Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll – Week 8

Our latest poll is open for this week’s Big Brother 18 popularity contest where you can vote up your favorite Houseguests of the 2016 season. We’ve also got our results from last week so we can make our new rise and fall comparison of the summer.

Big Brother 18 Memory Wall featuring Houseguests

Once again all sixteen Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite.

We’ve got James topping the ranks again this week but there’s a growing threat from Natalie to unseat him as she’s now in second place and bringing his percentages back down with a narrowing gap between them. Nicole is still doing very well and hangs on to third place, a rank she hasn’t dropped below all season long.

Next up we’ve got Frank and Bridgette taking fourth and fifth place, respectively, despite both now being out of the game. Meanwhile Paul is moving up those numbers as he’s really getting in to the game and I’m guessing the moves he’s pulled over the weekend to go after a huge target could give him another boost.

Paulie, Da’Vonne, and Michelle hold the middle of the ranks as Da’Vonne continues to drop as most evictees do in these polls. Victor had a one spot climb and I won’t be surprised if he gets more of a boost for his moves like I think we might see for Paul.

Corey is the lowest ranked active player which isn’t terribly surprising as he hasn’t been a very involved force in the season. Maybe it’ll be his time to shine with half the cast gone.

Filling out the bottom of the ranks we’ve got Zakiyah, Tiffany, Glenn, and Bronte. Of course the very last spot once again goes to Jozea who has dominated the least popular HG spot all season long.

Check out all the results from last week and see how they performed when compared to the previous round’s results for gains and drops then be sure to scroll down and vote for your current favorite in our latest poll.

Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll Results – Wk 7 vs Wk 6:

  1. James Huling – 26.3% (+0)
  2. Natalie Negrotti – 18.9% (+2)
  3. Nicole Franzel – 13.6% (+0)
  4. Frank Eudy – 8.2% (-2)
  5. Bridgette Dunning – 6.8% (+1)
  6. Paul Abrahamian – 6.5% (+2)
  7. Paulie Calafiore – 4.7% (+0)
  8. Da’Vonne Rogers – 4.1% (-3)
  9. Michelle Meyer – 2.9% (+1)
  10. Victor Arroyo – 2.1% (+1)
  11. Corey Brooks – 1.8% (+0)
  12. Zakiyah Everette – 1.5% (+1)
  13. Tiffany Rousso – 1.1% (-1)
  14. Glenn Garcia – 0.4% (+1)
  15. Bronte D’Acquisto – 0.39% (-1)
  16. Jozea Flores – 0.22% (+0)

Vote here to support your favorite Houseguest for Week 8 of Big Brother 18.



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    • I just looked it up. Didn’t see his name in the credits though.
      Is it the one Cody is in (actor & associate producer)?

    • Just looked it up – Had no idea.
      He is acting in it and is an associate producer, too???

      I saw some pretty racy modeling pics of Cody online. Not surprised he got in a film. But he seems too old/worldly to be playing a college kid. Guess that’s because we know him from here. :)

    • I am curious enough to watch it or at least the beginning. Once the game is over, I’m not really a fan of the past player unless they come back to the show. I dislike most of the people who have played this game anyway. I didn’t dislike Cody, but couldn’t stand Derrick and they were a pair. I enjoy the show, but people like Frankie still in the spotlight bugs me. Thank goodness only his sister’s fan were into him for 15 minutes.

  1. I voted for James, as I always have, even when I’ve been upset with him. He and Paul were tied 23.81% at the time I voted. Paul is my second choice this week.

    • I voted for James all last year and started this year but quickly changed it to Frank. Yeah, Frank is/was a ss but still his love of the game made the biggest difference and the fact he was willing to play the game aggressive or not. Plus I didn’t really acre for how both Paul and Paulie talked to him about his campaigning to stay. Paul has not talked to Paulie the same for campaigning and yet no one has told Paulie to stop it because he is embarrassing himself this week.

      • I’ve always voted according to who I think is probably the most genuine and likable person in real life. I like the way James treats women. Not just Nat. He is genuinely nice to women, even respectfully speaks of his ex. Some don’t like his pranks, but they don’t bother me at all.

