‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 7: Sunday Highlights

It was a quiet Sunday in the Big Brother 18 house as a few of the HGs got to work on going against what Victor wants to happen this week. And with James’ to vote erases in play, who knows what will go down this week. Read on to find out what everyone is thinking so far.

Nicole is hooked on Big Brother 18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 7, 2016:

12:00 PM BBT – Few HGs starting to wake up and start their day. Victor and Paul in the kitchen trying to get creative with the coffee maker.

12:30 PM BBT – Victor and Paul talk about who they want to target for DE. Lots of whispering and hard to hear. Possibly saying Nicole but maybe it’s James or Corey. I can’t tell.

12:45 PM BBT – Victor mention this year was his second time trying to get on Big Brother.

12:55 PM BBT – Corey joins the living and winds up with Victor talking about life back home.

1:15 PM BBT – HGs starting to head outside. Victor is excited to get to do his HoH blog and tweeting today.

1:45 PM BBT – HGs talking social media chatter.

2:35 PM BBT – Paul asks Nicole who she wants gone this week. She wavers. He suggests Zakiyah should go and then Michelle next week. Nicole doesn’t like how Michelle repeats too much or snaps at HGs.

2:40 PM BBT – Paul thinks Michelle would be easy to get out later. Nicole knows Paulie isn’t planning to use the Veto on Zakiyah and wonders how that’ll go over.

3:00 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey talking about the eviction choice. He doesn’t understand why Paul is so pressed to get Zakiyah out.

4:15 PM BBT – Paulie tells Corey they should be close to convincing Paul that Michelle needs to go. Corey still doesn’t get why Paul is so deadset on Zakiyah going. He wonders why Paul thinks he can flip that many votes and James will have the final choice with his ACP power. Corey thinks Paul is just growing a target on his back with this behavior

4:30 PM BBT – Paulie wants Bridgette out before she can start acting on what she figures out. Corey says Bridgette doesn’t want to win DE HoH.

5:00 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey ask Victor who should go. He says Zakiyah because she’s stronger than Michelle and lasted longer in the HoH competition.

6:02 PM BBT – James and Corey are talking about the vote this week. Corey says Paulie will definitely vote to evict Michelle over Zakiyah this week. Corey says he thinks Paulie is trying to put the blame on voting Michelle out this week on them so Victor and Paul won’t be mad at him … and for jury votes.

6:05 PM BBT – Corey asks James to cancel Corey’s and Paul’s votes instead of Paulie’s vote.

6:12 PM BBT – James wants to get the guys together to talk about the vote. Corey says there’s no good reason to evict Zakiyah over Michelle. James is also tired of Michelle crying all the time.

6:36 PM BBT – Nicole tells James that they have to convince Paul that Michelle needs to go this week. They agree this coming week is definitely a double eviction and they need to make the right move.

6:50 PM BBT – Natalie tells James that Nicole lied to him about Michelle wanting Natalie out. She said Nicole is just saying that because SHE was Michelle out. Natalie says she is torn over which person to vote out this week. Natalie does think Zakiyah’s jealousy over Paulie is a problem that could be solved with her eviction.

6:58 PM BBT – James says he thinks Paul and Victor want to keep Michelle so they and Bridgette can team up and have a strong foursome.

7:07 PM BBT – Natalie and James agree that they don’t trust Nicole. Natalie says Nicole is playing everyone.

7:10 PM BBT – James and Natalie discuss Derrick and how he has ties to Nicole, Paulie and James and that he “coached” them.

7:40 PM BBT – Natalie says everyone is Paulie’s puppet and that he’s controlling the whole house (yep).

8:05 PM BBT – Natalie says Paulie is giving Zakiyah false hope and there’s no way they’ll date after the show.

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  1. Those who say Paulie is imitating Derricks game, this is why that’s inaccurate. No one ever saw Derricks leadership of the house. That was the genius of his gameplay. Everyone knows Paulie is the head of the snake. As more and more people verbalized it, I think you’ll see the beginning of the end for Paulie. Same thing happened to Amanda in season 15. Production doesn’t need to rush writing Paulies name on that check just yet.

