‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 22 — The Bromance Grows And Takes Over The House

Big Brother 18 is turning out to be the biggest bro-fest since Big Brother 12. And this episode shows us that the bro-fest is likely going to continue throughout the season.


The episode picks up during the Head of Household competition. The houseguests are hanging on their ropes and discs and Zakiyah knows that she or Michelle have to win or they’re in trouble. And of course Paulie knows Zakiyah is upset so he knows he can’t drop until she does.

Let’s cut into the regularly scheduled HOH competition for a douchemance segment. The guys have formed an alliance called The Executives and they all have stupid chief executive titles. As if this season wasn’t already circling the drain, we’re going to have a giant guy alliance take out the girls for the rest of the season.


Back at the HOH competition, James decides he’s had enough and is the first to drop. Bridgette is the next to go and then Corey. That makes them the week’s Have-Nots. Michelle is safe from being a have-not, but the competition is taking its toll on her because she can’t stop spinning in a circle. She ends up throwing up a few times and then drops. And of course that’s followed by typical Michelle sobs. That means Zakiyah has to hold it together for the both of them.


Nicole is the next one out and just misses Michelle’s vomit. Too bad she missed it because that could have saved this already-boring episode. Zakiyah decides that she’s got to go, so she starts making some deals. And she drops. And Paulie wastes no time to drop after her. And that seems a little suspicious to Zakiyah. She knows he dropped right after her on purpose so that she couldn’t put him up this week.

That leaves Natalie and Victor. And they both say they just want a letter from their mother. They both try to bargain with the other, but neither are willing to budge. Natalie finally decides to ask him to promise not to put her up and he agrees, so she drops. Victor is the new Head of Household. Which means Paulie is HOH. Because literally no one in the house is going to go against what Paulie wants for some reason. It just makes no sense to me.

Victor tells us he needs to make sure he gets out a big threat to his game now while he has the chance. Yeah, OK, Vic. We’ll see how that goes…


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  1. Worst nomination ceremony ever. It was cold and heartless. A new low has been set for this show.

  2. I saw Corey and Paulie laughing during Victors crappy hoh speech. They disgust me particularly Paulie who I feel is emotionally abusing Z. I don’t care if she’s a consenting adult, or if it’s on tv and he’s trying win money. He’s manipulating her mind and her emotions by making her feel he likes her and then plotting behind her back to put her up on the block. And Z is just taking it. I wouldn’t have but of course Z really likes Paulie and some women like her are easily manipulated by men. Im sure many would not agree with my post but that’s fine. However, I have no doubt had Corey done Nicole the way Paulie is doing Z there would have been some back lash.

    Also lets not forget that Frank said that Paulie is crazy. At first I dismissed it (because I couldn’t stand Frank) but now I’m wondering if there is some truth to it. Paulie said he just got out of a long term relationship with his fiancé and she allegedly (I say allegedly because Paulie is such a liar I don’t know if it’s wise to believe anything he says) broke up with him and kept the ring. Now, if this is true you’ve got to ask yourself why would a young woman want to break up her engagement? Why suffer the embarrassment? I think Paulie must have done her dirty in some way. And I think he has a lot of issues when it comes to women and he’s taking out his frustrations and anger about his ex on Z.

    This is just my opinion of course but it could very well be true.

    • I totally agree with everything you said; there’s something wrong with Paulie. Never have I seen such blantant disrespect on big brother. Why are these men acting like this it has nothing to do with winning the money.

      • Thank you TruthSpeaker. I truly believe it’s like Natalie said that some of the men in there have a sense of entitlement. And a lot of them seem to be a product of our society that embraces sexisim. I don’t wish to blame their mothers as these are all adults on the show but they obviously didn’t teach them how to respect or treat a woman. As for Paulie supposedly he comes from a good home because he said his mom would not be happy with his cursing and having sex on tv. However I believe there is some empathy chip missing him. Something not quite right upstairs.

