ll happily oblige James here and send him on off to Jury, but he doesn’t know that for sure and we even know that Nicole and Corey are going to angle for him to stay. Either way though he’s ready to try and make his eviction happen.

James says that while most people would save themselves if they won the Veto and say screw Natalie, that’s not what he’s going to do. Natalie points out that people back home are going to be so upset with him. Heck, I think a lot of people in general are going to be mad at him for doing that. I know I’ll be disappointed. Maybe James thinks this could get Natalie to leap in to his arms after the show or this move will earn him another America’s Fav Player. I don’t know, but it’s quitting for sure as that’s exactly his intent with this attempt.

It’s his Southern code, says James. He did something wrong and needs to make it right. Grrr. Just stop. Such a disappointing attitude to take here. It’s a game. Natalie is a big girl and made her own choices. They’re both playing a game and he’s not responsible for her stake in it. But hey, if she gets him to pull this off for her then good for her and shame on him.

Later James starts to tell Natalie that he’ll start making public game threats that he’s coming after each of them to encourage their vote against him. James points out that Nicole has been getting called out all season so he might as well pile on with another one. Natalie encourages the idea telling James that she’d love to see him call them out like that. I’m sure she would.

We’re still waiting on the Power of Veto competition later today and I’m very curious to see what happens. If James wins it will he really save Natalie and force a Nicorey renom? I’m sure he’d enjoy seeing that happen. Maybe James will try to throw it over to Natalie so he doesn’t face that choice. Or maybe one of the other four will get it and we’ll see more of James trying to fall on his sword to save Natalie.

What do you think of James’s plans here? Terrible game move or honorable decision? Are you surprised by James after everything we’ve seen from him the past two seasons following the ladies around? I’m disappointed, but maybe it’ll please some of the fans out there.


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    • Then you would have to say that about Nicorey too. Also so many fans are hypocrites as people hated Paulie the way he treated Z but she created lots of their problems that caused Paulie to treat her that way with her cattiness and extreme jealousy and terrible hygiene habits! Even the last week Paulie was in the house he had changed his mind to save her but her emotions were to roller coaster like and that is on her. They were both to blame. So now James wants to save his girl and fans are upset! When are fans not upset! You almost can’t win as a player. No matter what one is leaving. James played the game made some mistakes just like every player and fan. Like I said in my recent comments is 2-4 hours before live eviction on Thursday James made a big mistake by telling Paul the truth in the kitchen where everyone could hear about Nat wanting to keep Vic. They still voted him out and that was another mistake but you can’t play game on what ifs like the possible jury buy back which obviously bit them in the butt. Now they are paying for it! James still showed his loyalty to Nicorey with the vote to save Corey and to give Nic HOH. That is 2-3 huge mistakes. He should have kept his mouth shut to Paul or told him privately about the vote. It turned Nic against him and Nat. James Nat Bridget M and Paul helped turn against Paulie or everyone here would still be complaining about Paulie. James voted out Z so he has done some decent moves too. He deserves AFP no matter if you agree about him wanting Nat to stay to make up for his mistake. He does truly love the game and knows he is done. So maybe it helps him win AFP and get the girl in the end? Only Nat should get it if he does not. Nobody else deserves it. Nicole only won care package because Bridget was voted out. It was not even close. It just shows how many HG’s are not lovable or funny this season. Nicole may get AFP by default like the care package.

  1. I think he really loves her and wants to be with her outside the house. So while it is dumb game wise, it might win her over.

    I would die though if Nicole won POV and took James off.

    • As it stands now, Nicole can save James by leaving the noms the same if she wins PoV. She and Corey vote for Natalie to go. The only other voter is Paul.

      • Victor needs to talk to Dingus & Doofus and then go with his gut (hoping his is more reliable than James is..hehe) as to whether he can trust them to vote Vic’s target out. Personally, I think he would be foolish not to put one of them up if he or Paul get the veto. He could always say that Dingus & Doofus felt the need to give Vic the 5K bribe to insure his vote, but he doesn’t have that luxury to offer and it would be irresponsible of him not to do whatever is in his power to make sure his target goes home. He should feel relieved if Gnat or James win veto. I wouldn’t trust Dingus & Doofus.

