‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 7: Wednesday Highlights

Things were getting crazy in the Big Brother 18 house Wednesday as the house was all ready to flip and Paulie’s game was going up in flames. But then James does what James does and pulled all of our hopes and dreams back down to reality. Will the house flip happen or not? Read on to find out what you think.

Zakiyah brought to tears over Paulie

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 10, 2016:

1:45 PM BBT – Corey is the first one up today. You read that correctly. It’s nearly 2PM. Many of them stayed up past dawn after plotting to overthrow Paulie’s reign over the house.

2:10 PM BBT – Nicole notices batteries were swapped out but was one of the first up. She figures out other HGs must have stayed up late last night. Yep. She talks with Corey to try and figure it out.

2:20 PM BBT – Corey and Paulie now talking about last night and how James told Paulie about things Natalie said Paulie said. Paulie says it’s typical “Jersey girl” behavior.

2:30 PM BBT – Corey and Paulie discuss that it still needs to be the 5 remaining guys in F5. They’re worried about Paul acting funny and say he needs to calm down and stick with them. Corey thinks if he tells Victor about the Fatal Five alliance and blames Michelle that the guys still go against her even more.

2:45 PM BBT – Paulie goes to tell Zakiyah what Natalie had said to cut off any attempts by her to surprise Zakiyah with the info.

3:15 PM BBT – Michelle encourages Zakiyah to win HoH and mess the house up tomorrow night.

4:00 PM BBT – Bridgette updating Victor with what happened overnight. He’s happy to hear that Michelle is staying since that’s better for his game. They talk for awhile and are both glad that things are working out in their favor.

4:25 PM BBT – Paul and Bridgette do a quick check in. Paul lets Bridgette know when Paulie started dropping Zakiyah out of the rotation for possible next week targets that was his clue to take action. They toss around duo names and consider Braul. That’s actually not bad.

4:30 PM BBT – Natalie and Michelle are planning how Nat should reveal everything to Zakiyah about Paulie’s behavior. They’re running through scenarios and everything back to the beginning so they can compare notes.

4:45 PM BBT – Paul arrives in HoH to talk with Victor. He lets Victor know they’ve “been getting boned.” He explains that Paulie is trying to take Corey to the end because he’s easy to beat and can’t win anything.

4:55 PM BBT – Victor is pretty happy about their new arrangement. Paul says they’ll be protected because James and the women will need them. Victor wants them to be called the Sitting Ducks.

5:15 PM BBT – Paul with Michelle as he encourages her to blow up Paulie, Nicole, & Corey’s game. He’s upset over things he’s heard they were saying about him. They think she should still do it even though she expects to be staying while acting like she doesn’t.

5:50 PM BBT – James and Natalie agree that if Paulie doesn’t win HoH then he’s going up as a serious target.

6:25 PM BBT – Natalie finally gets Zakiyah in the London bedroom. James pulled Paul out of the room. Natalie starts running through everything. She’s telling Zakiyah about what she perceived as advances and uncomfortable comments then on to how he disparaged Zakiyah and her importance for him in the game. This talk goes on for almost an hour.

7:10 PM BBT – Natalie and Zakiyah still talking. She reminds Z that she’s playing Paulie’s game, not her own. Natalie says she was playing James’s game for awhile but now she’s playing her own and it’s better.

7:20 PM BBT – Talk finally breaks up and Zakiyah heads for the bathroom. Nicole notes to Paulie that Z looked upset. Paulie says Natalie just moved up his hit list.

7:28 PM BBT – Zakiyah is crying and James comforts her. She says she has Natalie’s and his back for telling her about Paulie.

7:36 PM BBT – Nicole is trying to comfort Zakiyah now but she’s really just defending Paulie to her. She tells Z that if Paulie wanted her out or didn’t trust her he would’ve worked hard this week to send her out.

7:50 PM BBT – Paulie goes to Zakiyah and asks what’s up and she says a lot of stuff. Zakiyah tells Paulie what Natalie told her and he’s ready to call her out. He keeps saying that’s how those Jersey girls do thing.

8:00 PM BBT – Paulie tells Z if he wanted her out he would’ve put her on the block. She asks if that’s supposed to make her feel better. Paulie keeps saying Natalie is a typical Jersey girl.

8:50 PM BBT – Paulie starts saying really personal things about Natalie (he knew of her before the show) and the feeds cut out. And of course he agains references her boob job (he’s obsessed with that).

9:12 PM BBT – Corey asks James whose votes he’s erasing. He says Corey’s and Paul’s votes. Corey says oh yeah. James starts to tell Corey things that have been said about Paulie (and here goes the demise of the house flip this week).

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  1. What a night ! I can’t wait until the double eviction to see exactly what goes down. Will be the best episode yet.

  2. I’m probably one of very few that is a little disappointed that Paulies game is toast. He played too hard, but at least he was playing.

  3. I hope they’ll get zakiyah out, I have been transparent with Paulie for awhile but after reading this they need to do something to get him out. Hope James, Natalie, Bridgette, michelle, Paul and victor will be together on this one, then I’ll give bb18 a chance.

    • Yeah after last night.. I can’t take her stupidity anymore. She’s so gullible and naive.. She should’ve kept her mouth shut to Nicole period and just fed Paulie BS.. She’s so dumb to think Nicole actually cares about her and when has Paulie ever cared about when she’s upset to ask if she’s okay.. He literally said never cared when she walked out of LBR with Natalie.

      • He’s used never cared on Z numerous times. When Nicole mentioned Z looking upset after her talk with Nat.. He said Never Cared. I took that as towards Z.

      • I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole has no close female friends outside the house.

      • I’m sure she has no female friends. She’s one that would constantly stir the pot with female friends

      • Why? She’s one of the only ones in the house that doesn’t say personal things about people. What has she done really? She’s working with Corey, James and Paulie. She’s voted people out that were after her. She tried to calm Michelle down when she was upset. She told Michelle why she didn’t tell her about the vote for Day. She tries to calm Z down and support her. What has she done? I’d really like to know. She’s lied that’s about it. Like everyone else has. At least she doesn’t say personal things to people. Look what Natalie does. She says Nicole is fake and plays dirty. What a hypocrite. All Nicole did was vote Day out and not tell Michelle. Natalie is being fake as hell to Z and going to vote her out. Then she gets with Bridgette and Michelle and talks crap about Z behind her back like school girls. And talk about playing dirty her, Bridgette and Michelle are scheming how they are going to lie about Nicole and blame her for the votes. That’s dirty. Sorry but Natalie is probably the one that has zero friends outside the house.

