‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our final Big Brother 18 noms of the week and we now have the latest Big Brother spoilers for our Week 11 Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Veto holder had the chance to change up the noms and force renom to potentially shuffle the week’s target. Read on to find out what happened and who are the final nominees for Big Brother this week.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 11:

  • Corey decided to not use the Veto
  • James & Natalie are this week’s final noms

No surprises here as any move by Corey would have sent Nicole to the Block which he obviously wouldn’t want. I doubt she would have been in any danger, but it’d make no sense and only rock the boat. It was never even a consideration though so dismiss the thought.

Now we’ve got Natalie and James on the Block with three votes out there this week and I’m expecting Nicole, Corey, and Paul to vote together on whatever they decide by the end of the round. Right now the vote is set to go against Natalie but if something crazy happens then we could see another shift, but it would have to be extreme for Nicole and Corey to give up on this plan.

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      • I like Natalie! It’s not often a super gorgeous girl is as sweet and kind as she is! She clearly cares about James a lot! She didn’t go for “The good-looking athletic macho guys” like Paulie! She likes the “good guy!” I respect that!

      • No…. not really. Well the live feeds no not at all and after Dark occasionally but not recently. But I did see on the last episode what people we’re talking about with Natalie. The game gets the best of people! Yes she was all over James but for the most part of the game, the better part of the game she has been a good person. Why let one thing affect people’s judgement on her? And she’s right, she did listen to him. Yes she is an adult and can make up her own mind but at the same time she was listening to a vet, a vet that she cares about and Trust. But James just made a mistake is all. She will get over it :-) they will be fine! Aside from that she’s been a really good person in my opinion throughout the game from what I’ve seen anyway. Nobody’s Perfect!

      • Super gorgeous? To each their own. I find her face completely average. At best. Not that that matters, but you brought it up first, so…

    • I think it could shift when Vic and Paul tell Nicorey about their conversation with James. What is disturbing to me is that Natalie , which seems like the 100th time, is still ragging on James about how this is basically all his fault and she knew she should have stuck with Paul and Vic. Damn, we get it Nat, but why not take some of the responsibility for your own decisions and get off this man’s back. For everything she says semi nice to him, she starts zinging him. It’s awful in a way.

      • Yep, you’re right. When you turn 18 you’re responsible for your own decisions. It’s time to quit the junior high mantra “the devil made me do it” and the rest of the blame game. Nat really could get along well with Paulie; neither of them ever does anything wrong on their own.

    • When you get to vote who you think will go the one that has the most votes will leave the house that what happens Natalie will go
      to jury they know if they do not get Natalie out she will win the games because most of the jury members like her.

      • I would say she has 2 votes of the 5 current jury members ‘ Bridget and Meeche. Not Paulie, Day or Z. Day said in one of her eviction interview she was pulling for Vic or Paul. Z will vote with DAy

      • It would just depend on who she sits next to when it comes to Day’s vote. I think Zak would vote for Nicole over anyone else, not sure about the rest.

  1. I want James evicted, Paul to win HOH and put Dingus and Doofus OTB. Not that I am fond of Gnat, but she would work with Paul and Vic to get rid of the other Dingdoo next time. Not saying any of it will happen, just what I would like to happen.

    • I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that Gnat will be leaving supposedly. I can see the benefit of having either one around and to be honest, I don’t see James working with Nicorey again unless they win HOH and put up both Victor and Paul.

      • If James wants a shot at th00k then he better work with them b/c he might beat them in a Final 2 vot Same with Nic/Corey. I they win HOH/veto next week they have to target Paul/Vic al or no deal. Paul/Vic can afford to be loyal to whoever they want b/c they likely got the votes no matter what. The only question for those two is does Vic have the balls to cut Paul at Final 3 HOH or is he willing to be the next Cody.

      • I willing to go out on a limb here and say that Paul and or Victor may not make it to the F3. Shocker I know but there is a lot that can happen between now and then.

      • My husband eats about 3 half gallon containers of ice cream every dad blame week, and he’s lean. I look at it and I put on weight. So I stopped looking at it. I use a blindfold when I eat it.

      • I think James would play the middle until he sees what happens with the HOH, then he would go with the power. But I have a feeling if one of Dingdoo were evicted, he would really want to work with the other one over Vic and Paul.

      • That’d be ok. I’d prefer Gnat over Dingus, but we know either she or James is leaving this week.

      • Yes, they are, and I’m not talking about their natural nasally voice, they both add the unnecessary whine in which makes it ridiculously annoying.

