‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: James Worries About Showmance Status With Natalie

Looks like the Big Brother 18 showmances could be on the rocks this week after we just got through listening to Corey explain why he and Nicole wouldn’t last and now we’ve got James telling Michelle he doesn’t know what’s going on with Natalie.

James goes looking for kisses from Natalie

James and Natalie have had an interesting relationship this season but they’ve stuck it out for most of the season after her initial showmance attempts with Corey and Victor were shot down. Now as we approach the end of the summer James seems to be questioning the authenticity of Natalie’s interest in him.

Flashback to 4:50 AM BBT 8/31 this morning as James and Michelle are still awake and chatting in the bathroom.

James is telling Michelle how things are getting hot and cold with Natalie and he’s not sure where they’re going. It hasn’t been lost on James that he’s third in line for her couplings this season. He knows the affection has been mostly one sided but compares this season with the last as Meg wouldn’t even share a bed with him and there was no cuddling like he does with Natalie.

There’s no surprise here that James may feel confused. Earlier on Tuesday evening Natalie was telling James how he meets so many of the criteria she was looking for with him being in his 30’s, sweet, attentive, and the list went on. But as James explains it to Michelle, “actions speak louder than words and since I haven’t been getting any action it’s hard to just go off words.” Heh. “I feel like I’m always the one chasing her, getting in to bed with her,” adds James as he describes his confusion.

Watching them during that time on Tuesday we saw Natalie laying in front of him while he rubbed her back and leaned in several times for a kiss but she declined before finally offering her cheek. James excitedly said to the cameras for viewers to screen cap the kiss.

James tells Michelle that his relationship with Natalie peaked weeks ago and has been going downhill ever since his HoH week. He tells her there are good times and bad, “but it’s never consistent.”

As the talk goes on James shows he realizes Natalie has been impacting his game. He says he’s been sad but not about the game. James has been sad about Natalie. “Natalie has been my Krytopnite,” he explains to Michelle. “I don’t mean this in a bad way, but if Natalie had never been here I probably never would have been sad,” says James and suggests he would have been having more fun this season hanging out with the other guys instead of trailing Natalie the whole time.

The pity party continues as James questions what sets him apart from his relationship with Natalie when compared to any of the other guys. Michelle tries to encourage him by saying they cuddle and are cute together. James admits he might just be overreacting but you can tell he doesn’t feel too encouraged about things between him and Natalie right now.

Other Houseguests have speculated that Natalie is leveraging James’s attention for gain in her game as have plenty of viewers, but it’s hard to be sure either way. Natalie certainly spends a lot of time with James and her interest at times does seem genuine. No denying it though that Natalie has helped her game while being by James’s side. We’ve even recently heard from James that he’d lay down his game to advance hers since he’s planning on winning AFP while she could try for the grand prize. Yikes.

What do you think of the situation? Share your thoughts below on James and Natalie. Is their showmance real or is this more of a fauxmance leading James along on Big Brother 18?


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  1. James has been miserable for a while now. It is so sad to watch him. He can’t do anything without Nat making him feel bad about it. I just wish he would have stayed away from her. The fun loving James disappeared weeks ago.

    • that’s what happens when you don’t keep your head in the game 100…he and nicole are sharing that boat and they should just sail on off so the rest of us don’t have to witness anymore of the self identified players getting played…

    • I know they’re grown adults…choices…but it was hard to hear her just jab him…about stuff that happened weeks ago..stuff he apologized for…She just doesn’t let anything go. James tried to keep her spirits up, motivate her positively, flatter her, etc. He puts in a lot more work than he should, a lot more than some folks do IRL, and a lot more than the other males in the house would spend on her. Early on, it would only take that small bit of attention but now she makes him work harder for it, it seems to me.

      She is doing him a favor by rejecting him. I’d hate to see him running on eggshells after her IRL apologizing, and being made to feel bad because a gift wasn’t up to par, etc. I don’t think she’s a catch for anyone right now; she could be later but she’s not ready yet.

