‘Big Brother 18’ Jury House Starts To Fill Up [POLL]

The Big Brother 18 Jury House is starting to fill up its roster and rooms as the season winds toward the September 21st finale on CBS. So far five seats have been filled with four more left to go before their big decision on who deserves to win the $500,000 prize.

Big Brother 18 Jury House

After the Jury Battle Back twist was complete we saw Victor Arroyo return to the house as the first four Jurors returned to their brief vacation home. Not such a bad deal. Well except for Paule who probably wants to be anywhere but there right now.

As the Jury continues to build its ranks we’ll be able to look and see which of the remaining active players has more potential support in their corner. Here’s who we have so far getting ready to return and cast their vote in a few more weeks.

Big Brother 18 Jury roster:

If we compare the Jurors list to the original teams and who we still have left in the game we’ve got Da’Vonne and Zakiyah from Team Big Sister with Paul left in the house. Category 4 (Team Frank) has been completely wiped out with Michelle arriving at Jury last week to join teammates Bridgette and Paulie. Team Unicorn (Team James) still has Victor, Natalie, and James left in the game and no Jurors, but obviously they’ll be down one by the end of the week. Team Freakzoids (Team Nicole) lost two players pre-Jury and now has its last two still active in the game.

There are several combinations for how the F2 could end up before we get a better idea of who will be filling the decision maker seats. Paul, Victor, Corey, and Nicole will definitely move on to the next round with either James or Natalie. If things go to the F4’s plan then the remaining half of Jatalie will be off to Jury as well. Should that work out we can start taking a stab at Jury votes for the final two possibilities.

These are very raw and early considerations below and we usually get some surprises by the end of the season when it’s time to vote so I wouldn’t put any of these suggestions down in stone, but we can still look at the options for some light fun.

Michelle wanted to see Natalie get to the end, but that is likely to be cut short this week. She’d probably like to vote for James as a backup but if that choice isn’t there either then she’ll be none too pleased to vote for the others. She called Victor a butt kisser on the way out but if she had to pick between him or Nicorey to win at the end I think she’d go with Victor or Paul. I’m expecting a bitter Juror with Michelle.

Paulie wouldn’t say who was playing the best game during our eviction interview but I would expect him to vote for either Nicorey over Paul or Victor. Victor got him out after he got Victor out but I don’t think he’ll give Victor any credit for the comeback move. Probably another bitter Juror here too.

Bridgette was impressed with Paul’s game so I’d see her more likely going for him or Victor over a Nicorey option. If her only two options were Nicorey then I’m not so sure she’d vote for Nicole after her situation where Frank and Bridgette decided she couldn’t be trust.

Da’Vonne and Zakiyah are both coming from Team Big Sister and even though Paul’s HoH led to Day’s eviction I think they’d both end up supporting him over Nicorey.

If Natalie ends up in the Jury I would not expect her to vote for either Nicole or Corey. She blames them for the consequences of her choices and told James if he aligned with either of them after she left then she’d never talk to them again. James probably wants to vote for Nicole then Corey second but if he’s too afraid to upset Natalie even after the game is over then he may bail on voting for either of them.

I don’t see a lot of paths to victory for Nicorey unless they arrive at the F2 side by side. When either goes up against Paul or Victor I think it’ll be a Sitting Duck victory this season. If either duo gets to the end together then we’d have a lot more thinking to go through for which way the votes will end up.

How do you think the Big Brother 18 season will turn out? If James and Natalie are both picked off who might win out in the end? Can Nicole or Corey beat either Victor or Paul at the F2? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Don’t wanna make a prediction till after next HOH or maybe the fast forward is done… one week tooo early to say..

  2. If victor wins bb 18 he will be the worst winner of all times because he was evited 2 times

    • Or the best winner fighting back after two evictions to win. Then again, I feel once evicted, you should stay evicted with no more battle backs or buy backs. How many times in the NFL has a team lost twice and came back to win the championship NEVER.