      • Nicole has said a lot of personal things about people. She has called Z jealous, Michelle emotional and Natalie a liar and flirt. Said Victor and Paul are shady. Talked about Day being evil and manipulative. Frank a liar when he was telling the truth about their F2. The only people she hasn’t said anything negative about is Paulie and her boy Corey. She wasn’t trying to calm Z down last night. She was misleading Z and playing her right along with Paulie. She know damn well, Paulie don’t care anything about Z. That’s why Nicole probably has NO real girlfriends outside the house.

      • Those aren’t personal attacks. Like saying you’re as fake as your chest. Or when Bridgette said she wanted Michelle to pass out and she’d shave her eyebrows. Or Natalie making fun of Z last night with Bridgette and Michelle. Z does get jealous and Nicole stated a fact. Paul and Victor are shady and that’s game talk not PERSONAL. Frank was lying. And she said she didn’t trust Day and she was manipulative. Which she was. Once again game talk NOT personal. What she’s the only one that can’t talk game? People have been down on Nicole ever since she got close with Corey. And she WAS comforting her. She didn’t want to see her hurt. Unlike Natalie that could of kept her big mouth shut since she new Z was leaving. Even though she was lying to her face. And Bridgette, Natalie and Michelle are a bunch of catty school girls. SMH

      • You’re splitting hairs on what is and what isn’t a personal attack. Everyone in the house has made it personal, including Nicole. Sorry, not sorry.

      • No you don’t understand the meaning of personal. Game talk is one thing making fun of someone is personal. Hopefully CBS wil finally give Natalie the edit she deserves. I want people to see the little lying, fake, hypocritical brat that I see on the feeds.

      • I understand the meaning of personal very well. You don’t want anyone to post anything negative about Nicole when she is just as guilty as playing a shady game as the rest of the houseguests.

      • Am I forcing you not to post? Post all the negative comments you want as I will also post positive comments about Nicole. And just so you know there are things I don’t like about her. I don’t like that she got involved with Corey. I think she’d play a better game without him. And it’s funny because that’s when all the negative comments about her started. But as far as shady game play we will have to agree to disagree on that. Does she lie? Absolutely along with every single person. But I don’t think she plays shady, nor does she play personal. She plays strategic. IMO

      • Shady lying it’s all the same. Nicole does both. Her involvement with Corey has nothing to do with my disliking her. I just think she’s weak timid and easily intimidated by strong women.

      • Agreed – but I think Nicole is just like she was the first time. She’s catty and wants to be in with the guys

      • You go girl! We need to stand up for Nicole!
        I really don’t get all of the Nicole hate on here!

      • It’s because she’s in a showmance with Corey. That’s when all the hate comments started. Believe me in the beginning when they started I would pay attention to everything she was doing on the feeds to see why everyone was making negative comments about her. I saw absolutely nothing. When she would try to have a conversation about life in general with Natalie then Natalie would tells James she’s so fake to my face. WTF. She’s trying to talk to you. There a bunch of Catty girls.

      • She doesn’t have to – she has the guys in front of her doing all the dirty work. Trust and believe she tells Paulie everything

      • And she should tell him everything. That’s what working in an alliance does. They tell each other everything. And if she can hide behind the guys more power to her. At least she’s playing strategic and not personal. She doesn’t make up lies about people like Natalie.

      • I am so with you on this and I’m so happy that someone else can see through Gnats phony act!

  4. I only slept like 3 hours, I couldn’t stop reading Joker’s…up to this morning when they are in bed. Paulie is absolutely nuts, and vulgar. He’s like a little boy who doesn’t get his way, what he is saying is disgusting and mean. he really needs to go. He must be this way in real life, because of what he was saying about “jersey girls” and his friends. His family must be so disappointed in his behavior, I know as a mother, I would be.

    • Paulie is one of the self entitled pos from his generation. Daddy must have taught him well.

    • Seems he thought his mother would be upset with the mess in the kitchen … apparently tho, not with the mess of a “man” he is.

    • His brother was nothing like this on his season! I bet he thought America would love him just like his brother but he got too full of himself.

    • Yeah I agree. This is no act by Paulie. He’s disgusting the way he talks about Natalie and other women. Oh he’s disappointed about Paul? There’s that stupid Z feeding him info

    • If they (Paulie & MaxZ) want TV time we should sign them up for The Steve Wilkos show or the Dr Phil show and get them both the help they REALLY do need.

    • Reading about some of the stuff that came out about Cody on Twitter last night, he is no better. Derrick just reigned him in.

      • There are tweets of him saying the derogatory name for gays, multiple ones. He is just saying terrible things about Natalie that go beyond the game. There are pictures of his private parts online. He has pin-up girl posters, stuff like that.

    • Twitter is vicious. Paulie’s family – prolly defending their blood – went after Natalie hard after she went after Paulie and also Michelle (something about her sisters).

      People are going after their families hard, too. Cody has had to block people and people are wearing it like a badge that they are happy they got Cody to block them and can’t wait for Nicole to get out so they can make her upset enough to block them, too.

      I don’t like this stuff. BB is supposed to be a game. Play hard but don’t make it personal please. I love to hate a villain on the show but I don’t know them IRL and don’t want to know them IRL. To me, it’s just a show.

      If I ever went on the show, I’d tell my family to please stay off Twitter and off the blogs because it’ll just hurt their feelings. And I wouldn’t want my family “going after” anyone…be involved in such mess. Even though they would want to defend me.

      • Once that line is crossed about going after people on a personal level, that should be the end of their game. I get all the production wants drama thing but when it becomes to the point of slanderous (not 100% sure of that) then I would feel that both CBS and BB producer’s should be held liable.

      • Who knows, Nats family could be talking to lawyers right now and getting ready to file slander or defamation suits against Paulie and CBS for his comments.

  5. At 5:03 Paulie is getting freaky with his hips as he spoons MaxZ. Lots of undercover playing going on. Must be trying to comfort MaxZ. hahaha

  6. I thought it would be a quiet night so I retired early. Darn it! But I did get up early so I got caught up. Now I just can’t wait for tonight. I wish it was here already..

  7. This is all great, I’m really confused by your beginning comments about James flipping back to keeping Zak around though, wouldn’t all this make him want to send her home more? Did I miss something?

