Big Brother 18: James Warns Paulie Of Da’Vonne’s Showmance Targets

Remember yesterday’s facepalm moment for Da’Vonne telling James she was after the showmances, oh but not his of course? I called it a bad move at the time and it didn’t take long for that to return to the storyline as James did indeed report her words back to one of the targets.

James and Paulie share details on Da'Vonne

Now some would argue that James isn’t in a showmance, but that would require you to ignore James’s perspective on the matter. As far as James is concerned he and Natalie are a showmance so when someone says the couples need to be split up he takes that as a potential strike against his own safety. Let’s go to the Feeds.

Flashback to 3:09 AM BBT 7/20 Cams 1/2 as James and Paulie are alone in the Storage Room.

James lets Paulie know all about what Da’Vonne told him earlier in the day. Read the full write up here for the backstory and details that James doesn’t have the chance to share now.

James says he doesn’t want to hold back any information but when “Z Baby” walked by Da’Vonne pointed out at her and said they needed to get these couples out. Paulie says he knows Da’Vonne is coming after him. James isn’t sure Day is coming straight after Paulie and Paulie suggests she may be trying to “put it out there” to get others to come after him.

Interestingly Paulie mentions that he’s “on the fence about Day” and “skeptical” as to whether Tiffany or Day should go this week. Paulie says it’s not just him and “a lot of people.” James’s eyes light up and go wide open. James is surprised and says he didn’t realize that was going on. Paulie shares back that Day has been saying the same thing about Corey and Nicole.

Paul walks in at this point and James asks what the plan is since he just discovered that it might not be solidly against Tiffany. Paul is completely focused on Tiffany, but Paulie cuts in that there are suspicions about Day.

Paul balances the Da’Vonne and showmance issue by reminding the guys that Frank also said the showmances would need to be broken up, but he didn’t name names specifically except when discussing Double Eviction plans with Paulie and Corey going up side by side.

Continued talks suggests Frank remains a top target, but Da’Vonne is growing on the priority list and may become an acceptable substitute should Frank win his way to safety.

It’s still interesting though for Paulie to suggest uncertainty over who should be going this week, a question that Paul doesn’t seem to share as he’s set on Tiffany. There’s still time for another vote flip if Day continues to talk more than she should while sitting in a very vulnerable state. Do you think she could end up evicted this week or will the group not miss another chance with Tiffany this Thursday?



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  1. So James is just another one of Paulie’s flunkies! I hope James goes home real soon!! He could of kept the info and used it to his advantage. I hope he does not think he’s going to get Paulie out by hisself. Welp! He just gave his share of the money to Paulie! #bihmove

    • I definitely think revealing this information to Paulie is better for his game. Remember, most people in the house don’t want to work with Day anymore, so revealing this information to Paulie only makes him lower on the “showmance alliance” hit list as they will go after Day.
      Plus, Paulie just technically won HOH “back-to-back” so why not keep a big target around?

      • James and Natalie are already low on the “hit list”. No need to reveal to Paulie what Day told him at this point.

      • He’s as low as he can get. It would have been a sneak attack! He needs to learn how to use the info that’s coming to him and when to use it! No one is checking for James.

      • He probably has a hunch! But she’ll need to win a comp to get it! If Paulie gets his way, Frank won’t get what he wants! LOL

      • Won’t matter much since Paulie also knows Frank is targeting the showmances too as well as Paulie/Corey.

      • Yeah but the point of telling Frank is it would give Frank another reason to push James into evicting Day. James needs to be convinced and understand he’s low man on the totem pole in that big group.

    • James even in his season blabbed about everything he knew! He is the male Christine. A tattle tale. It should be observe, gather info and act accordingly. Less is more. Considering Paulie is in an alliance with Day, why give him the info? He is on the outside looking in and they did not even invite him in the alliance. His loyalty should be to himself and Natalie and he should try to put himself as neutral but, silently, working with Frank as well! If they question him, he can always say he is spying on Frank! Then, let the Frank vs Paulie vs Davonne conflicts continue! You remain safe and out of the fray and get to vote out the protagonist whoever ends up on the block! He should vote out Davonne this week. I have my suspicion Nicole and Corey will do as well if they knew James would vote Davonne out!