      • I agree that once evicted they should stay evicted, but we have to deal with the BB twists, so if he comes back from twice evicted and winning, then he does.

      • You’re not alone in thinking that once you’re gone, you should stay gone, but that option wasn’t available to the HGs this season. So given their opportunities, Victor chose to stay and fight, instead of quitting and running back to the jury house. He beat the odds – and should be rewarded for that, if given the chance.

    • I completely disagree. That’s how the game was set up this season, so if Victor wins, then kudos to Victor.

    • I don’t think he is worst ever. He was in a bad spot at beginning of game since Jozea messed up over half the newbies games. BB was never a game where you start an eight man alliance from the start. Production tried to make it a team game but the vets didn’t like that the newbies were going to come after them. His second one was due to James and Nicole secret alliance. It is obvious that these two have one.

    • He may be considered the best player of all time. It takes courage and hard work to battle back twice to get back in the game. If he’s sitting in F2, he deserves the win.

      • Big Brother is not a game of courage and hard work. It is a game of lying, deceiving, and backstabbing. Absolutely no Big Brother fans would call Victor Arroyo the best Big Brother player of all time for having the courage to win a comp.

      • Big brother takes a mix of skillsets, winning comps is one of them. He’s up to 9 comp wins and will probably hit his double digit mark before the season’s over. Another skill is aligning with the right people. He aligned with Paul who makes up for what he lacks in smarts and manipulation. He often says Paul is his social game but Victor seems to be a lot more likable than Paul and even when evicting him people tend to feel bad. I do think he’d be a lot more deserving than Steve who floated through his whole season.

      • Steve was not a bad winner IMO. He made every decision he made strategically and for good reason. The only people who think Steve is a bad winner are Vanessa fans, which is understandable. People now are still too salty about last season so they aren’t fully unbiased. Also Andy was a great player of Big Brother. Annoying? Yes. Rat? Yes, but that’s what he wanted to be. He actually did play an excellent game of Big Brother.

    • If Victor wins he will be in the lower tier of winners. He’ll be one of the Lisa Donahue’s or Adam Jasinski’s. I’d put him in the bottom 2-3. That’s based solely on gameplay, as you’re obviously not a great gameplay if you’ve lost twice, and the only reason you’re even still there is because you are the luckiest person in Big Brother history. I personally am not a huge fan of twists in the game, I dislike them almost every time they come up, but a large part of modern Big Brother is taking the twists in stride. You have to be able to get through the twists, as stupid as they might be, and Victor, albeit accidentally, has done that just about as well as anyone ever has. Another hugely important part of Big Brother is a bit of luck. It’s something you can’t control but you need some luck and by god has Victor Arroyo been lucky this year. When it comes down to it, if jurors vote non-bitterly and vote for who had the best gameplay, Victor loses. Jurors don’t vote like that though, so could Victor win? Absolutely. Should he? Depends on who he’s up against. The jurors like Victor and he’s in the absolute best spot in the house as of now. Don’t count out Victor

      • He made BB history with those wins to get back in the house. I think that will suffice to rank him a little higher than what you think. He will be remembered for exactly the reasons that you stated would rank him low.

      • I somewhat agree with you. There will be people in the future who will look back and say, “Victor wasn’t that bad, he did fight about as hard as anyone to win his season, but he was evicted twice.” For those Big Brother purists who don’t like twists, Victor will be last place among winners, but for those who appreciate a hard fought game Victor will be an Andy, Hayden, or Rachel level winner. His social game is nothing compared to some other houseguests, but his comp game is superb, and his strategic game is alright. Let’s face it, we’re not going to have a Dan, or a Derrick every season and we haven’t had a Dr. Will level player since, well Dr. Will. Some people will get really upset no matter who wins. As a Big Brother purist I don’t want Victor to win. For some reason I have a feeling in my gut that he will, but it’s not like a Victor win would ruin my life, you know?

      • Nor mine, no matter the outcome. It surely would be nice to have a few strong strategical players in one season. It might be overwhelming to the weaker HGs but it would be fun to see that type game again. I’d rather not have twists but I’d also rather not have returning players or family of past players.