      • That doesn’t surprise me about you, WW. You know I always enjoy reading your posts and respect your opinions. :)

      • I, too, agree with you. Do you think Natalie is fat??? She is overly obsessing about her body. Who is she comparing herself to???? Hasn’t she ever heard of genes and the predilection for holding on to fat genes. I have no sympathy

      • Well, I bet you really do … I think this might be a temporary hormonal stage for her … bloating is a bitch and hormones make you neurotic, emotional, moody and melancholy … and just to top it off, they make you forget why. At least that has been my own experience (way in the past – glad that’s over!)

      • You’re right, I forgot about that. But suppose Natalie is preggars??? She said she hasn’t had her period in two months. But I remember she had gramps a week or two ago.

      • If you read Jokers … Nat just told James that after two months, she started … James kiddingly said back to her: “So, are you telling me I’m off the hook?” haha.

      • Many of us obsess about our bodies. However- I do believe that Natalie is a pro cheerleader – they have to be fit and athletic. Quite sure it is normal self-doubt/body image.

      • I also like the nicest person in the show, and not necessarily the best player. Most of the time that’s not the case. The underdogs. Usually the one who start slow, but ends up getting rid of the biggest threats.
        James is a nice person, but he is just hanging it out with people he probably would have never met in his real life and just allow them to run the show. This is not a frat house and he needs to win some comps. Natalie to me is acting fake most of the time, but seems genuinely nice.

      • Yes his social game I think has been the best this season. He just got caught in DAY’s spinning web of lies and never could recover from it.

      • Well good. I thought I was going to lose my mind when they basically told Frank to stop and that he was going home. Frank had every right o campaign to try to save himself. That is part of the game and who gave Paulie the right to change the rules.

    • James has done nothing in this game. He is just a number. I do hope Natalie who has more guts than James goes further than he does.

    • It’s not that I don’t like James as a person as much as I don’t respect his game play. Using his care package to flip the vote last week is pretty much the only time he’s shown he has a backbone and a willingness to make a big move in nearly two seasons of game play. And while both his personality and antics can be amusing, It’s grown a little tiresome on me this year; they probably should have waited a season or two to bring him back, instead of having him in back-to-back seasons.

      And while I agree with you about how he has a good, respectful attitude towards women, I think it’s a double-edged sword with the way he has also spent both of his seasons chasing a girl around like a puppy dog, and his seemingly being more interested in having a showmance than actually playing the game he’s supposed to be there to play. The way he always talks about “doing it for his daughter”, you’d think he’d be less passive and willing to sacrifice himself for Meg or Natalie and more into paying attention to what’s going on and making moves that will ensure he gets to the end and not just settling for being happy to spend time in jury house with his crush of the season…

      • All valid points if that is what you wish to base your vote on, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is genuinely a good guy. That’s what my vote is based on.

      • Moreover, I believe his past is most men disrespect hom because of his size (height), possibly bullied. I hear Paulie talking about his friendship criteria, he mentioned a guy cannot come after his girl, but yet he continued to try and get Natalie to take the bait under the bed. Right.

        But on the flip side of the coin, the way Natalie is acting now, I am somewhat puzzled as to why she got under the bed with him. I know if a guy has been insinuating or commenting on my anatomy, the last thing I would do is get under a bed with him. It sends mixed messages.

      • I’ve gotten that message from some of Nat’s actions. She admittedly is a flirt. Since she came in the BB house not knowing the game, all she had was her assets to help her and I think she used them to her advantage. In the back of my mind, I can’t help but wonder if she would behave any differently, as far as the kissing, etc., if she had Vic or Corey instead of James. I’m not saying she would. We’ll never know. I think she likes James, but I’m not sold on them having anything outside the house. I hope she is being genuine with him. I’m thinking with reserved optimism.

      • Agree again. I just don’t want her to hurt his feelings but he really should guard his heart. Guess no one has had that talk with him.

      • He’s a typical man. Thinks with the wrong head. Please guys, don’t gang up on me. You know it’s true.

