‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 10: Friday Daytime Highlights

Nominations Day has been a good one for Big Brother 18 Feeds so far as Nicole and Corey have kept themselves busy planning who is about to make a trip to the Block.

Paul Abrahamian on BB18

They’ve got a plan and it’s going to involve some sneakiness to pull it off but so far the strategy seems solid and gives their duo plenty of options should things fall apart later.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 26, 2016:

9:00 AM BBT – HGs getting their wake up music.

10:30 AM BBT – Natalie is up and starting to get ready.

11:10 AM BBT – Michelle joins Natalie and they’re getting ready in the bathroom. Natalie is worried about the noms but Michelle says James’s deal with Nicole gives him control over her picks.

11:50 AM BBT – Nicole hopes the ACP is an HoH Takeover so she doesn’t have to make any decisions.

11:55 AM BBT – Corey says if they work with Paul and Victor they will do their dirty work for them.

12::15 PM BBT – Corey asks Nicole to give him her immediate reaction on who she wants up. Nicole can’t decide even though her plan last night was for James and Michelle.

12:20 PM BBT – Nicole doesn’t want to nominate James. She’s thinking Paul and Michelle now. Corey says if Michelle comes down then James or Natalie goes up. Nicole likes this plan much better so she doesn’t have to go against her deal with James.

12:42 PM BBT – Corey won the Care Package. Fans scratch their heads.

12:49 PM BBT – James tells Michelle this shows “America is on our side” since Victor and Paul didn’t get the ACP.

1:00 PM BBT – Michelle has arrived in the HoH room and tells Nicole she can put her up if she wants to. Michelle says she’s over it and won’t play an angry game like Paul is doing.

1:05 PM BBT – Nicole notes how important this BB Bribe is because you can’t bribe with cash in the game… Yeah.

1:10 PM BBT – Victor and Paul have arrived in the HoH room to discuss the plan. Nicole says they need to keep the Bribe prize until after Veto so they can see what needs to be done. She leads with “I have your best interests in mind” as she lets them know she won’t be nominating James.

1:15 PM BBT – Paul agrees to be a pawn for Nicole. Nicole promises Victor and Paul safety from her and Corey. Victor and Paul extend the same offer in return.

1:20 PM BBT – Corey says he wants to keep the BB Bribe to use in their four. Earlier Nicole expressed concern that James would try to use it against them later if they made him an offer.

1:25 PM BBT – Nicole points out that if she wanted Paul or Victor out this week then she’d put both of them up together.

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  1. “Nicole, Corey, Paul, and Victor look to solidify their deal here and turn the tables on James, Natalie, and Nicole”

    Ummm what?

  2. Good to see Nicole hasn’t lost her ability to play this game when it’s her turn to be HOH. This is a very solid strategy. As long as Victor can get the Veto, that is. Either way, I have no problems seeing Michelle walk out the door this week.

      • Ha ha yup it’s terrible plan … her and corey have a shot vs nat and James … she’s so dumb to want to keep pail and Victor together right now … well good on vic and Paul after this week should be clear sailing to final two and Paul winning bb 18 ha ha nicole is so stupid

      • So you think Paul and Vic would target Nicole over James? I totally disagree with that!

      • With Nicorey joining up with Victor and Paul they now have the numbers over the 3 members of James gang. they should get to F4 much easier this way.

      • I agree! Nicole is an idiot to believe James and Nat are bigger threat than Paul and Vic. Why don’t they all walk out of the house right now and just give Paul and Vic the money. She deserves to lose. I wish James never jumped off the wall. Although…. if I had Nicole’s winey voice in my ear for hours I would want to get away also. Come on James and Nat pull this one out. I’m rooting for you two.

      • LOL. That’s why I like this “strategy.” It makes no sense to me in relation to Nicole’s game. Though it is nice to see Nicole actually try to play. She’s been so boring.

      • She’s been playing all season. The key though is her game has been solid so long that nobody has put her on the block either a) they see her as an ally or b) not a huge threat which is what you want.

      • Hey, even one of the admins of BBN thinks this is a good strategy. And it is. Michelle’s targeting her. Why shouldn’t Nicole be the one to strike first?

