‘Big Brother 18’: Nicole & Corey Face Great Danger From Next Care Package

Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks are about to be greatly outnumbered if things continue down the current course for Big Brother 18. They’re likely about to lose their only ally in Paulie and face a very difficult game ahead especially after the next Care Package arrives.

Nicole and Corey on Big Brother 18

With Nicole out of the running for the Co-HoH care package only Corey is eligible from their shrinking alliance and that leaves a big threat to the couple hoping to persist in the season or even survive through next week.

Only Victor won’t be able to compete in the upcoming HoH which means Nicole and Corey will face Paul, James, Natalie, and Michelle in their bid for control and safety, but even if one of the couple wins it this probably won’t be a safe week.

We know something these HGs don’t. The next care package gives away half the HoH’s power letting the Co-HoH (ACP’s recipient this week) share safety and make one of the two nomination picks. Here’s where things get ugly fast for Corey and Nicole.

Let’s say Corey wins HoH on Thursday night. He’s going to think both Nicole and he are safe for the week. Nope. When that next package drops from the sky I’m willing to wager Corey won’t be even close to winning that prize. Nicole is out of the running and really this would have been the week for her fans to save for her to win, but that’s spilt milk.

When either Michelle, Paul, or Victor wins the Co-HoH Care Package then they’ll have the power to pick the second nom so up Nicole will go on the Block even with Corey as the HoH.

Even if we flip things around in the scenario with Nicole winning HoH we’ve still got the same issue of the other going up on the Block when that Care Package hits the backyard.

If Nicole is HoH, noms Victor, and Corey goes up on the Block after, for example, Michelle wins ACP then that leaves Michelle, James, Natalie, and Paul to all vote out Corey. Yes, we could be watching Corey get voted out under Nicole’s HoH reign next Thursday. Yikes!

Now why don’t I think Corey has a snowball’s chance of winning this ACP? He is second to last in our poll for who should win it with only Paulie behind him. Then if you go to our Popularity Poll, he’s the lowest active HG in last week’s rankings. He’s just not a popular HG and that’s exactly what this ACP twist requires. A few readers have suggested Nicole’s fans could rally to vote for Corey instead, and sure, it’s possible, but I don’t see it happening in the volumes necessary to impact the outcome.

Should someone other than Nicole or Corey win HoH then I think we’ll end up seeing both of them on the Block together with the two noms combined since that’s the latest majority’s group decision and then Corey would be on out the door. There’s really just no best case scenario for the couple under what we see in the game right now.

Of course if this Friday mystery episode presents a returning Juror competition or some other sort of outside forces overrides the game next week with another twist then things may still work out much differently than I’ve detailed above. And that’s what it will probably take to protect Nicole and Corey from being split up next week and they don’t even know it yet.

What do you think might happen? Can you see a likely scenario where the pair could avoid one being evicted next week? Share your thoughts below.

Side note: Yes, of course one could win Veto and save the other. I’m more looking at them likely facing a situation where one is on the Block with the votes pending against them to be evicted.


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  1. With two HOHs next week, does that mean those two can’t compete for HOH the following week? That could get interesting!

  2. 1:03 bb cacalls for an outside lockdown. Victor says it’ll be about 45 minutes. Well I guess if productions going to swap Pollys envelope and giving the round-trip now

      • When was the surprise Friday show revealed? Is it plausible that production knows who has the round trip ticket based on where it was selected in the Paris room and they realize that it will not be used and have scheduled the returning guest via the impromptu Friday plan B… If so, then we can surmise that Paulie definitely doesn’t have the ticket

      • I believe I actually read here somewhere that production knows exactly who has the RT ticket because they were numbered…not just by where they were placed(?). I do hope that it is not Paulie holding the RT ticket.

      • These producers will find any way possible to get that loser DaVonne back in the house. They miss her hoardes of fans, good DR and dirty looks.

      • Yes she does. She keeps it in her open window on those warm Summer nights to keep cool.

      • Thank you, Matthew. I’ve wanted to say that for weeks to people. I haven’t only because things I say quite often don’t come out well, so I was afraid it would be taken as a personal attack on the person posting the comment. I’m so tired of people talking about setups and production, etc. etc. Again, Thank you.

      • This is TV and ratings are what the producers want. Paulie having RT ticket would boost ratings and bringing DaVonne back in some way would bring back her fans. I hate both, so I hope you are right.

    • No..the switching of envelope will be done by Julie Chen during the live eviction…Rumor said, she practiced sleight of hand with a magician.

    • Why would CBS rig the show to keep the least popular housemate, by far, in the house?

      You people keep crying wolf about rigging and refuse to answer this question.

      • Isn’t the obvious answer because he causes drama/tension which makes for a much more interesting show? I don’t think it’s rigged either but that would be the obvious answer.

      • I see your point, but Paulie isn’t someone viewers ‘love to hate’. He’s someone they just hate.

        He’s also a huge threat to Natalie and James, who viewers adore. If Paulie has the ticket it’s not because of rigging.

      • What’s to disagree with? The viewing audience loves Natalie and James. It doesn’t mean you or I do. There’s quantitative data that shows this.

      • We won’t though. Because even if Paulie DOES have the round-trip ticket (he has a 1 in 8 chance after all) it doesn’t mean production rigged it.

      • CBS is not going to take the chance of having their broadcast license revoked or suspended ,and any kind of switching of envelopes or pushing for a favorite would be a fraud and the FCC would be all over it,CBS owns too many channels to risk their license ,so these idiots who think its rigged are just full of hot air.

      • They keep these types of HG because they’d do anything for ratings. They kept a racist and a drug addict on the show, so why not an asshole?

      • What exactly do you mean by ‘kept’? As in the producers actually went out of their way to interfere with the game in order to ensure a contestant remains in the game when they otherwise would have been voted out?

      • By “kept” I meant that any honorable network would have REMOVED those people from the show. The racist remarks that were ongoing by one HG were disgusting, and the drug induced bullying of another HG by one very sad HG was unconcionable. THAT is what I meant by KEPT!! Is that clear enough for you?

      • Whoa, why are you getting so upset? I asked an innocent question very politely. You made a serious accusation in a forum where opinions are discussed. If you weren’t prepared for someone to respond to your accusation, then you shouldn’t have made it.

        Big Brother is a social experiment. Some people are racist. It sparked a national discussion about race, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

        Big Brother is not a Miss America pageant. It’s a game. If we called for the producers to remove every single contestant we personally disagreed with there would be no one left.