    • I was confused by that too. Zakiyah is toast, and Paulie had better hope he wins HOH or veto or he will be going right along with her.

      • The next ACP Super Safety arrives on Fri after the DE. This weekend should finally be a good week om BB18.

      • The polls show Bridgette or Paul? The votes roll to next person if they get hit during DE. Im voting for Victor to give bridgetted co-hoh and paul bb bribery……..

      • The polls show Bridgette or Paul? The votes roll to next person if they get hit during DE. Im voting for Victor to give bridgetted co-hoh and paul bb bribery……..

    • In the evening, after Natalie talked to Zakiyah, Corey then Paulie were talking to James getting in his head and James started telling them things that Paul had said, that Bridgette had said, etc. He didn’t tell them everything about how they were targeting Paulie directly but still. So Paulie was doing damage control trying to get back in James head. Natalie and Bridgette tried to reel him back in and make him understand the flip has to happen. But after Paulie made that comment to Natalie about her fake chest then that’s when James was 100% on board with flipping the vote to evict Zakiyah.
      I know some people are thinking or even hoping that James won’t go through with it or that someone will chicken out but I am completely certain that Zakiyah will be evicted. If anyone saw the live feeds it was completely obvious. Paulie was being so cocky and was a complete a**hole. If he wouldn’t have ranted on and on and on then maybe I would agree that it could fall through. But the more Paulie talked the deeper he dug his grave. He was even stressing me out with all the talking.

  8. I am so disappointed with Paulie. People on here and Jokers and elsewhere kept saying Paulie was a misogynist and I wasn’t buying it. It’s hard to deny that now. He’s got some scumbag tendencies. Cody and Derrick both have to be cringing at his behavior. I pray to Zeus that CBS doesn’t do a cut that is favorable to him because after what went down last night, he’s ludicrously despicable.

    Paul & Victor as the Sitting Ducks, though? Like them or not, that’s a pretty funny name!

    • I bought it a little that he was but I chalked it up to he just doesn’t have emotions at all so therefore was being cold by nature. But now its clearly more than that. I’m disappointed in the person I thought he was and could be in this game. I definitely agree that Derrick and Cody have to be cringing. It’s gone too far for CBS to be able to put any kind of good spin on this.
      I must say I’m also very disappointed in Nicole. I know a lot of people on here don’t like her but I still was holding out hope that she could open her eyes because she would have her moments of clarity. But after last night it shows that she is truly checked out and just going along for the ride with Paulie since she knows he was running the house. She is under the delusion that she is playing the game when all she is is Paulie’s damage control and errand girl. That’s not playing the game.

  9. Is Paulie the baby of his family? This little boy is so entitled, when things are not going his way, just like a toddler going through the terrible twos, he throws a tantrum; then a little older and resort to name calling. What a big ‘ole baby! I am happy the ladies called him out. I wished Zakiyah would have spoken up and done the same.

    How many times does she need to listen to him to “feel him out”? Also, I wish she would stop listening to Nicole. Nicole is that kind of friend that says things like “he only treats you like that because he loves you. See, look at the bracelet he bought you, he didn’t mean it. Plus he is cute and you’re lucky that he likes you, he can be with anyone else”.

    • Nicole completely lost me last night. I’ve been on the precipice with her anyway most of the season trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but there is no doubt now. She was laughing inappropriately a few times during all of this.

      • What about how Nat was laughing and dancing after going for the throat of Z? She continued to do so and patting herself on the back. Why is it that people can not see how evil Nat is ..but want to say Nic is??

      • Ok..you didn’t say evil in your post. You did say she was laughing inappropriately and you did not address that Nat is just as inappropriate with her laughing and dancing around after what she said and did to Z.

      • There was no reason to address Nat in my post. The subject was Nic. Go push your agenda on someone else, Dawn, I’m not biting.

      • I’m only referring to what my original reply was to your post. Not everyone is going to agree with what we say or how we feel. I was only giving my opinion. Sorry if I offended you.

      • You couldn’t offend me. It seemed you were trying to dictate what I should or shouldn’t address in my posts. Our opinions are equal in value.

      • I am truly sorry for not wording it a different way. Was not trying to be disrespectful to you.

      • It’s honestly no big deal. I have used words many times that left an unintended perception of my post. :)

      • Nic is the one giving encouragement to Z about Paulie .. if that’s not evil, I don’t know what is. There, I, too, said Nic is evil.

      • Yes! Completely agree! I was just dumbfounded by how she thought any of this was ok. Like Natalie or hate Natalie, there was no reason for her to laugh or even just sit by and watch that and do nothing. She sat there and preached to the boys about not playing with emotions like Paulie wasn’t playing with his emotions but everybody else was. That’s how I took it listening to her. I was just like ok, done with you Nicole.

      • I was hoping for more from Nicole and was happy to see her in the game at first. But I saw Paulie for what he was fairly early and seeing Nic aligned with him never sat well with me. I tried to give her time to figure it out, but she has disappointed me too much this season and last night was the last straw. I’ve had times of not being crazy about the other gals, also, but going against Paulie redeemed them a little. These girls will never trust Nicole, and for good reason.

      • I respectfully disagree. I feel like Nicole is a naive enabler. Bad, but nowhere nearly as bad as the venom Paulie is spewing. How are Cody and Paulie related to one another?

      • I know, right?! I liked Cody and I keep thinking how are they related?! I really wonder what his family thinks of his behavior.

      • Also, respectfully .. consider how Nicole hops right up to whoever happens to have any source of power at the moment and acts like they are BFFs and laughs about it later. She is in it with Paulie and whatever serves Paulie, serves her – Z. She will turncoat any day of the week if it benefits her. I don’t really think she is naïve, I think she has been unfairly protected in her life and is missing a lot of information and although this has little to do with it, I hope she knows the equivalents of cc’s better than millions.

      • I don’t disagree with any of that. Actually, I agree with it…I just don’t think any of that compares to what Paulie was dissing.

      • Anyone who would give maxZ encouragement about Paulie is evil (said that twice today already) and I think that ranks right up there with and deserves the same contempt I have for Paulie.

      • Agreed Linda! Natalie pointed out how Nicole doesn’t talk to her until Wednesdays before HOH comps.

    • I posted earlier, that Nicole doesn’t have any close female friends outside the house. Her behavior and self-consciousness, insecurities etc. clearly demonstrates, she’s intimidated by strong women.

