‘Big Brother 18’: Nomination Anticipation In Week 10 – Update: New Plans In The Works

A new Head of Household was crowned last night during the endurance competition that not only may bring a power shift to the house but also returned one of the formerly evicted players to the game.

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18

Initially things looked like we were about to get a rinse and repeat round of last week but settle in for this one because the new HoH is ready to set a new target and break deals if it comes to that.

Nicole somehow managed to talk James into dropping instead of winning his fourth straight Wall comp. Yes, production needs to ditch the overuse of that comp. Corey suggests James was about to drop and maybe he was, but he sure regretted it later as Natalie and he discussed their potential danger. They’re right to be worried.

With all the deal making Nicole was pitching to James at the end of that HoH comp I thought for sure we’d see Paul or Victor going up this week but it looks like Nicole is taking a page from James’s own make-a-deal-break-a-deal playbook. Soon after the comp Nicole told Corey that she would not put Paul up since he was encouraging her during the comp and she thinks they may need his help during an upcoming DE. So where is she going with these noms instead?

After much plotting and planning through the night we finally found Nicole and Corey alone in the HoH room to go through her plans for Friday’s nominations. Flashback to 3:21 AM BBT 8/26 on your Live Feeds to watch. Get the Free Trial now & join the fun.

Nicole is explaining to Corey her strategy and it’s actually pretty sound. I may sound surprised because she’s spent the bulk of the summer laying in bed with Corey to the point that I wasn’t sure if she was still aware of her surroundings.

She knows that Michelle is coming after her. There’s no mistaking this as Michelle has made it clear time and time again (“Nicole is a snake!”) so that makes this choice pretty easy.

Nicole’s target this week is Michelle through and through but she knows if Victor or Paul go up then Natalie and James might end up voting one of those guys out instead. Nevermind that there are only four votes and she’d be the tie-breaker. Still no reason to take risks and that’s very reasonable.

The plan is to put James and Michelle on the Block with Michelle as the target. Nicole says this will let her keep her promise to James that he’s safe this week (though the deal was Block-free, not just safe) along with keeping Paul and Victor safe too. She’ll get to have her cake and eat it too. Not a bad plan.

Nicole knows this next America’s Care Package could throw everything for a loop so she’s going to wait to formalize these nomination plans until this afternoon when the winner is revealed. But keep in mind that only Victor, Paul, or Corey could win it. Voting ends at 1PM ET (10 AM PT) so jump over to cbs.com and vote now.

Nicole told Corey she’ll wait to see if this Care Package gives one of the guys the power to take over her HoH or something else crazy then she’ll go from there. Since we know it won’t change much of anything it’s probably safe to say we’ll see her plans uninterrupted giving her the opportunity to put Michelle and James on the Block with Michelle as her target.

Now something else worth noting is that Nicole says she’s completely okay with James going this week but Michelle is her target. This opens us up to some interesting possibilities where Paul or Victor could end up using the Veto on Michelle to give Nicole a clear path to putting Natalie up and sending James out the door. Or by the end of the week we just might find Victor back up there and heading out for his third eviction. You never know with as crazy as things have been, but we’ll keep watching.

Updates from the Feeds today are changing up their plans. More details on the next page…

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  1. I want to see James on the block with Natalie to see how quick Natalie turns on him. Hell I am excited to see James vs Michelle to see if girl power will mean more to Natalie than James.

    • I think Natalie would love for James to be out the door at which point she will stick to Vic. I did not miss that “legs wrapped around his torso” hug she gave Vic when he returned.

      • I did not not take note of that, but I think I still have the tape, so I will look. Good question.

      • Just watched it again … could not tell where James was during “the hug”, but I did see that Natalie finally “bounced” her way back next to James as the greetings toned down.. by the way, it was during the TV broadcast show when Victor and the rest of the jury entered the house and were greeted by the HGs before the comp.

      • Oh, ok, thanks GF. I still have that on DVR myself. I was planning to rewatch the show after my grandchidren go home late this evening.

      • Good deal…those limber legs of hers are quite entertaining and Gnat’s exuberance is actually amped up … never thought it could be!

      • Poor James will always be 3rd runner up behind Victor and Corey for Natalie’s shallow heart. LOL.

      • If you had feeds, you’d have noticed her looking at Vic more than she did James too, more so during the comp! LOLOL

      • I missed it well mainly because too much going on. One question for you is this, did she greet the other’s in a very excited way? or was her excitement just for Victor (keep in mind, that her excitement could take the shape and form of just about anything)?

      • Maybe that CP won’t be the only bribe happening this week…..

        “Hey Nat, vote against James this week and I’ll give you a big juicy kiss” -me if I were in Vic’s shoes

    • I hope Natalie would do it. But I bet production will try to convince her not to turn on James

  2. I truly am shocked that Nicole is actually thinking logically. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like her, but for the first time since this game started she seems to be playing BB rather than longing for the summer camp days.

    • Floater, floater. She has no choice. Sink or Swin. Fright or flight. It’s about time she’s doing something noteworthy.

    • Lol, there is zero logical thinking going on.

      She is not analyzing the threats (two leaders in comp wins … she is leaving in the game).

      She is planning to turn on her biggest non showmance ally and then not even target him.

      She is targetting someone completely useless.

      Her excuse for potentially putting James up is stupid and doesn’t hold water.

      • She is thinking logically.
        1. Michelle is after her hard and Paul hates Michelle take her out Paul is going to be loyal
        2. Towards the end the comps are more mental meech is a superfan and a mental player take her out now
        3. Taking out someone on the other side responsible for Vic’s eviction now you have both Vic/Paul protecting her guaranteed final four spot
        4. Worst case scenario the boys decide to take out james now nat and meech are going after paul and vic and vice versa still under the radar for nicorey
        5. How in the world do you think meech is an ally of nicole’?
        6. Her excuse doesn’t have to be logical to James, Natalie or, Michelle it just needs to make paul/vic know they are safe and protect her

        BTW not a nicole stan tbh i cant stand her but she is finally seeing through jatalie’s bullshit

      • Why would you not return the favor when the one your putting up saved your butt last week. Oh how soon they forget.

      • I hope James reminds Nichole he could have sent her baby packing and then they would have Paulie to contend with again. James is the only real ally other than Corey she has in the house.

      • James is a terrible ally to have, especially at this point in the game. If they broke up P&V this week then Corey would be his back-up target next week and potentially Natalie’s main target. The only way she and Corey remain untouched during the DE is to pit P&V vs. Jatalie, and it’s guaranteed to happen because Paul will get the blame for this from Jatalie and P&V blame James for Vic’s eviction.

      • James is a shady ally. Can’t trust those kind. He’s already talked about going after her. And he’s known for going back on his word.

      • And Paul had a f2 with Paulie. Everyone is sketchy in this game. But James is less of a threat, is afraid of the big move, and just saved Corey then threw a comp to her. Either guy would turn on her. James is more beatable and more likely to wait too long to make his move.

      • Paul turned on Paulie because he found out he had an alliance with everyone. Just like he said on the feeds a little while ago when they made a F4 deal finally someone loyal to work with. Do I like Paul? Not really. But James has gone back on his word more times then he’s changed his underwear. And James didn’t throw a comp to her. She earned it and could of went another 3hrs. James only looked like he was giving it to her because he was ready to fall any minute.