      Someone used the word ‘toxic’ and I think that’s pretty close.
      I hoped he would go for the grand prize this year after his experience with showmance, Meg, and winning AFP so I was rooting for him and expecting bigger actual game from him. So I was disappointed.

      He missed out on some bro fun, for sure, esp given that the guys don’t seem enamored with her and are wary of the game she is running on James. I think he’s a natural flirt but in a harmless way so that would be ok, to innocently flirt with all the ladies in the house and hang out with the guys and have fun and play the BB game.

      • That’s because the guys complained that they didn’t like the pranks. They’re jealous of Jamesie ‘ s fun loving spirit.

  2. Oh James, I just smh. It has taken him this long to realize how one sided this relationship is? he really is pathetic. Gnat likes his attention but it’s all take. on her end. She probably realizes that he is not going to further her game at this point so she’s willing to cut him loose. She’ll be trying to latch onto Vic and Paul if she or James do not win HoH this week.

  3. I wrote this a looong time ago…two weeks after the show, she’s going to be sitting in some coffee shop with a bunch of her girlfriends, drinking her latte…James’ pic is going to come up on her phone, she and her friends are going to laugh hysterically while she hits ‘ignore’, and they’ll all have a good laugh about how on EARTH she POSSIBLY got involved with him in the first place. Ha-ha-ha…isn’t that HYSTERICAL?!

    • That sounds really sad.
      He is such a nice guy and should find a nice girl to make him happy.
      I can picture Nat doing that though.

    • I don’t think so, Sharona. That makes her a mean girl IRL. I hope she doesn’t do something like that. James didn’t do anything to her to deserve that.

      • You have to tell me how you misread it—it’s gonna drive me crazy! Sometimes I DO write things that don’t make sense….and I re-read them later and realize how wrong they sounded….so you HAVE to tell me! LOL!

      • Sorry! Real life took over my BB time. I hate when that happens!

        I read it as YOU thought it would be hysterical, not Nat and her friends. My response made no sense when I reread your comment. I’m easily amused!!

      • Oh! See, I can tell how that would have happened. It wasn’t a well written post. I totally see how that could have happened. Thanks for telling me!

      • Oh no, you wrote it clearly. My reading comprehension was off!

        What I wrote was poor James. I know we agree he doesn’t deserve that. That would make her a mean girl in real life. I give her the side eye on saying many times “I’m a nice girl”. If you have to keep on telling people that, it’s time for some self awareness reflection.

      • I know, right? I can’t stand mean girls. They made my life a living hell when I was in high school. I was really fat and shy. But when I went back to my 10th year reunion, I was 5’9″, thin and very successful…I really could have lorded it over them (they were fat and married), but I didn’t. I WANTED to…but I simply can’t be mean on purpose to anyone. Unless it’s absolutely warranted. So yeah, can’t stand ’em!

      • Yay! Keep it classy! I love it!!

        I tell my kids the best revenge is a happy life. You don’t need to say a word. Life has a way of disappointing those who think they have everything. Mean people are rarely happy.

    • OMG! Yes, that is so fucking Jersey Girl behavior. I am truly crying inside for James. I wish I could get to him and say I’ve been there brother. I’ve had it done to me my whole life. And just let him not feel so alone, let him talk it out. :=-(

      • I wish you could get to him, too. I know girls like that, and I can SO see it happening to James.
        I’m sorry that’s happened to you, Robert. Women who do that to men are a certain kind of evil. You didn’t deserve that. I hope you have happiness now, my friend. :)

      • Thank you Sharona, TGJ, kevin kaper, and KSJB for your kind words. I am tearing up as I read them. I wish I could easily undo a lifetime of emotional abuse from my mom, and bullying from my peers as well as Natalie types hurting me. I always went for the flashy Italian/Latin types. Now I look more for the Bridgette types, pretty but not flashy. But without any self worth, self esteem, and self confidence it is impossible for me to ask for numbers or dates. So I will be alone for the rest of my life. What my headshot doesn’t show is that I’m fat, it’s all in my belly, my arms, chest and legs are pretty toned from when I used to work out and not much in my face.

