‘Big Brother 18’ Twist Revealed: Jury Battle Back

Get ready for more Big Brother 18 twists! Julie Chen announced this week that yet another HG evicted from the game would be sent back in to the House for an extra chance at the half million dollar prize!

Julie Chen and Returning Juror twist on BB18

So far four HGs have been evicted and once we have a fifth, just as they did with the initial Battle Back, the Jurors will face off to head back inside. Great news for us drama seeking fans, but oh boy I bet these HGs probably aren’t going to be too thrilled.

At the close of Thursday’s eviction show Julie announced that at the next live show she’d reveal to the remaining Houseguests one of the first five Jurors would compete for another kind of round trip opportunity. They won’t know in advance so it won’t impact the next vote.

That means we’re looking at Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Paulie, and whoever gets voted out next to head in to the Big Brother backyard for the Jury Battle Back arena. Lots of options right now for who could end up in that fifth spot but there’s still a long way to go this week before we figure out who that is going to be.

With another HG being added back in to the mix that should indicate we’ll get another Double Eviction so that’s our trade off here. I’m not usually a big fan of second chances (or if by chance it’s Victor with a third chance), but I do love me some Big Brother Double Eviction fun!

If you got the chance to cherry pick one of the first four Jurors to head back inside then who would you want it to be? We won’t be able to vote for the returning player so it’ll all come down to competition skills. Let’s hope it’s not a physical battle so things can be a bit more level for all the current Jurors. Or maybe you’d rather it be something more demanding? Share your thoughts below.



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  1. Bridgette – I think she got the rawest deal, is the strongest competitor of all the women this season, and would have the best chance of beating Paulie other than Victor (if he were to get evicted this week). Sadly, unless Victor gets evicted this week, I fear there’s little standing between Paulie and a return to the house, especially if the competitions are mostly physical ones and not mental and/or chance (not to mention, I could actually see Zakiyah throwing it to him if they went head to head given her past behavior)

  2. They really need to let these guys play the game. The constant battle back competitions are becoming a crutch, it’s cliche and it impedes the remaining houseguests from making moves b/c you don’t know if production is gonna screw them over. So basically you have a guy like Paulie come back in and win the whole thing. How is that fair to the 7 people that are there?

    • My thoughts exactly. I was hoping this wouldn’t be the case. Might as well bring back Glenn.

      • The game as a whole has become too predictable, houseguests know when there’s a double eviction coming just from simple math. 16 houseguests, 9 member jury means you gotta survive the first 7 evictions. Houseguests also know certain competitions are coming up, when the first endurance comp is. I love watching this show, but they need to change some things around. Do a double eviction in Week 3 instead of Week 9/10. Have an endurance comp for HOH be the first HOH competition instead of it being a month in. I did a schedule based on past history and I correctly predicted DE about 14 days before it was going to happen. With this added twist, IDK how it affects the next one but I had that one pegged for 9/8 assuming the 9/21 finale. The show is too formulaic.

      • BB has to revamp the whole enchilada. From comps to rules ect. Make them keep the house clean if not take away the backyard, pool et. Give each one a sleeping bag make them sleep on the floor. No one but HoH can sleep in the room or use the bathroom. Just some ideas.

      • I’d like to see more say by the viewers. Like one week, have America pick the nominees. If one gets pulled off the block, then America will choose the replacement. Or one week, have America vote who gets evicted. This will take away the predictability of the game and throw a wrinkle into their deals and side deals.

      • I dont know man, 15 people and one toilet always bothered me. At least with the HOH bathroom, it helps.

  3. I hope for Bridgette!!!! I just hope its not “tailored” to Paulie’s liking.

    I noticed he was super down 2 days ago, and all of a sudden hes okay with being voted out. I read in the comments on one of these articles that he was called into DR for about 20 minutes, and there was some commotion about the cameras not showing him leave the DR. Well, what if he was called into the DR and was told of this opportunity? Maybe that’s why his mood switched. IDK, I really don’t know what to think any more. Something is missing. I work in mental health and I know alot about it to know it doesn’t change just like that! ok my rant is over.

