‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Weekend Round-Up Week 7

Another busy weekend for the Big Brother 18 spoilers as Houseguests tackled an endurance HoH while Feedsters had their own endurance challenge on Saturday with the Veto competition. It’s all leading up to a showdown for control on Thursday and a little contention is what we need these days.

Michelle takes a break from crying

We’re heading in to a Double Eviction but the Houseguests don’t know that’s coming and they’ve got enough on their plates right now with a new HoH and a face off within the controlling party for who needs to be the next to go.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 7 Round-Up:

Head of Household: Finally! We finally got to watch a Head of Household competition on the Live Feeds and it was a good one. Lasting nearly two hours the HGs had to hang on to a rope and stand or squat on a disc to be the last one standing. We saw James, Bridgette, and Corey as the first three out which made them the Have-Nots this week. Then Michelle started puking and dropped as well which was nearly Nicole’s landing spot when she dropped. So close!

At the end it came down to Natalie and Victor with Natalie pleading for him to throw her the win. Victor declined and eventually promised her safety which she accepted and dropped. Victor is this week’s HoH. Read more >>

America’s Care Package: With Natalie out of the running after winning the first Care Package this one went to James. He was awarded the power to eliminate two eviction votes in the upcoming eviction, the first of Thursday’s two eliminations. James has explained that he must pick two HGs and can’t use it against himself, which I bet was his first desire. We’ve already heard how he’ll use it per Paulie’s guidance so don’t get excited for anything game changing on this one. Bit of a dud HG assignment I’d say. Read more >>

Nominations: Victor didn’t waste anytime planning his noms. Remember how Victor told us he’d target Paulie and the other strong players if he got back in the game? Ahahaha. Yeah, well that isn’t happening. Instead of going after Paulie we’re seeing Victor do Paulie’s bidding. These HGs leave me scratching my head most days.

Anyway, Victor put Michelle and Zakiyah on the Block because Paulie said so and that’s what happened. Now Victor wants to keep Michelle and get rid of Paulie’s little project Zakiyah. Well guess who isn’t going to be having any of that? Read more >>

Power of Veto: This was Michelle’s big chance to save herself and get a second Veto win. Nicole and James were drawn to play while Zakiyah got HG Choice and picked Paulie. Well guess who won. Yep, Paulie. This competition shut down the feeds for just shy of EIGHT HOURS. Yep, that was an awful way to spend a beautiful looking Saturday afternoon, but I’m here for you all!

This was the Hide & Go Veto comp so the HGs were sure to demolish the house in the process and apparently James really did a lot of damage including possibly breaking eggs all over the kitchen. HGs aren’t too pleased, but that’s James for you. Read more >>

Coming up next we’ve got the Veto Ceremony on Monday and now that Paulie controls the Veto you’d almost expect him to save Zakiyah, right? Well no. He isn’t going to do that and instead Zakiyah will stay on the Block and face eviction, but like I said, don’t expect her to be going anywhere this week.

Paul and Victor and about to be pitted against Paulie, James, and Corey for control of the vote and possible create a divide in the house as a result this week. Wouldn’t that be nice?

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. What a waste of a week. Everyone is playing Paulie’s game for him. The only hope is that he somehow goes out in this Thursday’s double eviction. I never would have thought I’d be rooting for Paul, but at this point, I just might be and I kind of hate myself for it…

    • I’m with you about Paul. Paulie has sent all of Paul’s supporters out, so there really isn’t anyone that will be on Paul’s and Victors side. I think Paulie is now starting to shun Paul and he’s worried about DE. Paul should have been smart because it’s about to come biting him in the butt. Paulie have J/Nat, Nic/C, Zak, and Bridgette on his side. Paul should start going after Paulie’s supporters to weaken him, but I think it’s clear that Paulie has won hands down.

  2. I have no one to root for :-( ugh
    Anyway, Meech’s eyes look a lil cray in that first pic.

    • I was thinking the same exact thing AnonyChick. Never has there been such an unlikeable cast ( in my opinion) There’s no one to like, no one to love to hate, just a blah cast. As I’ve said before, with the most annoying voices and whining… I’ve ever heard. NOBODY but Paulie is playing the game.I suppose for that reason I’d root for him, but he’s totally unlikeable in my book!

