Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 13 — Tiffany Works On Shifting The Target From Herself

Tiffany and Frank continued to patch up their issues during Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 18 because they realize neither of them have anywhere else to turn. But neither one of them are going down without a fight.


The episode picks up right after Tiffany named Corey as her “secret” Roadkill nominee. Tiffany tells us that her best bet at staying this week is by taking a shot at the two showmances. And Nicole isn’t happy and she shows in the Diary Room with a really embarrassing shot of her crying.

Everyone speculates that Frank won the Roadkill and is letting Tiffany take the credit. Da’Vonne knows that Tiffany won but is keeping her mouth shut because she’s already rocked enough boats, she says.

But regardless of whoever won, the people who voted to keep Tiffany last week are definitely regretting it, especially Paulie. He’s declared war on Tiffany and refuses to let her escape eviction another week.

Frank makes his rounds, trying to figure out what his best bets are in the game. He first talks to Corey, who thinks he put him on the block. Then he moves on to Day, who is giving Frank nothing to go on, but everyone notices Frank and Day talking and start to speculate something is going on, but Da’Vonne just wants to eat her chips.

Paul thinks it’s “really weird” that Day and Frank are talking. And Corey has been developing a grudge against Day for weeks now, so they tell their master Paulie and gets the wheels in his “bred4this” head. Paulie decides that if Tiffany comes off the block this week, Day might just go up.


At the veto draw we find that Da’Vonne and Paul join Paulie, Tiffany, Natalie and Corey in the veto competition. And right after that it’s time for the competition.

This veto competition is a head-to-head challenge and first up is Corey who picks Tiffany to challenge. Corey wins the first round and Tiffany is out. Paul is up next and he challenges Natalie. Paul wins round two and Natalie is eliminated.

Paulie is up next and picks Da’Vonne. He of course beats Day, and next round is between Corey and Paul. Corey beats Paul, so that leaves Corey and Paulie in the final round. Paulie decides to let Corey have it and he walks away with the Power of Veto.


Meanwhile, Da’Vonne is upset and worried she’s going to go on the block. But her reaction confuses some of the people and red flags are raising all around her. And since Day has a proven track record to not be that great with talking to people who hold any kind of power, she sketches Tiffany out. And as if that wasn’t enough, she heads up to her alliance and freaks out about going up and sketches them out.

Tiffany and Frank realize they don’t have much of a choice but to trust each other, so they start realizing Da’Vonne might have had a little something to do with the animosity between them. Tiffany tells Frank about the Fatal 5 and everything else she knows about.


So Tiffany decides her best bet this week is to bring Da’Vonne down. Therefore it’s no surprise that after Corey pulls himself off the block the new Roadkill nominee is revealed to be Da’Vonne. HOLD UP. That hair whip we saw, that minor little flip of the hair, was considered an assault by some of the people in the house on the Live Feeds. And I’m here to say, that was nothing.


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  1. The only chance Da’vonne has is to win the HOH if she stays or comes back. Everyone will be kissing her behind for a week and she may win some of the HG trust again.

    • Day has only herself to blame as it relates to who blew her game.

      Tiff is too much. How can anybody trust her when they see how she has blown Day up. Bad move foe Tiff. She’s playing the loyalty game. Yeah, right. To herself. lol

      • Shes playing the only hand she has what else could she do? Tiff is doing the right thing for her game Will it work No But at least she is playing the game Da is gone next thursday To bad I liked her

      • Who knows what these people will do?!…As of now Paulie is sticking to his Guns, that Tiffany needs to go home.

      • Day has been playing the game hard, she’s had no one loyal to her except Michelle. Everyone saw from last season Day is very intuitive. Howeve4, with Day, she has always revealed her hand too s9on.

        In proverbs it says, never let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

      • Days main problem is that the “Talks to Damn Much?!” It would be different if Day could back it up, and win a Competitions, but she can’t…So she needed to play a low key game this Season! Like James

      • U r so correct. I was giving her too much credit, but now am of the opinion she lacks self control, is trigger happy with the brain.

      • The only reason she did that is because she saw Vanessa’s face on Tiffs body. I hope Tiff wins becomes HOH and sends Day out the door

      • people could trust her if they didn’t screw her to begin with! She doesn’t owe anyone any favours so she’s not leaving without a fight. Good for her! Pit people against others and hope it sticks!!
        I’m sure the last person she wants to work with is Frank but right now he’s the only one who seems to want to work with here i’m sure the last person she wants to work with is Frank but right now he is the only one who seems to want to work with her! so what choice does she have? If other houseguests gave her the chance I’m sure she would be loyal although not overly trusting but who can blame her!?

      • You are so correct, the only person, if I’m correct, has been Michelle. They all realize how perceptive and intuitive Day is and are all running in fear that their lies will be found out.

    • Watch…The D.R. fix it that way! That Day wins HOH next week, and the little Blonde Girl, who has been throwing Day under the bus constantly for weeks will be kissing her behind in the HOH room.

