Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 23 — PP Clash Over This Week’s Target

We head right into the Veto competition where the HGs have to play Hide-and-Go Veto. Let’s tear the house up. Michelle is up first and she hides her veto in an old costume. Victor is up next and he puts his inside Bridette’s duffel bag. Nicole is up next and she shrieks to us that she hid her veto card in the popcorn machine. Zakiah hides hers in a crack between the table and the wall. James hides his in a comforter. And Paule is up last and decides to put his inside the big propeller table in the kitchen.


Nicole finds the first two veto cards. James finds the next card. Victor finds the next. That means there’s only one until there’s a winner. Victor finds the last card. But whose was it? Nicole found Victor’s and Zakiyah’s cards. So they’re out. James found Michelle’s veto card. She’s out. Michelle found James’ card and he’s out. Victor found Nicole’s card. That mean no one found Paulie’s card and he has won the Power of Veto.

Zakiyah still thinks there’s a chance that Paulie will use the veto on her. Paulie goes to Paul and it turns out they’re still not on the same page. Paul is mad that Paulie isn’t willing to let someone else get out a personal target. Well, gee Paul, maybe because Paulie has been running everything all season and you’ve all let him.


When Zakiayh asks Paulie what he’s going to do, he gives her some lame chess analogy that indicates he’s not going to use the veto on her. He tells her regardless of what happens she’s not going home.

Paul’s insistance on keeping Michelle has Paulie suspicious of his and Victor’s agenda so he goes to James to plant some suspicions there. By the end of their talk, James has decided Paul, Victor and Michelle are forming a squad so he tells Paulie he’ll be sure to void the votes that will be to keep Michelle.

So at the Veto ceremony, it comes as no surprise that Paulie decided not to use the Power of Veto. Maybe Zakiyah finally realizes that Paulie just isn’t that into her. But probably not.


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    • Yes Branden, thank you, for yet another overly biased, poorly-written recap in which we’re beaten with the same “I hate Paulie” mallet that we get in each recap.

      But hey, you watched it through those biased glasses, so to you a highly toned-down DR session (from Paulie’s confident nature) looks like “12 too many cocky and arrogant DR sessions”

      You also must have been watching when according to you, James chose James to play for Veto. James who wasn’t HoH, wasn’t a nominee, and thus didn’t draw a chip, and was super excited when his name was drawn… by himself.

      I hope they’re not paying you.

      • How much do biased glasses cost? Are they like, more expensive or is it just an added feature that they throw in?

        (This isn’t CNN, it’s a freaking Big Brother site, Branden can be biased if he damn well pleases to be.)

      • It’s unprofessional to recap a show with as much bias as he expresses. He alters the story to cater to his opinions. Or do you not know about writing for a site, or for anything, that generates a substantial amount of hits?

      • Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Big Brother, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved. Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content.

      • I’m well aware of the rules, thanks. I merely pointed out the problems with his writing, and I only did that because he continues to do this. I stayed quiet for a long time, and have only recently started speaking up. I didn’t insult him, and the only thing even close to an insult was “I hope they’re not paying you”. No name-calling, no anything. I thought it was poorly written, so I called it poorly written. I thought it was biased, so I called it biased. Notice it hasn’t been removed, so perhaps they don’t agree with you.

        Nice try though.

      • Wow. Then don’t read them. No one is forcing you. Go to one of the perfect bloggers sites. Oh wait, no such thing. Because we are all human and make mistakes. Except you, perfect Kevin.

      • Please. There are mistakes in every single post of his. Several of them. For weeks I didn’t say anything, and only started speaking up when the bias was laughable. There are a good handful of spelling and grammar mistakes in every single post that I don’t comment on. But writing “James (chosen by James)” and not having an eye to see that and correct is beyond basic error. To me that’s not having enough respect for your own work to not catch and edit that before posting it. I will continue to point out overly-biased writing, and I will read what I want to read. I keep reading here because Matt is a good writer, who writes a lot more than Branden does, and you know what, yeah, at this point I want to check out Branden’s writing to see if he keeps up the clear bias. As long as I’m not name calling or being insulting, i see no problem.

        Deal with it.

      • No actually, I’m not. But way to misread things and twist them your way. If I was here to rile up anybody, I wouldn’t direct comments at Branden, who seems to not even read comments, or at least not respond to them. You have a great day too.