      • The perfect scenario for her this week is to tell Victor, your the pawn. Everyone knows she will be after Michelle and that Michelle will be the target. Paul could play the veto and take Victor down if Victor doesn’t do it (Paul would have to be picked to play first). Natalie could be the renom and Victor will not evict her. Plus with all the ones saying Nicole and James are playing together and have made a deal prior to the season, this will prove them wrong if he goes up and out the door.

      • Do you seriously believe the rest will keep Vic over Michelle? There’s one more vote this week (no Co-HoH) to give out than there was last week that could send Vic packing if she were to put him up and if not Vic, it will go to James as Nat will be the only one to vote for him to stay over Michelle. Paul is humoring Nic and Corey right now and telling them he never cared for Michelle (which is not really the case at all). LOL

      • Four votes= James voting to evict Victor again. Natalie, Paul and Corey vote to evict Michelle. Michelle goes In the event of a tie (which in this scenario there won’t be, Nicole votes to break the tie and Michelle goes home.

      • Then James will go home over Michelle. Paul and Victor will see to that especially if one of them get the ACP bribe package.

      • You got it! LOL That’s why Paul is in Nic’s ear more than ever right now, especially since Nic isn’t putting him on the block either. He’s being the more logical thinker here than Nic is..LOLOL I will just die when I see the look on Nic when she doesn’t get her target out! :-)

      • In a way your agreeing with me. But getting back to Victor as a pawn thing. Victor could win the Veto comp but even if he doesn’t come down lets look at the votes and how they will go down. To Evict Victor= James. To evict Michelle= Corey, Paul and Natalie if she was bribed to do so. Even if it turns out there was a tie Michelle would go home because Nicole would break the tie.

      • I am, and then I’m not. Paul’s trying his darndest to keep Vic from going on the block and convincing Nic to put James up as a pawn. Guess we’ll see who’s the Vic(tor) in this scenario soon enough today!

      • Which will lead to Nicole’s demise! I love that much more than seeing Vic being sent out once again, if that’s even possible now with those that are remaining in the house! :-)

      • Depends if Nicole wants James or Michelle gone. If she wants Michelle gone she will go even if Paul and Victor vote James.

      • Lavendargirl, look at it his way then. James and MIchelle on the block on eviction night. There will be only four votes to evict unless there is a tie but this week there won’t be one.

        Votes to evict James: Paul, Victor and Corey.

        Votes to evict Michelle: Natalie.

        Since NIcole is HOH she won’t be voting unless a tie is there and trust me, those three guys will make sure James goes home.

      • Once again if Nicole wants Michelle out then Michelle will go. Corey will vote how Nicole wants. Therefore Nicole breaks the tie and sends Michelle home. Now if the guys can convince her that James needs to go then that is the only way he will go. JMO

      • Can’t wait to see what happens in veto today. If someone goes down do you really think she’ll put James up? Best case would be Victor winning and using it on Paul. Then she only has James or Natalie. But if Michelle comes down I don’t think she’ll put Victor up.

      • Legally, she can put up Corey too but she wont do that because they are one in the same. Should Paul win it, she also has the option of putting up Victor and that goes the same if Michelle wins as well. Her options may be limited to her brain not being able to comprehend basic knowledge.

      • Yep. They really want Vic to win POV and pull Paul down so then Nicole doesn’t have a choice it’s either James or Nat that go up.

      • Paul can’t stand Michelle and vice versa. Michelle will go. All it takes is two votes.

      • He’s changed his tune then once more. I guess he’ll go with whatever will get him through each week.

      • You have the feeds don’t you? I can’t remember when it happened to tell you an exact time to rewind but Paul and Michelle had a huge fight. He called her the C word. I’ve never cared for Paul but this made me dislike him even more.

      • How many times has James and Natalie talked about going after her and Corey. Just a week ago they were all in getting them out after Paulie. They didn’t do it but are always talking about it. And how many times has James gone back on his word? He deserves to go up but she’s not even going to do that.

    • Agree 100%, I still don’t like her but I loveeee this plan more than words can describe

    • I guess what she doesn’t know just might hurt her next week if she keeps Vic and Paul around. They’ve wanted her and Corey out all along. So logically speaking this move she’s making will not benefit her game at all like she believes.

      • Well according to the feeds they want James and Natalie out more. And that’s not just from watching the four of them talking where they could be lying to Nicole that’s also Vic and Paul talking privately saying they want a F4 with Corey and Nicole.

      • I’m seeing that now…guess after last week, they’re more cautious about trusting the James Gang of three now! LOL

      • I was shocked when they teamed up with Vic and Paul. I thought they would stick with Nat and James. But James flips all the time so I wouldn’t trust him either.

    • She isn’t thinking logicly. She is think stupidly. Youa r ejust likely happy she isn’t targeting Paul/Vic. This is a horrible game mov for Nic.

      • Best game move for her game. She’s the only HOH that has played strategic and not personal like all the others have played. She knows Michelle has been gunning for her and given the chance again she’ll target Nicole. So Nicole is going after her. She’s not doing what someone else wants. Just like her first HOH she knew Jozea was gunning for her and guess what she got rid of him. She’s a very smart strategic player.

      • ‘Smart’ until Final 2 and either her or Corey are sitting besdie Paul or Vic and they lose in a landslide. They have a better shot beating James/Nat in Final 2.

      • Natalie and James are both good at physical comps too. So it’s really no difference.

    • She’s been playing since day 1. Just because she’s not a comp beast doesn’t mean anything. She is constantly thinking, planning and talking strategy. She’s always talking game even if it’s just to Corey mostly.

  3. Ugh? How is this a great plan? Its a mess! Targetting useless Michelle at this point of the game when there are power couples coming for them? Then she’s stabbing James/Nat in the back. Say goodbye to two more jury votes…and your integrity(they saved you last week). Then you are leaving Paul/Victor to run rampant and take over the game in its final stages. The fact youve let Paul manipulate you just proves how weak you are. He does not have your back or anybody elses! Youre letting your girl rivalry thing cloud your judgement.

    • To be fair though, Michelle has basically repeatedly asked Nicole to target her. Sitting ducks and Jatalie would go after each other, Michelle wants to take out Nicole, so why not take out Michelle?

      • I think Michelle starts a lot of drama with the constant crap that comes out of her mouth, she really does need to go.

      • Agreed. Now that she feels she’s a target to go home this week she’s already in her corner in Tokyo crying and saying how she’s the worst superfan, was brought to the wrong season, etc. Lots of whining and boohooing. It’s like Paul said, she can dish it out but can’t take it. Apparently she was crying in the DR and they finally said you need to leave, live show starting soon and kicked her out lol.

      • This is her words, she said they told her she needed to leave the DR and start getting ready for live show. She claimed she was already ready but they kicked her out all the same.

      • It’s related to her fight she had with Paul yesterday. Paul was trying to talk with James and she kept jumping in on him. He called her a C*** and talked about her behavior in the house. All I know is they both hate each other with a passion now.

