Big Brother 18 Premiere Recap: Twists Revealed As Houseguests Move In

While we wait for the first competition of the season to start, Julie also confirms there will be an eviction in this two-night premiere which would surprise you not at all if you’ve been reading our site and my predictions!

Big Brother Endurance comp:
HGs are dropping like flies! Tiffany is the first one out and then many start to quickly follow. Over on Team Frank we’ve just got Paulie left. Team Day still has Paul and Jozea, wait make that just Jozea. Wait, he’s out too. Team Day are the Have-Nots.

Now we’re down to just Paulie, Corey, and Victor left in the comp as they each represent their teams. Oops, there goes Paulie so Team Frank gets a mystery punishment. And there goes Corey so Team Nicole gets $10K but the big prize of 2 rounds of safety goes to Team James.

Since the competition is now over the teams have to come up with names. These are awful so don’t get excited. Team Nicole becomes Team Freakazoids. Team Day becomes Team Big Sister. Team James is now Team Unicorn. Team Frank is Category 4. These are seriously terrible.

Time for another twist and another competition. Someone will be HoH and someone will be evicted. Yikes. Julie explains there will be another three rounds of competitions resulting in a loser on the most losing team will be evicted. It’s probably just easier to listen to her explain it.

Hit The Road competition:
The losing three teams must suspend a small platform and build a little castle of sorts on it by stacking 15 pieces.

Team Nicole is doing great, but things can fall apart quickly. Yep, after 30 mins of work and being on the last block they drop everything. Meanwhile Team Frank wins, earning safety.

Round 2 of the 2nd Comp:
Good grief this is overly complicated. Now we’ve got Team Nicole facing off against Team Day to build a sand castle but as Julie warns, there are decoy pieces in the mix.

Team Nicole is going strong but they had two wrong pieces at the very bottom as Glenn warned and they have to start over. Team Day recovers and wins the competition. That means someone from Team Nicole will be evicted after someone is named HoH and two go up on the Block.

It’s a cliffhanger episode though as we wait for the big results during Thursday’s eviction show. Then right after that it’s time for the Live Feeds! Yes, the Big Brother Feeds launch Thursday night at 10PM PT. Grab your Free Trial now and be ready to watch!

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  1. Ok people. Here we are. That time finally. Every body enjoy the season and be nice.

  2. It would be awesome if it were evel dick, Janelle, mike boogie and Dr. Will, but I know it won’t be any of them. When I first heard I thought maybe dick cause he had to leave early last time. But given what he had to leave for we may not see him back cause it may be a deal breaker for the show.

  3. I’m so excited, I can’t contain myself. I love seeing Julie’s face! Big Brother is HERE!

  4. Of course I am a DVR addict hate commercials so I will wait 20 minutes to start watching but don’t mind spoilers that’s why I’m here lol enjoy everyone

  5. I don’t watch the View and haven’t seen Julie in a while. Something looks different about her.

      • I know, right! Their voices sound almost the same. Their facial expressions are the same as well.

      • But maybe some of them didn’t watch it…maybe?
        Perhaps? Hopefully, they won’t send her packing because of it. She’s not her sister.

  6. Oh.they got a sleepwalker. I hope he does it a lot on feeds. It gets boring at night.

  7. did i see a little bit of constantine from american idol in that last fella

  8. Am I the only one getting flashbacks to Vanessa while watching her sister?

  9. Michelle you better not blow her cover! But, really, who wouldn’t realize that Tiffany is related to Vanessa?!!

      • i admit, i forgot her intro that annoyed me by the end of the show. hope she stays on my good side and plays well. she has very pretty eyes

      • Yeah, get Michelle out! If she’s smart, she’ll align with Tiffany. Vanessa might’ve been crazy and kooky at times with all the strategy talk, but she did make it to the end.

      • i wasnt a fan of vanessa so if her sister is like her, i hope she goes quick

      • by end of show, i forgot she annoyed me so. hope i forget about her intro and she turns out to be a good player that doesnt annoy me any more

  10. Gosh, all the siblings have to do is dye their hair and they look their sister/brother (Vanessa and Cody).

  11. My computer page is going up and down and deleting thins like I’m in “The Conjuring.” Who the frick is in the cast?!

  12. Nicole kind of sounds similar to Michelle as well.
    I know, they are not related.

  13. James couldn’t tell the twins apart last year. He might not realize that Tiffany’s Vanessa’s sister, unless they already met before the show.