  1. Thanks to the girls for letting James know he has balls. Otherwise he’d have continued being useless as a tossed salad. He’s clearly a nice guy but also a crappy game player. It gets so boring listening to the nonsense coming out of his mouth.

      • Agreed with both of you. I can’t stand James, and you guys highlighted a couple of reasons why.

    • More than being boring, the things he says in regards to the game annoy me to the point of being actually angry. :/ Then when someone is talking to him he gets that dumb look on his face and says something to the effect of “oh daaaang!” like he’s just now realizing what they’re saying. He’s the worst actor lol

  2. Zakiyah is dumb as rocks. Natalie just gave her vital info and she runs her mouth. Nicole will tell everything to Paulie. I hope Z just did that to keep in character. She should know Paulie has never cared about how Z felt. Never came after her to check on her. She’s just duuuuub.

  3. I missed the episode because my mom had to run out last minute and wasn’t around to watch with me. We were going to watch tomorrow but honestly there may not be anything worth seeing anyway.

  4. I can’t believe I started out really liking Paulie. (For like the first week) He’s really became a chauvinistic jerk. Funny how our perceptions change about the HGs as we get to know them better. Once upon a time I loved Nicole. Lol ???

    • What you probably did was project how you felt about Cody onto Paulie. They’re two amazingly different creatures, for sure. Yes, Cody treated Christine like he didn’t care she was married, but Paulie treats all the women (including Zakiyah) like garbage. And Z’s attitude toward Paulie is nauseating. Fingers crossed Z leaves tomorrow.

      • I’ll use that too – I liked Cody until he let Derrick continue to boss him around. Then he picks Derrick in final 2! What an idiot

      • Yeah what an idiot for picking his best friend, with a wife and young daughter at home, who he’s been close and loyal to the entire game since the first day, over Victoria who didn’t even deserve jury stipend money let alone $50,000.

        Cody has a lifelong friend in Derrick. They’re still close. Derrick bought him things with his winnings, and Cody still got $50,000. This is likely all burned if he betrays him at Final 3.

        I’d say Cody made a good choice.

    • Omg SAME. Everything you said was straight out of my head- about Nicole, Paulie- all of it. Lol

  5. Wed 8:31 PM BBTPaulie
    wants 2 tell James his girl is starting too much sht, further says: “If
    James was smart he would tell her to shut the F up!” NT – Tigrress

    Wed 8:28 PM BBTPaulie: I just think everyone’s against me for one reason or another and I don’t get it. NT – Tigrress


    • That’s enough to get him out. James will mumble around about Nat. She can run circles around both of these dunderheads, if she would get away from James

      • The idea that Natalie can run circles around anyone just made me spit my water out with laughter.

      • Nobody wants to admit it because it’s politically incorrect, and this is 2016, but Natalie actually should shut up. No, I’m not saying James should tell her to “shut the F up” as Paulie suggested, but generally speaking Natalie needs to know when to stop talking. Sometimes she says things that really don’t need saying and might only act as a detriment to their plans.

  6. What an A@S:
    Wed 8:50 PM BBTPaulie trying to tell Corey/Zakiyah about the guy that Natalie lost her virginity to that he went to Rutgers with. FISH. NT

    He can’t handle someone calling him out on his poor game…much less a woman!

    • The POS needs to watch his back he shoots off his mouth too damn much and someone will take his arrogant ass out for real after the show ,he has offended way too many people by the way he treats women.

      • Yeah, I’m sure NJ thugs and gangsters are watching Big Brother live feeds and are just chomping at the bit as we speak.

  7. Sitting here watching the live feeds and I am literally disgusted with Paulie! He’s dragging Natalie’s personal life through the mud on purpose talking about who she lost her Virginity to and that it wasn’t a serious relationship and so on.., I had to turn it off because I literally wanted to reach through the screen and slap him! He’s mad that Nat told Z that Paulie isn’t really in to her… Don’t be mad that you got caught Paulie! Was bound to happen once Z gets out and watches the episodes and sees the live feeds anyway!

    • Me too! I don’t think it’s fair that he can bring in her personal life…he is such an ass. he’s disgusting! he can’t take someone going against him

      • He is petty – he can’t stand being challenged. They need to challenge him 24/7 and watch him crumble. He’s all talk and a wuss

      • And this is an argument for why you don’t cast people who know each other.

        I’m sure the show has their paperwork in order but as a BB fan, I don’t like this casting choice. Save one of them for another season. The only time I want folks in the house with a history are show vets. Their history is show driven. None of this mess.