      • Your welcome, Good post. I think that Paulie does have a screw loose, somewhere he is stringing Z along for no reason and seems to enjoy doing it, not cool. And the guys have this game in the bag they don’t have to be rude or arrogant about it . Look at the Brigade Alliance they took their targets out with class and dignity. They didn’t get arrogant and cocky. Why do these idiots have to act like their acting.

      • Paulie is starting to realize that he has real feelings for Paul. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. The haircut. The clothes. The lingo. I’m done with the bull crap on here. Please let this season be over soon. I can’t take it.

      • yeah i agree with you with the brigade alliance they took their target with class and i remember when one of the brigade told brittney it was still classy they didnt blindside her but britnney knew that its time for her to go

      • I told you that this damn show is racist, sexist, and discriminatory. Paulie is a douche that has NO respect for women and no one really seems to pick up on that there. Some of you are blinded by your own bigoted subconscious and simply ignore the truth. No one listens.

      • No. You can’t handle the truth. Go and bitch to the moderator as usual like the fruit loop dingus on this racist show.

    • I like how some people are saying that Z and Meech enjoyed it when Victor was voted off. They had nothing to do with it. Paulie was the one who evicted and he has totally flip flopped all season originally going after Pauls group. Can you imagine these guys with their egos if Z had made one of them look like a fool on TV. I doubt the other guys would be laughing. It was the worst moment in big brother and I’ve watched every season. It always amazes how these idiots forget they have a real life waiting for them. I can’t wait to see the backlash Paulie gets.

  3. I thought the speech was somewhat funny. Michelle is ridiculous and I have been voting for her since Da left. I need to change my vote. I can’t stand everyone in the house except for Natalie and I started liking Victor until he said that he wanted to have a final 3 with Paul and Paulie. I think I’m switching my vote for Brigitte, even though she does what Paulie says, but she will keep Natalie safe and talk things over with her if she wins anything.

    • It was horrifying how he verbally beat those girls. What a rude ass. Then all the boys were laughing outright or behind their hands.Not necessary.Shame on Vic-the-d***. I have now found someone to root for. Bridgette. Truly alone & the other day she was dancing & singing to herself in the yard “I hate them all,I hate them all”. Good luck little lady.

      • I have flagged very few comments on this site, but you really need to watch your language.

      • Ok Longhorn. You need to calm down. Freedom of speech. I called Bridgette that word and not you or anyone else.

      • You are a foolish male, not a man by any means or a gentleman. You’re creepy. You definitely do NOT deserve to be referred to as Mr. anything. Show some respect for others and you might get some, freak.

      • There is a ‘down arrow’ next to the comment, M. Click on it and the flag option will come up

      • How do you block people on here? I didn’t see his comments this time, but have in the past and prefer not to see them.

      • Good AM, ANS. There is an arrow down icon at the end of each comment. Click on that and you will see two prompts, one to flag a comment and one to block a user. Click on the one you wish to apply.

      • Go back to where you see his entry, look to the far right for the drop down arrow, click on it, block from there.

      • And you think BB guys are rude and obnoxious, Mr. Jew?.Seriously your comments are no better and totally inappropriate here

      • How dare call a female the c word . That’s worst than the idiots show. What is wrong with you troll.

      • Don’t act so tough on here bro. I will knock all the teeth out your mouth if you and I met in person.

      • SMH, I feel your pain. However, this is not the place to rant the way your ranting. I don’t care for the way Paulie is treating Z just as you don’t like it either. She is a attractive young woman who deserves way better than Paulie. Heck several on here don’t like it either, race has nothing to do with the way a man treats a woman.

      • So glad Matt removed this person’s comments…not sure with the mood I’m in if I’d have been as nice as some of you others have been. I thank Matthew for preventing that from me! :-)

      • 1.paulie’s from racist boston
        2. he’s admitted he was just using z
        3. one black girl down and now its time for the next
        put aside your white privilege and open your eyes to the truth its pretty obvious whats going on

      • Paulie is from New Jersey and there’s no such thing as racist Boston; just Boston. Derrick is from Rhode Island. Paulie is a horrible person. These men that are left seem to be women haters. The way they treat and talk about these women; makes me wanna go through the tv!! Hopefully beautiful Z will make it. She might win the next HOH; u never know. There’s only Rich Privilege…so come on ZZZZZ (I would love for her to put Paulie on the block after her telling him not to worry he’s safe-his expression would be priceless)