  14. OK, seriously…I’ve gone to two diff browsers. What’s happening? Who’s there?!

  15. I like Da’Vonne. She left too soon! Her figuring out there were twins was one of the most epic weeks, in my opinion.

  16. Da’vone is pretty likable here. Learned a lot from her last game. I like that.

    • Haha I’m pretty sure everyone would change their game play after being eliminated second

  17. Nice to be back guys and damn James and Momma Day are back! this night just got real and started. so ready for this season.

  18. Tiffany even walks the same as Vanessa. My gosh, they are too much alike and they aren’t even twins!

  19. Tiffany even walks the same as Vanessa. My gosh, they are too much alike and they aren’t even twins!

  20. Did he really think all these younger people were going to choose him first. Oh please!

      • She’s not playing any smarter. She wouldn’t even fist bump with one of her teammates, she just shook her head. Stupid.

      • She was worried that Paul was getting too excited for the money. She wants the safety.

      • she is whining already. I have to mute her voice. She doesn’t want to play teams at all so she needs to revise whatever strategy she had. Sorry not a fan

      • Sad that! Someone said she wasn’t a team player, but I see that Paul is the one that is not a team player. He just a player! :-)

    • But why would they be immune, anyways? They shouldn’t get special privileges. They are competing same as everyone else. I’m glad they have to fight as well.

      • Well my understanding is all newbs have been together for a week already and bonded so forth and returnees just in tonight so they are at disadvantage a bit which usually latecomers get one week immunity

      • Veterans are always a target anyway. They have to work harder.but they know the game, that’s an advantage…plus twists and a lil luck.

  21. Is it true that the guy who made up the games for BBCan is doing this now for BB here?

  22. DaVonne would have been better with Paulie, then Vanessa part deux, not Jozea…. he is too over top and already gunning for her.

  23. Tiffany, seriously? Why! Vanessa wasn’t that good with physical comps either.

  24. What a surprise. 3 of the strongest guys are the last ones standing…well, in this case sitting.

  25. Welp all know Paulie won’t give up and the other guys looks pretty stable so I wonder who’s next to fall

  26. OK…let’s see how long I last on this bowser. YAY! Frank’s back! And Nichole! Frank’s hair is too short. The baseball coach is a monster!

  27. I’ve been reading popcorn nonstop for the past hour gotta save some for tomorrow

    • Why do people think she would’ve been the first one out? Because of her voice? That is a horrible excuse!

      • Too safe a choice that won’t rattle the dynamics.

        At least that’s the excuse every year.

  28. I missed so much trying to find a site that wasn’t from “The Conjurer,” so who is Bronte?

      • i like her but she may get on people’s nerve. kinda like jmac did at first with his scream talk, but he was so likable, you ended up liking his talk

      • That’s a shame if they don’t like her because of her voice. She can’t help that.

      • You can like someone and their voice drive you nuts. My voice would definitely drive some people away, for sure.

      • LMBO, TOO…I wondered how long it would take before you saw that…I hope it was OK. LOL.

      • You were right. I’m fuming…where is that Sharona? It’s time for a beat down. No one jokes with me…

      • Can’t watch the show and be on the board here at the same time which is why this is a delayed comment. her voice is not that bad…just a little high.

      • I won’t be commenting tonight either…I missed too much last night, so I’ll be here replying to other people! Hopefully we’ll both catch up and meet somewhere tomorrow. See you then—hopefully!!!

      • Do you still feel the same way about her voice…now that you’ve gotten to know her a little better? :)

      • I think I’ve now begun tuning her voice out. Her face reminds me of Tori Spelling. They all whisper too much. Between their low voices and my air conditioner my ears are really straining to hear their conversations. Lol

      • I can’t hear them unless my TV is up to, like 16 on the volume…and I’m afraid the old ladies that live on either side of me will complain if I turn it up any louder. Lol… Her voice is really getting on my nerves. I don’t care for her. AT ALL. I can’t bear to look at the screen when Sparkly Beard is on. What is his deal?!

      • Sharona thank you so much. Now I have to check Paul’s beard for sparkles? Either that or I missed a joke somewhere. Hard to keep up with everything this season. Maybe she’s whispering so much that it hasn’t gotten to me yet…unlike Paul’s beard. At least he doesn’t wear it in a pony tail.