    • At this point I just want the eviction over, whoever goes, and move on to next round because it should get interesting as V/P and Nicorey turn on each other

    • Ksjb I see more fans want James out over natalie so big brother needs that too happen plus there has only been1 vote flipaulie this season Tiffany vote flip

      • I have no idea who the majority would like to be evicted. I hope Matthew has a poll that asks 2 questions:
        1. Who do you want to be evicted?
        2. Who do you think will be evicted?
        I enjoy polls even tho’ they aren’t precise. I’m a numbers freak.

    • but after recent conversations with Natalie I am not sure Paul & Victor wanna work with her…

      • But I think she would come closer to working against Dingdoo than James would. he might surprise me.

    • “Dingdoo!” I like that! I love how every season you come up with these wonderful surnames for these HG’s!

      • Thanks for having a sense of humor with my playing around with nicknames. Some Dingdoo lovers take it personal. Kind of late in the season, but it’s easier to type than Dingus & Doofus. By the time anyone knows who the heck I’m talking about, the season will be over.

      • I knew from the start who you were talking about when you typed “Dingus and Doofus” for the first time! I am going to keep my feeds and watch the on-line Over the Top BB…should be interesting!

      • I hope it is a really good season. After the holidays, maybe I can find it and watch, if you all give it good reviews.

      • Lavendargirl you must be a natalie hater are you talking natalie being gone before jury

      • No not before jury. Just earlier. Lol. I don’t hate anyone but I just don’t like her. The first few weeks she was okay but after a month of watching her on the feeds she’s very into herself and always plays the victim.

      • Oh I totally agree. I’ve said that numerous times when people make very nasty hateful comments. I just don’t like the way she’s acting in the house. She blames everyone for everything. I’d like her a lot more if she’d just own it.

      • Just like we can’t say the in-house Natalie is the same as the real-world Natalie, you can’t say that the real-world Natalie isn’t the same as the in-house Natalie. Nobody knows either way. She’s shown signs of things subtle enough to indicate she just might have that in her personality, in or out of the game.

    • NFL! Every season I see ppl say how boring this or that season is and now for the first time I am feeling it. I use to be glued to my live feeds and spoiler streams but this year has been so off. It had potential but just never really got there….

      • yet bb producer had chance do something big!bb usa wouldnt neverr do triple ellimination like bb aussie-canada!

      • Time Show Adults 18-49 Rating/Share Viewers (millions)
        7 p.m. ABC Fall Preview Special (ABC) – S 1.1/5 4.00
        NASCAR Sprint Cup (NBC) (7-11 p.m.) 0.8/3 4.34
        60 Minutes (CBS) 0.6/3 7.22
        The Simpsons (FOX) – R 0.4/2 1.09
        7:30 p.m. College Football (ABC) (7:30-11 p.m.) 3.0/12 10.46
        Bob’s Burgers (FOX) – R 0.4/2 1.12
        8 p.m. Big Brother (CBS) 1.3/6 5.22
        The Simpsons (FOX) – R 0.5/2 1.28
        8:30 p.m. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) – R 0.5/2 1.20
        9 p.m. Family Guy (FOX) – R 0.6/2 1.40
        Madam Secretary (CBS) – R 0.3/1 2.94
        9:30 p.m. The Last Man on Earth (FOX) – R 0.4/2 1.05
        10 p.m. BrainDead (CBS) 0.3/1 2.33

  2. Matt, Just wondering if you could do two polls … one for who people want to be evicted and one for who will be. Everyone seems to take their own approach to the one question and often are answering who they would like to see evicted than who they think will be. It would also be interesting to see the comparison of those two questions.

  3. I called it an hour ago. There is a shift. Like I knew he would, puppet master Paul told Nicorey about his talk with James and Nicole is entertaining evicting him because Nicole believes he threw her OTB. Mind you, Paul swore James to secrecy, especially to Nat about not repeating their conversation. Paul is still the puppet master and has a very, very good chance of winning if he makes it to the end.

  4. By the way how this game is setup now. If Paul doesn’t win the next HOH, then Himself and Victor doesn’t win the veto as well, than Nicole is 99.9% guaranteed a spot in the Final 2 because of that bullshit agreement that she and James had before entering into the house.

  5. Whichever way the vote goes, at least James “wins” a few days peace from Nat’s incessant nagging and whining and constant Me Me Me-ing. I am an Old, but omg these girls w/ the high sing-songy whiny nasal voices really get on my nerves.

  6. Good Lord…watching Corey, Nicole, Vic and Paul eat whatever they are eating in the BY right now is like watching four cows graze in a field! Shove that food in those mouths..especially you, Corey! Plus, they are being so mean and nasty where James and Nat are concerned right now…Nicole has turned into one fiesty player this season!