        Sharona, I am so sorry that your husband abandoned you that way. He is a douchebag!

        TGJ, you used to model? I wish I could see picture of you because you must have been a stunner then and I bet you are now. You’re around my age and I would be a proud man to have scored a stunner. I did once have a beautiful wife, named Tracy. I married up. She died 5 years ago April 4, 2011 after we were married 2 years. OD of alcohol and oxy. She hit on me which is why I ended up with her. I would never have imagined a girl like that wanting me. If I could post a pic on here I’d let you see her. She wad 4’11”, 95 lbs, true, natural blonde and blue eyes and resembled Meg Ryan.

        KSJB, you make a valid point about the beauty inside. I am a nice guy like James. I am always stuck in the friend zone. I am caring, warm hearted, loyal, smart (great at trivia, history, and crosswords), funny, and passionate. I’m protective of those I love and anyone who is downtrodden or being hurt. It is important to me to help those in need. Add to that I am a gourmet cook, an expert in wines and spirits, and a great kisser (so I have been told by the few women I have kissed) and love the art of kissing. I was also raised by my nana to be respectful to women. She used to say, “If you want to feel a great piece of ass, put your hands in your back pockets.” Yet with all that said you cannot see inner beauty or those things I listed when you meet women in a singles bar or club. Those things only come out in time spent together. Which doesn’t happen if I cannot ask someone out.

        But again, thank you all for your kindness.

      • What your head shot doesn’t show is your intelligence, heart, and soul. I understand that is impossible to show someone who judges by outward appearance only or someone you just see in passing. Have you ever thought about joining groups, not online, like at churches or neighborhoods that are established and safe places to socialize? When others get to know the real you, they might know someone who could be great company for you. It’s never too late unless you tell yourself it is. I won’t pretend to know your situation. No one can live our life for us. Good luck and God bless.

      • I don’t know of any groups I can join for socializing. I don’t go to church and am not going to start when I am an agnostic (if there is a God, he hasn’t done a thing for me that was good and he would let me die in my sleep if He were merciful and good). In any case I have been a member of churches in the past and I never met anyone at any of them. You can’t exactly socialize during mass. I am in Knoxville, TN at the moment but I may be moving back to NYC (where I am from originally) in a few days. And up there? Well it’s big city of 8 million people… I don’t really have any hobbies other than online gaming and the things I am passionately interested in are history and politics.

        To complicate matters, I am currently homeless (staying with some people who took me in, have no car (my car was repossessed and it’s impossible to live in Knoxville w/o one) and job because I have no way to get there (bus service here is a joke compared to NYC) and no money because I have no job. Oh, and I also suffer from Major Depression which can be debilitating at times. And none of these things are going to change soon. I am at a point where I don’t know what to do with my life and would just like to end it but I’m too much of a pussy. But thank you again for your supportive comments. I appreciate your kindness.

      • Depression is no laughing matter. I hope the atmosphere surrounding you is a healthy one and your luck changes soon.

      • Thank You. I’m not in a great situation now but I will be heading back to NYC next Tuesday. What I’m going to do there, I don’t know. I’d like to throw myself in front of one of the subway trains I used to drive. But I probably won’t. At least I can live there without a car, have more job opportunities than in Knoxville, TN and it is home.

      • No, I’m sorry to say I don’t. I am still alone and convinced that no would want me because I have nothing to offer a woman. And I am 47 year old. So I have been alone and probably will be for the rest of my life.