      • Thanks Joe. I get a little carried away at times lol. My last comment on that post was inexcusable. I’m not usually like that, but I have a 6 month old puppy and he’s literally running me ragged. He’s ADORABLE, but SO much energy!! I feel like someone’s dropped off 10 toddlers at my house lol. He’s sure giving me my exercise. He’s a mini Doberman & such a sweetie. His name is Harley (after Harley Davidson) yea, hubby is a Harley guy lol. Have a great day while I’m dealing with what I call, Harley’s crack attacks lol.

      • Aww, Dobermans are really cute. I can’t imagine a 6 month old one, though! Way too much energy for me. But I’m sure Harley has great parents.

        Don’t worry about your comment at all. Seriously, we all lose our cool every once in a while. If it makes you feel better, I lashed out the day before at someone, so I was due for some back at me. It’s all good! Hope you enjoy the rest of the season.

      • If you say you overreacted, I will believe you, but IMO what you said was right on. Apologies are never out of order, so I applaud you for that and hope you have a good day today. :)

      • I apologized for the way I said it, not for what I said. I was kind of bitchy the way I said it in my first reply & that’s what I was apologizing for. I still stand by what I said, even though the delivery was pretty crappy lol. Have a good one.

      • Well this is a game observing HG’s locked away for a long time, to see how they react. Aaryn being such a racist was hard to watch, but even one dunderhead told her she was being racist, and she disregarded. Rules of the game and all that. They weren’t taking her out

      • I had such a hard time watching that Aaryn making those racist comments. I couldn’t believe BB kept her in the house. I DO NOT put up with anyone speaking like that around me. I stopped watching the show because of her that season. Has I been in the house I’m afraid I would have had a hard time keeping my hands to myself, and I’m a very gentle person. I have HAD IT with people being judged by the color of their skin, how much they weigh, or how much money they have. For God’s sake, let’s all take a breath here. People are people, regardless of anything else. Love thy fellow man. We seem to have forgotten that these days. Peace and love to everyone.

    • When someone is breaking rules and constantly refusing punishment, they wouldn’t ensure that he stays in the house. He’s as good as gone.

    • I’m pretty sure production hates paulie now after him walking around ignoring the pie bake calls and threatening to quit jury

  3. Nicole has fans? Really? Surprising as all she does is nothing.Other than whining about her game.I hope she never returns.

    • Here;s my take on why she won saftey. Yes she has fans. But People were splitting their votes between Bridget and Mich. Because which ever one didn’t get voted out was a sure bet to leave this week. They others were safe for the time being. And they were saving Vic and Paul for better acp”s.

      • She won safety because people like her and voted for her. She’s been in the top on the poll favorites every week.

      • Actually she won. Where’s Bridgette? Oh yeah she’s in jury. Where’s Nicole? Oh yeah she’s in the house safe.

      • Because the voting happened when bridge was still in the house.. Bridge would have won if she wasn’t evicted. Guess u think being second is the same as winning first lol

      • What don’t you get? She didn’t come in second she WON! She’s safe isn’t she? Someone else isn’t safe. And there are a ton of polls out there. CBS doesn’t reveal who was second or third, etc. Look at some of the other sites where she’s first.

      • Ok well unless you can see the future nobody knows who’s going and when until it actually happens. And when she wins you’ll see.

      • Don’t worry nicole will be in jury too soon. She wasn’t even a target this week so it was wasted. She had to wear that dumb outfit for nothing

      • Guess we’ll just have to wait and see who goes to jury. Unless you’re psychic. By the way I thought her outfit was cute and so did she. And as far as wasted nobody is EVER safe.

      • I voted for her and ONLY so she couldn’t get one of the two subsequent care packages where she could cause some damage.

      • I think nicole USED to have fans. Hell I used to actually like her. But after this season hell no! I think the only fans that stuck around are ones that aren’t too Bright to see the dumb twat she really is. Lmao. Only thing she knows how to play is Corey’s D under the covers every night.. Oh but Natalie is a skank.. Righhhhht. Team Natalie all the way :))

    • It boggles the mind she has more than 10 – I’m counting who likely like her in her family

  4. I may be the minority this year but I really like Nicole, I hope that if one of them is HOH and one is on the block they win the veto then someone else will go. This is the first year of big brother where I have liked all of the underdogs.

    • If u liked underdogs then why root for nicole? Shes a veteran been shielded and floater whole show and relies on corey and group of elite guys to protect her. She lies and lies…and lies. She hasnt played the game well and is in lame showmance.

      • She lies just to lie. Her strategy is to never ever tell anyone the truth. It’s actually a dumb strategy that has never won anyone big brother. So why should she try it if she actually had a clue? The answer is she wouldn’t.

      • I picked up on, and disliked, Nicole the first week I watched her. (Didn’t even know BB existed until Season 17 so never seen her before)

      • Gee I believe it was Day that lied and busted up that alliance. Like telling Frank Tiffany was after him and telling Tiffany Frank was after her.

      • Who doesn’t friggin lie. At least her lies are about strategy. Like not telling Michelle she’s voting out Day or not telling someone they’re going home. That group of five are the biggest liars in the house. Only difference is they make up lies about people and that’s dirty playing. Michelle even admitted to Paulie she plays dirty.

      • Paul hasn’t lied? Come on. They all have. Only one I think that has been pretty well straight up is Vic.

      • Thank you thank you thank you. Been debating back and forth with several Nicole fans. They all seem to think she’s holier than thou and can do no wrong when she is the biggest liar and backstabber in the game right now. Also, can’t stomach her victim mentality.

      • Have you been watching Natalie, Paul and Michelle? Now those are 3 dirty lying players.

      • One of the main reasons I don’t like Nicole is because of her fans and their absolute refusal to believe she does anything wrong in the game. It’s always the other houseguests fault and never Nicole.

      • What does her fans have to do with her. Makes no sense to me. But that’s me. And I don’t think anyone said she’s not doing anything wrong. She’s just not a fake hypocrite.

      • James has gone on with what the majority decides which is what Corey and Nicole has done and certainly, what Michelle, Natalie has done as well! The big move done was by Victor and Paul to blindside Paulie! The rest has not really done enough to deserve that $500,000 check. Atleast, Paulie and Frank played the game. For this reason, I will root for Victor to win that $500,000 and Paul to get that $50,000 check!