      • Lol! Haven’t you noticed that his beard sparkles? At first I thought I was imagining it…but then I realized it just varies in ‘spakliness.’ Lol! The very first night I almost said, “Does Paul have Afro Sheen on his beard?”, but I didn’t want to sound mean or say the wrong thing. Next time you see him in the Diary Room, look closely. And during a live show, you’ll DEFINITELY see it! I can’t believe no one has commented on it. Oh man, if he wore that gross thing in a pony tail, I’d puke. Lol! It’s almost time for BBAD, so I have to get my ice cream and other treats. Ha-ha! It’s true. I have these treats, turn the TV up as far as I safely can, try not to chew too loudly, then fall asleep during the second hour. And I STILL don’t know anything about this season! Anyway…watch for sparkles. Once you see them, you won’t be able to un-see them!

      • Still have not seen any sparkles, maybe it’s my tv. Anyway, did you see BBAD when Paul was telling about a delivered package of a hand inside and the guy returned it to sender? He was asked questions with only a yes or no answer. How did it end? i remember going to commercials but when show came back on everyone was in a different room. Did I fall asleep and miss how the story ended? HELP!!!

      • His beard (which he could NOT stop touching) was gross and dirty last night. It made me want to gag. I watched him tell everyone in the bathroom about his stupid Halloween parties and how trashed he gets and how fun they are because they get SO trashed and that’s why they’re SO fun because they get SO trashed and his Mom makes Sangria that would make you SO trashed after drinking just TWO glasses, but that’s great because you get SO trashed and that’s what make his parties SO fun because you get SO trashed and he usually has around 120 people at his Halloween/Birthday parties and they’re SO fun because they get SO trashed!!!!!!! Then I crashed and it was SO fun!!
        Seriously, that’s all I remember. It started out with Nicole, Zakiya (why does she put make-up on at night?!) and I can’t remember the other girl’s name–I can’t keep up…then James came in…then gross-dirty-beard Paul came in. OH! No, I remember Nicole and James and Tiffany seeing the beer and wine and taking it to the HoH room. But, I don’t even remember the boys having a conversation about a hand…Paul probably made the whole thing up. I wouldn’t put it past him. I have to take heavy duty pain killers and muscle relaxers at night, so I am totally out of the loop this year. I have NO clue what’s going on. Right after Paul’s Halloween/Birthday party stories, I must have fallen asleep. I don’t know how I did—he was SO EXCITING!!!
        Seriously though, Lisa…he really does have sparkles! I’m not trying to mess with you! Wait until he knows he’s going to be seen by everyone—not just people who get the feeds or BBAD.
        Could I have written a longer reply? Lol…sorry! I got carried away. I can’t stand that Paul. Not in the same way I couldn’t stand F.G., but close. Are you going to watch tonight? When I watch and comment, I’m usually just responding to other people…because I cannot follow the show. I’ll have to watch it ‘On Demand’ tomorrow. Lol…
        I can’t believe how long this is. I’m so sorry! I’ll talk to you later!

      • No..I’m not. Didn’t say I was good at doing them, though. Just that it helps when my voice gets annoying for others.

      • It took me a while to get used to his voice. As did the wildlife near my home. Bats would fly into my windows. Raccoons would gnaw off their fur. My cat would have seizures.

      • Aw, man! Why didn’t I think of exploiting my poor cat and her Jmac Seizures? I still think he was a puppet, voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

  29. I think the teams were designed to keep the Vets and Newbies from sticking with each other. I hope it works.

    • The Unicorns did me in…laughed my butt off…maybe they’ll fart rainbows perhaps?

    • No, not yet! Not for a few days…it might not be good for her yet. Why do you think she should let them know now? I missed a lot earlier tonight.

      • I meant that she should come clean to Michelle. Which I’m glad she did. Michelle wouldn’t have believed Tiff if she said she wasn’t and if she lied, that would probably not be good for Tiff’s game. Michelle could turn some others against her if she were to lie about it.

      • Oh, OK. I missed that whole thing. My computer was going crazy—page was going up and down and I couldn’t comment…so like I said, I totally missed it. Thanks, Jasmine!

      • My bad! The hex truly was meant for someone else. Give me a few to figure out why my spell didn’t work right!

      • She couldn’t come up with a savvy lie, like her sister would and then blame someone else for saying it!