      • Michelle targeting Nicole is better than both Victor and Paul targeting Nicole? That is a hoot! I think Nicole gets evicted next week when she cannot even play for HOH when Victor or Paul wins! Keeping Victor and Paul just lost her chance at that $500,000!
        Michelle is going to be safe because everyone wants to take her to Final 2!

      • Nicorey, Paul, and Vic solidified their alliance. Last night, Paul cam talked that he will not turn on Nicorey. This guy may be a horrible person, but he’s a good game player and (usually) true to his word.

      • We will see soon enough next week. I think he will turn after he is safe this week. There is no reason to keep the stronger players in the game. Victor and Paul can dominate the rest of the way if they remove Nicole and James who can be both put on the block!

      • Usually? he lies ALL the time. That is not me bashing him as it is BB so lying is part of it but let’s not put the halo on him.

      • Oh, believe me, I don’t. I give him the benefit of the doubt as a game player, but I can’t stand Paul as a person.

      • As Nic has stated many times..Michelle is good with mental comps. She came in 2nd with the last veto. As it comes down to it..Michelle is a very good choice to go out this week.

      • The admins can be wrong too and they are clearly Paul/Vic fans. Like I said, this is absolutely brilliant strategy… if you are a Paul/Vic fan.

      • The brilliant strategy belongs to Paul with a little help from Victor.. Nicole is actually the pawn this week..

      • Victor and Paul deserve to win that $500,000 if Nicole evicts Michelle or Natalie this week. That would be like slashing her own throat! Hilarious if she really believes this move benefits her in any way!

      • Nicorey along with Victor and Paul now have the numbers over Jatalie and Meech. and will probably make it to the F4 at least.
        Not a bad move at all for Nicole.
        Nicole’s enemies are Michelle and Nat, they both want her out. What good does it do her to get rid of either Victor or Paul when Nat or Meech would take her out next week?

      • I definitely like Nic’s plan now…it’s sounds like it should go smoothly from here on out if Paul and Vic don’t flip on them.

      • Well we both know P&V are capable of doing that – but this final 4 alliance works out well for all of them I think. I wonder how long it will take James and the gang to realize they’ve been bamboozled lol ?

      • So you’d rather see Nicole stay with Natalie and Michelle, both of whom will cut her the moment they can, whereas Paul and Victor (while admittedly very strong players and candidates for the grand prize) don’t have any reason to evict her yet, or even nominate her?

        Yeah, no, sorry. The logic of keeping someone who has said time and again that they will put you up and send you out over someone who is promising safety and a shot at F4 does not compute. It doesn’t add up.

      • lol…Nicole and Corey supposedly had a final 4 with Natalie and James…Go figure Just can’t trust nobody in the BB house..

      • You mean Natalie, James AND Michelle, which put Nicorey at an disadvantage. They can always go back to working with Jatalie once Michelle is gone.

      • James and Nat would not commit to a final 4 with Nic and Corey. She asked them in HOH room and neither ever answered her. Just said they were working together on getting out Paul or Vic at that time. This was right after Paul went off on Nic in kitchen.

      • Lol! She really should be making a move against James/Natalie or Victor/Paul. Michelle is alone and can’t win any comps to save her life. However, Michelle is after Nicole too so I guess I see the logic

    • Nicole is trying to not make new enemies while taking out an old enemy Michelle.
      I can’t believe Paul agreed to be the pawn :D

      • Paul agreed to be pawn because he knows that he is safe and Nicole will keep her word! Next week though, Nicole is in for a huge surprise! She is dumb for agreeing to this deal with Victor and Paul who will promise her anything because they are both on the chopping block!

      • It’s funny how everyone seems to trust Nicole :D
        Nicole’s only enemies in the house right now are Nat and Michelle. Both women have been wanting her out for a long time and Mich would’ve put Nic up last week if not for Jatalie talking her out of it.
        Meanwhile, Victor and Paul aren’t after her at the moment so why should she make enemies of them. She’ll let the guys take out each other as she continues to slide toward the finish line.

      • They aren’t after Nicole only because she has the power as HOH. Wait next week when she cannot compete for HOH and Victor and Paul take her out probably both her and James on the block to remove any remaining threats to their dominating the rest of the way! Atleast, Paula and Victor using their heads to save themselves and give them a chance to take down the others in short order. Nicole should wear a dunce cap! Michelle is no threat or even Natalie compared to Victor and Paul who are both comp beasts!