      • Robert, I’m not even going to pretend to know how you’re feeling or what you’ve been through…but I’m so sorry.
        I can tell you, that I became very sick and eventually disabled. In 1999, I was hospitalized. My husband took me. Then he told me he wouldn’t be back to pick me up. Since then I’ve been alone–with little help or encouragement even from my family. I think I do understand (somewhat) the loneliness and pain. Because of what he did—abandon me when I needed him most, I’ll never feel like I’m worthy of being loved again.
        Again, I can’t even begin to know what you’re going through–but please know that you’re not alone.

      • That’s terrible Sharona! However, your husband’s lack of empathy is not your fault. IMO that is a quality lacking in him as a human being, not you. I hope you realize this and move on so you can find that joy again. :)

      • You aren’t at all ugly. It is your lack of confidence that is probably the main problem. We aren’t all blessed with chiseled good looks – lord knows I’m not – but you need to do a quick inventory and realize what you DO have to offer someone so you don’t inadvertently get in your own way. If you don’t value yourself, most others won’t either. Learned that the hard way.

      • Some of the most beautiful people I know would most likely be considered as homely. I don’t consider Robert homely in the least. A person needs to look in the mirror and see him/herself for what is inside. That is the true person and eventually is what everyone sees.

      • Totally agree KSJB! I used to model, but I’m closer to 50 now than 40 and it bothers me that I’m getting old sometimes, but I still feel beautiful–even if I have put on twenty pounds since those days! haha!
        I try and treat people with respect and kindness and hope they return the favor. IMO beauty is found within… :)

      • Robert, I’m a 5’10” blonde who used to model in my younger days. I’m 48 now, and yeah, I’m a little past my prime, but still feeling beautiful! I look at your pic and I don’t see ugly! Beauty comes from within, my friend. Look at Paulie…He was far more attractive until he showed what an awful person he is inside. The same could be said for Aaryn in season 15–gorgeous package with a whole bunch of ugly inside. Love yourself first and others will love you too. That is just my opinion of course, but if you tell yourself something enough (good or bad) you begin to believe it…it’s conditioning theory. Try telling yourself positive things and see how that works for you. :)

  4. I thought Natalie showed her true colors in the way she reacted to James giving the win in the wall competition to Nicole – she kept nagging at him, going on and on about how she needed him to win, etc. – that was the smoking gun that said to me once and for all she’s just using him for her game.

    But, in the end, whether she’s using him or not, if James is sad or thinks his game has suffered because of Natalie, he deserves it – he’s the one who has chosen to spend both of his seasons more focused on chasing a girl than actively playing Big Brother – so I have no sympathy for him. He’s a veteran, he has no one to blame but himself…

    • I agree. He can’t blame her for getting used.
      She couldn’t play and he had to win to secure both of their spots. He chose Nicole over Natalie this time.
      I don’t know why Nat is so mad since Nicole didn’t put either of them up.

      • Someone mentioned that Victor may have a crush on Nicole. I’m not sure if it was Natalie or Michelle, but the fact that she is into him and he likes someone else may be bothering her.
        I read she hated that Paulie preferred Zakhya over her.

      • I was just reading Jokers and it said Victor jumped in bed by Nicole to wake her up – Corey was in the room, not in the bed .. I kind of thought that was a bit more than playful – also he hugs Nicole every once in a while and usually from the back .. like when she is looking in the fridge, Vic will come by and put his arms around her neck from the back. Nicole doesn’t seem to mind. I do not believe, however, that Vic would let that interfere in his game.

      • I have seen that as well.
        Corey doesn’t mind it at all since he doesn’t like Nicole that much. I think she had told Victor once that Corey didn’t like it when he was in bed with her to stop doing it. She told one of the guys and i think it was him.

      • Victor was asking Corey about he and Nicole having a relationship off of the show. Corey said, Nah gonna happen. That maybe him putting feelers out to hit on Nicole. Bros before hos.

      • I don’t get why any of these guys would be into Nicole – between that Silly putty Mr. Potato Head nose, those giant glasses, and that voice and way of speaking that makes each individual word sound like it’s whining, she looks like Droopy dog from the old cartoons and annoys me to no end.