      • Wow! Straight to the point! He was always in some mess like a little girl, telling who did and said what! Someone always wanted to beat him down! He was in the perfect position to make moves behind the scenes and still play his position! This tells me James is not to bright! Needs to learn never tell the right hand all your moves! James can take this L (loss-loser) to go and meet Julie!

      • He just wants to make out with Natalie that is why! Did you see Paul embrace Natalie from behind all the time James was there? Hilarious!

      • LOL! He tries to make out w/everyone and it’s a shame no one wants him, they just use and throw him away when done!

      • It’s one thing to want to have a mom for his little girl, but this is weird.

      • She has a mother, he stated he gave some of his AFP to his baby’s mother after he paid off his truck, and how upset she was going to be w/him now about how he is playing the game! He is just desperate!

      • That’s what I thought. James talking about wanting to “be there” for Natalie and Paul swoops in with the from-the-behind hug and Natalie did not stop it.
        James looking on….

      • Nicole and Corey are only voting out Da’Vonne because Tiff is on their team, and Nic is mad at everything Da’s been doing anyway and wants her out for that too.

      • Nicole flip flop so much, I just have to wait until she gets in the DR to believe what she will do.

      • Nicole and Corey want Day out because they know she didn’t like being the 5th wheel and wanted to get out Corey to bring back Nicole.

      • Day told Tiff to put Corey up only to break the showmance up and when it backfired by him winning the Veto, that’s when the blow-up that happened between Day and her and everything that Day was trying to do with Tiff came out.

      • W/in 2 minutes they agreed to vote out Da, then in the same breath changed their mind back to Tiff bcz Paulie is going to be so maaaaaaaaaad!

      • Yeh…I saw that too, but we’ll see Nic will stay true to keeping Tiff if there are enough votes against Da! :-)

    • If Day weren’t on the block, he probably would have kept this info to himself. He wants to take a stab at Davonne’s existence while he has the chance. Otherwise he’d have kept that info all to himself.

      • He know’s so far Paulie is telling them Tiff is this week, he could of kept Da and both joined w/Frank and became stronger getting to Paulie bcz Corey will be easy, but they are going to need help w/Paulie or those 4+Paul!

      • I think James is a bit worried that Day might target him as well since he’s in “a showmance” as well.

      • Da knows no one is checking for James right now, Da from day 1 said she wanted the larger targets and the larger targets is running the house. What good would it do to go for James and Nat? Won’t hurt anyone’s game.

      • I’m sure, but he likes looking after others who don’t think they’re in danger as well!

  2. It took Paulie till Wesnesday night to agree for a flip last week. So tonite is crucial. Frank better WERK !!!

  3. James who doesn’t know s**t about what’s going on in the game, has the biggest mouth. Maybe 2nd to Da. I don’t understand his purpose. Both of them should stfu

    • He so worried about Nat, I wonder do he even shower! He is a sorry excuse! He should of been quiet working behind scenes, and hooking up w/Frank, Bridg, and Da and got Paulie out or one of the showmances. The more info all them run and tell Paulie the more powerful he gets!

      • He did the same thing with Meg last year. That is why i did not vote him AFP. IMO he did not really play the game. Hard to do when all you do is lay around with the lady you are obsessing about

      • You think he would have learned but America will be stupid and give it to him again! I know I won’t!

      • James and Nicole in the same sinking about trying to save their showmances! It’s too funny for words, how stupid they both look falling back in the same trap as last time.

      • The light is not on in Corey’s head. He looks to Nicole to make all the decisions.

    • I am so over James! He is more concerned with Natalie as opposed to actually playing the game. He’ll never know what’s going on in the game because frankly he doesn’t care about it that much apparently. Too many people are blabbering information LOL and it looks like the 4 vets are the worlds worst for it!

    • I’m paying more attention listening to my cat snore right now…doesn’t mean I don’t know what else is going on around me. I’m just going to agree to disagree for the time being. The wall comp’s about to arrive and James chance of winning that is greater than the others’ chances!