      • Haha she’s a floater? She’s stuck with Corey and Paulie this entire season. You want to talk about floaters just look at the idiot that wears the duck float all day. He’s the biggest floater.

      • do you know what floating means? she has ‘floated’ by not doing anything, winning anything, no game moves, and she ‘floats’ with the rest of the house power, which yes, is paulie and corey….what do u not understand about this concept of floating…victoria did same thing with corey and derrick season 16 and she was blatantly a classic floater that went all the way to final 3 by being, um, a FLOATER!! moron…just because you have alliances with the power of house doesnt mean you arent a floater or useless person just going along for the ride–or floating along for the ride…..and every criticism of nicole is true regardless of whatever word you want to use–it’s all just BAD….she doesnt win, she hides behind guys, in a lame showmance, lies all the time and not even well since it always backfires on her…in what possible way has she even played a good game when she has brought on the target to herself with frank, da, mich, and others too…..

        as for paul, he is seriously pulling off some steve or ian or dan level playing of sides, has been hoh, does well in comps, great at puzzles and problem solving, great social game and boasts ppl morale, has made right alliances at calculated times in game while still maintaining friendships and communication with everyone in the house, has done big game move by targeting paulile, and started off by being cocky and having his whole alliance dismantled and hated by house yet somehow through ingenous social game has crawled back into fold AND has somehow become the top 3 game changers and manipulators of the house after such a blow first weeks…floater!!?? hillariously dumb thing to say…just wow…(and i dont even like paul) …like he has easily one of the best comebacks to power ever, along with victor, so you clearly dont watch it or are the dumbest BB fan to have ever existed

      • I’ve watched BB since season one. I think Paul is not only a racists but a big time floater. He pretends he’s in one alliance then runs from room to room and vomits info to everyone else. He goes with whoever has power. To me that a class one FLOATER. And your book you just wrote is one of the dumbest books I’ve ever read. Just love it when trolls come on here and because you disagree the name calling starts.

      • Exactly – she did nothing her first season, and played same game this season. Run with whoever will keep her safe

    • There’s a difference between liking her as a person, which I do, and liking her is a game player, which I don’t. As a person she seems nice enough but as a game player she’s absolutely terrible. She’s less than useless.

      • What has she done that makes her sneaky and disgusting? I think Natalie takes that crown.

    • Yep I agree. People don’t like someone unless they play dirty and act like fake hypocrites.

  5. Could the winner of HOH even win the ACP this week? Don’t you think they’d be ineligible? Production is going to spend all that time getting “Paris” converted into a 2nd bedroom for the week.

    • If they win HOH and have the most amount of votes for the CP, it will probably go to the person with the next highest amount of votes.

    • Of course they could – then it would just be a regular week and a wasted acp twist but completely possible

      • No, I doubt they would. I agree with Justine. I bet the 2nd highest vote total will win ACP if the highest is the HOH. They want 2 HOHs.

      • I doubt they would penalize the ACP because they won HOH – seems to me it makes the most sense that they would just award the person who won the most votes regardless

  6. Matthew Boyer, Why is Paulie still in the house when he said yesterday at 1:20 in teh afternoon that he is going to crack some one in the face on his way out the door.

  7. What I want to know though is… If you win ACP this week, can you compete in the HoH comp the following week?

  8. I have a gut feeling that Paulie has that RT. They filmed the Ziggy Marley thing yesterday to air on Friday..a HG is coming back in and I haven’t heard anything about a juror already at the jury house coming back. Am I over-reaching? Paulie will be in the footage from yesterday.

    • Live feed discussion had one of the prizes earned during the concert / party as an advantage in the upcoming HoH competition. Based on this I do not think the concert will be the focus of Friday’s episode as it wouldn’t make sense to air someone winning an advantage after the HoH competition begins live on Thursday.

      Each RT ticket was numbered and production knows which house guest is holding the RT. My guess is that the ticket is held by someone not nominated this week, meaning the RT ticket twist will expire without the ticket being used.

      At least one juror has to return to the game. This is based on the current number of remaining players and the scheduled air date for the finale. My guess is that the Friday episode is productions “plan B” to bring someone back into the game without the RT being used. Julie will have a “new twist” to reveal to the house guests and jurors on Thursday night, possibly with a combined HoH / returning juror competition as we have seen in the past.

      • Which means that Paulie most likely doesn’t have the RT, but if he is a juror, then he might be back in the house anyway? Yucko.

  9. Ha, that’s what they get for sitting on their derriere allowing someone else to play their game.

  10. Nicole: “Oh Nooo-uhhh! Corey, you can’t leave! I love you-uhhh!”
    Corey (staring blankly off into space): “I love Christmas.”

    • Same here. I hope she wins just because Nicole said she’d be upset if Michelle got one lol

    • I’m scared to vote for Michelle .. when Paulie was talking to her, she actually said she started feeling sorry for him and had to be talked out of it. I’m afraid her emotions might take over and perhaps Corey or Nicole could talk her into something — Nicole is really sneaky, ‘ya know and can cry on a dime. I’m voting for Paul, but I can see how Michelle will certainly be a contender.

      • I think if she happens to feel bad for Paulie, she’ll be the only one voting for Paulie to stay, so it’s lose/lose.

        In all honesty, she’s #5 (behind Paul/Victor/James/Natalie). She’s really on her own, and can shake it up, which is what I think it needs, but then she pisses off the majority and becomes a target.

        She hasn’t won anything (I think) and I don’t see her winning any comps against anyone who’s left unless it’s a crying comp, so she could make it to the final 3 being that she’s done nothing but hang on for that reason.

  11. The problem here is Nicole’s fans are likely voting for Corey to win the package. And we definitely don’t want a situation where Nicole won HOH and then Corey wins the care package.

    • Perfect situation. That’s why I’m giving all my votes for Corey. At least it won’t be a predictable few weeks. If one of the bullies get HOH we already know what will happen. Corey will go then Nicole will go then Michelle will go then Natalie will go and it will be James, Paul and Victor F3. Boring. Why even watch when you know how the rest of the show will go.

  12. Does Nic have a strategy when she came to the house?…and not even her fans can pull an ACP for Corey..I doubt it very much. I bet she barely won the one she got.

    • The one she got was won by Bridgette, but since B was evicted, Nic apparently came in a distant 2nd place.

      • Plus, you’re assuming Nicole still has any fans left. I liked her when she first entered BB18 game based on her former play, but not so much any more. All she wants to do now is be Corey’s girl. The heck with the game – and it’s obvious. She’s a real waste this time around.