      • A ton of strong strategists in one season is the type of season I wish happened every year. That’s the dream obviously but it never happens. The perfect Big Brother season for me has minimal twists, a ton of strategists who know what they are doing and will do anything to win the game, and is just plainly put, competitive. I want to see a “three month long power struggle” as they used to say, rather than one guy holding all the power every week.

      • How do we get BB back to when it was like that, more strategy, more entertaining, very stressful for the HGs and the fans…..not as much sleeping…unpredictable. That’d be nice.

      • I think it comes down to casting. They need big brother fans in that house, all of whom will do whatever they can, whenever they can to win $500,000

  3. I went ahead and put my vote down as Paul winning. I don’t like it and it is way too early for this but based on who is left in the game and who would have the best chance to make it to final 2 then the win I had to go with Paul. I feel somewhere down the road that Victor will get evicted over Paul before then.

    • I also voted for Paul. Some may not like his antics, but I personally think he is the most deserving to win out of all the players left

      • I wouldn’t say he was the most deserving but I believe he is the most hard playing player left in the house. He is good at comps and his social game isn’t that great but he has figured out a way to keep the target on him yet off of him at the same time which is feat in itself.

      • Yeah agree…there’s been away to much talk and no proof.. A bad conversation between the 2 didn’t prove anything except they were saying “If” they won..as in every season too many conspiracy theories…

      • I don’t believe it either. Why would Nicole say to him she was so happy to see him back in the house. If she would of made a deal before she would of never made that comment.

      • I believe that Nicole said in a TV DR session that she was surprised to see Frank and James both …I believe she voiced that..

      • I don’t buy it, either – not yet, at least. If we see Nicole and James start to make moves in earnest to keep each other safe, then maybe that will lend some credibility to that allegation. Till now, nothing seems to be heading that way.

      • James has said that he made a final deal with Nicorey at the very beginning of the game, not before it started.

      • They have a final 2 deal with Nicole and even a final 4 with Nicole, Corey and Natalie but the latter doesn’t matter anymore.Ever since the $10,000.00 gift/cash thing for the final 4 deal, people have been saying that these two had a deal going into the game before it started but there is no proof of that. I am not saying that they don’t, I am saying there is no proof of it.

    • If the reason why you think that is because of the 10K bribe incident, I definitely haven’t seen Nicole and James work too closely together for the past two weeks

      • That does not equal to them having a f2 deal preseason. Yes, maybe they knew each other from preseason so Nicole might trust James over Natalie but that doesn’t prove anything

      • Right, If you think about it, there’s really no certainty a deal will hold out whether it’s made pre-season, beginning or mid game, because of the twists and turn of the game. If they succeed, that’s because of their game play.

      • Because Natalie openly admitted that she wanted Cory gone over Victor and has been nothing but caddie. She has proven to be better than james at all comps with the exception of the endurance wall.

  4. I would like to see Victor win. Yes he has been evicted twice – because he is considered a tough competitor! He has won more competitions than any if you add in his victories to get back in the house. He has stayed honest throughout as well as loyal ( and considering where he is living and with whom that speaks volumes.)

  5. Can we add a “who cares because this season kinda stinks” button to the poll? This season was cast so odd!

    • It was like they chose contestants using eHarmony. No one older. No one interesting. Just a selection of hard bodies and the girls who are too weak to resist them. Soo boring and predictable.

    • I was thinking recently how great it would be if next season’s cast was ALL former winners of big brother.
      No one would be able to fly under the radar because they’ve already each won their season.
      Anyone else think that would make a hell of a season?

      • Yes it would! At least they would play the game! And many of them know each other well outside the house so the can predict each other’s game play and really could shake things up.

