Big Brother 18: Talks Begin On Potential Tiffany Vote Flip

The Big Brother 18 Houseguests are trudging along to Thursday night’s eviction with Tiffany Rousso in the hot seat per Frank Eudy’s stronghold on the game and its players this week, but what if those HGs wake up and decide to do something different?

Nicole Franzel considers her options on BB18

Last night that talk began as Nicole and Corey were alone in the Lounge. Corey became the voice of the reason as Nicole rattled off the reasons to keep her head done, do what her target actually wants, and lose one of her own team members. None of this makes sense!

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Corey brings up that they should vote out Bronte instead of Tiffany. Nicole counters that she does not trust Da’Vonne to follow through and she could set them up to be the only two votes then everyone is after them as a result.

This week there are 9 votes and if those votes are between just two of the three noms then there’s no chance of a tie-breaker for Bridgette. They would need only 5 votes to make this happen. That’s doable. Probably.

Corey questions why Nicole would vote out one of her own team members. (Glenn was the first of Team Nicole out the door.) She says that when the whole house wants to do that then you do too. Nah, Frank would never let one of his chances at safety for the week walk out the door due to pressure from others.

Nicole says she tested the waters of keeping Tiffany when she spoke with Zakiyah, but she “100%” wants Tiffany out. Hmm, I’m a little surprised that there’s no flexibility in her plans.

Corey again argues that Bronte is a number for the other side versus Tiffany who could be with them. Nicole agrees that in a Double Eviction they’d likely see Bronte put them up, but Tiffany wouldn’t do that. So why is this even a debate?? Good grief.

James walks in at this point and Nicole starts to ask him if he’s heard anything new for the week, like maybe a target change, huh? But just then Tiffany walks in too and crushes the very game talk that could have started a wave to save her. Sigh.

There’s still plenty of time this week before Thursday’s vote and I wouldn’t be shocked to see this work out. Nicole and Corey would be the first of five votes needed so just three left to go. James would be in a pinch because he’s blinded by Natalie and Bronte is her close ally. Nicole and Corey would then need three from Paulie, Michelle, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah. Paulie might be a hard sell which could pull away their chances at Zakiyah. Michelle is also afraid of Frank, but I bet they could convince her since the idea then is that Frank wouldn’t be around much longer after that.

So what about Paul? They’re not discussing it, but James would have an easier time voting out Paul since that wouldn’t go against Natalie and her allies. It’s just an idea and maybe we’ll see it floated this week.

It’s a narrow path to make this happen, but I don’t think it’s impossible. If the whole point of next week is to target Frank then why would you possibly vote out an ally in that mission? This makes little sense, but Big Brother doesn’t always make sense, does it?

What do you think Nicole and Corey should do? Can they flip things around and make this work for them or is it a lost cause that will only drag them down and make them the new targets for Frank? Share your thoughts!


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  1. I think its time for Tiffany to go IMO. Too much of a loose cannon. But then again she would probably go after Frank if she stays…

  2. I’d love to see this happen… Not because I’m a tiffany can because I’m not… But just because I don’t want Frank to get his way again!

  3. I understand why they might not want to rock the boat with Frank, but I would love to see the look on his face if things did not go the way he had planned, especially since this basically was his HOH. He would be alerted that things are not as they appear. He thinks he has almost every HG in his back pocket. Bridgette thinks Bronte and Nat wouldn’t cross her. The perfect scenario for next week would be for Frank and Bridgette to be the final noms. Tiff would help make that happen. I’m not sure about the other 2. Tiffy needs to stay this week.

    • hey tenn!!
      i too want tiff to stay but im not a fan of hers. she is ok but for sure she can be useful. i do worry about franks reaction if tiff didnt get voted out bc i too want him gone next week and sounds like as of right now he wont be playing hard for HOH. i didnt get my great jozea shocker moment, so im hoping there’s a frank one, especially since he is bragging on what a good spot he is in…not knowing the truth. hey…that sounds like jozea

      • TEXAS is in the building! haha
        Tiffy seems to be uncomfortable socially. No doubt that Vanessa being her sister has had my radar up from the get go. I like her better than V, but that isn’t saying much.