      • Really/ He said that? How is that any better than paulie? Where is the outrage by everybody? And, I don’t like Michelle.

      • Bark is bigger than her bite….she’s just hoping that someone will take her to F2…but she knows she doesn’t have a chance in hell to win the big one…totally useless.

      • Cause Michelle is no threat by herself. If Nicole was smart she could win Michelle over and get her on side especially now she has power. But she seems to hate other girls so doesnt wanna make that effort. Nicole and Corey are a bigger threat to the other couples so they are setting themselves up to be the big targets.

      • She’s tried to win Michelle over for weeks. She’s done trying. Michelle plays personal and when Nicole didn’t tell her that she was voting Day out Michelle got pissed and wanted her out since then.

      • When has she tried? The others complain that her and Corey separate themselves. She seems very lazy playing the social game. Always looking for men to protect her. Thats why she prefers Vic/Paul at this point. But this is not a winning move. Its a top 5 move.

    • Dingus does tend to end up being all about the boys. I think there is something to her distrust of or rivalry with women.

      • She’s immature and insecure. Ughhhh, and I hate her voice especially when she whines – which is a LOT.

      • It’s a wonder she gets such cute boyfriends; then you realize that they, too, are dumber than bags of hammers and boring as h#ll to boot!
        (sorry, that’s pretty mean of me)!

    • Dingus’ game was, is and always will be small, petty and personal!

      Michelle as the target! My word is Dingus a moron!

      At this point in the game you need to be playing for the win. Dingus is playing for “safety” for next week (one more week together with Corey).

      Now don’t misunderstand, I’m certainly not a James fan either, but there is no reason for Dingus to nominate a potential ally. Her target should be Paul with a back up of Victor.

      Dingus can’t win if she’s sitting F2 with either Paul or Victor. Legitimately, as much as I hate to say it, she has a chance against any other remaining competitor. Of course she’ll need a few more comp wins and big moves, but without wins and moves, she most likely would not be in the game at the end anyway.

      Her real move, would be to call up Michelle and privately have a long talk with her. Explaining that, “by all rights I should target you, but WE need to work together to eliminate the biggest threats. We are certainly not allies at this point, but I don’t want us to be enemies and I take some responsibility for the situation that we are currently in. So how about it, can we bury the hatchet? Let’s get out the big targets, the players that are dangerous to our game and then in the end, let the chips fall where they may”

      She should protect James this week because he will be Paul or Victor’s primary target should they win next week. However Dingus is moronically banking on the fact that if she gets out Michelle this week Vic and Paul will target James and Nat NEXT WEEK (keeping her and Corey “safe”). However, if James is on the block this week, he will be going home.

      Next week if Paul, Vic OR Michelle get HOH COREY will be the primary target with Digus and Nat as back up. With James gone, the best move for anyone other than Dofus is to eliminate either Dingus or Dofus next week.

      My prediction, after another disastrous, personal and petty HOH, Dingus AND Dofus will be eliminated back to back in fifth and sixth place.

      • I hate to admit it but for someone who didn’t understand the game he sure learned fast.

      • I think he knows more than he pretends to know. There were several times that I saw glimpses of knowledge about past BB seasons. It flowed out naturally. I don’t know if that was all he knew and relished in sharing that bit of knowledge or whether it was accidental and he caught himself and cut it off.

      • I think you are on the right track. Paul seems to be much more knowledgeable than he’s let on in the beginning.

    • It’s not a stupid move. Michelle is the only person at this point talking about Nicole. Jatalie and the sitting ducks are targeting each other but both will target nicole if the think it will make michelle their extra vote in the house so getting out michelle will allow nicorey to slid right into the final 4 and maybe 2. And Paul didn’t even manipulate her to go after meech she’s wanted meech out since meech started hanging out with bridgette and natalie after she was on the block and nic was made that she flipped so easily

    • Why wouldn’t she target her? Michelle has been wanting to get Nicole out for weeks. Why would you leave someone like that in the game? The only reason Nicole didn’t go on the block this past week is because everyone talked Michelle out of it. And how many people has James and Natalie stabbed in the back? Quite a few. And Paul and Victor want to go to the F4 with her and Corey. And it’s not BS because on the feeds the two of them talked about it privately. James is not a true ally. James goes with the power and last week before Natalie got HOH he was all for targeting Corey and Nicole after Paulie. Great move Nicole.

  4. It wont happen – Nicole will find out that ACP does nothing to her HOH. She will then put up Vic and Meech. Production has warned her that people are on to Her and Jame’s pre-game alliance. So she is just floating his name out there to try and squelch that.

    • I have the same gut feeling. Nicole isn’t putting up James. It’s just a cover up for the gift exchange Nicole and James discussed last week. I’m not buying it…very fishy to me.

      • Agree, really good possibility, Nicole seems always very aware of choosing what she says about James, not just for the HGs, but for what she thinks “America” thinks.

      • After 18 Seasons you would think that production would be master manipulators of this Cash Cow by now. The players might be on their first or second rodeo, but for production it’s the 18th time. Who’s going to be better at playing the game? ;)

    • But when James is sitting on the block, I guess then all this talk will go away. Remember I said this is all talk and until they are siting in the chairs at F2 that is all it is. James goes home this week, Nicole and Corey go the week after in a double eviction then no deal would be in play.

    • I think she’ll put up James and Meech when she finds out what the ACP is (usually before nom ceremony) that could help her but end up not benefiting her game at all in the long run as Vic and Paul will take over after that and take her and Corey out.

  5. Not sure if this is a smart move for Nicole. Meech really can’t seem to win any comps anyway and is not in a pair. Victor/Paul is the strongest pair and if they make it to the end one of them deserves the 500k no matter who they are up against because to me they seem to be playing the best game right now. I guess her emotions and dislike are clouding her strategic side.

    • Not sure about Victor deserving the 500K. The jury members wouldn’t be overlooking the fact that he got voted out twice

      • I don’t know. I would look at it like he won his way back in twice. That he fought hard and has won a lot of comps in the process. He is a beast and not has wronged anyone so far and everyone likes him.

      • And that was because he is a big target….and on top of that he battled back twice…500k is his no question….that’s if reaches the end.

      • He’s won HOH what…3 times? One roadkill, how many vetoes? Battle back. Probably one of the most deserving winners they’ve ever had

      • I don’t get the argument of not thinking he deserves to win based on being voted out twice. That just shows how hard the guy worked to get where he is. Using Paul as his social game while Vic was HOH was smart. That’s what Paul enjoys. Vic’s social game is great when the HGs are out of bed. That just doesn’t happen much. Everyone likes the guy, too.

      • Yes, Victor can win comps and does, so he plays hard and is a big target because of it.
        He may not have an exciting social game but he isn’t making people mad, angry or upset.

      • I like your posts, KSJB…Idk why this is hard for me to get past, but I can’t forget how chauvinistic Victor was at the beginning. It’s not been as noticeable these last 2 stays (lol), so did he change his game? Or is he really a nice, fair guy?

        I think b/c there was so much women-bashing going on (especially by that awful Paulie!), it’s still a point of contention for me. If I’d never heard Victor talk that way, I’d be 100% in his corner to win! :)

      • I think it was because he didn’t really know how to play the game yet and was deer in headlights. He was just trying to mirror and mimic what he saw happening around him. He kind of latched onto Paulie — not knowing any better, yet. But since he’s figured things out he definitely changed his tune.