  6. My prediction at this point:
    F2 = Paul and Vic
    Votes for Paul = Michelle, Bridgette
    Votes for Vic = Da, Z, Paulie, Nicole, Corey, James, Nat
    I’m a little on the fence about Da and Z, but either way, Vic wins. Mixed feelings though because although Vic made the most of his opportunities and is a great competitor, he should not have been given these opportunities. Someone voted out twice should not be in the game over others who were not voted out all. The whole season has been overly produced, which is different than ‘rigged’, though understandable how it could be perceived this way. All jmo, thanks.

    • I don’t think the sitting ducks can make it to f2 that easily. If Nicorey wins HOH at f5 the ducks are going up. They would have to win a lot of comps from now on going forward. And why would we assume that Paul and Victor will definitely not cut each other at the end, especially if they’re in the f3 with someone like Nicole, who is unlikely to gather a lot of jury votes

      • All reasonable questions, but I think odds favor Paul and Vic in almost any comp. They work well as a tandem, and there have been no indications of a break in their alliance. ( This would be interesting but highly doubtful.) It may still be too early. I personally would like to see Paul win, but just don’t see that happening with this jury.

      • If we take Natalie out of the picture, since she is most likely evicted by Thursday, I think Paul can definitely win if he were in f2 with Corey or Nicole, has a chance if he is there with Victor, and will lose to James

    • I think if the final 3 are Pictor and Nicole, Paul will take Nicole to the finale with him and could probably beat her.
      I think Victor will stay true to his Paul alliance and will take Nicole only if Paul has been evicted. I expect Paul to turn on Victor and that would probably be best for his end game not to face Victor.
      I agree with your statement about this season possibly being over-produced, which is different from rigging :D

      • I think Paul and Vic would take each other to F2. The biggest wild card for me is James, which is why they should evict him instead of Nat. This is where production comes in, cause I’ve never seen Vic cave so easily to what others want.

      • In this instance I don’t see DR interference because Paul and Nicorey have disliked Nat for a while and she is the worst person for their game.
        Nicorey have no choice but to vote out Nat since they have that power and Nicole is her target.
        It’s certainly possible that paul and Victor would take each other to the finale, but both of them getting there might be difficult – they’ll be lucky for one of their duo to make it to the end but anything can happen.
        We’ve yet to see what Corey is capable of when he’s not throwing comps so there’s a small chance Nicorey could be big competition on the way to the finale.

      • If Paul picked anyone other than Vic he would be outed as the biggest douche of all time. Vic carried him to the end with his comp wins.

      • No argument there. But remember all the flack Cody got for not taking Victoria to the finale?

    • Although I don’t agree with all of what you said, I think you are right that Vic would win over Paul. Your characterization of the show as being over-produced is probably much closer to the truth than rigged IMO.

      • In the final analysis of this season, production should get as much attention and scrutiny as ANY HG. I don’t watch feeds all the time, but when I do, it’s more fish than anything else.

    • You think Michelle would vote for Paul over Vic? I think the only way she votes for him is if she’s not bitter, which I highly doubt. I also think Da, Z and Paulie would vote for Paul over Victor. Again, it would be if they’re not bitter.

      • I was guessing about Michelle being more drawn to less traditional quirky types like Ian and Steve. You’re right though, who really knows with her. I’m not sure what makes a ‘bitter’ jury though, or who ‘should’ win. You could make a valid case for Vic or Paul.

  7. Victory for Victor! After all he’s done to stay in the game, he deserves the win – regardless of who is in the other chair.

  8. If Nicole takes either Corey or James to the end she could probably win over them.
    I doubt she could beat Paul or Victor due to bitter jurors.

    • I think she will have a very hard time collecting jury votes against James. As much as we don’t like James I think he has done the best jury management out of all the remaining HGs

      • The only reason I think Nicole would win over James is because after Dr. Will (or whoever is in charge of jury tampering this year) explains to them why he thinks Nicole should win over james they will be blinded by his charm and vote for Nicole :D

      • But isn’t that the reason BB brings Dr. Will back to instruct the jurors about who deserves to win BB :D

      • Speaking of Will, great tweet from him today:
        Saw a guy at Starbucks this morning.