      • OK Rickie, let us look at your answer’s here:
        1. As someone else already pointed out, it is just Boston. Plus as they also stated, Paulie is from New Jersey and not Boston. If Paulie is racist, he is hiding it very well.
        2. Yes he has admitted he is just using her but then again, many men have used women. Now if you had actually read what I wrote, you would have seen where I said I didn’t care for the way he is treating her.
        3. Now as for one Black girl down and one to go comment, DAY was a pot stirrer who needed to go. I would have loved to seen her come back and caused Paulie more headaches but that wasn’t the case. Z, if she goes then she goes. She has floated in this game for a while now just like a couple of other,s have floated. Her leaving or staying this week either way doesn’t bother me at the least.

        Now has for the White Privilege remark, since you have no idea of what color my skin is or how I was raised, then you need to keep that kind of crap to yourself. I work in a company that every color, gender, sexual preference, religion and race makes the same amount of money, doing the same type of work right beside each other.

      • He didn’t lie.
        I loved how he told Z that the only thing she is focusing on in the game is Paulie and he did not like Victor saying that cause it could be bad for his game. Michelle is a mess and both girls are not really playing the game. I wanted Michelle to win something so she could put Paulie on the block, but she quit.

      • No he didn’t say that you’re twisting victors words in order to reinforce your sexism/bigotry. He said that he didn’t like that Z only had eyes for Paulie. Which meant he was putting her on the block because she wasn’t flirting with him.

      • I paraphrased and I’m a female that finds Zakhya to be a hole and deserves exactly what was said.

      • Most are children playing house…their immaturity even at the ages they are pretty much tells you what kind of behavior will be exhibited by them. I find it quite astounding that there are so many of them still in the house at this point in time.

      • How many times Z and Meech were shown dancing after things went to their way, like when Tiff was nominated or when Meech won veto. What goes around comes around.

      • Morning Luki3n. You’re right about that. But they mostly did that 5th grader stuff privately. Vic slammed them in front of the entire house & threw cheap beads at them. Basically suggested he was due some sex due to being HOH. Appalling behavior & hard to watch. More kindness in the house needed!

    • ugh!! Bridgitte and that stupid little HOP she does as if she has to pee and that fake whiney baby voice drive me crazy! GET HER OUT

  4. The speech stupid I guess somewhat funny but those girls did not do anything to Victor. Why is he acting like that. He looks like the idiot Paulie put him up and like he said those girls had seven other voters with them he looks like an idiot. It made no sense.

  5. I saw Derrick’s video and I think that he is correct about Paul playing a better game than Paulie, but I think Nicole is also in a good position. I love that he said that Paulie is making mistakes and someone will not want to go to final two with him. I hope his predictions are real, but
    I do think these people are so up his… that they may even keep him as a final two.
    What did Paulie say about the viewers on the feeds?

    • Where is Derrick’s video? I remember Matt used to pay Derrick to write a blog on here last season. Too bad he didn’t do that this year. I would’ve like to see Derrick’s, or even Steve’s insight on this season. I think Steve would’ve had a tougher time this season, bc he bonded better with girls.

      • Derrick wasn’t available this season. I would have loved to have had him back, but he said working the show out in LA would keep him too buys to be able to do it this summer.

      • Well that actually makes me feel good in a weird way. It shows that he actually put work into them. Instead of just churning them out week after week.

    • His criticism of Paulie’s game is true. Pretty fair assessment . ..then again, he can still pull it off because he’s playing with the blind.

      • I saw it on the page above the comments and clicked it.
        I think where it says Twitter Stream.

  6. I am so over BB. I am tired of immature players, and the fact girls (not women) can’t play the game. THey need to sake it up –older, more matuer players and not these sillly high school, whiney girls. It would be nice to see some women actually make it to the end without being pawns that are just taken along. Maybe they need to reexamine the balance of games they have them play too -I don’t know but I;m tired of the foulmouth macho guys.

