Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll – Week 7

Our latest poll is open for this week’s Big Brother 18 popularity contest where you can vote up your favorite Houseguests of the 2016 season. We’ve also got our results from last week so we can make our new rise and fall comparison of the summer.

Big Brother 18 Memory Wall featuring Houseguests

Once again all sixteen Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite.

Well guess who continues to have a lock on the favorite HG spot this season? Yes, it’s James in the top position with more than 30% of all the votes this past week. He’s trailed again by Frank who dropped 9% but still held on to second place and those lost points were spread around.

Nicole held on to third again but she’s being threatened by Natalie who is now the top ranked newbie and was only 0.07% behind Nicole. Now that’s close. Meanwhile Da’Vonne dropped out of the top four to make way for a non-Vet in those top positions, but she only fell one spot to fifth.

Bridgette is the next HG in sixth and a nudge ahead of Paulie and Paul. She had this week’s biggest climb with an improvement of three spots while Michelle earned a net gain of two. Nearly everyone else was either falling or holding steady.

The votes start to really trail off from there with Corey, Michelle, and Victor for the active Houseguests before we find the evicted Tiffany in twelfth and Zakiyah just behind her. Fear not though, Jozea has once again rocked the bottom spot keeping his streak alive for six consecutive votes as the least popular Big Brother 18 Houseguest in our polls.

Check out all the results from last week and how it compared to the round before then scroll to the bottom and cast your vote for this week’s favorite player. Be sure to share your thoughts on who you’re enjoying the most right now!

Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll Results – Wk 6 vs Wk 5:

  1. James Huling – 30.7% (+0)
  2. Frank Eudy – 12.3% (+0)
  3. Nicole Franzel – 11.27% (+0)
  4. Natalie Negrotti – 11.2% (+1)
  5. Da’Vonne Rogers – 8.4% (-1)
  6. Bridgette Dunning – 6.6% (+3)
  7. Paulie Calafiore – 6.1% (-1)
  8. Paul Abrahamian – 4.1% (-1)
  9. Corey Brooks – 2.8% (+0)
  10. Michelle Meyer – 1.7% (+2)
  11. Victor Arroyo – 1.4% (+0)
  12. Tiffany Rousso – 1.0% (-2)
  13. Zakiyah Everette – 0.75% (+0)
  14. Bronte D’Acquisto – 0.56% (+1)
  15. Glenn Garcia – 0.41% (-1)
  16. Jozea Flores – 0.22% (+0)

Vote here to support your favorite Houseguest for Week 7 of Big Brother 18.


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  1. I changed it up and voted for Natalie this week. I would like to see a poll with the same question but two categories; one for feeders and one for non-feeders. I wonder if there would be a vast difference.

    • I’m not a feeder myself but I do catch up on the dirt here, on Jokers and on Twitter. I find out a lot more than what is shown on tv!

      I used to watch BBAD but now it’s hit and miss. But yes – feeders (even though they have their favorites) spill a lot of dirt that doesn’t make the tv edit.

      • I still DVR AD in case something really interesting happens during that frame of time and I can watch it if I so choose. I think that has happened twice this season.
        I have found that, on Jokers, the way things are written sometimes, and they do a great job for the most part, it can be misleading, unintentionally, I’m sure. I read it and get this idea in my head and then a feeder will say that isn’t the way it happened or there was more to it than than. So I understand that I am doing a little reading between the lines. Watching a person’s expression is very telling also at times.

  2. Supported Bridgette: I don’t believe the James & Natalie’s support is real. James & Natalie are just there to lie, backstab, betray, form unholy alliances, break their word (against Frank & Bridgette), “want to make a big move” (against Paulie), They are not there to play fair. Big Brother encourages evil players, and this is a yearly problem (Vanessa was the evil player, last year, everyone hated her.)James & Natalie are the evil hated players this year.

  3. cant believe this infatuation with James…his game play is just the worst, last year and this year…al he does is walk around saying what does Paulie want.

    • There are just a lot of people this season that I dislike more, he’s high on my list by default.

      • I seriously forget Corey is even in the house half the time. If Nicole didn’t talk about him all the time, I think I might forget about him entirely.

        But you’re right about James. He’s so wishy/washy I can’t stand it

    • I was indifferent on James until he broke his public promise ONCE AGAIN…… He needs to go home.

    • Do not understand why people like James when he is one very bad house guest who is more concerned with his showmance than trying to win that $500,000. Call that crazy!

      • James is very adamant about keeping Natalie by his side and in the house, his statement was to Paulie about voting out his leach Zakea. I know its sad for James to try to use BB to find love, but look at some of the BB couples that people are still to this day keeping up with. I like James & Nat because its a quiet kind of relationship. She says her family is watching and he is very respectful about that. Do they have a real chance, who knows, but if they do we will be hearing about them for years. JMO

      • According to Jokers she told Bridgette that she had a boyfriend outside the house named Jason and ask her to please not tell anyone.

