‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 12: Sunday Highlights

We’re headed for the the home stretch of Big Brother 18 and the Live Feeds are definitely reflecting that. And since Paul and Victor are on the block together, we aren’t getting much campaigning from the guys especially with one of them getting confirmation of what’s to come.

James Huling is taking it off on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 11, 2016:

10:45 AM BBT – Nicole & Corey are the only HGs awake. They’re making breakfast.

11:00 AM BBT – Backyard is open so HGs start wandering outside.

11:10 AM BBT – Feeds have gone to Loops for the Veto Ceremony.

11:42 AM BBT – Feeds return. Nicole did not use the Veto.

11:48 AM BBT – Nicole tells James and Corey she wouldn’t be upset to lose $500K to either of them. James tells them if they win not to forget about their deal as he swipes his hands across each other like sliding dollar bills off his palm. Feeds cut.

2:30 PM BBT – Paul and Victor are joking about their eviction vote speeches. Paul jokes he’ll use Natalie’s line and call Victor his soulmate.

2:30 PM BBT – Nicole questions if James is even that sad about Natalie because he’s talking about other girls. James says he’s trying to get over her.

2:45 PM BBT – Nicole, James, and Corey discuss what the Jury is probably expecting and if they think James will follow Natalie out the door. When he doesn’t they think everyone will assume they really did have a final deal. Nicole comments about having a F2 deal with James and Corey congratulates them. Nicole says she was referring to the backyard yeller shouting that to the HGs.

3:00 PM BBT – Nicole tells James if Corey called her her soulmate then they’d get married.

3:05 PM BBT – Paul has another zinger about this being James’s last rodeo (James often says it is not his first rodeo), because Natalie took him for a ride. Paul laughs that he’ll go first and have a savage speech then Victor will bail and do a nice one questioning why Paul would be so mean.

3:25 PM BBT – Corey says he wouldn’t do another showmance if he got on again. Nicole speculates about her third showmance if she came back.

4:30 PM BBT – Houseguests are playing cards and hanging out (cards replaced the noisier dominoes).

7:08 PM BBT – BB announces to the HGs that if they win the 500K they never have to eat peanut butter again.

7:13 PM BBT – Paul, Victor and James discuss who Corey or Nicole would take to final two. They think Corey beats Nicole but if she takes one of them she could win. They don’t think either of them will take anyone but the other, though.

7:31 PM BBT – Paul asks James if they’re getting rid of Victor. James says that seems to be the plan.

8:06 PM BBT – Paul trying to figure out what the remaining schedule will be. He wonders if there’s an HOH competition Monday night.

9:25 PM BBT – All HGs playing cards again.

9:40 PM BBT – James declares that no one is watching the Live Feeds anymore.

10:40 PM BBT – Victor and Paul joke about Vic getting evicted and coming back yet again this week.

10:50 PM BBT – HGs are enjoying their time outside. Victor and Nicole play pool while the other three sit around or in the hot tub. Nicole asks Victor if he’s mad he’s being voted out. He’s not.

11:20 PM BBT – Nicole talked with Corey to let him know Victor is aware he’s going to be voted out. They also expect to be Paul’s targets as a result.

2:20 AM BBT – Paul and James sit down to talk about the F4 and beyond. Paul warns James if they don’t split up Nicole and Corey then neither of them are getting to the F2. James tells Paul that Natalie would have been 100% with Paul and Victor.

2:40 AM BBT – Paul reminds James that while Corey has been telling them they’d be dumb not to take Nicole to F2 he thinks they’d be dumb to make that very move. They agree she’d be hard to beat since she’s never been nominated all season. They say that bragging right needs to be taken away next round.

2:45 AM BBT – Paul warns James that Nicole and Corey will only take each other so they can’t feel bad about splitting them up.

4:00 AM BBT – Paul, Victor, and James still hanging out chatting in the dark in bed before calling it a night.

Victor knows he’s going and it sounds like he’s ready. He better be because that eviction vote is coming up on Monday then he’ll head out to get ready for the Jury roundtable before returning next Wednesday for finale night.

The season is almost over and Nicole and Corey continue to hold a strong position for getting there. We’ll have to see if James is serious about splitting up that couple or letting them ride to the end togehter.

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  1. I hope what paul is saying sticks into james head and he wakes up. Never a good idea to go to final 3 with a showmance that is very strong now that they are winning competitions. He deserves to lose the game if he rides with nicorey to f3.

  2. “Nicole speculates about her third showmance if she came back.”

    NO. Please, just…no… no third chance for her!!!

    • I have seen enough of Nicole! Don’t bring her back again, But I would like to see more of James!

      • James is just as bad as Nicole for getting into showmances. Two is more than enough chances for him.

