Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 6: Sunday Highlights

Da’Vonne has come to the conclusion that she’s not as safe as she thought she was when Paul won Head of Household this week. Find out what Paulie has planned for Paul’s HOH and what the other Big Brother 18 HGs think about it below.

Da'Vonne Rogers in tears on Big Brother 18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 31, 2016:

8:00 AM BBT – James and Corey have been up for a long time talking general chatter and some game talk along the way.

9:30 AM BBT – James mentions he is just starting to get feeling back in his arm from the HoH comp the other week.

10:30 AM BBT – Still a quiet morning. Corey talks to the camera that he’s struggling with Have-Nots and disappointed that he didn’t get the HN Pass.

1:05 PM BBT – Michelle and Nicole wonder if there will be a Double Eviction coming up. Michelle wonders if they get any warnings about it from production.

1:35 PM BBT – Michelle says she got hooked on Big Brother a few years ago and binged watch it following a break up.

1:40 PM BBT – Natalie and Michelle discuss where they might be willing to move. Michelle really wants to leave Michigan after Big Brother is over.

2:15 PM BBT – Michelle wants to target Victor next after Bridgette is gone.

2:30 PM BBT – James is up and not feeling well. He’s been a little sick today.

3:20 PM BBT – James is pushing for Paul to renom someone other than Da’Vonne. He reminds Paul that he is HoH. Says the guy who spent last week saying he was just doing what the house wanted.

3:35 PM BBT – Paul tells James he’s only talking sincere game with him and Paulie because he trusts them. Paulie shows up and that’s the end of James working on undermining Paulie’s plan for Paul’s HoH.

3:45 PM BBT – Paulie tells the guys he thinks Zakiyah would put them up and maybe even him too.

4:15 PM BBT – Paul worried that it could be a tie-breaker situation on Thursday. Victor doesn’t think it’ll come to that and suggests they have five votes including James. Paul is getting nervous and wants to give Da’Vonne a heads up that she’ll be the renom if she comes to him today.

4:20 PM BBT – Da’Vonne comes up to HoH room to talk with Paul. She wants to know about the renom. He beats around the bush. She’s asking about why he doesn’t put up each HG but Paul has a reason for all of them. Paul is saying he needs to put up someone he trusts. He says someone new to the Block will freak out.

4:25 PM BBT – Day warns Paul that she’s a tempting target if he puts her up and she’ll be there on Thursday.

4:35 PM BBT – Paul assures Da’Vonne that no one would dare go against the HoH. Day reminds him that no one has to care about the HoH’s wants after the Veto ceremony. She asks Paul to just be straight with her and let her know before the meeting if this is what’s going to happen.

4:40 PM BBT – Da’Vonne goes downstairs to talk with Zakiyah while Bridgette goes upstairs to talk with Paul. Paul promises Bridgette everything is going to be okay. Da’Vonne is starting to tear up with Zakiyah. She doesn’t understand why he’d be so concerned with everyone’s feelings but hers when he was explaining his decisions.

4:45 PM BBT – Zakiyah tells Day she hasn’t heard anything besides Bridgette being the target. (I’m pretty sure that’s not true.) Day says she got suspicious last night when she saw Paul, Paulie, and Victor talking together then Victor gave her a huge smile and wave.

4:55 PM BBT – Zakiyah counts votes with Da’Vonne and they get to 4 with Natalie, James, Michelle, and Zakiyah. Da’Vonne mistakenly thinks there are only 7 votes this week and there would be no tie. There could be. Day wants to work on figuring Natalie out for the vote. Perfect timing as Natalie arrives and Zakiyah leaves.

5:00 PM BBT – Natalie is noncommittal but promises not to tell Bridgette that Da’Vonne was discussing this. Day promises Natalie that she wouldn’t go after her and James if she stayed.

5:13 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells James she might be going on the block. She tells him about her conversation with Paul. Day is getting upset and doesn’t understand why Paul would put her at risk. She’s really confused.

5:20 PM BBT – Da’Vonne says she hasn’t even begun playing this season so she doesn’t understand what she’s done to get put on the block.

6:55 PM BBT – Day tells Paulie that when it’s her time to go she wants to know. She said she doesn’t want to be blindsided at a nomination or veto ceremony.

7:02 PM BBT – Now Day is asking why Natalie is suddenly untouchable. Paulie says he doesn’t know. Day says she wishes she had a man in the house so that she’d be untouchable.