    • Perhaps Paulie just decided to take it like a man after Corey and the DR called him out on his infantile behavior.
      I don’t expect he needs to be sent to the psych ward just yet :D

      • I didn’t believe a word of that either, he was behaving like a spoiled brat and is no doubt ashamed of acting so childish so he’s telling lies.
        Who knows though? Paulie might really believe his own lies.

      • Maybe not the ward, but Paulie at least needs some comprehensive outpatient therapy.

      • What do you think outpatient therapy can achieve with a person with such an inflated ego??? I’m not sure there’s a cure for that one :D

      • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they invented a pill that made a person become humble?
        Until then, the paulie’s of the world will keep on keeping on.

      • Paulie is no danger to himself. Perhaps his Priest can talk to him about being a sinner? Would that help?

      • Spoiled brat, egomaniac, narcissist, sociopath, psycho whichever — this one is so into himself for whatever reason he would never take it like a man, he maybe adjusted his behavior to better fit the situation -no credit from me.

      • He’s 100% narcissist I agree, but again, there’s no pill that can make him become humble. He’ll just have to learn the hard way. I think all the feed back he’ll be getting after this season is over will help him change his narcissist behavior.

      • Thank you! And if anybody ever needed medicating it was Paulie during his little meltdown.

    • Actually it does work like that with depression. You can be really down one minute and really up the next.

  4. I love a DE too, but don’t think it’s worth it when we are just moving backwards in the game by bringing another player back.

  5. There kills Bridgette’s chances. Damn it. Paulie is clearly going to win unless he meets Victor next week.

  6. even the players know what comps are coming up and they already know abo a possible redo its been done over and over and chances are it will be made easy for Pauli to win

    • I heard Paul say something to the effect that he thinks this CP is probably an HOH takeover – clues from the DR?

      • I agree that’s why he was so cheerful he knew he was coming back I hope Victor gets the package he’s the only one that has a pair lol

  7. With 10 of the first 11 players eliminated getting a chance to battle back into the game it sucks to be Frank!!

  8. URGH!!!…they really want Paulie back!!!!….can we do it a different way and not use the battle back again???…or better yet…STOP BRINGING PEOPLE BACK EVERY SEASON…it used to be a good twist when it is unexpected, now….it’s hardly a twist….they do it every single (this time 2 times) season …it’s like everyone is just waiting for someone to return…it’s the norm now and NOT A TWIST…

  9. The game’s tag line is expect the unexpected, but how can that be when most of them know when things are happening.

  10. Instead of Battle Back of an evicted HG I’d like to see them drop in a superfan chosen at random near the F7 – someone who’s watched all the epis and live feeds and knows EVERY HG’s secrets. THAT would really shake things up.
    Not fair you say?! Well neither are these obviously contrived efforts to return a certain evictee.

  11. I have never been a fan of giving evicted houseguests a chance to re-enter the house. BB likes to manipulate things to have the game play out the way that they want it to. They do need to revamp the entire game though. I would like to see the houseguests interact for a week or two before the first eviction takes place so that they can get to know each other better. They also need to stop putting older people into the mix with mostly younger players b/c we all know that they have little chance of surviving till the end. If they balance the playing field with more older folks then it might turn out differently, but we all know that BB is all about T& A so that will never happen.

    • I totally agree with you about the mixing of older folks with the younger ones. In the earlier seasons they had more of a mixture. Older women have fake boobs and older men still have almost six packs to look at….. There are a lot of older BB viewers out there!!

  12. Out of the ones currently in Jury, I guess I’d like to see Paulie go back in. Da and Z can’t seem to win comps (Z is out of the loop anyway, it seems, unless Paulie has now caught her up on what’s happening in the house).

    Bridgette, if healthy, can win comps. However, I don’t see her giving Paulie & Vic any competition. I think they might pull her in to be their 3rd wheel but not sure.