      • Please don,lump all men into that category i have not had any sex in over 15 yrs ,dont need to i,m a gentleman and respect women I DO NOT THINK WITH MY 2ND HEAD at my age i could care less about sex.

      • I did say typical, not all. I know some really good guys, mrmoderate , and it sounds like you are one of them. Thanks for being a gentleman. :)

      • I think the bed thing happened before him commenting on her butt, or any of the things he has said.

    • I voted for James for the whole year until this week. I voted for him until I realized he is no longer fun James. I loved his pranks, I loved his relationship with Meg. He was so awesome and fun to watch last year. This year, he has been so much less fun/funny. Natalie has destroyed likeable James!! I also started liking Natalie a lot less this past week as she has been very crybaby-ish and the whole thing with being so obnoxious in the DR has been very annoying. I want James to be more fun again. This week I voted for the most fun/funny guy, the person who has been the most entertaining to watch by far, and his name is Paul. 100% best, most fun to watch, and I also think he is a good guy outside the house.

      • I completely see your side, completely. Meg was a “fun” girl. Nat is more serious. They are definitely complete opposites and have differing effects on James. Gotta love Paul. How can the house be boring with him in it!!!

  2. I had been voting Bridgette the last several weeks, but I switched to Victor this week. Even though I found his rhyming, bead-throwing speech a week or two ago mean-spirited and uncalled for, I also think others goaded and encouraged him into doing it. But besides that one incident, I have to say he’s really impressed me since returning to the BB house. Not only is he a competition beast, but he’s also been unafraid to make big moves, and seems to be pragmatic and savvy in his decision making. And although Paul does seem to have his ear, I think he’s shown enough awareness in his handling of Paulie’s pleas for salvation that I think, down the line, while he sees Paul as a friend and ally, he won’t hesistate to continue to make moves that benefit himself even if they contradict what Paul wants or put Paul in jeopardy. And other than the aforementioned nomination speech, I haven’t caught him being really mean or nasty to any of the other houseguests, so he’s also been playing with a decent amount of decorum as well. Finally, he’s probably doing as good or better than anyone that has returned to the house post-eviction than any other HG I can remember ever having done. So, of the remaining HG’s, I think he’s got the right combination of likeability, competition prowess, and strategic thinking. Go Victor!

    • I’m still getting over his offensive nomination speech with the beads but I do have to admit he’s doing well in the game and definitely growing on me.

      • That bothered me, also. I think in Victor’s case, that macho moment was all act for a spot in historical BB moments. Whereas Paulie is a complete d-bag POS scum for real. Easier to forgive Vic’s dumb oaf action. I actually laughed at it; not what he said, but because it made him look so foolish, imo.

      • Remember—the whole bead thing was Paulie’s suggestion. But – Vic showed poor judgment in doing it for sure.

    • Not to mention he’s keeping that kitchen floor and refrigerator clean after the pigs in the house.

    • Sure his first reign as HOH he put up two women. This time he was targeting two more women until those women made him look at how Paulie was running the show and how he had the numbers and the backup to target Paulie instead of them. Thats when Vic grew a pair, when he knew the house was with him. Thats what I saw

    • Maybe not a WHOLE lot, but James gets some credit for picking a side sticking with it and making sure Z went home. That started this get Paulie out ball rolling. He also knew he would bear the wrath of that decision. Victor and Paul just continued on the road that was started. I really don’t feel like James’s CP was wasted. The way he soothed Natalie and held her hand and head while she continued to vomit all over the place is why people like him. Paulie calls him a big back stabbed, but he just decided to play the game.

  3. Instead of Natalie laying out by the pool we get Big Leach laying by the pool Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    • You and Wrongway!!!! Maybe Nat just doesn’t want to put her Venezualian (I don’t know how to spell that!) butt out there for Paulie to comment on! Blame Paulie!

  4. Michelle is supposed to be a Nutritionist , yet she dosen’t seem to have the energy to sit upright for more then 10 minutes! She’s always laying around stuffing her pie face!

  5. Victor went up in this site poll while in the other he is number 10. It is obvious that poll is by the viewers of the show only because I voted for him this week for having the guts to put Paulie up on the block.