  8. Wed 8:54 PM BBT
    Paulie says it isn’t a trait he’s proud of but he only uses it if someone is
    really asking for it and pushes him to that point. NT – HumblePie

    Wed 8:54 PM BBT
    Paulie says he can cut someone to the core w/ his words. He can say something that will haunt you for years. Corey agrees. NT

  9. I just have to say that the way this season is being played goes back to Derrick. He solved the game that is big brother and every season so far his strategy has been replicated.

    Derrick created 2 unfailable strategies.
    1st- The 8 person super alliance
    2nd- Cult voting

    With the current format anyone who uses it will win. The 8 pick off the rest of the house then the challenge competitors take out the 4 outside of there core and the leader reaches final 3.

    Every BB season will play out the same way with the same strategy until there is a format change switching things up.

    • I don’t like Derrick, but Paulie is no Derrick. Derrick had Cody do his dirty work, and Derrick was smooth. After all, he’s used to getting people to tell him things. It’s his job

      • The strategy he is using is the one derrick created but yeah he is not where near as subtle about it

  10. Wed 8:56 PM BBTPaulie: “I can’t wait for her to look back at the show & sees how many times we said FT (fake t***) in front of her.” NT

    Or when Z see’s what he’s been saying…he has no class. I think I need to turn this off now, I’m so disgusted…lol

    • I was just coming on here to see if anyone noticed he said that. Paulie is the biggest scumbag ever! He acts like women are just mannequins that he can ogle at and use as his play thing. He doesn’t respect women and he definitely doesn’t think women are smart. He had the nerve to say about James that he better get his girl Nat for running her mouth. Who does he think he is?! He also says he has so much dirt on Nat as if revealing that won’t make him look an even bigger a$&. Actually he’s really almost blackmailing Nat. Like if you don’t stop trying to get me out of the game I’ll tell everything I know about you.

      Paulie is one messed up individual. I would not be surprised if we heard about him in 5 years time being arrested for stalking a girl or something.

  11. All you have to do is watch Paulie’s body language while Z is telling him what she just heard from Natalie….pretty much tells me what kind of a jerk Paulie is…He has to be in total control of everything..that goes for his women too…he knows how Jersey Girls are and starts talking about Nat’s virginity..that’s getting way too personal …Paulie has little man syndrome..he is short in stature so he tries to make up for it with his dominance over people..especially women. It only took me a couple of days into the season for me to know that Paulie was one HG I was not going to like…and I thought I would because I loved Cody.

  12. Watching BBAD and feel a bit lost. Supposedly Natalie told James and Z that Paulie has been flirting with her and Paulie wants to kill her. James and Corey talking about Paulie and somewhat blaming him, but not really.
    First time I’m not falling asleep. What’s happening?

    • Yes, Natalie informed James first of all this flirting Paulie’s done with her, passes made, etc. James no likey. Later she told Z, too (after the James Gang (Nat, James, Bridge, Mich, Paul) decided to flip the votes and vote out Z to save Michelle. (Nat did admit to James that she did flirt back and that was her strategy before the couples formed – Zaulie and Nicorey – and that she flirted back with Paulie for her game.)

      Nat said that Paulie said he wanted to date her (Nat) after the show, that he told her her behind is one of those that makes a bf wanna bite it, that he pinched her behind, that when they played hide & seek, and the two of them were hiding in the bedroom (I think under the bed/mattress/something) that he told her they could make out and nobody would know, etc.

      It got back to Nat that Paulie was talking about her body (FT’s, saying he knew stories about Nat from his friends (they have mutual friends), etc. Think that was the last straw for Nat so she was gung ho to flip the house.

      Meech had started informing what she knew about Paulie to blow up his game because she knew either she was leaving or this was her last hurrah. After sharing what she knew to show Paul & Them how Paulie was really running the show and they were merely his minions, Paul got on board, too.

      So between James having the power to erase 2 votes against Michelle, Nat being outraged at Paulie & Meech spilling the beans on Paulie – Bridge & Paul joined the band.

      • I don’t watch feeds, so is Natalie telling the truth?
        I knew that either Michelle or Natalie were going to be the ones with balls in the house.

  13. Don’t be surprised if this whole plan to keep Michelle blows up overnight..Corey has obviously been sent in to talk to James in the HN room about relationships..Paulie is in the HOH room talking with Victor..we all know how James can be very wishy washy…I hope the plan holds together..but, I won’t be surprised if it falls apart.