  7. I think James will leave mostly because he wants to leave and will ask to be evicted.

    • I don’t think they will evict him..just to be mean..because that is the mindset they are all in right now.

      • No one is going to stop watching at f5 just because someone they like goes lol.

        Plus she always uses that annoying FAKE high pitch voice during challenges and confessionals

      • I feel like they casted female players this season based on annoying voices. Nicole, Bronte, Natalie, even Michelle depending on which tone she’d use, and same for Zakiyah and Davonne, and if you felt Bridgette’s little “cute” thing was fake, that could sound annoying too. Tiffany was the only one who didn’t seem to have an annoying voice.

        But especially the first three mentioned — Nicole, Bronte, Natalie.

      • I think they will evict Natalie for game play not just to be mean. She has the better chance to win HOH and that’s what they’ve been discussing. Too late in the game to be evicting for personal reasons.

      • When they were sitting around calling Natalie a “bitch” and just being mean..that’s personal to me. My opinion. I don’t like the power trip Vic and Paul are on right now..hope it comes back to bite them in their rear..would love to see James win HOH this week. But, unless it is an endurance..which I doubt it will be..he won’t.

      • I don’t like the name calling either. I agree that part is personal. But they are going to get rid of whoever they think has a better chance at winning HOH. Paul has been on a power trip this entire season.

  8. Question, there is a lot of talk of Nicole and James having a preseason alliance. Is that a known fact or are people just speculating?

    • I speculate. There was little hints on the show with James and Nicole mentioning production wants this or that. James was telling Victor something about production wanting for him to… and then on Jokers they said it went to fish. I just think production tells them what to do with nominations and voting. I guess we will never know for sure, but sometimes the HGs let things slip. Shelly had mentioned somethings about it and Brendan also mentions production so they should know what’s going on.

  9. This season almost feels rigged. I mean, it does feel rigged. James and Nicole both in showmances and both being so close outside of the house means once it is down to 10 people, they basically have the numbers to sway any which way they want.
    Victor and Paul never really stood a chance at this point. I am sure there is a way out of this, and I am going to sit here and think of one for my own sanity, but it is ridiculous that Nicole and James are so close outside the house to the point that they will always defend each other and their showmance. There is literally nothing the boys can do.
    I am actually not the biggest fan of Paul. I think he is playing great but I am not so bitter about his eventual send off. But the idea that he can’t out play this situation that he never created is frustrating.
    Obviously the smart answer would have been to send Corey home over Paulie. This would have allowed Paul to remain in PP with Paulie, Victor would have been a part of that and they would have still maintained control over Natalie, James and Nicole with Michelle being the important member to recruit up. Which wouldn’t be difficult as she loves Victor and can at least appreciate strategy. But this couldn’t have been known as James is with Nat and Nicole and she has Corey’s ear and they stood no chance.
    Bringing people back who are in a close friendship outside the house ruined this season. It may have been okay but I guess production didn’t see the obvious conclusion that both James and Nicole are basically just playing a Big Brother dating game and would eventually end up as 4.
    Sorry for the rant.

  10. Having returnees come back is fine. If they come back against newbees though, they are at a huge advantage:
    ideally, they will have learned from what their social mistakes were the past game and have worked on correcting them
    they know what to expect in general going in: it’s not a new feeling
    they probably will be getting production help in the form of things like leading diary room confessionals. Production brought them back because they felt they were good TV, so they’ll be trying to help them so long as they give them ratings
    the potential “starstruck” newb effect where the newbies want to align with their heroes. Jeff Kent and Paul situations (where they try to turn people against the vet / vets) are much more rare.
    potential production twists that could help the vets, who have proven to bring ratings.
    potential for pre-game alliance, although it’s unclear how beneficial this is overall. I think it works better for BB than Survivor as BB is a slower moving game that seems to benefit being in a majority (i.e. controlling HOH’s) while Survivor is at a much faster pace and things can shift more rapidly as plan changes at tribal council can immediately change the game.
    Vets can come back, but it’s probably for the best if they came back only on all-vet type seasons.

      • Corey is so boring and what pisses me off that natalie is getting evited before Corey . Atleast natalie had the guts to make a big move by getting out victor while Corey has done zero his 5,000 bribe was stupid and gave to victor who was already going to vote out Michelle.

      • Natalie’s a whiny brat who plays the victim way too often. The more I watch her, the more I wish one of the vets was Evel Dick because as much as I hate him, I would’ve loved to see how she survived the season with him. Of course, I all ready know the answer – SHE WOULDN’T.

      • The Vic bribe is called Friendship! they all knew how Vic would vote but they also knew if the 5,000 wasn’t used, it would die. Vic needs the help outside the house. Corey is not lacking for money.Friendship!