        No iPhone, no tablet no laptop.

        He just sat there. Drinking coffee.

        Like a psychopath.

      • Didn’t Day tell Nicole to get James out when she came back for Battle Back or am I misremembering?

    • Sadly, as Nicole has stated herself, I’m not sure if she could beat anyone in F2, even Corey!:( It will depend on how bitter/vengeful the mean girl jury stays, since they are all against Nicole winning anything while Corey seems to be well-liked by everyone with no enemies, thus far. We may not even have the possibility of Nicole and James as F2 now though, since according to what Nic was telling Corey today, Paul may be flipping back to evicting James this week instead! Now that’s something to be pissssssed about!

      • Oh I agree with you, because of the bitter, jealous female jurors I don’t think she’ll win either.
        The only hope I have for her is Dr. Will coaxing them out of their sulk when he meets with the jurors.
        If he can do that I think she can beat james or Corey.
        I don’t see her beating Pictor or all.
        I haven’t caught up at Jokers yet but even if paul changes his target to James he doesn’t have the votes to evict James because Nicorey want Nat gone first – which I agree with.
        Bratty Natty told james she’d never speak to him again if he worked with Nicorey after she’s gone. She’s blaming them for her eviction instead of Victor the HOH.

      • The girls are not the only ones bitter. I’m thinking Paulie would never vote for a woman. Never.

      • What does Paulie have to do with this particular jury of females? Since this jury will probably be majority female and these females are bitter and jealous it will end up in their hands who wins the game.

      • I agree with you. I liked Nicole but she latched on to Corey and was able to ride through the season protected by the guys. Now she’s riding the coat tails of Paul and Vic. She had a deal with James prior to the game to go to the end with him because they are friends in real life and she completely abandoned him and her other allies for a guy that won’t give her the time of day once he’s out of the house. So let down by her game. She deserves to win nothing. Not 1st, not 2nd, not AFP.

  9. Rarely do we see a HG play with such heart as does Victor. The last time we saw it was Ian & he won. So I’m hoping we’ll see a Victor win. After the last two seasons of disappointing winners (if you can even call them that!), we’re owed a winner we can be proud of.

    • Interested to know who did you want to win BB16? Derrick played very well with the skills that he had.

      • I was a Zach fan in 16 from the very beginning. He made the season for me, but, on the other hand, Frankie completely & thoroughly RUINED the entire season. He just made it hard to watch. Derrick is the worst winner out of all the seasons IMHO. He lied to US, the viewer, constantly in the DR & acted like he could rewrite history as it was happening as well as afterwards. Of course the season was kind of doomed from the beginning with that America’s Player business. Also was a Donny fan.

      • I liked Donny and Zach but they were never going to win — Donny too honest and Zach too Zach. Always interesting to hear other perspectives, good thing we don’t have to agree!

      • Yes, I agree. Though I do admit sometimes I’m shocked when others don’t agree with me! lol

      • Good to see that I’m not the only person that disliked Derrick and his style of playing BB.
        Diva Frankie did ruin the season for me as well and I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.
        This summer there was a BB Price is Right edition in prime time and when I saw Frankie was one of the contestants I immediately changed channels.
        Donny, Zack and Nicole were my faves.
        I rank the Derrick season right up there with BB15 as the worst ever. 3rd place goes to the Vanessa season.

      • OMG I heard about that & purposely didn’t watch it. He always pops up in the audience on various awards shows & such. And he was on CBB (Celebrity pffft!) this last season too. He’s the thing that won’t go away!

      • Surely CBS has to be aware of the overwhelming numbers of BB fans that dislike Frankie – intensely lol.

      • It’s hard to believe that people like Cody and Paulie love the guy…I don’t get it at all :D

      • I was a Haydden and Nicole fan. How a couple of years changes people’s opinion about someone. This season I can’t stand her. I also like Donny. I didn’t want Derrick to win at all, but he was the best player and deserved it.
        Frankie is a lost cause.