    • Thank you. Thank you very much for shedding some damn light on this despicable and soulless cast.

    • That is what you get when you cast jocks and cheerleader types. It seems the only one that get picked to play Big Brother the past 3 seasons now. Does the producer even listen to to viewer complaints? I think the reason the producer does not care is we still watch Big Brother even though the quality of the product has gone down by leaps and bounds! Feeling inclined to raise the white flag of surrender like when I stopped watching DWTS due to too much fan manipulation of whoever gets booted! The good dancers get booted over the fan favorites, it is a huge joke! Did not miss DWTS once, I quit cold turkey. I think I will do the same with Big Brother. There are better shows to watch like Suits, Survivor, etc. This is probably going to be the last season for me. I have to wait till those house guests I dislike get evicted! It will give me some satisfaction atleast!

  7. See America. We all though Natalie was dumb as a box a of rocks but she’s catching on other the game.
    She just told James that he (James), Paulie and Nicole were all “coached” by Derrick and they are all playing Derrick’s game. James agreed and commented “that’s why we’ve made it so far”. Natalie asked if they are working together, James said no but it makes sense.
    She also said that James is a floater, Paulie is running through house and Nicole floats from person to person to obtain and spread info.
    America, she not dumb after all

    • I commented on her a few days ago that she’s going to be the dark horse this season and will go further than those that react in an immature way and spread vicious rumors. She doesn’t want to be a part of that. I also said in some small way or another James has played a part in her growth this season!

    • James coached by Derrick? Seriously, if he was, he would be playing a much better game. The object of the game is to take out the biggest threats first! That is just common sense. Nicole is not playing that much better although, she like James has hung onto the alliance controlling the game. Eventually, all those floaters will be evicted! The alliance will see to that! Take note too that those guys in the alliance are the strongest competitors around. Atleast, Nicole used her HOH they way she wanted to! James just gave up his HOH to Paulie because that was what he wanted! I believe it was Paulie who got pointers from Derrick and Cody. Even if given pointers, you still have to take note and follow the pointers. James despite, the mess he created in his season is doing the same exact things and he expects different results? LOL

      • The object of the game is to last until the very end, isn’t it?!
        It’s not over ’til the………. Sings!
        ‘Nuff said……

    • I stopped watching a week ago. Still follow the updates here but find it’s just too painful to watch on tv.

  8. Hey hey do you have multiple personalities why are you calling women bad names for no reason.

    • So it’s ok for my so called white counterparts to act foolish and hateful to minorities and women but I can’t say my true feelings and defend myself on here? It’s like 1939 all over again.

  9. BB18 is the worst season so far. The last two seasons were so good! This year is messed up and the male dominance needs to figure out humility in a whole (not just in the game, but in life). #woahmaleego

    • Ya poor management skills an no class. To me Paul an Paulie are just as bad as Victor and they don’t deserve to be in the house. It’s so shameful what they did

  10. Victor needs to apologize!!! Those guys should be ashamed of themselves!!!! Very cruel, very smug, and no class. Where is the respect and the love for the game??? U don’t have to like a fellow player but really where is the respect and show some class!!! America is watching!!!! Paul and Paulie will screw over Victor anyway but Victor acts like he is the king and his actions were take. Way too far and I’d tell him where to shove those beads!!!! It’s emotional abuse really.

      • Bridgette is not a helpless victim. She’s said some pretty awful things in that house like laughing at Tiffany saying she was going deface Days bible and that she wanted to shave Meech’s eyebrows off after she passed out (which is what started their fued in the first place). She also frequently says and gives the middle finger to the camera and says she hates everyone one minute then she says “do you need anything babe?” The next. She also evicted her best friend (Bronte) in the house. She is faker than a $2 bill. It’s so funny to me how men can’t ever see when a woman’s being fake.