  10. I have to admit that I have never been a Bridgette fan. She won me over standing up to Paulie. When he was intimidatingly staring her down in the HOH after she had stood her ground, she asked him if there was a reason why he is staring her down. Kudos to Bridgette.

    • Right, that was great … first his staring her down didn’t work and then she even called him out on it. Thank you, thank you Bridgette.

    • Paulie’s body language tells me everything I need to know about Mr.Gottifiore. He is a control freak with a temper..I am sure he was trying his hardest not to haul off and knock the crap out of someone..mainly Bridgette and Nat. He is such an a-hole..there, I said it!

      • You are right on the money, Lynn. I pity the woman who will marry the freak. The gal who called off the engagement to him is one smart and very lucky woman.

      • Ladies should be VERY wary of him and stay as far away from him as possible. Would love to see what his past GF’s have to say about him….my bet it’s not good!

      • Paulie definitely has anger issues. He struggles to keep it under control but he lets his “rage face” slip up every now and then. I can’t believe this little man thinks he’s intimidating.

    • Yay you joined the Bridgette club!! Lol =) I had a moment when I didn’t care for her but overall I liked her. I’ve been saying recently I wouldn’t mind if she was the one to win this season.

  11. Corey is a follower. Sad that he needs a “tough guy” as a shield because he himself is no man.

  12. Paulie needs help alongside his girl Z. Get desperate Z out this week and they better get him out in the DE. I’m so glad they all see what a bully he really is. Ugh, he’s the guy that blames women for his trashy behavior. What a loser!

    • I know right! I am tired of James always wondering what America would think. He claimed he messed up the house because America wanted him to. Now he said if he doesn’t go defend Natalie that America would be mad at him. How about defending Natalie because that’s what a real man would do.

    • James wants to win without taking a stand and without really hurting anyone and while gaining a girlfriend .. I like to think he is more conflicted all the time than cowardly, but it is hard sometimes.

      • James is pathetic and I understand why he is so desperate for a girlfriend. No one will date him, except the mother of his child and I’m sure she dumped him. I used to really like him. I guess two seasons is more than enough James and we get to see the real him.

  13. Paulies that “hot guy” you know in high school who everyone likes, and girls would love to date. But then 20 yrs later when you go back to your hometown to visit your folks or for a HS reunion you go to the bar you used to go to when you were younger and you see Paulie hunched over wearing his dirty letter jacket, stinky, dirty, and telling crude jokes to people who ignore him…. Yup! Hes a real “class act” (Mike Boogie style)

    • He may be “hot & good looking”, but it’s what’s inside that counts and he’s ugly as sin…But you’re right on with your comment, Jackie!!

      • Just want to clarify I do not find Paulie attractive at all. lol. I stand behind your comment 100%! I think Miss Z is probably thinking the same thing today…. she went for looks without even getting to know the guy. I feel sympathy for her, especially once she gets to watch this season and catch up on everything we know that she doesn’t. The only good thing coming out of this situation is that this is being viewed by all of America, and all of America knows what a pig he is now.

      • Like the old saying goes “beauty is only skin deep but ugly is to the bone” that could describe Paulie or Nichole,or both.

    • No pride whatsoever. She thinks Paulie is still Gottifiore and he has the power to clip her if she doesn’t remember where her place is. Thinking she would still be in the house, she made the statement that she wouldn’t sleep with him any more after the eviction. I’m not sure I believe her. We’ll see what happens in the jury house because he will be there very soon, hopefully.

    • Z’s an idiot. In her delusional brain, she probably thinks that Paulie will apologize (“it was just a game) and he’ll welcome her with open arms and be a loving, respectful gentleman……NOT!!! WAKE UP Z!!!

      • As long as maxZ is a leech, she thinks she cannot be blamed for where she is going. If she ever gets about a million years of therapy, she might wake up and realize it was she who literally climbed on. Until then, more of the same.

    • This is why I have no sympathy for this girl. She will suffer through this, especially if Paulie gets evicted and they are together in the jury house. He will tell her straight up that it was all for the game and she needs to stop touching him.

      • Agree on the no sympathy part, and agree that Paulie might tell her straight up it was all for the game, but if no one else is available, I think he will continue to let her touch him all she wants.

      • There will be no cameras around and he still won’t kiss her. I think this will wake her up. Maybe.

  14. I hope this flip doesn’t flop!
    I don’t understand the need to come up with a plan to blame the vote to evict Z on Nicole. What purpose does it serve? After the blow up last night it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to explain why Z was voted out. They should take pride in the flip and own it.

  15. Paulie really thinks that James is following the order to keep Z. James, Paul and Victor are pretending to support him right up until tonight’s eviction. I don’t think anyone will change their minds about what’s going to happen. Paulie was in a state of hysterical anger last night, and he ranted, lied and fumed for more than three hours almost nonstop, very ugly and insulting. He was so out-of-control and out of self-control that people aren’t going to overlook it or forget it. He’ll be forgiven, but has lost credibility, respect and trust. Most people just want him gone now, as soon as possible.

  16. Paulie is freaking delusional and I am hoping his girl go home tonight and he, sent packing right after her. Wondering what Cody thinks of his older brother watching this. And really Nicole? “Why is everyone blowing up each other’s game?” Well maybe because some people actually want to win the 500k!

    • Nicole is always acting like she doesn’t know what’s going on. She does and then talks it over with Corey and hope they stay out of the drama and move to the end. Hoping she doesn’t even come close. After Paulie I want her gone. Winning HOH is their only chance right now, unless James crawls up their behinds again.

  17. Love this convo! Hoping the house actually flips but this house changes their minds every few hours.

    4:00 AM BBT – James expects Paulie to destruct when Zakiyah goes because he’s so deadset on Michelle leaving. They both see that Paulie is now targeting Bridgette while saying Zakiyah needs to stay and be with the guys but they know she’d be there for Paulie, not them.

    Both guys say Paulie has said the other is one of his targets. Paul warns James that Corey is dedicated to Paulie and James can’t be going to Corey anymore.

    • Yes let’s just hope James heeds Paul’s advice and never mention a thing to King Paulie’s faithful Nobel (Corey)

  18. Paulie was playing a great game but he is indeed imploding and he has no one else to blame but himself. He i so full of himself.
    Unfortunately the fact that Z is still with him I can’t feel bad she is going home.

  19. James is a moron for telling Corey and Paulie too much information and seemingly throwing his new team (Nat, Bridge, Mich, Victor, Paul) under the bus, but the vote flip is still happening.

