Big Brother 18 Premiere Recap: Twists Revealed As Houseguests Move In

The Big Brother 18 premiere is here as we settle in for a season of 99 days of Big Brother fun and adventure with our new batch of Houseguests, twists that we’re waiting to untangle, and all the Feeds you can handle. But First, we’ve got a two-hour show to get through.

Big Brother 18 cast in front of the Big Brother house
Big Brother 18 cast in front of the Big Brother house – Source: @CBSBigBrother

Julie Chen is back as our host from outside the BB18 House and she’s ready to walk us through the new house redesign before sending the cast inside for their bedroom scramble and a little mind scramble when she starts revealing the season’s twists.

We know there are only 12 new Houseguests so far, but they won’t discover this angle of the game until they’re settled in and start looking around. Can’t wait to find out just how long it’ll be before the other four “mystery guests” are brought in to join them.

Julie Chen reveals this two-night premiere will feature 4 competitions, 3 twists, and 1 eviction. Ohh yeah, didn’t I tell you that was part of my predictions? The HGs have been in there for a week already so there’s been plenty of time for lots of events.

All 12 of the HGs are gathered at the front of the house and Julie announces the first group to move in will be Michelle, Natalie, Paul, and Victor. Uh oh, Michelle. It looks like she was the first one in and you might remember the first Houseguest in has never won their season of Big Brother. (Rachel was first in her first season but then won her second season when she wasn’t the first in.)

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Second group in was Bronte, Glenn, Paulie, and Zakiyah. That leaves the last group as Bridgette, Corey, Jozea, and Tiffany. Once everyone is in we get the gathering in the living room for champagne toasts and introductions.

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Julie announces there will be 3 twists revealed to the newbies before the sun rises and here comes the first one. 4 stowaways have been in the house since the newbies arrived and here they come.

Big Brother 18’s Four Mystery Houseguests:

  • Nicole Franzel
  • James Huling
  • Da’Vonne Rogers
  • Frank Eudy

Julie reveals the next twist. Houseguests will be playing in teams of four and the four Vets must be on different teams. Sigh. This is just BB14 all over.

Big Brother 18 Teams:

  • Team 1: Frank, Michelle, Paulie, Bridgette
  • Team 2: Day, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea
  • Team 3: James, Natalie, Victor, Bronte
  • Team 4: Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Glenn

Teams will be holding on to rockets and has 4 chances (HGs) to stay alive. First team to be all out will be Have-Nots. Third place team gets a mystery punishment. Second place team gets $10K to split. First place team gets safety in the first two evictions. Time to see what happens!



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  1. Ok people. Here we are. That time finally. Every body enjoy the season and be nice.

  2. It would be awesome if it were evel dick, Janelle, mike boogie and Dr. Will, but I know it won’t be any of them. When I first heard I thought maybe dick cause he had to leave early last time. But given what he had to leave for we may not see him back cause it may be a deal breaker for the show.

  3. I’m so excited, I can’t contain myself. I love seeing Julie’s face! Big Brother is HERE!

  4. Of course I am a DVR addict hate commercials so I will wait 20 minutes to start watching but don’t mind spoilers that’s why I’m here lol enjoy everyone

  5. I don’t watch the View and haven’t seen Julie in a while. Something looks different about her.

      • I know, right! Their voices sound almost the same. Their facial expressions are the same as well.

      • But maybe some of them didn’t watch it…maybe?
        Perhaps? Hopefully, they won’t send her packing because of it. She’s not her sister.

  6. Oh.they got a sleepwalker. I hope he does it a lot on feeds. It gets boring at night.

  7. did i see a little bit of constantine from american idol in that last fella

  8. Am I the only one getting flashbacks to Vanessa while watching her sister?

  9. Michelle you better not blow her cover! But, really, who wouldn’t realize that Tiffany is related to Vanessa?!!

      • i admit, i forgot her intro that annoyed me by the end of the show. hope she stays on my good side and plays well. she has very pretty eyes

      • Yeah, get Michelle out! If she’s smart, she’ll align with Tiffany. Vanessa might’ve been crazy and kooky at times with all the strategy talk, but she did make it to the end.

      • i wasnt a fan of vanessa so if her sister is like her, i hope she goes quick

      • by end of show, i forgot she annoyed me so. hope i forget about her intro and she turns out to be a good player that doesnt annoy me any more

  10. Gosh, all the siblings have to do is dye their hair and they look their sister/brother (Vanessa and Cody).

  11. My computer page is going up and down and deleting thins like I’m in “The Conjuring.” Who the frick is in the cast?!

  12. Nicole kind of sounds similar to Michelle as well.
    I know, they are not related.

  13. James couldn’t tell the twins apart last year. He might not realize that Tiffany’s Vanessa’s sister, unless they already met before the show.

