‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 33 — Nicole And Corey Ride The Middle

Nicole, and by default, Corey hold all the power in the Big Brother 18 house this week and while trying to poise themselves for next week, they’ve spent the week riding the middle as they play both sides of the house. We got a better look at what their plans are for the week in Wednesday night’s episode.


The episode picks up right after Nicole nominated Michelle and Paul for eviction. Michelle feels safe even though she’s Nicole’s target and Nicole lets us know in the Diary Room that she nominated Paul to test their alliance and to keep Natalie and James in the dark since they’re also working with her.

And it worked. James thinks Paul’s the target and lets Michelle know that she’s surely safe this week. Paul is also feeling good enough about the plan this week to let Nicole know he will stay on the block if she wins veto, but if he or Victor wins it, Paul will be coming down.

It’s already time to pick players for the veto competition. This week only one person doesn’t play and after random draw the person not playing is Natalie.


After the veto draw, Michelle gets a little suspicious since Paul picked Corey to play when he drew houseguest choice. Even though Natalie was the person who nominated Paul last week and James was the vote that evicted Victor. Gee, Michelle, who was Paul supposed to pick?

It’s veto competition time! This has really been Corey’s week. He won America’s Care Package and he gets a Christmas-themed competition to play in. He loves Christmas, in case you didn’t know that. If he only weren’t on slop, he would’ve had a perfect week.


The competition was the stay/fold counting competition. Victor was the first person eliminated so the plan to save both Victor and Paul is out the window. James is the next person eliminated from the competition. Corey is the next person out of the competition. That leaves Nicole, Paul and Michelle. In the end Nicole won the Power of Veto. And her sights are still set on Michelle.

There is a moment of doubt with Nicole soon after, however. She tells Corey that they hold all the power this week and they could easily take out Paul or Victor (again) this week. They just have to figure out which final four alliance they trust the most.

Meanwhile, Natalie and James are getting a little nervous that their final four with Nicole and Corey isn’t as solid as they hope. And rightly so. But all James and Natalie do is talk about it with each other. So them staying complacent could hurt them. And then there’s Michelle who hasn’t talked to Nicole once since she was nominated. If Michelle goes home this week, then no one should be surprised.


At the veto meeting, Nicole decides to keep everything as is, including Michelle has her target. But there’s always the option to ditch their alliance with Paul and Victor and send Paul packing.

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  1. Nicole has positioned herself very well for going forward. She & Corey can team up with Vic & Paul on the next round, or with James & Nat, if they should win HOH. James & Nat might feel burned from this round, however, and team up with Vic & Paul.

  2. “After the veto draw, Michelle gets a little suspicious since Paul picked Corey to play when he drew houseguest choice. Even though Natalie was the person who nominated Paul last week and James was the vote that evicted Victor. Gee, Michelle, who was Paul supposed to pick?”

    Whoa, wait a minute, Branden. Did we just… agree on something that happened during an episode of BB18? Because I swear, I literally said exactly the same thing while watching this episode!

    Seriously, will not be sad to see Michelle go. Might just throw a party, in fact.

  3. Michelle is not my favorite person, but I thought she got a really mean edit tonight. Who among us hasn’t had a bad day? Hers was broadcast on national tv for all to judge. Didn’t have anything to do with game. Producers took a cheap shot.

    • Michelle has been a bully and talkn mess about everyone from day 1. She treats people like sh*t! It’s her own Karma!

    • Bad Edit? After all of the stuff she has done and said, I think they went light on her. It was pretty funny. At least they didn’t show her crazy rant at her family for letting her sister take over her room and go through her stuff. They could of showed a lot worse of her and her odd behavior.

  4. Been on Twitter for 3 days now that a certain person is taking the houseguest personal belongings to sell on ebay. Some of the houseguest are inquiring about things missing.

    • Yes we have been alerted here as well that Michelle has been secretly stowing the belongings of the other HG.

      Production needs to put a stop to this ASAP.

      Paul’s $300 pair of shades are missing too

      • They need to bring back Paul’s Red Alert so he can pat her down right before she’s evicted. I bet he finds all kinds of stuff! He should search her bag while he’s at it. I just thought I didn’t like Michelle before from all her crying, eating and jealousy. Now she’s a thief as well.

      • One can only hope she attracts a lot of legal attention if she starts auctioning all the stuff off as well! If she’s really a thief and dumb enough to think she can get away with fencing her stolen goods…

        Well, if she couldn’t handle 90 days in the BB House, she will really enjoy time in her county jail! I’d love to see video feeds of her experience there, lol.