    • James can’t hold water! He stayed in mess his season where he was going to get a beat down everytime u turned around. They still sent him home packing all that tatlte tell got him no where! He’s sooo slow, this would have been epic for him to be silent, aware, and attack when the time came!

  4. This is going to be a tough choice for the HG’s – especially since they don’t know about the upcoming buy back.
    Since I do know about it I think they should evict Day rather than Tiff because Tiff could very well win and return to the house, while it’s less likely that Day would win.
    If they do vote out Tiff and she does return then Paulie’s HOH would’ve been a huge waste.
    If Day is voted out instead of Tiff they will then have Tiff in the jury house instead of Day.
    Day is probably the more dangerous between the 2 of them since Tiff has already shown her hand and has no more ammo in her arsenal.
    It’s really hard to choose between them but I think Day should go first.

    • Nicole has stated that she knows there will be a buy back and she even predicted it for this week, that was a week or so ago when she said it. Of course now, she isn’t playing the game and is besotted and playing the beard to Corey. She is so stupid!

      • Hmm, wonder who told Nicole? If they are aware of this the best bet is probably get rid of Day then since she’s less likely to be returning.

      • They assumed it because they had house guests coming back the previous seasons. Nicole won in her season with Derrick. So, she assumes there will be a chance for evictees to come back!

  5. I don’t know if this is a good move or a bad move by James.

    On the one hand Day is getting out of hands. On the other hand Paulie seems to be running this game and James is feeding him info.

    And as for James and Natalie while they are a showmance, nobody seems to be paying attention to them which is strange.

    • It’s a bad move for James (loose lips sink ships). Why would he even bring that to Paulie? Day obviously trusts him,

    • James told Nat that he wanted to work with Corey and Nicole further down the line so I suppose he wants to protect them for now.
      Since James is in a showmance maybe he wants to align with the other 2 showmances for now? Safety in numbers

      • The thing is when both showmances talk about each other it’s always N/C P/Z and vice versa. They never add James to the mix, the only time they speak of James and Nat is when they talk of sending Nat home!

      • True, James has had a low profile so far and I think that’s a good idea for now. But once he knew Day was after showmances and that he could lose the only person he can trust in the game Nat, maybe he felt it was time to join the other showmances since they would have the numbers to get out the others going after them.
        The sad part is I think James is just doing this to save Nat. We’ll just have to wait and see if this is a good idea for james.
        What else could he have done once Day announced the showmances need to go?
        If Day isn’t with him and Nat then she is against him and needs to go.

      • Him and Da is close, Da always talked about the larger showmances. He could have helped to get them out and then got Da out! He was a hidden jewel and he should of kept it like that! Who has the guts to knock down Paulie? I can think of only Frank and now Da! Don’t forget Paulie has told him multiple times they will send Nat home, it’s just a matter of time.

      • Something happened (I don’t remember what exactly) that made James stop trusting Day.
        James is loyal to Nat and might have been loyal to Day, but is Day loyal to anybody??? I don’t think so and that’s why she’s so dangerous to have in an alliance.
        Don’t forget Day started the whole thing with the get rid of Frank first when the vets had agreed to stick together. It’s only fitting that she should be the first vet to leave.

      • I still think James is so low, his name don’t even come up they forget sometimes he’s in the houz! He needs to learn to open his mouth when needed! He could have benefitted from Da’s moves. Should have let Da go after the showmances, they already have power don’t need James and Nat they are a waste to the game! Once u hit Paulie’s side that will be considered a big move, if u hit James or Nat no one will really care and won’t hurt the game, bcz Paulie will still dictate and be in power. OH,well after they start to target Nat, James will follow her to the jury!

      • But Day had a final 2 with everyone in the house – how could James trust her knowing that?
        Besides James didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday and can probably see through Day’s lies.
        About his strategy: it’s working isn’t it? Nobody is after him, only Natalie.
        So he had to make movies to protect Natalie. James has no obligation to help Day win the game.