  14. OK, seriously…I’ve gone to two diff browsers. What’s happening? Who’s there?!

  15. I like Da’Vonne. She left too soon! Her figuring out there were twins was one of the most epic weeks, in my opinion.

  16. Da’vone is pretty likable here. Learned a lot from her last game. I like that.

    • Haha I’m pretty sure everyone would change their game play after being eliminated second

  17. Nice to be back guys and damn James and Momma Day are back! this night just got real and started. so ready for this season.

  18. Tiffany even walks the same as Vanessa. My gosh, they are too much alike and they aren’t even twins!

  19. Tiffany even walks the same as Vanessa. My gosh, they are too much alike and they aren’t even twins!

  20. Did he really think all these younger people were going to choose him first. Oh please!

      • She’s not playing any smarter. She wouldn’t even fist bump with one of her teammates, she just shook her head. Stupid.

      • She was worried that Paul was getting too excited for the money. She wants the safety.

      • she is whining already. I have to mute her voice. She doesn’t want to play teams at all so she needs to revise whatever strategy she had. Sorry not a fan

      • Sad that! Someone said she wasn’t a team player, but I see that Paul is the one that is not a team player. He just a player! :-)

    • But why would they be immune, anyways? They shouldn’t get special privileges. They are competing same as everyone else. I’m glad they have to fight as well.

      • Well my understanding is all newbs have been together for a week already and bonded so forth and returnees just in tonight so they are at disadvantage a bit which usually latecomers get one week immunity

      • Veterans are always a target anyway. They have to work harder.but they know the game, that’s an advantage…plus twists and a lil luck.

  21. Is it true that the guy who made up the games for BBCan is doing this now for BB here?

  22. DaVonne would have been better with Paulie, then Vanessa part deux, not Jozea…. he is too over top and already gunning for her.

  23. Tiffany, seriously? Why! Vanessa wasn’t that good with physical comps either.

  24. What a surprise. 3 of the strongest guys are the last ones standing…well, in this case sitting.

  25. Welp all know Paulie won’t give up and the other guys looks pretty stable so I wonder who’s next to fall

  26. OK…let’s see how long I last on this bowser. YAY! Frank’s back! And Nichole! Frank’s hair is too short. The baseball coach is a monster!

  27. I’ve been reading popcorn nonstop for the past hour gotta save some for tomorrow

    • Why do people think she would’ve been the first one out? Because of her voice? That is a horrible excuse!

      • Too safe a choice that won’t rattle the dynamics.

        At least that’s the excuse every year.

  28. I missed so much trying to find a site that wasn’t from “The Conjurer,” so who is Bronte?

      • i like her but she may get on people’s nerve. kinda like jmac did at first with his scream talk, but he was so likable, you ended up liking his talk

      • That’s a shame if they don’t like her because of her voice. She can’t help that.

      • You can like someone and their voice drive you nuts. My voice would definitely drive some people away, for sure.

      • LMBO, TOO…I wondered how long it would take before you saw that…I hope it was OK. LOL.

      • You were right. I’m fuming…where is that Sharona? It’s time for a beat down. No one jokes with me…

      • Can’t watch the show and be on the board here at the same time which is why this is a delayed comment. her voice is not that bad…just a little high.

      • I won’t be commenting tonight either…I missed too much last night, so I’ll be here replying to other people! Hopefully we’ll both catch up and meet somewhere tomorrow. See you then—hopefully!!!

      • Do you still feel the same way about her voice…now that you’ve gotten to know her a little better? :)

      • I think I’ve now begun tuning her voice out. Her face reminds me of Tori Spelling. They all whisper too much. Between their low voices and my air conditioner my ears are really straining to hear their conversations. Lol

      • I can’t hear them unless my TV is up to, like 16 on the volume…and I’m afraid the old ladies that live on either side of me will complain if I turn it up any louder. Lol… Her voice is really getting on my nerves. I don’t care for her. AT ALL. I can’t bear to look at the screen when Sparkly Beard is on. What is his deal?!

      • Sharona thank you so much. Now I have to check Paul’s beard for sparkles? Either that or I missed a joke somewhere. Hard to keep up with everything this season. Maybe she’s whispering so much that it hasn’t gotten to me yet…unlike Paul’s beard. At least he doesn’t wear it in a pony tail.