      • James and Meg were never in a showmance, and even though they were a team, they couldn’t even be considered a power couple because Meg sucked at comps and James only wins endurance and crapshoots

      • True, not a showmance but they were considered a couple, regardless of how strong they were that made them a threat. He went back into the house and stopped playing for a girl, again. He doesn’t deserve a third chances

  3. “James declared that no one is watching the live feeds anymore.”

    Nah, really…that suprises me…
    Hun, it’s about time you’ve figured out that I stopped watching them WEEKS AGO…The only reason I know of what is going on in the house is because of these updates. Thanks BB Network!

    • I don’t watch the feeds and very rarely watch those long ass BBAD shows. 3 hours of that is more than enough to drive me crazy.

      • I do not watch 3 and 4 hour shows and listen to them talk about nothing but if that makes me a NON BB FAN so be it. I watch them at the start of the season when there is way more people in the house usually. This season they got boring real quick, real fast. Last few season’s they were mostly two hour shows on BBAD and I watched most of them. I just don;t see paying hard earned money to watch something online that I can get the result’s and gist of what happened by reading sites like this DUH.

      • You’re not missing much. Pretty much all season feeds have been boring. I very rarely watch during the day and most of the time in the evening I turn them on and within 1/2hr I turn them off. Only a few times they were fun to watch and I was up all night. Lol

  4. The only good part of Victor being evicted is that there is someone to vote for as Favorite. I was seriously considering Glenn.

      • That’s the point. I never heard him whining or making snotty comments about the other guests, or acting like a lovesick puppy, or attacking other people for fun, or being blatantly misogynistic or swearing like a drunken sailor or stealing things or laughing about animal torture.

      • Really. well you must have heard Victor cursing like a drunken sailor since that,s all him and paul did,and the rest of the time he was flexing his muscles for the cameras.

    • I felt bad for Glenn. He was seriously shafted. Poor guy was only in the house for what, two days? And to think, if his coconuts had stayed in place, it would’ve been Corey going.

  5. Deep down, I was really hoping that production was not interfering, but after the last POV and last night’s display of Paul and James slip-sliding all over and Corey and Nicole sprinting, yes, sprinting, up and down the track, feel cheated and I guess, naïve.

    • Nicole lives in a region that gets some pretty decent snowfall amounts (MICHIGAN), Corey had long legs and I noticed he sort of used that skating method on this stuff. Nicole should be used to walking on ice but did you notice that she fell a few time too. This also brings up the question KSJB has asked this season, how do they determine who gets what lane for these comps.

      • If I’m not mistaken Corey didn’t fall once. Which surprised me. I thought because of being so tall he would be awkward.

      • I don’t think he fell either but being tall kind of has its advantage on some things. I usually do well walking on ice each year. I am 6 foot even and it is about foot placement for me. I think that is what helped Corey in that comp.

      • I admit it is harder to get traction on ice but that doesn’t mean you can’t go forward on ice. In this case, this wasn’t ice but a slippery substitute, sometimes I can’t get traction on wet concrete if I do not have the proper shoes on my feet.

      • There seemed to be more grease on the outside tracks. It might have been applied thicker there bc the staff could reach these easier from the edges.

        It was the last comp with Corey going straight for the pipes that really showed me. Corey ONLY can beat Vic when Vic is sitting on the sidelines and there are only 4 players left. (25% chance) Vic has 10 comp wins.

      • They were all greased. In fact Paul had less grease then any of them in the beginning before he started falling and spilling butter.

      • Willie do you always have to be the voice of reason…LOL!!! Some of us are having a VERY hard time giving Snakole and Corey credit for still being in the game. :>)

      • Here is the thing. it is what it is a game. Yeah I would love to see Frank in the game at this point but as it turned out, Frank was his own worst enemy this year. I understand why he did what he did and that is to break the old myth of him being a comp beast. Victor gladly took that place this season and for that I give Victor credit where credit is due. That alone doesn’t mean he should win this season either. As soon as I saw Corey moving on that slip and slide last Thursday, I said it was his comp to lose. I bet no one remembers that post at all LOL. Nicole should have done the best on the comic comp for VETO, she has done that before. From here forward, Paul has to win either HOH or VETO (mostly VETO) in order to move forward. Same thing for James as well. No one can continue to win HOH and Veto the way Nicole and Corey have done these last two weeks. I can see James and Paul both stepping up in this FF week and both making it to F3 but which one of Nicorey will go with them is the question.

    • I totally agree! It’s so obvious to me that production interfered this season. In past seasons I don’t remember it being that obvious… but, maybe I was naive as well.

