‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Care Package Round 5 Winner Revealed

New spoilers today on the Big Brother 18 Feeds as the final America’s Care Package winner was revealed to the Houseguests in the backyard one last time as this twist came to a close.

America's Care Package twist on BB18

This week’s reward was “BB Bribe” with $5K in Big Brother gold to trade for a game move favor. Time to find out who snagged the reward this week though I’m guessing they were hoping for more.

Big Brother 18 Round 5 Care Package:

  • Corey was awarded this week’s prize: BB Bribe

Rules included that this bribe is a binding contract so if someone accepts his offer of $5K to do something to benefit him then he or she MUST do it. This can be private or publicly done. If it isn’t used then the power vanishes and so does the cash. It has to be used this week.

Corey will be able to give this to any other Houseguest in exchange for doing something to benefit him like throwing a comp or voting to keep him or an ally. It’s useful but certainly nowhere close to what we’ve seen the past few weeks.

Lots of surprise reactions on Twitter to Corey winning this, but I’d wager that Victor and Paul’s fans split their votes between them while Nicole and James’s fans united behind Corey.

Overnight Nicole was making plans for her noms and looking at Michelle and James as strong possibilities. She knew this ACP was on the way but didn’t know what it’d be which forced her to hold off on any definite plans. Now we should get back to hearing what she’ll do and who will go up.

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  1. So the two most popular HGs left (according to most BB polling outside of this website – which has a weirdly high James popularity) are the only two to not win a CP. #Rigged

    • What a waste of votes for the viewers. I really think production could pick whomever they want to get the package. Viewers and players will never know what goes on behind the scenes.

      • But why would production even waste the last care package on Corey? He’s so boring. He basically has beige paint running through his veins instead of blood…

      • Production seems to favor Nicole. Nicole wanted Corey to get the CP, mostly because she knew any “power” he got, she would get and also I believe she thinks it is a love letter from America to her.

    • I think it’s more a problem with the Victor/Paul fans splitting the votes between them, versus the Nicole fans that only have Corey to vote for.

    • I think more people hate Paul and Victor than like them. So you have all the James, and Natalie’s, and Nicole voters out there all voting for Corey.

      • Not really. Check out some other BB sites. Jokers has a 1-5 ranking. Victor has the viewest “hate” votes AND the most “love” votes of any HG.

      • I actually really like Victor. So I have no problem with him. It’s Paul that I have a love/hate relationship with. I don’t know what it is about him but he can be a lot like Paulie sometimes and really funny the next.

      • Victor and Paul are my favorites. I don’t get all the “Paul is so nasty” comments. He’s smart, persuasive, funny, etc. He and Vic are a great team. Victor is playing the “cleanest” game, IMO. A criticism that Paul chided Frank for campaigning is MINOR. So what?

      • Do not really like Paul as a person because he is nasty as hell and no way would I vote for him. Still remember him calling out Frank from campaigning to stay when he was about to be evicted! Victor I might consider but, since, he is tight with Paul and I watch Big Brother for the gameplay, I gave my vote for Corey who is the third choice! If Nicole evicts Michelle or James, that would be dumb! The biggest threats are still Victor and Paul who will steamroll over the other house guests if Nicole was stupid enough to let them stay this week instead, of evicting one of them! Looking more and more like Nicole is about to make a dumb move on the nominations which will get her evicted next week!

      • You watch for gameplay and you gave your vote to Corey who has NO Gameplay whatsoever? He is a total moron who has no idea what Big Brother even is.

      • And the worst part is, I could see him getting carried to the end and just winning because of being next to Nicole. Seriously hope he gets voted out sometime soon.

      • Corey’s strategy is to be a floater though. And he’s a really cool guy. The way he comforts Paulie and never gets angry is awesome

    • It’s rigged to make Nicole rethink her plan. She’ll think this is a sign that America hates V n P and James n Nat will say the same thing. So she’ll run back to her side D James. There’s no way Corey shld won on any level. Nicole’s fans knows Corey isn’t in danger so why wld they ban together to vote for him? It’s not even a great package..kinda like James lol lol. Well I’ll be giving away free adult diapers all week, we’ll need them with all the BS that’ll be thrown at us this week. God help us all

      This is almost as bad as Andys win on BB15, just so Unnecessary. Ughhh

      • As long as it isn’t Corey who wins, at least I could say “at least it wasn’t Corey.”

