‘Big Brother 18’ Popularity Poll – Week 11

Our latest poll is open for this week’s Big Brother 18 popularity contest where you can vote up your favorite Houseguests of the 2016 season. We’ve also got our results from last week so we can make our new rise and fall comparison of the summer.

Big Brother 18 Memory Wall featuring Houseguests

Once again all sixteen Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite.

For the second week in a row we’ve got Nicole taking the top spot while James sits in second place after having held the top rank all season long. Could James’s plans to ditch playing Big Brother in hopes of securing the AFP prize instead be about to backfire?

Victor made a jump up two spots to enter the Top 3 after working his way up the past few rounds. He’s got Paul right behind him at spot four, down one from last week, as Natalie also continues her slide.

Corey can celebrate as he is finally more popular than all the evicted HGs, a first for him this season, though he still remains the least popular active HG. What a dud that guy turned out to be.

Last week’s evictee, Michelle, has fallen six spots in the past two weeks and sits now at 12th. Such a big change since that week she won ACP and then targeted her former allies instead of the target she wanted (Nicole), though that might not have helped her in this poll considering Nicole’s current station.

Oddly Glenn leapt from 15th place to 8th which tells me family, friends, or a group of fans decided to raid the poll last week since he’s spent the vast majority of the season near the very bottom. Oh but don’t worry about the very bottom space. Jozea continued his dominance of the 16th most popular HG as he has the entire season.

Check out all the results from last week and see how they performed when compared to the previous round’s results for gains and drops then be sure to scroll down and vote for your current favorite in our latest poll.

Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll Results – Wk 10 vs Wk 9:

  1. Nicole Franzel – 30.3% (+0)
  2. James Huling – 26.0% (+0)
  3. Victor Arroyo – 14.4% (+2)
  4. Paul Abrahamian – 12.5% (-1)
  5. Natalie Negrotti – 6.3% (-1)
  6. Corey Brooks – 1.8% (+2)
  7. Frank Eudy – 1.531% (-1)
  8. Glenn Garcia – 1.53% (+7)
  9. Tiffany Rousso – 1.2% (+2)
  10. Paulie Calafiore – 1.11% (-3)
  11. Da’Vonne Rogers – 1.1% (-1)
  12. Michelle Meyer – 0.78% (-3)
  13. Bridgette Dunning – 0.76% (-1)
  14. Zakiyah Everette – 0.28% (-1)
  15. Bronte D’Acquisto – 0.09% (-1)
  16. Jozea Flores – 0.08% (+0)

Vote here to support your favorite Houseguest for Week 11 of Big Brother 18.



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  1. The last 2 weeks(not sure about polls before that), James started out with a considerable lead over Nicole, she kept creeping up every day until she overtook him. It was interesting to watch and see the difference morning to night, day to day.

    • He spent the past 10 weeks earning a dozen votes each week and suddenly gets a few hundred out of nowhere. It’s fine, but it’s definitely not suddenly a rebirth of Glenn-fandom. He could have RT’d a link to his followers.

    • Well to be fair Glenn had potential to go far. He had a strategy even before the twist. He was gonna implement a Derrick strategy but he never got the chance. He pretty much got Jodied

      • But Glenn didn’t get Jodi’d. Her team lost a group comp and she was hand picked with no defense to be evicted on the first night. Glenn on the other hand lost 4 or 5 straight competitions, two of them individual performances, before he was finally fully eliminated. Jodi got a raw deal but Glenn had more chances at safety than most first and even second week evictees.

      • I’d still maintain that Glenn got screwed. Not everyone’s game is competitions, some rely almost solely on social and strategic gameplay and to kick a guy out on the first night after all that they have to go through to get there in the first place, I just think that’s completely unfair.

        That having been said, I’ll also add that if Glenn did stay, I doubt he would have done anything of merit. Just my own guess, but I feel like at best he would have been a Joe Arvin type, but his attitude early on came off as someone who would have been a first boot anyway.

      • Not bs, just two different types of audiences would be my guess – feeders and/or social media vs casual weekly viewers maybe?