    • I do believe it was part of the plan, but he might have gotten into it a little too much. (Maybe he’s a better actor than we thought?) Paul straightened him out in any event and the flip is on still. I hope they all sleep until eviction.

      • I honestly think James is influenced by whoever he happens to be talking to at the moment. When Nat told James about Paulie’s comments about her, James went and confronted Paulie, who then persuaded him that Nat was lying so James threw Nat under the bus. James then went to Nat who told him that Paulie was lying, and then James threw Paulie under the bus. He’s so wish-washy that’s it frustrating to watch! He was a horrible choice for a returnee imo and he’s one of the worst players in BB history. I could understand if what James is doing is strategy but the dude always seems genuinely confused and unsure of what to do next.

    • James is the biggest moron to ever play. I get that he, Bridgette, and Natalie have the numbers to evict Zak but why take the chance on one of them chickening out? It absolutely blows my mind to another planet that he’s even considering nulling Pauls vote. He should null Corey and Nicole, like come on man.

    • It could have gone really badly, but when Paulie realized he was in a hole last night he decided the best way out was to just keep digging until he hits China. There’s no way he recovers from that.

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha.

        The expression on his face was priceless when it hit him what was happening. And for him to say he doesn’t care, yeah, right and my name is Hilary Clinton.

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha.

        The expression on his face was priceless when it hit him what was happening. And for him to say he doesn’t care, yeah, right and my name is Hilary Clinton.

    • I believe James believes in his pea brain that he’s the swing vote and is playing each side against the other. He’s having his own private fun because he realizes he’s not making it to the end. Remember, he’s the prankster.

  20. As I said last night during the show, Paulie is a dick. The biggest one I’ve ever seen—but with the tiniest in his pants…I’d have to ask Z about that, though. I cannot stand that child. He needs a reality check. He thinks he’s Derrick? HA! Derrick was a perfect puppeteer. Paulie-boy has no freaking clue…if Derrick coached him—he totally misunderstood—and I seriously doubt he even listened. He already knows it all!
    I love the fact that Matthew used the term ‘verbal beating’ when referring to Paulie talking to Natalie, because that’s EXACTLY what he does to the women.
    That child needs to be taken down.

  21. I really hope Z does not have the RT ticket :/ Altho it would be funny for her to stay and Paulie be evicted in the DE.

  22. Why did everyone have to open their mouths last night? Can’t a good plan come together without having to reveal it to everyone? i.e. Nick’s blindside in 15 was awesome, Shane’s blindside in 14 was just as awesome…why tell Z who tells Nicole who tells Paulie who then talks with Z..then James talks with Corey..spills everything..Paulie walks in..James tells him everything. Now Nat and Bridgette have huge targets on their backs while James kind of doesn’t. This house needs duct tape!

    • I think James is purposefully throwing them all under the bus to look better in KIng Paulie’s eyes.. What i don’t understand is why would it matter if they are going to target Paulie? James is not the brightest.

      • But James knows how well Paulie does in comps and you can’t know if Paulie will go sooner or later. I think James is getting himself higher on Paulie’s list just in case. I think it is smart of James to serve both ends at this time.

      • True, but he will have to eliminate Paulie’s choices in order for him to think James is on his side and Michelle will go home.

      • Paul also mentioned to Vic that they would ride the middle and were safe because the house is now divided and the 2 sides will go after each other while they sit back and roll with whoever wins the power.

        I think it is smart of Paul, in that sense, because, say he does help overthrow Paulie – fine. Vic is a physical comp beast, Paul’s no slouch. But even if Meech takes out Nic (anyone can prolly take out Corey), Paul & Vic (the OGs of this season) will be targeted by “the girls”…prolly before James.

        If Corey is a casualty in the next battle and Paulie survives, I can see Paul & Vic rolling with Paulie & Nic again for game purposes, against the girls & James. They know Paulie will cut Nic before them cuz he doesn’t want a girl at the end with a bitter jury of mostly women. So Paul & Vic could get to F3 with Paulie. Game perspective.

        If Paulie goes down in the DE, then Paul & Vic roll with the girls and take out Nicole and will keep the target on Corey & James with the girls, to get them thru a week/whatever if one of the girls becomes HoH. I can see Paul being smooth chatting up “girl talk” like James did before. Game only. Lol

  23. Let me start out with..I don’t agree with how Paulie had handled things as of late. Nor do I think that Z has played any type game but being up Paulie’s butt. Speaking of BUT’s ..No way does this mean that Z deserved what all Nat said. She went totally off script and was going for the throat. It was suppose to be game play but it was PERSONAL. Being a woman I can feel for someone when they are hurt. She was hurt by what Nat said and Nat totally enjoyed it. She freaking laughed afterwards and continued to do so. Nat is evil little witch through and through. She does not care about James. She is using him. His feelings are going to be hurt…just like last year. I will not feel sorry for him though. He has been warned and seen the warning signs. You all can glorify Nat all you want. To me she will always be a worthless piece of @@@@!

    • Oh, my God…Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!! Finally someone else sees through Gnat’s “butter wouldn’t melt” facade to the nasty little PoS that she is! I’ve been saying it for weeks now, but everyone just loves that little “sweetheart.” Um, no. Paulie has her pegged as the catty, jealous, fake little such-and-such that she is. I agree about James, too. He’s been warned that she’s using him, so if his game is tanked by trying to protect her, I don’t feel sorry for him at all. At least Meg was honest with James last year. This little beyotch doesn’t even have that much respect for him and that’s disgusting.
      Oh, and guess what, Gnat? America gave you the FIRST Care Package because it would have the LEAST IMPACT on the game, you insipid little know-nothing.

      • People seem to see what they want to see with Nat. They think she is this cute little NFL cheerleader/whatever and can’t see beyond that. Oh and she knew hooking up with James after he won AFP was going to be a big boost for her in the game. James even said it last night. Nat didn’t win that pkg on her own. It was HIS FANS that gave it to her. Then you have the people that don’t have feeds and only get the updates on all the sites. They do NOT get the entire picture of what or how these people are in the house without the editing. Editing both on sites and on CBS BB shows. I will never understand why people can’t see Nat for her true self. One day she will get hit in the face with the reality that she is NOTHING more than a little schemer!