      • Lol! Haven’t you noticed that his beard sparkles? At first I thought I was imagining it…but then I realized it just varies in ‘spakliness.’ Lol! The very first night I almost said, “Does Paul have Afro Sheen on his beard?”, but I didn’t want to sound mean or say the wrong thing. Next time you see him in the Diary Room, look closely. And during a live show, you’ll DEFINITELY see it! I can’t believe no one has commented on it. Oh man, if he wore that gross thing in a pony tail, I’d puke. Lol! It’s almost time for BBAD, so I have to get my ice cream and other treats. Ha-ha! It’s true. I have these treats, turn the TV up as far as I safely can, try not to chew too loudly, then fall asleep during the second hour. And I STILL don’t know anything about this season! Anyway…watch for sparkles. Once you see them, you won’t be able to un-see them!

      • Still have not seen any sparkles, maybe it’s my tv. Anyway, did you see BBAD when Paul was telling about a delivered package of a hand inside and the guy returned it to sender? He was asked questions with only a yes or no answer. How did it end? i remember going to commercials but when show came back on everyone was in a different room. Did I fall asleep and miss how the story ended? HELP!!!

      • His beard (which he could NOT stop touching) was gross and dirty last night. It made me want to gag. I watched him tell everyone in the bathroom about his stupid Halloween parties and how trashed he gets and how fun they are because they get SO trashed and that’s why they’re SO fun because they get SO trashed and his Mom makes Sangria that would make you SO trashed after drinking just TWO glasses, but that’s great because you get SO trashed and that’s what make his parties SO fun because you get SO trashed and he usually has around 120 people at his Halloween/Birthday parties and they’re SO fun because they get SO trashed!!!!!!! Then I crashed and it was SO fun!!
        Seriously, that’s all I remember. It started out with Nicole, Zakiya (why does she put make-up on at night?!) and I can’t remember the other girl’s name–I can’t keep up…then James came in…then gross-dirty-beard Paul came in. OH! No, I remember Nicole and James and Tiffany seeing the beer and wine and taking it to the HoH room. But, I don’t even remember the boys having a conversation about a hand…Paul probably made the whole thing up. I wouldn’t put it past him. I have to take heavy duty pain killers and muscle relaxers at night, so I am totally out of the loop this year. I have NO clue what’s going on. Right after Paul’s Halloween/Birthday party stories, I must have fallen asleep. I don’t know how I did—he was SO EXCITING!!!
        Seriously though, Lisa…he really does have sparkles! I’m not trying to mess with you! Wait until he knows he’s going to be seen by everyone—not just people who get the feeds or BBAD.
        Could I have written a longer reply? Lol…sorry! I got carried away. I can’t stand that Paul. Not in the same way I couldn’t stand F.G., but close. Are you going to watch tonight? When I watch and comment, I’m usually just responding to other people…because I cannot follow the show. I’ll have to watch it ‘On Demand’ tomorrow. Lol…
        I can’t believe how long this is. I’m so sorry! I’ll talk to you later!

      • No..I’m not. Didn’t say I was good at doing them, though. Just that it helps when my voice gets annoying for others.

      • It took me a while to get used to his voice. As did the wildlife near my home. Bats would fly into my windows. Raccoons would gnaw off their fur. My cat would have seizures.

      • Aw, man! Why didn’t I think of exploiting my poor cat and her Jmac Seizures? I still think he was a puppet, voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

  29. I think the teams were designed to keep the Vets and Newbies from sticking with each other. I hope it works.

    • The Unicorns did me in…laughed my butt off…maybe they’ll fart rainbows perhaps?

    • No, not yet! Not for a few days…it might not be good for her yet. Why do you think she should let them know now? I missed a lot earlier tonight.

      • I meant that she should come clean to Michelle. Which I’m glad she did. Michelle wouldn’t have believed Tiff if she said she wasn’t and if she lied, that would probably not be good for Tiff’s game. Michelle could turn some others against her if she were to lie about it.

      • Oh, OK. I missed that whole thing. My computer was going crazy—page was going up and down and I couldn’t comment…so like I said, I totally missed it. Thanks, Jasmine!

      • My bad! The hex truly was meant for someone else. Give me a few to figure out why my spell didn’t work right!

      • She couldn’t come up with a savvy lie, like her sister would and then blame someone else for saying it!

  30. Oh girl, please… you can’t hide that you are Vanessa’s sister. Oh, Michelle you do look and sound a like Nicole.

  31. Tiffany’s as paranoid as Vanessa was. She thought Michelle was Nicole’s sister? Hilarious!

  32. oh my word, this can go so wrong. a team can throw it just to get someone out

    • The HGs gain a lot while they’re on the show. Not surprising she was able to drop it once BB16 ended.