      • And that’s why Corey won’t win the ACP. He’s done nothing to befriend himself to the watching world so no one cares about him. His popularity in the poll is virtually non-existent. Nicole could have changed that, but instead let him drag her down.

      • Plus has shown such arrogance and ignorance in thinking she and Corey deserve America’s attention. For what?

      • She has plenty of fans. Go to some other sites and have a look. And who cares if she likes the guy? Do you remember a couple named Jeff and Jordan? These people are together 24/7 and if there’s an attraction I say go for it. Everyone making such a big deal over her showmance. Jealous maybe?

    • I was pulling for her in the beginning. I thought she was gonna help run the house with the other vets. But since the third week or so, I’ve just sunk on her. I thought she’d get her head back in the game but nope. So disappointed in her game this season.

      When she was on before, she had a romance with Hayden but she was still a competitor. Maybe because Hayden chased her and she had to be coerced (that sounds harsh but I don’t mean it that way) – he pursued her. Plus Hayden won comps, too, so maybe since they could both win comps, that kept them on their toes.

      Seems like she is so struck with Corey, she doesn’t have the fire to win the game. And until this week, Corey hasn’t really been much of a comp beast. Lol. Maybe now they will kick it in and go to work. Too little, too late, I’m afraid (for them to win) but at least that would keep it more interesting (than just a steamroller).

      Honestly, nothing against them personally (I don’t know them, don’t want to know them – I’m just a game fan) – but I do not want to see either Nicole or James on another season. Not after this one.

      • Lol. I like his nickname – ha ha.
        I hope (if he stays) he becomes a force to be reckoned with in the comps. Make it interesting.

        If he isn’t going to win anything, I’d honestly be ok if he just went. His vote only makes a “difference” if he is part of a majority so…

        Do you think the air freshener in his car is a tree?

        I don’t see him & Nic being bf/gf after the show. He has too many reindeer games to play. ;)

      • I don’t think Nicole is going to be ringing his jingle bells while dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh. Hey!

  13. Chalk on the sidewalk. Writing on the wall. Everybody knows that. I love Paul. (He’s my fav now)

    • He’s definitely made it a fun week. He’s been a really good sport about the Secret Service punishment. He’s actually more likeable as a comedian than when he’s serious.

  14. I think the special episode on Friday is a twist that makes the houseguests vote to eliminate a jury member. That would be interesting! Haha (Just like Survivor)

  15. Looking at last week where the ACP arrived after Bridgette was already voted out, doesn’t the same scenario apply this week? The HOH will be selected Thursday while, ACP voting ends Friday and is announced Sunday.
    Wouldn’t the HOH already have picked the two nominees by the time it gets announced who gets the ACP? If Corey or Nicole is the next HOH, then, they should be both safe this week. Next week, they will not be safe since, the co-HOH ACP will be in full effect for the next HOH. It probably would not matter because next week, one of the alliance of 5 will probably be the HOH unless, Nicole or Corey win HOH back to back which seems very unlikely! In that case, both Nicole and Corey will be on the block. If Nicole or Corey win this weeks HOH, they have an opportunity to eliminate a big threat by putting Victor and Paul both on the block with James as the re-nominee if either of the two wins VETO.

      • Did not know about that special show. Was just wondering based on last weeks scenario and the timing of the ACP when it took effect!

      • yup 611. 18-27 18 Aug 16 Eviction (9)

        612. 18-28 19 Aug 16 Head of Household (10)

        613. 18-29 21 Aug 16 Power of Veto (10)

  16. 611. 18-27 18 Aug 16 Eviction (9)

    612. 18-28 19 Aug 16 Head of Household (10)

    613. 18-29 21 Aug 16 Power of Veto (10)

  17. I know this is off topic but I just watched Sunday’s episode and I really want someone to explain to me y everyone thinks it’s ok for Natalie to flirt with all the other guys, incl the fact she said some messed up things to corey about james, but if paulie does it it’s horrible and zakiyah MUST know?? I can’t deal with all the hypocrisy and I’m sorry but I personally as woman don’t see a problem with calling someone out who clearly has fake boobs and lies about it

    • yert look how paul is floatn by whenever some1 win hoh he goes straight for them for the whole week!

    • She’s definitely being a hypocrite, as she openly mocked her relationship with James in the past, but I think Natalie was brilliant in using this against Paulie. Great game move, in my opinion.

      CBS needs a hero and a villain because viewers like that. They manipulated the story around that.

      • Actually, Jozea and Paul were the original villains of the season. Then Jozea and Victor walked out the door, Paul did a 180 to save himself, and Frank became the villain. Once Frank left, Paulie took over the position.

      • When did she openly mock her relationship with James in a derogatory way? She’s joked about it in front of him but not denigrating him behind his back. No comparison to Paulie.

      • After she was already in a ‘relationship’ with James, Natalie told people she was interested in other guys in the house. It was discussed on this site.

        Again, I’m not saying she’s a bad person at all! She seems really sweet. And I don’t think she’s playing James now. I think she has real feelings for him, for what it’s worth.

      • Natalie did tell people she was not interested in James after they were in their fake showmance.
        I like her, but the reality is that she is not as sweet as she pretends to be when it comes to boys.

    • You comparing Natalie to Paulie is ridiculous. I think Natalie is a bit of a hole, but I think she seems really nice and sweet. At least on the show. Her personal business is just that and no one needs to know about it if she doesn’t want to. I do think it is obvious she had them done, but she paid for them and should not have made such a big deal about it.
      Paulie is a horrible human being and yes, I do think he was just flirting, but the fact that he treated Z like crap makes everything he says and does inexcusable. Natalie and the other HGs heard and saw most of the horrible things he did to Zakhya.

      • They didn’t compare Natalie to Paulie. They simply pointed out something that happened and wasn’t talked about.

        Natalie seems like a sweet girl and she’s playing a great game. It’s okay to discuss these things. She’s a human being and makes mistakes. Totally cool.

      • Who is they? I was replying to Jacquie’s comment. I thought she was comparing a sweet girl with a horrible excuse for a man. She didn’t make any mistakes. Natalie is very skanky if that word is allowed here. Last night she was pretending to sleep when Paul had to pat people down she lifted her arms and turned her body so he could touch her top. At least that’s what it seemed to me.

      • ‘They’ is referring to Jacquie.

