Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 4: Wednesday Highlights

The Big Brother 18 Live Feeds on Wednesday were a lot like the rest of the week: Frank and Tiffany tried to shift the target over to Da’Vonne while Corey and Nicole linger in the middle of Frank and Paulie’s game of tug of war.

Nicole, Paul, & a fish

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 20, 2016:

9:30 AM BBT – HGs starting to wake up. Paul and Paulie making breakfast.

10:00 AM BBT – Luggage for noms is here. Da’Vonne is packing.

11:00 AM BBT – HGs back in bed.

11:45 AM BBT – Tiffany is talking to the cams saying Da’Vonne and her made a F2 on day two and she thought Day would have her back but instead Day has been lying all over.

12:00 PM BBT – HGs were called to the HoH room and Feeds went to Jeff Loops.

1:40 PM BBT – Feeds return. No explanation.

1:50 PM BBT – Nicole and Da’Vonne having a private talk. Nicole says she wants to fix the awkwardness between them. Da’Vonne is asking about Nicole’s vote.

1:55 PM BBT – Nicole is upstairs reporting to Zakiyah that Da’Vonne must be worried about the two of them getting close.

2:20 PM BBT – Nicole discussing with Corey her earlier talk with Da’Vonne and how things are strange with her. Nicole wants to get Da’Vonne out.

2:40 PM BBT – Corey mentions Day hasn’t even asked for his vote. Nicole thinks Tiffany could get the support if she just blew up and started revealing things.

2:55 PM BBT – Frank checks in with Nicole. She tells him Tiffany is going to be evicted. Frank rallies her and says they’ll get the votes if she’s in. Nicole says she’s ready to evict Da’Vonne. Frank promises her his and Bridgette’s support.

3:05 PM BBT – Frank plans to inform Michelle last (smart) and Nicole wants to talk with James, but she’s worried he’s closer to Da’Vonne than they might think. (Considering we know Day worried James yesterday they might not be as close as Nicole fears.)

3:20 PM BBT – Paulie talks with James and wants to get Da’Vonne out, but after Tiffany. Paulie wants Tiffany gone this week then Frank and Bridgette, then Da’Vonne after that.

3:30 PM BBT – Frank mentions he won’t say the stupid Big Brother cliches like DR asks him to say. (We heard in Wed’s show Frank say “dirt on my hands” instead of blood.)

4:45 PM BBT – James and Natalie engage in Baguette Wars. It’s exactly what you might expect.

5:05 PM BBT – Corey and Tiffany talking about the votes. He suggests he wants to help her, but Paulie keeps holding them back. Corey would rather keep Tiffany, he tells her.

5:15 PM BBT – Michelle mentions Da’Vonne made a comment about overwhelming power in the HoH room. Nicole says she won’t flip her vote unless they all agree to do it.

5:20 PM BBT – Corey goes to Paulie and they count votes but Paulie doesn’t believe Tiffany would target the girls over guys.

5:25 PM BBT – Frank joins and advocates on Tiffany’s behalf but Paulie still doesn’t want to shift. He’s convinced she’s just like her sister.

5:35 PM BBT – Frank continues to push that Tiffany is different from Vanessa, but Paulie says they’re much more similar than Frank believes.

5:50 PM BBT – Frank promises Paulie that he’ll nominate Tiffany if he wins HoH next week. Frank says he’ll beg.

6:05 PM BBT – Frank leaves. Nicole arrived earlier and relays that Da’Vonne thinks Paul is playing both sides but asks him not to act weird around Day now that he’s heard that. Paul says Day isn’t playing her cards right.

6:10 PM BBT – Paul says he’s had a weird feeling about Da’Vonne since Day 2. Nicole is begging Paul not to say anything to Da’Vonne about this conversation.

6:12 PM BBT – Paulie tells his group that Frank said if Tiffany stays and he gets HOH he will put her up. They don’t believe this.

6:13 PM BBT – Day comes in the HOH room and game talk breaks up.

7:05 PM BBT – Frank tells Corey he still can’t believe Paulie wants Tiffany out over Da’Vonne. Frank says he thinks they have the votes and if they make Paul feel secure, he’ll vote Da’Vonne out also. Corey tells Frank he’s game to vote her out (yes, this same conversation has been going on for four days).