      • Everyone, has a final 2, 4, 5 8…James should have let the powers fought it out, it’s no big threat with James. Frank and the 4 showmances is where the power lie. James know Nat said she wants to go to jury and she is ready to go. Paulie told James multiple times he is going to send Nat packing. If no one is after him, he should of kept it that way, he would of knew Da’s every move bcz Da don’t have anyone right now working w/her so of course she still trust James and tells him everything. I think strategically it was a wrong move and he should of sat back and let them have at it. His time would of came and then he could of struck. James is just dumb, and I’m sorry this is just my opinion of him!!

      • Right now the Alpha males are fighting it out so I think James laying low while this is going on is a viable strategy. I think it’s too soon for James to strike the power couples and he’s right to let someone else do that. Once all the big dogs are gone James will be in a good place without the dreaded ‘blood on his hands’. :D

    • James and Natalie on the fringes with no alliance tied to them. That is why but, that could be bad if one alliance takes over the game. They will be picked off one after the other!

  6. I am extremely disappointed in the vets. Frank and Day need to let bygones be bygones and work together since they are the only ones who seem to be willing to play Big Brother out of the 4 returnees.

    Nicole and James seem to think they are on The Bachelor. I really liked Nicole on her season and I was rooting for her because she was the only one smart enough to see through Derrick’s game and Frankie’s BS. She is a big let down this season.

    • The vets could have did damage! Da needs to realize once she is on the block and her name is out there, she is on their list big time! Her best interest is to join w/Frank and start hitting them hard! They are letting Paulie keep voting out their team and making it more harder to get Paulie out. Nicole is just a ding wit! I think she was a dud on her season and even more dud now! She’s somewhere letting Corey play in her pie hole like he did the other night to worry about the game, once Corey did that he the took Nicole’s last sense she did have! Game over for Nicole!

    • Nicole saw s#it in her original season and she is the same clueless fruit loop dingus the second time around. Small, petty, personal game play cost her the first time and it will cost her again.

      She is, was and always will be one of the most overrated players in the history of Big Brother.

    • As far as likability, you tend to like Nicole however, she is just not playing the game! She is just hooked on Corey. What does this guy have? Nicole should join the Bachelorette. Then, she will have 25 guys trying to win over her and making out with her one after the other! Those guys probably will have more to offer her too!

  7. So if and I mean IF it came down to a tie, it would be in Paulie’s best interest to vote DAY out. Otherwise, Paulie just might as well give that big check to someone else.

    • I still think Tiff is the bigger target. She won something (although I think that was rigged), but all Day does is run her mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I love Momma Day, but she needs to shut up and take a time out.

      • They showed all HGs except Z’s hanging air fresheners when they buzzed to finish the comp. And we could see Tiff had the most hanging air fresheners.

      • Showing it doesn’t mean she got in the stipulated time. How convenient for the person who needs safety the most get it in a competition that would be difficult for someone of her built. Keep believing that. I sure don’t.

      • I can’t remember how they worded it but it had something to do with who hung the most air freshener’s in the shortest amount of time or something like that. They had to hit the buzzer to begin and then hit it again when they are done.

      • Not the shortest amount of time. but within an allocated time. Need to buzz out before the time runs out.

      • Well, I know when they showed Z hanging them it was terrible, so no need to show her finishing results. LOL

      • I literally LOL at Paul, when he jumped and hit the hanger and all hanging yellow air fresheners dropped.

    • But paulie won’t vote Da out, he is obsessed with getting tiff the miffed out.

      • Yep, I hope once Tiff goes he can put it out of his head that Vanessa is NOT playing.

      • I agree, he needs to stop playing with Crynessa and get into present game mode.

  8. I was reading on jokers that Tiff was telling the camera about something that went down with Day while the feeds were down regarding a F2…anybody know anything about that?

    • I think she might refer to Week 1 when they just entered the house before the live feeds started. She did say she had a F2 deal with Day to Frank. Perhaps it happened back then.
      (Yes that was she said).