        Again, I really like Natalie and think she’s a genuinely sweet girl. I don’t feel like it’s that blasphemous to acknowledge the fact she has made mistakes, though, like flirting with the other guys while in a ‘relationship’ with James. She’s human. That’s okay.
        For what it’s worth, I don’t think she’s playing James.

      • I wasn’t outraged, but Paulie is despicable.
        I hope that she is not, but Natalie is already moving away from him now that she thinks Paul and Victor will keep her safe.

      • I wasn’t trying to compare them I want people to acknowledge the fact that Natalie flirted a lot before AND after she got with james, there’s no excuse for a lot of Pauline’s behavior but I also don’t think his crappy behavior should let her slide

      • According to Natalie she only did it before. I think having friendly conversations is not flirting. Nat and James are not dating, she is single and there is no reason why she can’t flirt if she wants to. Z on the other hand was having very intimate relations with Paulie, so it was a different situation.
        James and Natalie have a friends only showmance for now. Who knows what will happen after the show.

      • I’m not talking about how he treated z CUZ that was crappy I’m only talking about how it’s hypocritical to call someone out for flirting when u do it too!

      • I think Natalie was trying to let her know how crappy Paulie is, but Z is just in his world. According to Natalie she flirted before her showmance with James. I did see her walking back and forth wearing a towel after she showered so Victor could look at her. He didn’t care.

      • Wearing a towel has more body covered than a bathing suit. So…so what about her walking around with a towel?? Victor saw her…. So?

      • Natalie admitted to flirting with Paulie, but said it was early in the house and before her connection to James. She said Paulie didn’t stop and it was disrespectful to James who was thinking at the time that he and Paulie were “bros”. Plus, there is flirting and then there is flirting and we all know the difference and we all know Paulie has no boundaries – his flirting was specific with regard to body parts and unsolicited relative to her butt when she (and others) was laying by the pool minding her own business and Paulie also suggested out of the blue to her that they should kiss “even though Z and James would be mad”. As far as Nat telling Z, the flirting was one issue, but mostly it was about Paulie disrespecting Z when Z was not around and acting as though she was a plaything and he “never cared”. As far as a breast augmentation, I consider it no different than any other personal issue in my life and it is only good manners, good taste or decent decorum for others to get that and know that I am not required to advise them of anything I wish to keep personal. Suffice it to say, I would not even assume anyone was interested .. obviously Paulie was very interested.

      • If she was so scared and intimidated by Paulie why did she hide under the bed with him? Not trying to defend Paulie, just saying Nat is not innocent in all of this. I think she likes to be flirted with just as much as she likes to flirt.

      • I do get that and appreciate Nat’s part, just IMO Paulie goes out of bounds with it … I also think strategy played a part for both in this.

      • That could be. I don’t know. But one thing I do know is that her breasts play absolutely no role in that other than the size of Paulie’s dick does. Oh wait. Maybe I should take that last part back. That could actually be his problem. ;-)

      • Oh right. Forgot about that. I noticed there were nude pics making the rounds, but forgot to bother to look.

      • Now y is it ok u can fun of his dick size but I cant comment on her fake boobs? Thanks for proving my hypocrisy point

      • Did you see the “wink” at the end of that comment. That was to signify that it was a joke. Sarcasm, actually.

      • I realized if I had nothing nice to say then say nothing at all……..that’s just how i roll! Lol

        Nahhhh….. That’s not true…. Lol I just deleted that msg cuz I realized it was a losing battle. So…. I’ll just agree to disagree & have a nice day!

        You have one too & wherever you are stay safe & wear sunscreen! Lol

    • As far as I am concerned it is non of my damn business if someone has breast implants. Why should Nat have admitted a damn thing to anyone real or fake. JMO

      • The only difference between us knowing that Natalie had plastic surgery and not knowing is that we now know what an insecure person she is.

      • Insecurity is certainly not a prerequisite for breast augmentation – it could just be a matter of preference, like hair color or tanning. Also, I would never assume the “why” part – could be an underlying issue that is not revealed for whatever personal reason one may have.

      • Exactly. God, I hate it when women attack other women on this stuff. It’s just so disgusting. Like we don’t put up with enough of this sh!t from a**hole men like Paulie. Do we really need it from other women too?

      • How is it an attack if I say that she has a self-esteem problem? All of us go through it, as you pointed out yourself. Plastic surgery is a solution, but is it necessarily the right one for this problem? I say no. Because you can change anything you want about your body, but that’s not what’s going to make you happy. It’s just going to give you a temporary “happy” feeling. It is entirely possible to get addicted to plastic surgery for this reason. It doesn’t fix the underlying problem, it’s just covering it up so the world doesn’t see it. Only, in the case of a plastic surgery addict, the world does see it.

      • Ok ok ok…. Enuff! We get your point!

        You don’t think Nat should have fake boobies! She has low self esteem issues & should love herself for who she is not her outer shell.

        Please, let’s move past those big suckers ok?! Cool! ?

      • Feeling the need to change something about yourself means that you don’t like something about yourself. That’s a self-esteem issue. If it makes you feel better about yourself to get something changed, then that’s one thing. But it will not change the fact that you’re insecure and have at least one point in your life suffered from low self-esteem because you didn’t like yourself the way you were born.

      • Hey, I’m not ashamed of who I am. There are things I’d like to change about myself, sure, but they don’t change how I feel about myself. And what I’d like to change? Has nothing to do with how I look, but the fact that I’m disabled. And if I can still love myself though all that? Well, then I’m doing all right.

      • Who hasn’t had low self-esteem at one point or another? Some of us have moments of insecurity every day. It’s called being human. And so feckin what? Not to mention, those among us who have not suffered a moment of insecurity, are the narcissists among us.

      • Yeah, we all have had to deal with things, but most people ride it out or lean others to support them. If someone came to me and said that they don’t like the way their body looks and want to get plastic surgery, I’d tell them they were crazy because they’re beautiful as they all ready are. Ultimately, of course, it’s a choice everyone has to go through, but a vast majority of us come through it with no thoughts of plastic surgery. Does plastic surgery have it’s uses? Of course, in certain circumstances. But I don’t think this is one of those situations.

      • Ok let’s give you an example of vanity. Cuz that’s what we really are debating about! Vanity vs insecurities or as you put it, ‘low self esteem.’ And Nat’s suffering from all the above in your opinion….. Or in a sanopsis.