      • I indeed remember being quite upset with him more than once about some things he did or said, Hope. And, in all reality, I have no idea what type of guy he is. All I know is that each of the other HGs have also gave me pause in supporting them for various reasons. One thing that has stood out to me is Vic’s work ethic and how he always remains calm, especially how he dealt with Paulie. I’m not trying to change your mind because, being a woman, I dislike men who seem to think we have a place and it is less than a man. I’m not sure where Vic stands on that, and I will feel really bad about supporting him if I find out later than he is a complete chauvinist.

      • There was one more thing that swayed me toward him and that was when Paulie and Doofus laughed and clapped when Nat and James left the HOH room after the Paulie confrontation. Paul, Victor, and Bridgette did not find it funny at all and did not cave to peer pressure from Paulie and Doofus to engage in the disrespect and immaturity.

      • Exactly … being jury members, they above all realize how hard winning your way back in is and I would think would give him credit for especially since they know what being evicted can do to your spirit.

      • If not for the chance the Jury had to win back in, I think they might hold it against him more. But because they, too, had a chance, they might give him props for it.

  6. Has she been to DR yet? We all know they have their way of manipulating people to change their targets. Dingus might be a vet, but she is a little on the dingy side and is vulnerable to being manipulated or influenced. And we know that she does not like confrontation. DR asks, “Are you ready for the ensuing confrontations coming your way?” or “Do you think your parents would be happy because basically you are going against James and James will take it that way?” DR will come up with some doozies to ask her.

    • Well before she did her DR session and got her HOH keys she already told Corey she wasn’t going to nominate Paul. After DR and HOH reveal she later had the meeting with Corey, Victor, and Paul and agreed to do a F4 deal so I think things are on track.

      • Yes, they all agreed to work together to get F4 and Victor was so happy he full on laid out on Corey in HOH bed for a man hug lol. She wants Michelle first personally but already agreed James can go this week if it needs to go down that way. Her reasoning for Michelle was she wants Nicole out and if next week is a DE (we know its not) a mental comp is likely which is in Michelle’s wheelhouse whereas James and Natalie suck at those.

    • If anything DR will nudge her not to put up Victor or Paul. Ratings are great, but Vic/Paul bring in viewers and Vic coming back into the house a second time = ratings.

      • Agreed they are pushing that F4. After Paul came out of DR late he talked to live feeders and said he trusts Nicole/Corey and plans to be loyal to the F4.

      • I’m sure they have a list of questions that pertains to whomever they intend to aim her target towards, just giving examples. DR should be pros at this by now.

  7. Ok, we need to separate not a bad plan for the audience and not a bad plan for Nicole.

    This makes things things interesting, but is a HORRIBLE plan for Nicole.
    She will upset Jatalie, who just proved their loyalty three times in a week.

    It will leave the two winningest competitors in the game.

    And all of this to target MICHELLE? Yeah, Michelle hates Nicole. Guess what? Doesn’t matter. Michelle doesn’t win things. Even if she did, she would have to convince others to vote out Nicole. Targetting Michelle is a complete and utter waste and a major strategic blunder.

    And Matthew, you said it yourself. She doesn’t have to worry about Jatalie flipping targets anyway, because they can still tie the vote with Corey and Paul. So she is putting James up literally for nothing, and after pissing him off , LEAVING HIM IN THE GAME.

    Still waiting to see if she backs off once she sees that the care package is nothing this week.

    All this time, Zach was right. 100% fruit loop dingus.

    • OK… Jatalie wants to turn on Nicorey? Where else can they go when Michelle is gone? Sitting ducks?

      From what we see so far, it’s probably going to be Jatalie vs. Sitting ducks with Nicorey in the middle at least for next week, which is not a bad position to be in

      • If Nicole got out one of the sitting ducks, next week Jatalie would still target the other one plus Meech. She’d be safe and the two biggest comp threats would go.

        By getting out Meech, her best case scenario is 3 pairs in the game and none of them trust her. Even if Jatalie would target sitting ducks (not a lock at all), one of the ducks wins veto, and one of NiCorey goes up. Would you want to be Corey up against Victor with Natalie the deciding vote?

        Not to mention, this plan is all in on Meech. If James is the pawn and Meech wins veto, what is plan B? Put up Natalie (in which case ducks turn on you as the last duo next week and so does meech), or put up Victor and everyone hates you.

        But this is fundamentally bigger than that. This eviction will take it down to final 6. That is the territory where a player “winning out” becomes a distinct possibility. We are past the point in the game where it is simply safety for next week. James and Natalie have won one comp (and James has used up his walls) each. P&V have 3 each not including the two battle backs

        And jury votes matter. And Nicole can’t beat Paul in jury.

        She could go after the two biggest threats left and still be 100% safe next week, and instead she is going after a pawn and putting herself in harms way.

      • You are mistaken about a few of the relationships. Michelle is not on her own she is in a final 3 with James and Natalie. Paul and Victor actually do trust Nicole/Corey now, Paul spoke to live feeders alone saying he will be loyal to them for F4. So their trust is not misplaced. James plan was to take out Corey this week had Victor stayed gone so again you are not seeing the whole picture. The thought process is simple, work with 2 strong guys to ensure F4 and a chance to win 1 comp (veto) to get both her and Corey to F3 together, or take out one of the 2 strong guys, have them and Michelle gunning for Nicole/Corey and James/Natalie already proving they are flip floppy. Remember James said to Corey’s face that Natalie wanted him to be evicted over Victor and he was seriously wavering until a few hours prior to eviction. It makes all kinds of sense for Nicole and Corey to work with Victor and Paul.

      • Michelle has F3 with Jatalie, but Nicorey had F4.

        Michelle also had F3 with sitting ducks. It doesnt matter. She is an extra piece. People make deals with her to avoid being her target.

        Believe what you like, but this is an inconceivably stupid move, and no, Paul would not stay loyal to them until final 4. Jatalie would be more likely to, and also easier to beat in a final 4 comp.

        James never really wavered at all last week. Natalie did because she still has a weird Victor fetish.

      • I think you’re the one in denial. Paul said in an empty room that he is going to be loyal to Nicole and Corey. Michelle nominated Paul and tried to get him out, Natalie nominated Victor, James voted him out, and he went HOME, again. It’s obvious Paul and Victor want to be loyal to Nicole and Corey. Yes James had a F4 with Nic/Cor, but he also has an obvious F3 with Michelle and they know about he’s F6 that included those 3 plus Victor, Paul, and Bridgette. He almost voted Corey out this week, he kept trying to dissuade Nicole from squatting saying it’s harder than it looks etc, and then if you trust someone so much why be so hesitant to make a deal. I guess you are a fan of either James, Natalie, or Michelle or again you’re in denial. This move makes all kinds of sense to Nicole’s game. The only person actually coming for her is Michelle, so she wants her gone.

      • James did not “almost vote Corey out”. Nowhere close. James is far too boring for that. Insiders secret you should know by now .. the DR has the players pretend to consider other options so they can use the clip and have suspense for the edited shows. Go read James’ conversations with Natalie for days in advance. He was locked in.