  30. Oh girl, please… you can’t hide that you are Vanessa’s sister. Oh, Michelle you do look and sound a like Nicole.

  31. Tiffany’s as paranoid as Vanessa was. She thought Michelle was Nicole’s sister? Hilarious!

  32. oh my word, this can go so wrong. a team can throw it just to get someone out

    • The HGs gain a lot while they’re on the show. Not surprising she was able to drop it once BB16 ended.

  33. I’m not sure if I like Paul…but it’s still early. But, I think I’m pretty sure.

  34. Yay! Frank and James are safe. I don’t mind if Nicole goes. No, Day, do not repeat what you did last season

    • Frank’s team one safety, Nicole’s team and Da’vonne’s team are still going, but they took a bit of a break first.

  35. Dang it! I guess the walls of Jericho didn’t fall. I wanted Paul to go.

    • It’s still early, he has a chance to go! :-) He’d best take that chance for my sanity’s sake if nothing else! :-) Sorry, I just cannot tolerate disrespectful people…how he’s being towards Da. Gets on my last nerve. I’ll be calm later!

  36. Think of it this way Tiffany might just become the next hoh if she can beat her teammates

  37. Well, that was a quick two hours…I hate that Nicole’s team lost that last challenge. I would like to see her and Tiffany stay around for awhile. Da’vonne is already so emotional…watching her and Paul argue should be fun…I almost didn’t recognize Frank with his shorter hair. Well, we will see who goes first tomorrow…hope it’s not Nicole or Tiffany.

  38. So Vanessa’s sister is in the house… Hmmmm. As for next days episode, I hope Nicole stays. She can’t leave yet !

  39. I don’t want Glenn to go! I’m only 30 myself, but sucks for him to be screwed just for his age. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. Paul is definitely obnoxious.

    For those asking below,. Yes, Da recognized Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister.

    • Thanks for listening closer than I did. She did say she wasn’t going to go blabbing it as that did her in on the twins last season!

    • That is not fair at all…cast the guy get him all excited and then make it only about a comp performance? That sucks. BB is suppose to be about more than just comps

    • I get what you mean but I wonder if he was a super physically fit 50, if he would get a better shot at staying? Maybe not. It is easier for people of a certain age group to communicate with each other anyway, even before looks come in but they do factor in and perception is reality so it is just plain tougher for one person over 30 to last in this house among people in their 20s. It will always be tougher. I know some people – even the younger ones – are not physical comp threats and some are not even mental comp threats but – sometimes go far in the game. So it would seem an older person could, too, for the same reason. But that would require a social game, I think, to go very far. If they did a “BB50” season where all but 1 HG was at least 50, how far would the young ‘un get – Would the others target him/her because of his/her age? IDK. If Glenn can work on his social game and does not get evicted, he may last a little longer. Honestly, I just think he “MIGHT” rub them the wrong way. I base that on the way he was saying, “I told you so…” after the Freakazoids lost the castle comp. It sounded a little harsh and I know he was frustrated but you gotta be cool, ya know? If that is his approach, people will not be comfortable around him in the house and it will be difficult for him to build alliances. Maybe it was the editing or he was frustrated. But that is all I have to go on right now. I like the guy and wish him well but he isn’t helping himself if he comes off as harsh to his teammates like that, I think. My 2 cents. :)

  40. Welp goodnight all the sheets are calling me! Hope you all have a great night’s rest and see you all tomorrow night for part 2!

    • We would’ve known that, though. I don’t think they are related at all. They just have some similarities.

      But anyways, I still can’t get over the fact of how much Tiffany and Vanessa are alike.

    • Talula Bell, I thought that when I saw her the very first time. Something is very similar about them.

  41. I don’t see why everybody thinks it’s Glenn going home. Maybe I’m not understanding how they get put up, or who votes… But Glenn will CLEARLY be up (correct?) and I think we can all agree on this. However, He’s probably going to be up against Nicole whom also will go up because she doesn’t actually perform well at comps. She just doesn’t, sorry super Nicole fans (and I did root for her during bb16) Now, why would ANYBODY in their right mind vote out Glenn against Nicole? He can’t win. He’s going to be this seasons Victoria, unless they TOTALLY mess up and nobody plays the game right.

    • It’s not voting. Whoever falls off in the comp first is evicted. The first one out isn’t being voted out. I don’t really want Glenn to stay, but I don’t want him to go out this way, it’s unfair.