      • Paulie is more aggressive than Derrick ever was. In the end, Derrick would have let Victor get his way and let Z be evicted. Of course Victor would have payed the price later. Paulie’s biggest problem is he can’t let the power go, he thinks he is at Burger King and has to have it his way.

      • Paulies game is a mix of Vanessa & Derrick. He’s trying to play like Derrick, using similar tactics, but too blatant. He’s coming off looking like Vanessa because he’s in everyone’s ear all the time, and has direct noticeable impact on every vote.

      • Tru Dat, but if Z goes first this week, it could affect Paulie’s game in the DE and he could very well be on the block and going home as well.

    • I think Paulie is trying to imitate Derrick’s game but without much success. His game won’t be anything but a pale imitation of Derrick’s.

      • Uh, so far he’s doing pretty good. The remaining girls are like gazelles ripe for the picking. Not sure how Michelle, Zakiyah, Nicole or Bridgette are going to get very far. One of them will be the Victoria, if she is lucky. I will have tuned out long before then.

      • He lacks the finesse Derrick did, like knowing when to let things go (not to pick fights about things). Most people are already on to him, unlike Derrick. He does have a decent social game though.

      • “Lucky” to be another Victoria? Why is that? Victoria won nothing. Coming in third is the worst.

    • God I hope so. Every season there is one houseguest I truly hate watching, this year it is two. I don’t know who is worse – Paul or Paulie. One of the girls please win HOH next and throw them both on the block RIGHT AWAY!

      • Paulie wouldn’t win any personality contests, but I do respect the fact that he’s playing the game.

  2. I’ve been patiently waiting for Nicole to earn her veteran salary, but she continues to play like an amateur. She knows Paulie is running the house and admits she always does what he wants. Corey agrees that Paulie is running the house and says he is doing a good job. I’m not sure if they are both serious, if N is BSing C, if C is BSing N, or if they are both BSing each other. That’s either a lot of BS or a lot of ignorance and at present, I’m leaning toward ignorance leaving just a glimmer of hope for a lot of BS.

    • With Nicole playing the same season as Derrick, I just can’t understand why she hasn’t seen it sooner.

    • They asked her who she wanted out this week and she said “I don’t know, I trust y’all to figure it out and make that decision” Umm… Really! Has she not seen that the girl that rolls with the guys always get cut in the end?

      • I’ve heard rumors but I don’t know for certain. Maybe someone else does and ca clue us both in. Sorry.

    • If Paulie finds out what James and Natalie are up to and if James does not cancel Paulies vote James and Natalie both will be OTB..I got a feeling that if Paulie does vote he will vote to evict Zakiyah and blame it on Bridgette..

      • Another thing I hate – this blame game -> “hey, it wasn’t me” and this “I don’t want blood on my hands”… and maybe the worst – the way Paul didn’t want to be the tiebreaker – oh poor baby, feel so sorry for you being HoH and having to maybe break a tie and actually having to show your hand. UGH!

    • But if James is serious about keeping Michelle, he will need Paul’s vote to do that. Cancelling out Paulie’s and Corey’s vote would give him the edge he needs plus their is still Bridgette who could be the wild card in all of this too.

      • Paul wants Z out so he doesn’t need anyone else. He would vote Z out along with Natalie and Paul. That’s all he needs is 3. He cancels Paulie’s and Corey’s and even if Nicole and Bridgette vote Michelle it won’t matter.

      • When I said wild card, I was referring to the DE. If she votes out Z as well, that will throw Paulie’s game off considerably going into the DE.

  3. I would LOVE for James to do something against what Paulie wants, and use those ACP votes to keep Michelle. But I’ll bet that’s just late night bravado, and when Paulie gets in his ear, James will cave. Again.

    • James mentioned the possible alliance of Vic, Paul, Bridgette, and Michelle. That would leave Nic, Corey, Z, and Paulie with James and Nat needing to decide which side they want to move forward with and therein lies his decision. That is if he takes the possible alliance into consideration at all.

      • If Z leaves, that hurts Paulie, Bridgette is still a free agent in the house and Michelle will need someone to keep her safe. A double eviction is coming up and we already know that Paulie is targeting James this week.Let James strike first and if it works out, then I see Corey and Nicole jumping on the evict Paulie now plan.

      • I think it would be a very smart move, but we are talking about James here and he has left me shaking my head in disbelief all season.