  2. Why would Cory receive the ACP???? He hasn’t done anything this season! Paul and/or Vic deserve it more than he does! Oh wait, Cory did win one hoh.

  3. After this and Cory??? I am totally convinced this show “makes” it what they want. They have lost all integrity this season!

    • Cindy, I couldn’t believe it. This has to be a fix. I thought Paul was leading on the polls. They’re trying to get rid of Paul and victor so that two utterly stupid showmances are in the finals. What a boat load of crap. Who cares about showmances? ???? What happened to the integrity of this game??????

      Are we in elementary school again???????

      • They really do think we’re gullible and for the most part they’re right, most of the people that just watch the show probably wouldn’t notice.

    • But even IF that were true, I dont understand why production would even waste the last care package on Corey? He’s so boring. He basically has beige paint running through his veins instead of blood!

      • Plus those polls are representing how people on this site and Jokers feel. The vast majority of America who watch BB to not frequent the spoiler sites.

    • Yes, Integrity is out the window. Now I have to start wondering about Survivor and amazing race. The manipulation by the producers here is so blatant that you would have to be an idiot to think that it isn’t happening.

      • I still think that there should have been a disqualification of Nicole and James for offering each other cash. At least make them both put on the block and tell the house what they did and let them decide.

      • That’s a wonderful idea. They did break paragraph number 43 of their contract, among others.

  4. GREAT. Now Nicole is whining about what America will think if she doesn’t put up Paul and Victor. Fantastic job Nicole fans, you ruined what could have been a good week.

    • She should put up Victor and Paul if she still wants to win that $500,000.00. If not, Victor and Paul will put Nicole on the hot seat next week when she cannot play for HOH! Dumb move all over! These two will steamroll the remaining house guests and evict them one by one! That is a given. If James goes this week, you would have Michelle, Corey, Natalie facing Victor and Paul for HOH! Good luck winning that!

  5. I really can’t believe Cory won the ACP. He is one of the least favorite players. All I can say is “wow.”

      • Right? This is like when they fixed last season for Vanessa to go far because of the sitcom she is starring in for CBS. I never remember what night that’s on, I still haven’t watched it. ;)

      • Who are you? You must be a troll because you haven’t even been around for the developments that led up to all of this. in fact, that was your first post on Big Brother Network. All of your other posts have been starting arguments and trolling on political message boards.

      • Haven’t posted here since last summer, but I’m a regular reader. Just making a joke about conspiracy theories, didn’t mean to hit a nerve. Didn’t think that counted as trolling, but rock on, I’ll go back to lurking.

    • I looked all over the web because I’ve been watching very closely all of this conspiracy stuff about production manipulation and there is overwhelming proof that this entire season is being guided by production. It’s absolutely sickening!

      • Yeah, we can tell you’ve been watching very closely on all of these conspiracy theories. You blow up every comment section with them.

      • Actually I link back to the proof that you also conveniently ignore. the fact that you are remaining willfully ignorant is frustrating, I will admit. I wish I didn’t have to repeat myself but if you would just go read the Smoking Gun proof that has already been posted then I wouldn’t have to keep saying it. ;)

    • I voted for Corey because I don’t like P or V. They are playing a
      good game but they are nasty people just lie Andy was 2years ago.

      • That’s part of Big Brother though. They all lie, even Corey has occasionally. I thought Paulie was even nastier than Paul or Vic ever could be when his true colors came out. Paul and Vic have been up front with how they feel, at least Paul has from week 3 on and Vic has been since he returned after pre-jury comps. Now he’s shown he is loyal to the couple in power and had no choice but to flip to this side to garner their support which Michelle and Nat will no longer give to him or his comrade at arms, Paul due to what Nat and Michelle did last week.