    • So how would production know in advance which players would do well in the comp… it could have been James and Paul sprinting up and down the track…

      • Longer legs definitely benefitted Corey in this comp. There are some comps that are easier for certain body types than others, that comp, the wall (they don’t adjust for height and bigger feet have a harder time on the small ledges). Nothing guarantees a win but factors can go into it.

      • Longer legs equals longer strides which means he covers ground faster. Like I said it never guarantees a win but it helps.

      • You know, I grew up with ice and where I am from it doesn’t matter what length your legs are, slippery is slippery

      • Exactly. When I heard what comp it was I thought for sure Paul would win it. I knew Corey had a chance with his long legs but I thought he would be falling a lot which he didn’t.

  6. What ever happened to the diamond power of veto it hasn’t been played for along time sent Dan got it.

  7. Ya gotta give it to Nicorey. They’re playing the game, but poor Vic is getting the shaft this week. Sad to see Sitting Ducks go. James is freakin clueless and could give a crap to be there, no way he deserves to win. I think any of them should take him to F2.

  8. And James mentions their deal again… Why vote Nicole out when you can make an easy $10,000 off her?

    • Its really bothering me that they’ve made it so obvious that there is a deal. In other BB houses, that wouldn’t be allowed. Why are they still able to talk about it in the house?

      • BB U.S. is all about entertainment from the show runner’s perspective, not from the viewers. As long as there’s no violence they don’t really care about there own rules. For some reason they love Nicole (she’s kind of entertaining) and James. No idea why they love James.

  9. with vic goin home tonight i don’t have anyone to route for..first time in bb for me that i haven’t been able to make a case for myself to support someone for f2…so weird

    • Same here. I don’t really care for any of them.
      With Vic gone, blah.
      I find myself hoping James does not get it over the others.

    • I’m still rooting for Paul, but I know it’s an uphill battle for him. The only person I was rooting for at this point last season was Johnny Mac. I didn’t care much for Steve or Vanessa, and I absolutely couldn’t stand Austin or the twins

    • Not me. So many seasons the person I’m rooting for doesn’t make it to the end. But then I take personal out of it and see who’s played the game. I didn’t want Derrick to win on his season but he deserved it. Also last season I didn’t like Vannessa but she played a great game. First time in awhile someone I’m rooting for is in F4.

  10. I hope Paul wins HOH and puts up Nicole and Corey ,Now that would be a a different ending that what they think. Who do you think James would pick? Nicole or Corey?

  11. James is in a win win situation for $50 regardless of who takes him to F3/F2… his game sucked this season ( playing Derricks game did get him this far)!!!

  12. “Its been a summer of lies, betrayals and twists. Now only 4 remain to battle it out in the last 2 hohs and the last POV. How did these 4 make it to the this point lets recap”

    Nicole- Getting into a showmance early on she found her self in the super allaince of 8. After the game got blown up she went under the radar until the final 7. She has avoided the block up until this point. With only 2 more eliminations to go. Can she make it unnominated and will she end up winning the game or get evicted in the final days.

    James- He managed to remain safe in the house with the powerful 8 person allaince. After things started getting blown up. He managed to get out some big players while remaining off the block. Unfortunately he was nominated with his showmance at the final 6. Having made it to the final 4 with only 1 nomination can he make it to the end?
    Describing the final 4

    Corey- After being dragged to the half way point in the 8 person allaince and being in a showmance with Nicole he started to win more and more comps and now looks poised to make it to the final 3 and possibly the final 2. Will he go all the way?

    Paul- He started off as an outsider and seemed doomed to be the 3rd evicted from the house. However he was able to turn his game around by letting the big allaince use him as a pawn as he did their bidding. After Paulie took control of the house Paul was sitting pretty and finally safe in the house. With Paulie being over thrown he made alliances with everyone and anyone he needed to, to survive. When Victor returned for the 2nd time he was able to use him to get to the final 5. After being on the block 6 times and having one of the most amazing and unlikely come backs in Big brother history can he win the rest of the competitions and make it to the final 2?

    Its a Final 4 you won’t want to miss.

    • Actually, it’s a final four without any Integrity whatsoever. I’ve already stopped watching I’m just waiting for over-the-top to start to see what that’s all about.

  13. You would think that with all the promotion CBS is doing for BB19 that they would have wanted to put on a strong 18th season to attract viewers but this poor showing with the clear interference in BB18 will have turned many fans off. I have seen all 18 seasons so far but would not pay a cent to watch another season at this point.

    • i will probably give bb over the top a try since it seems to promise a bit of the old school bb, and i will watch bb19 because i feel like it could be the last…all things come to an end and i feel like the way they presented bb over the top to us so quickly to its air date is sort of telling in the cbs roster going forward

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