        Do you go get your hair cut, dyed, permed…whatever? Do you shop for clothing that fits you vs just any old rag? Do you eat healthy or are your habits out of control? Have you EVER said, “geez, I sure could lose a few pounds!”
        Do you wear make up? Hell, do you even shower to wash up? Shave??…..anything?.. Lol (hahaha!)

        Well, if you answered yes to any of the above then I’d say you fall into that same category of insecurities. You do things as such to be better, feel better or look better! So her’s might be a bit more permanent….. Doesn’t matter same thing! Imo

      • Vanity is quite literally “excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements.”

        Is it showing excessive pride to so anything you just listed, or is it what’s expected of societal norms in the United States? Because some cultures don’t allow such things as getting a hair cut, shaving body hair, ect. None of those things on the list count towards the reason someone would get a breast implant, because the only reason you would is either for medical/health reasons or you don’t like what you were born with and want to change it.

        Now, don’t bother responding to this as I will not be answering this again. I’ve had it with this entire conversation.

      • Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn’t you let it after last night!!!! Now you don’t bother responding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Please allow me to respond……

        ‘Excessive pride’ can be very subjective.

        Lets say I’ve just had braces put on…. Am I showing excessive pride with my looks because I’ve altered my smile?
        Depends if I care about the looks of my teeth or maybe I lisp & this has become a speech matter….or maybe my bite just needs tweaking!
        There are literally 10’s of thousands of kids both male & female with braces these days…. Did you have braces?

        You are judging someone for breast implants when you do not know the whole rational. Judge away…. BUT IT IS STILL NONE OF ANYONE’S BUSINESS!

        Quite frankly if I were you I’d stop judging Natalie & her ‘excessive pride’ & learn the difference btwn they’re, there & their. You keep referring to her breasts as ‘their’…..
        It might further you in your ‘excessive pride’ about yourself! IMO….

        I’m starting to think you just don’t like her!

      • Hello saturn0205……
        I’m responding to your request for me not to respond….

        Ok let’s talk about braces & I’m pretty sure 50% of the population in Canada has had or has them. (hypothetical)

        I did but mine were to correct a lisp….whew…
        Thank goodness cuz if it wasn’t that would mean that I have excessive pride.

        I certainly don’t want to be portrayed as insecure for altering & correcting my ‘bite!’

        Pretty vain of those little kids tho….wanting to change their little smiles….. Shame on them.

        I’m assuming because it changes or alters their appearance its ‘excessive pride’ and that you probably think 1/2 the nation is insecure!


        No wonder Canadians are always saying, ” sorry!”

        And please do not request that I don’t respond to your response etc!

      • The fact that others feel so free to judge a choice that someone made about THEIR own appearance is offensive. It is none of our business. We probably wouldn’t even know about this if that pos had not tried to use it against her.

      • And there’s always the assumption that women had them made bigger and that the surgery was strictly for vanity. For all we know, she had them reduced for health reasons. I know several women who have had to do this due to back, shoulder, or knee issues. But the point stands. We have no idea why she had it done or for what reason, and nor should we even care. Unless she purposefully makes it an issue, no one else has the right to. Her business.

      • And if she did have health problem, then I will take back the plastic surgery being an example of her insecurity. But watching her with James, Victor, and Paulie, it’s still obvious that she’s suffering from some kind of insecurity, so that’s not going away.

      • You’re right. Had it never come up, we never would have known. But it has come up, so now we know and now we must deal with it.

      • Deal with it?

        We? Us? You? Me?

        Are you for real?
        Why do you & I & everyone else… Meerkat, AllNewSophie et all have to DEAL with something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH US?

        Just wondering your thought process on this matter?

      • Or she’s done it to further her career or maybe she’s always wanted to get it done!!

        Who knows?
        Who cares?
        It’s non non non of yours, mine or anyone’s business!

        Period…..dot dot!

      • And that’s hardly the issue here. Seriously, if it had never come up, we wouldn’t be having this debate. But it did, and here we are, which I’m sure Natalie was prepared for when she came on the show.

        To be perfectly honest, I don’t care. I don’t care what Natalie did or didn’t do to her body. That’s not the only way she’s shown her insecurity, and I’d still be saying that if this hadn’t come up. What’s upsetting me is that this entire debate is starting to get personal against me now. And I’m not just gonna let that slide.

      • Ok ok so WHAT is your issue, cuz it started with a boob job & how insecure Nat is. (Cuz you seem to KNOW that she’s “insecure!” )

        And even if she is insecure or say she foes have insecurities. So what?

        Now what’s the issue? How has this matter become personal?

        Maybe You’re making a mountain out of a mole-hill!


    • The whole game is made up of lies. That said, why does anyone have to admit to anyone else whether they’ve had plastic surgery. It’s hypocrisy that we first judge women by their appearance and then if they do something about it, they are called fake.

    • Why should Natalie be expected to tell people whether or not her boobs are really? What the hell does that have to do with anything? Her body baby, and her body alone. She only has to share that with who she chooses to. Women’s bodies are not public property.

      • My issue is with her constantly saying their real, I don’t think its good to portray it like that to young girls that don’t kno their fake and think her unattainable body is real, I just think u shouldnt be ashamed to admit u changed something or try to get everyone to believe that u haven’t when u clearly have. I’m not doing a good job of explaining my point, CUZ I totally get what ur all saying about it being her body I just think when ur on TV and young girls are watching its different

      • Surely Natalie is the top choice of role model for young girls everywhere. We have far bigger problems related to body image issues than Natalie. Like say, every fashion magazine in the world, every TV show or movie, the entire Kardashian family ….. That’s a hell of a lot of responsibility to put on Natalie, whom, if she did have a boob job, probably was not anticipating Big Brother when she did. Not to mention, she hardly has an unattainable body. She has a lovely body, but she is not unrealistically thin (like every airbrushed ad we see) and she is well proportioned. So, I am confused completely by your position on this.

      • No I think ur just stubborn on ur point, I’m sorry I said anything because of nasty people like u, drop the topic I explained MY opinion. I was trying to nicely respond and explain my side but whatever. And it’s funny cuz no body has a problem calling out celebrities when they get work done and lie about it.

      • There is alot more to the story concerning Natalies surgery..Its too much to go into on here..unless u have feeds or maybe watch BBAD then u would understand why its a touchy topic…

      • Can u just give us a brief idea, please? I’ve been up at the lake for almost a month & have 1 channel… Lol! (Came up here for 5 days but it’s so nice to be away from life!