      • LOL! That may mean that she has to buy 3 seats though because her ego will need one all by itself. Like it was really any other girl’s fault that the guys Michelle liked didn’t return the attention. Get over yourself already!

        Hmm, after typing that, I wonder if she will have a shrine to the HGs she stole from when she gets home. I bet she’s got some stuff from Frank hidden away in her bag!

      • As long as she doesn’t make some little dolls, dress them in the items(if she really is stealing, how pathetic) and start sticking pins in them. She’s one weird gal.

      • So is Nicole. The second Natalie gets called to the DR, Nicole swiped Natalie ‘s hair product.

      • Yep, a few nights ago I saw it. She asked Nat, Nat let her use it. Nicole gives it back. The second DR called Natalie, nicole turns and swipes the hair product.

    • Maybe she’s just messing with them hoping they think she’s America’s player like last season hiding stuff. I’m sure it’s just a joke. she knows shes on camera.

      • I doubt it! Munchy has a I don’t care attitude and she cares less about the camera or what productions says.

  5. Okay, so I am totally a converted Corey fan now… hahaha 1 BILLION! And even though it was edited to imply that Corey strategically guessed 1 BILLION to keep Nicole in the game, I prefer to believe that production came up with the rationale for him after the competition and that Corey simply didn’t want to have deal with “all of the responsibility” of the veto, was already over-stimulated by the Christmas theme, and became overwhelmed with the vast number of names on the naughty list – so much counting! It would take forever!!!

  6. Did Corey seriously just give 5k to Victor? That should tell Vic and Paul that Nicole didn’t trust Vic to vote michelle out but I know now they are all stupid…I want Nicole out next I am sick of seeing that big smile on her face that has only been there since her HOH bullying over james to give it to her…and those 4 go on and on and on about the same stuff over and over and over so over Nicole Corey Vic Paul but the other 3 are just as bad…It is clear that Paul and Vic are planning on going to the end with out either showmance…..

    • They gave it to Vic bcz didn’t want to give it to the other side and Vic out of the 4 of them is the one that really needs it. He drives and old car and can’t even roll down his windows. Nicole is HOH and already have a stipend over 25K, Corey is somewhat wealthy, and Paul lives in a mansion. Vic really appreciated it!

      • Paul is acting like the money is his as well. using a lot of “we” when it comes to it.
        I’d much rather listen to Michelle eat and watch her lick the peanut butter off of her fingers than listening to Paul speak. Once he starts, it doesn’t stop. He even talks over people.

      • I understand, Paul runs his mouth constantly and I can’t stand to listen to him! Zigbot even told him to Shut The F*ck Up! and he still doesnt get it!

      • Won’t it still be a tie?? Isn’t nat and james voting paul, thereby forcing Nicole to tie break.

      • I think Nicole is still thinking about telling James and Nicole before the vote that she plans to vote out Michelle. That way, it would be in James’ and Natalie’s best interests to side with the rest of the house. That way, Nicole doesn’t have to get up and evict Michelle personally.

      • Hopefully, it’ll work but wouldn’t put it past James/Nat to force her to make a tie break decision

      • I think you’re probably right because I don’t think James and Natalie really suspect that their BB lives are hanging by a thread right now. If Nicole tells them about evicting Michelle before hand, and they still force her to cast the deciding vote…

        Well, then they just gave Nicole the only reason she needs to go after them. She could just say that its obvious they don’t trust her because they went against her. The odds of Natalie or James winning an HOH against Corey, Vic and Paul are not great. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but James and Nat may just want to bite the bullet and make it unanimous this time.

      • Yeah, James just made tge comment about doing this to see reveal Nicole’s hand, which is really obvious now.

      • When James blurted out that Natalie wanted to evict Cory and keep Victor gave Nicole all the reason she needed, keeping Michelle would of been bad for Nicole’s game with James and Natalie. If James doesn’t see that he is blind.

      • That’s the plan to evict Munchy and get no blood on Nicole’s hands. It will be on Vic and Paul’s

      • Wow, what did you think of her exit last night? I read production came for Pablo and returned him to his rightful owner.

      • She’ll probably be reading every little thing about her. Shell probably Google herself every day.

    • It’s funny you say she bullied James to win the HOH. Sorry but that wasn’t bullying and it’s a bit ridiculous to call it that.

      • Especially when we’ve seen plenty of examples of bullying behavior throughout the season, so we definitely have something to compare it to.