      • I still can’t believe Nat and Meech thought that Vic and Paul “broke up”. Victor says that Paul is his social game but Vic really had those two going. Sure it was Paul’s plan but Vic pulled it off.

      • I believe Nicole lies more and has no game play just like basic Cory. All she wants is a relationship out of this game. Paul and Vic make BB18 more entertaining and can potentially win the game. Well deserved too.

      • Yeah vote for the guy who thinks it’s funny to burn animals alive instead. Good choice.

      • Production keeps booting me off this site and even dropping my posts. They are a part of the show and should not be exempt from our comments.

  6. Victor probably didn’t get it because at the time of the voting, most of America didn’t know who was coming back into the house. According to television only, Victor is technically still fighting his way back into the house. Why give it to someone who isn’t even back yet?

    Sucks, but I bet that’s the rationale.

      • Exactly!

        During their pleas, Paul & Victor should have picked one of them to get ACP, otherwise their votes get halved & they don’t amount to as much as sending ALL of them to just one.

      • I did vote for Vic as he’s been playing the game more than Nic and Corey all season long than Nic and Corey have been. But now that Corey got it, I’m glad it’s working to Paul and Vic’s advantage than disadvantage, so I’m good now with that!

    • No. Voting was delayed until everybody knew he was back in the house. Including Victor.

      • He’s saying to people who don’t read/watch spoilers. To casual viewers, Victor was “not in the house” while voting was open

      • His name was on those available to vote! There is no way anyone voting would have missed his name! The only choices were Corey, Paul and Victor.

      • That’s a good point. I didn’t vote so I wouldn’t know; I was just clarifying what Gus was saying.

      • Who’s saying this to people? Vic’s name was on the board at exactly 3:00 a.m. to vote on.

      • I think someone just misunderstood and thought that people who only view TV would not know which juror was back in the house, but apparently maybe that person didn’t vote or they would have seen that Vic’s pic was there to choose and the voting was delayed for that specific reason.

      • Haha! You misinterpreted my response to Gus (Linda is right). I meant to say that what Gus was trying to say is that “For people who don’t follow the spoilers, they don’t know that Victor was the returning jury member.” But upon further discussion, it was revealed that on the voting site, the only three options to vote for were Victor, Paul, and Corey, so the original myth has been busted, so to speak.

      • Yes I know Victor’s face was up there but if someone who only watches TV were to vote and they knew who they were voting for before they logged on, it wouldn’t have been Vic. I imagine some had to think CBS wouldn’t give away a spoiler like that without explicitly saying it….and his name must be up there just because he was in last week.

        Bottom line is TV watchers probably only thought to vote between Paul and Corey, and Corey won out.

      • You couldn’t vote until midnight Pacific standard time. Then you olny h had 12 hours to get in your 20 votes.

    • Assume you have read the thread … Voting didn’t open until 3am when Victor’s pic was there to choose.

  7. Never felt so much hatred now for BB. I’m definitely not interested on ever watching another season of all the nonsense that has transpired this season.

  8. Don’t hate me but I actually voted for Cory because Victor and Paul kept asking for it. That was annoying. Plus this advantage is kind of dumb.

    • Personally I just wanted Paul to stfu! I was so over his friendship talks. He was plain out demanding that he get ACP.

      • Paul and Victor have to be thinking that the audience really doesn’t like them now.

      • I do not particularly care for Paul but, can tolerate Victor. Victor’s association with Paul hurts him in a way. Paul is just like Paulie although, he hides it by being nice to your face then, stabbing you when your back is turned! Paulie atleast, was nasty to your face! Both unlikeable characters. Remember Paulie made himself look like Paul when they were cool together, speaks volumes! Peas in a pod!

      • I’ve been trying to like Paul but then he does something that makes me dislike him even more. Too bad he will probably outlast Victor.

      • Thank you! While I’d like victor to go far, he’s earned it, I have been over Paul for weeks!