  4. The majority of people voting must evidently been as blind as these houseguests! That’s the only reason I can think of for no balls James being 1st and whiny Nicole 3rd. :-)

  5. this week I am voting for Bridgette to get the america package anything to screw over Pee pees plans

    • Me too. Paulie is taking what Michelle said about him at the veto ceremony hard. I like it. Lol. And actually paulie seems to be flipping against Paul. I just wish Bridgette, Vic, Paul, Natalie and even James would wake the heck up. Because Nicole, Corey and z are lost causes, they are Paulie’s forever blinded minions. I absolutely cant stand nicorey. They speak like they are running things yet they haven’t won really anything except for the first week. I can’t wait for the house to implode. It’s starting to after Michelle’s speech I think, I hope. OK, rant over. Lol

      • Paulie kept doing what he has been doing all season, probably basking in the assumption that nobody was brilliant enough to figure it out. Now all of a sudden a girl (no less!) has called him on his behavior, and he’s in shock. No wonder he has to get rid of Michelle. He can’t have a female threat in the house.

    • She’s getting all of mine! I wish we could vote not to give anyone the next one because I really don’t want to give anything to those that are eligible.

    • I split mine between Michelle and Bridget. Michelle is kinda nuts, but at least she’s trying to play.

    • Especially Nicole … I still get a glimmer of hope for James albeit rare and not enough to vote for him as fav.

    • Everyone is insufferable this season. At least James washes his hands after using the washroom and doesn’t pee in the hot tube. Anyway I voted for Natelie. Its a sad fact when sleeping all day and being nice makes you the best person in the house.

  6. Paul’s driving me crazy complaining just because he helped someone last week he should deserve return loyalty this week. We’re in week 6 already and Paul still hasn’t learned anything about this game. He’s a real waste of space on BB18.

  7. Zingbot has never, ever had so much material with which to work … however, if they only use what was seen on TV … I guess it won’t be as good as it could be.

    • From my understanding zingbot does several jokes for each houseguest, and they only play one on tv. But zingbot will never be as good as season 16. But in fairness, Kathy Griffin did half of the zingers. Her Zach zinger was priceless. But the one thing I’m interested in seeing is what nicoles zing will be, since she was not present for zingbot in her season.

  8. I am sure that many of the voters don’t watch the boring feeds and BBAD. I record it and still fall asleep while watching. Nicole is obnoxious and boring so I don’t get why she has any fans. James is castrated, and Frank didn’t even make it to jury.

  9. Alot of people are confused as to why people like Nicole but she is the only likable person in the house for me but it mostly has to do with the fact that she was my favorite in BB16 and I tend to get really attached to BB contestants I like and it takes alot for me to dislike them for ‘whining’ or being ‘boring’

    • Nicole was adorable in 16. I don’t hate her, but I think she doesn’t have much of a chance to win this game. Last time she atleast went out fighting, this time she’s just trying to chase Corey’s tail.

      • When will she realize that corey doesn’t even like her? Corey said to Tiffany that he doesn’t like small girls, and he is creeped out by them. He said he likes them bigger and taller.

      • Two nights ago she had the nerve to tell corey she wanted to do something daring and then work her way out of it. I busted my sides at ghe notion.

      • I was ROTFLMAO

        And, I cannot believe that I actually understood what she was saying.
        I had to hit replay!

  10. This sounds sad but I actually miss Frank. And I hated him on 14. Atleast he played the game and despite screwing up I thought he had potential to win.

    Also Natalie is the only person I’m rooting for AFV. I know it sounds sad, but atleast she’s thinking for herself while carrying James and Bridgette.

    • I always liked Frank. It’s really irritating seeing everybody wanting him gone, then after they get their wissh and he gets evicted, they complain about how boring the season is. You cant have it both ways.

    • I didn’t like the way he was acting towards the women this season. Then again, at least he wasn’t talkng about the women behind their backs and trying to vote them all out.

      I miss him now.

  11. Bridgette just made some points with me. She doesn’t know much about the Kardashians. That’s worth a few CP votes.

    • She is cute ONLY. She starts talking and I get stabby. She has that same thing the twins had last year. Corey-uuhhh. Stop it now!

  12. One thing I don’t understand is why America likes that idiot James 2 season of absolutely crappy game play by james

  13. He’s disrespecting the voters who gave him the vetoes, and they don’t even seem to care. Bizarre.

  14. We’re going to see this every week so I’m just going to point it out now and I’m probably going to have to post it in every one of the popularity polls.

    “Why is James always at the top?”
    “James at the top? He’s terrible at the game.”
    “I’ll never understand James’s popularity.”

    James is winning the popularity poll, not because he’s any good at the game, but because the people watching enjoy his personality, or at least like him moreso than the other houseguests. I don’t think anyone voting is under the illusion that James is playing the best game in the BB house. If this were the “Vote for the person playing the best game” poll, then we’d probably see Paulie at the top and James towards the bottom. But it’s not. It’s literally just saying “Which character is your favorite character?”. That’s it. I don’t understand why a popularity contest is so hard for people wrap their heads around.

    Edit: For the record, I voted for Natalie this week, not James.

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