    • Paulie is really ruining the game for me. I get its 500k on the line but he’s taken everything so personally and he’s actually gone beyond trying to win the money it’s like he’s emotional abusing people.

    • I hope it falls apart.

      Actually, whatever, screw it. Paulie won’t win the game anyway. He’ll have to win every competition he plays in, have the round-trip ticket, and get help from America’s Care Package. Odds seem low that all of the above will happen.

      My only hope is he’s in the game as long as possible.

      • I can already tell that James is rethinking all of this. And now Paulie has entered the HN room with James and Corey…here we go.

      • Why did Corey have to start playing now??????

        And why the hell did they have Nat talk to Zakiya!!!!!!? OMGDUMB

      • Good question..why in the heck couldn’t they all just keep their mouths shut? There was no need for Nat to say a word to Z…who told her to do that, BTW?

      • Bunch of dumb asses, all of them.

        And I think it was that moron Paul that encouraged it. I can see why, it’s good for his game. But they MUST execute on this plan.

      • I think she let her emotions take over and was scorching the earth and I think she might have enjoyed it as a victory (which is cruel) but she also is thinking she is going to F2 and needs the jury vote maybe???

        I do not buy the girl power hype though. If that was the case, she would have told her before now and also Nicole. But she hates Nicole. Just saying, it wasn’t an altruistic move on her part. There was a reason but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that one. IMHO. :)

        May backfire on her. Z is back with Paulie now, I think???

  14. Yet another recap that’s written in a skewed manner against Paulie.

    “the bros are celebrating once again for nominating two girls who have barely played the game” — Barely playing, and yet at least one (Michelle) is now gunning for the ‘head honcho’ and yet this is still a bad move to put her up?

    “Paul lets us know in about 12 too many cocky and arrogant Diary Room sessions that he and Paul aren’t seeing eye to eye on the target this week” — so you meant Paulie, and I watched the episode, the DR sessions for the most part were really toned down from arrogance we’ve seen from Paulie before. I was even thinking to myself with a smile “I guess editing and production tells Paulie to be more modest in DR sessions”

    “and Paulie, who Zakiyah stupidly chose as houseguest’s choice” — Because there was a better choice available? Mind telling me who? Zakiyah only trusts Michelle, who’s already nominated and thus already playing. Her choices at that point were Bridgette (who she doesn’t like), Paul (who she’s mentioned should be a target), Corey (who she never says a word to), and Natalie, who is far from aligned with her and talks behind her back. Mind telling me which one of those was a better choice than Paulie? You even said it, at least this way she knows after it’s over if she can trust him. The rest she stands to gain nothing.

    (I also love that apparently James chose James to play, even though James didn’t pull a chip because he’s not HoH or a nominee, and I guess after drawing himself he got wildly excited about it)

    • Gasp. You mean there were opinions in a fan site’s recap of a show?? Hopefully you’ve notified the concerned parties.

      Even worse you’re saying there was a typo?? I’m heading for the bunker. You grab all the canned goods you find. We’ll meet there.

      • Several typos in every post, that I never said anything about, and only said something about it now because I was being accused of suggesting that it’s not ok to be human and make a mistake once in a while. I realize that and that’s why I kept quiet about those. There are typos, and then there are “oh come on” moments where it just looks careless and like he’s not doing his job. The opinions I mentioned are fine, you throw some in too, but you’re a lot more professional about it and don’t throw notable and sometimes heavy bias into every post, several times, like he does. It’s one thing to not like a player, it’s another to take every opportunity to beat that dead horse into the ground everytime you write something.

      • It was mainly the skewing and altering of the story, to suit his dislike for Paulie. Re-telling the story in an untrue manner. That was something I forgot to note.

        But hey, a bunker sounds like fun.

    • And if Zakiyah wanted to make a better choice for Veto she could have chosen someone with a weak win record to reduce her competition instead of someone likely to win & uncertain if they’d save her.

      • It still can’t really be said that Paulie was a stupid choice. Likely to win, might save her, vs a group that either might win and have zero reason to save her, or won’t win and perhaps the Veto falls into the hands of somebody like Victor who also wouldn’t save her.

  15. Ugh paulie is really getting to cocky.. Really hope z goes this week and then I hope either Paul or Vic get the next care package so paulie can’t got after them

    • He’s deflecting Paulies potential target off of him and Nat, and onto Paul & Bridge. It’s smart, as long as these morons follow thru with the plan.