    • Yeah they asked for it all right. It’s too bad they couldn’t have lot maybe something even better than a goat on fire with lighter fluid and matches and burn it alive. Maybe they could have gone for a horse or something. Then maybe one of them would have gotten your vote?

      No I can see how you would give the vote to Corey, in the face of all reason, because of their “attitude.”

      After all, attitude is far more important than animal torture anyday…

  9. How many more examples do we need before we can all agree that there is some serious manipulation and BS going on? I looked all over the Web on various BB chats and forums very specifically and was even in the CBS char for awhile to see who everybody was talking about voting for the care package and only a literal handful mentioned Corey!

    And now he wins? You have to be kidding me!

    This is bad bad bad bad bad. CBS has no shame and I am really starting to lose my mind over this.

    • You could make a theory about any move in any season. It’s not a question of “how many more examples do we need.” It’s one piece of definitive proof that we need.

      • We have that already. There’s a whole thread on it with time stamps and documents posted. Go back a few days and read it please. It’s already proven.

    • I voted for Corey because noway in hell will I vote for nasty Paul! His association with Victor hurt both of them! The played the game the best and the best competitors but, I will never root for Paul because he is outright nasty if things do not go his way! The way he treated Frank for campaigning when he is about to be evicted showed how nasty Paul is!

      • He and Bronte kept saying things about James. Bronte wanted to ship him back to Hong Kong and Paul kept calling him the “little Korean man.”

      • People can say a lot of things, but Corey actually thought it was hilarious when somebody he knows tried to light an animal on fire and burn it alive. WTH!

      • I think you’re taking everything just a little too serious 99, take a few deep breaths and calm down. I’m sure you will survive a week of Nicorey running the house. Remember it’s just a game :D

      • So a guy who would burn animals alive rates higher to you then somebody you don’t like because of his, what, beard? That’s pretty amazing.

      • I respect your decision but I don’t understand how Vic’s association with Paul hurt him. Nicole and Corey have done nothing in the game but make out. No way Corey was getting my vote.

      • Wait, I thought that he was just retelling a story about someone else trying to light the goat on fire, but it actually wasn’t him that did it?

        Doesn’t make it any better… even retelling that story is sick, I’m just looking for confirmation?

      • Cory was laughing about his friend putting lighter fluid on a live goat in his back yard and trying to light it on fire. He thought it was hilarious.

  10. Luckily Corey is wanting to work with Paul and Vic so it can’t be used to send them home, this is such a dumb prize, I’m glad Corey go it

  11. Here’s Corey…aaaahhhhh duuh aah duh…what ahhh what do I do with it..Nicole…duh

  12. Corey to Nicole: I want to give it to you. I really do. Let’s try to plan things out to where I can give it to you.


    • That’s not a bribe and should NOT count. Do you think production will nix this???? No.

      • They created the rules so, who is to blame? Production has creative license to do as they please! That already has a legal precedent in the case of Dave Hester vs A & E (Storage Wars) regarding the fraud of planting valuable items in lockers like gold coins, watches, jewelry, etc. Judge ruled that since, it is a show, the producers have creative license to do as they please! There is going to be manipulation including encouraging bad behavior. Do your really believe it when Bridgette said she would shave Michelle’s eyebrows? What about Frank slapping the buttocks of Davonne and saying other things to the women? You do not think that is scripted? What about Nicole and James talking about giving each other cash gifts and colluding? You think they thought about that all by themselves? That said, Big Brother does not choose who wins then, that would be fraud and then, they can be charged for it! They will create drama and controversy for the ratings! Why do you think they have all these twists?

    • He’s so dumb, he forgets cameras are ALWAYS watching (including BB staff, ya big dummy!)

      • I doubt it matters … she’s a HG and he if she agrees to do something (in the game) that will benefit his game, then that’s all there is to it.

      • Hence this comment I made a little while ago…

        Here’s Corey…aaaahhhhh duuh aah duh…what ahhh what do I do with it..Nicole…duh

      • I picture that in the voice of that hound dog in the cartoon going “which way did he go, which way did he go?” lol

  13. They weren’t even clear about the voting window, probably so they could stop counting when they’re favorite HG was ahead, IF the votes were even counted at all.