      • It makes a difference for sure. When you see how they have edited Gnat, she comes across more positively in the broadcast as they don’t show all the browbeating of James. Same with the edit they gave Paulie when he was nominated and had his meltdown and the broadcast viewers haven’t see Nicorey going hot and heavy. So yeah, if you just watch the broadcasts you have the impression that CBS wants you to have.

      • I do believe that the “browbeating will be in an upcoming segment….How can it not be??? It shows the true Natalie…They showed the real Paulie after a good edit..so …Just wait for it..

      • In a way I hope they don’t because I don’t want people to feel sorry for James. IMO he deserves whatever he gets. He’s played the game before but learned nothing.

      • Production is playing the game …the houseguest are just the puppets…I just found out this month. They decide who will win and who will leave the house. Mark my words” Nicole and James will be the final 2 ..”.it was set before they ever filmed the 1st show….it’s like learning santa is not real, your parents are doing it all and making you think it is Santa

      • Matthew, Mickey Mousaroni has stolen Cyril Axel’s name and avatar…isn’t that akin to identity theft? I’ve defended that little weasel for a long time, but I think it’s time he leaves this site if he’s going to pull crap like that.

      • Hey LG…Cyril is now posting with a hangman’s noose avatar, but NO! That douche Mickey has taken over Cyril’s name and avatar! Can you believe that?! Time for him to be banned from this site.

  2. On what planet is James still #2 and has seemingly stayed there all summer? I’m not really sure about the validity of these poll numbers.

  3. My question is who do you think is going to be shocked by the public’s opinion of them? I’m going with Paulie. Not that he will really care, but I don’t think he’s used to criticism.

  4. Lets all vote for Glenn for AFP! That would show all the HG’s who have been campaigning for AFP all season (yes that’s you James and Gnat) how much we dislike them and convince BB to get rid of the award. This year for the NHL All Stars some fans started a campaign for John Scott who was really a journeyman player who had never had a standout season to make the AllStar team. Well he got voted in and ended up the MVP for the game. It would be great to see Glenn beat out the others, hahaha

  5. That would make quite a statement about casting lol, but not sure I could bring myself to do it.

  6. It seems that more people than ever before like James this week. That poll has to be rigged.

    • Maybe his family has ten computers in the house or something and is going from one after the other voting?? :) LOL! Other than that… I got nothing. This entire vote makes no sense to me.

    • James is determined that Natalie will love him whether she wants to or not – this guy can’t take a hint apparently.

    • I really wish I could, Philly. Seriously SMH so much I’m going to put a lidocaine patch on my neck and a heat wrap on top of that.

      • Hahahaha!! Too funny. K, you seriously crack me up. Please don’t shake your head too much, we need all your brain cells in tact in order for your witty/humorous posts to continue and make us all laugh… :) #Hilarious

  7. If NiCorey does keep James and go after Vaul then it will be worth watching. If not, then Paul and Victor deserve to go to final. Out of those 2 to win?? Paul is the brains and Victor is the Braun. Toss up. No matter what, with Paul, Over it! Never cared!
    It has been too boring since they took power. I need action!! I need conniving and back stabbing!! You know, good clean fun. Lol

  8. I used to love James and Nicole but now i feel like they were nothing but wastes this season. I feel like Amber Borzotra was robbed in season 16 since Caleb’s obsession over her ruined her game and maybe could have returned (it could also be because she’s from my hometown and im biased! Lol)
    I was very impressed with James and Nicole but now I hope I never see them step foot inside the BB house ever again!

      • My question is why? What has Nicole done to deserve anywhere close to 1st? Paul -yes, victor – definitely, even James has been more exciting than sleepallday Nicole, IMO.

      • She’s playing a great game. She’s never been nominated and at this point she never will. That takes skill.

      • She’s like that little Rat on Survivor – Russell Hantz. Same dishonest game. He got crushed in the finals because humanity still matters.

