Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll – Week 3

Our new poll is open for this week’s Big Brother 18 popularity poll where you can vote up your favorite Houseguests of the new season. We’ve also got our results from week two so we can make our first rise and fall comparison of the summer.

Big Brother 18 Memory Wall featuring Houseguests

Once again all sixteen Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite.

Looking at the results from last week’s voting we’ve once again got all four Vet and the two stunt cast siblings filling all of the top six spots. Best of luck, true newbies, in your pursuit of AFP.

The highest rank newbie who wasn’t cast based on their sibling status is Natalie who made an impressive three spot climb to seventh place. Victor also had a big increase of three spots, but that only lifted him from 15th to 12th this past week.

For declines, Frank fell one spot from third to fourth and Corey went down two spots. The biggest drop belongs to Glenn who moved down to the second to last position. Bridgette dropped a spot to the lowest ranked active player, just perfect for becoming HoH, huh?

Now it’s time to see how the HGs perform this week in our popularity poll. Vote for whoever you want for whatever reason and you can keep voting each day until the poll closes so keep that support coming in!

Be sure to scroll down to and cast your vote for our latest BB18 weekly fav poll and you’ve got all week to keep voting each day before we close and tally the numbers.

Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll Results – Wk 2 vs Wk 1:

  1. James Huling – 30.8% (+0)
  2. Nicole Franzel – 22.1% (+0)
  3. Paulie Calafiore – 12.8% (+1)
  4. Frank Eudy – 12.5% (-1)
  5. Da’Vonne Rogers – 7.2% (+0)
  6. Tiffany Rousso – 2.6% (+0)
  7. Natalie Negrotti – 2.3% (+3)
  8. Zakiyah Everette – 2.2% (+1)
  9. Corey Brooks – 2.1% (-2)
  10. Michelle Meyer – 1.3% (+0)
  11. Paul Abrahamian – 1.2% (+1)
  12. Victor Arroyo – 0.7% (+3)
  13. Bronte D’Acquisto – 0.66% (+1)
  14. Bridgette Dunning – 0.56% (-1)
  15. Glenn Garcia – 0.56% (-4)
  16. Jozea Flores – 0.2% (+0)

Vote here to support your favorite Houseguest for Week 3 of Big Brother 18.


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    • Paulie has disappointed me this week. He told Paul about a lot of the Frank stuff when he should have waited until the others agreed it was OK. Then he let it accidentally slip to Tiffy about Frank winning the 1st RK comp. He just told Nat that James would tell her who won the RK comp when the time is right. It’s a little worrisome to me that he is divulging all of this info.

      • Well, at least I think he said those things not just to cover his own ass, unlike Frank.
        Besides James spills a lot of stuff too.

      • He has had some loose lips this week :), but a lot of my vote came from the fact (though the aired show didn’t mention it, was on the live feeds) that he stepped in and talked to Frank about the things he was doing to Day

  1. I still vote for Paulie altho this week he hasn’t done anything worthwhile apart from warming bed for Zakiyah and lap dancing for her birthday. Didn’t Cody in his intro package say no showmances to him?

  2. I am hoping Paul stays this week, I feel like his game is improving after the total train wreck of a game he had week 1.

  3. 10:30 AM Few mins ago – Frank was joking with Nat & tells her she has Bologna nipples. Nat tells Frank he’s disgusting. Frank tells her her nipples are disgusting.

    Good ol Frank is at it again, that’s the way he was raised, yo!

    • She should be able to read that telling Frank he is disgusting is a compliment to him – it just feeds his type of crude, immature humor.

    • Frank thinks she likes it. All she needs to do is say “Hey frank can we talk. I know you find it funny when you make these comments towards me and think I’m playing along, but they actually make me feel bad. Can you please stop doing it.” If she has a serious talk with him and says that then he will stop. He does not want to make anyone feel bad it is just his humor. He sat down with Day and she told him she does not like it when he taps her butt. He apologized and has not done it since. Nat just needs to talk to him about it and he will stop.

      • I would say if you get a response that makes it seem like the person likes it anyone would think they are being funny. The only way you would know it is wrong is if someone told you they don’t like it.