      • Yes! James is a horny toad and Gnat has already got her “FT’s” point right at VP and a F4. Victor if able should do a Eunuch and backdoor a Nicorey.

      • So if James tells Natalie in front of everybody, as he has threatened to do, that she should side with Pictor then Nicorey will have to vote her out instead of James.
        If james stays he might go after Pictor instead of Nicorey, although he currently blames Nicorey for all his problems.

  2. In the history of Big Brother I only remember one person ever using the POV to save the other person OTB. I’m trying to remember their names and what season it was, but I do remember he ended up going home, but I think he thought he’d be safe. Any help here to jog my memory guys???

  3. James is a waste of a returnee spot. Why was he brought back for another season? I would prefer Austin, Johnny Mac, or even Jason over him.

  4. It’s obvious that Victor doesn’t respect Doofus as a man or he wouldn’t be playing this little flirting game with Dingus.

    • Corey told Victor that he has no interest in having a relationship with Nicole outside of the game. Victor started flirting mostly after that.

      • Vic has to be aware that Dingus and Doofus are still sleeping together(among other things). What kind of a real man would allow another man to flirt with his tallywhacker jacker right in front of him? It’s not a man, it’s Doofus. lol
        It’s kind of funny, reading the posts about it. I don’t know what kind of expression Doofus has when he, surely, sees it with his own eyes.

      • Strategy…ok, as long as it doesn’t become friends with benefits. I’ve heard that a lot of guys would love to have a threesome. But is that with two girls? I guess it is according….lol…but that wouldn’t be funny.

  5. First off, James’s plan to team up with Nicorey and get rid of Victor was a good plan and Nat agreed with the move.
    If not for Victor returning again the plan would’ve worked out well for James.
    So now James feels bad and wants to go to the jury house, but not before he starts bullying Nicole all week.
    I’m really disappointed that James would act in such a cowardly manner but of course he wouldn’t bully any of the remaining guys so Nicole is the one.

    • Nicole has been attacked by eve and I don’t get it. What has she done to receive such hate? Does everyone in the house sleep with Corey and are jealous that she got ‘honur’? L0LZ

      • Natalie and Michelle mentioned last week that all the guys wanted to hang out with her and that made her evil LOL!
        Pure jealousy Ted, that’s all it is. Nicole is getting too much attention from the guys.
        Other than that I think Day turned all the girls against Nicole when D. was working so hard to get Nic evicted. Nicole no longer felt comfortable hanging out with them while that was going on so she mostly hung out with Corey and the other guys.
        I noticed that Natalie was eagerly egging James on to attack Nicole too.

      • Michelle was jealous of Bridgette and wanted Frank. Since, she cannot have him, she had to get rid of him! They are on the wrong show! The Bachelorette for ladies and for the gents, The Bachelor. Nicole is pretty enough to be the Bachelorette. Atleast, then, she will be looking for love for real! Most of them do not work out but, some of them do!

      • Yes, all those youthful hormones are making some of them act crazy I agree :D
        I think Nicole would be an excellent Batchelorette btw lol.

      • According to both Corey and Gnat, they were both asked to be on Bachelor/ Bachelorette(not as the leads)but turned it down to be on BB instead! They mentioned this earlier this Summer. Not sure if true

      • Can you even imagine her being on that show and competing against all those other girls for one guys attention, when she expects to be the center of every guys attention? No prize $$ on there either.

      • If she is the Bachelorette, it would be like 25 guys competing for her affection. Nicole is pretty and I think she will be a good Bachelorette. In the Bachelor, one guy and 25 women vie for his affection! I like the Bachelor in Paradise (third show in the series) setup because they form couples and get to know each other better. Sometimes it works and a lot of times it does not! The problem being the guys and gals going to that resort for the wrong reasons.

      • Even when they had the girls alliance of 5 when Day, Michelle and Z would talk crap about Bridgette then Nicole would try to shut it down. She didn’t like all the drama and gossip. She even said her girlfriends outside the house don’t act like this.

      • I would’ve done the same thing, I can’t stand all the drama either.
        There is no reason to blame Nicole for not working with the other women if she found them unbearable to be around.