      • I absolutely agree about people seeing what they want to with respect to her. To be fair, I think we all do it with our favorites – we’re all human. That being said, however….she DID latch onto James in the hopes of pulling in his fans and trying to take the AFP mantle from him. Her cutesy BS and that RIDICULOUS baby voice seems to play well with some people (likely those who only watch the CBS edit, because that’s exactly how they’re portraying her!), but not me. I abhor fake – even in the BB house – and she is the embodiment of it! What James is failing to take into account (and it’s on HIM for either not seeing it or blatantly ignoring it!) is that he is her FOURTH choice!! Vic was first & he dropped her before feeds even started. Corey & Paulie wanted nothing to do with her. James was the default and I think she adjusted her strategy at that point to latch onto him & try to get AFP through using him.

      • I agree Heather. We do tend to see our favs differently than others do. BUT how can they be so blind to how hateful and vindictive Nat is? She came out from talking to Z the first time last night laughing and dancing!! She thought it was so funny what she had done. It was not out of concern for Z..but totally to destroy Z and Paulie. I am not standing up for Paulie at all. His game has been ruined at this point. Even before this last part. People need to own up to the FACT that Nat is not Polly Pureright!

      • If you notice, my reply was to you, Dawn59, and I was just being facetious about your word “fact” being in caps … just me, making fun of an opinion trying to grow up and be a fact. No offense (imagine in caps if you like) at all, in the least, just my own odd way of having fun. This is supposed to be fun and that is exactly what I want for you, though we may differ in our attempts.

      • I’m not standing up for Paulie, either. He’s been just awful and hubris will be his downfall. Sadly, that means that my girl Nicole is in trouble, too, which is what I hate. These FAKE little A**HOLES like Bridge & Nat are getting the Golden Girl edit from Grodner/Production & that makes me ANGRY because they’re NOT “America’s Sweethearts” AT ALL!!! I HATE them in this game (which I need to make clear because I’m not attacking them as people in real life, simply as BB players!) and can’t WAIT to see them try that baby voiced BS with Julie. I truly believe that Nat is being so vindictive because she’s jealous. She’s used to being the center of attention with guys because she’s a cheerleader & she’s pretty, but in the BB house it’s been just the opposite. The popular/cute boys wanted nothing to do with her, so she has to trash the girls that the guys DO like to make herself feel better. Pure, unadulterated MEAN GIRLS right there!!!

    • Zakhya deserves that plus more. She is in the DR acknowledging that Paulie is playing her and jumping off during veto right after her, and intentionally treating her bad, but yet crawls right back in bed with him. Worthless will be Z and she probably will lose her job if they have watched her on TV.

      • So that gives Nat the right to treat another woman like that and then LIE to her more and say she is doing it because she CARES? Nat doesn’t care or worry about anyone but herself. Such is BB. But don’t try to play it off as game play when it goes way too PERSONAL!

      • I just think Z allows herself to be a doormat. I do know that she is young, but when will she wake up.

      • Nat wasn’t lying to Z she was telling her the truth. I didn’t hear Nat say one thing that wasn’t true. Obviously that is going to hurt Z but Z deserved to know that Paulie says and does those things.

      • Nat did lie..several times. How many times has she told us the viewers that she loves to flirt? How about when Nat told Bridge that Paulie was her future husband the other day? She was playing for Paulie and us the viewers did see it. Yet you didn’t hear Nat say that? Come on..blinders are good for horses but not for people.

      • Nat did say Paulie was her future husband. Not sure if she was serious or not. I still think she was right in telling Z about Paulie’s comment. If I was Z I would want someone to tell me if the guy I’m spending time with is making moves on someone else. Nat admitted to James that she’s a flirt and liked both Corey and Victor at one point. For me, I would trust Nat before trusting Paulie since she’s being the most transparent.

      • I thought that Natalie made it up to get Z against him. If he did do it, then I’m glad Natalie told her everything.

      • Nope, apparently they both been flirting with each other. That’s probably why Z was jealous because she noticed the flirting too.

      • We all seen the flirting from both of them. She has flirted with all the guys. James doesn’t see half of the flirting that goes on. I use to feel for James but not any more. He deserves to get hurt by Nat now. He was warned and has told the other hgs several times that he thinks Nat is just using him. Warnings are all there but James doesn’t want to see it. Z did see the flirting that Nat did with Paulie. She told him it made her mad. They talked about it and Nat was fully aware that Z didn’t like it. So what better thing to do than plant all that stuff in Z’s head last night. Not for personal reasons as in to help another female/friend, but totally for game.

      • It is my understanding that it did happen and Nat did not want to tell Z or James before now because she didn’t want to stir things up at the time. In the past she referred to knowing things that would stir things up.

      • They had to get James on board totally to want to keep Michelle and take down Paulie. This was all planned out. Was not for the betterment of Z.

      • She did make lots of it up. Improvised lots more. It was not done to help Z out. It was game play that stepped over to being personal and uncalled for.

      • The problem with all this is the timing. Most of the things Nat threw at Z was not recent. Just like how James questioned Nat why she hadn’t brought it up sooner. Just conveniently done night before eviction. Game play yes. Helping out another female that you are concerned for NO

      • That’s about as admirable as this game gets, tho, real point being … it was the truth. Moving on.

      • Really, James told Nat she should to tell Z about Paulie. Nat didn’t want to tell her because she know how much Z like Paulie.

      • None of what Nat told Z was a surprise to her. She knows it deep down. Nat did leave one thing out though……the fact that Nat’s plan is to have Z evicted. Yep, Nat cares about Z that much!

      • I have no problem speaking up for what I perceive to be true or facts. Doesn’t mean I expect everyone to agree with me.

      • Again, perception, I guess. I certainly don’t agree with you. But I respect your right to state your opinion.

      • I have no problem speaking up for what I perceive to be true or facts. Doesn’t mean I expect everyone to agree with me.

  24. This was intense. Zakhya can’t be trusted and she needs to go. I will keep voting for Michelle just in case she doesn’t get evicted.
    I would have preferred if they stopped telling Paulie everything. Now he will win HOH because he is that good at comps. Natalie or any of the girls winning will be shocking, but great for their game. Paulie could still win Veto whether he is put up on the block or backdoor’d. Unless they are lucky and his chip is not picked.
    James is a …..

  25. Like they say. I will believe it when I see it! Don’t count the chickens yet!
    James has been unreliable and he does the opposite of what he promises!
    Chances are good that he will betray Natalie and Bridgette who are now at the top of the list of Paulie. If this implodes and Michelle ends up getting evicted, you know chances are good that Natalie and Bridgette will be on the hot seat! James should be in the hot seat if he flops again on his empty promises! Sick and tired of his wishy washy game play!

