Big Brother 18: Tiffany Rousso Talks All-Girls Alliance

Late last night Tiffany Rousso met with Bridgette Dunning and Natalie Negrotti to talk about the mythical all-girls alliance which has eluded Big Brother for years. Could this be the season to see that change?

Tiffany, Bridgette, & Natalie talk all-girls alliance

Tiffany and Bridgette were talking away in the lounge late last night when Natalie joined them and there’s immediate talk of how the guys can not be trusted. The solution? Let’s gang up on them because they’re numbers are getting worse each round.

Yes, the guys are down two in the count and it’s about to be three making the house an eight to five advantage for the ladies. Of course it may be a questionable strategy to start pitching alliances that go against your current alliance when you’re actively sitting on the Block, but that’s not stopping Tiffany.

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Tiffany and Bridgette have been discussing their views of the house dynamics and possible alliances. Bridgette thinks Nicole, Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Zakiyah may be working together. They are, but Bridgette doesn’t suggest that Tiffany is with them, whether or not she suspects it.

Natalie walks in and Tiffany lets her know the guys can’t be trusted. She says Frank was lying to Jozea all last week to keep him calm while James acts nice to the girls now but he wouldn’t bring them to the end. Not all the guys are bad though as Tiffany says she can trust Paulie right now.

Talk turns to the possibility of the women working together as Tiffany suggests there are “girls girls” and “guys girls,” the latter of which she accuses Michelle of being. Tiffany then makes a strange reference, possibly true but still odd, that a preseason Twitter rumor suggested one girl would be sent in saying she wanted to make an all-girls alliance but it would be a lie.

Tiffany really doesn’t seem to trust Michelle and says that all of Michelle’s fan pages (she has created them in the past for former Houseguests) have been the male players and not any of the female ones. Tiffany uses this to suggest Michelle can’t be trusted and should not be brought in to an all-girls alliance. She has some alternatives in mind though.

Da’Vonne is high on her list to bring in to the fold and says she already tested the waters there. Natalie says Bronte would definitely be interested in joining. Bridgette isn’t talking much, but she’s there so you can include her. If they bring in Da’Vonne then that would pull in Zakiyah as well.

Tiffany is careful to say this is not an official alliance launch, but rather just something for them to think about. They’re going to go back and talk with their allies and see what could be put together.

Well this has potential and the ladies are right that they’re about to have really strong numbers in their favor, but when you’re talking five against eight and already removing some of your eight they don’t just disappear. Any ladies left behind would likely convene with the guys and then you’ve lost your stronger advantage.

I wouldn’t mind seeing an all-girls alliance pull it off here so it’ll be interesting to keep our eye on what they could deliver. But like I said, Tiffany might want to wait until Friday to get this ball rolling.

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  1. Exactly right about Tiffany needing to wait until eviction to bring this up..if this convo gets back to Frank..Tiffany is toast! I am not so sure if Tiff can fully trust Day. She may tell Frank about it since they all seem to want Tiffany gone sooner rather than later.

  2. Tiffany definitely needs to wait til after eviction night before commencing with anything going towards the girls’ future.

  3. This is very foolish of Tiffy. For heaven’s sake, the girl is on the block and sitting exactly where she doesn’t want to be when or if she chooses to buck the present powers that be. I’m completely baffled by this. Was she drunk?

    • They were drinking last night but I don’t know if Tiffy indulged – but I got the same impression – what’s this girl on? Especially since she’s on the block. One wrong word and she’s gone.

      • The only thing I was able to stay awake for during BBAD last night, was to see Tiff, James and Nicole bogart the beer and wine and take it to the HoH room…but I don’t remember how much she drank.

      • I was half-way joking about the drunk comment. What she did was just that ridiculous, though, don’t ya think?

      • Duh…I should have known you were kidding. Yes, ridiculous. What’s her deal? I’m afraid she’s a little too much like V. I don’t mean that as an insult. Just that she’s her sister, and SOME sisters, especially when close in age, tend to have the same traits.

      • I have 3 of them and I’ve always wondered if I was adopted. I’m nothing like any of them. But, it is obvious that T & V are very much alike in many ways.