      • I didn’t say she was helpless! I said why should anyone show respect for them when they wasn’t showing respect for Bridgette. Everyone talks craps about everyone in the house at one time or the other. They took it to far when they were throwing out her cookies after she bake them, stealing the cake mix for her birthday and making it for the stuffed giraffe and laughing about it. Z calling her a hoe while she herself is constantly laid up sucking all over Paulie. If Victor had of said that to Bridgette I guarantee you they would’ve been laughing their butts off and loving it.

      • Btw Bridge decided to invite Big Sister team to the Outback Dinner because Z was having her birthday. A few days later Z didn’t celebrate Bridge’s birthday and instead having a birthday party for her toy giraffe.

      • A $2 bill isn’t fake, they just don’t make them anymore, and some people still have them

      • I am originally from Australia and I didn’t know it but used the wrong expression. There’s no need to be sarcastic.

      • How did you get sarcasm from that? $2 bills are real, and you’re the one being rude calling somebody fake

      • bridgette is so FAKE with that whiney baby voice and bouncing up and down when she talks to the boys. they should have gotten her out after frank. these hgs are idiots

    • Victor obviously don’t know how to playBB. Those girls are going to Jury. They will never vote for him. Such a fool. The guy sucks.

  11. Why are the Guys always blamed for manipulating their showmance but the girls never get heat for falling for it year after year

    • That would be mansplaining. What you just said is considered very taboo, and sexist in the SJW feminist word.

    • I don’t get it either. I’m a young woman and even I see the flaw in the logic here. I’m aware my own gender is just as much to blame as the guys time and again, but it’s always the males that get the attention from the fans.

    • I don’t get it either, or why people always want an all girls alliance, but if the guys do it they’re sexist.

      • Some of the physical competitions are geared more for the males since most of the women they cast just do not possess the upper body strength these games require. They should cast women who do possess that, like our Olympic athletes. So would that mean the games are sexist too?

      • Last year Van won this game. The epic 6-hour comp James won by default since Bridge and Day threw it to him.

      • Oh I know that! James did win a similar HoH wall comp last year due to his short stature and probably would have won this season’s one out right had it not been for Frank’s interference trying to throw Day off. But I was referring to the majority of women who are cast for Big Brother are not suited for many of the physical comps that Big Brother implements..Van was special in this week’s particular HoH comp, but Nat came very close to it! :-)

    • Exactly. It takes two to tango and these are grown women not, little children! Cannot see manipulation a mile a way? There is also, such a thing as female intuition and they say women can discern the truth faster than men! You cannot have it both ways! Zakiyah, Nicole, Natalie got into their showmances because they wanted to!
      It is not like the guys pointed guns to their heads and forced them into it! That is the absurd excuse that these grown women were being used? They allowed themselves to be used by the guys!

      • The only comment I have on this one is;
        now a days just because someone has reached the age of majority doesn’t mean they are a grown anything………

        Let’s face it…. These are still kids!

        I do think that this show will certainly teach them some skills to help them grow up……

  12. Moreover, Victor saying Zakiyah didn’t show him any affection was quite disqusting. Does he think that it’s a brothel???? Or, the women are there for there sexual pleasure? ????

      • He phrased it fine. She had no problem voting out Victor. She didnt lose any sleep over it. In fact, I watched her sleep, and she actually slept better. Why should the rules change for him?

      • No, I just meant that he said she never gave him “affection,” which implies something more… intimate. If he had said he didn’t feel any kind of connection to her as an ally or even a friend, then I wouldn’t have snorted during the speech.

      • Yeah he meant she never tried to get to know him or talk to him, because she used all her time on Paulie.

      • Yeah, you have to socialize. People are social animals. If you ignore someone in the Big Brother House, you bruise their ego and anyone would take offense. In addition, the vote was 9-1 evicting Victor so, pretty much everyone wanted him out! He is hanging out with Paul and Paulie thinking that is his best move. Victor throwing beads to Zakiyah and Michelle did not make sense saying no hard feelings?

      • He used both words in his speech, but I do think his meaning of the word affection was related to simply another word for attention or civil caring, rather than anything physical or sexual … at least I hope so.