    • Frank, Nic, Corey and Bridgette know about the F2 deal Day made with Tiff already via Tiff. She just wanted to repeat it to the camera for her sister and viewers at home who probably weren’t aware of this.

    • I honestly think Tiffany will need counseling and Day should watch her back when this is all over.

  9. Da should be the one going home this week based solely on the fact that she has played terrible two weeks in a row. She has been hasty in her decisions and has been overplaying. She will probably be safe this week but based she really does deserve to go home.

  10. Something needs to shake this houz up, stop giving all their ammunition to Paulie! Remind of Derriick’s season when everybody gave him the ammunition then looked surprised when he sent them packing!

    • Still a lot of twists and turns, it can’t be that smooth especially the team twist should end soon.
      I kinda expect both Paulie and Frank to be nominated in the same time in a week or two, and only one can survive.

      • BB always says there will be a lot to twists but I never see it anymore! Earlier years it was! I think even if the teams break, in their mind they have already huddled together and will still be a team and will still protect the ones they have befriended. Someone, is coming back into the houz but out that bunch no one that was good of a strong player. They will send them packing or try to get them to be on their team and they will become the latest minion. Nothing more nothing less! IMO

      • In my opinion, in comps not so much. Victor only ran after Paulie to suck up to him and was very very gullible. Paul tried multiple times to help him and he was in left wing la la land! Da may want to make moves, but she plays w/emotions bcz right now if she stays she should hook up w/Frank but u know she will go right back to Paulie and she knows she is on their list. Tiff just needs to lay low, bcz they will turn her around just as fast as she comes in the houz. Now if it was Frank then I know it would have been a very strong player coming back bcz Frank is a beast when need be!

      • Frank and Day will never trust each other enough to work together. That alliance is permanently over.

      • Just out of curiousity who do u think will win? If Frank and Da won’t work together that does it for me, I think Paulie has it.

      • I can see it now. He’ll be the authority on how showmances should be ran as well as how BB should be played!!! Just you wait and see!

      • Frank can win the next HOH. I hope he does. That would really shake the Big Brother House and everyone will be scrambling. He will be going after people for sure! If Davonne is still there, she and maybe, Paulie could be the targets!

      • I am not a Frank fan … BUT him winning the next HoH (with the team twist gone) would be epic!
        Talk about the house in “scramble mode!”

      • Me either! Not sure who I’m a fan of anymore this season. I was for Paulie at first until his ego got the best of him. I knew how Frank would be if he got into the heads of others. He knows when to back off, though, whereas Paulie doesn’t, something I was hoping he would since he was trying to emulate Derrick. Once there are no more teams, that’s when Frank will be going after Paulie and show him what he’s truly made of. Frank has only won the RK comp so far and thrown Vetoes when he did play and HoH comps to Paulie.

      • If Frank and Davonne take each other out and then, Paulie, it could be someone on the fringes. Corey or Paul if they are still in the house at the end are strong in competitions. One of them could end up winning it!

      • Love your reference to Victor’s “left wing la la land”. You’re a hoot, Tee!

      • Me, too, Luk. Some may be naive to think once a team, always a team,while their teammate sinks a knife into his/her back…just in the sweet spot.

      • I do, too. I think some will still *think* their former team members are “with” them but be very wrong. Like Paulie & Frank. :)

      • If the teams are kaput and it is one of the first four evictees who returns, I think they will be returning to utter chaos. His/her head will be spinning. If it is Tiffy or Da…..

      • I wish they would be evicted back to back in the DE. I’d like to see what all of those bodies can do without a head.

    • Still lots of game to play. I think Paulie could be booted out because he thinks he is safe! The moment you think that, you are evicted!

      • True, it’s just not a lot of strong players that would have the guts to go after him. They are scared to even think a certain way bcz he may read their mind and be pissed!

  11. Is there any conversation that goes on in that house that Paul does not insert his hairy face into? He drives me crazy! He turns up everywhere.

      • Not likely! James knows what Paul is doing and will reveal that to Frank when the time is right!