        As for Paul and his “cam talk”, that is the plan this week. If Nicole had done a cam talk before the live show, she’d have said she planned to stay loyal to Jatalie until f4. That is how fast opinions change. It is easy to plan loyalty when NiCorey have the power anyway. It is even easy to maintain that until one of Jatalie are gone. But once they are the last couple, there is no way Paul would not turn on them and take a shot at them.

        And again, even if they were planning to be loyal, this would remain a stupid move. Comps matter more with each week. Teaming with people you can’t beat is a great way to lose.

        Not sure why you’d tink I was in denial when I actual want this move to happen.

        I can simply separate what I want from what is smart. This move reduces Nicoles chances of winning the game. It is that simple.

      • I’ve noticed that before an episode is aired, especially the live one, there is sometimes a discussion going on that leads people to believe in a possible vote swing. It’s all staged. I finally caught on to it after realizing there is so much DR/production intervention and manipulation.

      • Exactly. If anyone had any doubt about what James was thinking, him throwing the HoH was fairly conclusive proof. They have been downplaying the James/Nicole loyalty since bribegate, but Nicorey had a more reliable F4 with worse competitors and gave it up for a pair they can’t beat.

      • I have definitely realized they have been trying to downplay it and do what they can to steer the viewer’s/ fans attention away from it. It’s not working with me. This year has made me very skeptical and cynical. That’s just the truth. I’m not good at pretending and sugar-coating anything.

      • Agreed. The way that the house is changing its tone doesn’t feel natural. It feels forced. And some of them are clearly frustrated that they have to go along with it, seemingly against their will.

        James is a great case in point. Why is he so mad at DR all of a sudden? He’s acting like he was just betrayed by a friend. Oh wait, oh snap!

        /mic drop ;)

      • I don’t remember the exact words he used, and of course, no one else wants to talk about it, but it was very obvious that either he was po’d at the thought of DR being disloyal to him or either he was putting on a staged show.

      • Exactly. How does that make any game sense at all? Answer: it doesn’t. Something like this logically can only come from outside manipulation.

      • I’m not talking about the TV show. I’m talking live feeds. James, Natalie, and Michelle were actually worried Paul would vote Victor out. He, Natalie, and Michelle were planning to vote out Corey when feeds went to fish 2 hours prior to the show. Paul said this right before we went to sleep and if you review his and Victor’s games they have always remained loyal to their alliance until/unless they found out they were being played. Also Nicole doesn’t seem to care about winning as much as she cares about getting as far as possible with Corey. With that in mind this alliance will most likely keep them together the longest. Nicole never had a chance to win lets be real.

      • Ok, you missed the point.

        The live show needs clips. They need clips that leave suspense for who will vote to evict who. So when the voting is obvious, you often get conversations ON THE FEEDS in the last day of a doomed HG trying a last minute desperation strategy and voters appearing to consider it.

        And then the eviction goes exactly like everyone knew all along.

      • Nat to James about Vic (paraphrasing):
        “I was genuinely happy to see him come back. I believe if you’re happy for people, good things will come back to you.”
        CYVA (cover your Venezuelan a$$), Natalie! :)

      • Nicole won’t be able to play for HOH and Corey’s too spun to even realize he needs to play for HOH.

    • This is why Meech should have stayed with Paul and Victor rather than listening to Natalie. Meech was going to be the first to go when Nicory won HOH.

      • I loved it when Michelle became Co-HoH I can see it all now. It totally blew up her game. Couldn’t have worked out better as far as I’m concerned.

    • 100% agree with you. Why stir the pot with Jatalie to get out Michelle? If you’re playing for 3/4 place and don’t mind getting the target off dem boyz and onto you/your crush, go ‘head on. Plus you’re then putting your BB life in the hands of VP. VP may be ok with allowing you to go to 3/4 place but what if they aren’t.

  8. If nominations go according to plan and Michelle wins veto:

    A. Nicole is forced to show her hand to the rest of the house, ending her floating gamestyle
    B. James is totally going to regret throwing HOH. I have such a strong dislike for James now that my happiness watching this show is going to feed off of that

      • James has always sucked at the game. I never really liked him either season (besides his move against Clay and Shelli) and I still don’t get why he’s an AFP contender this season. Victor is a much better choice

    • If Nicole does the planned noms and Meech wins veto, this will go down as one of the biggest HoH fails ever.

      James will go out and be a jury vote against her. Meech will stay and still HATE her, Natalie will hate and not trust her, and Sitting Ducks will still likely target Nicorey as the last showmance left.

      It would be HILARIOUS if Meech won veto.

      • Honestly, I have hard time believing Paul/Victor won’t win this game should one of them be in final 2. Only way Nicole wins if she’s up there w/someone like Natalie.

      • That’s the thing. I personally thing Nicole is more interested in getting as far as possible with Corey than winning. Paul and Victor are a safe bet to probably get Final 4 together.

    • I’m more excited about James getting nominated than anything else, the fact Nicole is the one nominating him makes it that much sweeter. KARMAAAAAA!!!!

    • It really does feel manipulated. You think after 18 Seasons production wouldn’t become masterful at manipulating the game while making it all look natural.

  9. I think this is a stupid move for Nicole.Yes she can get Michelle out but wonder if James gets down and he is pea-vied off and puts her up. He kept her safe all last week when MIchelle wanted to go afer them, now she is gonna back stab James not a good player and it proofs she is the snake Michelle said she was!!

    • Even if James is upset he would still go after Victor and Paul first. He knows they are gunning for him whereas Nicole is playing the I wanted Michelle gone and used you as a pawn to ensure she goes.

    • Don’t hate the player…hate the game. James can’t be mad at nobody but himself if he goes up. Should have never thrown the comp at this point in the game.

      • Agree, sometimes James floors me with his stupid game moves and his big mouth. On what planet would you think at this stage of the game it’s a good move to throw the comp that you excel at. SMH

  10. i think the jury house would be more fun to watch than nicole sleeping her hoh away

  11. I’ll believe it when I see it. Seems pretty fishy that all of sudden Nicole is considering putting James OTB. Smells like a cover up for all the pre-alliance chatter.

    • I think she is choosing her words very carefully regarding James and it might be for the cover up or just appearing to keep herself open for whatever she decides is best for her game. I think she will want him out before F2.

      • And James is going to be so upset that DR/production might favor her over him, if so. He was PISSED that he wasn’t forewarned of the juror returning. I don’t know if that was staged or a true reaction. I’m questioning everything right now

      • James didn’t need DR to tell him about somebody coming back…All the other HGs warned him that it was a possibility but for whatever stupid reason he strongly denied it…and it came back to bite him…

      • But he was upset at DR over it. That spoke volumes to me. He EXPECTED them to let him know and since they didn’t tell him, he didn’t believe it.

      • I see…he’s pissed b/c he made a non-move and he knows it. So he’s putting it on production for not giving him a heads up. This is his second rodeo, the game is predictable so you knew there was going to be a wall comp eventually, which favors short people. He had the chance to get rid of an alliance and he didn’t. Cory was never going to win that wall comp and hell, Nicole may still have won HOH, or James to ensure his own safety could have won it, put Nicole up and sent her packing.