  10. I honestly don’t like speculating at this point in the game. Even at the Final 6, it’s still to early and there’s still too much game to be played. Sure, I can list each of the HGs accomplishments that they can use in their F2 speech, but knowing there’s still a ways to go, it’s impossible for me to speculate how a jury will vote.

    That being said, I’ve been a Nicole fan since BB16. And I like James as a person, but he can’t play this game and I’d honestly laugh to see him sitting in the F2. Corey’s okay, as a low key player, and he seems to be a pretty decent guy (and if someone throws that “animal abuse” comment back at me, don’t – Corey was only relaying a story, not spouting his personal philosophy). Natalie is a whiny brat, and I will gag if she’s sitting in the F2 (fortunately, she should be gone by Thursday). I can’t stand the kind of person Paul is, but he’s playing a great Floater game, which I can respect, so I won’t be upset if he gets to the end. Victor, in my opinion, has had too many chances at this game (compared to Frank’s single chance, for instance, Victor’s had 3 possible second chances), but he really does seem to be a nice guy and a great competitor, so I’ll be okay with him at the F2.

    • Re: Corey, you know if you stand by and just watch a crime being committed, you’re complicit if you don’t say anything. He stood by and watched. he thought it was funny. That says it all about what kind of person he is. He seems to have a habit of doing that. He stood by and watched Paulie’s horrible behavior and didn’t say anything. He’s stood by and watched Paul’s verbal abuse and didn’t say anything. In fact, he piled on. He latched on to Nicole despite saying he wasn’t interested in her beyond the show, and Thursday he threw her under the bus telling Michelle he didn’t have anything to do with voting her out, it was all Nicole’s choice. Anyone deserves to win more than Corey.

      • I nearly died laughing when Nicole roared COREY after Michelle told her that Corey blamed her for evicting Michelle.

      • Me too! Ha. I didn’t like how Corey handled that one bit-acting like whatever way the vote went was fine with him and putting all the blame on Nicole, not cool
        Another blindside was ruined-thanks a lot people-ha

  11. I actually like Victor. He has grown on me.
    But having said that, if he makes it to final two, I would never vote for him to get the grand prize simply because he’s been evicted twice. I’m not sure how the juror’s will vote, but if I had a vote, I would not be able to crown somebody as the winner if they have been evicted twice already. I understand it’s one of this season’s “twists”… But I still wouldn’t vote him as the winner- regardless of how many comps he wins.

    • Wow, this kind of thinking seriously baffles me. I mean, the guy was evicted because they were scared of his competitive game, not because he had a poor social game. He had to work harder than anybody to remain in the game. He is cool and calm when others aren’t. NO one could have handled Paulie or would have like Vic did. He made the twists work for him. He used Paul’s mouth when he was HOH and managed not to piss anyone off. He is well-liked. But there seems to be a few people who feel the way you do. I simply don’t understand it.

      • You’re right… It is definitely very interesting how different people view things entirely different… I just feel like hes been evicted twice, so aside from the twists, he wouldn’t even be there. I think he seems like a pretty nice guy, but I couldn’t give him my vote as winner when he really shouldn’t even still be there.

      • But it’s not a mistake that he is there. There wasn’t a mess up that brought him back. It was part of the game and he played it well. Why should he be punished for following all of the rules and using his get out of jail free card? I guess once you get put in jail you should stay there. I’m joking with you but I don’t follow the logic. :)

      • It’s not technically part of the game. Twists in the past tend to give the players in the house advantages but they don’t usually have more than one opportunity for someone to return and its only been a juror. The producers are creating twists based on who they want to see in the house, probably for ratings. If they’d wanted to see anyone but Vic win in that battle back they wouldn’t have made it all physical comps. They would have mixed it up like they do the final HoH.

      • What is usual for one season may not be for another. They change it up every year. Should Victor have refused to take more than “one opportunity for someone to return”? I really don’t understand how a twist is not part of the game.