      • I agree. She’s been attacked by every player that has been evicted except for Paulie. And some of the disgusting hateful comments on this site make me want to vomit. It’s fun to go back and forth about the game and how they’re playing whether you agree or disagree but some comments are just disgusting. Half the time I read the article and skim over the comments because it’s getting so nasty. Not even fun anymore.

      • I don’t hate her, in fact I voted for her for AFP, but like James, she was given a second chance and did the same thing all over again. She got involved in a showmance and spent the summer trying to create a love connection rather than playing the game. Now in the final days she wants to play. Well I would rather see a HG who has been playing all summer get the prize. She and James learned nothing from their first go round so I have no respect for them and don’t believe either of them respect the game.

      • Thank you. That kind of is the same boat I have been in. I voted for James and was still voting for him the first of the season until I came to my senses and could admit I was wrong. Dingus is such a disgusting disappointment; she should be ashamed for the self disrespect and then her families respect! Neither have earned their vet status this season.

      • I think she’s been playing the game all season. She is always talking game, always thinking ahead, she plays strategic and not personal. She got Jozea out the first week when he was targeting her. She got Michelle out this past week when Michelle was gunning for her. She’s never been nominated. In fact I think she’s played the best game in the house. It’s not all about winning comps. So who cares if she’s in a showmance. She’s still playing the game. And there’s been tons of showmances. Hers isn’t the first one. In fact a perfect example is Jeff and Jordan. My favorite two people that have ever played.

      • I don’t agree that she’s been playing the game but that’s JMO. Jozea was voted out week 1 and Michelle was voted out last week what has she been doing all the weeks in between, other than huddling under the sheets with Corey. I have nothing against showmances but Jeff and Jordan and even Brendan and Rachel were showmances that turned into actual romances. They were people who really cared about each other. Nicole and Corey are headed nowhere. I never said that winning comps was everything, but she’s given up her social and competitive game to seek the fleeting affections of a man who has more or less proclaimed he will dump her after the show.

      • I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Doesn’t matter what weeks they went. They still went. They were her targets and she played her own HOH not like everyone else that does what somebody else wants. And she’s kept herself off the block the entire season when everyone has thrown her UTB. That speaks volumes for her game play. If you watch the feeds she is constantly talking game with Corey and strategizing. She did the same when she was in a bigger alliance. She’s never stopped playing from day one. She made the right decision by keeping Paul and getting rid of Michelle. And it’s already paid off with Victor winning and nominating Nat and James and not her. JMO

      • Yes we’ll probably never agree. I feel she played a better game her first time around I don’t get the feeds so I haven’t seen her strategizing much but understand your position if that is what you see on the feeds. She and James were both unsuccessful in their first season so I was hoping they would come into the game and play differently but was disappointed they didn’t even try to change it up.

      • That is the problem with people that don’t get the live feeds. We see things that aren’t shown on tv. We see all the things that do not get reported on sites. Lots gets missed and until you do see things..hard to understand that hgs are actually playing the game strategically. JMHO

      • There is a difference between disliking the way she’s played the game and the hatemongering others have shown towards her.
        That said, I disagree. She has played the game from the get go. She was a target from the start – heck one of the newbies threatened her with viction to her face during the first week. She has played intelligently enough (nobody is perfect) and is still there. Yeah, she has that silly showmance but it has worked for her. It gives her a player who will never target her. She is the 2nd best player in the game – only Paul has played better. (Paulie did for the 1st half but his game went boom).

      • While I may not agree with you, I will admit she’s played better than James. But frankly that’s not difficult. :)

    • Still wouldn’t have worked bcz if Victor didn’t come back Paulie would have and he was gunning for James. Ncorey and Paulie would team back up!

  6. How do you spell James? F O O L! He knows he can’t win it all or get 2nd place. This is another attempt to get AFP. Dumb, dumber, dumbest.

    • That could be true, I hope someone else gets it this year and he reads all the comments about him online.

      • I do too, but watch him get it. He’s one of the worst players in BB history and there have been quite a few

      • James will get AFP because he has a huge fan base like what happened to DWTS where the better dancers are eliminated while, those who cannot dance with two left feet are left in because of their rabid fans!