      • There are people trying to plat the game, they are just to stupid to realize that Paulie is running the game! I’m trying to figure out how that happened. It is a very unlikeable cast and I hope Paulie gets blindsided by one of the girls. Here’s a thought, I would LOVE to see the guys faces if one of the girls get the round trip ticket and gets back in the game!

      • Yes I’d love to see a mix up too…BUT it seems to me the “boys” are rocking the “girls” right where they want them.

  3. I am at this moment for Paul and Victor to take stock of things and with Michelles help blow Paulie out he front door Thursday nite.. along with Zakiyah..

  4. I just don’t get why James is so popular. He’s spineless, untrustworthy, hardly plays the game, and his antics were already old by the end of last season. I wish they’d brought back a vet who was actually more interested in playing the game for himself than just chasing after girls (that are out of his league), ceding the game to other stronger players and having no greater ambition than getting to the jury house so he can relax. What a waste of a slot this season.

    • James thought that since he won AFP last year, he will be a shoe in to get it again this year. So he is pretty much doing the same thing this year…..laying around with a girl and throwing comps.

  5. Paul and Victor HAVE been spending more time off by themselves in Victor’s HoH room and less time socializing with everyone. Hopefully they’re not just up there stuffing their faces with Doritos. Somebody has got to work on sending Paulie and his Napoleon complex off to Elba. The jury house needs a man! Da’Vonne and (soon) Michelle will be happy to let Paulie cook for them and to take out the trash.

    • the Napoleon complex comment made me laugh. Thanks! And I agree. I’d be cool with either Paul or Victor advancing and would love it if one of them turned the tables on Paulie.

  6. the boys are more into themselves and each other than the girls. Bromance is alive and well in BB!

    • True. And I’m actually surprised at how many of these female HGs – season after season it seems – think that they have found Mr. Right and can actually build a life with one of the guys in the house.
      Someone needs to tell these girls that Jeff and Jordan were/are the EXCEPTION.
      It’s a safe bet that NONE of the guys going into the bb house have romance on their brain – except maybe for James, but the poor b@st@rd probably figures that a group of women in captivity is the only way he’ll stand a chance!

  7. I legitimately have never hated someone as a player than I do after Victor’s speech. He’s a pig.

    • It must be people’s perception…I didn’t think his speech was that bad.

      • It was bad: it’s just its hard to take the person who delivered it seriously considering what a moron he is.

      • It was definitely not a Dan’s funeral speech! Meech was a bit more vulnerable still, so didn’t take it like she usually would have, with a grain of salt. Guess in a way Karma is getting her back for all the snide remarks she’d made about others this season. She can dish it out, just can’t take it. And she knows Vic is a dick anyway. I’m not even sure those were real tears. Her face didn’t seem puffy much or eyes blood shot for the amount of crying she did…did you notice any of that? Maybe she’s just a good cryer! LOL

      • me either… I thought Victor treated them with the same respect they afforded him…..”zero” and he did not lie to either of em… he was honestly a lot nicer than I would have been to the snooty bitches..

    • I said the exact same thing in my post. And what’s with throwing those stupid beads?! I guess the wuss thinks he’s being tough talking down to two girls.

      I hope women everywhere take note of this loser and stay far away from him. Let him live with his mommy in her basement.

      • Behaving badly, I agree. But like you said, it’s all of the guys. Victor just happened to be the HOH this week so it was his speech. I don’t believe he phrased what he wanted to say very well, but I don’t think it was that bad.

      • I found it to be a little chauvinistic and arrogant. Complaining Z doesn’t give him affection? Gross and strange.

        He bragged about going after Paulie and James then becomes their puppet. I just really dislike his personality. Again just personal preference.

    • I find it interesting that it’s OK for women to hate on each other I.e. meech on Bridgette.. But once Victor embarrassed her all of a sudden people come out of the woodworks to preach!!! Really? Where were you when these mean girls were effing with Bridgette??