  4. James will vote according to what Paulie wants. If you watched Big Brother House the past 3 seasons, a lot of house guests who are floaters promise big moves but, end up doing nothing! James being a floater will do nothing to upset the apple cart! His time is fast coming although, he continues to act like he is safe! He thinks he is but, being a double eviction week, he better be careful! Talk is cheap! Actions speak louder than words!

    • James just lives for the easy $25,000. $He knows he’ll never make it to the end so $25k is enough for him. He’s pushing for whom he thinks should win the game. He’s not playing like a player who wants to make it to the end.

    • that’s why i am about to quit watching. i hate P & P and WILL NOT watch them go to the end. Good luck but I have better things to do with my time. You know, TV is such a scam. I don’t know what’s worse – the 5 minutes of commercials or the program itself.

  5. James and Natalie making decisons that will change the game if they follow through…If they can keep their mouth shut (not likely) as to their plan…They have the 3 votes to keep Michelle as Paul is for her to stay.. James seems to realize after talking to Nicole Corey and especially Natalie that Paulie may not be all there is… Corey told him that Paulie was using them and then Nicole tells him that Paulie is running the house..Then to put the icing on the cake Nicole says how Paulie is playing Derricks game and a lot more…Just hope that James uses his info to go against Paulie..

  6. What did I say about keeping plans a secret….Natalie just let Bridgette know that James might vote to evict Zakiyah.. But Bridgette did tell Natalie that Paulie is running the house but not to tell James…These idiots never learn…

    • That took all of about 5 or 6 mins before she told Bridgette, after James decided(for now) that he wanted to keep Michele. So disappointing. I hope Nat’s indiscretion doesn’t cause issues that result in James changing his mind. Of course, knowing James, he’ll be flip flopping a few times between now and Thursday.

      • James hasn’t spoken to Paulie yet. As soon as he does, he’ll flip.
        So this plan is going nowhere based on James’s game play.

      • u never know…..Natalie has told James that she is aware of Paulie running the house and people doing his bidding…maybe James does not wanna look like a “WUSS” anymore (at least in Natalies eyes)

  7. FINALLY, Natalie and James see that Paulie’s controlling the house. Geez, that took for freakin ever! Now please do something about it…

    • Yeah, but James has been a lackey for Paulie all along and hasn’t been totally honest with Nat. He’ll run right back to Paulie and tell him Nat knows, and get her evicted. I’m certain Nat is having reservations about being with James outside the house. Sure she sees his weaknesses.

  8. The only way James should keep Michele is to make a deal with her. She might not uphold it but he should ask for safety for a week or two.

    I really do hope Zakiyah goes. She is useless.
    Also I think being near Paulie is awful for her, so maybe being in jury will be better for her.

    • I agree, Z needs to go this week. I just don’t think she’s very valuable to the game at all. And yes, she needs to get away from Paulie. I really hopes she looks back on this and sees what a freakin jerk he really is.

    • Same here. I want her to go as well, for her own sake. Also, Paulie will lose a number and maybe a jury vote also because the longer she is away from him, the better off she will be.

  9. ok there were 12 Paris cards…2 have been reveled..2 will be reveled Thursday nite.. Am I correct in saying that only one more card can/.will be reveled on the 18th??..uless the one way is shown during the DE

  10. Why is Paulie bent on evicting Michelle this week? Why rock the boat & put his game (The Board alliance) in James hands?

    Does he want to say later that he stealthily was responsible for (credited with) evicting Michelle? As a feather in his cap at the end?

    Or is he planning to take Z with him to end with Paul (or Corey)? Paul would get wise to that, I’d think, and insist Z goes before then?

    Just seems that this is not a battle for Paulie to pick.

    • That’s the thing..Paulie has not been consistent as of late with what his plans are for final 3/2 (if he makes that far)…..He is making deals with all of em and it’s becoming obvious ..5 guys won’t fit in 2 chairs.. neither will 1 female and 4 guys (if that’s the case)…To my knowledge he has made deals with Corey Nicole Paul and James for (at least) final 3..of course Victor sees himself and the 2 “P’ s going to the end…Am sure Zakiyah thinks she is in for the long haul but don’t know what his plans are for Bridgette just yet.. That leaves Michelle and Natalie kinda on the outs…that’s my take as to Paulies game plans.. Very inconsistent as of late

    • Paulie may be cracking under pressure or running around feeling cockier than a Rooster on Sunday morning.

