‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our final noms of the week and we now have this week’s Big Brother spoilers for the latest Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

One Houseguest held the power to change up this week’s three nominees and force a new Houseguest to take his or her place on the hot seat. Ready to find out what happened today inside the Big Brother house?

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 3:

  • Bridgette did not use the Veto.
  • All noms remained in place.

After the meeting Bridgette and Bronte discussed that Tiffany looked surprised that it wasn’t used. They think that was good to have her surprised at the meeting. I don’t think Tiffany expected anything differently since she was told several times last night this would happen.

Now it’s up to Tiffany to go find some votes. Nicole & Corey might be the place to start after their vote-flip talk last night.

Want to watch the meeting fallout and next moves made by the rookies and the Vets? Grab the Live FeedsFree Trial and start watching what’s going on inside the house right now!


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  1. Tiffany is gone…
    Bronte and Paul can´t win anything nor can they get into some group.

  2. The week is kind of a waste. Tiffany is not a payer and Bronte and Paul have zero chance to win. I think next week sparks will fly. The vets are getting jumpy and looking for a reason to jump. I predict quiz type HOH on Sunday. Maybe a oldie like Higher lower from season 2 or Around the water cooler from season 4. That will give everyone a chance to win. Teams should be coming to an end soon as well.

      • But they were superfans they almost predicted which comp they were going to play each week and Steve won a lot. I do not see any of the people on the block being a major threat at this point. But that IMO only

      • Ian played smarter than Paul and Bronte have been playing, and Steve just had a big alliance that didn’t see him as a threat until the end. As of now, Paul and Bronte have neither of these qualities.

    • I figure after the returning player re-enters, that’s a good time to dissemble the teams. Otherwise, is Team James going to welcome back Victor, for example? Seems like a good time.

  3. Can’t say I’m all that sad to see Tiff go this week. Only reason I’d want her to stay is to see Frank’s face when he realized he’s not getting his way lol!

    Oh, and Frank’s disgusting. Apparently, he’s at it again today telling Natalie she has “bologna” nipples..whatever! He’s so stupid..she should’ve punched him right in his face. I don’t watch the feeds, but i saw just how gross he is on the show last night. What a jerk! I was rooting for him at first, but now not so much. Hope he goes this week.

  4. Tiffany will go but it’s such a waste though getting out Bronte/Paul also sounds like a waste. So they’re all a waste of a week. I need people to start going after each other!

  5. Tiffany provides no entertainment value whatsoever to the show. At least Paul is interesting. Bronte is smarter than everyone thinks. I can’t handle another day of Vantiffany. Frank should go next week, but I’m afraid he stands the best chance of winning the buy back, it may be better to get him out later rather than sooner. But the HG don’t know about the buy back. It will be very interesting.

  6. It doesn’t matter because production will rig it so tiffany comes back in the game anyway. They could’ve filled her spot with anybody, but yet she took a perfectly hood

    • Production can alter the sequence of the comps that could give better chances to a player to win or place a object in a harder location that a player or team needs to find to possibly help another player or team win. So you are right they could fix the comp to get back in to who can cry the most………….. but then the messiah would win. Wait is there anything she could do to win a comp…. I don’t think so.

  7. Does anyone else want Frank to be nominated next week and win POV in hopes for some fan service, “I wish I had two of these Jokers”.

  8. I think that Day — ala Vanessa — is playing up the Frank anger to the house because she has an ulterior motive to get him out anyway. Remember, she was in DR campaigning against Frank BEFORE anything happened. So, with the butt slap, etc., she went overboard, again like Vanessa used to do, to rally the house behind her. Frank isn’t Mr. Manners, but shes REALLY playing it up. On the episode, they showed Frank’s apology, which seemed very sincere. Day doesnt care, though, because she already had an objective of getting rid of Frank — so no reason to accept his apology. Day playing with someones honor on national TV for gamesplay isnt very cool, in my opinion.

    • Totally agree, I think she wanted Frank to continue so that she could use it for her advantage. Da further made a big deal about Frank calling her a slut, however, that was in answer to her calling him a douche … and they both appeared to be kidding each other at the time and then she later used it against him and acted as though it was an attack. Frank isn’t the first man, nor will he be the last to let his ego allow him assume he is a gift. He “got it” after he was talked to in a serious way … Da just wanted to let him bury himself and had no interest in teaching him how she wanted to be treated.