    • I totally agree! He is a pig! I was offended for the girls, that was totally uncalled for and I hope it bites him in the a** because he was to dumb not to remind everyone of his grudge of getting voted out in a unanimous decision. I was wondering if people were going to remember that little fact and the moron just reminded them. All of the guys on this season with the possible exception of James are total d**cks and I hope there are consequences outside the house too. Because you can’t just put this all on playing the game.

  8. Wow just watched the BB live show. Victor is one of the dumbest players I’ve ever seen on this show. Granted he d0uchebag doesn’t realize PP is plotting behind his back but he knows Paulielie is the one who nominated him and everyone but Paul (who knew he was going and only vote for him to cover his own @$$) voted him out yet he holds Meech and Z responsibility?! And wtf with his speech it was so lame, corny and sexist beyond belief He’s really angry because Meech throw that stupid stuffed whale after he tossed it on her lap?! And he’s angry with Z because she only has eyes for Paulie and not him?! I wish Victor could read this post right now because I’d love to remind him of how he said he’s always looking for “chicks” but they back away from him. If his two close together eyes and and high pitched voice doesn’t put women off then his nasty sexist spiel and behavior does. He’s a disgusting pig.

  9. Sitting here listening to CORY talk game to James — doesn’t want Paulie taking the easy road out by having his vote X’ed this week thus able to blame keeping Z on Cory and James and wants Paulie to own up to it so that Paul isn’t focused on being mad at C and J for keeping Z… A good thought by Cory but I am SO taken back that A. Cory observed and realized this and B. Cory is making moves…

    • Corey and James looked pretty damned confused after they tried to stumble through some strategy talk together. Their conclusion was to talk to Paulie and the other Execs and to say that they feel lost. Good plan, boys. Let Paulie tell y’all what to do.

      • That was so frustrating to watch! I am thinking..Good Lord..once again..Paulie is getting you to do his dirty work and you seem to be perfectly fine with it! When you take away his vote on Thursday..YOU are going to be the one who will take the blame…Open your mouth and say something..either to Victor or Paul..I want some darn drama in that house!!!!

      • If James isn’t careful, Nat will be truly out the door with him and his antics. He’s not a man.

      • It was almost painful watching the two of them try to stumble their way through game talk as both of them have floated so far and I don’t think they’ve ever talked game together without Paulie… You could tell neither were comfortable and they were both acting as if they were going to get busted and caught by Paulie any minute lol

    • That talk went right over James head. The only thing is sticking right now in his head is to find Paulie and tell him what Corey is trying to do.

  10. Oh, Victor…I really hope you leave on Thursday right after Michelle. The guys this season are a big turn off for me..what the heck is James doing? Is he ever going to make that big move? I really can’t stand Paulie. Girls are so incredibly weak this time…is it time for BB19 yet?

    • James is a wuss! He still telling nicole he will do what the house wants. He is going to tell paulie what him and corey talked about!

  11. I really hope one of Paulie/Paul wins, because the comment sections on this site will collectively implode.

    Here we are, Big Brother fans, and we’re hating on the only players actually playing.

    • @Gellie I too think of Paulie and Paul as the two best players in the game by far. It will be very interesting to watch them battle each other when it comes to that.

      • Yes it would but Paul does not have anyone on his side. Paulie has most of the house brainwashed.

    • If Paulie gets to F2 then he’ll win and he deserves it. I won’t deny him that. What I don’t like is an easy march to the finale for anyone. I want back and forth struggles & battles. Not a row of dominoes.

    • I like them both but Paulie is really running the show.

      What makes it frustrating as Big Brother fans is how complacent and passive everyone is except for those 2.

      People only start playing when they realise they are in trouble which is just straight up moronic which often times lead to a predictable season and for me, a bored viewer.

    • They’re definitely playing..what I’m still scratching my head on, but it’s not Big Brother. It’s who can outlast the other, another’s crude behaviors, showmancing the stone, and who’s tougher than the other.

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