Zakiyah Everette – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

A major vote flip this week lead to a blindside eviction against Zakiyah Everette during the first elimination of Thursday’s Double Eviction event. It was a hectic week for the Houseguests as things turned out much differently than how Zakiyah and her close allies expected, but who was to blame?

Julie Chen with Zakiyah Everette on BB18

Read on to find out what Zakiyah had to say about the big flip this week that sent her to Jury, if there’s a future for her and Paulie, who is playing the best Big Brother game right now, and more.

Big Brother Network (BBN): Who do you blame for the vote flip this week that sent you out after Paulie assured you you’d be safe when he didn’t use the Veto on you?

Zakiyah Everette: James had all the power in his hands so James and Natalie for pushing him to do that and Bridgette for having the idea. I’m sure Michelle laid out the blueprint. They tried to do a blindside but they could have just kept it real.

BBN: Why did you decide to not explicitly warn Da’Vonne or Michelle when you knew Paulie was securing Da’Vonne’s eviction last week despite her being one of your closest allies?

Zakiyah: I wouldn’t say that Da’Vonne was my closest ally. I think she has thrown me under the bus numerous times so for that I wasn’t going to say anything. Ultimately, whatever she said to Victor secured my spot on the block.

BBN: What did you make of Natalie’s warnings to you about Paulie? Did you believe what she told you and will it impact any possible future for you with Paulie outside of the game?

Zakiyah: I feel like she had some truth to what she was saying but the timing in which she delivered that message was shady so I think she had some ulterior motives. No, that doesn’t affect my potential relationship with him outside the house. Unless, he really screwed me over and then it is a done deal.

BBN: Who is playing the best game right now and can they win it all?

Zakiyah: I feel like Paul has a good social game. Corey has the potential to win because he is so low key and so chill. Because he is under the radar he could get to the top without having any blood on his hands.

BBN: Thank you Zakiyah.

There’s some interesting details here as Zakiyah tries to piece together what went wrong this week. We’ve seen everything but she’s still without the information we have since she’s off to Jury now and won’t learn more until after the finale. Speaking of things after Big Brother, I’ll be curious to see how she reacts to finding out what Paulie had to say about her and their relationship once she left the game.

What do you think of Zakiyah’s responses and take on her departure this week? And what about her decision to not help Da’Vonne in the end? This was an insightful interview for Zakiyah’s game and I’m glad she opened up with these answers.


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  1. I get why she’d say Paul, but COREY????
    Corey is as dumb as a sack of hammers (no offence sack of hammers)
    He’s been completely bro-ing it up with Jersey Boy and making out with The Fruit Loop Dingus..

    • I’ll have you know one of my best friends is a sack of hammers and I’m deeply offended…. yeah jk.

      Growing up, my mom always told me she could look at school pictures in my yearbook and know which kids were smart by a gleam in their eyes. To this day, I look for that in people. Corey does not have that gleam.

  2. Zak has whittled down to nothing. She let Paulie take everything from her and she is just a lost shell.

  3. I’m sorry, but that woman is totally clueless. I feel a little bad for her, but she really did not play AT ALL.

    • I don’t really feel that bad, but a little because she is a young girl and didn’t know all of the horrible stuff Paulie was saying behind her back. She needs to break free from him and possibly some therapy.

  4. I can’t feel sorry for the girl. She keeps reaching for the moon and its tooo far away..

  5. Why is the camera bar with the four camera’s on my live feeds blacked out? anybody ever have that happen?

  6. She advanced Paulie’s game and coughed up some cooch. Paulie is a smooth operator. I would hate to see him win though.

  7. I doubt it will be a done deal from her part. He definitely won’t be interested, but she will probably move to NJ and stalk him. She did mention on the show that it will be nice to transfer to another college in a different state, or something close to that. I would love to find out what happens after she watches the show.

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