      • I don’t think so this year. I’ve never heard so many negative comments about him from numerous sites. I’ll be surprised if he does. I kind if think Victor might have this one.

      • If Victor isn’t one of the final 2, I’d say that’s a very good possibility. J/Nat think they have it in the bag.

      • Yes they do. She was even talking to “America” last night saying go to the website (which I’m not mentioning) and donate money so her cousin can go to college. Who does that?

    • I am so hoping he doesn’t get it. I believe he thinks he has it locked up. I would even prefer Frank got it over him. Sadly the polls on this site have him in the lead most weeks.

      • Dingus is now. For some reason, the past 2 weeks, she has started out much lower than James and gradually climbed over the next few days until she passed him. It’s very odd. There was a huge difference to begin with both weeks.

      • There must be a lot of people that vote and do not comment. :)
        I am going to see how well Victor does. So far my vote is for him.

      • Truly disappointing. Thank goodness this is a small percentage of America. I hope the rest is a smart enough to see through both Dingus and James.

      • Oh, me too .. by the way, not typing much cause this website slow, slow, slow, slow, slow for some reason! I am so aggravated! This took a long time to type!

      • I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you. I thought maybe you took the day off. I have to every now and then. Like today. I might be on later this evening, though.

      • Then again I worry about the people that gave Corey the care package. I will be voting Victor for AFP. He played the game.

  7. I can’t believe I was such a big fan of James last season. He is as dumb as he looks and when Natalie ignores him after the show his heart will drop. He should blame himself for his stupidity. I do hope that Natalie gives him a chance after the show, but at this point I really doubt it.

  8. He gave Clay such a hard time last season…

    Although I do hope Natalie wins POV. I don’t want Nicorey to control the votes.

  9. James your actions this season are very questionable. You a have a daughter and you are about to throw your game away bc you think its appeasing for america?? I hope you are not even top three afp voting and you will realize how much of an idiot you are.

      • Um. Yeah it is…

        I mean, college is expensive, no doubt, but there’s no reason to lie about it.

      • from College Data[.]com: “In its most recent survey of college pricing, the College Board reports that a “moderate” college budget for an in-state public college for the 2015–2016 academic year averaged $24,061. A moderate budget at a private college averaged $47,831.” Includes tuition and fees, housing and meals, book and school supplies, and personal and transportation expenses.

        Having said that, you win $500K, Uncle Sam takes about one-third of that right off the top, so we’re getting closer …

      • What about an Ivy League school? I do know it cost my son 22k for one semester where he went to college

  10. James was spineless from day 1. Can’t respect James in the game when he wants to give up and throw it to Nat when he should keep his eye on the prize and play for his daughter! James was a waste and please don’t ever never bring him back to waste the viewers time!!

  11. James was pathetic last season with the way he played the game and the wasted time he spent with Meg (I refuse to say showmance). This season he is SOOO PATHETIC! The way he has played the game, especially “throwing competitions”, and the sooo wasted time with Natalie (again I refuse to say showmance). He definitely DOES NOT deserve AFP!!!!! Hope we never see him again!!

  12. James please don’t do this. I was rooting for you all season and you let me down. Please don’t give up. Natalie will never seal the deal with you after the show. Would the real James we all know and love please step forward. If you do this I can’t vote for you as AFP as bad as I want to.

      • I think he is a decent guy and he doesn’t say f*** every other word and talk about people like they are dogs behind their back.

  13. I can’t wait to see this week’s voting poll. I’m hoping James dropped all the way to the bottom.

  14. No, I’m not surprised by James’ attitude. I pretty much expected he’d do this if he was on the block with Natalie. But he can’t honestly think she’s blameless in all this. Or is she just that good a manipulator? Because, yes, James made a critical error when he told Paul and Vic that Natalie wanted to keep Victor in front of Corey and while Nicole was just in the next room (and could hear everything they said), but Natalie still agreed to put them up on the block. She talked Michelle into following suit. She was the one trash talking Paul and Victor the past two weeks. Quite frankly, I’d rather see Natalie go before James because I’ve had it with her, so I hope Nicorey can swing that somehow. But we have to get through this Veto first.