      • Agree…when Frank and Tiffany were spilling out all of that info the other night to Paul..I kept yelling at the feeds…”Stop talking!” Then..Paul took that info right back upstairs to Paulie and the crew. I can’t believe that Frank can’t see what he is doing..I haven’t heard him say anything about not trusting fact. I think Frank believes he has Paul’s vote to keep Tiffany..he doesn’t.

      • He doesn’t see Paul as a threat yet, but once the votes are out this week, he’ll begin to put two and two together and will stop revealing so much to him!

      • So Frank is completely in the dark it seems since no one is giving him info on the true state of events.
        Nobody is talking to Tiff or Bridgette either so that isn’t helping him at all.

      • That is what it seems like..since almost everyone still wants to get Frank out. I am pretty sure that Paulie sends Paul out around the house to spy on Frank and Tiffanys’ conversations.

      • I hate to say it but Frank and his big mouth got him in his present predicament. Telling everybody that he was coming after Corey/Paulie was not a good idea at all.

      • True, Frank think he has Michelle’s, and James vote. James also tell what Paulie what Frank say. Frank better wisen up real quick! He don’t have the numbers to be this dumb.

      • He knows he doesn’t have Michelle’s vote, only James, Nic and Corey’s so far. I watched feeds when he talked to Tiff and Bridgette without Paul around.

      • I think now it’s bcz Michelle told him this week she wants to vote Tiff, next week Da, and he seen Michelle in HOH bed w/them all. Some reasons I just thinks he is keeping lost hope.

      • can’t stand Michelle, I had forgotten she was still there till I saw her in the final few minutes of bbad last night

      • Yep! He just doesn’t know he’s just like Andy, though! Paulie didn’t tell him he should be like Andy, just get info from other side and bring to him! LOLOL If only, he knew about Andy, he’d have stopped. LOL

      • Poor Andy, one of the most disliked BB winners of all time. I remember the feeders hating him because he would break up any conversation that was going on.

      • He played in one of the worst seasons ever too. No one has talked about that season since.

      • Ginamarie should have won that one but, for her racist talk. No way they were going to allow her to win so, they gave it to Andy!

      • I feel the same way, Andy was the lesser of 3 evils, Ginamarie and Spencer- is that his name? Guy who worked for the railroad – he was nauseating to watch all season. That season was meant for Amanda to win until she went bat$hit crazy.

      • That season was so distasteful, creepy, slimy and all around douchey. I didn’t have feeds that years, so I relied heavily on watching the show, which I didn’t really care for, but I did it anyway, being a devoted BB addict, tee hee. :)

      • Sort of like what’s going on in politics? hahaha.. No need to respond…not supposed to bring that to the table I was told early on!

      • Just when I start liking one of them they suddenly become unlikable this year.

      • I absolutely refuse to root for someone who doesn’t even know what a fruit loop dingus is?

      • Natalie knows more than she is letting on! Keeping a closer eye on that one! I went and looked at her bio too! LOL

      • I know, she has made some very keen observations about HG and their behaviors that were spot on. The beauty is that they think she doesn’t have a clue.

      • Rooting for James to finally get to make out with Natalie without Paul grabbing her first! It may take a miracle, though. lol

    • You drive me crazy … and I just can’t sleep!
      Oops I did it again … sorry I thought you were singing Britney’s song hehehe.

    • I think Frank told Paulie that Paul is playing both sides, but Frank continues to tell Paul everything and even tell Paulie his moves. Frank will be back another season because him playing w/the best showed him nothing.

      • Because he doesn’t see Paul as a threat yet considering who’s on the block. Frank will be fine with either Day or Tiff going home…LOL

      • Well I think it’s starting to shine, bcz he is starting to just now close his mouth when Paul comes. This just happened last 24 hours. I hope so!

  12. IMO it would be great to see 2 of the evicted HG’s return at the same time. Now that would be a twist.

      • That would scare the be-Jesus out of him, imagine the look of horror on his face! ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

      • I would never want to see her come back, but I might just to see his reaction, it might be worth, or not…LOL Paulie has really become full of himself, obsessive and insufferable.

      • Not going to happen, thank God, Bridgette asked tiff the miffed if Crynessa would appear on BB and she said she is moving cross country and doesn’t have time for it.