  14. I am beyond aggravated. Victor fights his way back on (again) and then “America” does this? Please.

    I love that the talk last night is about eliminating Meech because then we’d have 3 duos to deal with. I can’t begin to understand why Nicorey are still in the house beyond, perhaps, being the most disgusting floaters ever?

      • I don’t believe that. I’ve seen and heard plenty of people on other BB forums that can’t stand Paul and that think Vic had enough freebies for one season.

      • Vic has earned everything he’s got so I don’t know how you or anyone else can call them freebies.

    • Victor is a comp beast that’s for sure but he would have been gone twice by now if production hadn’t given the evicted guests 3 chances to come back in. If Vic had won this package, it would have certainly looked like they are giving it to him.

      • I’m afraid I don’t agree in the least. We were able to watch him win those comps. The first time he had to win 3 separate comps to get back in and this time an endurance comp after being on slop for a week. I agree that having a second way to get back in was lame, but there was no way for them to know it’d be Vic coming out. Your logic doesn’t seem to follow.

  15. What in the Wide World of Sports is going on here???

    How did Victor NOT win ACP??

    Hmph… pretty sneaky sis.

      • I LOVED Wide World of Sports & Battle of the Network Stars…. of course, I was like 4 years old when they were on, but I still loved them! ?

  16. Nicole will receive the $5K. As stated above, “bribe is a binding contract, so if someone (Nicole) accepts his offer to do something to “benefit” him then he/she (Nicole) MUST do it. This can be “private” or publicly done.” Nicole “benefits” him all the time under the covers, so of course, she will get the money….

  17. Now Nicole and Corey will not be working with Paul and Victor so all we will have left is Paul will be evicted this week, Victor and Michelle will go next week and then the third week we will see one of the two showmances be evicted. Way to go CBS and those that voted for Corey.

  18. I had no idea there were so many Corey fans out there. The whole state of Texas must’ve been voting for him non-stop.
    Since Victor and paul are at the top of the polls at Jokers I thought one of them would win this week, unless the votes were split between them giving Corey the win.
    This has to be a huge blow to Paul’s ego.

  19. Since Nicole is HOH, he can give it to her to keep him off block and she will have 5K. I don’t see anything it could be used for she is gonna put up who she wants, so he really didn’t need a care pkg. this week!

  20. Corey? Please. How did Victor not win this? I don’t believe the votes were split between him and Paul. I’m usually not one for conspiracy theories, but this has production written all over it. Corey is close to the bottom on all the polls. All he has to say to Nicole is I’ll give you $5000 not to put mr on the block. It benefits his game and gives Nicole 5 grand.

    • Yes. Corey’s numbers are so bad across the internet that there’s no way in hell that he won this legitimately. There’s no way in hell. Production is insulting our collective intelligence beyond belief.

    • I seriously doubt it would be that easy. I don’t know if Production interfered here or not, BUT they leave themselves wide open to such conspiracy theories by how often they DO interfere, according to what we are able to hear on the feeds. I hate it.

  21. I think it will work out better for Paul and Vic with Corey getting this than if either of them got it. They’re going to team up with Paul and Vic than with James, Nat and Michelle.

    • Not really. Nicole is all about being liked, so now she thinks America wants her to put up Vic and Paul since they didn’t receive any care packages so America must hate them. Lord.

  22. So it’s a relatively lame prize. It still makes me sick that it went to the idiot that not only hasn’t even pretended to play the game, he thought trying to set a live goat on fire was hilarious (but thankfully was too incompetent to get it done) AND called Mt. Rushmore a “ripoff” because it was only “like 6 feet tall”. The EYEBALLS are bigger than that. He was either looking at the model and missed the mountain behind him, or hasn’t figured out that objects in the distance are larger than they appear.