  15. Terrible move or honorable decision? Depends on why he’s doing it. Falling on his sword for the love of Natalie (and to clear his conscience)? Then honorable decision. Because he thinks he’s a shoo-in for AFP? Terrible move. I doubt James will in AFP two years in a row.

    • I am wondering as well Jokers did not catch the conversation either….evidently she overheard somebody making fun of her…

      • She said he. I don’t think Vic would do that and right after that happened, there was a post about Doofus being asleep in Tokyo I’m assuming it was Paul, which wouldn’t be surprising.

      • Well boo hoo miss fake girl. You look kinda nice with none of that garbage on your face. If they didn’t all make fun of her out loud,am sure they all thought it. Sure don’t miss those cheesy high kicks & the cheerleader moves. Like,us,hey,look at me! Please don’t throw your game down the toilet for this bit of trash James. Run while you still can

    • Paul was called into the DR and he said something like “oh, do you want to talk to me about my meaningless convo..this was right after Nat had gone up to the HOH room and was apologizing..so she is pissed at Paul. You know how Nat makes everything about her!

      • Oh, good heavens! No wonder James was trying to change the subject. I can not imagining having to listen to that kind of malarkey for a lifetime. James is a desperate man if he is seriously considering a relationship outside the house. He should count his lucky stars that she isn’t.

      • Paul didn’t say “meaningless convo,” he said “medieval convo,” something him and Vic were talking about in the HOH room…but, Nat still made it about her anyway! And you are welcome!

      • Well don’t nobody tell her any different..If SHES PISSED AT HIM AND WANTS TO GET CRAP STARTED let her do it!!!! Otherwise it will be a very boring week

  16. I’m already preparing myself mentally for when James wins AFP over Victor so I don’t put my fist through a wall.

    Victor has given everything he’s got to be in that house while James does the opposite, as a returning player no less. Just unreal.

    • Vic is about as close to being in F2 as anyone could be right now, and, if he is, he can’t win AFP. If he’s not in F2, I bet he does win AFP. James was a cute newbie last year. This year he should have learned something and known better than to play the same game.

      • I’m not sure if I’m confusing it with survivor, but didn’t a BB winner also get AFP?

      • According to the site Trivia, Ian Terry is the only finalist to either win or be runner up for the award.

      • Yes Ian was runner up to Frank in BB14 for AFP but I don’t think anyone has won both in the same year. I don’t really know if it’s allowed or not. It has happened on Survivor more than once.

      • I sound like Mickey, hehe. I typed in Big Brother AFP award rules and got sent to an up-to-date wikia site. It plainly states that all finalists are eligible for the award.

      • Huh. That’s interesting. I mean, it’s never happened before, but it certainly gives the brain something to think about.

      • LOL I type in if players could win both and it sent me to Redditt. I also checked out all of the past AFP winners and read about each one. It told the week they were evicted and who won the game.

      • I’m not one of those that cry rigged all the time but I’m always suspicious of anything on all of these shows where America votes.

      • Me either, just the opposite, but there have been others posting on here today that the 2 F2’s are not eligible.

      • It really doesn’t make since and I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be eligible. AFP is AFP regardless if they win the game or not.

      • I’m with you. We had a debate every year at work when deciding on student awards. There were those who felt the most deserving student should get whatever awards they qualified for and there were those who argued one award per student. Same mentality today where every kid on a team gets some kind of award

      • That simply not fair to the ones who have worked harder to get where they are. I hate that idea that everyone deserves a trophy crap pc stuff. It’s ruining our children’s fight .

      • They seemed so sure that I went back and started checking for myself. Until someone comes up with some proof, I’m referring to the wikia page that I found. It seems to be reliable.

      • Yeah, it was Survivor.
        I checked and I did not know that Nicole was runner up when Donny won.
        Frank won AFP Ian’s year.

      • Ian Terry won Season 14 and was runner up for AFP. There has been no one that actually won AFP while F2, but they could have according to the wikia page.

      • The sad thing is that James and Nicole will probably get a lot of votes for AFP from fans of their previous season. Hopefully they don’t get enough to win AFP for just jumping out of a suitcase.