      • You’re right Greg, it is possible to play an honest game of BB… but I can imagine it’s probably way harder than lying. Imo, if a HG is going to be honest, then they better either A: have a great social game where everyone likes them or B: be able to intimidate the other Hg enough that they don’t actively seek to evict you every week…e.g., Evel Dick in season 8. Look at Vic, he intimidates the other Hg b/c he’s a great physical competitor, but he’s too nice some times and does not want to see the lying that goes on in the house. Let’s just hope it is not his downfall. #FingersCrossed :)

      • She’s played the best strategic game in the house. And did it all without being nominated once.

      • She’s lied, backstabbed, used others and for the past two weeks planted dishonest seeds of doubt in her own so-called partner. You can award slime but I don’t respect it.

    • Yes! I hope so, but it’s beginning to look like he will OTB again next week… but I’m still hoping he can win POV and pull himself down if that happens! #GoVic :)

      • He’s going to have to, without a doubt, now that Paul has (un)wittingly decided to help Nicole take James to F2. #GoVic

    Micky Mousaroni has taken over Cyril Axel’s NAME AND AVATAR!!! I’ve defended that guy for a long time—but this goes too far. Can you do something about this guy? Obviously I’m a bad judge of character for going to bat for him the way I did.
    Get Cyril’s name and avatar back and BAN THAT little jerk!

    • I saw the same thing Sharona!! I cannot believe that type of thing is acceptable here. I hope something is done about it. That would irritate me to no end!

      • I wish I knew how to get in touch with Matthew directly…I used to have his address. That weasel has gone way too far with this. I feel stupid for defending him for as long as I did. Earlier today, he took KSJB’s avatar (she happens to be my best friend) and I told him to knock it off and grow up. Then she told me what he did to Cyril. This is ridiculous!!!

      • He’s(Mathew) posted here today…maybe reply to one of his comments and at least he’ll have a notification. IDK, but that would be so annoying. Really. That is not funny or acceptable. It threw me for a loop too b/c suddenly my blocked list included Cyril and I was like what?? And then when I unblocked, I realized it was the Mickey person. I have nothing against this person, but the constant posts that make no sense just overwhelm me…so, I just found it easier to block him/her. However, stealing another members identity is disrespectful and rude. Imo they should be banned for such behavior.

      • I blocked Mickey this afternoon, but I DON’T want to block Cyril…in case MY Cyril posts. And YES, he should be banned for this behavior. I kept telling people to cut him slack because English isn’t his first language AND he hadn’t been rude…which he hadn’t been. Until the last couple of days…now he’s a monster, and I’m eating crow. Hopefully Cyril will get in touch with Matthew…they go back a long way. I just can’t believe the gall of some people!

      • Sharona, you’re not eating crow for being nice. Everyone learned the hard way. Glad you caught it.

      • Agreed. There is nothing wrong with trying to be kind. I actually tried to respond to them, but they just inundated me with so many nonsense posts, someone finally explained to me I could block them and I finally did…mainly because I was becoming annoyed and I did not want to sink to being rude either. Y’know what I mean?

      • I trusted Matt would the right thing, and he did. Thanks for the effort Sha. Yeah, it was unnerving. Copying avatar/pics is just stupid, but using somebody’s name. That’s not good at all. Identity theft. That user name could be bundled up to several accounts. I was busy going back and forth to my twitter acct and disqus and see what I can do. Ha!…now I can’t even change my old avatar back..crap!..do it tomorrow.

      • My pleasure, Cyril! As I posted in one of my 10 or so posts, I mentioned Identity theft. I hope you were able to clear everything up and that dick-head didn’t screw too much up for you. If you weren’t MY Cyril, and you didn’t call me ‘sweetie’ the other day, I’d have sat silently by. Lol…you know that’s not true.
        A LOT of people were outraged. Not just me. When K told me about it last night, I got online to see if I could do anything. Luckily, I replied to one of Matthew’s posts. I now know how to go directly to him.
        You’re my Cyril, Cyril! I hope you can get your avatar back. I give you virus now.

      • I’m certainly one of the outraged people. I love my Cyril. NOBODY gets between me and MY man, ha ha…oh no, I just felt Rachel enter my body!