      • Omg is that really how they are doing it? Wow…that really sucks. So the old guy and girls are sitting ducks then at least till the team thing end. So Glenn is out tonight then? I haven’t watched the whole show yet

      • They are evicting the comp loser tonight. I don’t know about going forward though. Tonight might just be an exception since the vets were just introduced into the house later than the newbs. Maybe it’s just a one time thing. We will see, I guess.

    • Ok, people in live feeds are telling me it’s for sure worst player is out. I missed a lot of the show due to tornado warnings in my area, so I was assuming there was still a vote. I do not like that a person that stinks at competitions can just get evicted because I feel like it should always be a vote put to the house. There is a lot of reasons the house would want to save Glenn.

      • I hope this isn’t the case I was only able to watch half the show so far. But it should always be a house vote not automatically who was worse at any given comp I mean the whole thing about bb is it is social game strategy and comps combined.

    • Well the newbs are gunning for vets. But with the team thing it would be smarter for them to nominate and vote out a strong person at comps thereby weakening that team to make them easy to beat next week. That’s where I foresee a problem with this format each team will go down in strength and once you have targeted and weakened 2 teams the top 2 teams will be HOH and 10k winners every week and the weaker 2 teams have no chance being on slop and nominated each week. If 2 strong teams can work together and figure that out it will be easy pickings. IMO

  42. I am so glad that they brought back all the good people. I would’ve rather had Zach Rance than Frank though.

    • Nah replace Da with Zach or J Mac! I really hope J Mac can be a twist! I’d love it! He was so great! Zach was good too.

  43. Love the Team thing and now they have to think twice about voting the returning players out. Love Team Unicorn with James and hottie Victor. Detest Team Big Sister (mostly Paul) with the exception of D’vonne. Hopefully she won’t get an aneurysm trying to hold her frustration in.

    • I’m liking the team factor for that exact reason. It would’ve been obvious for the newbies to get out the minority group. I’m glad Big Brother hasn’t made it that easy.

      • I don’t love the team thing but ya they had to do something to somewhat protect the vets. However they could have done this by making it even. 8 newbs 8 vets and then play the game as always with no teams that would have been perfect but oh well

  44. Here’s how you know the show is rigged. If Tiffany gets evicted (fingers crossed) Grodner will put her right back on the show. But we all know that Grodner will make it impossible for Tiffant to get evicted, and she will end up being HOH. Rigged, Rigged, Rigged show. If this happens, you know 110% this show is rigged.

    • If the show was rigged, Vanessa would not have lost that last challenge on the season finale. She deserved to win, but she didn’t.

  45. Bronte isn’t going home first. So happy. She’s my favorite of the newbies. And my boy James is safe too. Great start so far. I’m worried about Nicole thugh. I hope Tiffany goes home first. I hate that she won’t even say that Vanessa is her sister.

  46. DANG IT! I really was hoping Big Sister would lose the 2nd round. I want to see Da’Gone walk out the door.

  47. Who in their right mind chose Da’Vonne to come back to the BB house? It’s always someone else to blame with her!

  48. I think Tiffany is on to something..Michelle and Nicole could totally be sisters. Wonder if there are more hidden relationships this season. And Bronte is way funnier than I expected but looks like she will struggle in comps.

  49. Hello Hello Everyone! Another season! It’s great to come back every year to join the awesome discussions! ? But first thing is first, after not being team Vanessa last year why am I rooting for her twin!!!! Lol. Cheers to a great summer!

  50. I’m stoked for this season. If it would have been the original 12 I totes wouldn’t have been interested. The addition of the vets makes it great. But I am annoyed that Davonne is back. I don’t like her and I don’t like how she acts. I would have replaced her with Johnny Mac! Was so hoping he’d pop through. But he didn’t. I’m so happy Frank is back! He’s one of my favs from a while back and I was always hoping he’d come back! James is awesome too and so is Nicole! The teammates that Davonne has though suck! Rocker guy needs to go for sure same with the make up guy. I’ll learn their names in week 3 when it matters lol. Van’s sis is so much like her even her voice is the same!! The rest of them are meh at the moment though I do like Cory. Um crap is it Glenn that’s the older guy? I originally picked him before watching but now I’m unsure if I think he will make it. I am excited now for the teams as well! It’s different and interesting so far what they have shown in enjoying! Thank god that BoB is GONE! It better not come back. So far they finally made it slightly different!