  17. James is a dupe and a horrible player. He’s as bad as Nicole and Z, who all should have been on The Bachelor, all looking for romance instead of playing this game (yes, Paulie was right that Z was chasing him like the stalker everyone wrongly claimed that Caleb was!). Nat has played him like violin, with NO interest romantically in him, and more interest with Vic (if you remember) who she would bed in minutes. Paulie was RIGHT — Jersey Girl is Trouble and a User. James wanted Meg, who rebuffed him, and now he wants Nat — that is his priority, and not good game moves.

    • James already got his 50 thousand..before he even entered the house..all of the vets did…plus the money he has been getting while being in the house..so he could care less about actually playing the game..he has already been paid.

  18. Man idk if it’s the show or just this season, but it has sucked bollocks so bad! At first I thought “it’s just me” loosing interest. But hell what does it say, when the Vets or “returning players” don’t even care to play or have any interest in the game?

  19. James sucks at this game, so CBS, please don’t give him any more opportunities to play. Having said that I hope he goes through with his plan to get himself voted out because there is no way he deserves to move ahead. And please America don’t vote this guy AFP again.

  20. It’s stupid! James gets so caught up in a girl he makes stupid game moves and is blind to what is going on in the house. He did it with Meg, now Natalie.

    • He might do better just by changing jobs from a men’s prison to a female institution. Most of them aren’t guilty, right? And he could take a lot of time getting to know them.

      • They’d eat him alive. Don’t give him any ideas, he’ll be talking to the feeds next asking to be on Orange Is The New Black.

      • K, lol

        I’m certain he has already thought of this but must have been rejected. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so desperate.

  21. Weird question,I commented on another post 18 minds ago & got a notice :hold on,this is being checked by BBnetwork first”. This after 50+ posts. I didn’t swear or be political or whatever it is they need to check. Does this happen often?

  22. James never knew how to play BB his first go around and surely never learnt anything from it..He deserves to go and HOPEFULLY they do not bring back this pathetic individual to seek for another showmance..Pathetic pathetic and hope like “H” people are not crazy enough to vote him fan favorite for doing absolutely nothing but chase Gnat around like a lost pup all season .

    • He became enamored with America’s Favorite Player. That’s all he shot for.

      Maybe he thinks he’s going to get it again, the reason he threw pov away

  23. I find this absolutely hilarious!! Everyone INCLUDING James made fun of Clay for doing this last season and now HE’S doing it???? HILARIOUS!!!! I said it last season and I said it Day 1 of this season, James is a horrible player and is just gonna mess everything up! And yup, he did just that.

  24. Honestly I can say this- James was never cut out for Big Brother. He plays more on his emotions rather than with strategy. He’s good at comps but that’s just it. As for him quitting I’m mixed. Yeah it’s stupid to quit at final 6 but at the same time would he have won anyway? He’s played a weak strategy and is pretty much there for pranks and women. Look I get having fun in the house but you need to play a game, this isn’t summer camp Jimmy. Paul and Vic may be goofballs but atleast they’re playing the game too. James I get you want to get a wife so you can have a mom for your little girl, but Big Brother isn’t a bachelor pad. And honestly if he goes home I can only praise him for going farther than his previous rank. But honestly I have to say James Huling while he’s a nice guy and a good beer buddy, is just that a beer buddy. Not really cut out for this game.

    • His daughter has a mother…so I have to disagree with u on that…But James BB time this season has been a waste…again I will say that BB 18 has been the season of stupid.. for several of the HGs not just James…and I don’t see no man throwing away a possible win of $500,000 for a girls (fake) phone #….hmmm hmmm stupid stupid stupid..

      • Yeah my bad. Though i find it funny that his daughter’s mom was in a video message for him, despite the fact they weren’t ever married.

  25. am i the only one who feels James is wasting his time and game to get a girl that has no intentions of actually being with him? Like i feel, like last season, he is gonna be left with a regretful heartbreak. :/ but then again romance on BB is a long shot.

    • No. No you are not. From the day she settled on James as her third showmance option, you have not been alone. It’s just a slow burning dumpster fire.

    • I think James will be waiting in the jury house for Natalie and she may never show up. If she does, it may be Paulie she will go after if Z is still not talking to him.