  23. I voted for Corey. BUT that was because I thought that Nicole would put Paul and Victor back on the block and that Corey could use his bribe to evict one of these 2. Oh well, so much for that.

    • I voted Corey, too, though mostly because I couldn’t justify giving it to Victor or Paul. I don’t like Paul. At all. He’s playing a good game, but he’s not a good person. And Victor’s had enough luck in this game that he doesn’t need any help from us.

      • So someone that is basic boring and brings nothing to the game deserved ACP? He was the first one to drop during yesterday’s comp. Didn’t even care trying.

      • Ever heard the phrase “lesser of 2 evils?” Why give it to a HG I can’t stand and one who’s had far too many chances all ready? Besides, I like Corey’s naiveté. My first boyfriend was kinda like that. Brings back a lot of nostalgia for me.

      • Ok. This is in defense of Paul to all the Paul haters, i think he is being unfairly judged….lets take trip down memory lane, to the beginning. Personally, i didn’t care for Paul’s overbearing, sometimes, annoying personality early on, however, this doesent make him a bad person or unworthy game player. Lets review his game play from day one. He started in an alliance with Josea, and Victor, which i thought was ridiculous and would get him evicted. At that point I didn’t care because i wasn’t a fan of his at all!.. Lol however, he was loyal to the plan the three of them had to “get out the vets first”. He soon noticed there was a HUGE problem with aligning himself with Josea as he discovers the house hates Josea…lol, no need to go down road as to why. During all this, Victor is completely oblivious. Paul tries to warn him time after time but Victer is stupidly determined to stay with Josea. Okay. There was nothing Paul could do but move on. He (Paul), himself was going to be axed after Victor because of his association with Josea. Now remember, Pauli at this time, wasn’t in the 8 pack allience and wasnt calling the shots, it was Frank. After trying to warn victor while in hot water himself he, he organically grew close to Pauli, again showing loyalty. So much to the fact that he helped Pauli get out all of HIS (Pauli’s) threats in the game. He even sacrificed his HOH to evict Da whom which was on Pauls side! Thats loyalty! Ok so, Paul was big enough to move past that. Again, Pauli’s selfishness grew more evident to Paul when Pauli wanted zakiyah to stay over Michelle during Victor’s reign as hoh. Keep in mind that Paul is no dummy and was complying to Pauli’s demands out of loyalty and friendship, not manipulation or game strategy. The proof is there, Day went out. Fortunately Paul took wind of this, ( paulie using him) just in time so that he could discreetly tear down Pauli game. He was so far up Pauli’s ass that he was surprised to discover that most of the houseguest had, had enough of Pauli running the house and was on board to keep Michelle, James too actually (he was too busy being lead on by Natalie) lol…Paul’s next allience after operation get out went to James, Natalie, Michelle and Victor. They ALL greed to go after nicorey. Then Michelle, James and Natalie COMPLETELY stabbed him in the back. I think they owed him better than that because getting Pauli out took guts and Victor could’ve changed his mind but Paul promised them he would keep Victor focused and not cave in to Pauli. That wasnt easy! So, the way i see it, Paul has been shitted on the ENTIRE game. The only one that has had his back complety has been Victor. After all that, its astonishing that Paul is still standing and may not be in the worst situation at this point in the game, with no power AND his closest ali being evicted twice. I think it is an astute opinion that Paul deserves to win this game. :-) ps. I wouldn’t even recreationally hang out with Paul lol but he deserves the win!

  24. With the limited amount of voting time, as well as how many fans James and Nicole have, it’s not surprising that Corey won over Paul and Vic, especially if it’s as Matt suspects (and I’d have to say, I think that’s definitely the case) and the fans for Vic and Paul split the vote. A split vote will screw you over every time.

  25. Does it have to be a legit reason to use it….can he just go up to Nicole and say…here’s 5G’s don’t put me on the block….which we know she wouldn’t..

    • It’s going to be wasted anyway, so it really doesn’t matter at this point who got this particular package, right?

      • “He” is really not getting anything, other than the permission to bribe someone. He’s not getting the money…that goes to the person bribed. So this win is really a non-win.