      • Nicorey have a choice of remaining with James,Michelle, Natalie and take out Paul and Victor.
        Once Paul and Victor are gone Nicorey are then at the bottom of a 5 person alliance with 2 females rabid to get rid of her.
        Paul and Victor plus Nicorey give them the numbers over the James gang. Right now James is sitting pretty so Nicole is right to want to get rid of someone in James’s alliance while not angering Paul and Victor.
        Paul and Victor should be able to win comps and keep them safe, while James keeps throwing them.
        It’s all about numbers I’m afraid.

      • At this point in the game the guys are much more threatened by each other than by Nicole.
        What do you think Vic and Paul find so threatening about Nicole that they would be so desperate to get rid of her immediately while James is resting easy with his harem of 2 ?
        Besides, they would get rid of Corey before Nicole since he could be a threat in challenges.
        Nicole’s plan should get her to the F2.

      • I know. Big leap of faith. But if he’s to be believed by what he said while cam talking last night, then he’s fully behind Nicorey.

      • From what I’ve read at Jokers Paul does seem to be committed to Nicorey now and I can see them taking out the James gang.
        After Jatalie evicted Victor there isn’t anyone else they can work with now except Nicorey.

    • Only Victor and Paul benefit out of this plan. Once, Natalie is evicted, it becomes James, Michelle, Corey vs Victor, Paul. Victor or Paul has a huge chance to win HOH next. Nicole cannot play and will be put on the block with Corey since, both James and Michelle are both alone. Victor and Paul evicts Nicole and Corey, James and Michelle are easy pickings for the comp beasts, Victor and Paul!
      Why is it a good idea to leave the biggest comp beasts in the game?

      • Natalie’s not leaving this week (unless something happened before the feeds went off ?_?). The plan – as of when I left the feeds an hour ago – is to evict Michelle. That leaves 3 duos Vic/Paul, Jatalie, and Nicorey. Nicorey and Vic/Paul have a F4, Jatalie and Nicorey have a F4. However, the F4 between Jatalie and Nicorey is shaky after yesterday’s fiasco where James opened his mouth and re-introduced his foot to it. So, really, that’s James’ own fault.

      • Even assuming Michelle gets evicted, Nicole will not be able to play for HOH next week so, she will be targeted with Corey next week be it by James, Natalie or Victor, Paul. James will figure out something is wrong when neither Paul or Victor is evicted! It is highly suspicious enough when Nicole does not put both Paul and Victor on the block to guarantee one gets evicted! Keeping the Victor and Paul duo is bad strategy which achieves nothing for Nicole on any level! Michelle is not threat compared to Victor and Paul!

      • Unless the plan goes through – Victor wins Veto, pulls Paul off the block, and either James or Natalie go up. Then it’s a guarantee that the other half of Jatalie will evict Michelle.

    • I hope James wins veto and leaves noms the same. Michelle goes home, James wins next HOH in DE puts up Vic/Paul

      • That would be an awesome scenario, lol! Either Paul or Michelle leaving this week is just fine with me.

  3. Cody is doing an AFTER SHOW with Jeff today…talking about Paulie…and his game or lack there of …Have to say Cody is not upholding Paulie in 90% of what Paulie did while in the house…Cody is being as honest as he can be concerning his brother..hmmmm Cody says Natalie is in a good spot to win but he is hoping Victor wins it all Yall need to go watch…. it was interesting and good to see Cody.. Well mannered and respectful as always..

    • Is Jeff allowed to interview current HGs? I thought he only interviewed evictees?!
      If he’s allowed to interview Corey, that really is unfair…

      • The whole thing is clearly manipulated by Production – especially in seasons like this when there are so many LAME players. But in this case, it looks like she meant Cody, not Corey:)

      • Cody (Paulie’s brother), not Corey and yes, you would be right, that would really be unfair, but considering how production has been “busy” lately, I am not surprised that you thought it could happen!

  4. “They discuss using the BB Bribe to keep Victor from saving Paul if she puts up Paul and Michelle.” Seems absolutely ludicrous to assume that Victor would turn on Paul so easily; this bride power seems incredibly weak. I can’t see Victor sacrificing his F2 for that

    • Honestly and jmo I believe that Paul would turn on Victor in a split second to win…JMO….