      • You are so correct. She seemed to be obsessing over him, and he was sending out all the clues. He’s just as the one he called out!

  26. I just read that Elissa Slater is the only AFP female recipient to not be blond. This means Nicole has a huge chance of getting it this season.

  27. Does anyone know what Natalie overheard Paul saying? Was it about her? I never really know with Nat.

    • from bigbrothernet tweets
      2:10:12pm – Why Natalie is so upset with Paul. She misheard something that Paul had said as him mocking her. #BB18
      Paul got called to the DR and said “Why? You gonna ask me about my midevil conversation (he had been discussing medivel stories in the HOH room….Nat thought he was mocking her and said “meaningless conversation” (when she had gone to Paul and Victor and talked about mistakes she had made in the game).

    • He’ll to the no it wasn’t about her. She is now Paulie cray cray.

      Paul was asking what the DR wanted him to talk about, his medieval something.

      Natalie thought it was about her.

  28. Hey yall If u can go watch Michelles After Show interview with Jeff was interesting….then Derrick shows up..also interesting…Watch if u get a chance…

  29. Jamesie must not have heard the Beattles singing, “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.” Dumbest move ever. BB better not ever bring someone back as lame as him. Moreover, Survivor, “Just Say No to James!” I love Survivor and don’t want to have to boycott!

      • Those who would be clueless, possibly. But don’t want to find out. Moreover, he wants to be on Amazing Race. JUST SAY NO AMAZING RACE.

      • There are some things on Amazing Race I’m not sure James could do. Some things are a lot tougher than standing on a wall for five hours.

      • agree. this simple odd little man needs to just get back to real life. find a stable way to make a living then hope to find the lady of his life. enough of hoping being on a TV show will provide for his future. he’s nice but no different than a million other ordinary men moving along with their lives.

      • its like a lot of these people who go on reality shows and come away convinced that they’re now a celebrity and try to milk it forever. Kudos to those who come, play the game, hopefully win some $$ and get back to real life. James your time is up!

      • for God’s sake-YES! Let’s hope these hamsters read some of our posts. we are real people just like them. but with higher functioning brains due to not being stuck in that house. we do love them,wish them all well & our comments contain plenty of wisdom. but plenty of crap too. hoping we can somehow help them re-enter the real world.

      • I know, but TAR needs someone who will not be throwing comps and actually want to win the game. Survivor casts mostly good looking and athletic people and unfortunately he is not either.

    • God is he the weakest player. It’s agonizing to watch him grovel, begging for crumbs from her table. I can’t enjoy it, because it’s too pathetic even for schadenfreude.

    • they should never bring anyone back. except for all the first house guests out each season. Who was Glenn really? Who were all those 1st out the door losers? That might be something worth watching!

  30. Are they going to re-decorate the house for this Over The Top edition of BB? I don’t see how they will possibly have time..I don’t think I can look at that Tokyo room for 10 more weeks! That room is horrible!

  31. I thought James was doing ok at first. He worked against Frank, was laying low but seemed aware, had a partner, and was working (I think) on being part of the “girl talk” alliance, where he could do well at comps. But the girls got creamed and it seemed to deflate him.Believing he can’t win, I very much agree he is trying to get every nickel he can out of the show and future appearances and hopes that being the chivalrous sad sack will get him America’s favorite money.

    • so true everything you said. dammit James,only God or suddenly growing a brain will help you now.

      • I can’t imagine Production wanting to save him. He’s a far cry from AFP and his lack of game is cringeworthy. Time to end the suffering- his and ours!

      • I’m okay. Still trying to adjust not having a big dog taking up space on our love seat. She owned that thing! haha

      • Well take comfort in knowing that in the beginning it is difficult, but over time it gets easier. Memories never fade. Sleep well. Nite

    • Joni on YouTube people have put together with music Zaulie videos. Some are well done and, if you didn’t know any better, one would think this is the greatest love story ever told. It’s a shame it had to be just as fake as Natalie’s FTs.

      • Oh lordy…seems it was one of those “it was fun while it lasted, but now it’s over!” hahaha

      • I’ve not gotten to that one yet! I can just imagine what that one will be like after seeing the Zaulie ones, which were hilarious!