  13. So who’s voting in these care packages? And who are you voting for? This next one is a doozy! Honestly, I’m voting for Bridgette.(don’t attack me, lol) it’s just For the simple reason to remind these morons that we are watching them and throwing a wrench in king Paulie’s plans would be so fun to witness . Well, and I’ve also began to like her, can’t lie.

  14. That was one of the greatest speeches in BB history. My boy Victor, the puerto rican sensation, knows how to make good TV. And Michelle’s crying was right on cue.

      • You all have already flipped the script blaming Z and Meech for being too “emotional” . These women have been made the Villians and the men the heroes. And for what? Making women cry?

      • These women had very little to do with victor being voted out. Did you even watch that episode? Paulie was the one who orchestrated his entire demise. He’s the one who has been flip flopping against people all season. First he was after Paul’s group including Victor. Da warned victor as she left and PP is already joking about him not being in their twosome. You think these men and their egos would have thought it was funny if Z had made them look like fools on national tv. I bet they would have been emotional.

      • Unfortunately, BB is a game and there’s no room for emotion in the game of Big Brother. Just look at all the greatest winners in BB history. Dr. Will, Dan, Derrick, Evel Dick – NONE OF THEM got to the end by being overly emotional.

      • You don’t call pouring ice tea on a woman’s head or banging around pans emotional (Evel Dick). Or what about using the bible to lie and make deals (Dan)? Oh I guess it’s only being emotional if you’re a woman right? Give it up. We all know you’re a sexist pig.

      • Which just shows how much you know about me. Also, I rest my case about this fandom.

      • Or someone who enjoys great reality TV. Sorry I can’t be as sophisticated as you. And watch Citizen Kane and The Great Gatsby everyday.

    • I will say I don’t think that’s ever happened before – a nominee bursting into tears before the end of the Nomination Ceremony.

  15. Paul doesn’t even need the money!!!! He lives in a huge house with fancy cars and he lives with his mommy

    • And if he wins, the money won last long anyway. He said he was going to buy his mother a bentley. He clearly has horrible money management skills. How long does he think $500K will last, if he’s immediately spending it by buying people people bentleys?

    • He lives at his mother & fathers house. It’s not his. Maybe this is him earning some money?!

  16. I thought that too!!!!! Then to throw those beads at those girl???? I felt it was degrading and emotionally abusive!!! Those girls are not there for his pleasure or to be passed around from man to man for our enjoyment on tv.

    • Kimberly you are so right. The behavior of these men is deplorable. They’ve got some deep seated issues. I say instead of Zing Bot coming into the house a good shrink would serve them all much better!

    • Maybe Vic was openly auditioning for his porn career.
      Shame on him treating anyone that way!

      Puerto Rican Sensation…… my ass!

  17. James is just paulie little bitch he got the 2 eviction votes and is letting paulie control the votes James was only brought back because of his pranks as a player James sucks

  18. The only way to end the cycle of a huge alliances bulldozing everyone is to split up the house into 2 teams of 8. All the guys and all the girls on a team. Have 1 HOH from each side. have 2 nominated and 1 evicted from each side then in 3 weeks have 2 of the 6 complete and return to start off at f12.

    This will kill any chance of a super alliance forming.

    • What might also be interesting is to see a season where the big twist is they can’t lie at all or they’ll get penalized. I know it totally wouldn’t work, but it would be fun to see them try.

    • So you’re saying a guys team & a girls team?

      I like the fact that it’s random picks. But not like this year with teams that I felt didn’t benefit the game at all. JMO

      But I like the fact that others are out there that have an intelligent suggestion. Cuz right now someone sits behind a big desk trying to create what (us) the viewers want………probably some BIG shots kid!!

  19. I’ve watched literally every episode of every season since day 1 when Big Brother first started. I have never seen someone act as cruel as Victor and these guys. This was the most AWEFUL episode I’ve ever seen!!!!! I’m actually ashamed for even watching something that turned into such a degrading scene and Victor treated Z like she should be a call girl or something. Like hey Z forget Paulie!! Show me affection now since I’m hoh. Really???!!!! So disgusting. I really feel disgusting for watching something so cruel. I cannot believe Big Brother has gone to this. No respect, no class, no dignity. What people will do for money.