      • I mean it’s totally possible; but making it to F2 in the first place guarantees you 50k, so that’s 10x more than the bribe. IMO, I’d say Paul is smart enough to know that the chances of him staying without a solid partner lowers his chances quite a bit of winning anything. In this I case I guess it’s risk vs reward; I’m sure he’s well off enough to not sacrifice his best friend for something he ultimately doesn’t need

      • But Paul doesn’t need to turn on Vic because Paul would win a Final 2 no matter who is against. It is Victor who needs to find a way to cut Paul – either getting someone else to do the dirty work or being ruthless at F3. That is, if he wants 500k

      • I personally think those two are as tight as Derrick and Cody were, and they never turned on each other. I mean it isn’t the same case, but I’d make the argument anyway

      • Yeah, according to Vic’s interview with Julie he seems to have every intention of getting F2 with Paul. But, game wise, that is just a dumb Cody move. This is a game. I have buddies too but when w eplay monopoly, I show no mercy! We’re still friends afterwards. L0L

      • I see what you’re saying; my wife hates losing to me at Monopoly. Maybe I’m just thinking of it in too much of a moral stance, but I can really, really foresee those two sticking together. But I could be wrong; I guess we’ll see

      • That’s me and Super Smash Brothers, these kids don’t have a chance. (lol, kidding; they are the ones usually beating me but I talk a big game. No Mercy! ) And we are still family…

      • Paul does not seem the type to wanna lose.. and if I were on the jury my vote would be for Victor. .A guy that enters the game of BB 3 times in one season deserves it. He is good at comps but he has a social game as well. Victor actually does have manners and he is more respectful of the women than Paulie Corey or Paul could ever be.. Victor has all the attributes of a BB winner…just me giving an opinion..

      • I agree with you; he’s been my favorite since day one. If Paul does cut him, I certainly won’t be a fan haha

      • I have considered it a possibility that Victor would cut Paul at some point…Victor is watchful and listens…so I got an idea that he knows to watch Paul..

      • Nicole would be a perfect F2 for any of the guys remaining. I don’t see her going soon.

      • Victor and Paul will turn on each other but, only in F3 with Michelle. They will not turn on each other while, Nicole, James, Natalie and Corey are still in the game! They still need each other!

    • That’s just what Nicole is saying to James. She’s telling James that Paul is her target, but that is not true. As of now, Michelle is her target as Nicole is now working with Corey, Paul and Victor as I understand it from Matthew’s post.

  5. This plan may not work so well. James will not trust Nicole anymore if he is put up, and Natalie will have to pair off with the guys to get rid of Nicole and Corey. I do hope whomever she chooses to go up, except for James, wins the Veto and her whole plan will be a waste of an HOH. Even if she wants Michelle gone, the rest of the house will be voting.

  6. these people are so freaking stupid. week after week nicole is caught in a lie, and people have called her out on it yet people still believe her and don’t put her on the block…. because there are more “dangerous” players left. She’s going to float to the final 3. James is such an idiot to not take the HOH and to believe her about going after michelle like she is a real threat at this point. I would have to think that even brainless corey would have picked up on one of those dead giveaways.

    • yes,you are right bad thing is she has a way better chance to win with james @nat but now she is giving game to paul r victor but vitor has earend it @ paul divers it.

  7. Question… If you were in the jury and Paul and Vic are f2 , who would you vote to win?

  8. So looking at who Nicole nominated this week, some are saying it is a good strategy, others oppose this play. I on the other hand look at it this way. Plans in the BB house usually NEVER go as planned. All I will say on this subject is this. Nicole and Corey is banking on Victor winning the POV but they must have forgotten that he has to be picked first. With 7 people left in the BB house, only 6 can play in the POV comp. I would find it humorous if Victor is the host to the comp. That would leave well only Paul to fight for his life. Of course things are NEVER what they seem and there is a chance (albeit a small one) that MIchelle can win the POV. She won the OTEV Veto comp. I will wait till after the comp to make my predictions so stay tuned and read the other thread that spoil’s the Veto Comp results for my little opinion.

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