      • I have to say I liked Vanessa more than Tiffany. Tiffany seems to have no social skills. Vanessa had her moments where I enjoyed her. The constant breakdowns they both have is ridiculous

      • I liked V for a few days, but the last few weeks I could hardly watch the show because of her. Tiffy hasn’t had that effect on me…she hasn’t done…anything….haha

      • Housepets are paid a stipend. Thus they are employees. You doubt that and believe them subcontractors because of 1099 payroll status? If they are told when to show up for work, they ARE w2 employees. Thus, frank, and his sexual harassment and violent behavior (violently immobilizing nicole and forcibly slaming her into the pool) are all portions of creating a hostile work environment. Zero tolerance for this in the working world. CBS is allowing, knowingly, for a man to say “nice titties” to a female coworker. Minimum punishment should be penalty nomination each week an incident occurs, and a penalty vote to evict for each subsequent offense. In 50+ years of living i have never met a man that claimed his mother and grandmother said it was okay to behave this way. My goodness, this brings shame upon his family. CBS, do you allow your employees, all of your male employees, to place their hands on female coworkers? Silence implies consent. CBS, what, publicly, say you about this? Ms. Chen? Mr. Moonves? Again, silence implies consent.

    • Frank might not be willing to fight hard for the HOH this week, so what your saying kind of makes sense NOT. If Bronte or Paul goes out the door, then Franks will know someone (DAY) was talking. Yeah most of the HG’s are talking but that won’t matter because Frank will have his eyes set on DAY. The other HG’s in that alliance have done said they want to get rid of Tiff and to keep Frank at ease they will have to evict her this week. If they don’t, Frank (the comp beast as they call him) will do whatever it takes to win HOH Thursday night and think about who he will put on the block. Yeah they might get him the following if that happens but not before he get’s one of them out first. Nicole is right about not pushing the issue but will Corey listen. As for Day, she gets both Tiff and Frank out before jury (so they think) and it is a win for her and Z.

    • Tiff didn’t seem to do much this week so I really don’t see her doing much of anything if she were to stay. In that regard she is no Vanessa.

  4. I’m beginning to wonder if Bridgette just might be playing Frank as much as Frank is playing Bridgette.

  5. Getting rid of Tiffany doesn’t make sense for (what’s left of) the 8-pack. I don’t understand why they’re not even considering getting rid of Paul.

  6. I’m conflicted. If they let Tiffany stay, she could end up going to the end like Vanessa did. I know they’re not the same person, but I can’t get over how much I ended up hating Vanessa last year.

    On the other hand, Frank needs a wake up call. I would rather see him leave after the first 5 have a chance to get back in. Otherwise, he’ll probably just end up back in the house.

    • A two week break from Frank right now would be a good thing any way you look at it, imo. If he did come back, he would be out of the loop. Even if he got back in any alliance, I’d think he’d be the low man on the totem pole. If everything works out to get him out now, I’d be willing to take the chance of him coming back and being weakened than staying and possibly not having another opportunity to evict him anytime soon.

    • so far tiff hasn’t won anything, so she is just a threat by mouth, and she is down w getting frank out.

    • I share your apprehension about Tiffany – if they keep letting her ride along she’ll wind up at the end like van. They probably shouldn’t put it off any longer.

  7. Honestly Frank is playing the type of game I would play. Bring the weak players (strategically) with me and take out anyone who shows a mind of their own or any concept of strategy besides doing what I want them to do.

    Its tactically smart and im surprised its not used more often. You should not want people at or above your ability to play the game.

    Derrick did that in S16 Vanessa did that in S17 Dan did that in S14 and Many people have done that on survivor.

    • smart, but he is not being smart about it. for him to not think that no one is comparing notes or any of his ideas aren’t getting back to the wrong people is foolish. seems like he just jumped out there sorta quick w making multiple subgroups all at once while spilling all his eviction plans. he shoulda tested the water w his info w 1 or 2 subgroups at first, not all 10. lol. i do think irritating the girls hurt him a lot too.

      • I don’t get why the girls are so whiny. Jeez they told him, and he apologized. Even to Day who just wants to run things herself

      • I get why the girls are “whiny” and don’t for one minute believe his apology was sincere since he’s still making inappropriate comments and gestures towards the girls. Frank is an arrogant jerk and disrespectful a**hole!!

      • I agree!
        His apology was bunk!! For lack of a better word……
        He’s certainly a different guy & thinks very highly of himself!!
        Again, production is allowing this behaviour & shame on them.
        I really hope that after the show the girls get legal council & sue the ass off CBS…. ?

