Big Brother 18: CBS Releases ‘Rats In A Cage’ Promo For New Season

Get ready! Big Brother 18 starts on June 22, 2016 and CBS is kicking off our renewed countdown with a newly released promo touting the Houseguests’ upcoming life as “rats in a cage” as we “tap on the glass.” Perfect.

Big Brother 18 starts June 22, 2016 on CBS
Big Brother 18 season premiere in June 2016 – Source: CBS/YouTube

We’ve got the great new promo commercial below along with all the highlights of the scenes inside it including the one that really hits home for me on the launch of every new season for Big Brother.

I love the video and its very fun vibe, even if its styling does seem familiar, which takes us back to BB16 as we watch Joey, Amber, and Cody heading through the front door.

Our next familiar faces are Shelli and Clay with one of their bedridden makeouts along with the reminder for future HGs that there are cameras & microphones everywhere in there! Speaking of which, that makes them our little “rats in a cage” as we’re welcomed to “tap on the glass” to a clip of ol’ Zach jumping around in the Have-Not room.

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Ahh, but my favorite clip from a past season is here with the full roster of Big Brother Houseguests gathering that first full night with everyone raising a glass to toast their new season. That right there makes peaks my excitement for Big Brother 18 as we countdown to the June 22nd premiere!

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And of course no season is complete without the best host, Julie Chen! Because, yeah, “everybody loves Julie.” So get ready for BB18 with CBS’s new promo and be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates. We’ll let you know all the important preseason news very soon.

Wait, you want more? Well guess what, we’ve just released our new Big Brother apps for both Android and iOS! Totally free again with a complete overhaul and great improvements this season. More on those details to come, but check those out for now and send me your feedback.

Source: CBS/YouTube
Hat tip: @LLChanana


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  1. Good to see CBS actually spending a little extra dollars than usual to make a really good looking promo, compared to all the teaser promos they did in the past where they are always, more or less, the same.

      • I have no problem at all watching the program, we get them all here in Canada, it’s just the videos I can’t see for some reason.

      • Oh my gosh this comment is my life. I had so much trouble watching BB Can 4. They should let us watch the program on tv instead of making us go through a bunch of annoying websites.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that, I live in Canada and have no problem seeing U.S. programs at all (just those videos). I saw a commercial for The Amazing Race Canada coming soon, I hope you’ll be able to watch it.

      • If you want to watch some BB Can that you might have miss, I have the whole season on a Google drive. Email me and I’ll give you access: captain555 at hotmail dot com

      • Thanks. I’ve already watched this past season, it was just difficult to do so.

      • Cheer for you? OMG Janet, are you on BB18? You bet I’ll cheer for you!!! I am so excited for you go Janet go!

      • No, but if they had a bunch of people under 40, I would love to be on there…I could have so much fun with them.

      • I love winding people up…keeps them on their toes…Cannot wait for BBUSA.

  2. Great promo Matthew ~ thanx for sharing. I’m so looking forward to another summer filled with the antics of the infamous (not yet famous) “rats in a cage” ~~

  3. Suppose it is All-Stars 2, Who would everyone want to see return? My picks would be Vanessa, Austin, James, Audrey, Amanda, Ginamarie, Judd , McCrae, Zach, Caleb, Christine, Nicole. I think for the last 4 or so they should have an America Vote. (My picks were who I thought played the best game in their seasons.)

    • A few others: Janelle Pierzino, Dr. will, James Huling, John McGuire, Donny Thompson, Caleb Reynolds

      • Yes Caleb and dr. Will for sure :-) that would be awesome. It would be cool to have some of the players from the first second third seasons. It’s just such a different game since then. Mike Boogie

      • It really is a different game since the early years and I really miss it, they were so good, Yes, Mike Boogie too he and Dr. Will together were a hoot :-)

      • & remember the girl that was hooking up with Dr. Willl? She is honestly, at least that time to me she was one of the meanest and bitchiest girls ever! I mean it was a long time ago so I forgot but I just remember her being very very mean to people and a snob. I don’t know maybe she’s no worse than others but back then reality TV like that was so new. I should watch the first couple Seasons again! That would be interesting :-) I remember she used someone she didn’t like toothbrush to clean the toilets but big brother stopped her. Yeah I gotta watch those first few seasons again for fun.