    • I do agree. I too need to see it because I have my doubts. Especially with chicken James.

    • James is pretty much Chase from Survivor. Nice guy but too wishy washy. Just make your own game moves you fruit loop dingus!

  26. Best night in BB history!!! So many memorable moments. Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle are BADASS. I’m giddy for tonight’s live DE and finding out who the next HOH will be. Gotta go vote for Bridgette to get the next CP.

  27. Just watched Flashback 1:46AM House meeting: Paulie exposing himself as the biggest douche B this season on national TV.They made sure the camera was focused on him for more than 1hr, spewing garbage, while he was met with silence by the HG’s. It really made him look like an idiot…BUT I know he’s Playing the Game.Ha!…..BS!

  28. Today I’m sending Paulie Care Package full of Dog S**t…just need to find out the address and the cost.

  29. Trying to think of a good name for the B/N/M alliance…and the best name I could come up with is “The Feminist Crew aka TFC”.

    • It’s weird they’re the last people I’d think I’d root for and now I want one of them to win.

  30. Does anyone know why James is saying he’s going to null Paul’s vote? Strategically he should null Corey and Nicole’s, making Paul, Bridgette, and Natalie do the dirty work of evicting Zak. James can pretend to be with Paulie and vote out Michelle and act all surprised and dumb when Zak goes home.

    • He was going to make it even so he didnt get blood on his hands prior to DE. He might be trapped if they will make him SAY ON TV what is choices are. I hope he cancels Cory/Nicole.

    • He has to stand up and tell Julie what votes he is canceling before the votes. I don’t think those people will even get to vote.

      • You could be right and then again, maybe they all have to commit to their vote by voting in the DR live on TV just like always and then James has to cancel two votes by naming the two voters and then no one knows who cast what votes just like always .. only the numbers.

    • He has to stand up and tell Julie what votes he is canceling before the votes. I don’t think those people will even get to vote.

  31. Z says she is has to be the same or Paulie will know something is up. She wants to remain safe this week since she’s on block. She needs Nicorey and Paulie votes but she even commented she may go home because of her alliance with Paulie. Zakiyah telling Paulie has helped the others though. He’s reacting and they know what he’s saying and him trying to do damage control. If they tried to blindside him it would be hard to get his reaction.

    • Another excuse to make like a victim. Open your legs and take it to “remain safe” even though she realizes she may go home anyway? I don’t think so. It’s Paulie she doesn’t want to lose, not this game. Sick choice, she’s the only one apparently who doesn’t know.

  32. Finally Paulie gets his comeuppance. It’s about freaking time. His douchey attitude and manipulative gameplay has been exposed.

    I mean I have no problem with villains in games. But they have to be atleast likable- Rob C, Dan, Dr Will, Tony, Kim. Paulie isn’t even close to those people.

  33. OMG. the earth shook when I went to sleep last night! What the hell #! $$!!!

    Leaping lizaeds!!! I missed all of the flipping fireworks.

    This is too juicy. Paulie going bonkers verbally attacking the women, gyrating on Zak from an obvious adrenaline rush!!!!

    • I know right. I watched the Olympics and went to bed. I thought it was going to be a quiet night. Wrong, but in the best way. Just can’t wait for tonight.

  34. Paulie is probably one of the most sextist player in BB history. I cannot stand his assumptions about Natalie.

  35. Is anyone worried for Bridgette and Paul tonight after James’s move last night? I think they’re in a bad position after James threw them UTB last night.

    • Bridgette has made her own bed. She’s a big girl she’s not a child. I’m not wasting any of my votes for her. She was laughing as Victor made his nasty speech to Meech and Z. And she’s talked cr@p about everybody with Frank. And as much as I loathe Paulie he’s right about one thing Bridge wasn’t a feminist when Frank was slapping Z and Day on their tails and calling them $luts. She’s pulled out the feminist card just when she realized she might be sent packing during DE.

      • Honestly, I’d be laughing a bit too if Z and Michelle had been treating me the way they had been treating Bridgette. BB karma if you ask me.

        Also, can you timestamp a point in which Bridgette said it was okay what Frank did with Day or Z? Because I recall her saying that it wasn’t okay for Frank to pop girls on the butt in the kitchen to his face.

      • I don’t believe in karma myself. Too convenient.
        But if I did, I suspect that
        karma is only a b word if you are.

        “BB karma” may be a totally different beast.
        I’m more inclined to believe in BB karma. Ha!


    • Bridgette has made her own bed. She’s a big girl she’s not a child. I’m not wasting any of my votes for her. She was laughing as Victor made his nasty speech to Meech and Z. And she’s talked cr@p about everybody with Frank. And as much as I loathe Paulie he’s right about one thing Bridge wasn’t a feminist when Frank was slapping Z and Day on their tails and calling them $luts. She’s pulled out the feminist card just when she realized she might be sent packing during DE.

    • The guys have an alliance. If anyone is a target, it will be Bridgette and she does not have an alliance to protect her! Natalie is also, a target and both of them could be on the block for the 2nd eviction!
      I hope Bridgette survives tonight’s double eviction.

      • I don’t think Paul will be the first target. I think Bridgette & Natalie will be (if Paulie is HoH) – will probably be 2 females.

        But if Michelle is still there, maybe Paulie would put her right back on the block again next to Bridgette or Natalie???

        I think if any of the others get HoH, that Paulie will be targeted.

    • The guys have an alliance. If anyone is a target, it will be Bridgette and she does not have an alliance to protect her! Natalie is also, a target and both of them could be on the block for the 2nd eviction!
      I hope Bridgette survives tonight’s double eviction.

  36. Is anyone worried for Bridgette and Paul tonight after James’s move last night? I think they’re in a bad position after James threw them UTB last night.

  37. Oh and don’t forget to vote for Bridgette for the Safety package. Hang in there and survive DE, Bridgette, help is on the way!

  38. See, I feel bamboozled by BB. It comes out that Paulie & Natalie have a personal history. First of all – I think that is lousy casting to put them both on the same season – don’t like it.

    And so Paulie ‘fesses up off the bat that he is Cody’s brother – which Natalie knew the whole time. I wondered why the two of them didn’t “hit it off” or get together in the beginning.