  12. I’m glad Nicole realized that just because she nominates Michelle doesn’t mean that houseguests will vote that way if she’s beside a bigger competitor like Vic or Paul, there’s no way in h*ll that Natalie and James would comply. They’re all about themself and would vote out the guy they wanted. She really needs to put her up by someone that people want to keep so James is the best case scenario for her to get Michelle out.

    • Nicole is the tie breaker. If Jatalie VTE Vic, and Paul/Corey (Porey) VTE Meech, Nicole can send home Meech still.

      Paul knows Natalie’s game & Vic does, too. I think they could/would try to convince her that she’ll be their F3 if she gets rid of James, and I think she’d do it for ‘girl power’ or whatever. They might tell Meech/Natalie to stick with them to go against NiCorey. Dem girlz believe anything VP spins on them.

      Having Meech/Nat in the house would keep NiCorey occupied while VP are out of the line of fire since they have both pairs secretly working with them.

  13. Can someone refresh my memory on why Paul and Michelle hate each other. Was it just from her dumb move of putting him up last week and calling him a liar.

    I still can’t figure out why Michelle went after him last week instead of Nicorey. She totally wasted that power

    • he doesn’t like her because he thinks she isn’t intelligent whiney and wishy washy, she doesn’t like him cuz she thinks he is a liar…more or less

      • yeah makes sense…Paul lied about not knowing how to cook cause he made some awesome tasting fries. Paul swore to God he was not a cook and then Michelle called him an atheist.

        Makes perfect sense when u think about it .. stupidity has run rampant in the BB18 house ..go figure

    • Wasn’t just that. He called her the c word. I want to pull for Paul but I HATE that! No friend of mine. Not a Paulie stan but if he had called someone that…. j/s

      I like VP for entertainment and each stays in his own lane. I just HATE Paul using that word.

      • That word disgusts me. He really used that word about Michelle? It shouldn’t surprise me; he has a very foul mouth. My mother wouldn’t only wash my mouth out with soap, she would probably sewn it shut with the soap in it.

      • It is the worst thing you can call someone, or has been, but …. if these guys are Game of Thrones fan, that word is thrown out constantly and it has become much more commonly used, so I’m not sure about judging Paul too harshly for using it. But ONLY if he is a GOT fan and has become desensitized to how offense it truly is.

      • It does show a certain lack of class on Paul’s part I agree. No gentleman calls a woman this word even if he does hate her guts.

      • You know – esp with his personality – he could have called her some goofy, funny name to put her down/make her mad – and it’d be funny. Zach called Nicole a fruit loop dingus and that still hangs around. Be creative and funny and you can get away with a lot more.

      • don’t let a word hold that much power over you. There’s really no difference between the C word and the B word, except men think they can win any argument by throwing in that word and women will fall apart. Laugh it off.

        Now, call me fat, and I’ll cut you. (Kidding!)

    • Truth be told, I can’t really figure it out either. Michelle just kind of decided that she hates Paul ever since Nat convinced her to put him up, and she’s been prodding at him ever since (attacking his religious views, getting mad when he’s looking for his clothes, accusing him of being a liar all the time). Whenever Paul goes at her, it’s usually because she’s been starting the fight.

      Him calling her the c word was unnecessary and uncalled for, in my opinion, but she has been the instigator in virtually all of their confrontations.

      • Obviously Natalie did some strong convincing because Meech absolutely hates Paul. And it didn’t really start until Natalie won HOH.

      • Thanks. Last week was just bizarre. I still can’t believe Michelle put him up instead of Nicole or Corey. She’s not very good at this game for a superfan

    • Michelle chose to be up Nat and James behind, even though she was also HOH. I don’t get her move.

  14. Make my day and make Corey a Have-Not this week….that would take care of running the HOH from under the sheets to certain extent ….

      • Vicor and Corey fell 2 & 1 so that left Paul falling 3rd…they may cut have nots out this week but could go for one more week I guess

      • I kinda thought it would be the last week of HN. One more week would be great if it kept the cuddle sessions at a minimum, but I really don’t want that for Victor.

  15. Stupid move for Nicloe. She is playing this game personally just because she hates Michelle. Michelle is no threat to win comps. Nicole should target Victor and Paul or they are going to win.

  16. Let Nicole please nominate James and Michelle. This cripples two votes from the James/Natalie/Michelle trio, just about guaranteeing that one or the other can be evicted with her tie-breaking vote for this round. It also helps my favorite players, Paul and Victor to get a chance to keep going! Nicole would help her standing with the jury members if she nominates James. After the jury members gave her a glimpse of how much they don’t care for her, I feel sure that she is thinking about this aspect. She knows that the jury wants James out of the game. Most of them want her cut, too. But obviously this isn’t her time to get booted. Hopefully that moment will also arrive.

  17. I think her plan could work if noms stay the same she needs Corey & Nat’s votes. If Vic & Paul change their votes there’s still two for meech and Nicole breaks the tie. Nat wouldn’t pick Meech over James; at least I don’t think she would

    • Yes, but the same logic holds for Victor or Paul as a pawn too. If she assumes Corey backing her play, Meech can only save herself via veto. Which is why her lie to James will make no sense

  18. If Nicole puts James and Michelle, I bet he will go.
    Michelle has a good relationship with Victor and he knows she is on his side after watching the goodbye message, so he can convince Paul to keep her and they may convince Corey to vote James out because he is too close to Nicole.

    • I don’t think so. Unless Nicole changes her mind. If James and Michelle are on the block, Natalie votes to evict Michelle, as would Corey, and Nicole could break the tie even if Paul/Victor vote to evict James.

      • That’s true. Corey won the package, so that theory is gone. He will convince someone to vote their way.

  19. I was screaming at James to stay on that darn wall and not give in to Nicole. He knew Victor was re-entering the house. He knew Nat didn’t really trust Nicole, what made him give her the HOH. As soon as he dropped I posted on another thread..James should just walk to the jury houst. No matter what he talked about with Nicole, Corey quickly put James in her head and that was that. Corey is not going to vote to keep James. All of the HG have done a “little” something. Cprey hasn’t done anything. I know he won that one time, but he hasn’t done anything. I wanted him out more than anyone. James made one of the stupidest moves in BB history. Who hands over an HOH when you know the strongest duo is still in the house.
    Nicole is stupid to keep Paul and Vic also. Bye James….nice knowing you.

      • If James and Nick had a deal, that’s done. James is going home if she puts him up. Corey will decide that.

      • Hope Nicole contemplating to put James up is not a cover-up to their secret alliance.

        James has really done many people wrong in the house.

        Nicole needs to listen to Corey here and put James up alongside Michelle.

        If the house is smart Vic and Paul
        have proven they are very smart
        then they will send James to the jury house.

        At this point in the game, you have to think that if you are not going to end up in the F2 (with $500k or $50k prize) then it’s better to get to the Jury House as they all get paid the same.

      • Everyone talks about this preseaon deal but where oh where do I find this deal at.

  20. It is a fact that James and Nicole have a pre-season deal or is that just a conspiracy type idea that started floating around and that has gained traction?