      • Or Vanessa allowed to come in switch with Tiffany? Like the twins last season? Remember that where the two twins switched off inside the Big Brother House?

      • Right now Van has blonde hair and she is more cut throat than Tiff. Tiff is also way taller and more larger than her. Da would pick up on that real quick.

  13. Tiff really needs to go. But it could get interesting and she could come back with the battle back so who knows! It’s a gamble no matter which way you look at it.

    I think James is just trying to make sure his Showmance stays in tact, that’s why he’s all over this telling Paulie everything.

  14. Funny last week I really wanted Frank to go but now I want him to stay as long as possible hahaha. Next week I probably want him gone again tho, I think Nicole’s flip-flopping is affecting me.

    • Wow, I feel the same way, but I really want Paulie gone! I just don’t think no one has the guts to do it,when you look who is left in the house.

      • HoH comp will be live…but they need to prep for that later today! They already have done the Battle Back comp!

      • If the HG’s know about the battle back comp it might affect their decision on who to evict …I’m getting confused now.

      • This is how I’m thinking…after the eviction, that one will go battle with the winner of the other four and the HoH comp will be delayed til Fri!

      • I think the eviction will already have taken place and once they come in the houze they will have immunity.

      • I wonder if the returnee will return on Friday but only after the new HOH nominates the first 2 names?
        I don’t think they are having Roadkill (based solely on my dvr settings) this week so the returnee could become a renom if the POV is used. But that won’t be until they have time to assimilate back into the house which is now divided (Frank & Paulie) so they may be voted right back out or they may be asked to join one of the sides. Depends on how this eviction plays out and who the new HoH is.

      • I think the final BB will be this Friday! It will show the final players and who will immediately go back into the houz.

      • Question, how can they do the Battle Back when they have not evicted either Davonne or Tiffany yet? Isn’t that supposed to happen tomorrow? Battle Back is Friday per the TV schedule.

      • I’m not sure of this, but it was my understanding that … first out would battle second out, and then the winner of that contest would battle the third out, and so on.
        What have you heard?

      • That is what I thought the format would be like Survivor but, they may have changed their mind because they would have to build multiple sets instead, of one just one set for the competition!

      • They can finish that right after the live eviction is done with what they already have recorded and delay the HoH comp til later that night. That’s been done before. It’s probably a mental comp that won’t interfere with the HoH comp. Then the winner will go into sequester til next week. That’s the only way I see them pulling it off without letting the other hgs know. Keep in mind they’ve been on lockdown since yesterday afternoon.

  15. I think it was a good move to tell Paulie. Day is a sinking ship. And last week Paulie reached out to James to form a 3 person alliance with him (Paulie), Corey and James. Up until then, NO ONE approached him about an alliance except “4 vet alliance” which he took seriously and the other 3 did not. Within the last 10 days he slowly learned all the vets have multiple alliances. Why stay loyal?
    I think he is hitching his wagon to the Paulie and Corey alliance. Is it a true alliance for P/C? Maybe, maybe not. BUT giving Paulie this info only gains clout and trust from Paulie, someone who wins HOH’s.

    • Great comments and I agree. If James does join up with them they would always be a bigger target in the game and James would be sitting pretty once the big guys were gone.
      That’s if they don’t make him a permanent pawn like Paul.

    • Paulie and James also have a 2 person alliance. So many alliances I can’t keep track. You notice how James feed Paulie information and Paulie feeds James air pudding.

  16. Did you all read that long “bold” message in Jokers that was made after Tiff’s talk to the camera one? I thought those who wanted to voice their opinion had to in the comments section, not in the main tweet section.

  17. I think Tiff will get voted out this week! Yes, they want Da out but Paulie wants Tiff out this week, so the house will condone.