      • His $5k bribe was just to get the sitting ducks to appreciate them more. I doubt that Corey is on Vic’s hit list! And I don’t care about Paul so….
        Anytime someone talks to Vic Paul has to put in his comments. Comments that usually come back all about himself! In my opinion I wouldn’t want to know him outside of this game! He’s such a one-up & name drop person from what we see on BBAD; which BTW wasn’t on tonight! Fack!

    • Are you crazy? There are way more Corey haters than Natalie haters on here. And I personally think it should be the other way around.

    • I don’t hate Nat but she talks like a baby & pretends she’s not that bright.
      She’s an ER nurse…. She’s got something up there & I wish she’d start to use it. Without the whinny voice tho! For real! Ok?! So someone ask production to let her know it’s annoying. Ok? Cool! Anyone?!

      • She’s an event coordinator, unless she’s lying about that. Nurses don’t need to have a lot up there anyway. Somebody needs to ask her to stop saying “literally” all the time.

      • She’s an ER nurse & it’s nice to know how disrespectful you are to their work.
        Nurses have at least 4 years education if not more esp for an ER nurse.
        You should do your homework before trying to correct someone. Even she would probably check things out before commenting.
        Just saying……. ?

  11. I think big brother sucks because someone like Corey always goes far then they should not

  12. There are so many blocked comments on this thread, I’m having to dig for conversations…lol.

  13. I didn’t think it was possible, but Natalie has been talking nonstop for a while now. Paul – PAUL, the guy Zingbot cussed out because he never shuts up – can barely get a word in edgewise.

  14. Sad!! I really wanted James to win it & take Natalie off the block. He would have for sure! He’s just that good of a guy. Sad to see one of them go this week!
    although I don’t dislike Paul or Victor! Either or in my opinion deserves to win. Especially Victor! I usually don’t want someone to win that came back in the house after being voted out but in this case he deserves it. Twice he battled a hard battle to get back in the house and while in the house he has played a good game! & Paul seems like a good guy!? He’s played a good social game also. I wonder if he knows he’s playing for second!?
    if Cory or Nicole our final two I think I might throw up! But that would mean they would have to win quite a few comps still and I don’t see that happening!

    • James will never win anything unless production helps him. He has been the worst male player this season, even more than Corey who has actually won a few comps.

    • In my opinion if it wasn’t Victor that came back in it could’ve been anyone else that had been voted out.
      It would’ve been another houseguest & I think if it was anyone else other than Victor you may be singing another song?
      What do you think? Be honest.
      I’ve started to kind of like Victor but there’s still something annoying about him. Can’t put my finger on it!

      • Don’t quite get what you mean. I would be singing another song as in not liking James and Natalie anymore?
        Or …..
        Yes for sure if Victor did not come back I would be singing a different song because it would be a completely different game.

      • Okay I guess it helps to remember what I initially said LOL yes being honest if it was anyone else that came back I would want them not to win but that’s because or I should say I think Victor should win because he came back twice. He thought his way through a lot of people to get back in. Had it been someone else then yes I probably would be singing a different tune :-)

  15. just reading some of the comments. Why the hate for Natalie? I love her attitude and I think she’s such a good positive person. Not many pretty girls are like her! I know she said a few times ( only from what I’ve seen on the episodes) to James that they should have voted out Cory but she wasn’t mean about it in my opinion! & hindsight being 2020 she is right but it doesn’t sound like she’s being a total bitch about it to him?
    AND James is staying this week?
    AND what conversation did James have with Victor and Paul that might shift the game?
    AND OK Natalie maybe harping on James too much but aside from that, why all the hate? did I miss something?

    • Nicole wants to be the last girl and she convinced Victor and Paul. Mostly Vic because Paul, Corey and Nicole don’t like Natalie. I hope things change by Thursday.

      • Yes she has, but people who only watch the broadcast shows don’t see how rotten she’s been so they think people who are upset with her are overreacting. People who have live feeds have seen what a royal bleep she has been to James all week! And the way she threw James UTB to Vic & Paul was terrible…

      • I get that you and KSJB are just trying to have a little fun, but honestly, responding to hard-to-read and badly mispelled posts from Mickey, with more hard-to-read and badly mispelled posts, isn’t helping. It just adds to the total count of posts that are annoying to even try to read. Just being honest. No disrespect intended.

      • I see that now, and I agree however like you said “this week”. Aside from that she has been a very nice person to everyone and especially James! 3 months in that house does a lot to people as we all know. I think she’s handled herself very well up until this last incident. I don’t think it is the reason for everyone to turn against her on social media.