      • Mine is 6 years older and we couldn’t be more different. But T & V must be, what–2 years apart? That’s what I’m thinking.

      • Tiffany hasn’t been bugging me as much as Van did. Maybe I’m not paying enough attention.

      • No, Tiffany isn’t as bad V…but you can tell they’re sisters. I could not stand Vanessa. UGH…the way she bullied and played mind games. No—Tiffany hasn’t done that; at least I haven’t seen it. Like I said, you can totally tell they’re sisters.

      • Same here K and this might account for the rumors that she’s Nessie’s twin. It’s almost uncanny.

      • That might explain the loose lips last night then. She must have forgotten she’s on the block.

      • It must take a lot before he gets a buzz since he’s so big – I suppose gulping a 6 pack in 15 minutes would speed up the process poor guy. Quite an expensive habit I would think, I hope his gym job pays well.

      • I don’t know what one drink would do to me. I don’t drink. As crazy as I am already, I’m quite certain that I would embarrass myself along with many others. :D

      • Lol…she probably would. Her husband wants her to have a cocktail once in a while with him…but she won’t. She’d probably pass out.

      • NO! I admire your discipline and you really aren’t missing anything. Happy birthday – I’ll be 60 in August – can’t hardly wait ;((((

      • No wonder we hit it off so well. 1956 was a great year. My son’s BD is on Aug 5th. Now I’ll bug you about turning 60 ALL month long. :D

      • 1956 was a great year and we’re both leo’s I see – quite compatible.
        I don’t FEEL 60 and I’m still trying to figure out where all the time went to…

  4. I discovered this page at the tail of end last season and have been coming here since the beginning of this season. I am confused about some things I am reading. I’ve watched the show off and on since season 1. I thought everyone met on each other on day 1 and had no contact with the outside world. If Tiffany just met Michelle, then how does she know about Michelle’s fan pages? Also, how did James make the tweet the other day about (paraphrasing now) something like “Bronte can go to Hong Kong, I’m going back to Texas” do they now get limited internet access now? Please bear with Granny because I am new to the back end of this show. I’ve only had access to what was shown on TV.

    • Michelle has openly talked about her fan pages and such that she’s created. As for James, no. He doesn’t receive any internet access. He likely has a trusted friend running his social media while he’s in the BB house like Frank does. The closest any of them get to the Internet is writing their HOH blog.

      • Thank you. I must have miss the part about Michelle talking about her fan pages. She seems a little invisible to me in comparison to some of the others.

      • Wouldn’t it be amazing if the 2 most invisible players; Michelle and Bridgette were the final 2 lol?

      • I would try to do that too Granny :D Don’t know if I would be successful. Michelle’s prospects are looking good right now.

      • Haha I would love you to be a HG right now. You could be even worse than Day, trashing Tiff in every turn. You are probably even talking about her in your sleep hahahaha. Just kidding :)

      • I warned you to skip over my Tiff posts didn’t I? :D
        What do you think about her trying to start an all girl alliance? Is this a good thing to do when on the block?

      • Not Bridgette. There is just something about her that I don’t trust. Still trying to figure her out. As for Michelle her healthy eating habits are annoying.

      • Especially to me…someone who needs a pint of ice cream at least once a week. Everyone seems to think Bridgette’s as sweet as apple pie…I’m thinking those apples have worms in them.

      • I don’t want to see Bridgette in the F2 either but I do think she could worm her way into staying a lot longer than she should.
        I don’t have the feeds so I don’t know about Michelle’s annoying eating habits – she sure does look healthy though lol.

      • I get the SAME vibe from Bridgette… I don’t know what it is either there’s just something about her.

        Michelle doesn’t actually practice what she preaches most of the time when it comes to food. Even J was talking about how unhealthy Michelle is with her eating.

      • Last week Michelle was near tears over gaining weight so she’s off the wagon in the BB house it would seem.

      • She was completely in tears the day they ended the pixel punishment — thinks she’s the fattest girl in the house and so on. I think she’s too hard on herself!

      • That’s good. Possibility that Michelle may still grow on me as it’s still early in the game.

      • I missed it too but I read the updates on Jokers and they mentioned it.