  51. Paul, Jozea, and Zakiyah(however its spelt) are all evil and too much right off the bat. I hope the rest of the “newbies” and house see it as well and get them out asap…im sad cause i dont want to see any of Nicoles team leaving. So wish Da’s team would have lost so one of the other evil 3 would be out quick… Ughh. Cant wait for tomorrow though! Live feeds and all the spoilers we can handle!!

  52. Although say it with me everyone THANK GOD FRANKIE DIDNT POP OUT OF A BOX! And hopefully he stays where ever the hell he is now and doesn’t appear on the show for ANY reason.

  53. I’m going to be honest, I’m not really seeing this season as much prospect for strategy. I think we could have potential for some competitive people and potentially some gutsy moves (people like James, Frank and Day make that more likely).

    But a lot of the new houseguests strike me as quite vapid and it makes me nervous that we’re going to have a pretty underwhelming season, I’m hopeful that I’m wrong though.

  54. I wondered if the vets would get some type of safety the first week with the numbers being so lopsided in the newbs favor. The team thing will help with that. And sure enough the biggest discussion the newbs had was the all agreed to target the vets saying they had their chance already. Of course I think they will be bright enough to know this team thing won’t be lasting very long with only 4 per team especially if 1 team consistently looses. My prediction is the newbs continue to stick to their plan of getting out vets knowing the team thing won’t last. So I think Nicole may be in trouble. None of the vets are really known to be great strategists other than maybe James. Nicole is gonna have to rely on her fellow vets to try to control their team members votes if she ends up on the block that is. So glad James and frank are back momma day I could have done without she is such a negative person, and nicole….just blah….they could have picked better girls I think. Cool new comp I think safe to say for the first month anyway its gonna be all about winning comps and less about strategy….unless as teams they strategize to have teams throw comps to get certain ppl out which the newbs could try to do if they want the vets out. I think bb was sick of ppl throwing comps which has become a big part of the game. This will make that a little harder. I just think they should stop trying to tweek things in order to change game play. I think they should have stuck with what works and just let ppl play. I’m not crazy about this format. BB is meant to be an individual game. I would hate if I got in there to find out I’m on a team and I’m not in control of my own game. At least the teams won’t last long I hope.

  55. This was actually a really good premiere! I highly dislike Da’Vonne’s team excluding Da’Vonne herself as I think she’s hilarious. I already realyh dislike Paul + Jorze. I just hope Nicole or Tiffany dont end up getting evicted tomorrow!

  56. Rant about bb18 premiere

    Here is what was wrong about this premiere

    1. The 4 returnees were flops that didn’t deserve another chance. Returnees should always be good players ready to see if they still have the ability to do good in the game.

    2. The teams of 4 twist. I would have been fine with this if the 4 returnees were amazing players and if it was like coaches from bb14. However this twist was clearly put in to try and save the returnees from a clearly superior cast.

    3. The 3 challenges determining who is out 1st. Why?! This is stupid we could lose a strategic mastermind because they can’t won a challenge. This is worse then the survivor season 10 twist eliminating 2 people via school yard pickem. Either Nicole or the old fat dude need to lose that challenge.

    4. 4 people got safety for 2 rounds like what?

    Basically best case scenario is the 1st 4 evicted are these flop returnees. Then the game can really begin.

  57. I dont remember mama da being such a bitch on her season. Rubbing me the wrong way with that attitude. That math girl with the heluim voice is gonna be annoying. Liking Tiffany and the punk rock clothing line dude.

  58. I’m not sure how everyone feels about returning player, but I really don’t like it and then you bring back 2 players from last season…come on man!! Your basically telling America that you can’t find 4 people that we’d find interesting. Does anyone know if BB and Survivor share the same casting pool? it seems Survivor does a way better job at casting with a wider age group range. I don’t mean to come out of the gate just bashing this season but come on it’s the same personalities each year. I see the evolution of the game over the past 17 seasons and you’ll get the good with the bad, I’m just ready for a season where you have a fresh new cast of fans only not recruits. Fine you got it outa me, I don’t like Recruits!

    • I like returnies when they preformed well (top 3) in their season. I do not like flops returning to get a “2nd chance” to prove them self

      • I do like the Frank pick but that’s what all star seasons are for and I just think BB can’t do an All Star season because people have lives and can’t be away from it for a whole summer

  59. I couldn’t stand looking at Vanessa last season, but her sister is kind of hot!

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