7:48 PM BBT – Michelle and Frank talk. She tells Frank she feels alone because she doesn’t have that partner like others do in the house. Frank says he has her and could have Bridgette (what??). Frank tells her that Tiffany might be staying because he’s heard the vote is starting to flip.

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      • It was tasteless. I really hope this isnt how she is outside the BB house, having a daughter and all. I would be ashamed. Also, Tiffany can be a “Knock Off” version of Vanessa (so she says) but her game is already better than Day’s both seasons combined.

      • I made a comment at another article here about Day’s DR comments. I was absolutely horrified at the hatred in her eyes as she made her nasty comments about Tiff. I thought Day was a nice person deep down but after seeing her DR session I’m not so sure. She’s scary.

    • I agree. Problem is, Paulie is having a pi**ing contest to show he’s the man of the house.

      • He thinks he can get whatever he wants when he wants it. He needs to learn how to go with the flow. Since Paulie cannot vote this week and can’t play in the next HoH comp, Frank may just get what he wants! :-)

      • As long as Paulie makes himself such a huge target the safer the other guys should feel. It’s in their best interest to keep him in the game and let him be responsible for evicting their enemies.

    • I agree she needs to go. And take Z and Paulie with her. James James quite being a follower theses people need to start thinking for themselves.

  1. I think it’s funny that the only reason Tiff is still in the house is because of Da’ and her ego…. She was mad at Frank, “No one tells me what to do” (GET OVER YOURSELF) so she flipped the house to keep Tiff just to spite Frank… and now it’s come back to bite her in the ass. And that is AWESOME!!!! Flip the house Frank and get Da’ out. PLEASE!!!!

    • This is what usually happens to people that think they’re smarter than everyone else – it never enters their mind that they’ll be caught in their lies.
      First Day hated Jozea and got rid of him
      Next she hated Frank and did everything to get rid of him
      Now she hates Tiff for blowing up her game.
      I’m starting to see a pattern here.

  2. I have no clue why Everyone is sucking Paulie so Hard!! They all want day out but can’t because it will help Paulie’s game??? Seriously?
    I mean Frank was called out as Dictator but what about that self-centered, self absorbed Dick head? I hope Tiffany wins battle back and Paulie goes home next week!

    • Frank has only Bridgette. I am rooting for him because he is the huge underdog in this case and the longer he stays, the more drama and game play. Atleast, he is playing. Paulie is playing but, the others like James is useless! They have an opportunity to advance their games but, they turn it down? Man up James! You are too much of a wussy that is why Natalie knows she can control you!

    • Agreed! Paulie has a raging case of HOH-itis. He comes out and tells people he’ll be taking a guy to the final 2 with him. And nobody challenges that perhaps he WON’T be in the final 2. He unfairly compares Tiffany to her sister. But Paulie is just Bad Cody.

      • So what? That’s the point of being HOH, to be safe and show some power. And who wants to listen to Tiffany talk for another two months? If it talks like a duck and walks like one, then it’s a Vanessa. And last season was painful to watch.

      • On BBAD last night the camera stayed focused on the Tiff/Bridgette conversation even though Tiff was mumbling and had clothing and hair blocking her mike. Even the closed captions couldn’t understand her. All I could see was Tiff staring at Bridget as if she were in distress as she mumbled away with the same horrified expression through out.

      • Tiffany might be annoying but she is actually playing the game. Almost everyone else is just giving Paulie a 500k check on a silver platter.When compared to the mean girls, Paul the troll, and useless Natalie, Tiffany has actually become one of the few people that’s worth watching.

    • Paulie actually uses his brain whereas several of them do not. Corey and Nicole come to mind.

      • Even though it might be beneficial for Corey and Nicole to keep Tiff for now I think they are doing the right thing by staying aligned with Paulie.

      • They would do better being on Frank’s side. If they were on his side then they would have 6 comp wins all together compared to 4 on Paulie’s side. Now also take into account that 3 of those belong to Paulie who can’t compete in HoH comp. I think they (Corey & Nicole) have a better shot being on Frank’s side. Get rid of Day.