7:45 PM BBT – Paul is upset that people have been talking about how he could go all the way to the end. He says that’s not good for his game and it will make him a target.

8:16 PM BBT – Paulie and Paul are talking in the HOH room. They agree that James and Corey are the only two people they can really trust. Paul says they could trust Corey more without Nicole around. Paulie says he doesn’t want Day to know she’s going up because she’ll start spreading stuff. Paul says she’ll spread misinformation.

8:22 PM BBT – They’re talking about using Bridgette to take out Nicole or Michelle. They also thinks Michelle wouldn’t touch them and she’d put up Bridgette and Victor.

8:35 PM BBT – Paul thinks Nicole is the strongest girl in the game right now, but Paulie says they don’t have the votes to get her out (they actually would).

8:40 PM BBT – Paulie says he thinks James is playing like Derrick where he only wins HOH to get certain people out.

8:48 PM BBT – Michelle is upset that the guys are going behind their backs and saving Bridgette. Michelle says to Z they should try to convince Paul that putting up Day is bad for his game. Michelle says she hopes Paulie realizes that he’s becoming Frank by telling the HOH what to do.

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  1. Good morning BB lovers. I can not wait to see who the renom is. I hope it is Day but you never know. Who would you like to be the renom?

    • Paul/ie: “Anybody wants to volunteer to be the renom?”

      Nat: “But I am a Never Have-Not Winner!”
      James: “I wrecked my arm, maaannnn!”
      Corey: “I love dogs and baseball and Christmas and turtles … I mean …”
      Nic: “Staaaapppppppuhhhhhhh!”
      Z: “Hell No!!!!”
      Victor: “Your boy got evicted last time, bruhhhh!!!”
      Mich: “Put me up!!! Put me up!!! Plueeezeeeeuhhhh put me up!!!” (jumping up and down)

      Paul/ie: “Anybody? Anybody? C’mon guys this is not Friendship!!!”

      Mich: “Put me up! Put me upppp uhhhhhh …. I am so fatttttt uhhhhhh!!!” (jumping up and down while chomping salty chips)

      Paul/ie: “Anybody else? How about you, Momma Day? You are cool, calm, collected, a perfect target … Oooops we mean a perfect pawn, you ain’t freaking s***!!!”

      Momma Day: “Mmmmmhhhh.”

      Paul/ie: “Perfect Friendship! It’s settled then. Done and dusted. PP have done it again!”

      All walk inside, close the door, except Mich.

      Mich: “Wait guys!!!! Put me up pluazzeeeeee uhhhh! Where have all the potato chips gone? Did ya eat them all, Victor?!!!”

      • You are right, none of the girls are threats, what would it matter if they gave Meech what she wants and put her out , uh.. up. I wanted Da out but what does it matter when she goes. I was so tired of listening to her Josea type rantings that I mute it when she talks, thats why I want her out, because her voice annoys me. None of those girls are playing the game with the exception of how Nat has James playing her game for her. I’m still a big James fan and I’m hoping James gets Paulie out in theDE

      • Agreed except the last part. James doesn’t deserve to outlast Paulie, not yet at least. He needs to show us he can play the game, not boobs.

      • And what is Paulies game?, to look and act like Paul. To run around acting like everyone should just lay down and die because he has arrived. James doesnt go after the house mouse, or the house mouth when he is HOH, he takes down the big threats and paves the way for the rest of them to have a chance. And yes of course he’s trying to pave the way for himself to get to that half mil. Once again I see that no one will team up with him, it stinks. Why do you all suppose he wins AF.

      • For the record I am not rooting for Paulie, but clearly at the moment Paulie is way ahead of James. A lot of people don’t like him because of that and how he acts but should credits where it deserves.

      • I didn’t say I didn’t like James. I was talking about his gameplay. I am ok with him as a person, he seems nice and fun.

      • Right James is sneaky about what he does – I would rather you show me your face, then I know who I’m dealing with and how to proceed

      • For the first time in BB history, I don’t have a favorite. Not pulling for anyone to win. Don’t care as long as it’s not Paulie or Day. None of them deserve it

      • Exactly! I have no one that I’m rooting for all because these houseguests has made it so hard to actually root for. At this point I’m just going to sit back and watch who ends up winning because at this point these houseguests are hopeless! I’m just crossing my fingers that Paulie isn’t the one that escapes with the win.