      • He’s got an email. Go to the home page and look at the top. I’ve emailed him before about problems. How do you know this happened?

      • Sharona, I just saw it has been changed. The post is now showing up as guest, so you got someone’s attention!! :)

      • YAY! I replied to one of his posts (like you suggested)and he responded to me, so he took care of it. Maybe he’ll ban him.

      • LOL…I blocked him today before he got the chance to block me! He was using KSJB’s avatar, and I told him if he wasn’t going to change it back to his, I was going to block him and he replied, “frekeedom of sppeech to,’ so I wrote, “BLOCKED!”
        Then he called me a B****. And spelled it incorrectly.

      • Oh wow. He’s replied to some of my comments. I just ignore them. Just like i do some others.

      • Yeah, I finally just blocked him. I ignore other people. I know who are going to upset me, so I just skip over them. Matthew DID reply to a post that I wrote and said he’d look into the problem, but thanks for telling me how to get in touch with him. I’d forgotten how.

      • Yeah, I never respond to anything Mickey writes anymore, even if it’s in response to something I’ve posted. It’s not that difficult to ignore. But this kind of behavior just indicates that he really is an internet troll and not to be trusted.

      • what the hell?just got home from work & both Cyril & KSJB are gone. because of the sh*t stealing their names? God bless it. I love Cyril & KSJB’s comments & want to keep reading them.

      • All is not lost, M.Bergman! KSJB is still commenting—as that weasel only used her avatar. She’s still using it. Cyril is now using a hangman’s noose, so he’ll be a little harder to find until he can figure out a way to get his avatar back. They’re both here! The good news is that ‘he who she remain nameless’ has been wiped clean from this site…unless he shows up as someone else. But we’ll all be able to spot him by his gibberish. I can pretty much gaurentee, he’ll never steal anyone’s identity again.

      • Oh Thank God!Will keep looking for them.Interesting this sh*thead chose such popular folks to steal from. I wonder if MM can still read out comments but can’t comment any more. Gee, if that were true-we could all become really nasty & say crap about her/him! But none of us are that evil.Thanks Sharona!

      • I’m not surprised he chose Cyril and K to ‘pretend’ to be…they’re both witty and popular. Heck, I’d love to be them too! Lol. He’s scum. It would be satisfying to say nasty things about him, but you’re absolutely RIGHT; none of us are that evil. We’re a family! Have a great night. :)

      • Unfortunately, someone who is more interested in annoying people than having any kind of decent discussion. Acting out like a child b/c bad attention is better than no attention. Right?

    • even though he’s stolen avatars and names, they’re not coming thru on mine, they’re still being blocked and I’m only seeing the real Cyril and K postings. At least I think so, because the ones I’m seeing make sense.

      • RSA, I was looking at my blocked list, saw Cyril and went oh no and unblocked…then I realized it was the Mickey person. Now I’m afraid if I block them again I might block the real Cyril. Do you think that could happen??

      • I think it goes by the email address on Disqus, so I don’t think you will block the real one.

      • Yeah, I think as long as you just block Mickey you will not get any other identities that he may assume but you will continue to get the real Cyril and K

  10. If Victor winning means BBUS and BBCA alike will end the returny comp and all this crazy nonsense then I 100% want him to win. If it won’t then he needs to go ASAP

  11. Fall BB should be battle of the “Decades”
    12 people
    1 male and 1 female in each group
    20 something year olds
    30 something year olds
    40 something year olds
    50 something year olds
    60 something year olds
    70 something year olds

      • Sharona, like you, I discovered that Mickey had taken over Cyril’s identity. I had NEVER blocked anyone before, but I just couldn’t take anymore of Mickey’s gibberish. Suddenly, people were repyling to Cyril, but I couldn’t read his replies because of being blocked. I went to my settings and unblocked “Cyril”, who I had NOT blocked, then Disquis showed I had no other blocks. I knew then that Mickey was a fraud! Then when I could read Cyril’s replies, I absolutely knew it couldn’t be him. I feel like I know many of the posters here because I have been on this site several years. You all feel like family! Needless to say, I had steam coming out of my ears. I flagged one of “Cyril’s”/Mickey’s comments as inappropriate to get Matt’s attention. By that time, myou had already contacted Matt. Thank you. We have to take up and watch out for each other!