      But wait till Paulie gets to Paul, then this thing will really be dead in the water.

    • That was part of the plan. They are trying to get Paulie so worked up that he loses HOH comp tomorrow. And nobody wants him to think they are against him, they want to shock Paulie at eviction, so they have all decided to ‘be themselves’ around him today/tonight. (To get his guard down)

      • Well I don’t think it was the plan to throw Paul under the bus though. Once Paulie brings this back to Paul, Paul will be like what the heck and might blow things up. The plan was to put suspicion on Nicole. I get he is trying to get the target off him and Natalie, but it could mess up the plan.

      • Yah I don’t know if James can be trusted. It really comes down to will he screw Natalie over or not. He just told Nicole he could cancel out Bridgette and Paul’s vote which would screw the plan. He’s playing really sloppy. Just hoping Natalie gets back in his ear and salvages this.

      • Sloppy is the word. It’s as if his brain overloaded with information after the LR meeting last night. He had no way to process all this data and just simply self destructed this evening. It’s just been absolutely painful to watch.

        None of his actions today make any sense. He screwed over Nat, Bridge, Meech, and Paul while also tipping his cards to Paulie and Corey. I’m not sure I’ve every seen such terrible gameplay. Disgusted by this guy.

      • I’ll agree with you there. He is still flip flopping it seems. I’ll be soooo disappointed if he chooses Paulie over the girls and Paul.

      • It’s looking like he has. He’s now lying to Nat, Bridge and Meech about what’s he’s told Paulie tonight. F’ing joke this guy…and a big D-hey.

      • He seems like he may be swaying back to evicting Zakiyah. Honestly don’t know with this guy. Natalie needs to stay on James right up to the show to keep him in line.

      • I don’t know either. Nat should sleep in the bumper car with him tonight to make sure he doesn’t float to the other side. He’s being really noncommittal in this conversation with the girls regarding voting to keep Meech.

        It drives me crazy how he talks this big game, “I’m not afraid of anything.” BS James. You’re gonna screw Nat over.

      • Just got a good vibe. He was saying he should tip Corey, Nicole, and Paulie when giving his speech for the 2 votes being canceled. “First off, thanks America for this swell care package. Like a true Texan I stand by my woman. Paul, Corey, your votes are axed.”

      • And then he’ll cave when Julie asks who he votes to evict…”Julie I, uh…uh vote to evict Meech?”

      • Nope, he’s going for it. I got the vibe, too. (had it since last night. (even though I started to get a little worried a bit ago, lol)

      • LOL I was very worried but it’s over now. Paulie just said to Natalie “you’re as fake as the things on your chest”. When James hears that its over.

      • That would be horrible. His ‘uncalm nipples’ would be spinning in the opposite direction.

      • I don’t have the feeds, only Jokers, so take this how you want but at 11:20 this was posted – James assures Paulie he trusts him. Says America is probably wondering what the heck he’s doing. NT –
        I think James is letting us know he realizes all that is REALLY going on, but he has to continue to play his part or Paulie, Nicole, and Cory will catch on. Just my opinion.

      • They have definitely already caught on, they are going on the offensive. Full court press on James.

    • No no no. It was the plan to tell him the truth. Paulie would still freak out and get paranoid thinking they were hiding something and when he finds out tomorrow that they were actually not lying? It should short circuit him right when it matters the most: DE HoH comp :)

      • That’s what I thought from what I read…and now that I’m thinking about it I think the plan for Nicole had to do with who she voted for, or am I wrong?

      • Nobody trusts Nicole right now. She didn’t really figure into it. After all, she is a fruitloop dingus

  16. Feeders getting their moneys worth tonight. Sucks for TV viewers ~ how are they going to fit all this in before the DE?

  17. I really hope that the talk about Paulie leads to his blind side eviction!I would LOVE to see his reaction.I kinda liked him in the beginning but he beome extremely unlikeable.He ges way past game with how he treats the girls in the house and has become so arrogant and petty that as a woman I’m higly offended. I believe in karma and I think it is coming for Paulie, Paul and Victor. Side note….all of you who are saying James has rolled over, he was tone who wasn’t afraid to break up Clay and Shelly when no one else would, I think he is laying low and taking in all the information and acting according to his game. I think he will mess with Paulie and use his two votes how he wants and not Paulie.

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