      • I feel like I need to go to AA,to detox from BB. LOL

        I have been reading / watching stuff almost nonstop. BB IS driving me mad. Can I blame Natalie and Jamesie? ??

        Correct me if I’m wrong, Natalie would still be in the house had she not paid that visit to Victor and Paul where she proceeded to blame Jamesie for her demise? ??? But yet early in the season she said essentially that they made their own decisions. What’s wrong with this girl, let me see: paranoia; jealousy; conceited; I’m too pretty;

        I think Zakiyah being a drop dead gorgeous girl had all the boys tongues wagging, caused all these girls to lose their minds.

      • Ahahahaha. Natalie is just covering her own butt and doing damage control. That’s it. She still going to the jury house this Thursday! haha

      • Paulie will absolutely die when he sees them. He totally forgot his fiance would more than likely be viewing all. And he suddenly became concerned about his professional appearance. What. A Guy

  32. James, James what a fool! You are never going to have a real relationship with that girl, she is a complete phony! She talks about Corey and Nicole screwing them, when Natalie was trying to send Corey home the week before, that’s why Nicorey didn’t trust them.

    • Natalie acts like everybody needs to be loyal to them but they don’t have to be loyal in return. I still can’t believe Michelle thought for one second that Nicole was going to keep her.

  33. Let’s remove Natalie from the equation. James knows he made poor game moves and he is the ultimate target of 4 out of five players. He also trusted, almost a kinship with Nicole (he said this at the beginning of the game) and she would never betray him. And she did. That has to sting. The vets agree this season had a different vibe, a more cut throat one. If Natalie benefits from his eviction, let it be. It’s that simple.

    • In that case, why come on BB? What, if things don’t go your way you pick up your toys and leave? I can think of a number of players who,if they were in that situation would not give up but would look at what angle they could pitch to the HoH and others OR who would do their best to win veto and then the next HoH.

    • Nicole didn’t nominate him or Natalie and even though she is playing with Vic and Paul does James really know this.
      James trusted Nicole and she kept her promise, but now will be evicting him and he finally will realize what a mistake he made. Unless Nicole chooses to evict Natalie instead and gain his trust again.

    • Are you justifying his foolish rejection of $500K for the sake of bragging rights to cuddling with an NFL cheerleader in a bumper car?

  34. Oh please. Fans gave up on James weeks ago. I could care less if he throws in the towel at this point.

    • holy crap,just checked live feeds & this site as well. last post from Matt was at 4pm. I am so sick of fish & reruns. for God’s sake CBS give us paying customers some kind of news!

  35. I think James thinks that if he takes Natalie off, then Victor could put up Nicole as a replacement. James would just have to convince Paul that Nicole is the bigger target (which she is) and he could get her out now as she has a chance of winning. It should be obvious to Paul that if James is willing to take Natalie off the block and essentially send himself home, then he is not playing the game and is more focused on Natalie and therefore is less of a threat. If James or Natalie leave, it’s going to be so boring because we know what will happen next.

    • I don’t think so..that is usually an HOH comp. It’s probably something that each HG had to do individually..those seem to take forever. They were thinking it may be BB Comics.

  36. Darn. It had to be Corey.
    These guys need to get rid of him before he goes to end.
    Corey Definitely does not deserve to even be in the F6.

  37. Natalie is a big girl and made her own choices. I guess I am just disappointed. James has a kid and I would hope most people would realize what you could do with that kind of money to help your daughter’s future in the off chance he won. Any chance is better than no chance for me. Not a lot of relationships from BB make it. Even if they have feelings its not so simple out of the house.

  38. James lost his game during the dual HOH by wanting Natalie to put up Victor and Paul. It may have seemed to be a logical move at the time, to try to knock out a powerful player, but it backfired. James ended up being the swing vote end evicted Victor. Now Paul was against him. Victor came back and is now against him. Had had voted out Paul, then Paulie would be back in the game thus replacing one arrogant P with another. Victor would be against him and Paulie would have teamed with Corey and Nicole so it would have been 4 against 2. Giving the HOH to Nicole was a dumb move. I’m sure he would have gone after Paul and Victor again which would have been questionable but had a chance of doing a little damage.

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