    • A lot of the negative comments come from people who have live feeds. Trust me, if you did…you would see a different side of Natalie. She has been berating James nonstop for the decision to evict Victor…and is completely forgetting her own part in it. SHE is the one who nominated him to begin with! Furthermore, she also played a huge role in talking Michelle into targeting Paul rather than Nicole, but Nat seems to be conveniently forgetting all that and is placing the blame squarely on James. She has done this again and again and again in the live feeds.

      • I now know what you mean but my question is, was she doing this all season? Because from my understanding no she hasn’t. She’s been pretty level-headed and kind. So she had a meltdown, don’t they all? It just seems like everyone flipped on her over her one little breakdown. I don’t agree with it at all. But she’s been in the house for 3 months for the most part been calm cool and collected. People can’t be perfect 24/7. You know what I mean? She’s not a bad person! But yes I agree she was all over James and it was not fair.

    • She’s an idiot. (Like literally really stupid. Literally. Literally can’t stop herself from saying literally every sentence). She plays the victim, blames other people for her own actions. Pretends she knew something was a certain way all along when in reality she’s just playing the hindsight game which is 20/20 as they say. She’s fake; you can’t tell me that weirdly always-smiling-while-talking high-pitched voice isn’t at least partially orchestrated. She doesn’t even seem to understand what appropriate hand gestures are while talking, but that’s just thrown in there for fun, it’s not important. She whines and cries and begs people to throw things to her. She likes James — how can you like James? (Kidding, but not kidding? I hate James. I admit bias here).

  16. I don’t understand all the very victor and Paul lovers out there. Paul is such a nasty guy. I’m not a prude but good lord is it necessary to say F*** every sentence every other word. That really says something about your lack of respect for others. I know most of them have said it at least once but Paul is really overboard with his language and never shuts up he is as annoying as Nichole and Natalie.

      • You don’t hear it on the CBS network but on BBAD and let be feeds so I don’t think it’s for ratings and think he can’t help himself.

      • College Football (ABC) (7:30-11 p.m.) 3.0/12 10.46
        Bob’s Burgers (FOX) – R 0.4/2 1.12
        8 p.m. Big Brother (CBS) 1.3/6 5.22
        The Simpsons (FOX) – R 0.5/2 1.28
        8:30 p.m. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) – R 0.5/2 1.20

  17. Hmmm… James has been on the show for 2 years and he still doesn’t know BB is a game. Not the brightest tool in the shed is he?

  18. I dont want to Natalie to go over james honestly. This is a bad move because i think James will be more likely to stick with Nicorey than Natalie

      • Big Brother 18 has been pretty quiet since Paulie Calafiore was evicted. The drama has been minimal, and the houseguests are pretty calm on the live feeds. A lot of sleeping happens, and that makes for a pretty boring ending to the season. There are three duos left in the BB house, and this week, one of them will be split up.
        James and Natalie will be sitting as the nominees for Thursday’s live eviction. It appears that Natalie will be voted out, but James still could be out the door if there is a last-minute change of heart. Nicole and Corey are going to be the deciding vote as they always vote together. In fact, NiCorey (Nicole and Corey) does everything together.Nicole has always been shy in the Big Brother house. When she was in her showmance with Hayden, there were boundaries. This time with Corey, she has none. The two were caught getting frisky under the covers more than once on the live feeds. Knowing that her mother is likely watching hasn’t stopped Nicole from eagerly pursuing Corey.The likelihood of Nicole being pregnant is slim. Big Brother would have her seeing a doctor and possibly have to pull her from the game due to increased risks to the pregnancy. When she talked with Corey about it, he seemed uninterested. He has already told Victor that outside of the house, he isn’t interested in anything with Nicole.
        Things in the house haven’t been the same, and they will continue to change from here. In roughly two weeks, the finale will air. The final two will have to face the jury members and plead their case about why they deserve to win. Nicole has a shot at getting to the final three, but the final two will prove to be more difficult. If “NiCorey” splits up and someone is sent to the jury house, her world would end. She is completely dependent on Corey for attention all the time. Nicole rarely has been seen without Corey expect in those special moments where they use the bathroom or do their diary room sessions.
        Rumors are going to swirl through the Big Brother house. It is a part of the game, and sometimes they are purposely leaked to the media to boost popularity. The ratings are good, and the show has been renewed for two more seasons. This season wasn’t perfect, but it was better than some of the earlier ones that were uneventful. There has been no update on the feeds about Nicole and her menstrual cycle, but if she is concerned, a doctor visit can easily be made by production.

      • I think she’s just desperately trying to hang on any way she can now that the show is winding down.

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