  2. If Pau-lie gets wind of Z’s baby daddy talk , Da could stay around.

  3. What is Nicole’s end game? She seems to want all the girls gone but then what? And James is just as bad, he knows he’s at the bottom of the guys alliance but he just keeps running back to them with info like a dog looking for a bone.

    • Nicole’s end game must be to whine an groan an piss an moan an complain an cry an bitch an sigh an gripe an fret an grumble an carp an bellyache an snivel an whimper and USE THE MOST IRRITATING TONE OF VOICE HUMANLY POSSIBLE UNTIL ALL OTHER HG’S SELF EVICT !

    • Someone on Twitter nailed it & nicknamed her “Britney Nicole” hahahaha. That was funny.

      It’s a shame because at the very beginning when she was not going to let a guy mess with her game, I had high hopes that she would be one of the vets running the game. Smh.

    • Get Brigaded? She seems way more interested in being cool with the guys than winning the game.

      I hope James is just trying to keep himself safe, but he is not the best BB player. He started talking about evicting Paulie, but I don’t know if he’ll pull through.

      • Exact same!! Even going so far as to try and flip the votes off of the intended target (who really NEEDS TO GO) the following week after his HoH. That’s EXACTLY what happened last year!

  4. Ahhhhh MAMA DAY HAHAHAHA You should’ve studied Big Brother before going in to lose the second time. Anyone could’ve told you that getting rid of Frank was your worst mistake. You got rid of the Biggest Bulls Eye in the house, and now you’ve only given way to your own demise. Ahhhh Karma, I love you!

    • No kidding! I watched her on AD and she kept moping around talking so bad about herself and just really negative. She has no confidence at all. It’s sad, but she needs to get professional help for sure.

      • I remember in the 1st episode that she admitted she has all these fears. That is afraid of everything, this and that. I think I remember somewhere that her meds had been changed .

  5. Zakiyah- WTF?!? Her and Nicole make me embarrassed to be a woman. OPEN YOUR EYES!

    Nicole, Corey would rather kiss his dog than you. OMG I can’t take the stupidity.

    • It’s pathetic really. I’m so sick of both of them. I’d almost rather see Nicole or Z on that block this week.

    • How embarrassed will they be after the show & reading all of the opinions on here?

      They have a real life to get going on after the show & their blinded obsessive like behaviour might be the catalyst for many things to come! And not in a good way!

  6. And the winner of BB18 is ….. Surprise Paulie!!!! These idiots deserve to lose. He is so obvious yet they just keep following the leader. Will not even talk about the girls. Worse players ever!

    • I actually have to give Paulie credit, they are weak players, but not necessarily easy to reign in and he does seem to know how to do that .. and then having the confidence to put himself up and then win the veto. Pretty good.

  7. If the guys are serious about their final 5 deal then getting Da’Vonne out is the best move. The other girls do look up to her and she could bring them together into an alliance out of desperation. Without Da’Vonne there is no female player with the right game to lead the rest of the girls.

    As for Z, she is really playing dumb now. Her best bet is to go along with Paulie and be that “Victoria” vote. If she flips to save Da she will be the very next target. It is way too dangerous for them to make a move this week.

    They should wait until Victor wins HoH and then try to flip him against Paul and Paulie. He may listen.

    • Agree … Paulie is right on in working them to get Da out. MaxZ is just plain Paulie-crazy and I think will do anything to please him. She’s talking about having his babies for goodness sake! It’s unreal.

  8. Once Da’vonne is eliminated, Michelle, James and Z will think twice about trusting the rest of the house. James knows D is leaving, but he may start palying the game after she is gone.

    • James unlike last year is with majority this year, so why rock the boat? I won’t if I were him. If he stays low and doesn’t let Nat affect his game (hahaha I am laughing here) he could make it to Top 5 and it’s anybody’s game from there on.
      As for Z and Mich, never cared!

    • Once Da is eliminated I’m hoping Paulie’s plan works to clip the girls one by one the clip James, Victor then Corey. I was rooting for Da because she was the only female not obsessed with latching on to a dude. Once she’s gone I won’t care.

    • IMO he will finally start playing the game when Nat is threatened or put up on the block

  9. Paulie and Z were up to sumthin’ sumthin’ under the covers just now.
    Was that Z’s last supper before she gets clipped next week?
    Luckily I only read it, not watching her grinning from ear to ear … This game is cruel!
    More please!!!!