  11. I don’t have alot of faith in James not doing what Paulie wants him to do on Thursday with those votes..I just don’t see it happening as much as I wish it would..that house needs a flip! The question I have, and maybe Matthew B,. can help with this…is the F2 James and Paulie made real..or was that just another way of Paulie having F2 all over the house? I don’t know who the true F2’s in the house are.

  12. So let me get this straight. Nicole is angry at Paul for having a backbone and going against King Paulie’s orders ?

  13. Zak needs to go. Yeah Meech is annoying AF but she’s her own worst enemy and won’t win anything. Paulie needs a reality check and Zak going home would be just that.

    • Paulie is shaking in his boots at the thought of Zak going home because she truly has supported him literally. He realizes big mistake on his part. He should take her down to save her vote.

  14. Uh oh… Could James grow a backbone this week and use his ACP power to flip the votes against Paulie’s wishes? And with a DE ahead, this could be a very interesting week in the BB house!

  15. When it gets back to Bridgette that what she tells Nat goes to James, she will end that fast. Bridgette told Nat several times early this morning that she does not trust James. That is not going to change.

    • I can’t blame her. He promised he wouldn’t put her up and did:.. I wouldn’t trust him either however it’s far better for her game to go with Nat and James cs Cory and Paulie

      • James won 1 HOH..and the others he has thrown or just can’t hang. He is not smart for mental comps. He has even said it. I don’t see Nat smart at them either. He will fall if he tries to go off on his own.

      • Why do these people trust deals they can’t verify. You spent 6+ hours in the endurance comp and you got lied to. James lost ALL credibility after that.

  16. the world imagine that American women are strong and out spoken.
    But now they know American women are very dependent and week and immature . Thank you bb18.
    American women are actually more dependent and seeker than the third world countries
    Go ahead pp and Vic. We know u guys are going to be final 3. ??????

      • Why would I bring religion? Religions are all politics, nothing else.
        I’m an advocate for equal rights for all. And it makes me mad to see the kind of women bb choose to bring in the show.
        It’s not fun to alway watch women sucking up to men in bbs.
        Trans lives matter!

    • If you think the 20-something airheads on this show represent a cross-section of American women you must not be too bright.

      • it’s not that American women are not strong. It’s bb choice to bring dumb women in the show who only know to beg and depend on men.
        And yes 20 sone women are smart too but not these women that u see in bb????????????????????????????????

      • Yes they are 20 some not 10 some. I wish they would act their age! And stop throwing Temper tantrum, attention seekers, and poor me act. ??????????????????????

      • Good comment Kim. Funny he doesn’t reference how horrible the boys are. Cannot bring myself to say men.

      • Not a real man among them. Vic was such an idiot last night, I was LMBO, not at his words, but how utterly stupid he looked. He thinks he made an epic speech that would go down in BB history. It might do it, but not for the reasons he thinks. He is one big oaf.

  17. I think James trusts Paulie & Corey more than Paul & Victor, at least for now. There’s been tension between Paul & James for awhile so I don’t see James giving in to Paul & Vic

    • I don’t think it would be him giving in to Paul and Vic. It’s more that he’s figured out what the best move for his game is. But, I really don’t see him following through on it.

  18. This is yet another DISGUSTING season for BB. I vowed not to watch anymore this summer, but the only reason that I did was because I saw something in the newspaper about how Da’Vonne and some vets are coming back. I liked some of the past houseguests alot and have been waiting for another “all-star” twist. When I tuned in, I actually liked or could at least tolerate, all the houseguests this summer, except for Cody’s brother, cuz I don’t like Cody at all, and Paul. And lookie here now – both Paulie and Paul are running things. I CAN’T STAND those two AT ALL! Last night I turned off the TV because it was too frustrating to watch. I will finish the episode another time. They do have the return ticket twist, as well as the care package negating two houseguests votes, so we’ll see what happens. But if it keeps looking like “PP” goes to final two, I am DONE! I did it before, and I will stop watching again.

