‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Care Package Round 4 Winner Revealed

New spoilers today on the Big Brother 18 Feeds as the latest America’s Care Package winner was revealed to the Houseguests in the backyard.

America's Care Package twist on BB18

This week’s reward was “Co-HoH” with all the perks of HoH like safety and sharing nomination responsibilities. Time to find out who snagged the valuable reward this week.

Big Brother 18 Round 4 Care Package:

  • Michelle was awarded this week’s prize: Co-HoH

Details were explained that this week’s power will give the winner the Co-HoH status with the ability to name one of Natalie’s two noms (so she only gets to pick one). Michelle does not get to compete in next week’s HoH comp so I’m sure she doesn’t get to vote either.

How’s that going to work with this week’s nomination plans? Should this change anything? We’ll see those picks made official later today so get ready for some great drama for Big Brother fans!

Natalie made quick work to talk with Michelle and sway her to want to target Paul. Michelle is down to get him out. So will Michelle nom Victor while Natalie noms Paul?

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  1. If what I’m reading online about Natalie maybe flipping against V & P is true, this is the week to do it. Meech can’t vote for them. Nicorey & James would happily do it, I think.

    • I agree, Natalie needs to make the move now unless she wants Vic and Paul to take over the game

      • From the comments that Vic and Paul have been making to each other I don’t think they’ll be loyal to anyone;; so Michelle needs to get rid of them if they’re no use to her.

    • Yep, now’s the time to make a move against V&P. Crappy thing is that either of them could come right back into the game next weekend…or even worse Paulie returns.

      I’m so sick of these battle-back twists…f’n over it, two in one season? The season is too long already, just stop it.

      • If the ticket was found they wouldn’t have a jury battle back. Not enough days in the season to have two battle backs, a round trip ticket and two DE’s. What they did in BB16 when they had too many days was they had the BB rewind thing that ended up ruining Frankie’s game and saving Victoria’s.

    • Meech is playing for third right now. Actually she’s guaranteed third at this point. She’s got James and Natalie, Nicorey, and P&V. She’s caught between three different “mances”. If she’s going to get into the F2 she has to figure out which mance partners will have the best shot in comps and want to take her to the end, evict their partner and dwindle the numbers to four, preferably for her, Nicole, Nat, and Paul. Then she’ll be with four individual players, two of whom are not great at comps (Nic and Nat) and one who is decent at comps and actually likes Meech (Paul). Meech is in the best position possible as long as she plays her cards right.

      • I don’t know, James is pretty self sufficient. IMO, Nat needs James as much as she needs him.

      • James does seem pretty self sufficient and is a veteran so I’m sure he’ll survive.
        Meanwhile this gives Nat and Mich time to bond about getting rid of Victor and Paul while James acts all innocent about it.

      • Yeah you’re right. James will have a tough time sharing the HN room with Vic this week though…Vic’s gonna have a lot of questions for him!

      • YES! I’m still behind at Jokers so I haven’t made it to that part yet. Since I’m not a Paul or Victor fan this should be a great week to watch.
        I wouldn’t even mind seeing Paulie return and take out Victor again.

      • Sounds like Nat might have her target on Vic. Pretty smart, he’s the best competitor and Paul will be severely weakened without Vic.

    • I don’t no she can play both sides if she wants to, let Natalie put up Paul and then her put up Nicole so she has both sides pleased! She can tell Paul she didn’t no Natalie was putting him up!!

  2. Meech is the only one without a partner to take to final 2. She has a final 3 deal w/Victor and Paul. I don’t know if anyone else has approached her about a final 3 deal but it would be easier on everyone to just put Nicole and Corey up and be done with it.

    • Did that actually happen? I read that Victor and Paul talked about it privately, but I didn’t see this they actually approached her about it. I did read they approached James and Nat about an F4.

  3. Ugh Michelle deserves no sign of support from America after her deplorable behavior all summer. Before the usual replies come in, yes, I understand that she apologized, but I doubt her sincerity and think her behavior has been disgusting. She is immature, insecure, and a nasty person.

    • Immature and insecure, she certainly is. I do believe her apologies were sincere, however. She seems to have grown some from realizing her mistakes…unlike plenty I could mention (Paulie).

      • I hope you’re right! She has a long way to go before I can give her the benefit of any doubt.

      • this was probably more a vote against Nicorey than for Michelle if that helps explain things.

    • But Paul or Victor do? Paul was talking about punching people in the face in the beginning of the season.