    • It wasn’t bullying, it was whining and James fell for it.
      If James or Nat win HOH next week he still won’t put up Nicole, and she is not planning on putting him up.
      Her plan is that Vic or Paul will do it for her.

    • I near bout died when Paul and vic were talking about missing a woman’s company, not being showmances up.


    Corey has used the BB Bribe. He offered the $5K to Victor as incentive to vote out Michelle. Victor didn’t see this coming, either, as he actually started crying a bit. Corey says he hopes this proves that he and Nicole will be loyal to them, says “Actions speak louder than words.” Victor, Paul, and Nicorey do their F4 alliance handshake in celebration.

    • I’m glad he gave it to Victor. I voted Paul just so he would be able to give it to Vic. I never expected Corey to do it though.

    • That’s completely stupid…really? it expires after the next HOH is crowned…why not wait until during the competition and use it to make a deal to win HOH? wasted…totally wasted…

      • I read that Corey said production was pressuring him to use it today after they had called him to the DR.

      • Didn’t see that, but I’m off the feeds now and heading to bed, so who knows. Maybe they needed filler for tomorrow’s episode? Or tomorrow’s HOH could be a Q&A, making it impossible to try and throw the comp to him with the bribe?

      • Dumb, dumb, dumb move. Vic was voting meech. Corey is realky, realky, really dumb. Bless his heart fir giving it to vic

      • Oh my gosh did you see how excited he was to be actually making what he thinks is a brilliant game move?

      • Wasn’t that hilarious! Wow, great game move Cirey. Can’t wait foe him to watch his playback.

      • It would have been pretty hard to use it right before or during the next HOH comp. Think about it… If Corey suddenly started trying to bribe James or Natalie to throw the HOH comp, it would be pretty obvious what was going on.

        Then again, we are talking about James and Natalie here. Maybe it wouldn’t have been that obvious after all.

    • Well… Paul wins Bigbrother tonight. Everyone else is just taked out with Nicole. So it´s just waiting until Paul (don´t think that Victor can survive on a confront with Paul) wins the 500k. Nothing more to see on the program.

  8. So, when Paul, Vic, Corey & Nicole were naming their alliance the other night, I thought of a better name. I figured I’d share just because I was bored, lol. The should have called themselves The Fantastic Four!

    I was never a huge fan of that comic, but it really makes sense! You have Paul, the one that blows up at everyone (The Human Torch), Nicole who’s the cute blond (Invisible Woman), Vic who’s the beast at comps (The Thing) and then you have Corey as Mr. Fantastic. By the way… Corey is Mr. Fantastic because he’s tall and looks like he could stretch a lot (not because of his IQ).

    I felt like showing my nerd side to my fellow BB fans. If being willing to expose my nerd self isn’t Friendship… I’m not sure what is, lol.

  9. I really hope that Victor doesn’t think he owes Corey anything because he gave him 5Gs. I really hope he puts them up when the time comes without hesitation.

  10. Paul will not stop talking. No one else can talk it’s okay to be cultured but braggadocio , no, this is not sexy. Huge turnoff. Poor girlfriend. He talks at people, not with them.

    • He could also be lying about the majority of the things he talks about. Every time someone mentions an experience they had, he always comes in and blabs about doing the same thing.

      • Yeah, but I think he does it because he doesn’t want to listen to Nicole whine about Coooorrrrreeeeyyyy.

        From an analysis of hgs by Paul, intellectually, there is no one on his level. He is bored out of his mind.

        Vic chimes in to with similar experiences. He stated he has friends all over the world.

      • He should do us all a favor and spend most of the day and nights sleeping with his mouth shut. Nicole doesn’t seemed bothered by his constant talking.

      • I think Nicole is bonding. She realizes Corey is a guys guy and she wants to appear social, even though I think she is cringing on the inside because they won’t give her alone time with Coorreyy

  11. Nicole says that she doesn’t like people who don’t play the game. Natalie went into the room tonight and asked fro nail clippers, but should have talked to Nicole about her spot in the game.
    I agree that she should have done that, but I think winning two comps in a row has really gone to Nicole’s head. I hope it explodes on her way out the house next week.

  12. If I have to hear “your boy” or “I’m scared” 1 more time I will scream. Why do they whine about the dumbest things. Nothing is going to hurt them so shut it already.
    I feel like Nicole is finally playing the game. Good for her. Even my husband said, she’s smarter than I thought. Even Corey showed a flash of thinking.

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