        Luckily I get to see the episodes but not the feeds of BBAD (wifi sucks) another reason no feeds!

        You’d be in my good books forever!

      • I might be wrong so correct me if I am someone, but I think I remember someone mentioning that she apparently had cancer and they implied that she had to have some type of breast reconstruction. Then there was discussion on whether that was true or if she was making it up. Again, this is hazy for me so it might not be what they are talking about in this post.

      • Wow! Sure hope she’s good for life now!

        I think we all better let this one lie now!
        Having boobs done is a personal choice to begin with, but having cancer & surgery to attack it & things is another matter.

        BOTH are none of our business anyway!

        This topic is over for me now!

      • I tried to find info on that & I could be wrong, but there was a BB Australian Natalie B that had to have reconstructive breast surgery due to breast cancer.

        Ok now let’s just leave USA BB18 Natalie & her personal choices to rest….

        Nothing on you Kevin…. Just happens to connected to your post! Lol

      • Thanks for the correction. I knew my recollection was real hazy and that absolutely explains why I was unsure about it. I sure didn’t want to start any false rumors, just trying to guess what the “something more about Natalie’s surgery” was and that’s what popped into my head. Hopefully someone will clarify it later.

      • Uh, yeah, I wouldn’t call it stubborn, so much as that is how I think and what I think, and I don’t believe in body shaming young reality TV stars. I was not being nasty in my response. Rather, I was strongly disagreeing with you. And on that note, I will point out that I am not likely to call out celebrities for their body work either, because I just don’t care what they’ve had done.

      • No u right Natalie’s great I esp loved it when she was complaining to james how she’s soooo fat and she hates her gross fat body, that’s real nice to say when there’s prob a large percentage of overweight people listening to this skinny chick say how gross she is CUZ she gained 10 lbs

      • Yes, but their body image is part of their role of a celebrity. According to social media…. Or maybe it’s even from them?

        Nat is on a reality show….. I don’t know her but maybe….just maybe she’s there for the experience & not as a Segway to celebrityism! Yes, I know that’s not a real word! Lol

      • Who the hell brought her chest up in the first place Paulie. Not Nat. Gee if I have my boobs done am I expected to take out a full page ad to tell everyone under the fn sun. I THINK NOT!!! IMO you must be jealous or have some serious body issues. JMO

      • So calling her a name, which is far worse than what she did, is actually justified in your mind?

  18. They’ve already introduced two ways that evicted house guests can return to the game (battle back and return ticket). I’m guessing if Paulie has the return ticket or is voted out and then gets a chance to return via another twist that brings back a juror, there’s gonna be a lot of pissed off BB fans and suspicion about BB trying to control who gets to the end. This is not a good scenario for their upcoming season which will be or won’t be watched by the online fans.

      • Well that’s what I said. if they do that, they’re asking for very angry fans. To reverse the houseguest’s votes once is one thing, to do it twice is pushing it. To do it 3 times smacks of a fix.

  19. CO-HOH”

    WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th

    This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

    “BB BRIBE”

    WEEK 5 – August 21 to August 26th

    The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

  20. Yeah I don’t think Corey is getting the next care package. He’s too bland and uninteresting like an under seasoned risotto. Nobody wants to eat bland risotto.

    • hahaha!!! I am just now sitting down to a delicious risotto I prepared from scratch. I only low sodium Chicken Broth in the cupboard and ended up having to add A LOT MORE SALT as I was cooking to make sure it turned out flavorful – so yes I would declare from recent personal experience that Corey is, indeed, like under seasoned risotto. LOL

  21. BB loves the clicks and viewership of the hoardes of fans of the Daffy Braided DaVonne, so I am sure they are looking for ways to get her back in the house. BB is so rigged for players the producers love.

  22. I’m not sure about this one. I would never have thought that Nicole would win a care package, given the perception on her among people on this site, yet she did. So it is entirely possible that Corey will. The broadcast only fans are a whole other breed, and I suspect a lot of them are voting.

    • Right, broadcast viewers have such a limited view and don’t know it. Seasons ago when I first came to spoiler sites, I was blown away by the difference.

    • I voted for Nicole to get it and don’t like her – reason being that I didn’t want her to get the one for the following week. Given that she didn’t have a target on her back, her “prize” of safety was pretty much meaningless and hey, the winner had to wear a dumb costume.

    • There’s really no way to know for certain. There’s us voting and the tv-only audience. Who knows who those folks are rooting for?

    • They don’t make the results public. But there’s reason to believe that there is a rigging process.

  23. People voted for Nicole so now that they know she can’t get this one I think Corey will get all of her votes plus his own. Hopefully Nicole wins HOH and Corey Co-HOH. Paul and Victor on the block and annoying Paul goes.

    • They have fans! I’m not among them, but it’s nice to see some varying opinions. I’m also on the fence about Paul. His secret service gig has been endearing, but I’ve really not been a fan of his either.

      • I have long been Anti-Paul. I find him loud, obnoxious & crude. He is a snake, and I will not be saddened when someone cuts his head off.
        But! Compared to Paulie … the guys is a prince.

      • Yep everyone has their favorites. The secret service has been funny but he turned me off the first couple weeks and I just can’t bring myself to like him.

    • I respectfully disagree that Corey will get the package. The guy is duller than dishwater, and dumber than dirt.
      My guess is either Victor or Paul, but who knows.

      • It would give Corey a fair shot, at the very least. I’m voting for him and hoping he gets it, but I know where the majority of the votes are going from this site, so I won’t be too surprised if it doesn’t work out that way.

      • Popularity over how they’re playing the game?

        Is that what ppl vote for??
        Why would anyone vote for popularity over how they play the game?
        Interesting…. Who knew?? Lol

    • Paulie’s been asking for his supporters to give it to Corey, too, since he’s pretty sure he’s going.

  24. Voting for Vic. He had the balls this week to pull out the win and do what Paul couldnt. I wasn’t a Paul or Victor fan before but am so glad he had the nuggets to do what everyone else wouldnt. He’s got my vote this week for sure.

    • It’s been fun listening to Vic speculate that the viewers probably hate him. Boy is he in for a surprise when the next care package arrives.

    • i agree….i hated them at first so much too but they actually learned quickly to dial it down and play the game proper…paul’s rise to top after first few weeks of failure and constantly on the block and no one having his back is kinda dan level impressive, and if it come down to jury if it’s paul and james left it will be tough deciding who would be more liked through both their respective social games

  25. I find it interesting that the HG have been told not to talk about the concert last night. Also interesting that nicorey were talking about a special power that the next HoH will have. Don’t think that they were told this in relation to the next ACP. Anyone heard any more about that on the feeds today?