        Victor and Corey could both do way better…it must be the cabin fever or something.

      • They don’t see what she does with Corey under those covers. She is pretty and acts sweet. I don’t know how any man not playing this game could stand her voice though.
        She may have trouble finding a man outside the house and is probably the reason why she has been in two showmances.

      • OMG I thought I was the only one who noticed it. Her nose looks like a fake nose which also explains her voice, like if she was talking with her nostrils pinched shut. Bad nose job? Plus she is immature for a woman her age. She acts like a foolish junior high girl. And what’s scarier, she’s an ER nurse!

      • Ok, I get your sarcasm. I was not saying she is ugly. I just think there is something strange about her nose. And yes I am aware of how ugly I am so I don’t need you to point it out to me.

      • You’re not ugly. I think Lavendargirl is protective of Nicole. The reason she talks the way she does is because she needs surgery, but is too afraid to have it. But, you’re Not ugly, Robert.

      • I swear she has had something done to her nose since bb16. I feel bad for saying this, but it does not look good.

      • I didn’t watch BB before this season. The people I am temporarily living with watch it and got me to watch it. But I went back and googled Nicole BB 16 photos and compared with Nicole BB 18 photos. There is something very different about her nose. The nose is thinner and the nostrils are smaller and the tip is not as pronounced. Strange thing is, her nose even looks different than the BB 18 profile photo. Could they be using BB 16 photo for the BB 18 profile? Or did something happen to her nose between taking the BB 18 bio photo and when the show started?

      • Abusers can always spot a woman ( or a man) willing to be a abused. Nat didn’t fit that bill, but Z did. Sad that any woman was willing to take his bs.

      • Watching the show tonight and listening to Michelle say negative things about herself was very sad. I laughed because of her annoying cry and struggle with the microphone, but she has a lot of insecurity issues. Women like that are looking to be loved and told that they are beautiful.
        Zakhya is beautiful, but she probably had never gone out with a guy like Paulie so she gave her complete self to him so he could like her. I’m guessing. I know a lot of girls like that and they are not all young. Some in their 40s.

      • I’m guessing she has a pattern of being with guys just like Paulie, but would like to be wrong. Either way, hope she truly learns from this.

      • Another great point.

        He did choose Nicole over Natalie.

        He thought he would get America’s sympathy for ‘giving’ Nicole the win. Well it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.

        The more we read these comments the more we realize how Paul and Victor have been really great players.

        Natalie said it best when she answered ‘no’ when James asked whether she would extend her stay an extra fifty days for another $8k.

        You can’t help but feel sorry for everyone being stuck there for so long. That is, everyone who is not walking away with the $500k or $50k prizes.

      • I completely agree with your final statement metgala. During the past week or so of watching the feeds it’s become painfully obvious that these more recent seasons are just too long. The mental condition of every one of the HGs is in decline…they’re all basically saying the same thing, “let me out of here…I’m so over the game at this point.” Complete mental exhaustion…they’re all counting down each day.

        This is the longest season yet at 99 days. We’re at about 80 days right now…the game would have already been over at this point in the first 14 BB seasons (70-75 days was typical). I’d like to see the season brought back to that length, the pace of the game needs to be quicker anyway not to mention the sanity of the HGs.

    • You know he may be like me, very un-self-confident around women. And if he is like me, he desperately wants that special someone in his life.

    • I agree with Nat on one thing. If James could have continued on for the HOH he should not have thrown it to Nicole. He needed to win for himself to stay in the game.

  5. James is basically acting like Nicole now. This is not the bachelor, stop being worried over Natalie so much and play the game. Good grief. He isn’t made for this game and I hope he doesn’t come back after this. James is a nice guy but a horrible, horrible player

      • Really, it’s just a game move/playing BB; he really is chasing after the girls in showmances, but everyone is lying and trusting people they shouldn’t be. It’s not someone to hate, he’s trying his best to play BB.