    • I would play like Frank too – I think he’s playing a good game. I don’t know why they don’t get Day out. Don’t waste it on Tiffany

  8. i can only imagine how i would be acting/reacting inside the house. it is easier looking in from the outside and privy to multiple convos. from my side, i want to shake some sense into people bc there are not doing it my way. lol. i am all for getting paul out this week. there are several non threats that can be used as pawns in there. im kinda even wanting the girls to knock the guys out.

    • It would be hilarious if all the guys were dumped out of the house and we were left with only ladies.

  9. Vote out Tiffany to lull Frank into believing that everything is still going his way…switch it up and Frank will know the tables have been turned. He wins HOH and puts up Tiffany again along with Day for sure…

    • they would need to come up w a good one to tell frank as to why they want to keep tiff so he’d agree, or if the entire group meets w him and he is the only one wanting tiff out, then he puts himself in a bad spot. would prefer the first bc i do want frank to coninue to think he is cool w all of them and get shocked if the bd plan works.

  10. I don’t like Tiffany but it seems stupid to vote out Tiffany with Bronte up on the block. Tiffany is a number and is against Frank. I don’t understand why they are all willing to do whatever Frank wants when he’s such a threat and he so quickly turned on his alliance.

    • Because they are all of bunch of dopes, I really don’t understand why they are letting Frank run roughshod over all of them. It is as if not one of them has 2 brain cells to rub together.

      • They aren’t very clever – those girls Bronte and company make after dark almost unwatchable

    • I think the word you’re looking for is “coward”. Frank is the only one playing without fear. Hate to give him any credit, but it’s true. Most of the others, especially Nicole, are too timid and afraid to make a big move. They’d rather make up excuses for not evicting Bronte rather than rallying the others to keep Tiffany.

  11. Can’t stand Vaneffiny, but I hate Frank more get rid of him ASAP, but Gronder will keep him around unfortunately.

  12. After Vanessa last season, I think they should vote Tiffany out over Bronte and especially Paul. While Tiffany isn’t the same controlling player Vanessa was, she could stay a long time because she is smart like Vanessa.

    • She’s extremely smart and for that reason alone she’s a huge threat. She needs to go before she’s running the house.

    • I’m assuming the Veto Ceremony Result Spoiler isn’t in yet? Because it sure sounded at the end of last night that Bridgette was pissed about her friend Bronte being on the block.

  13. I’ve been thinking this way all along. Nicole needs to tell Day why should we do Frank’s dirty work when Tiffany isn’t coming after them. But Bronte would come after them. Then Day can talk to Z and get her on board. Nicole can convince Michelle. Once they have the numbers I think the rest would jump on board. As far as Frank what’s he going to do? He won’t have numbers and he can’t go after all of them.

    • I think Nicole can convince Michelle and Da, though I don’t think Nicole trusts Da completely at this point. But I think she’d trust Michelle after she talks with her. If Nic, Mich & Da all talk with Z, she would be open to it. With Nic and Corey and Da talking to Paulie and him being open to it, he and Z would bolster each other enough for them to lock in. That is all they need. Even if Da backs out, if you have Nicorey & Zaulie (hate those names) & Michelle, that’s enough.

      As for James, if it’s Paul, fine. Enlist him. If it’s Bronte, at the MOST, I’d only scope him out (Nicole) to get a feel for if he’d be interested. If he is but worried about Natalie, tell him fine, they have enough but please do NOT warn her. And remind him with no Bronte, Nat will get closer to him/James. If he wants to do it anyway, fantastic!

      This would only be out of respect for the 8-pack going forward so that next week, James is on board to roll with them to get Frank out or whomever. Keep the family happy. That way, you can tell him later they knew he wasn’t interested and didn’t want to put him in an awkward position with Natalie since they had enough so he’s still ‘cool’ with them and all. He may still be a little salty but not as much as if he had no clue.

      • Again, if this plan goes off without a hitch. Frank could actually win the next HOH and then at least two of the 8-PACK will be in trouble and siting on the block. Roadkill could be the one thing that saves them but if someone that isn’t in the 8-PACK wins that, then a third member goes up with a Fourth one being the back up.

  14. If Tiff did something like what Dan G did to him in his season, like..”Hey listen, I’m not after you, and they’re all after you” which is true, It could be done. Frank can make it happen….then she can take out frank next week. Ouch!