        I think she is laying low on purpose… And right now it’s working. She’s not on anyone’s radar but Paul’s who just doesn’t like her… Although she’s been purposely being nicer to him lately trying to get on his good side. She comments on how she’s terrible at being nice to those in the house that she doesn’t like and how she needs to work on that.

  5. So lets say they are right about Michelle and it does get back to Frank and Paulie what the girls are trying to do. I think at that point you could count Frank, Corey, Paul, and Michelle to vote out Tiffany, but would James side with them or try to go with all the girls? If James did side with them and Paulie was on board I suppose that’s the only way Victor survives this week. Either way should be interesting on the feeds after POV ceremony today.

    • Paulie seems close to Tiffany though, so I don’t think he would be on board with voting her out and he does have the PoV…
      Honestly, Frank is kinda annoying me, so I’m all for any alliances that knock him down a few notches..

      • I also agree with your opinion about Frank. At first I really liked him but lately his is annoying. He seems to be trying to run the show. This is my first season watching BBAD and it helps to see what the houseguests are really like.

    • If they were right about Michelle, wouldn’t she have already outted the fatal 5 all girls alliance though? She’s kept that under wraps so far so maybe they are wrong about her?

      • Good point. In fact Michelle has been distancing herself from her former buddy, Tiffy, after Tiffy’s semi-meltdown and over emotional reaction to so many things.
        I suppose Tiffy no long has any use for Michelle and she has to go

      • If she needs to, she could use it..Out the F5…Just one example girls alliance don’t succeed.

      • Only because the girls are afraid of getting rid of the guys. Women are very catty indecisive so it is hard to work together.

      • So true. I see in the near future,D’vonne and Zakiyah plotting to get rid of the girls, also Nicole since she seems to be close to Victor, Frank and Corey.

      • I’m thinking if any of the girls are targeted, it will be Nicole…for exactly the reasons you stated. Nicole gets along very well with guys and girls…which can be really intimidating as well as irritating to females after they turn into mean girls. I harp on ‘mean girls’ because they made my life a living hell in High School. I know how they are.

      • I’m hoping Corey will be around to protect her if and when this happens. High school girls can be so hateful.

      • Having worked around women all my life I’d say you’re spot on – it’ll never work. Women are unable to work together as a unit like men do so effortlessly. Maybe if women played team sports growing up we’d be better at this.

      • I’m sorry all of you have had such bad relationships with other women. My closest friends and coworkers throughout my life have been women and we’ve worked together flawlessly, so it definitely can be done! In fact, the women did it on Survivor just this year.

    • James is getting on my nerves, even though he was my fave last season. What is his issue with getting rid of Tiffany. Doesn’t he remember her annoying sister and see how much she acts like her. I do wish for Frank to leave at some point within the next few weeks because he is the mastermind on both sides. James and Tiffany are also playing both sides. I like Paulie, D’vonne and Nicole to get rid of most of the house.

      • I agree with almost everything…except having Frank leave in the next few weeks. I’m so partial to him after what he went through during his season. But strategically, I understand.

      • I want Frank to stay too. It could be because he’s from my town and I grew up around him but he actually is playing the game and I like to watch… Everything he does, he does for a reason. I don’t foresee things always going as smoothly for him as it has been and I’m interested to see how he handles the hot seat this season.

      • I’m so jealous! You guys must have been DYING when he was on the block week after week; winning POV week after week! I didn’t even know him and I was literally screaming and jumping up and down every time he won POV!
        I hope he took everything he learned from Dan and uses it. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

      • Marianna right? I’m familiar with that area and another reason I want homeboy to win.

      • It’s Marion… We’re right across the bridge from Memphis. Close enough to enjoy what the city has to offer but far enough away from the craziness!

      • Hello neighbor :D I used to live in Memphis many years ago, before all the craziness. Let’s hope Frank can pull this off. If not him then I’m rooting for Nicole.

      • Hahaha! Give her time. She’ll be running the house before you know it just like big sis last year.

  6. I can’t imagine that Bridgette doesn’t tell Frank at some point, I’m pretty sure this will blow up in Tiff’s face.

  7. The alliance already doesn’t trust Tiffany. I think she should lay low and keep her mouth shut. The minute she mentions to Day or even Nicole (that is her team mate) that she wants an alliance of all girls with Bridgette, Natalie and Bronte she’ll be the next one out. She shouldn’t even mention it after the eviction.

