Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 6 — Roadkill Winner Takes Aim At 8 Pack

This week on Big Brother 18, James pranked more people. The end.

Just kidding, some other things happened. Like a new HOH, nominations and the next Roadkill competition.


The episode picks up in the middle of the Head of Household competition. The Freakazoids, Team Unicorn and Category 4 are all neck-in-neck. After Tiffany and Corey fall, the Freakazoids are out. That leaves Team Unicorn and Category 4. In the end, Category 4 gets all of their berries and the last person to get the last berry wins HOH. And that honor goes to Paulie.

From the block to the HOH room, Paulie has a lot of thinking to do. The 8 Pack is happy because Paulie is basically their 9th member. But Bronte, Paul and Victor are worried. So worried that Victor is in tears. Or that might have been because he misses Jozea. At any rate, I haven’t seen man-tears like that since Zach Rance cried over Ariana Grande’s brother in Season 16.

Paul realizes after Jozea’s eviction that he doesn’t have the numbers the thought. He knows his days are numbered and decides he’s got to come up with some new plans. Bronte tells Paul that the four votes to keep Jozea were him, her, Natalie and Victor, which means Zakiyah and Da’Vonne lied to them.

It doesn’t take long for Paul and Victor to call Paulie over and ask what he’s thinking. Victor tells him that he won’t be surprised if he goes up since he clearly voted for Paulie to go. Victor reminds Paulie that the girls now hold the majority and Paulie should consider that. Bronte joins the conversation and offers Paulie every promise and deal they can think of.

Paulie lets us know via Diary Room that Victor is his target no matter what he says. The only thing Paulie needs to figure out if he’s sending him out that front door or the back door.

Paul finds out from Paulie that Victor is the target but Paul needs to go up on the block, win veto and take himself off. Paul tells us in the DR that is a ridiculous request, but he’s going to have to lay down and take it.

And it’s time for the nominations ceremony. Can I just say that I’m still upset the wheel didn’t come back in Battle of the Block’s absence? Anyway, back to what’s really important. Paulie decided to nominate Paul and Bronte.

Natalie, who I’m pretty sure is the only newbie with an actual brain, tells Bronte to lay low this week and let Paul blow up his game and see himself out the door.

It’s Roadkill Competition time. Fortunately this week, they don’t have to remove all of their clothes. They’ve instead seemingly tapped into sister show The Price is Right’s competition bag. They’ve got to figure out how many Big Brother souvenirs they can buy for $18 or something. Let’s just skip to the results.

Victor wins the Roadkill challenge, so he can finally — and secretly — go after his target James. Right? That’s what he’s going to do, isn’t it? Well… No.

First of all, he tells Paulie then he tells Frank. So now they have an even bigger reason to backdoor him. Paul, his actual ally, is the third person to find out. Paul tells him to not tell anyone and to nominate James. Victor doesn’t tell Paul that he’s already told the people who want him out.

And after another conversation with Paulie and Frank, Victor starts changing his mind on James. At the Roadkill nomination reveal, Tiffany’s photo pops up on the screen. Wait, what? Yeah.

Tiffany, of course knows that Victor is the person who nominated her. And Victor kind of explains why he nominated Tiffany. He just wants a girl to go. I guess any girl will do. Who knows with these HGs.

Oh, and did anyone else notice they’ve dropped the “Who Wants to See My HOH Room” segment? Do you miss it or no?

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  1. I miss the wheel too. It forced people who are uncomfortable to face and interact with each other. With this just let the HOH nominate them and it appears on the TV.

    • Agreed. Nomination wheel was so much better. Really wish they’d go back to it, as it builds the tension as the keys dwindle.

      • Yeah, but I can see why they aren’t doing it. Takes up too much time, especially when they have a second Nomination Ceremony added to this year’s show in the form of the Roadkill Reveal.

  2. The best part of the “Who Wants to See My HoH Room?!” segment was sassy DR’s afterwards discussing how much they hate the current HoH. Other than that… Meh.

    And let me join the chorus of people who want the damn key wheel back.

    • I liked seeing the personal photographs and hearing the letters from home, as well as the D.R. segments – would have been interesting to see what Paul said, as he didn’t even know they did big reveals of it week after week.

  3. I don’t miss the HOH room segment.
    I’m ok to lose the key wheel too; can take it or leave it. It was ok but don’t need it. I could stand to lose the drama music where the POV winner contemplates the memory wall, too.

    • I agree. The wheel thing took up too much time. I’d rather see other things.

  4. do not miss the HOH segment…It was at times (somewhat) forced on he HGs to “attend”….

  5. They should bring the wheel back, and only show the HOH room coronation-thingy if it is interesting. If not, who cares?

  6. I could care less about the wheel, I just wished they would come up with something interesting to reveal the NOMs instead.

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