    I read on Twitter – maybe it’s not true – that Paulie knew James was coming on the show (the vets appeared after the HGs). Derrick allegedly told him. I don’t blame anyone for getting as prepared as possible – if I was them, I would, too – but speaking as a fan, I’m not crazy about this.

    I know it’s BB and expect the unexpected and lying & backstabbing is part of the game – no problem. I just wish they would stop casting people with personal histories. I cannot believe they can’t find that many new people who are actual fans and a few, anyway, who could be the token hotties – outside the BB family, if you will.

    I say get fresh blood in the house – no previous history with vets, no personal history with each other. Just get a REAL fresh cast of fans who have seen it and know how it’s played and go for broke. #MyWishlist

  39. See, I feel bamboozled by BB. It comes out that Paulie & Natalie have a personal history. First of all – I think that is lousy casting to put them both on the same season – don’t like it.

    And so Paulie ‘fesses up off the bat that he is Cody’s brother – which Natalie knew the whole time. I wondered why the two of them didn’t “hit it off” or get together in the beginning.

    I read on Twitter – maybe it’s not true – that Paulie knew James was coming on the show (the vets appeared after the HGs). Derrick allegedly told him. I don’t blame anyone for getting as prepared as possible – if I was them, I would, too – but speaking as a fan, I’m not crazy about this.

    I know it’s BB and expect the unexpected and lying & backstabbing is part of the game – no problem. I just wish they would stop casting people with personal histories. I cannot believe they can’t find that many new people who are actual fans and a few, anyway, who could be the token hotties – outside the BB family, if you will.

    I say get fresh blood in the house – no previous history with vets, no personal history with each other. Just get a REAL fresh cast of fans who have seen it and know how it’s played and go for broke. #MyWishlist

      • It is my understanding that they have overlapping friends, they didn’t personally know one another.

      • Thanks Anon, I remember Paulie saying Nat was so fake…I wonder why he thought this?

      • Only an assumption, but probably one of Paulie’s friends was dissing on her.

    • Paulie said his dad told him that James was coming in the house. James, Nicole & Paulie were coached by Derrick. Paulie & Nicole’s mothers are on vacay together this summer. They said that also last night
      It was the reveal all show last night

  40. I think James will stick to the plan to help save Michelle. With James, you really do have to “expect the unexpected” – lol – but I think he will do that much.

    I do think he is hedging his bets because he knows that Paulie has a good chance of winning the 1st HoH and he is hoping to keep himself & Natalie lower on Paulie’s burn list.

    A lot can happen today before showtime but I am looking forward to the show tonight. DE’s are always fun (even though I usually, it seems, lose a favorite during it – prolly means I don’t know how to pick ’em ha ha) – but tonight should be a lot of fun. Note to self: #BuyPopcorn

  41. Between meech and z I’d rather see z go. Z is a damn puppet on strings and doesn’t play her own game she says in the dr she didn’t come for no boy but her actions say otherwise she is embarrassing herself on live tv. At least meech makes for good television by calling out paulie haha

  42. Natalie, Michelle, and Bridgette are the ones who did this!! They turned the house against Paulie!

  43. The plan will backfire when Paulie wins HOH. The veto is the most important comp after that. Hopefully James doesn’t throw the HOH comp since most of the house is against Paulie anyway.

  44. Wow I’ve been wanting drama on the feeds and I sure got it last night. Problem is no sleep. Lol. Paulie sure did blow up his game and I don’t like the way he is to Z but last night in the HOH room he didn’t attack Bridgette and didn’t give Natalie a verbal beating. In fact in the beginning Natalie was the one that wouldn’t let him talk and everytime Paulie tried to talk Natalie would talk louder and Bridgette had to open her mouth butting in saying let her talk. Then she had to say one at a time. Stay the hell out of it Bridgette. Yes Paulie was mad and he raised his voice but that was all. Natalie sure wasn’t speaking softly. I’m sick of nothing ever being mentioned about sweet innocent Natalie. She’s the biggest lying dirty snake in the house. I said from the beginning she’s after whatever guy will have her. First Victor threw her away then she was after Corey. Then just last week she’s on the couch outside talking to Bridgette pointing to Paulie working out saying that’s my future husband. Now because nobody is left she’s with James. And she talks about people being fake and playing dirty. Wow she needs to look in the mirror and not just to put 10lbs of makeup on. Last night Z was trying on clothes and Natalie is telling her how pretty she’ll look tonight even though she’s staying. Then 5 minutes later she goes in the room with Bridgette and Michelle and starts laughing about it behind her back. Talking all kinds of mean crap. Saying Z is wearing my skirt and didn’t even ask. And why if she knows Z is going did she tell her all that crap? Hurting her feelings and making her cry. Talk about being fake. What a hypocrite. I didn’t think I could dislike anyone more than Paulie but she passed him up IMO. I hope Z has the return ticket and Paulie wins HOH. Wow the look on her face. Ok done venting. Lol Oh also forgot when Paulie first told Natalie that she was as fake as her chest he was laying in bed and she was at the door. I’d say 15ft away at least. Then the drama queen Natalie said she had to go into the DR so they would protect her because she feared for her own safety. What a biatch.

    • Yeah Natalie remind me of a PT Cruiser. You know the car. It is like your driving down the road and you think you see a hotrod but take a double look and say, it is just a PT Cruiser. All that makeup reminds me of a new coat of wax, you know to just pretty up the ride.

      • They called her to the DR last night 3 times before she went. And it was because she had to put on a pound of makeup. It took her 30 minutes.

    • Seriously? That’s your take on Natalie? I’m flabbergasted. Perception, I guess.

      • Right because I saw just the opposite. He did in fact disrespect Natalie and Bridgette and Zakiyah for that matter.
        You don’t point your finger, raise your voice, put emphasis on “Your a fucking liar” and emphasis on everything else that comes out of your mouth and say that is was not disrespectful
        Are you kidding me?? I’m floored

  45. I’ve spent all day watching the live feeds on rewind because seeing is believing. James is a BIATCH! There is NO WAY Paulie would have talked to me like that or talked about my girl like that.
    I can’t wait until tonight.

  46. Heavenly sister, good Saint Natalie through our worship we grant you the power to smite all non believers and blasphemous souls, because your purpose is right and just.

    Praise be

  47. Has james managed to ruin everything, or is the plan to send out Z still going to work??? I was excited to see something interesting happen….

  48. Wonder what James will do? What is best for his game. I think it would be best to use the votes to get Z out. And then Paulie.

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