      • Oh please. The “if they don’t say anything then it’s ok” argument is a load of horse Frank.

      • Every week he says or does something wrong. I don’t think Frank will ever change.

      • Perhaps production needs to have a little sit down with Frank & put the brakes on his humour!
        He was AFP & I don’t think it’s his upbringing at all. I think that’s his way of trying to fit in with the younger crowd but I’m not in his head knowing his game play….

    • Ugh! I’m so sick of him..His comments on the show last night really made me look at him differently. He needs to go!

    • *facepalm* Frank should’ve took a hint after his whole situation with Da’Vonne, after that he should’ve figured the girls don’t appreciate his humor too much. But alas, he fails to realize he’s being a jerk, again.

    • The full context of the situation was Natalie talking about the large nipple covers she wears so Paul said she had huge nipples pretending the covers were her nipples. She joked about sausage nips and Frank repeated it. Then Natalie started talking more about her nipples and jumped on Paulie.

      Not sure where this other version came from.

  4. I have been watching Big Brother for a long time but this is the first season I do not have a favorite. I don’t know why but I just do not thing any of the players are anything special. I liked Day at first but she went kind of nuts and I am not sure where she is at. James is getting obnoxious with is pranks and girl chasing. Frank says things that make me scratch my head. Calling a woman a slut, even in jest, takes a special kind of stupid.

    I do have least favorites though. Jozea was just too much to take. But now Bridge makes me wretch. She is soooo fake. The rest are tolerable, even Paul, although when he and Paulie have those sensitive man talks I want to puke. Call me old fashioned but I was brought up at a time when men were men, not half girlie girl. I am not sure why that’s so wrong today.

    • If you think Day went “kind of nuts” about Frank, you must be a guy. Trust me, every woman watching could relate to that awful feeling of being powerless when a guy crosses the line and you’ve just got to smile and pretend you like being disrespected, otherwise the guys will think you’re, as Day put it, a “loose cannon,” or as you put it, “kind of nuts.” The difference is, this time you got to see the woman’s reaction behind the scenes instead of thinking she was cool with it when really she went home from work and cried.

      • Cougar33….. I’m not defending HighSnides but if you keep reading his post continues with….. ‘Calling a woman, even in jest, takes a special kind of stupid!’

        I don’t think HighSnides is defending Frank at all. I agree Day has gone a bit paranoid or ‘nuts’ about Tiffany & the showmance alliance. She went and told James about that alliance etc……..
        It’s possible (& most likely in my opinion) there’s still some anamosity against Frank & possibly production for the lack of consequence that Frank got!! I’d be super pissed that nothing more was done than a fake apology!!

        How on earth did Frank get AFP for his season?? I just don’t get it??

        One thing I do know is he DOES KNOW BETTER! He has different behaviours for different audiences….. He’s selective with who he targets perhaps to get them to feel uneasy & throw them off their game??

        That’s my opinion. But don’t think for one minute he doesn’t know better…. He does!

    • You don’t have to be strong and emotionless to be a man. Honestly I’m tired of people thinking guys always have to be muscular and stoic, they should be able to express how they feel.

      Also, you literally did exactly what Day was talking about.

  5. I gotta go with Nicole! She’s played a very solid game so far and I still feel like she’s got a good chance to get far, possibly even win. I do feel like Corey being her ally is going to hurt her in the future, but I believe he’ll be the first to go because many HGs like Nicole.

  6. I’m the only one that found James a little bit overrated? I say, he’s a good player and maybe one of the best of the season (well, the cast of this season is not ver strategic…), but -from my point of view- his game this time is a little bit lackluster comparing with his game on the last season (even forgetting that he and the goblins screwed the Becky’s plan keeping Vanessa over Shelli). Is just my opinion.

  7. Wait, people actually like Da’Vonne more than Natalie? The hell is wrong with you guys. Nicole is second? She is the most annoying and boring Big Brother houseguest ever! Even her face is just irritating. How do people like that girl?! And PAULIE 3rd??? Jesus…

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