      • Nicole and Corey have already bonded with the people in their alliance so it would be difficult to be working against them right now. I think the best move is for them to continue working with Paulie/Zak/Michelle/Paul and continue to evict people not in their alliance.
        They already went against Paulie’s wishes last week by keeping Tiff and to do so yet again would probably cause problems in their alliance.
        Why ruin a good thing so soon?
        As for Frank, he will stab Corey in the back the first opportunity he gets since he’s a physical threat and could beat Frank at comps. Paulie wants to take Corey to the end with them. Corey/Paulie seem to trust each other but it would be difficult for them to trust Frank after finding out they were his targets.
        Frank just can’t be trusted imo, while Paulie has done nothing to Corey/Nicole to make them feel threatened.

      • Paulie is OVER-USING his brain. And actually Corey seems to be the only one of the Paulie bunch using his brain and not just going along with whatever Paulie says.

  3. Love the fact that Frank is atleast, trying to flip the house and vote out Davonne. It may still be interesting if they vote out Tiffany and she wins the Battle Back and comes to the Big Brother House shortly. I imagine she will be safe for this week since, she cannot play for HOH. Then, can play for HOH next week. If Tiffany wins, there will be hell to pay! I hope she puts up Paulie and Zakiyeh on the chopping block.

    • That’s exactly who she’ll be going after next and with Frank’s help might be able to pull it off, but only if they no longer are playing in teams.

      • Even if the team twist stay’ for next week and Team Frank wins again, if Frank is the HOH he can still weaken Paulie by putting up both DAY and ZAK. With a back up plan for whomever he feels betrayed him the most.

  4. Paulie should remember that he is playing BB and that the “best laid plans” always seem to go wrong…

    • Paulie is too over confident and arrogant. He might find himself on the chopping block next week then, he will wonder what happened?

    • And the moment you feel too comfortable is when you are in trouble. Unfortunately I haven’t heard anyone that wants to nominate him though, except for the battle back people. Maybe once he is no longer HOH.

    • Paulie doesn’t take the word “no” very lightly! Reminds me of Nixon when he said, “I’m the President, I can do whatever I want!” We all know where that got him, didn’t we? LOL

  5. Its to my understanding that Tiffany has said that she does not like confrontations…Well she is in the wrong place to avoid them…Vanessa evidently forgot to instruct Tiffany on “confrontation” being a huge factor in playing BB…Tiffany needs to put her “Russo” glasses and hat on and confront Davonne as she has nothing to lose at this point…And would somebody please shut that nasty insulting bad mouthing Michelle up?? That girl needs to go out when Davonne does..

    • She did say that, I forget if it was on the show or feeds and she was saying it to James and his response was, you are in the wrong place. It was pretty funny.

      • I know, right?! He’s funny anyway but to say you don’t like controversy when playing this game? Who the hell is Tiff & has she ever watched an episode her sista wasn’t in?
        These newbies are clueless! It bugs me cuz there are die-hard fans just waiting to play. And the returnees took up 4 seats of those & shouldn’t have been asked to come back in my opinion. As Victor said. They already had their chance & lost!!

    • I can’t stand Michelle!! I hope once she’s out of the house she sees how much people dislike her and how ugly she was being.

  6. If I Watson the house and had to vote whatever way a certain person wanted every week (same person every week), even if I didn’t want to, and this person has won comps,
    It might dawn on me that this person needs to get took out,
    Having both a ity to win comps and that much control over the majority.

    I guess they follow his lead cuz they’re skeeted of Frank and they don’t have a stand out comp winner on their side.
    If Nicole was winning a couple of comps, maybe Corey had won a couple, then you might say you know what, let’s get rid of Paulie. He thinks he’s the boss of us but after Frank leaves, then what? Strew roses down the path for Paulie to win?

    Not anti-Paulie, just trying to understand what they’re thinking.

    • Frank will take Paulie down eventually so he’ll have Corey next to him at the end instead of the other way around! hahaha

      • Hmmmm sounds interesting but I thought Paulie had an alliance with Corey & James? Yes, I’m sure they all had a ga-zillion alliances but I really thought the 3some was a good idea?!

    • If they (Nicorey) joined Frank’s side then combined they’d have 6 comp wins compared to 4 on the other side, 3 of which are Paulie’s lol I don’t see why they don’t just vote how they want and just be like sorry jumping ship.

    • Yaaaa! Then Paulie wins & he lives shirtless happily ever after in the mob!

  7. I think Paulie is just intimidated by Tiff, mainly b/c of Vanessa. He thinks she’s going to pull a Van and stay until the end if she keeps getting by. I don’t think Da is as much of a threat and he knows he can beat her in comps. Wouldn’t it be funny if Tiff came right back in after the battle back? But, Paulie will have his day. Just wait. I’m not anti-Paulie, but he does need his ego toned down a couple notches.

