Big Brother 18 Week 1: Paulie & Frank Plan Jozea Blindside

Frank Eudy was the first Big Brother 18 Houseguest up this morning and by morning I mean, somewhat before noon, but he was soon joined by Paulie Calafiore, one of this week’s nominees. With no one else around they were able to talk plans to keep Jozea in the dark this week.

Paulie & Frank scheming on Big Brother 18

Right now the numbers are stacked against Jozea, but he’s clueless about the real lay of the land in the BB18 house right now. Earlier we looked at the alliances for this first week and if Jozea could see that he’d be sweating bullets. Instead, he’s overly confident he’s running the house and Frank explained why he wants to keep it that way.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial) to 10:53 AM BBT 6/25 Cams 3/4 for this discussion.

Paulie and Jozea are effectively locks for two of the final noms as Paul won Veto and is sure to use it on himself, despite previous considerations to do otherwise. If Frank sticks to his plan, as the Road Kill winner, then Bridgette goes up as the third nom and there’s another number that Jozea won’t be able to pull while she’s ineligible for voting.

With 15 HGs left, 1 HoH, and 3 noms that leaves just 11 votes and only 6 votes to evict with no chance of a tie-breaker. The Eight Pack alliance only has one ineligible voter and that’s Nicole, the current HoH. So if their seven sticks together and votes against Jozea without splitting off more than one vote toward Bridgette then Jozea’s gone.

Note: As pointed out below, yes there could be a tie, but I’ve disregarded Bridgette from receiving votes in my thoughts above. If she does draw votes then a tie is possible and six is no longer the magic number.

Eight Pack doesn’t include Paulie, and Frank is disappointed by that, so he isn’t aware just how solid his chances are of being well protected. He does feel good about his odds though.

Paulie retold to Frank his talk last night (around 2:30AM BBT) with Jozea who ran through his thoughts on this week’s voting. Paulie explained that Jozea promised he wasn’t telling others to vote out Paulie, but he is and Paulie knows it. He was happy to share that Jozea isn’t sure about Houseguests like Corey which tells the guys that Jozea is really flying blind right now.

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Frank explained that if they can keep the other newbies in the dark until the actual eviction happens then they’ll be too shell shocked to focus and perform well during the next HoH comp. Frank relayed how that happened to him when Boogie was evicted (“Get to steppin'”) and how his brain was scrambled in the Q&A competition that followed (Ian won that HoH).

It’s a good strategy and if everyone can keep it together for, yikes, five more days then it’d work. But if someone starts running their mouth then don’t be surprised to see it shift to a wider divide than 7-4.

Think Paulie is in a good spot this week? Which way would you be voting if you were a Houseguest?

Update: Jozea is seriously going to be shocked if they can keep this up.


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  1. I do think paulie is in a good spot and i’d vote jose out. as much as I love paranoia and chaos in bb, I love the total blindside. I hope his eviction rattles that group. there’s something fun about wisdom stomping on folly.

  2. Understood that people are playing a game, but no matter how hard a person may try to hide their true character, it shows through at times, the good and the bad of it. I admit that I could be misjudging him because I’m going on gut instinct here, but I think what we are seeing with Jozea is his true character, and as someone said the other day(I think they were referencing Jozea’s underwear display) “It ain’t pretty”.

    • The whole “Say hi to your ex-lover” thing he said to Nicole is all I needed to know about Jozea. She explicitly said she didn’t want to talk about it and he didn’t care. Classless.

    • He let his true colors fly the first time he opened his mouth…so I say, he needs to be brought down, not just a notch or three either. He’s a nose bleeder! hahaha

  3. Yeah I think Paulie is safe but still anything could happen. It might need a major fallout to happen tho or Jozea pulls a miracle outta his Messiah handbook.

  4. Oh I’d EASILY vote to evict Jozea, without a problem. And i don’t care what production would WANT me to say while casting my vote, I’d PURPOSELY mention his attitude toward the military as my reason for voting him out. I’m sure some of you are annoyed with me posting something about his comments on EVERY BB Network post, but I don’t care. If you have that view of the people that protect us, then I possess ZERO respect for you!

  5. wonder if Vanessa & Tiffany could possibly be pulling the “switch-a roo ” twist??? Tiffany is very changeable in voice and mannerisms…not to mention make up…..just something to think about

  6. Seems like they are talking politics on the feeds. Twitter is going crazy. Everybody is taking a side. OMG who need that ?

  7. I often wonder if people from the LGBT community get angry that the token person chosen for BB tends to be aggressive or overpowering? I’m a bit surprised they didn’t get somebody from an extreme religious perspective this season.

  8. “With 15 HGs left, 1 HoH, and 3 noms that leaves just 11 votes and only 6 votes to evict with no chance of a tie-breaker.”

    Umm… false. Someone could lose with 5 votes (5-3-3) and there could be a tie (4-4-3). But 6 votes guarantees eviction.

  9. I have no idea what is going on. I had read that Frank won Veto and Paul was put up when Paulie was removed, now I see Paul walking around with a veto necklace and he apparently was the one who won. So the house knows that Tifanny is Vanessa’s sister and hopefully she will get voted out soon. People don’t like Victor or Jozea. How is Michelle up on the block?
    I think whomever wins HOH should tell the house guests to get out of their room and let them have some privacy. There are always people hanging out in there.

  10. I was just checking my guide to make sure of the time for BB tonight (8:00) and the description of the show tonight was “A new weekly competition is revealed” and “The two new heads of households move into their rooms and nominate two house guests for elimination, competition commences”. Has anyone heard about this?

    • My description reads: “New heads of household competition” – plural. Wow, hadn’t noticed.

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