      • This is just analogy for the purpose of explanation. If this was a real court case( BB is not) and you’re one of the Jury during “voir dire’ (Jury selection) I would want you to be excused because of your preconditioned bias. You wont be fair. I’m afraid you will disregard other evidences..Nothing personal but you’ll be excused. lol

      • Mickey talk dude!..haha. You’re still here. I’m surprised/glad. Aren’t you cooking/baking anything today? You’re not busy today?
        ..Are you a good Jury K?

      • yup, laughing gas…boy would we have some fun. :D
        Just did a little hard “labor” in the yard earlier. Cooked a big breakfast.
        I was called to jury duty twice in 60 years. LOVED it!!

      • If you feel that way I’m sure you also thought Jeff Schroeder deserved to win Big Brother 11 and 13. Great social player, evicted both times because everyone was afraid of him. The point is if you’ve been evicted twice in the game of Big Brother and you get back in twice you are a seriously lucky person. There is a necessary amount of luck involved in Big Brother, but reliance on that luck is seen by the jurors in nearly every season as poor gameplay. Victor would not be in the house if he didn’t have a serious amount of luck backing him, and that’s a fact. If I’m a juror there is no chance Victor gets my vote to win, because I’d feel extremely cheated. Let’s say I’m Meech. I didn’t have any opportunity to get back in the house and play again, Victor got two. He is obviously far more lucky than Meech but if I’m Meech I’d be absolutely pissed, because I was never given the opportunity to fight my way back in. Victor has had as much luck as you can have in Big Brother and his gameplay is quite honestly not very good, however he is great at competitions. He has a chance to win the game still but as a fan I cannot support a competition where people who have lost TWICE in a single season can still beat out people who haven’t lost yet. I’d be very upset if Victor won Big Brother 18

      • I have a tremendous distaste for Dingus, personally. I think James has played a very poor game. But if either of those won, they would deserve it. Why, because they WON. Whatever they did, it got them where they are, whether by strategy, being a good competitor, having a great social game, screwing every person that would cooperate, production’s help, or luck, they won. The jurors vote for the winner. That can’t be denied. I have no idea what influences their vote, but it is their vote. JMO

      • That is how I feel most of the time. I think every Big Brother winner did in fact deserve to win their season, and if you don’t then you might want to start watching a different show. I think that Eddie, Will, Lisa, Jun, Drew, Maggie, Boogie, Dick, Adam, Dan, Jordan, Hayden, Rachel, Ian, Andy, Derrick, and Steve all deserved to win Big Brother. If Victor won I might be a little upset, as a purist I would rather watch twist-less seasons than seasons like BB18 that had so many twists I wanted to puke. He’s been evicted twice, he is really not a great player in anything except competitions, and I personally would not want him to win, however if he did win he would be deserving of the $500,000. Same thing goes for someone like Evel Dick. Would he have won without America’s Player? Possibly (I could have a 5 hour long conversation with someone about the validity of Dick’s win in BB8. My thing is Dick only flipped on the LNC because America cast those two random votes for Kail and then Dick flipped but America’s Player ended up both screwing him initially and then saving him two weeks later, and once he was saved he became one of the best players in BB history). So to conclude if Victor won BB18 I would be slightly rattled, maybe a little upset for a few days but I would get over it and figure out where to rank him on my winner list. If he wins he deserves it, but personally I don’t want him to.

      • Thank you for having a civil discussion. We disagree on some things but we did it respectfully and you would be surprised how many posters get arrogant and defensive very quickly. I appreciate and respect your opinion. :)

      • I couldn’t agree more!!
        I love to have civil discussions but I get turned off quickly by needless outrage.
        Like the great Salt and Pepa sang, “opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one”…
        So while we disagree on whether or not Victor should win, we agree on something else much more important… Respecting others and doing so with class. :)

      • Even if Michelle would have gotten the opportunity she will stay evicted. The girl never won a comp. I think one Veto. The rest of the jurors din’t win their way back and neither did Jozea, Tiffany and Glenn. That is a lot of people that Victor had to beat to get back inside.