  2. I just can’t believe they go to Paulie to get permission to ask if they can do what they want to do, no matter if their game is in jeopardy or not. Paulie has the nerve to shut them down and it’s do what he say and what he wants! No one has a mind to start thinking they need to go after Paulie or to make their own moves. Trust and believe once Paulie wins the money he is not going to offer them one red cent, and they will be home wishing they had another chance or would have listened to themselves to play their own game and not Paulie’s.

    • I am with you. I came to the conclusion today when Zak was telling Nicole that she faked a nightmare so Paulie would hold her close. Oh please what happened to this show? they used to get regular people that wanted to play for the prize.

      • All the crying, getting jealous, acting mean towards others bcz someone talk to someone u like, calling people out their names…I just can not do Nicole or lazy Zak, they are too too much and a bunch of nothing!!

      • I totally agree with you! This season better turn around very quickly or I may have to tune out for awhile..nah..I won’t..but c’mon!!!

      • I got this broad’s # … first she faking nightmares, next it will be orgasms!
        Yes, sports fans …. her hair is not the only thing that’s fake!

  3. Gotta say, Nicole and Corey are so annoying. Corey is dumb as rocks, and Nocole has proven over two seasons to be nothing but a showmance-chaser. Can’t you find someone OUTSIDE the house like normal people, instead of forcing us to watch your puppy dog romances on TV in front of millions of people?! Puke inducing, as is her crying about Corey and/or possibly going up, thus destroying her summer romance.

    • I thought it was hilarious how she was crying over Corey on national tv instead of crying about the game!

      • Yeah this girl (Nicole) needs to go on a dating website not BB. I never heard Z talk about game play EVER ! Paulie is just in love with himself it’s sickening. Does Corey’s brain ever turn on ? Frank, Tiffany & Day are the only 3 playing the game. But Day’s actions tonight showed her true wicked demeanor (which I knew all along) & her hair flip did me in. What’s with Paul and his cartwheels ? He also is really doing anything except getting info.

      • Z seems so pathetic, poor thing.
        And they said it was an embarrassing shot of Nicole crying? I think she is just an embarrassment herself.

      • It seems like Z came on BB to try, and find herself a Husband, and Paulie doesn’t seem to like her that way. How do you get jealous of a Dude that you have just known for a few weeks…Zakiyah’s immaturity show through way too much!

      • Hahaha ohhh yeah! ???
        In that case all he has to do is pee the bed once…she won’t be back then. ;)

      • Have you heard his conversations with other HG??? I read Jokers Update everyday, & he has said that he will see if there is anything with them after the show ends….

        And as for Z & Paulie being in bed together…Hun there have been many, many Showmances that stay in bed all day, do sexual activity & have sex?! Remember Amanda from BB 15 ??? After BB15 ended…NOTHING

  4. So on the Pacific Coast the republic convention is on. Yet my DVR says I am recording Big Brother. This is annoying. Why did I rush home for this.

  5. This whole crap of voting with the house is getting beyond irritating for me as a viewer and superfan…why can’t they just vote the way they want and not worry about what the HOH wants..the HOH is doing what is best for their game…to heck with that..each HG should do what they need to for their own game…and..these showmances this season are pathetic…Corey and Paulie are using Nicole and Zakiyah for their games…they have no interest in them at all…that was confirmed between them in the SR last night…Nicole getting on national TV and crying like that was pathetic…Zakiyah faking a nightmare so Paulie will hold her close…I just can’t anymore with this stuff…what has happened to one of my favorite shows?

      • You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. I discovered the feeds this year and it seems like every time someone says stuff like “they made me say this” it goes to fish or another part of the house. So it seems to me that CBS wants them to say they want to shave off eyebrows, punch people in the face, and seems to encourage the showmances. Of course, this is a TV show that they need to micromanage to keep the ratings up so the show will be relevant. The ratings are dropping because they do not care about my demographic. If they did they would pick more than just one token older person and just one token person of color and one token gay person and one token nerd, etc. The rest is all eye candy with no desire to play hard like the HGs of the past. Just a bunch of people with a herd mentality that that do not want to “get blood on their hands” or come up with their own thoughts and decisions. No one wants to play hard everyone throws comps because they are afraid to rock the boat. There are plenty of older people in the country that are better looking and more physically fit than many young people. They are smart and have plenty of life experience to make smart moves. The thing about older people is that we have minds of our own and are not easily controlled. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch the youngsters go full bore in the completions. It makes me remember when I was young and it makes me feel young again when I watch their energy and spirit. My kids are older than every player this year except Glenn. I was the koolaid mom and I always had young people at my house and even though my kids are grown, their friends still drop by to visit me, I love young people. Times are hard, and $500k is a lot of money. I cannot believe that someone who got voted out because of a showmance was invited back and went right back into a showmance. I was hoping Nicole would redeem herself in her second chance and all we get to see is her whiny voice crying over Corey. She is too afraid to make a move against what appears to be a highly scripted show by CBS. This is the first year in my memory where they had so many showmances at the same time. These people just met and already they are defending their true love like they have been married for years. I would give it my all to protect my husband but not some guy I just met last month. I hate the teams this year because when you add this to the showmances, the show become predictable and dull. Just my opinion. I am disappointed with this season. I live a hectic life and I have to be choosy with what I will spend my time watching on TV. I chose Big Brother and it’s disappointing me, I cancelled the feeds and I’m backing away from big brother and CBS in general. Call me a cranky old lady if you want I don’t care.