    • I think it stemmed from they were talking about giving each other plus their reportedly known Showmance 10 thousand each in either cash or gifts.

      • Well that’s hardly proof of a pre-season deal. Anyone could have made those promises.

      • Which is what I have been saying all along. It happens just about every year and I wouldn’t call it cheating because Production lets them get away with it. Now if they cracked down on it and expelled them from the game because of it then it would be cheating.

      • I think it’s the fact that they knew each other prior to the season starting, and when I think back to the first few episodes, it felt like they knew each other quite well in the beginning for having been on different seasons. A lot of little things together have been adding up to them possibly having this pre-season deal. I don’t know though.

      • You do know that they are in the house up to a week before they start airing the show right.

      • Players from various seasons of BB congregate after their run on the show. There are all kinds of opportunities for them to meet and hang out, so it’s no big surprise that they know each other.

    • James has revealed to Natalie that they all knew each other and they got advice on how to play from Derrick.

      The rest is just speculation.

      To me, if they had a pre-game alliance, the bribe would not have been necessary. Also, those two are not smart enough to have a deal and keep it that secret up until now.

      • I can Derrick maybe giving her advice but I can’t see him giving James any advice when Cody’s Brother was scheduled to be on the same show.

      • He gave Paulie advice too. And told Paulie the advice he gave James.

        And they were all working together for a looooong time.

      • Derrick dispelled that theory and put those rumors to rest recently. He said he did not coach any of these hgs at all. They probably just studied Derrick’s season more than others is all.

      • Derrick is friends with Paulie, so I’m sure he helped him a lot. The handful of players that actually watched the show probably saw his game play and wanted to emulate.

      • Its not a theory. James told Natalie they all got advice from Derrick. And Paulie told someone (Paul I think) that James was doing what Derrick suggested.

      • The unfortunate truth for anyone taking any advice from Derrick is that only Derrick can play Derrick’s game. His strategy is also built around his personality and without that, Derrick’s strategy won’t work. Paulie is example #1 of that.

      • Also the house guests Derrick played with were clueless (with the exception of Donny and Nicole) so what worked for him in his season probably wouldn’t work this season.

      • Why would he admit to it when there’s some serious shenanigans that came to light behind it? Just because he lied his way through Big Brother means that he’s telling the truth now? I don’t think so.

      • In the interview with Derrick I read he said he talked to Paulie for an hour, James for 15-20 minutes and he said he didn’t talk to Nicole at all.

      • Also worth noting that new castings and returning HGs have vastly different casting processes. James and Nicole would have known they had a contract long before it was certain Paulie would be on.

      • I just think this is all completely natural and two or three people who know they are going into the house together would talk game before heading in. And they might even make an alliance before heading in. Whether that holds up or not is another story, but I don’t think we can begrudge these people that. If that was the case, it didn’t work out so well for our friend Paulie. And if it works out for James and Nicole? Well that would be a shame because I don’t like either of them. But if I were one of them and knew I was going in with the other, I might just do the same thing. If in fact they did. And I would definitely talk to Derrick pre-game, if I had the opportunity.

      • I heard Paulie say that it was a last minute call from the show to him and that he had almost no notice. He lies a lot tho.

      • Very true! And of course they got advice from Derrick, and probably other past winners, if they know them. Who wouldn’t want to have that conversation before playing?

    • I think it’s all those moving ads or here, they’re always causing problems with my computer.

      • Download and install Ad Block Plus. It’s free and does away with those. But you’ll have to pause that when you’re wanting to watch vids on CBS.

      • Thanks so much Joni – they were about to drive me crazy. I couldn’t even download my emails at yahoo because those ads kept changing so fast. Yahoo said I had to pay $40.00 a year to get rid of them so I’m glad to know I can do this free.

      • Joni, I checked it out and it seems they only have programs for Firefox or Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer yet, which I have. I guess I’ll have to change over to Firefox then because I can’t take much more of these ads.

  21. Nicole should put Victor and Paul up. And she should target Paul. I hope Paul goes home.

  22. This is fantastic news! If James doesn’t win the veto I’d say he’s as good as gone regardless of which girl he’s next to. I think there’s a slim chance Corey gets the CP, in which case he or Nicole can be bribed to vote against James. If he goes out on Nicole’s HOH I may just gain some respect for her for finally playing big brother. Welcome to the game Nicole, where have you been?

    Edit: I just realized that James will be going out in 7th place AGAIN and on a broken deal. Gold!

  23. I’m not understanding the polls and their hate towards Paul when he’s clearly playing a masterful game.

    • That’s probably why they hate him lol. Fans of the floaters voting. Paul is crazy good at this game, and they hate it

      • Also, his confidence probably pisses people off. I always find that fans seem to hate a player who is too confident, too gregarious, too anything really.

    • I am not a big fan of Paul, but I don’t like James and Nicole more so I’m hoping he or Victor get the rest of HGs out. Paulie was also playing a great game, but I don’t like him.

    • No one is playing a masterful game. But I suppose a b- game looks masterful when everyone else is playing an F game.

  24. Since Nicole does have some type of deal with James I’m hoping she won’t make an unnecessary enemy of him by putting him OTB. She should instead put Natalie and Michelle OTB while saying Michelle is the target.
    If Nicole were to get rid of Paul or Victor, eventually James’s alliance of 3 (or the James Gang from now on) would outnumber Nicorey.
    With Nat and Michelle disliking Nicole as much as they do there is no way Nicole could ever be secure in an alliance with the James Gang so it’s in Nicole’s best interest to get rid of either Nat or Michelle for now and keep James around until she needs him.

    • You and I would think that, but Nic doesn’t think that way. Sad, though, as that would benefit her game more than what she’s planning to do. But she went and promised James and Nat safety this week, not knowing Paul and Vic want her and/or Corey out next week.

      • I thought Paul and Victor wanted James and Nat out?
        When did they change their minds? I’ll have to catch up at Jokers.

      • They didn’t before getting Paulie out. James helped them to get Paulie out and teamed up with Michelle, Nat, James and Bridgette to accomplish this. They flipped over to Nic and Corey after James made the decision to vote Vic out over Corey after Paul won the Veto.

      • After Victor and Paul went up OTB I heard them say on BBAD ‘next week we’re getting James out’ knowing he was behind Nat’s nominations. They seemed to be really sore at James for doing this to them and wanted revenge. I think now that Paul wants to work with Nicorey if Vic goes and Vic wants to work with Michelle if Paul goes.
        So if they can’t get Victor out then getting Paul or Michelle out would weaken him.

      • They were talking about keeping each other in the game so this does indicate they were working together and looking out for each other. . This does seem obvious whether it’s called a deal or alliance or anything else.

      • If it was within the game, fine. I hear that. I thought you were referring to the alleged pre-game alliance, which is a possible theory, but not yet known to be a fact.

      • I have no idea about the alleged pre-game alliance and wasn’t aware they were working together until recently.

  25. Since it’s now clear that the female members of the jury dislike Nicole intensely for whatever reason I would like to see Victor or Paul take her to the final 2 since it would take a miracle for her to win.

