‘Big Brother 18’ Schedule – Final Episodes Of The Season

Only two and a half weeks remain in the Big Brother 18 schedule as we prepare for the Jury to pick a winner and watch the confetti fall. We’ve got the final episodes schedule here as we close in on the big event arriving September 21, 2016 on CBS and the BBOTT premiere on Sept 28th!

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

We’ve already reviewed the final evictions of the season so you knew in advance that there’d be no more Double Evictions this season even before Julie Chen made the announcement. But there’s more left than just eliminations and you’ll want to be ready for the schedule changes in these final weeks.

This Thursday (Sept. 8th) will be our last Thursday episode of the season but there will still be three more seats in the Jury to fill after that and less than two weeks to go from that point. Here’s what we have ahead of us for the rest of Big Brother this month:

Big Brother 18 Schedule – Final Episodes:

  • Wed, Sept 7th – 8/7c – Veto events
  • Thurs, Sept 8th – 9/8c – Live Eviction
  • Sun, Sept 11th – 8/7c – HoH/Nominations
  • Tues, Sept 13th – 8/7c – Fast Fwd Eviction (taped on Monday)
  • Wed, Sept 14th – 8/7c – Live Eviction
  • Fri, Sept 16th – 8/7c – possibly Memory Lane
  • Wed, Sept 21st – 9:30 PM ET – Live, 90-min Finale
  • Wed, Sept 28th – 10/9c – Big Brother Over The Top season premiere on All Access

Note the Fast Forward show a week from Tuesday. I’m expecting the Feeds to be down for this weekend and stay out until that episode airs so they can hide the results from Feedsters. The actual eviction will be held on Monday before a live audience then the episode will air the next night.

Perhaps the Friday, Sept 16th episode will be a “memory lane” clip show and something to set up the first round of the three part final HoH comp. CBS’s schedule for the 18th shows a JonBenet crime episode so it won’t be that night. Maybe we’ll get an extra Tuesday night episode on the 20th, but the CBS schedule doesn’t go out that far yet so I don’t know for sure.

Just a few changes along the way in the rest of the schedule but they are important ones you’ll want to note and be ready so you don’t miss any big events. If you follow us on Facebook & Twitter or get our Email Updates then we’ll keep you notified of any other late changes.


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  1. My program guide (DirecTV) is showing a Friday episode at 8PM for the 16th, that could be the “memory” episode. Unfortunately the guide won’t fill in for that following Sat/Sun until another day or so. Usually the memory shows are on a Sunday, then there’s a long gap until the finale.

  2. How can there be a 90 min. show on 9/21,SURVIVOR starts[thank God!!!] on 9/21??????? This was one of most boring BB’s, everyone pretty much slept.If I never hear Nicole’s horrible Whine again,it’ll be wonderful.

  3. Thank you to whomever writes this. You seem like a very considerate person.

    The Ubly jokes were hilarious. I thought Nicole was exaggerating, but I checked into it, and there are indeed schools that small around here. :)

  4. Thank you Matthew!!! I so appreciate your hard work and dedication to my addiction to BB. You provide all the info one needs to stay on track when watching BB, KUDOS!! The Internet season should be interesting. :) See you then….

  5. I know I am very alone in this thought, but… I really miss full week final 5 and the luxury comp for final 4 episodes! I even miss the final 3 episodes, like they did in BB2 and BB4. The “From the Lips to the Hips” Food/Luxury comp and the Mime Luxury comp episodes are my fave episodes of all time. I know why they don’t do that anymore, since the feeds are awful at final 5 to final 3, but I really do like these episodes. IDK, again, I am probably alone in this thought! I also miss food/have-not comps and not having endurance comps every week and having comps that lead into the next week. Ya, lol!

      • It’s fun for us to watch as well. I understand why they do what they do, but having every comp be based on “power” in the game gets kind of boring after a while. I want them to fight to not be on slop and sleep in a “weird” room. I mean, you will have people, like Corey, fight hard for the comp (hence he got the egg in the “have” slot first in the HOH comp). I do like how they base it off the HOH comp and not off by who the HOH wants to have slop. I remember when they had week long comps, I wouldn’t mind seeing that, especially with the “Over the Top” game.

        My wants in the game are:
        -Least Endurance comps and lead into the next episode comps (chicken wire, rolling a ball while you get to practice first, fishbowl comp, etc…)
        -More punishments and more week long costumes (this show got me into cosplaying lol) and fighting to take them to stay longer in the game.
        -More have-not, more luxury, and more question based comps (not all luck games).
        -More final 5/4 episodes and make the final 3 memory lane episode into the first 2 parts of the final HOH, so the final episode isn’t cramped with all the comps and not enough time spent seeing what happens inside and more time with the Jurors!
        -Key pulling ceremony!
        -Maybe more filler content (I like the BB Canada episodes a little more, because it has some funnier moments in them!)

        I know some of this might be a stretch, but some of the older episodes of BB (seasons 2-5) were great, then when they got to 2 stories, things changed. Seasons 6-8 were fantastic for game play, but I sometimes want more than just game play, but I am also a sucker for game play. IDK, I am ready for OtT to start, so we can see what “new” experiences they are bringing. I am thinking they might go back to BB1 again? Who knows?

      • They need new blood in production!! New event coordinator blood! I don’t know but I think they need to re-vamp or update (in a good way) some comps cuz they were so boring & predictable.
        Switch things up only a bit but, make things harder most of the time. And not all physical challenges for a change. If you’re going to keep it mostly physical comps then at least have a cast that gets a fighting chance. Many of the players this season were not physical competitors. And why you had Day back as a returning H/G is still one of the 7 wonders?? I wonder why she was even there again. She didn’t learn a dang thing from her first season.
        Rant over but production needs fresh blood….. Keep Julie but stop dragging a 1/2 show into an hour.
        Respectfully submitted!

      • Matthew, When’s the last time they had a reward comp where a HG got to leave the House to attend an event? Anyone remember?

      • Last two seasons had it for sure. Football practice trip for 3 of them then last season a few HGs were punished and sent to a Grande concert. I can’t remember what they did that was so bad to receive that punishment, but it must have been something terrible.

      • I remember that. I think it was because a few of them kept saying Production was rigging comps because Vanessa had an upcoming show on CBS. ;)

      • Agreed, shows suspense! It just started with the BotB twist and that f’ed up the whole thing!

      • In case we needed more proof that that “fan favorite” was awful from start to finish….

      • The people who look on here and look on Jokers and HamsterWatch etc… are not the hardcore watchers. I think the casual watchers really did like BotB. I mean, I liked it as it was a different twist, and the first time they had it, they didn’t didn’t get rid of it early like they did with most every other twist. The casual watchers may have favored it some, but for us, it wasn’t our faves. I like the team twists, but I want them to go longer than 5 weeks.

        Fan faves for hard core players are key pulling and others things. I miss how they showed what happened during the double eviction. I wish they could have showed what happened with Steve’s HOH last year and I miss having them talk about the person leaving or a very small grayed-out portion of what happened the last episode (think ending of Veto ceremony and nomination ceremony). They took all that out show they can so more of the comps and more “drama”. Ya, no… -_-

      • I hated that part! It was too drawn out for me. I was always wanting to yell at them to just get on with it!

  6. Matthew thank you for the great updates & all your time & effort that go into keeping this a civil site!
    Your time is noted & I expect it’s also very valuable for keeping this site a success.
    I wonder how many followers you have? Or is that a silly question? Lol

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