    • THANK GOD! I thought I was loosing it. All these nut jobs praising this freakin’ fake crybaby, Michelle.

  4. Meech was awarded Super Safety? I didn’t know they did it twice.

    Joking aside, I’m happy Meech got Co-HOH.

  5. How awkward would it have been if Victor would have won the co-HOH and had to share the HOH bed with Natalie? Damn. ?

  6. I’m glad it’s Meech. I’m afraid it V or P got it their heads would blow up way too big. We don’t need them having too much control.

    • I hope Nat and Meech realize that they will both be sitting OTB next week if they put up Paul and Vic.

      • Me too. Aaand whoever comes back from the Battle Back or whatever it’s being called, is then going to have a vote against Nat and Meech if they end up on the block.

      • They’d have been OTB eventually, anyway. Once Nicorey were evicted, Jatalie were next. Then Michelle at the F3.

  7. Natalie better not team up with nicorey borey! She’s dumb if she believes anything nic says! Don’t be gullible nat!

    • She’s really disappointing me right now. She takes things so personally. She’s talked major crap about Nicole. She’s no angel. This is big brother after all though. Expect the unexpected. I just hate seeing Nicole and Corey going further. So sick of seeing them “cuddle”.

  8. So it seems that Michelle is on board with getting Paul out now. They better bank on Victor being completely for this as well because if they succeed and Paul gets evicted, Victor, James, Nicole and Corey will be the only people competing for HOH.

    …that and the person who returns from jury (which will probably either be Paul or Paulie). Yeah, Nat and Meech are going to be in trouble after this week.

  9. I like Paul and Vic (way more than nicorey borey) Vic deserves to win he took out paulie and battled back whyyyyy flip now Natalie and make yourself a target

  10. Definitely won’t change things. As of now, it sounds like Natalie’s going to nominate Victor and Michelle’s going to nominate Paul. Which means it’s all gonna once again come down to who wins the Veto.

    Oh, and Matt, I noticed a mistake in the article. Not a big deal, but thought I’d point it out.

    “Michelle was awarded this week’s prize: Super Safety”

  11. Michelle might start thinking the reason she won was because she was in danger. If that’s the case it would be safe to assume she might think that Victor and Paul were coming after her. It’s very possible that Natalie will get in her ear and the two of them will still put up Victor and Paul.

    • I do believe I heard Paul telling Jatalie that Michelle would be a pawn and it didn’t matter if she went home. That should turn Mich against Paul

  12. I’m wondering if the veto replacement person nomination belongs to the HOH whose nomination was removed or if they have to, like, compromise.

  13. I can’t believe Nicole and Corey were 100% going home and now two pea brains get together and ruin that. So done with them casting complete morons.

      • I love BB. But, I don’t know, lately I’ve been feeling that the BB viewer is to expect the unexpected. From multiple battle-back comps and returning players, to strange Friday episodes, HoH comps that aren’t on the feeds, 100 day seasons, etc.

        I’ll stop ranting, sorry guys, just frustrated.

      • How is it senseless? If Natalie didn’t strike against Paul and Victor first, she’d be next on the chopping block after Nicorey. She’s right to take them out.

      • Paul and Victor told her they’d take her and James to F4. Victor actually wins comps and can backup his promises. She would rather depend on two losers to keep her safe? All I can saw is wow and I’m so glad her HOH is a total bust bc her and James are dead in the water next week.

      • You just said it – Victor wins comps. If you were her, would you rather rely on someone who may or may not keep their promise or ensure your own way into the F2 slot by battling someone of your own skill level? Natalie may be self-absorbed at times, but I’ll give her this – she’s finally woken up to how this game is played. She knows her path to the end can’t include Paul or Victor if she wants to win.

      • I get that she wouldn’t beat them but she’s not even going to see the top 5 with this strategy. She’s painting a huge target on herself and James.

    • Agree with Nicole and Corey 100% going home part. Disagree with Nat and Michelle being called pea brains.

  14. Damn! It seems like the girls are finally coming together (what’s left of them at least). I’m surprised that #CryBaby won the ACP. I was suspecting Paul. It seems like “ya’ boy” might be the next jury member. The good side is that this weakens Paulie’s chance of coming back.

    • Not really, though. Paulie’s stronger at the comps that Paul is. Victor would be the real challenge for Paulie.