      • I think he really thinks those broken deals are good gameplay. At least this year when he backed out on the deal he said something like This is Big Brother. But the rest of the game he’s all concerned about going with the house and whatnot. He’s just clueless about BB and obv didn’t learn anything from last time

      • What surprised me is how he felt confident enough to make a deal with Nicole that gave her HOH in exchange for safety. Hello James, you made that same deal with people this season and then betrayed them. Why would you think anyone would feel obligated to honor their deals with you?

    • I get the feeling that james hasn’t had much experience with women which might explain his clueless interaction with both Meg and Nat.

  6. I wonder what James would be like in a real relationship. He’s shown this season that he can be rather jealous and controlling when Gnat has not even reciprocated his feelings and desire to move things further. I question whether he would be worse if the relationship progressed. His telling Gnat not to call Paul babe and questioning why she wants Vic to stay makes me think that he could be the jealous and controlling type and those are not the kind you want to get involved with.

    • I would assume that he was in a relationship with his daughter’s mom or it may have been a drunken one night stand. Who knows.
      I liked him a lot because he seemed sweet and fun to be around. His jealousy and slowness this season are two reasons why I don’t like him.

      • Nooo. I was just speculating. It may mean that no woman likes him. If this is true, then I feel so sad for him and hope Natalie gives him a chance after the show.

      • Is she blond? He prefers them blond.
        Meg, Nicole, and Taylor Swift are his crushes.

      • I just went to look them up.
        She is blond and his daughter is so adorable. She looks like a mini mini James.
        Sorry Natalie, but I doubt that James is that into you. You have the wrong color hair.

  7. IMO. He is delusional if he thinks that lil twit is interested in him. Get your head out of the clouds and back in the game. OOPS. Too late for that. Smdh

    • Right .. and Nat acts like little miss goody two shoes who “doesn’t want to embarrass my family” by “making out” … maybe that wasn’t respect or good character, maybe that was just that Nat wasn’t attracted to James in that way. She didn’t have to resist, she wasn’t into him.

      • When Natalie was into Victor at the beginning of the show she was more affectionate towards him than to James.

  8. How is it that the 2 people looking for love in the house are both in the final 6 unnominated?

  9. Glad to see james is starting to see the light where Nat is concerned.
    Now that he knows he’s being played he needs to sell her out to the other side and work with them to get her out next week. j/k :D
    I’ll be glad to see this little adventuress gone as well.

  10. We know from Jokers that James went to nap in the HN room and Nat came to find him to ask could she lay down too. No wonder he gets mixed signals. He made a small attempt to start distancing himself and stop chasing her. There is no way Nat can let him go yet. I’m not putting all the blame on her, but I do think she knows how he feels about her. I agree with another poster below who thinks James has not had a lot of experience with women. Also I’m not rooting for anyone but I saw someone else said they didn’t like him because he lied and betrayed people in the game, but isn’t that BB? Isn’t that what they are all doing?

  11. I don’t know if Natalie has real, romantic feelings towards James but I do know that James chose Nicole when he fell from the wall…he didn’t choose Natalie or himself ~ he chose Nicole, so I would have been giving him a hard time about it, too…I am of the opinion that James did not throw his game over Natalie ~ he threw him game over Nicole!

    • Xactly, and puzzling that so many are overlooking this. Regardless of whether you like Nat or not, it would be super frustrating to watch your main ally give away a critical advantage to a rival player. And, this may not be a popular point of view, but James has gotten a lot out of this relationship also. Nat may be no genius, but she’s the brains of those two. She also genuinely likes him. Nobody signed on for marriage here.

      • you said it.. “She likes him” and that is a far as it goes with her .. Natalie needs to stop leading James to believe that they might have something outside the house…its not likely to happen Natalie is committed to Natalie and that’s not likely to change for a long time..