      • I found a telephone skit Boogie and Dr, Will (Chill Town) did in the diary room and it still makes me laugh. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of that nasty girl either but I do remember the toothbrush incident. I was trying to find it on line but no luck (yet).

      • I found it “Big Brother 2- Shannon (Scrubs Toilet w/Hardy’s Toothbrush!)” It’s on “YouTube”

      • Oh haha I didn’t see your second reply so I just Googled it. Yes Shannon! Wonder what she’s up to now…

  4. Your not missing anything if you can’t view the videos CBS always so over hypes the show, sorry i not watching BBUSA until Grodner is gone and replace with new producers. The same people running the show is only problem Grodner is only who has ************FINAL******** say in who gets into the house.

    • But its funny when her plans blow up in her face. Grodner hates underdogs. So when Steve won over Vanessa last season, that was hysterical and awesome.

      • BUT that was no surprise! It’s usually pretty easy to figure out which of the two will win. It was very evident Vanessa would not. As for this season of Big Brother Canada it was pretty clear to me anyways that the brothers we’re going to win because of who they were up against. + Kelsey’s speech was terrible because she was distracted by Cassandra and because she’s never watched the game before. She actually was the favorite to win against the brothers but because she didn’t give a good speech I think that’s why she lost. She did have a chance until they all started talking LOL she was clearly very very nervous.

  5. They could have a Stars vs. Superfans. I just don’t wanna see the stars go up against people who don’t know anything about the game because then it’s WAY too unfair.

    In terms of which stars, I’d LOVE to see Johnny Mac, Caleb, Mccrae, Ian, Janelle, maybe even Derrick.

    • I wish they had a season of all players from season 1 the last season and the public vote who they want in the house. For example like you and I were talking about Dr. Will and Mike Boogie & I would love to see you that Shannon girl back in just to see what she’s like now. What 20 years later? LOL completely different game! But it be a lot like Survivor a few seasons ago. You know what I mean?

  6. I do not care to see any of the past players. If this is it I don’t know I can watch it.

  7. They should start it May. It’s a summer show after all. And it end in late September, which makes no sense.

    • It makes sense for them to end it just as Survivor began, in September. Best way to market both a finale and a premiere in one night.

      That and BB serving as a bridge between the outgoing and incoming regular TV season.


      • Nowadays seasons end in April, and don’t begin until October. Plus I dont watch Survivor so I could care less. And I haven’t watched a regular season show since Scrubs went off the air. Unless you count Idol, but that was a mid season show. And that’s gone off the air too now.

  8. Have a good weekend everyone. It’s a long weekend here in Canada and it’s supposed to be hot (80) and sunny.

  9. Are we there yet? Lol.
    I loved the Zach footage…I remember thinking at the time, that he was a little too high energy, but I MISS him! ZACH ATTACK!

  10. Hey everyone, tomorrow it’s “fan favorite houseguests from BB” on “Price is Right”

  11. In my perfect Big Brother world I would like for this season 2B all previous Big Brother houseguests. And we pick who goes in just like Survivor a few seasons ago. I would love to see a few people from the earlier seasons of Big Brother Like Dr will and Mike Boogie & that stupid b**** who was in love with Will, Shannon! It would be fun to see the difference. You know what I mean? It’s such a different game than it was during the first 345 seasons. Just like Survivor!
    OR Big Brother celebrities :-)

    • I don’t mean people who have played Big Brother and are now somewhat of a celebrity LOL I mean actual celebrities! actors and singers and whatnot

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