      • To another granny, thank you. I said I wouldn’t watch this year, because of last but got hooked . Didn’t watch first two episodes but on the third eviction, I am back. It’s a big time waster for sure.

        Will truly make a big effort next year to not watch and if Day goes and not get back in the house, I’m done for sure

      • I have had a favorite every season since season one..this season..I don’t…I could really care less who wins.

      • No…He’s getting a bad rap by Day, who was over-reacting because she just wanted Frank out all along and is using it to her advantage. Not fooling me with that Vanessa-like “lets make everybody hate this person” ploy. Frank apologized very sincerely, and hasn’t done it since (an apology Day wouldn’t accept, because she wanted to use it to get rid of Frank and could care less about an apology). He’s just a big goofball.

      • But Frank was annoying the hell out of everyone. What’s up with this statement? Do you condone bad behavior? Momma Day stepped it up because other were afraid to say anything because they are cowardly.

  6. Did people in other time zones get to see Big Brother? Did it air tonite on CBS?

  7. Production has got to get back to the old Big Brother!!! The contestants are hand picked. Whoever is choosing the ones to play needs to be put somewhere else! Never understood why Nicole, James and Day were chosen. Should have waited a couple seasons to give Tiffany a fighting chance! The only players I see with any BB skills are Paulie and Frank. The rest are all pawns and floaters and there to find love. Pitiful!

    • Agree ?%.
      Did u see how frank working out so hard in bbad. Frank is serious about playing. None of the ladies are really serious about the game this season.

    • I agree on most points. But IMO no matter who production chooses they can not please everyone including me.

    • Casting has been bad the past couple of seasons with a number of house guests wanting to be paid to be in the Big Brother House doing nothing except, chatting, eating and making out! I do not understand why they do not just do an All-Star. They did it just once. Survivor has variations including a 2nd chance for those who came in 2nd and missed narrowly. They should do the same with Big Brother!

      • Who was the big burly gue? Can’t even remember his name. He thought he was going to have a payday. It seems the only two who are active are Meg and James.

  8. Since I read here & Joker’s, and watch BBAD, Wednesday nights shows are usually pretty much of a yawn, but this week I was looking to see all the drama. What a big disappointment.

    • Tonight and tomorrow’s battle back could have more action! Excited to find out who will win the Battle Back! If Tiffany gets evicted tonight, I hope she wins Battle Back!

  9. Da, if u were on the bottom of Paulies team, maybe you should have joined Frank’s and played nice.

    Aw man. I really want both of them to stay another week.

  10. If big brother wants good rating next year they gonna have to do some drastic change or they may have to close the shop.
    Disappointing season ever.

  11. I am PISSED!!!
    The #bred4this confrontation was so lame compared to #CalmYourNipples confrontation.
    And that hair flip was lame! I think it’s the reshoot version.
    C’mon Grodner … that’s not FRIENDSHIP!!!

    • That’s what I was thinking too! That had to be the reshoot because didn’t they say she made the comment about Tiff’s hair not being long enough to be sitting there or whatever when she went to sit down? I don’t know but I think they finally showed the bred4this thing today because everyone complained about it not being on Sunday’s show. It was lame but still funny when Tiff was like you’re scared of a girl lol But still mad the calm your nipples fight wasn’t shown lol

  12. Btw they slowly edit Day to be the villain of the season. From Tiff thinking she’s cool with Day to Tiff targeting Day all because of how Day behaved.
    Actually it’s not the editing, it’s all Day in her glory. Praise the BB Lord!!!

    • How do you know Day didn’t say to production that I’m tried of these lame people and has told her what to do in order to ensure she comes out this week? And that hair flip did not touch tiff, who went crying to production. Tiff is too stupid to not even remember that all is recorded and all things can be seen from all angles

  13. Nicole already bawled her eyes out with the thought of being put up on the block.
    If she is to be nominated for real, expect a complete meltdown and a total paranoia.
    And they said Tiff was bad.

  14. I just don’t understand why paulie is so hypocritical he says all day long how Tiffany is playing Vanessa’s game that’s not fair especially coming from him as a sibling he prob wouldn’t want to be thrown in the same category as his brother just bc it’s his brother!

  15. Argggg James. He just puts the nail in the coffin for the flip. He’s the swing vote! If he agrees to save Tiff then Nicole and Corey will join. And his reason to NOT save Tiff, because he “heard” Tiff would put Nat up as a pawn if she won HoH. Seriously James?

    • Natalie has James wrapped up in her little fingers! She is flirting with Paulie and even Paul wrapped his arms around her and gave her a bear hug right in front of James! She did not object! Poor James!

  16. James dosen’t have a snowballs chance in hell with Natalie outside the house, come on man wake up!

  17. cant believe everyone votes for the same person hope Davonne gets voted out soon cant stand her .. I know only a game but she has so much attitude

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