  26. if any female needs to go i would want it to be natalie only because paulie will be looking out the window saying pls pls be james or vic or paul…at this point he would prob even settle for mich coming in the jury house but natalie can give him another rant and tell him about himself and that is priceless…

    • That would be priceless. I hope if any of them come off the block that she is the renom! :-)

    • So she would ignore the jury’s request to oust James? Unless she is planning a back door elimination of Jamesie.

      • I don’t know if I believe that “all” the jurors told Victor to help get James out.. That don’t make sense Davonne had a bond with James and had no beef with him… I can see Nicoles or Michelles name being said by Davonne and or Zakiyah and maybe Bridgette.. Something don’t ring right about “vote James out” by everybody..

  27. As much as I LOOOOOVEEEEE the idea of Nicole nominating James idk why she is nominating him and not Natalie, doesn’t Michelle and Natalie make the most sense? James isn’t super peeved and Natalie is guaranteed safety.

    • I think nominating Nat and Michelle makes the most sense too. Maybe she’s saving Nat to be the second nom after the Veto comp is played.

      • She being so hesitant to go against Natalie should speak volumes to Vic and Paul about how not trustworthy she is to their new F4. Nominating Michelle and Natalie should be a no brainer.

      • I heard that Vic and Paul were putting up Nicorey next week if they win HOH – have you heard this?
        I thought they were going after Jatalie which would make more sense.

  28. If Nicole puts James on the block he has nothing to complain about. He made the same deals with Shelli/Clay and Frank/Bridgette and broke both deals.

    I have no idea why anyone trusts James. He has always been loyal to himself for the last two years. Remember what he did to Becky last year? He hung her out to dry and blew up her game because he thought Shelli hid Clay’s shirt that James was wearing.

    Nicole does not need an excuse to put James up. She already has two seasons of disloyalty she can use.

    • That’s true – but at the moment, Jatalie still are not pissed with NiCorey and think they are working together. Nic’s target is Meech, so why rock the boat when you don’t have to. Actually quite smart by Nic

    • Started last night after HOH comp and Vic back in so that we were able to vote for the juror who returned (Vic) … ended this morning around 10am so that they could drop it I guess before noms.

  29. Nicole now talking about putting Paul up instead of James (still as pawn) so it ‘wont look like they are working together’


  30. Wow I’m surprised. Paul’s plan to help Victor not to get evicted by hanging around Nicole and Corey actually benefited him. Wow Nicole trusts him, I’m flabbergasted. Either this is an extremely bad cast or Paul put everyone under the “Friendship Spell”.

    • I am shocked too. A couple hours of talk and Nicole is mesmerized. Gotta give Paul credit – he worked himself from basically the next to go (after Victor left the 1st time) to probably in the best position at the moment. he deserves to win BB, although I would like to see the money go to someone who more needs it than him.

      • Exactly. Props to Paul. Paul and Victor cemented themselves as BB All-Stars. I hope they have a great ending between them 2 at the end of the game. They deserve it.

  31. NOOOOO!!!!!’ NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Just when I started to like the nitwit she does this!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    • She’s still getting rid of Michelle so Victor and Paul will probably skate by this week.

      • But if Michelle gets veto, yeah I know it’s far fetched but possible nonetheless, then who will go home?

      • Hopefully she will renom Natalie in that case and Michelle still goes home. I wouldn’t mind seeing either Nat or Mich going home either since they both dislike Nicole and want her gone. I don’t know how Nic stands with Victor though so she might want him gone instead.

      • I want anything that Nicole chooses to do to backfire on her. I would love for her and James to exit this show soon. Whomever is left in the house should put her up and if Natalie is smart she will go for her or James will betray her.

  32. Nicole is a complete moron if she thinks Victor will take her to F4 if she nominates him for eviction, like what?!?! Talk some sense into her Corey!!!!

  33. Not happy with the update because I want James to see why it’s a bad idea to make deals in HOH comps then break them. I want him to face some consequences!

  34. Care package wasted on Corey….why would people vote for him…he is already safe this week!!!! Wrong move

  35. I think this is a better idea for Nicole since there’s no need to make an unnecessary enemy of James just yet.

  36. Who can Corey really use it on, it’s not like Nicole would put him up…can he use it to bribe someone to go as a pawn?? I just can’t picture any scenarios in my head right now…I’m confused, lol

  37. I can’t believe Corey won. Since Victor seemed to be the one going to the jury I can see why he didn’t get many votes but I thought for sure Paul had this won.

  38. maybe Corey can pay Nicole to put up a certain HG…??? But if Corey and Nicole go with that scenario BOTH are in major hot water next week if Corey does not win HOH.. That will piss all remaining HGs off big time..

  39. Plan is now set. Meech up. PAUL pawn. Bribe saved to have veto not used.

    Meticulous planning by Nicole to evict furniture. It would be awesome to have either or both of the other couples turn on them and evict her next week. Won’t happen, but would be awesome.

      • Don’t know if Meech has been told it all yet. Ceremony has not happened. NiCorey were just meeting with Sitting Ducks and agreed to this,

        But Meech seems to know she is going up and reportedlt suggested to Corey he bribe her not to use veto on herself.

      • Meech doesn’t win anything, why would he was really the bribe on her, unless he wants to be generous to her on the way out of the house

  40. i would do james/ meech up bribe nat not to use veto(as if she could beat victor for it) buh bye jamsie

  41. Nicole and Corey are being stupid. Even if all 4 make it to inal 4… that means Nic/Corey are screwed b/c no way those two beat Paul/Vc in straight up comps. L0LZ

    • This week’s plan is (to nom Paul as pawn since target is Meech) is very savvy. Unfortunately, you are right – they are screwed if they actually get to final 4 with Vic/Paul. That is a dumb plan. But, expect the unexpected & I wouldn’t be surprised to see them bumbling into an actually more brilliant scenario…

      Watch Jatalie get the next HOH and they go after Vic/Paul. NiCorey would be in perfect position then in the middle of the house. By not burning the Jatalie bridge this week (so far) by getting Paul to agree to be a pawn, NiCorey pretty much guarantees they are in F4 with likely the other 2 pairs broken up.

  42. I’ve been saying from the very beginning that Nicole might not be a comp beast but she’s a smart player. She is always thinking and planning. Very strategic player. You go girl.

    • Welcome LG, you might find yourself uncomfortable here as you continue reading :D
      It’s great to see Nicorey running the house this week.

      • I’m ready for things to become fun again; Reading some of the comments you would think Nicole is right up there with Vanessa when it comes to being evil.

  43. I see Paul and Victor on the block this week. I was hoping James would go, but Nicole is probably not allowed to put him up.

  44. I really don’t like the idea of volunteering to be a pawn this late in the game. It is too dangerous.

    • He really don’t have a choice especially after he preached that he had their back last week. Him volunteering would just lead them to trusting Paul over Jatalie.

  45. Smart move on their behalf (I can’t believe I just said that). This could kill Jatalie’s suspicion of Paul working with Nicorey. Also, if Paul ends up coming off the block then Michelle going home would seem like a secondary plan. Heck, she don’t even have to say that. It would be understanding of her to want Michelle out after she called her out in front of everyone. I don’t think James would be too mad at her for that as long as he and Natalie isn’t nominated.

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