Big Brother 18 Preseason Rumors: ‘Some Sort of All-Stars’

Casting calls for Big Brother 18 have wrapped with both the audition events and online applications closing down last week after several months of Houseguest searching, but does CBS have plans to look elsewhere for their next batch of HGs?

Big Brother All-Stars
Big Brother All-Stars – Source: CBS

No Big Brother preseason is complete without the default cries of “it’s going to be an All-Stars season!” but, as I’ve heard, things are often fluid in the season’s plans that it’d be too early for any formal decisions on what’s ahead. Now that we’re closing in there may be more to support some of the claims.

Previously I read that Austin suggested we’d see familiar faces on Big Brother 18, but was that just another Judas move that we couldn’t trust? Another former HG noted privately that there was an interest in fresh blood this season. So which would it be? How about some sort of mix of the two?

Big Brother’s own legendary Houseguest Janelle Pierzina tweeted this week suggesting she was hearing rumors of “some sort of All-Stars”:

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Pretty sure #BB18 will be some sort of All-Stars! How exciting! ⭐️?⭐️?⭐️???

— Janelle Pierzina (@JanellePierzina) April 28, 2016

Okay, let’s feed the rumor beast and do some speculation while fully admitting I have no additional information outside of what’s been listed above.

I’ve contended for awhile that Big Brother made too many separate trips to the well to compile a full cast of sixteen plus Houseguests who haven’t already made multiple trips to the season. A decent alternative could be a combination of new and veteran players, which I really would not like.

Remember BB13 where hero worship and veteran domination overtook the seemingly helpless newbies? Then we got it again in BB14 the very next summer. Do I want to see that again? No thank you, but it’s definitely not up to me and if it happens then we’ll make the best of it.

So there are some options for a mixed cast. Over on Survivor we watched the Blood Vs Water season, which used a combination of returning players and loved ones as the new faces, have a successful run and there was talk in recent seasons that we’d be seeing it, but really that talk was based on Survivor having just done it.

Another possibility for a combo season of new and returning could be a Fans vs Favorites. The reduced set of open call events this year compared to other recent seasons could translate to a lesser need of new cast members this season. That would also work well with fewer available strong legacy players who haven’t been in the house again and again.

Remember this is entirely speculation and guessing stemming from comments we’re hearing from former Big Brother houseguests. We’ve still heard nothing official to confirm in either direction of an all new, all returning, or somewhere in between.

More rumors and possibly even Big Brother cast spoilers could start to appear over the next two months, but nothing will likely be official until mid June with the BB18 cast is revealed and hopefully I’ll be there to sit down with them for our preseason interviews.

So what do you want to see happen for Big Brother 18? All new, all returning, or a mix of the two? Vote in our poll below and then share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. I would love a second chance season like Survivor did. Meaning… no players that have already played more than once, and no returning winners

      • Me too. Second chance with players that didn’t make it to jury. Meaning people we didn’t get to see much.

      • I’ve always said I’d like to see a cast of returnees that were voted out in the first few weeks, a sort of tournament of losers. I think the luck has a lot to do with surviving the first few weeks of Big Brother. It would be nice to see some unlucky ducks get a second chance at the game.

    • I’d love to see some pre season 11 players come back. Or even further back than that.

  2. I liked season 7 all-stars. I’m ready for another all-stars. But it would be fun to vote who goes on.

  3. ABSOLUTELY NO SKANKIE FRANKIE….I have watched for 17 yrs……..New players is always are more fun for me….of course its cheaper for the producers…but new players make for a more interesting show…

      • Did you see him on the “Price is Right” last night? He no longer has pink hair it’s blond now.

      • Ya… He’s been blonde for a while hasn’t he? I’ve seen him on some of the red carpet shows since his debut on BB. Blah! To both him & his sista!
        Got Matthews page now too. I skim over the info too fast sometimes. I’ve been on his site before but just didn’t know it…. Lololololol
        June 13th eh? Can’t wait! For the list of players

      • All my favorite programs are over for the season and TV sucks right now. I need my BB fix sooo bad.

      • He was just stupid with all his faces & poses for the camera…. Someone shut him down!! Pleeeaaassseea!

  4. I personally don’t care as long as I get some Big Brother in my life. Also BB14 had newbie/vets and it was a great season. The newbies weren’t starstrucked by the veterans like BB13 was, so I don’t understand why people aren’t open to the Newbies/Vets combo.

  5. It’s just going to be another excuse to bring back “fan favorite” Frankie (barf).. If he’s back I’m skipping this season

    • Well, the rumors mills is more and more filled with rumors that it will be at least partly returning players.

  6. Matthew, have you ever heard the expression “no rest for the wicked”? My goodness man, you are like the “Energizer Bunny” you keep going and going and going. A big heart felt thank you, love your sites.

  7. I don’t think CBS will do an All Stars. And if they do. It will probably only be more recent house guests. Like season 15+. Compared to other shows on TV currently, Big Brother is a senior citizen. So bc of the show’s old age, CBS cast very young to try and keep the show fresh. And you see all shows do this as they get older.

  8. I’d like to see All Stars including Frankie, Andy and Caleb. That’ll never happen so how about a mixture of boys and girls in their 40’s and 50’s ~

  9. Why would anyone want to see the same old people who have already had their opportunity? It’s time to give people what they want and deserve by bringing in new diverse people from all walks of life. None of this craps of all stars or a mix. There are many people who try and get their shot at this amazing opportunity and are let down by the poor and stupid decision of someone who wants to propose an all star season. Stupid! We need to see new and fresh faces that all people can relate to. Not wanna be, model, or job seeking camera who*re. That is all. Carry on.

    • All ages too. Maybe group them like survivor. I’d like to see that. I hate some of these really young things that feel they are entitled & are half wits. Mix it up big time. I say that cuz I’m a mature woman! Lololol

  10. I would love to see Boston Rob from Survivor pitted against Dan Gheesling…and bring back all the greats…Hantz, Evil Dick, Fairplay…the super conniving/strategic players

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