  15. I just think it’s too soon for Tiff to go (if I’m in 8-pack). I’d rather decimate the other side and say goodbye to Bronte, Bridgette and Paul. I don’t want them in Jury; if anyone, it’d be Paul.

    I would NOT want Paul in there if Victor returns. I know they don’t know about the Battle Back but we do and I have to consider that. Get Paul out, though he has adjusted well, this week or next week but someone IS returning and I’d rather “banish” him and Bronte so that we can only have 1 of them return. But Bridgette can be #6 as far as I’m concerned.

    I’d definitely have Tiff OTB in the first round when it’s time to start cannibalizing the allliance along with Natalie and Frank. Mainly because she is too high maintenance right now. She may overcome that but I’ll have to see it. But nothing is perfect so you play the hand you’re dealt. It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy, huh?

  16. Oiks. This muddled thinking is indicative of the mediocre playing we’re seeing from this year’s HGs by and large…except Frank. As objectionable as some may find him, he appears to be the only clear headed strong thinker of the bunch.

  17. We don’t like Tiff, Day, Michelle and Victor, but we like Bridget.

  18. Frank just told Nat that she had bologna nipples? What are “bologna nipples”? I tried to visualize it, but I like my bologna fried and a little burnt, with splits along the edges to keep it from curling. Not a pretty picture.

  19. Day already said in the episode yesterday that she didn’t want to evict Tiff (in the end after the RK nom). She’s thinking about it but she might want to wait until veto renom to openly discuss about it.
    Once the noms stay the same after veto renom, except this talk to continue.
    They don’t have to worry about next week’s HoH comp, coz Bridge will be sitting out, Paulie and Michelle are throwing away, so basically it’s Frank against everyone. If it’s a team challenge like the berries comp then Frank is screwed.

  20. If Tiffany stays in convinced the show is rigged for the Russo girls, they’re the most annoying people to ever play yet they somehow manage to slide through week to week.

    • I want her out too. Just can’t handle the same thing as Vanessa. Drama tears gesh it’s like pms 24/7. But I hate to see Nicole team to 2.

      • I’d be okay to see team Nicole go to 0 honestly. Corey does nothing for the game or the feeds and Nicole isn’t playing smart, for a veteran I expected more from her.

  21. I say they don’t test the waters with this one. I mean yes it’s a bit tempting to keep Tiff soley for our enjoyment and for Frank’s downfall, however, if Tiff were to stay then Frank would know something is up and he wouldn’t hesitate winning the next HOH (which with his past record he has a high chance at winning it). I suggest they keep the beast at bay up until the next HOH so that one of his so called ‘allies’ can win and throw him up on the block the following week.

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, gal! I’ve been looking for you to show up but I haven’t seen you today so I went back to hunt an old post to let you know that I was thinking about you. Hope your day is going great. :)

      • Aww thanks KS! For a moment there I thought you forgot ;) haha jk. I greatly appreciate you thinking of me and remembering! So far it is going well. Planning on going out to eat with family later on! Once again Thank you!

  22. Why do they not vote out Paul. They just need the girls votes to get it done. He was one of the 5 sided w Josea

  23. Good 2 c ev1. Took me forever to load my info back just to be able 2 comment on the site.

  24. Why does BB allow Skank to continue with the disrespect towards girls. I thought he was warned by Allison and the talking about Nat nips are Bologna looking? He should take a look at Frank b4 talking of others. Sorry but can not take bullies

  25. I don’t get the point of targeting Tiffany it makes no sense. She hasn’t stabbed anyone in the back. She has the same goal as them. Bronte and Paul are unknown’s as to who they would put up. With Tiffany Frank is solid to be targeted. Not only does that take a target off everyone elses backs but increases the chances that someone from your Team gets picked for competitions. She is only up because they are afraid of Frank (the very person they are trying to take out) and paranoid because she can get paranoid at times (but is better this week despite knowing she might go this time) and that she is Vanessa’s sister. It will also take control off of Frank for once.

    • Because if Frank gets scared that Tiff didn’t go home he could easily win HOH and bop one of them, and they are all to scared to take the heat.

  26. What would happen if they did flip the script on Frank and HOH comp would come, he would be a man on a mission, and he already has his hit list ready.

  27. flip it, tiff is one more person that will go after frank… voting out tiffany is getting what frank wants done. also tiff is a vote for the girls side…they need to get paul out,,, paul will be the season pawn that makes it to the end.

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