  8. I wouldn’t mind an all girls alliance once Bronte and Tiffany leave the BB house.

      • I’m pleased that Bronte has stopped the formerly non-stop giggle/snort snort/ snigger/ snort snort personally.

      • Her high pitched voice reaches an uncomfortable decibel level to the point of ‘make it stop’ !!!

      • Like the Dentist last year, I have to turn the volume down when she is on…except during BBAD, I have to turn her UP because she whispers…and when she whispers, she doesn’t sound like a baby Muppet.

      • LMBO….although not funny, too. Put that poor baby in another room this year when BB is on. She might get stress incontinence and need Depends.

      • Oh. My. Gosh. You are a genius. Seriously. A genius. You must patent that. I’m not kidding. That’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. LOL! Seriously, it’s a great idea!

      • Glad to hear the seizures are gone – maybe you should change her cat food. I switched over to the cat food pouches with added vitamins for older cats and my older cat has pepped up a lot and has a beautiful coat.

      • Oh..such a cute dog!! What kind of cat do you have? It IS nasty, isn’t it?

      • Thank you! He’s a big sweetie. I have a regular old tabby. He’s a good boy and loves the dog.

      • Yes. As K pointed out (below), he gave my cat seizures. Raccoons chewed their fur off. Bats flew into my window.

      • Gotcha. For some reason his voice made me laugh instead of having seizures. smh.

      • I’m just kidding…but I really think he was a puppet. Voiced by Seth MacFarlane. (Ted; Family Guy)

      • I loved that guy; can’t wait for his return. When Nessie got rid of him I’ve never been so mad in my life.

      • I’m not watching AD this season so all I see is the shows. I watched a couple of ADs so I do know what you are saying.

  9. I’m starting to like Bridgette more and more….she’s a schemer, yet no one finds her threatening…she could very well be that person that slips through the cracks with everything going on around her…

    • Bridgette will probably escape eviction for a while yet since she seems to be the low man on the totem pole. But yes, she’s quite the schemer. She could last even longer if she starts ratting out the girls to Frank.

      • Frank has been under fire for comments he’s made about Bridgette and wanting to keep her around…. Bridgette could really capitalize on his soft spot for her and form a strong bond where she is actually useful in giving him info in exchange for protection but it doesn’t seem like she’s really picked up on this yet

      • I’ve noticed Frank’s soft spot for Bridge too even though I don’t know how sincere he is. He might just want to keep his team intact.
        Last night Bridge was talking bad about Frank having too much power, doesn’t trust him and so forth. I don’t know if she’s gathering intelligence to give Frank or if she’s sincere. She’s sneaky and hard to read.

      • Frank is playing the game. I like that about him. I’m not sure if he is shooting himself in the foot, though. He might be talking too much. We’ll see. I agree about Bridgette.

      • I like Frank and want him to do well so maybe I’m over-reacting to his overly confident gameplay. He is talking too much and it’s making me nervous. He’s underestimating the girls abilities too.

      • I viewed Bridgette as Victoria Part 2. I’m not so sure about that anymore.

      • Out of everyone in the house, I can’t figure Bridge out. She keeps her cards close and doesn’t reveal much. I never know what she is REALLY thinking.

  10. I don’t watch the feeds and pay attention to maybe half of BBAD. What did Bridgette do to deserve all the hate? I haven’t seen her do or say anything nasty.

  11. It’d be interesting to see if an all-girl alliance could work, but Tiff’s all ready in trouble here. She keeps getting on Da’Vonne’s bad side, and Z seems to agree with Da’Vonne most of the time. If this is gonna work, it won’t be with Tiffany at the helm, I’m thinking.

  12. They better not vote for the future Mrs natalie schneider better make it to jury

  13. Yikes….. Tiffany is pretty brave to be talking to too many women while she’s on the block! Not good! Not good at all but I would love to see it happen! An all girl alliance…. could this be the year??? There’s no showmances yet are there? if not then that’s a plus in the right direction…… & so far it looks like a pretty strong group of women who won’t be to caddy! Hopefully not! And there are already the Spy girls.

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