    • Yuck, no, Luki. I don’t need any more of that. I’m sure you are well aware that there are lots of places you could go to get your jollies. Z is a tool and a fool for throwing herself at Paulie and he is a jerk and a d-bag for using her. Pease, NO more!!!

  10. We will have 3 days to reap the wrath of Da as she comes to the realization that she is THE target. They can reassure her all they want to, but Da does know how this game is played, she just isn’t very good at it.

      • I’m sure you are way ahead of me. Sorry that I didn’t get back to you, but I left not long after I posted that and just got home. Are you happy with the renom?

    • She made a mistake sleeping away the week and look at her now– on the block. Imo, she should’ve seen this coming a mile away because she knows her name’s been thrown around for weeks. After Frank left, Day is the obvious next target because Bridgette is all alone in the house, and she doesn’t have any influence unlike Day. What’s that saying in the BB house? The moment you feel safe is the moment you’re walking out the door to meet Julie Chen.

  11. Nicole is the worst, James is the worst, Paulie is the worst, Zakiyah looks pathetic, This cast is just pathetic.

  12. Did anyone else catch this last night? Paul was in the kitchen and all of a sudden Paul asks Corey if he wanted to bone him? Nicole was speechless and Corey mumbled no, staring blankly.

  13. You know, I’d honestly have some sympathy for Day with her situation had she not been spending the last few weeks laughing at others’ misfortune and rubbing it in their faces for no real reason (not to mention her taking part in the completely unnecessary and disgusting attempt to get Bridgette to despise Frank on a personal level).

    Sorry Day, but you laughed when others were shedding tears, have a hard time believing that anyone is going to do anything different now that it’s you on the hot seat.

    • Did you see when she said she just now started playing the game and she doesn’t understand why she would be a target?? Something like that. I about fell out of my chair laughing at this dumb chick lol!!!

      • She thinks she’s that and then some. Lets hope and pray she is evicted and no round trip ticket. She is the replacement nom!!

      • Right?! She really is trying to play dumb and failing miserably. She started up the whole feud between Tiff and Frank, and single-handedly broke up the 8 pack. Not her mention her cruel ways with participating in isolating Tiff and Bridge, hiding Tiff’s belongings, slapping people with her weave, etc. etc. Don’t try to play innocent now, Day. She can do her little hair flip right out the door on Thursday lol.

    • Agreed. I can only hope that BB decided to do a 7 person jury this year and that she’s headed straight home.

  14. I think it’s so funny how everyone on here wants Day gone but imo, she actually is making sense. Why not target the showmances? This is not the amazing race, people are actually playing in teams and it is getting exhausting to watch. I admit her mouth has gotten her in trouble but EVERYONE in the BB house lie including sweet Brig and that annoying voice. Nicole is a liar and on top of being disgusting she’s once again letting a guy get in the way of her game not realizing the girls are being picked off because she’s running to tell everything. Z cheese has slid off her cracker over Paulie and I think she believes this is the Bachelor. Paul is crazy, James and Natalie are just extras right now. Corey and Victor are tools. I’m done watching BB. If Day goes, it’s that much more predictable!

    • That’s exactly why I wanted her to stay. If she leaves you can almost guarantee that things will got Paulie planned it.

    • I don’t really think the show is predictable. The girls just need to step up and start winning some comps. If it’s predictable then tell me who’s the next target besides the obvious scapegoat Bridgette, because I’ve been dying to know lol? If Bridgette somehow survives this next eviction, the HGs will have no choice but to start turning on one another.

  15. I honestly don’t care who wins at this point. I was rooting for Frank, but even he played the game awful by being too trusting. I just want to see people play a good game. Once they put Da’ up and she realizes that it’s Paulie’s doing, she’ll likely attempt to start up a rebellion against Paulie. If that happens things could definitely get good. No one will be able to relax or feel cocky.

    • I don’t think she could get enough people on her side either way. They would still choose Paulie over her, Bridgette over her.
      I’m hoping for a miracle and want Bridgette to turn cutthroat and play that house all the way to the end lol! She’s never been a favorite but after all that’s happened the last couple of weeks, she’s the only one I would root for if she wised up. Maaaybe Corey and Nicole if they wise up but it’s not looking good this week.

  16. If Paul makes final 2, he will not have votes against Paulie. Paul “Yo boy” is a biiiiig flunky for Paulie because putting Da up is not good for his game!

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