    • Paul made him do it.. Victor never would had put Paulie up without Paul telling him to. And I didn’t vote for me cause I don’t think he’s a good player, he’s just a comp beast in my opinion. I give the credits to Paul, not Victor, but that’s just me

      • I do as well, but I’m hoping Paul or James wins veto so Victor can also choose a nominee since Paul chose it for him this week.

      • Victor won HOH & POV tho. An idea without a way to execute it goes nowhere. You also are discounting that Vic would take the shot to get out Paulie or Corey for his eviction.

  6. Do u think Paulie’s waving the flag while the pie is baking the symbolic way BB is telling Paulie to surrender? ?

  7. Apparently I am as petty as Nicole because it bothers me a lot to see her so well liked. She’s a crap player and a crap person. Gah!

  8. Nicole had the nerve to talk about Michelle being dirty, didn’t victor just chide you girl for that same behavior. Geez.
    Michelle ‘s feet are so filthy.

    • … seriously, why are these people running around barefoot in that horrible house? Pet peeve of mine … I have a clean house, but floors are floors … put some shoes on! Maybe then you won’t pick your dirty feet right on camera and then put your hands in the food. I’m making myself sick here.

    • She’s walking around bare foot, even outside so I don’t see that as a big deal. At least she bathes, unlike Zakhya. Michelle did say that she is not a bum outside the house as she is in the BB’s, but I don’t believe her.

      • Lol. You did? I asked if anyone has seen her shower?
        I only watch BBAD and I have seen everyone shower but her. I did see Da doing her hair once so I assumed she had just washed it. I’m sure she showers, but she was always scratching her head and I had never seen her washing it so it grossed me out.

      • She was more than likely scratching at the hair extensions which may have been put on too tight, or the glue they use was irritating her scalp. Does not means she’s dirty.

  9. I’m dissapointed in Michelle going back to playing a floater game whenever she feels safe. She played the game for two days and immediately went back to stuffing her face and laying around for 20 hours a day.
    I’m not sure why Nicole got the most recent care package. Even though she has a lot of supporters, her net popularity isn’t very high according to Joker’s Updates HG ratings. I figured people like Paul, Vic, or Meech would’ve gotten more votes based on being peoples’ 2nd or 3rd favorite HG and not being able to vote for James, Nat or Frank.

    • I think Nicole got the care package so she wouldn’t be able to get the next one (co-HOH) and it worked out great. Her care package was rendered useless by what was brewing in the house. She’s a dope.

      • The people who voted for her inadvertently may have harmed her game because it made her ineligible for the CPs that she really needs and therefore more vulnerable to be evicted. If we could only see the future. I hope the same doesn’t come true for this week’s package. As long as she doesn’t win HOH and Corey doesn’t get the CP, and I just don’t see Corey getting the CP. Hope this is a case where expect the unexpected doesn’t come into play.

      • Nicole HOH and Corey CP … Yikes! But I think you are right that little chance exists for Corey to get CP, thank goodness.

      • I think there would because whoever has the CP will be her co-HOH and if it’s not Corey, then her nom won’t count much. Am I on the right track here?

      • Unless there is an unknown twist, if Nicole is HOH and Corey doesn’t get the CP, he is toast.

      • OK – we both have the real butter genes – no fake butter in my house ever! Yum. I have the best recipe to clarify butter so that it is yellow and transparent – just right for crab legs. My niece and I drink what’s left! Yow. We do.

      • Please share. You can pretend it is a rhyme for the HGs. lol
        I’ll think of that every time I need some now.

      • 2 sticks of butter
        In an aluminum pan
        Bake 200 degrees
        1 hour and Bam!

        Is that good?? Anyway that really is it – don’t know why it has to be aluminum — I use my round aluminum mixing bowl – shape is good to have small at bottom and larger surface on top because after it bakes, a crust appears on the top and you scrape it off and you are left with beautiful clarified butter which you can then use immediately or keep in fridge and melt again later. Took me years to find this – finally found it on youtube. Best ever.

      • I digress. I had it in my head that the two would have to agree on the noms for some reason.