      • I’d agree if it was only Da’. Frank has a major hand and mouth problem. No one wants to rock the boat.

      • I don’t think it takes rocking the boat … just a serious sentence about it offending you and to stop it. This house has become a playground of immaturity and mixed messages.

      • Frank does it to all the girls and all the girls have expressed it to the guys but not Frank for the fear of becoming a target. Which is happening with Da now because someone finally said something in defense of her. He wanted Tiffany out because she stood up for herself and now he’s scheming to get rid of Da because she got fed up with his ass. And Da didn’t want Frank out of the house until she and everyone else realized was a snake and playing people against one another. If you’re going to try and make Da look bad at least have the evidence to back it. Also if I remember correctly after Vanessa would fake her feeling being hurt she would act normal in her DR segment but Da was legitimately crying so Da is not pulling a Vanessa try again.

    • Frank is disgusting. I read on Jokers that he told Natalie that she has “Bologna nipples”. WTH? That’s just the latest of his nasty behavior. He’s gotta go.

      • Sounds awful in and of itself, however, … did you see how all of them except Frank acted last night on BBAD? Now that was disgusting and they were all running around patting butts, shaking T & A, blowing up the F word, etc. It was like an Animal Party movie. So it was OK since it wasn’t Frank? It only takes a serious conversation to stop that stuff if you really don’t want it in these kinds of situations. Of course there are serious attacks which have to be dealt with in a completely different way, but so far, in this pretty outrageous atmosphere … hard to say.

      • Note that Natalie brought up the subject of her nipples right in front of Paul and Frank. WTH? They both teased her about a subject they had reason to feel was OK with her.

    • Da went overboard! She called Frank a douche but got upset when he clapped back! She is playing this game to try to get others on her side but she is going about it the wrong way! I hope she goes home!

  9. Is anyone else having trouble with cameras today on the feeds? Camera 2,3 and 4 go back to yesterday’s events. Also, quad does the same thing.

  10. I think the girls could stick together and send Paul out. Otherwise see ya Tiffany.

  11. is anybody having problems with their feeds accessing different cameras?
    3:40 pm monday july 11

  12. This is the first week I’m not sure if it will be Tiffany or Bronte going. Nicole and Corey already think it’s a bad idea to vote out a number on their side. I think if a few of that group start discussing it they will see that voting out Tiffany is only helping Frank’s game. Tiffany is after Frank, Bridgette and Natalie. But who would Bronte put up? Probably Day and Corey.

    • If you go by that logic, wouldn’t it be the same thing by voting out Frank too? Frank is a number on their side just as much as Tiffany.

      • No because Frank is targeting half the people in their alliance. Tiffany is only after Frank.

      • True but still he is a number for their team. Remember in BB16 when they was about to evict Frankie and of all people, Caleb said he was still a number. There will be time to get him out after the Battle Back is over (which they may suspect but supposed to not know about it). Getting him out now, that is if everything Day and company is wanting to do, will only force Frank to fight for HOH this next week harder. ting Tiffany out, replacing her with Paulie is still good ( same can be said about Frank) but next week if things go as they were planned, then Frank can successfully be back doored and then the other side of the house can be severally weakened. Keep in mind, Frank could easily team up with Paul, Bridgette, Natalie (as long as James is safe), and Bronte if she is still there. Then again, James could see what is happening and jump ship and join Frank if he thinks Natalie is there.

  13. I would hope for a vote flip this week but everyone’s worried if Frank wins HOH, He’ll come after them. It still be nice to send either Bronte or Paul home.

  14. ALL the girls need to get together – Evict Paul and combine target Frank next week, Bridgette you look so stupid!

  15. Bridgette is plain stupid, she got played by Frank for her HOH! No one in this houz has a brain! Everyone in the houz is stuck on stupid and parked in dumb! Frank is the only one playing the game. jmo

  16. Bb18 please make sure next season u have at least one Pakistani American. We play awesome. Ooooook?

  17. I’d much rather see Bronte go before Tiffany since she only wants to get to jury whereas Tiffany wants to play til the end.

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