    Paulie – no, I don’t like some of that stuff coming out of his mouth. But I think he could win comps while being a big target (which is wasting people’s time) and having too many targets of his own. He MIGHT target James first or Paul or Vic or Meech – who knows?

    I really think it’s a waste of HGs time to have to get someone out a 2nd time (probably). Wish they would not bother. But if they do bring someone back, I like a gamer like Vic. Thanks to Paul, Vic has a game and isn’t just brute. I’m glad he got back in (IF someone had to return). Ha ha.

  13. A mental battle-back competition, please, so at least DaVonne, Zakiyah and Bridgette have a chance. Anything physical would obviously favor you-know-who.

  14. Well apparently Nicole does not have enough fans to give poor Corey the votes needed for ACP. You go Michelle

    • Doesn’t matter, Cory and Nicole are not getting evicted, and Paulie will be coming back.

      Big Brother: Expect the expected. When we like a player, we’ll just bring him back no matter what.

  15. if you vote out vicxtor i dont think he hs chance other the girls in jury house

  16. I am soooo tired of returning players Get over it all ready…….I would have much preferred a rewind week… Once a season is enough

  17. I don’t like the battle backs! So far this is my LEAST favorite season of BB! There have no big moves up until last week & getting Paulie out. I don’t mind seeing one battle back towards the beginning but once it gets this far, that should be it. Once sent to the jury house, there should be no coming back into the house. It’s just too much of a twist (not a fair one nor a needed one). Of course we all wish certain people weren’t sitting in jury & were still in the game, but that’s all part of BB. Let’s not try and fix what’s not broken. They renewed BB for another two seasons plus the fall “season” that will only be able via streaming & brought some new people in to help create/write the show. My thoughts are BB has been such a long running show because of how it’s worked so far…don’t start changing it entirely, adding more unnecessary twists or I think the show is going to go downhill faster than anticipated. I’m assuming it only got renewed for 2 more seasons due to the fact TV times have changed and a lot of people are streaming much more than ever, wanting instant gratification of watching full seasons in a night or two. I think it’s great to have the choice but for shows such as BB, it can only hurt the show-not help it. Just think why you love BB so much? It’s the 3x a week anticipation of each show, watching the comps, the big moves, the alliances falling apart and if course for the die-hards, watching the live feeds. I didn’t even like the fact of someone having a round trip ticket back into the house after being evicted (so glad no one had it, and didn’t get to see it play out if someone did), not after an ALREADY battle back that Victor won! And now another battle back for the jurors? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Leave it the classic game it is!!

  18. I don’t like the battle battle back. I seriously do not want to give someone like Paulie a second chance. He is a terrible person and the people in the house shouldn’t have to deal with him and play the game.

  19. I’m tired of people coming back. One is enough. But that being said maybe I’d like Paulie to come back just for shits and giggles.

  20. I like the dynamic if either Paul or Victor should leave. Two couples and perhaps another couple by necessity. I wouldn’t mind seeing Paulie evicted twice; he’s sleazy and could use the humility. But, he’s strong in competitions. If he should win, it would put me off like when Adam won, who was so creepy I had trouble watching.



  23. PAULIE..All the way for the b drama..oh yeah bring him back..the looks on the houseguest faces will be priceless. ..

  24. How do you spell lame??? ask me! me, over here, I got it I got it!
    Lame — ” another “stupid” Big brother “Twist” ……. I got me some good spelling hey?!

    So……..Did they think of this twist last minute? Is it going to be rigged so Paulie wins it? Does big brother want him to win? why big brother? Why? Out of all the twists in the world your “18 seasons” Big brother team can come up with and this is what is chosen!? Really!? LAME IMO……

  25. I agree America should get to be hoh for one week since we know how everyone is playing and all their secrets that would be amazing also I think next year they should bring in a married couple and if they can go 5 weeks without letting any houseguest know they are married they get 5000 dollars but if someone guesses and is right not only do they not get the cash one of them has to go on the block that week that would he a crazy twist

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