Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 7

Oh dear lord – the Big Brother 18 season is halfway done – and I am sure I speak for many of you that unless these people step up their games soon, they should just hand Paulie the $500K check so we can move on with our lives and start prepping for BB19. Although we are starting to see some dissension in the ranks – no one is willing to do anything about it.

Note: I wrote these rankings based on what was happening inside the house as of 8/10/16 – Midnight BB time – hopefully the recent current actions after that by Houseguests can change my outlook.

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

To be honest – I was considering giving everyone Tofu this week – because there have not been many stand outs playing well. Well, there are a couple, but they also have done bonehead things to knock them down a little. So my usual format to why people get what will change a little.

I am so looking forward to this week’s Big Brother Double Eviction episode – BUT FIRST – lets give out some bacon & tofu.

Natalie Negrotti – 5 strips of Bacon – she knows everything going on in the house. Unfortunately, she does not seem to know how to get the rest to act on it. Natalie is also working her way up the ranks as the most popular HG this year among fans – so in this down week – she gets the top spot.

Bridgette Dunning – 4 strips of Bacon – wasn’t Bridgette public enemy #2 just 2 weeks ago? She did slip back into the shadows a little. Her name keeps getting thrown around as “replacement” nominee – but she took a big step forward this week teaming back up with her Spy Girl Natalie. If the bigger threats keep going after each other – Bridgette could find her way in the final 6 pretty easily. From there, you play in every Veto – so you can protect yourself.

Corey Brooks & Nicole Franzel – 1 strip of Bacon – I am not giving them each 1 strip of bacon, I am giving them one to share since it seems like they are one person. Corey may have some things going on without Nicole – but he wont do anything unless he runs it past her first. And Nicole – well, let’s just say she is lucky other people are doing her dirty work cause she would be exposed and become a target.

To the rest of the Big Brother 18 Houseguests – here comes the Tofu!

Victor Arroyo – 2 strips of Tofu – Da’Vonne gave you a heads up that the rest of the house is coming for you – and what do you do with that info? Tell everyone & do not listen to her warnings. When he was fighting his way back into the house – he said he was going to go after Paulie – and now that he won HoH – he teams up with Paulie? When he shows up in the jury house soon, the first words he says to Day is “I shoulda listened to you”


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  1. PP stands for Pee Pee Paulie … what an a$$hat jerk!! Did BB think the Calafiore brothers deserve the 500K that much? Oh Please. Get him outta here and off the boob tube. Shame on CBS, shame on you!!

  2. If I was in the house and saw Paulie piss in the hot tub, I’d gather all of his belongings while he’s in DR, fold them all nice and tidy, stack it all in his suitcase, take it to the backyard and piss all over his stuff.

    AND I’d blame it on Zakiya marking her territory.

  3. (I know things are changing, but let me just sum up the last few days)
    So let me get this straight: There are 7 votes this week. Only 5 will count.
    4 of the 7 voters (plus the HOH) want to evict Z, but they don’t want to go against the house. What?! THE MAJORITY WANT TO EVICT HER. 6 of the 10 houseguests want to evict her (Michelle, Victor, Nat, James, Bridgette, Paul). That’s not going against the house. That’s going against Paulie. Is “The House” Paulie’s nickname now? There is no reason they should even consider keeping Z.

    • I am so confused. I thought this was how the vote was being planned then I watched BBAD last night and it seemed as if James was telling Paulie everything that was going on behind his back. Did I jump to the wrong conclusion? To make matters worse because of stupid football I have to wait until after 1:30am to find out what happens. I am really not liking James right now.

  4. If James actually sticks to the plan and they send Zak home it’ll be the biggest move of the season, I would be SOOOOO happy!!!!

    • James make a move. Ha – does he even realize he can be the biggest game changer in a while by using his power this week? I’d vote for him because I’m sick of boring couples summer camp with the other two guys talking sex nonstop and Bridgette drooling over P and C who will most likely be 100% single after press wrap-up. Oh and that annoying HOH – CEO ha!

  5. Victor’s Speech and the “bead throwing” will live in Infamy. That was the funniest stuff I’ve seen in awhile.

  6. Haha I think these rating would be updated just a smidge if they were posted a day later.

    • Yeah – the last few seasons by Wednesday – everything has been locked in place. Maybe next year I will do the rankings on Thursdays?

      • Or maybe the editor of the page will finally find someone who is more literate & has some whit to take your place.

      • Overcompensate is one word. And even in England, whit was not the word you were looking for. It is a word, just like it is in America, but it certainly isn’t the right word.

      • I feel honored to get a reply from the baconator himself. And vote flips on the last day haven’t been the most common occurrence in this season, or the past few seasons for that matter. So it’s reasonable that the final weekly rankings have come out on Wednesdays, when the votes are usually finalized.

  7. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one questioning why the hell Paul was wearing that floatie around!

  8. Victor is such a chauvinist that it was inevitable that he teamed up with all the bros.

  9. Victor’s speech was so stupid. He was voted out 9-1. Everything he said could apply to 7 other people – except complaining that Zak didn’t pay any attention to him. That was weird.

  10. Victor’s speech was so stupid. He was voted out 9-1. Everything he said could apply to 7 other people – except complaining that Zak didn’t pay any attention to him. That was weird.

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