      • True dat, Victor is the best comp beast in the house. Paul is a great competitor though. If it’s an intel comp then it could go either way. But if it’s an endurance comp Paulie will certainly win it.

  15. Natalie and Michelle settling on what they’ll wear to the Nom Ceremony.

    … Yeah, hence Paulie’s ‘princess’ comment, Nat. You’ve talked about your clothes and your hair more than you’ve plotted these past 12 hours.

    • Pretty silly too, because I don’t think Paulie meant anything negative with that princess comment.

      • Honestly, neither do I, but she took it personally, as she does everything else. So, yeah, if he did mean it personally, then she has no one to blame but herself for it.

      • Very true. What 26 year old woman doesn’t talk about clothes and her appearance…seems pretty normal.

      • Typically, when someone refers to someone as royalty, especially when it’s in reference to a girl, it’s in reference to them coming from a privileged background. Stereotypically, girls who fit into this category only care about their looks.

  16. I’m upset that “ya’ boy” might be going home. However, I can no longer complain about no one playing the game. Everyone is playing the game at this point and I don’t know who’s going to win this thing now.

  17. So much flip flopping this season…

    As much as I know this is a good game move, especially since they don’t know about the battle back, I’m sad because I wanted Nicorey on the block.

  18. A bit off topic, but not too far. I’m already thinking about next weeks CP. We have Corey, Paul, Victor left to give it to. Paul will probably be gone, so that leaves Corey and Victor. I think I’m going to vote Victor. His social game has been lacking, and maybe he will figure out a way to convince somebody of something? Any thoughts?

    • Personally I don’t care too much on this next package. I’m happy that it’s not an even bigger advantage than what’s been given already. I’m over the twists…it’s down the wire at this point, let them play the game.

    • the next package doesnt make any sense. you have to annouce to everybody that you are trying to bribe them so you can get $5000? I just dont get it.

      • JBB and return.
        Also, when Paul or Vic wins POV, who goes up? James, Nic & Corey each have only 1 person who they know for sure won’t vote to evict.

        I dont think that’s how it works. It’s not a cash prize; it’s a power prize. The ACP5 winner has to USE the $5K to bribe another HG. If successful, he must pay the entire amount as bribe, and cannot split the money with the person he bribes. Neither can he keep the money and choose not to bribe anyone. The benefit to the ACP winner is that he can use it to sway someone’s gameplay in his favor – get a POV holder to take him off the block, get an HG to vote against his opponent or sacrifice his/her showmance partner. Possibilities abound.
        The other fun part will be seeing who can be bought and what they are willing to sacrifice for 5 grand.

      • Ignore the above text right up to “I don’t think that’s how it works.” Accidental paste.

      • you sure about that? cbs didnt make that clear. they made it seem like the acp winner gets $5k to bribe someone. a lot of people will be voting wrong if that is the case.

  19. Nat, James and Nicole having a conversation in the SR. Nat says she’s super happy about aligning with Nicorey now and that the DR was pushing her to do so. Nicole agrees with her and confirms they were urging her to do the same. Paraphrasing but yep.

    • Right now I’m loving the DR then :D
      Too bad the women couldn’t see this for themselves though.

      • Yeah I’m all for this new alliance. But this seems to be further proof of production interfering in the game…not a fan of that.

      • Doesn’t surprise me that they’re doing so. Gotta think overall ratings would drop if your girl Nic got the axe soon.

      • I’m sure the Producers didn’t want the rest of the season being boring with everyone getting rid of Corey and Nicole and then Paul and Victor get rid of the rest of them due to their comp prowess.
        It would’ve been very boring you have to admit.
        This way everything is still up in the air and the ratings should be great finale night.

      • I hate production interference, but I like Nicole, James, and even Corey. Nat has been annoying me lately, but she’s a great player, that F4 would be great, but I think there’s a chance Paul or Meech interferes and destroys the alliance early. Also Nat and Meech should be going for Victor not Paul. Victor has won 9 competitions this season including roadkills and battle backs. The only other person to win 9 official competitions (Getting dethroned via Battle of the Block does not count as a comp win) is Janelle. If I was in that house there is no chance in hell that a person with as many comps as Janelle would be staying under any circumstances. Paul is not gunning after Nat, James, or Meech, and he doesn’t have nearly as many comps.

      • Yeah there’s nothing I’d like to see more than the four weakest people in the house make it to final four. Not!!

    • I don’t like DR being involved with anything and it doesn’t matter if it helps someone I like or not. It destroys the integrity of the game.