  18. I know this is early, but “time for the HoH competition” with Vanessa as the host. So Paulie will see once and for all that Tiff is not Van! :-)

  19. They regret evicting Bronte out over Tiffany. I knew this would blow up in their face.

  20. i absolutely think it was not a good move to tell james that and if she doesn’t pipe down, she could be sent out. however, i am tired of the showmances. i could care less if people are hooking up. if it is not a couple thing, then it could be a twosome of friends like Da and michelle were and how frank and brigette are. so im not a fan of getting showmances out just bc they have that title. what sickens me is to hear all the stupid girls stuff over dudes theyve know for such a short time. they need to quit worrying about them boys and play the game.

  21. In a matter of seconds Nicole and Corey went from voting Da out to keeping Tiff to voting Da out because Paulie will be pissed! I’m so done I think I’m just about done with this game.

  22. I’m thinking a lot of people are not giving James enough credit. He works at a prison here in Texas, he can infiltrate inside and they actually confide in him as to what’s going on. I think he plays some roles in real life that help him in BB. He IS a thinker without being known as such. And, I honestly believe that although he does like Natalie, she’s more cover for him than anything. He lays low with her while keeping his eyes and ears open. And, spits out some info when he feels the need, to keep others aware that he IS playing the game. I think he may be the sleeper this year that sneaks up on everyone. He learned a lot from the first time around and won’t let it get in his way this time.
    I’ve got my Vegas chips on the final three being three strong players. James, Nicole, and Frank. James is not letting anything out yet, not even to the feeds. He’s laying low till he needs to play, letting everyone else do the work for him. He’s a beast on competitions, pulled himself off the block nearly every time last season.

    And, on a separate subject, does anyone else here get a creepy Christine vibe with Michelle? I swear, if I didn’t know better, I’d be suspicious of HER being Christine’s sister, cousin, something. Same mannerisms, looks a lot like her, cackles when she genuinely laughs, I just get a vibe and since day one have not been able to stand her purely because of the creepy Christine.

    • I agree & disagree with you … I disagree about James, I don’t think he is a very deep thinker. He is a follower, not a leader.
      I agree about Michelle. She is creepy & getting creepier … LOL

    • I agree with you on this. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt thus far! You’re not the only one who thinks Michelle is playing similar to Christine!

      • I think it’s eerie w/Chris and Michelle, but James get none of my credit or sympathy! Sorry not Sorry!

    • I think you may be right about James and I hope you’re right about the final three,(Nicole has been such a disappointment so far) and ITA about the creepy Christine vibe with Michelle!

    • No way is Nicole staying in this game long. Someone will be going after the couples and I do hope she is the first one gone.

  23. I just can’t believe they go to Paulie to get permission to ask if they can do what they want to do, no matter if their game is in jeopardy or not. Paulie has the nerve to shut them down and it’s do what he say and what he wants! No one has a mind to start thinking they need to go after Paulie or to make their own moves. Trust and believe once Paulie wins the money he is not going to offer them one red cent, and they will be home wishing they had another chance or would have listened to themselves to play their own game and not Paulie’s.

    • Paulie is only the HOH until Veto is played and then his reign is over, even though he stays in the bedroom. Once the veto comp is over, everyone should do their own thing.

  24. Ok, now that I’ve seen the Day hairflip that Tiff whined about…

    Is Tiff serious? Day flips her hair like that all the time, and IF it touched Tiff, it barely touched her shoulder. It was nowhere near her face.

    I don’t care which of them gets voted out tomorrow; both need to go ASAP.

    • I think it was edited bcz when Da did it Tiff did it back and Da stated your hair is not long enough b*tch!

      • Ooohhhh! I didn’t see or hear that! All I saw and heard was Da flipped her hair at Tiff….and then Da said to Tiff, “P”issed!”

      • Yes, they edited it out, even Da told what she did and how they had to redo the whole scene. Da even bragged and laughed about it later w/Nicole and Zak.

  25. I am very sad, but i think it is possible that Da will be gone. She is not good at comps, so may not beat Glenn. Paulie has replaced Frank as the king that everyone needs to go and snitch to.

  26. Why is everyone telling Paulie everything willy nilly? Or asking for his approval? I know hes HOH, but keep it yourselves yo

  27. if they are stupid, Tiffany will go this week!
    what’s it looking like at this point?

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