      • If both James and Natalie are OTB next week I expect Nat to campaign nonstop to get james evicted. I hope he outlasts her at least.

      • Maybe she’s trying to tell James that right now she only likes him as a friend but he doesn’t get it.

    • My opinion is that James really does like Nicole because she is a nice girl and in his mind she is honest, plus when he did it for her to get a letter from her mom it probably scored him points as AFP. Most of the guys in the house have stated that Nicole is the kind of girl you bring home to your mother. Boy that burns Natalie and Michelle up. Did you see Natalie’s face when James said that Victor had said that about Nicole?

      • Well, I am a mother. After seeing Dingus in bed all summer with a guy she does not know, if my son walked in the door with her, I would be thinking, yep, I know where his mind is, and I wouldn’t invite him over for dinner for at least…2 weeks! LOL…Then hand him a nail brush to scrub under his nails before he entered my kitchen. Most gals with any self respect would not be seen on national TV doing the things Dingus has done. Doofus is a dog, too, don’t get me wrong.

      • I totally agree and I if Doofus was my son, he would know to stay away from me for a while after the show ends, because it ain’t gonna be pretty what he’s gonna hear from me after he scrubs his nails and he’s going to see a neurologist.

  12. Welllll it appears that Natalie has reeled James in again….stupidity is James biggest move of the season…

  13. I wasn’t aware Natalie had been cozying up to Corey and Victor before James. I guess that’s what comes of being a first time watcher of the show and not having the all access thing until last HoH comp. Being from the same area as Natalie I must admit I was scratching my head on her choice of James. James is a perfectly nice guy but her “type” doesn’t usually go for the nice guy. They go for the buff, lunkheads like Paulie, Victor, or Corey. I still believe there was a lot of sexual tension between Paulie and Natalie which is why Zakiya was always jealous. More to the point Natalie and Paulie are both in NJ and I could see them hooking up after the show. They share the same self centered vanity. Honestly, when Natalie stood up for James saying, “Don’t bring James into this, I love James as much as I love my own family.” I was convinced she was speaking from the heart. I thought maybe the BB house forced her to actually “see” a guy like James and realize the buffed up, prettyboys she usually drops her panties for were not worth it. However, I was recently watching live feeds when it was just she and Victor in the kitchen having breakfast I think and it could be my imagination but I swear she was flirting with Victor.

    This breaks my heart because I to am the not buffed up, proverbial, nice guy who never gets “a cheerleader” but ends up in the friend zone. I was envious but still happy for James and now it looks like he too is going to get his heartbroken. As far as the game, I think it is not too late for him to play his game and start distancing himself from Natalie and get her out of the house instead of following her around like a puppy dog. It really hurts me because I feel James’ uncertainty and sadness. I’ve been there too. I never liked Natalie much in the beginning of this game because she is a phony from her straight ironed hair to her fake tits and false eyelashes and heavy make-up to her finely pedicured feet. Now I absolutely HATE her for hurting James. BTW In case you were wondering I was in love with Bridgette. James needs to wake up and wake up NOW!

    • I don’t think Natalie will be going anywhere near Paulie after the things he said to her – in fact probably no girl in NJ will want anything to do with him if they watch BB

    • According to Jokers James was ignoring her and giving her the “space” she wanted…guess she realized that without James she is totally alone in the game (as he is as well) Whatever her sneaky ass reason is it will come to lite..

      • That’s what I was thinking, but hoping I’m wrong. I hate when people lead someone on.

  14. With so much free time in the house I don’t understand why thay are kso lazy. They complain about ants, flies and the shower smelling like poop. Well get up and do something about it. Nicole use to be my favorite but that nest on her head is driving me crazy as well as her dragging out her words, silly fighting with Corey and constantly pushing her glasses with her finger and whining nonstop. She has beautiful hair so why doesn’t she fix it and get rid of that horrendous nest! Let’s face it she has the time. I am sure she is going to be very hurt when she hears what Corey said about leaving the game single.