  26. Please, please, don’t give this CP to Michelle or Corey. Neither deserve it, and weve already given three away to people just cuz people liked them. Please consider how Vic and Paul deserve it.

  27. At this point, I really don’t care as long as p and p don’t win!

    • What do the emojis mean? Don’t laugh, but I’m totally illiterate when it comes to that stuff. I still have a cell phone that doesn’t have the ability to text!

      • U r soooooo cute sharona. I just like to play with these emojis. Why not use them while they are there. They make everything look so colourful. ?????????????????????????????

  28. And so Natalie all ready has her excuse lined up for the next HOH should she lose again.

      • I think it depends on the comp type. And even then, I’m not sure which one would have an advantage here. This could be the week of expect the unexpected as far as that HOH comp is concerned.

      • True…I can’t even think of who is eligible to play…James, Nat, Paul (?) Michelle, and who else? If it’s physical, I’m thinking Paul, IF he’s playing.

      • James, Nat, Paul, Michelle, Nicole, and Corey. Physical and endurance could be Corey and Paul’s fortes, maybe even James, puzzle will definitely go to Paul. Q&A… I really don’t know.

      • For some reason I was thinking Corey was able to play. I think you’re right about the ‘expect the unexpected’ comp this week. I guess we’ll see! I’m anxious to see what’s in store on Friday.

      • You can tell I’m tired! I meant to say, “I was thinking Corey wasn’t able to play.” Don’t know WHY I thought that. Think it’s my bedtime!

  29. Natalie is such a freakin whiner! I’m so sick of hearing her play the victim. Please someone send her and Paul packing

  30. And now James is with Paulie, Corey, and Nicole cracking jokes about the other HGs. Jeez, James, pick a side and stay there!

      • I liked James last season, and even voted for him to get favorite player, but this season he’s just a spineless sucker for Natalie to use.

      • Last year James was easy to like. There was so much drama going on with Vanessa and Austin and the twins and Audrey and Clay & his Mom that James became an island of fun and sanity. With the pranks and hitting on Meg and everyone getting picked off one by one he and Meg were underdogs and who doesn’t love that? Johnny Mac was great but he was out of left field so James kind of seemed the most “normal” of them all. But like most disposable things there’s a “been there/done that” feeling this year. Recycled players feel that way. They’re like TV re-runs. The first time you see it it’s great! The next time doesn’t have the same effect.

    • It seems like all these HG’s do is sleep. I wish BB would require them to stay up a certain amount of hours or do something that would make it more interesting!

      • They keep getting called to DR or the punishments happens at all hours of the day and night, so I wonder if they do sleep.
        I would be so annoyed if they keep waking me up with that loud noise.

  31. Are you guys new to the game ? I’m 28 now, and have been watching Big Brother for 15 years now. I have to go through this issue by issues.

    James – Everyone needs to stop defending him like he is some saint. The truth is he lied to Bridgette and Frank to get them broken up and out of the house. Now he acts as if he is all straight and truthful.

    Natalie – She flirts with men, men flirt with her. But Paulie flirted with her and it’s an issues for Natalie so she has to report it to Z. Honestly, if it’s part of Natalie’s game to screw Paulie over – smart move. If she actually thinks Z needed to know, well she is a hypocrite.

    Paulie – you guys act as if he is scum. The fact is there has been MUCH worse people on the show in terms of character through the last 13 years. I wouldn’t even put Paulie in the top 10 in terms of evil mean people on the show. The fact some/a lot of you think he should be taken off the show makes me laugh. A few seasons ago we had a bunch of racists on the show, no one pulled them.

    The truth of this whole matter is Paulie was backstabbed and he knew it was leading up to this. Natalie is flirting with guys in the house, and then throwing him under the bus, while the house watches and backs Natalie. Do any of you know what it’s like to be attacked by a hypocrite? You get very defensive. Anyone here been in a relationship where – you have something said or done to you and it’s fine, but when you say/do it it’s thrown in your face.

    There is a reason this is called “Reality” TV, and not Politically correct TV.

  32. After reading some of the comments below I will stick to BB topic.
    I was just watching BBAD and Natalie is talking to James about something she did. Since I don’t watch the feeds can someone tell me what happened with Corey and Nicole involving James and Natalie.

  33. I hope someone make big brother in Urdu. ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  34. Wtf, there are 8 empty beds in the house and Paulie climbs in the smallest next to Corey and goes to sleep. I bet he’s been waiting all night for Nicole to go to the bathroom so he could jump in there next to Corey.

    • Yeah, it is very strange. Probably a way just to bully Nicole. He seems to live to upset women.

      He is such a “little man”

  35. I personally think, that if Paulie gets back in to the game. I’ll stop watching BB18 and hear about it on Facebook or some local rag!
    I know it’s just a game, but to act and say the things he’s saying, that’s not game. If one really watches these shows you can learn human nature. Unfortunately Paulie has shown his true colours. That’s what I believe!

  36. I hate all the floaters this season! Nicole, Corey, and James are so boring and not playing the game…. but watch, now it will be hard to get them out.
    I really hope Vic and Paul make it to final 2. Even Paulie played the game well until his game play got blown up….admit it!

    • IMO I think he tried to play the game well, but his strategy mistakes make me downgrade his expertise … like making deals with so many people and letting his ego tell him that no one would figure it out and that they would all be loyal to him. It’s like the same thing with Z, he assumes he is adored and therefore can do anything he pleases “type thing”.

    • I think James is making more of an effort than Nicole and Corey. He at least used his ACP to help flip the house against Paulie. He is definitely still floating, but I think Nicole has by far done the least out of the remaining house guests

  37. I wouldn’t say Corey has no chance to win the care package. Not one winner so far was someone I would have predicted. Nicole winning safety is the most bizarre outcome I could imagine.

    • Paul will likely win the care package. All of the winners have followed the popularity polls. Natalie is the most popular then James then Nicole. Paul is after them followed by Victor, Michelle, Corey, and then Paulie.

  38. Eh.. cant with Nicole this season. Shes worse than Victoria in the floater department at least she seemed to not know what she was doing there, Nicole knows the game yet she acts like its the bachelor or something. The first BB trip it was funny maybe even cute but playing a second time and your still more interested in a boy…sadness

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