      • Oh, I was SO MAD! I’d been defending that person for the longest time…telling people English wasn’t his first language, cut him some slack, etc. Then he stole KSJB’s avatar yesterday and I yelled at him to stop acting like a brat and he called me a b****, so I blocked him. When I found out about Cyril, I flagged all of his comments too…then figured out how to get in touch with Matthew so that he’d actually see my comment. I feel like people here are my family, too—and I simply couldn’t let that happen to Cyril.
        Cyril is still having trouble getting his avatar back. Stupid Mickey doesn’t realize how many accounts of Cyril’s he’s affected. I’m still furious!! Thank you for your kind note. :) We ARE a family here…and we DO have to watch out for each other! Have a wonderful day, jkmeme! :)

  12. Watching Nicole fish for confirmation from Corey about their relationship is almost as sad as James trying to get Natalie to commit to theirs.

  13. It’s sad to see Nicole and Corey go back on their word to Victor and Paul by aligning with James. Those two guys have really been through the ringer this season and hope they win.

    • I agree Metgala. I will feel especially bad for Vic b/c I think he is a little more naïve than Paul and this betrayal might actually hurt him… Let’s just cross our fingers if it does happen, that the boys can win POV (hopefully Vic) save himself and then come back to get revenge in FF week!

      • Vic has given so much of himself to not only the game but also Nicole and Corey. It will absolutely scar him for life if Nicole and Corey decide to back stab and side with James once again.

        We, the viewers, already know and have known that Nicole and Corey can’t be trusted. They really don’t deserve to win the prize but Vic does.

        We will just have to wait and see.

    • I partly agree when it comes to Vic. I don’t like the way that Paul has played this season. He hasn’t been through the ringer. He’s put everyone else through it. Even though he has a good social game, what that really means is he is very comfortable lying, like 24 hrs a day.

      • James really threw Natalie under the bus tonite. Production has been favoring him with the edits and America needs to really know how immature and disloyal he really is. Really feel sorry for Natalie now.

  14. Natalie trying to make James feel guilty is BS, she would have been gone along time ago if it weren’t for James keeping her safe!

    • But James has been very underhanded and has let his jealousy dictate his game. James is a big reason why she is going home.

  15. Something must have happened. Natalie, Vic and James were in the yard and they heard something and feeds went off.

  16. It’s so weird, the popularity polls from this site and Jokers are like night and day. Can anyone hazard a guess as to why that is?

  17. So now that Vic and Paul know that Nicole and James are in a pre-show alliance things can finally change.

    Hope production doesn’t interfere anymore.

  18. Vic and Paul need to get James out to save their game. They apparently didn’t make out what the bullhorn said except for James and Nicole in the same sentence.

    Natalie is absolutely right to be upset and disappointed at James.

  19. Why is Vic holding Nicole’s and Corey’s hand while James and Paul are talking. Smh

  20. James really betrayed Natalie. The reason she is in this mess is because of him. This is so bad.

  21. currently James is putting up with some serious shredding by gnat. again. he just keeps taking it. very hard to watch. she is just a nasty fake shrew. he is such an innocent with no skills on how to handle a flake like her. I keep yelling at my screen “just go inside James: just leave the room James: just yell at her That’s enough,just shut up!”. He just keeps allowing her to treat him worse than a nearly dead cockroach under her shoe. just plain evil behavior.

  22. I can’t stand nicole. makes you wonder who really does the polls. With Vic fighting his way back hard not to vote for him

  23. This is the most inaccurate poll of all time. NICOLE and JAMES… yea thats insane. Who in their right mind would be voting for these cheating fake useless idiots. Oh well, Im seriously over this season, possibly this entire show.

  24. Paul’s got to go. I’m hearing Victor is the target. If any of the other HGs have to sit beside one of the 2 in a final 2 situation they would have a better pitch to the jury for winning over Victor. (3 attempts at the game, 5k in cash….

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