  15. I’m glad James is really starting to question his actions in regards to Natalie. Very good, mate.

    • its too little too late..James has invested too much time in her and not enough in the game…But he only has himself to blame..

  16. Sounds like Paulie was somewhat right then? He expressed his opinion in an inappropriate way, but he was correct about the one sided part of the relationship. If Natalie is just using James then she wouldn’t make it obvious

  17. lol. Michelle is taking Paul’s pants home with her.
    I really hope he finds out or production stops her.

  18. Nicole wants Corey’s bribe money, but is pretending she doesn’t. I hope he doesn’t give it to her.

    • I have no idea where you get that idea, when he told her he was going to give it to her she said no, I really don’t want you to do that it would be a waste.

      • I think she wants it, but doesn’t want anyone to think that she wants it. She’s very aware of her words and what she does not want quoted. I think she must believe that her getting the bribe from Corey would be held against her in jury or by viewers. I think she would be happy if Corey would just MAKE her take it and she would be very loud with her “Nooooooooowah, Coreeeeeeeeeeeeeeya” as he MADE her take it.

      • She was also not making up her mind when he kept saying that he’ll give it to Victor. She said “I’m 10% not sure or i’m 5% not sure. If production once again wouldn’t have intervene and made him use it last night she would have continued tell him that it was his bribe, but also not making up her mind each time he asked her for an advice.

      • They wanted to wait and see if there were any twists during the week, she was the one that kept going back to the idea of giving it to victor while Cory kept coming up with ridiculous scenerios.

      • I also thought it looked like she wanted it but was trying not to look like she really did. My guess is that she sort of felt like Corey should have ignored her fake objections and given it to her but she didn’t want to look pushy about it.

  19. What the hell was Nicole wearing tonight???? It looked like she had on a bordello outfit!!!!! Really!!!!! What a nurse

      • James found his hoodie in her bag, Day had things missing when she left, she wore one of Tiff’s shirts during a live eviction and laughed about it, Paul’s sunglasses are missing, and she’s got a pair of Paul’s pants that she said she was taking home with her.

  20. I did think she genuinely had feelings for him in the game but now I am unsure. I don’t know why people in the comments resort to talking about their hair or what they wear. It wasn’t ok when Paulie did it but fans think it’s fine.

    • Hi, queenbrat (I like your name!) I’ll try to keep this short, but that’s a big question and I’m just another commenter, so take this for what it might be worth to you, but IMO, it wasn’t Paulie’s job to comment or critique others in the house (and the reaction from others says they didn’t think so either) – whereas, I do consider it our job here on this site to comment and critique everything that goes on in the House, including how they groom themselves. Honestly, it’s not just about winning comps, it’s the social aspect, too, of what happens to a group of people when they are confined and observable 24/7 and what will they do to get half a million dollars? The social aspect I think includes how they present themselves (and how that changes over time) and how it might be different in front of the 24/7 cameras or in front of the TV broadcast cameras or in the DR or in the dark, or when they interact, etc. etc, The rules here are to be courteous and polite and to stay on topic (IMO, which is quite broad) and not to insult other commenters. Since comments about which you take exception (hair or what they wear) have not been removed, that would confirm to me that “it’s OK” and on topic here. Apparently the HGs thought 24/7 public observance was worth it. Lastly, they (the HGs) and we on this site, it seems, all try to be entertaining throughout the whole deal – some more humorous than others – lots of different kinds of humor – but, I think, all in good fun. So much for my thoughts .. have some fun!

  21. Still 2-3 weeks for Nicole and James to hook up, as it appears that neither of their respective showmances this summer will continue post BB Finale ??
    Whether true or not, each has been each other’s secret (or not so secret) alliance this season, as discussed on many occasions here ??

  22. Wow, the TV broadcast is so different from even the little you see on BBAD. James and Michelle on DR – actually AWAKE and saying they are going to fight and campaign! Not.

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