    • …forgot to mention I would rather see DA go bye, bye…but I really don’t think the HG are going to go against Paulie’s wishes, grrrrrrrrr…

    • Paulie will feel it more when he’s on the block! Just have to wait and see if that ever transpires. Hard to see that while they’re still playing in teams and the team is winning the most comps.

  8. Well, good thing I didn’t get my hopes up. I was surprised to see that Nicole was willing to go against Paulie/Zak if she had the votes. Something I truly did not think she would do. I don’t think she was just trying to lead Frank on. Now all I can hope for is Tiff comes back and makes Paulie’s HOH null and void. It creates drama and he desperately needs to be taken down peg or two.

    • She’s never wanted to vote Tiffany out since Tiff is on her team, but she will do what the majority of the house wants so she doesn’t put a target on her back. She hasn’t won any comps and was only HoH by default, so she shouldn’t think she’s a bigger target than say Paulie, Frank or Paul are except for the fact she didn’t let Paulie have his way last week. At least she’s being honest with Frank now than she was last week..LOL Frank does play week to week whereas Paulie tends to be too obsessed over getting Tiff out week to week than concentrating on other threats in the house!

  9. So wait… Does HOH comp start after the elimination as usual or are they waiting for the battle back to conclude?

  10. At least Paulie throwing his weight around while he’s HOH Frank hides behind his team and pulls strings. And regarding DaVonne when people can’t control you that’s when they want to get rid of you excuse her for not being a doormat. And Paulie is strong physically and mentally he’s no pushover he’s the HNIC the Head Newbie In Charge

      • By the way Michelle is acting toward Tiff you’d think T. did something horrible to her – but nobody has a clue as to what this might be.

      • Michelle is just a mean disgusting female. Can’t call her a woman because she does not act like one.

      • Ya, after Michelle running to Da with that one info….and she threw Nicole under…..that is when I was done with her too!

      • Wait, Nicole was supposedly aligned with them. She got busted and then didn’t own up to it. So why everyone is on Day’s case is a little mind boggling to me.

      • I’ve heard her say that she hates her because of all the lies she’s told and for betraying them lol I guess she confused Tiffany for herself and/or Day lol

      • Thanks Valerie, I remember now and I can’t blame Michelle for being angry at Tiff for blowing up her game.
        Meanwhile Tiff is saying I don’t know why M. is so mean to me, I’ve never done anything to her.

      • But that’s just it though, what game did Tiffany blow up? She’s definitely blown up Days game for sure but no one else was really effected. Michelle seems to be the only one of the Fatal 5 bothered by it being mentioned. The guys already assumed the girls were working together so that didn’t make a difference. Mich should be more worried and mad about what Day has lied to her about but I don’t think she sees it. And crazy thing is Tiffany had been trying to warn Mich and tell her different things that weren’t adding up to her but again, in one ear out the other. I don’t know, I just don’t think there’s enough of a reason for Mich to be as angry as she is.

      • When Tiff told Frank about all the alliances in the house she blew up Michelle’s game too.
        As for Michelle’s infatuation with Day I don’t think she’s able to see what others have been trying to warn her about Day. I suppose she would feel lost in the house if Day leaves too, who would be her bestie then? Bridgette LOL!

      • LOL! I wish she’d quit letting Paulie string her along like this – it’s embarrassing to watch.

      • Funny thing is that DA would throw Michelle under the bus in a Heartbeat! DA doesn’t know what she wants…..she flip flops too much! And her attitude is horrible!

      • Day would indeed have no problem stabbing Michelle in the back but if Michelle refuses to believe what Nicole is telling her about Day she deserves to exit the BB house with a knife in her back.

      • Tiff blew Day’s game again by telling victor not to trust day. At least tiff will not be on the jury. Too emotional. Bringing last season beef into the house.

      • I’m glad she told Victor about Day. He needed to know. I’m mad Day will be in the jury with her bitter attitude. I’d take Tiffany over Day every time.

  11. I love Da’. She’s hilarious, and it’s sad how Tiffany and Frank have called her a liar repeatedly and campaigned so strongly against her by lying about her. It’s incredibly hypocritical. But then again, that makes good tv.

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