      • This is true. It was way too late in the game for this ACP to make a difference, regardless of who America gave it too. There’s only 7 people in the house.

        The ACP twist had to be introduced earlier for this one to cause any disruption to the game.

  26. I find this care package to be somewhat problematic, given that they are (sort of) reprimanding players for offering bribes in the house. And who the F voted for Corey?

  27. BB has lost a lot of fan points with me this season. Please do more extreme vetting of contestants next season, stop picking up bar hoppers and tinder users. Try to get some ppl that is at least familiar with the game. Also, do you think you you could find some HG’s that have a decent vocabulary and knows some words other than like, f**#, boned, or c**t. There are fans that watch BBAD and the feeds are not impressed by all this foul language, especially from this generation of so called college graduates. Nichole is going to make a mistake she will regret next week. And I have always believed production manipulates the game for more drama.

  28. If it looks to us like BB just handed Nicole 5,000 for doing nothing, imagine how this will play to other HG, especially James who gave HOH to her and Vic because he has fought back 3 times and won no $$.

  29. Who’s Corey? Is there a Corey in the house? Is it that lump that’s always in the bed beside Nicole? I’ve never seen a Corey in the house.

  30. Who the heck voted for Corey? The man has yet to participate in the game and I doubt he’ll even understand the directions. What are you doing America?

  31. I don’t belive for a minute that Corey actually won’t the CP, just more production interference.

  32. It is possible that a few of the many 1000’s of people that voted could hope that Corey and Nicole will get a major target on their backs especially if Corey manages to get Nicole the $5000..???? Its a possibility..long shot…but possible…Could the viewers be in collusion to cause problems for Corey and Nicole??? Tune in to ur feeds this week and find out..

  33. One Again! Stay in Bed without do nothing can award the ACP….This is like now a day in USA……..Sad……..Go to Bed……

  34. Well after rewarding all of the worst players in the house America just showed everyone they like these non game playing type of houseguests.

    • That, or America just like nice people (Michelle and Natalie being the odd-women out here, since they can be catty). James and Nicole are all-around nice people outside the BB House and each has their own built-in fan base from their previous seasons. Corey hasn’t been a big factor to this game, but he’s not as offensive as Paul. Plus, he pulls from Nicole’s fans.

      • Why is it that the girls are always referred to as catty but the guys can be downright mean and nasty and it’s okay?

      • I call the girls catty because it’s the best word to describe their attitudes (the stereotypical “popular girls” in high school, that’s the level that Michelle and Nat stoop to). However, that doesn’t mean I condone the guys. It wasn’t okay when Paulie said those things about the girls, and it wasn’t okay when Paul made racist remarks about James.

        Both sides are guilty here. We can’t criticize the boys for doing it if we condone the girls behavior. Gender equality, that’s all I’m saying.

  35. Nicole is going to vote out the only person who appears somewhat loyal to her – James? She is handing the $500,000 to the guys. She probably would hand the cash to Corey on a silver platter anyway. She’ll be lucky to walk away with $25,000, a tarnished reputation for the on camera Corey action, and the greatest floater in BB history. Mom would be so proud. Better not throw shade on ANY of the girls based on this.

    • She already said if they made it to f2 she would tell the jury to give it to him. Only an idiot would do that, she still lives with mommy and daddy.

      • And she thinks she is probably getting married to Corey when they leave, boy she is in for a surprise.

      • Why does the fact that she lives at home have to do with her intelligence? A lot of people in this day and age still live at home, especially in this economy.

  36. Nic can nom or renom James, and Corey can bribe Nat to vote out James! Jamsey has been telling Nat all season that if there are prizes or money to take them if she can. I would bet that he would vote her out for 5k!

  37. UGH, I can’t stand them. How did Corey get this? I don’t see 1) how he’s done anything good game-wise and 2) Paul should have got this one. ::RAGE:: Corey is such a Basic BB Bro.