      • Agreed, he did have to actually win those comps and Michelle would have never gotten back in. He did awesome in those comps, and being a comp beast is what brought him back inside the house twice. That’s a fact, but all I’m saying is he is extremely lucky to be in that house still. The twists were in his favor this year 100%. If they weren’t in his favor he would be remembered as one of three people to ever win a BB Roadkill competition (I hope they never bring that twist back).

      • Respectfully disagree. Luck had little to do with Victor getting back in the house – SKILL at competitions did. Had he gotten a “Return Ticket” or won his way back in due to something arbitrary, I would be inclined to agree with you. But he worked his butt of to get back in that house and he deserves the win in my opinion!

      • I agree with your point that he needed comp skills to get back in the house. He is a comp beast, but I disagree with you when you say luck had nothing to do with it. This is the first time in Big Brother history that there have been two scheduled returns to the game (BB9 also had two returners but the first was due to the fact that Neil walked and the Til Death Do You Part twist meant that he absolutely needed a partner for the rest of the game). He is extremely lucky to have been given those opportunities to return, and he was extremely good at taking those two opportunities and actually winning the comps to get back in the house. Without some comp skills, Vic would definitely not be in the house, but without luck Victor

    • I don’t understand why some people keep saying because he got evicted. Yes he did, but he fought his way back and the others couldn’t do it. Coming back into a game and making alliances, winning comps and keeping himself safe after two evictions, I think deserves a prize.

  12. As long as its not nicorey im good because they don’t deserve to win! So my vote would be for Natalie. But it will probably be either Victor or Paul that will win and I’m fine with that but I still don’t like the fact Victor got 3 bites at the apple. Nat needs to win the next hoh to really give herself a chance…

      • Well between her and James I think she put forth a good effort while James through comp after comp so she gets my vote for effort!

      • I think Natalie tried harder than James and Nicole in the competitions. I do think Nic played better than she did when it came to scheming and lying, but I just don’t like her.

  13. Let me rank the final 6 in terms of who has the best shot:

    6. James- it seems like all James did was play pranks and sleep with Natalie (no not in that way you sick perverts). I wanted him to make a good move so bad, because he did great with nominating Clelli last year. And part of me kinda pitied him when he nominated Frank and Bridgette, because I originally thought he was pressured by the house. But honestly I think James is not meant for this game. He’s too much of a nice guy. And by that I mean he doesn’t have the spine to make a big move. He threw his game away by ironically throwing in an endurance comp. So yeah, James is a nice guy, but not meant for this game. I compare him to Caleb prior to Survivor.

    5. Corey- From day 1 I felt like Corey was gonna be the alpha male going forward. Maybe like a Frank clone or something like that. However as the game went by he became more of a Shane clone with his bland personality and pretty boy looks. Yeah he won comps but that’s just it.

    4. Natalie- I had hope from Natalie when she helped exposed Paulie, but after that she just hid behind James. I wanted to like her because she stood up for herself but she ended up with a dumbass partner. And to be fair she’s pretty sketchy. I say she’s the Danielle Murphree of this game.

    3. Nicole- She started doing better by keeping herself under the radar from big guns like Paul, Victor and her Shane- I mean Hayden- I mean Corey. But she hasn’t really done much other than snuggle with Corey. It was only at her second HOH reign she finally made a move to keep herself between two opposing duos.

    2. Paul- Paul went from being the outsider at Week 3, to being everyone’s boy at this point. He’s pretty good at getting his hands clean even when he’s playing dirty. But he’s gonna need a miracle to beat his buddy Vic as Vic is the golden boy of this game.

    1. Victor- I don’t care if he got evicted twice, I say if Vic gets to the end, he has a really good chance to win. He shaped up his game when he came back the first time. The second time he became more of a beast. I say he’s Ozzy with a smaller ego.

  14. I want Victor to win, but if they keep Nicole any longer she will go to the final. If James is still there then that is an obvious F2 set up by production.

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