    • That’s absolutely shameful and just confirms everyone’s worst suspicions about this game. I hope this meddling blows right in the producers’ respective fat faces.

    • Unbelievable….they should NOT be able to do that. Are they really trying to rig this!?!

      • Every site including this one has a poll where you vote on who you’d want to win the cp, get evicted etc. All of them had Michelle first then Victor and Paul third. Corey was down close to the bottom. I know people that only watch it on tv and don’t do the boards aren’t included but I don’t think they’ve been wrong yet. The only missed it last week because Bridgette got evicted so it went to Nicole. It’s not the actual vote it’s a poll.

    • ‘Slob’?! I know right?! My sincere hope – like many other posters here – is that if Victor is sent to JH that he wins the Battle Back and proceeds to clean the house of all the wussy floater types who’ve let everyone else do the dirty work thus far.

  20. Michelle is a lazy parasite, who does nothing but shove peanuts in her mouth, and talk $#!+ about people, that is beyond any kind of strategy!

  21. they should locked up 2 hoh in a vaulyt elkiminate some from jury naming 3HGS be on the block

  22. America, you chose this Do Nothing B—– for the care package over Victor? Still better than Corey, I guess. This one should’ve gone to Victor. This is 3 weeks in a row you done messed up. Michelle herself said she’s the worst superfan ever.

  23. It’s sad that the same people praising the DR for interfering are the same ones that’s been pitching a fit about them rigging it for Paulie to stay or come back from jury.

  24. I can’t believe Michelle won this. Now the other HGs are going to think America is upset about evicting Paulie, that this is some sort of retaliation against Victor and Paul. Yeesh.

  25. How quickly people forget. Wasn’t it just 2 weeks ago everyone making nasty comments about Michelle being a mean girl? How she was so mean to Bridgette, throwing her cookies away. Everyone hated Michelle. The same America that voted her the CP. SMH.

    • I didn’t vote for “Meech the Big Baby Crybaby Beetch!” I don’t like her, she is such a Bully…throughout the Whole Season…..and she plays for isht! Hahhaha! ;)

  26. How funny would that be if Vic goes up and out next Thursday, only to come right back, again, in the Jury Battle Back??

    • No…I am Done with Vic!
      It is crazy, I am a Big Brother fan, but this year I actually have No Favorites…which is weird for me!
      Hehehehehe! ;)

  27. And anyway, am not sure I would put Victor on the block right away. What’s we won, 7 Comps already? Paul and Nicole would be my choice, Vic going BackDoor if one comes off.

  28. Well I stand corrected. I thought the Merchant could play for HOH next week. Sorry if I made anyone upset about that before.

  29. IMO, neither Gnat or Mean-eech are very smart, but nominating P & V is the smart move. Whichever one goes out, you are eliminating a strong player.
    I say, let’s get rid of all the heavy hitters, and then the bug (Gnat), the witch (Mean-eech) & Whinole can beat each other will pillows to determine the final whinnier/winner.

  30. I doubt whether the HGs know about Jury Battle Back apart from speculation. If they were notified, they would be mindful of whom they are sending into that battle and which juror they can bear to see return.
    Seems it is only after that reentry that any comp beast can safely and permanently be evicted.
    But let the gals enjoy their brief power. You just KNOW their Paul-Victor nomination is gonna end up burning them. Either when a nom wins POV, or when the evicted half of that duo comes right back as Battle Back champion, or the bloody vengeance when the remaining/returning nom becomes HOH again (I have this image of a fire-breathing Victor). The only involvement Nat or Meech will have in F2 is casting jury votes.

  31. They have to get rid of Vic and Paul….I also cannot forget what Nasty Jerks they were in the beginning…and throughout the Game! The things they have said and done, same with Z and Meech, and Day (were also nasty to the Core towards other people…personally!) , should ruin their lives like it did for contestants in the past…..if Not, then the show, and everyone freaking out are hypocrite’s are biased “A”— h0l3ls!! ;)

  32. I think she should be able to play because there was not a competition win!
    This was from a care package she had no control over she won or lost!

  33. Corey and Nicole need to go followed by James. This plan that Natalie and Michelle have is going to blow up in the weeks to come. Disappointed at both of their games.

  34. would be real stupid not to put up cory and nicole sice they are a power couple

  35. plus he was the only REAL player this season had ..now mich_hell is somehow “co-hoh” ..im pretty sure she didn’t win that many votes from the viewers .

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