      • That’s when I stopped watching the first time. I’ve only just returned this season and it’s turning out to be just as unwatchable
        AG is/was directly responsible for this disgusting spectacle.

    • You’re right, and I put that squarely on Paulie because he talks openly with his boys in the house about what he & Zakiyah do intimately!

      But Zakiyah is NO better, she was seen on National TV humping on Paulie right in front of Nicole, Corey, Victor, & Paul! With the whole world looking at her bare behind.

      • It was on BBAD, and I read it on Jokers…This incident occurred after the Half Way Party, when Day was still there.

        Day was called to the D.R., and had to past Zakiyah/Paulie/Corey/Nicole/Paul/Victor…While Zakiyah was humping Paulie, & saw he bare behind…Day later told her, “I don’t know how to approach you with this, but I don’t want you to be seen as something you are not on National TV. Your behind is showing.” Z said she would put on some shorts, then she got right back on Paulie in front of the above people.

      • She’s been talking to Nicole about the intimate stuff too! Does that make her accountable at all either?

        Interesting, eh? Lol

  20. I seriously want James eliminated, I want to see Natalie play on her own. She’s got the best read on the house, but little dipstick is holding her back.

    I’m cheering for Nat, girl just needs some confidence in herself, she isn’t dumb. But I think she believes she’s not smart ~ which is too bad.

  21. Did Victor forget that one of the nominees will go to Jury and most likely will be bitter and not vote for him if he is in final 2? That was rude.

  22. If that’s how much Michelle cries as an adult I can only imagine the Hell her parents experienced btwn birth and her 12th birthday.

    • Assuming her parents raised her. They allowed that type of behavior to go on. It’s their fault Michelle is the way she is.

      • Have you ever considered that being secluded with ‘these’ people, that you do not know from a hole in a head, for many many days (24 hours in each day) could be a slight bit stressful? emotional ?

        Have you ever considered that Michelle is emotional because she has no idea what’s real (truthful) and not real (dishonest)?
        And that in itself creates up & down roller coaster type behaviour?

        Maybe she doesn’t behave this way at all in the REAL WORLD!!

        You ppl forget this is a social experiment and it just happens to air on TV & they live like mice in a lab…… Constantly being observed & judged.

        Judge away, but please don’t make claims that Michelle has ‘serious mental issues!’

        Of course unless you know her personally or she’s under your care….! Please.

      • Well someone does….. Emotions can do strange things to people. It’s gotta be tense in that house, don’t you think?

      • Yes & I guess it’s your parents fault that you turned out the way you did…..
        ………..what a bunch of rubbish!!

  23. “Too bad she [Nicole] missed it [the vomit puddle] because that could have saved this already-boring episode.”

    (face palm) Why – just WHY – would you wish this on somebody, even somebody you don’t like? I would NEVER wish this on my worst enemy!

    That’s what I don’t get about BB fandom. We all get this is a game, right? We may not like HGs, they may not be our favorite players. But to wish them ill? To say that bad things should happen to them? How mean spirited! And everyone complains about Paulie’s mouth??? Some of the people on this site are just as bad, if not worse!

    • I think it’s valid to say I hope good things don’t happen for this crappy person.

      None of us are working against their lives. No one is calling Paulie’s job, or lying in wait for him. That would be wrong.

      But saying he’s a piece of crap who craps on women and doesn’t deserve good things happening to him is fair.

      • There’s nothing wrong with saying he’s a piece of crap, if that’s how you feel. And, again, I don’t condone his behavior. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to him. I don’t want him to come down with some incurable disease. I don’t want him and his family to receive death threats. And I would never want him to land in something disgusting by sheer accident (unless BB production set it up, of course, as part of a comp).

      • Are you being funny now? (Last sentence?) just wanna know if I can laugh yet. (Being sarcastically serious)

        And what’s a face palm ?

      • Which part? If you mean not wanting any HG, like Paulie, to land in something gross, then I’m totally serious. If you mean that I’d be okay with it if it was part of a HOH or veto competition, then yes, it’s okay to laugh.