      • The loop would consist of “I’ll only agree on yours if you agree on mine” … and because of the limited choices, the votes on a nom very well might not go Nicole’s way.

      • Not so! Consider that if, say, Paul gets the CP, then HE, as co-HOH, could put Corey up even if Nicole were HOH.

      • I think it was perfectly timed.. She was in no real danger anyway. So the prize was not necessarily a “win” for her.

    • Did you consider Bridge vote into account that it was cancelled out because she got evicted? Although Nic’s popularity is down, she still has a solid fan base, but I believe she was 2nd

    • I would prefer if we got to vote for the same person as many times as we wished instead of turning them off after their win. I would give it to Natalie every week.

      • Johnny played a great game and won comps when he wanted to. I would love for him to come back on all stars season, but badder than ever.

    • James on top is a complete mystery to me as well. Last season I would understand, but this time he is a bore and is not even trying to play the game just up Nat’s behind all day.

      • I totally see your point and you may certainly be right. He leaves so much for interpretation, I think. He gets credit in my book for using American’s “gift” resulting in Z going home which pretty much started the whole roll they are on .. that was a slippery slope at the time plus I don’t take his many silences as being afraid to talk but give him credit for shutting up. Regardless, he is where he is with time left to prove himself especially if he and Paul are in it together which I happen to think they are. I might read too much into it simply because I like him as he seems like a nice guy through it all. It seems like to me he has maintained focus in that “this is a game” and wouldn’t go off on the kind tangents that befall some which I think is the most important “tactic” or “strategy” of all.

      • He also keeps ruining all the blindsides we look forward to on eviction night. He warned Day and then told Paulie about evicting Z.

      • I don’t recall that Da knew and I believe telling Paulie about Z was discussed between Paul and James at least. I could be wrong, tho.

    • I know. I personally enjoy watching people who are there to actually play the game. He is as bad as Nicole in that respect. Both are probably nice in person (him more so) but neither should be there. Plus, he does keep ruining the blindsides.

  10. Paul is moving on up that pop. poll. Nicole going the other way. Appropriately, since she’s in the romance novel version of the show, and Paul is so funny. Too early to really tell, but I hope people at least vote for people who have been playing with energy and strategy.

  11. I was actually surprised to see Bronte’s name there… I completely forgot about her existence. ?

  12. I like James as a person. He’s chill and his pranks are goofy.

    As a player, he sucks because he’s a floater that goes with whomever is in power and just wants a girlfriend. Nicole is worse because all she cares about is Corey and not the game. Without that care package he wouldn’t not made a big move and he wouldn’t have done that unless he knew he had the house to back him up and protect him from Paulie.

    • I just want James to try and get with Natalie off camera on the Jury house and she’ll be like eewww Jamsey, no.
      She may not got to Jury with him though, since Paul wants to taker her to Final.

    • Isn’t that playing smart? If he went against what everyone in the house wanted, we would call him stupid.

  13. I’m expecting Natalie’s placement on this poll to drop this week, after everything we’ve had to endure from her, both on the show and on the feeds.

    • She seems to be getting sick alot and Paulie’s antics may be the reason, plus additional stress of being in the house.
      And she’s having neck spasms.

  14. On jokers I read that Michelle wanted to urinate on her self so Paul could touch and smell it when he is patting her down. Why? What happened now?
    I also read that Zakhya wants Paulie to win because he is a comp beast and the rest are just haters.
    I can’t wait for her to watch the show and for her Momma to slap her silly.

    • I just read Michelle had an interview whereby she claiming to want to be a Ms. Evil Dick. That’s been her plan so if she gets to the end, she’ll win.

  15. I hate all the floaters this season! Nicole, Corey, and James are so boring and not playing the game…. but watch, now it will be hard to get them out.
    I really hope Vic and Paul make it to final 2. Even Paulie played the game well until his game play got blown up….admit it!

  16. I have a big secret to tell ………….. Nicole is my favorite houseguest to ever play Big Brother (No Lie) I just wanted to say this because someone said they never saw a Nicole fan (I know you guys all hate me)

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