    It’s not that the people I like are being eliminated, it’s that the people in power are always so god-damned arrogant – and PP is perhaps the worst this show has ever had! I cannot stand how people are bullied into voting. It should be like BB UK where they CANNOT discuss who they are voting, or they get penalized. I hated that Frank-Cody-Derrick thing a couple years back, and I hated the Brigade. I don’t know who is nominated this week, but I hope the girls stick together. But even then, when they had the fatal five, they were also arrogant. Anyhow, it would have been much better with Josea, Tiffany and Frank in the house, but before they were on the block, they were arrogant too. Not sure what it is about this house that always flips it into two camps, and the dominant one is always telling the other half what “the house” wants. Will check out BB19 online this fall, but I think I am finally done with BB for good this year.

    • People are not bullied into voting a certain way, people are just too cowardly to stand up for something they want or believe in. People find it easier to just blend in, then be a leader. People are afraid of upsetting the house, people are afraid of confrontation, people are afraid of how they’re image will look on TV, basically people are just afraid. Plain and simple.

      During casting, they need to do some psych testing and cast more ‘type A’ or leaders.

    • I know what you mean, I wish these people would play the game. It is sickening, they somehow forget that they came to win the money for themselves.

  19. For her own sake, it’s better for Z to leave this week. So she can clear her mind and enjoy the summer in jury house.
    Besides, I want to see more waterworks from Big Meech. And her total meltdown when Bridge gets the safety care package while her ass in on the block again next week.

      • Am I a bad person for absolutely howling laughing when DaVonne was laughing at Tiffany with the bandana over her eyes?

      • That’s different tho. That’s kinda mean of Day. Coz Tiff was clearly hurting. While Meech is ridiculous. She brought all the crying on her self. The apple incident. The puke incident. The jacketgate.

      • You are honestly going to sit here and tell me you wouldn’t have laughed as well if you were in DaVonne’s position???!

        Why is everyone so bloody sensitive these days?

        What about my feelings? I’m made to feel like a bad guy and I’m wrong because I feel a certain way, but aren’t my feelings just as important as the next individual? If I feel that something is funny, shouldn’t I have the same right to feel this way, as the sensitivity crowd does with their politically correct BS?

      • My take on Day’s laugh was that she expected Tiff to cry and when she did, she just laughed at it. Like a kid throwing a ball at another kid, and when that other kid cries, the first kid laughs.
        Anyway that’s my opinion, different with yours obviously. And I said Day was kinda mean (I edited my first reply, clearly you got the wrong message), I didn’t say you were mean. You can laugh all you want my friend hehehe.

      • Sometimes when you are just kidding about stuff it doesn’t come thru in text. I know I’m not a bad person, I just like self deprecating jokes.

        But I guess I’m just getting annoyed with the politically correct movement of ‘if you don’t feel this way, you are wrong or an asshole and also a bad person’. Shouldn’t I be allowed to feel a certain way…..even if it IS wrong?

      • It was funny and I don’t think it was mean. Tiffany cried every other minute about something, she was just an emotional person, it became funny because it was the same way Vanessa acted.

  20. Btw while Paulie might have multiple F2, F3, F4 and F5, I think his truly ally is Corey. I don’t think he ever discusses about voting him out with others, while he did talk about that regarding Paul, Victor, James and Nicole.

  21. I read a comment to use the ACP on Brig? Her name hasn’t even been brought up for the eviction. Idk I just don’t see wasting a vote on someone who isn’t going to be otb.

  22. So the entire house is aware Paulie is running things. Let’s see if anyone has the guts to do something about it.

  23. I love the picture above of Nicole. Perfect Blonde Look…. Made my day! Go ahead and hate me, I’m a brunette.

  24. Paulie’s refusal to yield to one little request to keep Michelle over Zak is becoming ridiculous and could end up ruining his good thing in the BB house.
    Paul has done everything paulie’s asked of him, even to the point of degrading himself as Paulie’s sniveling snitch in order to survive one more week. The only thing Paul has asked for is that his friend Michelle remain in the house.
    Paul is probably wondering why everyone else in the house is allowed to have a partner while he isn’t.
    Paulie’s all take and no give attitude could be his downfall.
    It would be just desserts for him if his stubbornness over keeping Zak proves to be the end of his game.

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