  38. I cannot believe Corey won this. Really doubt it will affect the game but seriously why would people vote for Corey? He lays around doing nothing and didn’t even attempt to win veto when he was on the block. Lame.

    • I expected more outrage from you… I may have to check myself into therapy over Victor not winning it, lol.

      • Ha! Ha! It’s obvious the producers rigged this vote. Vic and Paul obviously had more votes individually than Corey.

        This was a huge outcry on Twitter too.

        According to this past week’s Joker polls, Corey and Nicole have been in the bottom 6 while Vic has been #1 and Paul #3 (behind Brigette).

      • It’s an outrage I tell you… oh, the humanity.

        I don’t know how many readers Zap 2 it gets on the daily, however I did see an article they wrote last week titled “‘BB 18’ fans should vote for Corey to win the care package” & went on to explain why.

        GOOD GRIEF.

  39. How the fahk did Corey win?
    This ACP is useless and shouldn’t significantly affect the game anyway. I hope, at least.

  40. Michelle wants to go to jury.

    Very doubtful now that Nicole is going to put James OTB. That would have made better TV.

    Putting up Paul as a pawn (hope it works out) is not cool.

    • Michele sees the writing on the wall and wants the BB Bribe too! Add to her Bb and Jury bucks.

    • That’s so she won’t have to worry about those useless comps and she can just sleep and eat all day. Oh wait, that’s exactly what she does now.

  41. Paul just committed a itty bitty mistake Paul told Nicole that Victor will not vote him out… In a few days that statement will register with Nicole as she is sometimes slow to process/ retain info.. .And once again the targets will shift…

    • Well, but I think he was speaking of this coming eviction and I believe that was the context in which Nicole, too, was speaking with regard to Nicole putting Paul up as a pawn this time ??

  42. For anyone that wonders how this ACP happened, watch BBAD from last night. About halfway through, Paul’s been lecturing America for about an hour on why he should be given the package, and then they do a poll on who should get it. Corey won that Twitter poll by a mile.

    • Thank you for the clarification. I was a bit shocked. Damnit Paul needs to know when to leave well enough alone and keep his trap shut. I was hoping Victor would get it.

  43. Corey thinks America have him the ACP to help him and Nicole next week. Smh

    How did Corey get this anyway? Another example of production rigging this. According to Jokers, Corey is almost dead last in the rankings.

    • You should have watched the Twitter poll halfway through last night’s BBAD. Corey was winning that poll.

  44. Did the details of ACP change? I understood the giver and recipient had to use it before the Veto elimination. Corey understands he can use up to the next HOH.

    • The last time I check it can be used for bribing anyone all the way up to eviction.

    • I looked it up on cbs … $5,000 can be given to 1 HG and may influence votings, competitions, vetoes or noms only to 1 HG for one action within the week leading up to the next eviction.

    • Corey is dumb or else production is busy again. It’s up to the next eviction, not the next HOH.

  45. Natalie wants to work out five days straight before her family sees her again. Omg

    She doesn’t like the way she looks.

    What is wrong with these people?

    Vic and Paul are two most normal HG on the show.

  46. I’m surprised at a lot of these responses. I totally agree with Matt that fans of Victor and Paul caused them to cancel each other out leaving Corey as the winner. I thought it would turn out that way last night as I was reading a lot of the twitter posts during the comp. Sometimes you have to look at the entire picture to understand what’s going on. I have not been rooting for any one house guest in order to remain neutral and watch other fans reactions. Of course, I’ve been watching this game since Season 1 so I’ve had some practice. lol I sincerely don’t believe TPTB rigged the vote on this. Kay Oneil is spot on about those polls last night.

  47. At least Vic and Paul are standing upright unlike Corey who is always lying down. Has Corey ever won anything? He’s so blab, I can’t remember. Paul and vic are fighting! There’s something to be said for those that are really working (Paul and Vic) and those that everything is handed to them without having to life a finger, no pun intended(Corey).

    • When you said standing upright, at first I thought you were implying that Corey was like a caveman or chromagnon man, like in the theory of evolution, lol!

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