        As for “face palm,” you know those moments when you just feel cradling your head in your hand because someone’s either done something or said something incredibly stupid or annoying?

    • And it’s coming from the same guy that doesn’t like the way Paulie and the guys are treating the girls, but it’s funny when Nicole falls out of a hammock or would be great for her to get sick from falling in somebody’s vomit. I don’t like her whiny voice either, but that’s just mean.

      • It doesn’t come off as a joke when prejudice has all ready been established, especially not to someone with my background.

        And I’m not saying it’s wrong for him to have an opinion. I just wish he would be more objective in the recaps. These shouldn’t be the editorials, simply a factual play-by-play of the events of the episodes. Save the personal stuff for the opinion pieces.

  24. I can’t take it anymore..Z and Nicole are talking about cuddling. Z telling Nicole that Paulie grabbed her and held her..when is this season over again?

  25. Frank was right about Meech. She will get evicted 8th or 9th place w/o doing anything noteworthy or memorable.

      • She admits she was jealous but she also didn’t want to go against the house either, which she inevitably did without knowing when she voted to evict Bridgette over Day. That’s why she thinks is the reason her and Z are on the block. That’s probably not the reason Vic put them up, just what Michelle thinks is the reason for it.

  26. as if mamma day leaving wasnt enough of a confirmation this episode is: there is no one to root for and all the boys (they arent men) are just disgusting. they can all catch fire

  27. Go take that cold shower, my man! Yeah how dare the guys treat the girls like that … except if the girl’s name is Nicole.
    Nicole has a screechy voice that you need to mute your tv everytime she speaks.
    Nicole that you wish is humiliated and made to look stupid on national tv.
    Nicole that you wish she fell on Big Meech’s puke coz seeing that would light up your day.
    Yeah, Nicole is not a girl, she’s a dude, that’s why Corey likes her, right?

  28. Btw I enjoyed the episode since I did’t watch it with a biased mind haha. The Executives are so ridiculous I just can’t stop laughing about it. It’s a joke, right? But poor Vic, he just replaces Jozea with Paulie in his unholy trinity … He’s so frikking awesome he forgot to read the memo that Paulie hates Jozea.
    Not enough crying from Big Meech, I want some more please, Sir Big Bro!
    Z actually has gotten a good edit somehow. She’s shown as calm, composed and level headed.
    And has Paul officially become the narrator of the show now? Move over JMac and James, here comes the Executive Friendship ready to take over the AFP!

  29. Somebody please put a breathe right strip on Nicole’s strange looking nose, so we don’t have to listen to that whiney voice anymore!

  30. I’ll root for the person who targets Paulie in this game. I can’t think of a single person in the house who has the stones to do it. Double Eviction is the perfect opportunity to get him out. The more time Paulie has time to think… the tougher it’ll be to get him out. Paulie is playing a fantastic game but I watch BB for the drama and the unknown. Shake up the house and make this season interesting. Victor had a chance for avenge his previous eviction… what a complete waste and wuss.

  31. I am still disgusted with “The Executives”! Paulie the qu**r twinsie and “Your boy” just need to go. And until they do, this season will be boring and predictable since the only few who would have made big moves and go after them have already been evicted. >sighs< just waiting on #BB19

  32. Not really. Austin and the twins were completely annoying and disgusting. Also endless nights of pot ball– if I never see that again in my entire life it won’t be long enough.

  33. I can’t be the first person to say this, but Victor’s nomination speech left me fuming, especially what he said to Z. When he said that she’s on the block because only Paulie gets her affection, that’s basically the same as saying “I’m nominating you because you aren’t attracted to me sexually”. I could go on down the line of things that implies, but my phone freezes when I type too much and he’s not worth that much of my time.

    PS: did anyone else think it was ridiculous that he mentioned the vote against him in his speech? Every person at that table other than Paul voted for him to go and he’s just going to blame the girls? What a moronic jackass.

    • yes and yes Paulie got him evicted but it’s the girls fault. Yeah ok. In real life what Victor said would be sexual harassment but on BB it’s perfectly allowed.

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